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DOCTOR ANON- ooo boi o boi that was awesome i smiled SO HARD DUDE , you did so well! :D much love vuv now i am curious what TFP Cons would react to it ;)

Yayyy!!!!  Thank you!  Glad you enjoyed it!  ^__^  Get ready for even more awkward shenanigans!! XD

Megatron:  When you accidentally blurt out “Sure thing, Dad,” after he gives you an assignment, he simply turns and raises an optic ridge at you while you splutter flustered apologies.  He merely scoffs and rolls his optics, leaving you to wallow in your own crushing shame.  If he’s honest with himself though, it’s sort of… nice having someone look up to him like that.  He’s not planning on changing his will or anything, but it’s nice to know where your loyalties lie.  From then on though, you notice he’ll occasionally shoot you a subtle, approving smile whenever you’ve done a particularly good job with something.  They’re pretty rare, but you live for those smiles.  (It makes Starscream so fraggin’ mad.)

Starscream:  He is absolutely mortified when you call him ‘dad’ on accident.  (He dedicates his whole life to their lord and leader, Megatron, and THIS is the thanks he gets?)  He’s so over the top about it, that you forget your initial embarrassment and start laughing at him, which makes him furious.  He storms off to his room, thinking about how insufferable humans are. Why would they even think about him like that?  It’s not as if he cares about them.  He doesn’t need their approval, not at all.  Why should he care if one, puny, insignificant human looks up to him?  It’s not satisfying at all, nope!  Don’t be surprised though, if he comes looking for you later, asking for your support in his upcoming coup against Megatron.

Soundwave:  He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious, although it’d be hard to tell from his body language at first.  When you first say it, he stops and turns toward you with an inscrutable gaze.  For a moment, you shift uncomfortably, thinking you’ve offended him or something.  But then he plays the quote from Brooklyn Nine Nine over his visor.  “Do you see me as a father figure, Peralta?”  (Shut up, Soundwave.)  From then on, he take any opportunity he can to make a dad joke.  “Man that last mission really wore me out.  I’m exhausted!”  Cue various audio mashes:  “Hi, exhausted.  I’m dad.”  (Soundwave, please.)

Knock Out:  He’s low-key kind of offended at first.  “I ought to wash your mouth out with soap.”  Breakdown’s the one that really gives him a hard time about it.  He thinks it’s hilarious and teases Knock Out at every given opportunity.  “Be nice to our sparkling, KO!  You want to be one of those dead-beat sires?”  (Knock Out low key hates you both.)  The jokes on all of you though, because after awhile the whole fake family dynamic somehow evolves into a real one.  None of you are quite sure when it happened, but your new robot dads will be damned if they let anything happen to you now.

Breakdown:  He’s a bit embarrassed at first, and tries to brush it off.  “Do I look like your dad, kid?”  It’d be hard for him to admit (especially after giving Bulkhead such a hard time about his “pet”) but he does come to realize that he cares about you a great deal.  His dynamic with you slowly begins to shift from friendly acquaintance to protective dad.  You are now essentially his kid, and he practically has a spark attack whenever he losses track of you.  “Where were you?  You know you’re supposed to com after a mission!”  (It’s only because he worries.)  

Dreadwing:  He… doesn’t actually know what a dad is.  He thinks you just mispronounced his name.  “Um, no.  ‘Dread’.  Dreadwing.”  It’s only much later, long after you’ve forgotten about the incident, that he learns the truth.  The realization hits him like a brick wall.  (Oh my god!  They see me as a parental figure!  What do I do?!?!)  He becomes very awkwardly protective of you after that, shadowing you on missions and offering you stilted praise on a job well done.  You have no idea why he’s acting so strangely, but hey.  There are worse mechs to hang out with, you suppose.  

Airachnid:  When you accidentally call her ‘mom’ one day, she predictably smirks and begins teasing you for it.  You scowl and roll your eyes, thinking that’s the end of it, but in reality, the gears in her twisted mind have already begun turning.  Accidental or not, you clearly feel some sort of affection for her, and Airachnid’s going to milk that for all it’s worth.  She subtly begins manipulating you, luring you in slowly with praise and affirmations.  You could prove very useful to her down the line.  All she has to do to keep you in her web is to offer a gentle head pet now and again.  “That’s a good little human…”

Shockwave:  He’s very… confused?? as to why you would call him ‘dad’.  He’s not your dad, or anyone else’s dad for that matter.  The two of you aren’t even the same species??  That would be biologically impossible???  You’d be happy to let it drop, if not for resident troll, Soundwave, who finds the whole thing utterly hilarious.  Whenever he sends reports to the chief science officer, he now replaces Shockwave’s name with “Dad” via a search and replace function.  Shockwave thinks he might have set his emotional capacity for ‘annoyance’ too damn high.

The Boys

“That guy is an idiot.” 

“A big, fat idiot.”

“A big, fat idiot with a tiny dick.”

“A big, fat idiot with a tiny dick and bad tattoos.”

“A big, fat-”

“Okay! I get it!” You wiped your eyes and let a laugh bubbled up from your stomach. You looked down at the text that said something about not wanting a relationship. Sent of course after you’d gone on several ‘dates’ that ended in a hookup. You sighed and shut off your phone. “Thanks, guys.”

David, Alex, Scott, and Zane all stood around you, smiling down at you as you covered yourself with a blanket on the couch. It had been a rough couple of days, boys were awful and they never stopped proving it to you. “Do you need anything?” Scott asked, walking towards the kitchen to grab a couple of beers.

“You don’t let sad people drink, Scott! It becomes a coping method, how do you think all those rockstars get addicted to heroin!” David rushed over to Scott and put the beers back in the fridge, except for the one Scott held with a death grip.

“Makes sense.” Scott shrugged and took a swig, and you shook your head at him.

“Baby needs some comfort food.” Zane sat next to you and rubbed your shoulder, “butter chicken or butter chicken with rice?”

“I’m not hungry, I’m fine really.” You pushed away his phone that was poised to order from Postmates.

“Bullshit,” Alex said, stomping into the kitchen and grabbing the tray of Oreos David kept hidden in the pantry and a glass of milk. He put them down on the coffee table in front of you. “Here.”


“No problem,” Alex sat down, glad to be of service, and turned on the tv. “What’s that movie you’re always watching?”

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” All four of the boys said in chorus.

“Shut up,” you murmured, but didn’t protest as Alex started the movie.

“Wait, we need popcorn!” David popped a couple bags while Scott made sure there was a beer for you if you wanted it. They both sat down on the couch, you in the middle, in front of the tv.

“Wait, why doesn’t she just steal him from her sister? Like bitch, I called dibs.”


“No I see his point, she was his friend first and she should’ve just said something,” Alex muttered, trying to act like his eyes weren’t glued to the screen.

“Yeah, but she didn’t know how she felt-”

“But you’re forgetting Margo, she deserves love too,” David said with a mouthful of popcorn.

“Fuck Margo, fuck Josh. Where’s the hot one?” Scott tipped his beer to the screen, acting far too offended for a guy in his twenties watching a teen romance.


“Yeah, that one.”

“He comes in later, don’t worry.” You snickered, grabbing a handful of popcorn before David ate it all.

“Yeah, Scott, haven’t you seen this before?”

“Shut up David, sorry I don’t spend my whole life on the couch. And stop hogging the popcorn!”

“It needs more butter,” Zane said, licking his fingers.

“How did I end up with these people?” Alex sighed, turning away so he could focus on the movie.

Boys were awful, but these guys? They weren’t so bad.

Note: sorry this is random. I just needed to write something to make me feel better! #boysareawful amirite? ok, not all boys, just the ones I like because I’m an idiot. Anyway please enjoy this, it is self-indulging but I hope you’ll forgive me! <3

Summer Hearts Verse so far

Basically what the title says. I was curious how much I’d actually written for these guys, so I spliced the new prompt requests in chronological order with (most) of the story so far. Might even have a novel at the end of this haha :P

“Easy there,” the human said. They steadied the young man in front of them in the forest, stumbling, wild-eyed – handsome. “You alright, mate? Bit of a heavy night’s drinking?”
What the hell was anyone doing in the middle of nowhere!?
The man clutched at him, eyes going up and down him, assessing the human’s rucksack, his hiking gear. By comparison, the stranger was dressed in little more than – oh god, they were dressed in goddamn flower garlands. Nothing else. Just flowers. Like some risqué version of Midsummer’s Night Dream. A stag night?
“Now,” the stranger declared. “You’re just lovely. Are you running away too?”

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halfblood joonie
  • guess what my school computer has a blue screen lol what is this i dont understand what’s going on
  • not gonna lie i would rather be updating my nct blog because those are written scenarios and i prefer writing that way because i feel like it actually shows my ability but i owe it to you guys to get something out there
  • my mark lee thing can wait yikes :((
  • anyway demigod joonie was the most requested?? and i was like
  • anyway i was gonna do like birth order but here we are now, doing namjoon
  • which is fine because i love namjoon
  • okay so if you guys couldn’t guess
  • namjoon is the son of athena
  • how could he not be??
  • the stereotype was always like blond hair and gray eyes but nah fam me and namjoon both don’t fit that stereotype and we are athena kids
  • but in this au namjoon is gonna have that off blond hair like there was that one photoshoot and there is a specific image in mind but it’s like sandy blond and it’s always messy because he constantly runs his hands through his hair when he’s thinking so always a mess but a nice mess because cutie
  • and he wears the big wire rimmed glasses that aren’t perfectly circular but almost like a bowl shape kind of thing?? like rounded at the bottom but then straight at the top or only a little bent is this making sense i bet it isn’t lol
  • he’s that kid that always wears the camp half blood tee with skinny jeans and some obscure accessory like idk a scarf or hat
  • and the aphrodite kids sit there and constantly roast him for his fashion sense but jin always scolds them and says that namjoon is a pure cutie bean who must be protected…
  • okay but backstory time because hell yah i love backstories
  • namjoon’s dad was a professor at a local college and he was a genius so it was no suprise that athena was attracted to him
  • unlike jin’s situation, athena and namjoon dad’s romance was a fleeting thing, and it only lasted but a few months
  • both of them were too proud and too headstrong to admit actual feelings or that they needed each other
  • but i personally believe that you don’t just have one true love, you love a lot of people in your life and it’s okay to love and be loved more than once and the mentality that you should save love for the true one actually pisses me off not gonna lie to you
  • and like they were in love and maybe it wasn’t the strongest love and maybe it wasn’t the truest love but it was still love regardless
  • athena kids are thought of like that’s how the athena kids happen i remember because percy was like do you have a belly button??
  • so athena was like you’re different than all my previous lovers and i think our child should be different too and that explains why namjoon naturally has black hair and brown eyes, not the usual blond and gray thing going on
  • when athena and his dad split up, things were kinda not amazing
  • his dad didn’t want to think about the relationship and about athena and so he just kind of chose to selectively forget about it
  • and so he doesn’t tell namjoon that he is a half blood
  • he tells namjoon that his mom and him were a college thing and that she didn’t want to deal with a child because she needed to finish her schooling whereas namjoon’s father was graduating
  • namjoon never felt a bitterness towards his birth mom but he always had the want to meet her one day and just have a conversation with her and have some sort of relationship with her…
  • his dad got married when namjoon was fairly young, in the third grade, and his stepmom and dad had three kids so namjoon has a bunch of half siblings
  • he really loves his family though, like he was extremely close to them especially his brother who’s the middle child out of the three half siblings
  • namjoon never felt out of place with them but there was always that longing to meet his mother that never went away
  • and guess what namjoon gets that chance
  • by age ten namjoon has already attracted numerous monsters, despite his dad’s efforts to mask his scent by marrying someone else and spraying febreeze in the house every two seconds
  • namjoon is already an extremely gifted and powerful demigod, already exhibiting powers that mimic something like telekinesis, and monsters have started to take notice
  • but namjoon, our clumsy bean child namjoon, always has a way of avoiding any harm
  • it’s because athena has her eye on him constantly and she’s always doing her best to make sure he’s safe
  • so like one day for instance, he’s walking home from the school bus and this monster comes at him and athena was posing as mom waiting for her kid or something and as soon as namjoon looked away she pulverized that monster into dust
  • but she seriously underestimates her child
  • because at age eleven namjoon is like boy genius and he notices the same lady always around and he’s like yikes creeper alert maybe??
  • so one day instead of you know, telling his dad, he confronts her down at the dollar store where he’s going to by his siblings some candy with his allowance money
  • idk the dollar store is within walking distance from my dads so this makes a lot of sense to me like this a very valid and relevant point in my mind okay so um like
  • anyway she senses another monster attack so she’s posing as a cashier and namjoon just kinda heads over to her counter and slams his five dollar bill on the table and he’s like
  • “we have the same eyes i think”
  • “also i see you around all the time”
  • and he just blinks up at her with big inquisitive eyes and she’s like oh sh-
  • and she’s like well i cannot just tell this kid that i’m his mom but i can at least get him to safety right??
  • and she’s like i gotta talk about this demigod thing but
  • suddenly a horde of monsters appear from the aisles and athena is like there is no time and so she uses her goddess powers to transport them to the boundaries of camp half blood
  • and she’s like look i know you’re probably scared and confused and worried but you need to go past this boundary here and you’ll find help i promise, but i need to get going, i’m not allowed to be this attached to you-
  • and she ushers namjoon past the border but then she’s gone and namjoon is like what the duck is this about
  • he doesn’t know if he should run back out and chase after her or if he should move forward and explore but maybe he should cry? always a valid option??
  • he just stands there dumbly and he feels like maybe he will cry because he doesn’t understand what’s going on but he wants to be home with his dad, not standing in the middle of god(s) only know where
  • but alas his saving grace arrives
  • it’s you
  • you’re the saving grace
  • you’re also a younger demigod and you’re in the hermes cabin currently because you haven’t been claimed and you’re just kind of wandering around camp because you still are a little !! about this whole demigod thing and you need some time to adjust
  • but you see namjoon standing there and you’re like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you run over and stare at him for a few seconds and you then grab his hand and you’re like we gotta find chiron
  • “you mean the centaur from greek mythology”
  • and you smile and nod excitedly “well duh, you are at camp half blood”
  • “what now”
  • “that place where all the kids if the greek gods and goddesses chill to escape the monsters in the mortal world? seriously how did you get here if you don’t know what this is”
  • so namjoon tells you his story and you’re holding his hand because small kids and you’re like oh i see i see okay i got it
  • and then you take him to see chiron and you’re like hello this is a new camper his name is joonie
  • and namjoon is like actually- but chiron is so busy welcoming him and all that he never really gets to say his official name (is that the right word probably not lol) isn’t joonie but whatever
  • anyway you stay by namjoon’s side while he gets the explanation of the whole demigod thing
  • and you’re the one who takes him to the hermes cabin and you’re like yes you can have your bed under my bed because we are basically best friends now!! and ofc namjoon agrees
  • he’s the kid who sits up really fast and bangs his head on the bunk above him
  • i actually fell off the top bunk once but that is another story
  • you and namjoon become bros and all the older demigods think it’s so adorable how you two always waddle around camp together and challenge everyone to duels and riddles and the likes
  • but then namjoon gets claimed
  • oh yes namjoon gets claimed one day when you two are sparring and it’s been a while now since he’s arrived at camp and you know what being claimed means
  • it means that namjoon isn’t gonna be your bunk mate anymore and it means that he’ll be at a new cabin with new siblings and he’ll probably end up forgetting about you or something
  • and your small brain is not about to let that happen no siree so you fail to mention the glowing emblem above namjoon’s head
  • you think that it would like go away eventually but it’s been thirty minutes now since it first appeared so um yikes a daisy it probably won’t go away anytime soon but you are not about to lose namjoon
  • while you’re sitting there debating what to do, one of the athena kids (is it annabeth chase, my queen, my hero, my everything)
  • no another athena kid comes over and they’re like duDE UM!!
  • and you’re like b i t c h do you wanna throw down
  • and namjoon is like wait what’s going on what’s happening am i dying or something
  • and the athena kid is like no, well yes, we are all technically dying, but i mean you’re our new sibling
  • “our”
  • “the athena cabin, i’m sorry”
  • and namjoon’s eyes light up and he’s so excited and you’re like who am i to take this happiness from him
  • you don’t walk with him to meet up with chiron or anything, you go sulk in the hermes cabin tbh and kick his bunk and then whine when it hurts your foot
  • but guess what guys
  • guess what
  • guess who comes back later
  • you right
  • it’s namjoon
  • he waves to you and you’re like !!
  • “i missed you already, you wanna keep sparing. i already got my new bunk set up and all. it’s not as fun around here without you”
  • and then you run into his arms but he is not expecting that and he tries to catch you but that doesn’t really go so hot and he ends up toppling backwards with you crashing down on top of him
  • based on true events in case you’re wondering
  • you knew from that day on that you and najoon were inseparable
  • fast forward many years so you are out of the awkward small child phase which isn’t awkward really because it isn’t middle school yet
  • you got claimed by your godly parent so neither you or namjoon are in the hermes cabin anymore!!
  • but you still are thick as thieves get it lol because hermes cabin-
  • okay anyway
  • i dont wanna be generic with all of these so guess what
  • in media res my dudes, on media res
  • behold you and namjoon are on a quest and guess who else is there it;s hoseok and yoongi and you guys are having a blast because yoongi nearly managed to become the captive bride of the god of the west wind
  • hoseok kidnapped a dog and he keeps the thing in his shirt when you guys are setting up camp for the night so he won’t be cold
  • namjoon almost became a gang lord down in southern new york
  • you had to fight off rampant cereal gods when the others were going to take a group bathroom break
  • you and namjoon are sharing a sleeping back
  • wait what
  • hoseok somehow managed to burn his and yoongi was like you can’t sleep with me you freak, im still mad you love that dog more than me anyhow and hoseok was all excuse me are you trash talking our child
  • they were so busy bickering and whining and namjoon, the designated squad leader, was not having it, and so he’s like hoseok here just take mine okay
  • and then you were like but joonie what about you
  • and hoseok was all like share
  • namjoon looked to yoongi hopelessly and yoongi just flipped him off
  • “excuse me, how;s jungkook gonna feel when he knows you’re trying to win me over”
  • and you kinda “well i mean i guess we can share”
  • and hoseok is like “wow what are the odds you’re the only person with the huge two person sleeping bag haha #crazy”
  • yes he said the word hashtag
  • but namjoon is all stamerry and blushy and it’s so funny because the super composed, super calculating, super strategic son of athena is at a loss for words and it’s
  • #crazy
  • and yoongi is like wow i guess hoseok will take the first watch then
  • and hoseok is like wow that’s so sweet of you for volunteering-
  • yoongi smirks and curls up in his sleeping bag and yawns and slips off into dreamland and hoseok is pouting but he starts patrol duty with his puppy safely poking his head out the top of his shirt
  • and namjoon kinda gives you this look and you shrug “it’s not any different than that time we had to share a bunk when connor and broke the one and they needed extra room you know?”
  • except it is very different because namjoon is in l o v e with you and he doesn’t want to share a sleeping bag because he might do something weird like try to hold your hand or sleep talk about you and that would not be a good time
  • but he curls up in the sleeping bag and he motions for you to join and you’re like okay chill nice not like i like namjoon or anything haha
  • you snuggle up beside him and you’re like are two person sleeping bags even a real thing
  • they are confirmed
  • you guys refuse to speak and you can hear hoseok giggling and that makes things more awkward tbh but it’s okay because he’s warm
  • and so your put your feet on his legs and even through the socks he can feel your cold feet and now the two of you are laughing
  • but then yoongi sits up and threatens to murder you both in cold blood
  • so you end up zipping it and going to bed
  • hoseok wakes namjoon up an hour or two later because switch shift and he’s sleepy
  • namjoon groggily wakes up and he goes to sit up but??
  • is that your head on his chest??
  • why yes it is??
  • hoseok starts to squeal and namjoon glares but hoseok is
  • you know that spongebob meme with squidward and crabby patties
  • that’s hoseok @ namjoon
  • “you like them don’t you namjoon”
  • and namjoon was like hoe i thought that was obvious please
  • and hoseok was like um idk if they know dude
  • and najoon just groans and stands up and waves hoseok off and goes to stand guard
  • he doesn’t like the whole crush thing because his entire life as a child of athena you know, he’s used to approaching everything as a problem that has a solution
  • something that he can work through and tackle if he takes the right steps
  • everything is a process and with the smart logical choices, he can accomplish anything
  • but this is different because suddenly his head isn’t in charge and no matter how hard he tries to examine the situation logically, you can’t think like that, not when you’re in love with someone all rules go out the window and namjoon is like wth is this i am not a fan can this not be a thing
  • he overanalyzes every single scenario and one second he’s determined that you must be in love with him but one second later, he thinks you must hate him or something and that the two of you will never work out and it’s such a vicious cycle
  • he just wishes he would have some answers-
  • and then this voice pops up in his head and it’s very familiar and namjoon is like i know who this is but also at the same time i have no idea whatsoever
  • and then it hits him- the mysterious lady from his childhood, the one who got him to camp and he’s ! because he had totally forgotten about her till now
  • and the voice is like “you really forgot about your own mother”
  • and namjoon is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because mom since when was that a thing
  • but it makes sense and suddenly everything starts to click and namjoon is like wow your local son of athena couldn’t figure that one out, amazing
  • but she’s like look kid im sorry that i havent been around, things are complicated, dont be mad
  • and namjoon is like im not dont sweat it
  • athena just tsks like thats because you never let your emotions lead
  • “but it’s okay to let them take over sometimes you know”
  • you know what she’s implying and the conversation doesn’t last much after that
  • and namjoon is like right i should maybe confess maybe ill do that when i get back home or something—
  • but suddenly he’s taken aback because there’s this clanking and rattling and all of th sudden there are these skeletons rising from the earth and namjoon is like just my luck
  • he draws his sword and starts yelling for the rest of you to wake up and hoseok is first up and he’s racing to get yoongi awake and meanwhile namjoon is battling off these monsters
  • he uses those telekinesis powers i mentioned to hurl boulders and other projectiles at them while using his long sword to fend off others but they keep multiplying
  • hoseok comes in with his double daggers and he’s slicing and diving and jabbing
  • and yoongi has his scythe and he’s totally wrecking these monsters and smashing them to dust
  • you’re nowhere to be found though and namjoon turns his head for a split second and that’s his mistake
  • he doesn’t feel the arrow pierce his shoulder, not initially, but he feels the searing pain as yoongi yanks it from his flesh later
  • he stumbles and trips forward and he’s clutching his shoulder and hoseok is shrieking and yoongi is cursing
  • namjoon feels like he’s slipping from reality and he doesn’t know what’s happening save that the world is spinning before his eyes
  • but then your cry snaps him back from his daze and he watches you stumble towards him
  • yoongi and hoseok fight off the rest of the monsters as you kneel beside namjoon, cradling his head in your lip
  • namjoon is too shocked to cry but then he sees the tears streaming down your face and he suddenly feels overwhelmed
  • yoongi and hoseok run over when the coast is clear and yoongi is the one who pulls the arrow out because hoseok is shaking too badly to do so
  • “i thought i heard something and so i woke up and went to check it out, but clearly i wasnt right and now you’re going to die because of me namjoon, oh gods, you can’t die!!”
  • and youre sobbing and hoseok is like you need to calm down so i can treat this thing and namjoon is slipping from consciousness and you’re holding his hands tightly between your own
  • yoongi is praying hard while hoseok does his best to clot the blood flow and go through his bag in search of ambrosia and nectar
  • namjoon’s eyes close and his lips part and you’re crying harder now because this it, this is the last time you’re going to see namjoon
  • “i love you, i love you more than life itself namjoon, and im not going to let you die, do you hear me!?”
  • hoseok pulls out the thermos of nectar and he hands it to you
  • for those who dont know, nectar is like the healing thing for demigods and it’s not guaranteed life saver, it works hella good
  • anyway, you hold the thermos to namjoon’s lips and do your best to make sure he drinks some of it
  • hoseok assures you that namjoon is gonna make it, upon further examination, the wound isn’t deep and it missed any vital nerves or organs
  • still you can’t help but cry
  • you hold namjoon in your arms the entire night and none of you guys sleep because you’re so scared??
  • namjoon does wake up, and he’s fine… he’s just sore the next morning
  • he first asks about you though if you’re okay and then he looks up and finds you staring down at him and he’s o h
  • you smile down at him “i swear to god, dont you ever pull that on me again”
  • “i wasnt trying to die”
  • omg wth my namjoon ones are always the longest, namjoon, yoongi and jungkook
  • anyway you mouth “i know” and then stroke the hair from his eyes
  • hoseok and yoongi watch on but they don;t interfere and they dont get nosy, they jsut let you guys have your moment
  • it’s like a mutual understanding after that
  • like the scare makes you realize that yes, you love namjoon, more than a friend
  • and yes, namjoon loves you too, more than anything in the world
  • and hoseok and yoongi realize that they’re third and fourth wheeling on the quest and it’s awkward
  • because once namjoon starts feeling better, it’s like a switch was turned on and now he’s trying to impress you with the psychology of attraction and holding hands and love and it’s a hot mess
  • and he’s vowing to protect you and you’re like honey i gotta protect you…
  • yoongi and hoseok regret their life choices
  • but they think it’s cute and when you guys all return home safely (with the dog in tow), everyone starts handing over drachmas and dollars because their was a camp wide bet on if you guys would get together on your quest
Merry Christmas, theillustriouskid!

whose gift request included feral!Derek, magic!Stiles, and royalty!au (with commoner Stiles). Hope you enjoy what I came up with, and happy holidays!!

The castle guards come for Stiles while he’s putting on a simple show, transforming weeds to roses for coppers in the plaza. They don’t offer a word of explanation, not even a token complaint about him Practicing without a permit (which he would totally have, thank you very much, if he could just collect enough coppers to apply for one).

He knows his rights, though, and is still protesting them vehemently while the stone-faced pair drag him through a back gate and into the castle, along a series of what must be servants’ hallways, only to come to a stop in a richly adorned room that seems to lead right into one of the royals’ bedchambers.

He cuts off when he catches sight of an older man, clad in crimson velvet, watching him from where he sits on a simple wooden throne.

“Peter Hale, I presume.” It would be harder to guess, but the Hale royals are few and far between in the Beacon Hills these days. Most of the family was murdered years ago, in a vicious betrayal of treaty that sparked the Six Year War. Cora Hale, the youngest survivor and Peter’s niece, has long been married off in an advantageous match to the south, while the rightful heir, Derek… well, Stiles has only seen the man once, years ago and in passing, but he hasn’t forgotten that face.

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No Matter

A/N: I know it is super late (stupid computer) but here is my submission for @tilltheendwilliwrite challenge! My phrase was “I love you the most-est” If peeps like it, i have an idea for a series :3

Word Count: 3,055

Pairing: Young!Loki X Young!OFC

Song: https://youtu.be/sLcrxhE_xQw  (Listen with the dance >:3)

It has been a week since my mother brought me along with her on her “errand”. Why I was brought along I will never truly know.

She said it was to get me out of the palace. That I couldn’t spend all of my time in the library. That there was more to lift then magic. Ha! Says her. She is the one who taught me magic in the first place.

Now look at me. I have been on Midgard with my mother, Queen Frigga, for a week now. My mother’s errand involves visiting an old friend of hers. That is all she told me.



“But mother!” I questioned, “what am I to do while we are here?,” my brow furrowed in thought. “Actually a better question would be is how long will we be here?”

Chuckling, my mother put both hands unto my shoulders and replied “my child, among the other things i must take care of here, I will also be visiting my long time friend” smiling, she pushes a lock of my hair behind my ear “I have not seen him in ages, so we shall be here for a midgardian month.” She turns then and resumes walking toward our destination. “But while we are here, you can be as children regularly are here” gesturing with her hand, she says over her shoulder “free of responsibility and training. Something different then the library that is for certain.”


So here I am, invisible while watching the other children play. Mother says I look 12 to the midgardians but I choose not to interact with them if I don’t have to. I would rather observe how different they are from me. Or better yet from Thor and his rag tag bunch of friends. For everyone will be different from me.

‘It is a good thing I learned this invisibility spell’ I thought growing bored with watching the other children. ‘Else I would have to endure those sniveling children’  suppressing a shiver I looked up at the sky. Continuing to walk I sigh ‘Well at least being here allows me to learn about other things.’ I smile ‘The sky here is so blue and clear, unlike Asgard’s blend of orange and gold. I wonder ho-’

My thoughts were interrupted as someone suddenly colliding with me, thus sending us both to the ground, while I landed on my back with my arms around them in reflex.  

Groaning, I lift my head and peer down at the being who knocked me over. I was met with a breathtaking color of vibrant, rustic red color. Then when I thought my lungs held no more air, a pair of light green eyes looked into my emerald ones.

The girl on my chest gasp and sputtered a “sorry” as she hurriedly got off of me. For some reason I was sad for the loss of contact. “Oh my goodness,” she said standing, “i-i am so sorry your highness!!” Reaching out, she helps me stand by pulling on my arm sleeve. “Are you okay?” She is patting my tunic at this point, ridding it of any dirt.

Blinking, I seem to have been drawn back to the current situation. Scowling I stop her from patting my tunic “ yes I am quite alright.” Looking her up and down, I notice her simple blue dress and cloth shoes “ it seems you are alright as well I assume? And why did you call me your highness? This is the first time I have met you.”

Blushing a light pink, she starts to rapidly reply “ o-oh well you see my master told me that his friend Lady Frigga would be visiting from a far off land with her son and that they were considered royalty there and that him and I were the only ones that know but that’s okay and well it kinda slipped and are you sure you are alright because I did not see you there an-” I stopped her rant by placing a hand on her mouth. “ okay okay I get it!” Signing I continue “please just breathe.”  after waiting a few moments I ask “Better?” She nods “Okay, I am going to remove my hand then.”

I let my hand drop from her lips and notice how they were a light pink. My brows furrow slightly ‘why am I noticing these things about a mere mortal?!’ Hearing a shuffle in front of me, I am brought back to the current moment. “Um y-your highness?” The girl asks “ are you sure you are okay?” She then reaches out and places the back of her hand on my forehead while standing on her tip toes “your face looks a little red.

Making a face, I grab her wrist and move her hand “ I assure you I am fine.” Dropping her wrist I say “ and my name is Loki, not your highness.” Huffing I look down.

“O-oh we-well then my name is Lilith you-” she begins to say but catches herself “ I mean Loki.” She curtsies. Looking up, I scowl at this. “ if I am not letting you call me ‘your highness’ then there is no reason for that either.” I grab her shoulders and stand her up. Being this close to Lilith brings a strange feeling to my chest. I let go and back up quickly.

“So Lilith was it? What were you doing walking alone in the forest?” Arching an eyebrow, I look around. “Shouldn’t you be with the other children?” When I turn back to her I notice she is playing with the edge of her dress.

“Well you see, the others don’t necessarily like me around,” she bites her bottom lip then “ They say I am cursed since I have red hair and have no family.” She looks up and smiles then “but that is okay! My master takes care of me!” Dropping her dress, she puts her hands behind her back “and with why I was out here…well I was looking for the boy my master told me about. I thought maybe  I could show you around on the morrow?” She blushes at that and looks down again.

For some reason I did not want her looking down. I wanted her to look at me. “ I think I would like that. “ I catch myself saying. But before I berate myself, she looks up at me. I hope to never forget the sight. Her eyes seemed to sparkle like polished gem stones with excitement.

“Really!?” She reaches out to grab my hands “ oh that’s wonderful! Then we shall meet here in the afternoon, so younhave time to rest and I can plan for our big day.” Dropping my hands, she clasps hers together and says “Oh then I must go now! There is so much to do.” Moving so fast I didn’t know how to respond, she gives a peck to my cheek and starts to run away “I shall see you tomorrow. Goodbye Loki!”

I stood in my spot for a long time with my hand on my cheek. When I finally came to, I wondered aloud “what just..happened?”


Later that evening

“Ah my child,” Frigga says opening her arms open for her son, “How was your day?” After embracing her son, she pulls back and looks at him. “Good I hope?”

Thinking for a moment “It was fine mother.” He replies. “I think I made a friend.” He leans forward and rests his head on her chest. “Oh?” She questions “That’s is great my love!” She smiles and holds him tight “See? I told you coming with me would be worth it.”

Closing his eyes, he smiles as well, “yes mother, of course.”

In a house not to far

“Lilith my dear!” Her master asked, “How was your day? Was it eventful?” Coming down the steps, Lilith smooths out her dress and stands in front of her master. “Yes sire it was! I made a new friend and planned to show them around tomorrow if that is alright with you?” she asks hopefully.

Smiling down at the young girl knowingly he says “why of course my dear!” Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, he looks into her shining green eyes. “ you have fun yes? Just finish your chores. “

Gasping in happiness, she hugs her master before dashing off. “Yes master! Thank you! “

The man watches as the young girl runs off smiling at her new found energy. He then sighs and walks to a far off room of his home. Going into the room, he closes the door behind him and looks towards the wall of mirrors that holds all of what seems to be events in each one. Walking up to one mirror and placing his hand on the edge he says,

“My dear girl..”


So the next 2 and a half weeks seem to fly by. After the first day together, with Lilith showing Loki around, they became inseparable. The young trickster god and lonely midgardian made quite the pair. They brought qualities out in each other that they couldn’t fathom. Where she was quiet and shy, he made her loud and energetic. Where he was easily angered and cold, she made him happy and warm.

The All-Mother noticed this one day, as she watched from one of her masters many mirrors. Smiling he turned and watched through others. These mirrors showed events that already happened and were inevitable.

Turning to her old friend, Frigga once again asks “ Are you positive there isnt anything that can be done?” Looking up fro. One of his many tomes, the God of Time takes his long time friends hand and pats it.

“My dear Frigga, if I could avoid what is meant to be I would.” Turning back to the scroll he sighs and thinks ‘I wish i could avoid it all’


During the 3rd week Loki was there, Lilith pulled him behind her at a quick pace. “Lilith where are we going?” He asked. “Hush Loki!” She responded “you will we when we get there!”

Smiling while being pulled behind this small girl made Loki think ‘and to think, this was the stuttering girl I met weeks ago’

He was brought out of his thoughts by Lilith as she pulled him down behind a bush. “Get down Loki!” She whispered. Looking over the bush, Loki sees two people standing together. Brows furrowing he starts to speak “Lilith wha-“ he was cut off by Lilith putting her hand against his mouth. “shhhhh” she motioned toward the couple “your gonna get us caught”

Loki turned back to the couple. He watched and listened to the words they were saying. He blushed slightly and looked toward Lilith. Clearing his throat he questions “Lilith, why are we watching a proposal dance?” hearing her quietly gasp, Lilith looks down. “um..” he can see her start to tremble “w-well you see…” suddenly Lilith gets up and runs away from their hiding spot.

Confused in the sudden mood shift, Loki goes after his friend. “Lilith!” he yells as he catches up to her. “Lilith stop!” Loki reaches out and grabs her arm, bringing her to him in an embrace. “Lilith,” he says panting, “what is wrong?”

Sniffling, Lilith buries her face into his chest until she is calm enough to look up at him. “I am so sorry Loki..” she says.

Tilting his head, Loki reaches up and wipes away a stray tear. “But why Lilith? You were so excited to see them, and then I ask why and your mood completely shifts.” resting a hand in her cheek he inquires further “Why?”

Tearing back up she cries “because that is the only way I’ll experience a true one!” seeing a confused look on his face she continues “ I am cursed remember! Even adults say so!” hanging her head she sighs “even if I do marry, I will never have that.” pushing back from him she wipes her face.

“ I am sorry Loki, i-i have to go.” she turns and leaves. Loki, stunned by the confession by the 10 year old girl, unable to stop her. Frowning, I decide to return to my mother for the evening.

Some time later

“Ah Loki!” The All-Mother says “there you are my son.” putting down her things she asks “How was your day with Lilith? Fun I hope?” Loki looks to his mother and then to the items behind her. Making a confused face for what seemed like the umpteenth time that day Loki responds “ it was…something. Mother what are you doing?” Loki walks towards her things that were being placed away.

Giving him a sad look, Frigga continues to pack “Oh Loki, I have finished my business on Midgard.” reaching out to place a hand on his shoulder, she squeezes it reassuringly. “But,” he says “ it’s early still,” he picks up up a scroll.

“We aren’t supposed to leave until next week..” Looking down, he thinks of Lilith and how she had acted. Taking the scroll, Frigga places it in her luggage “ I know my child, but we must go home.” bringing her son into her arms, she holds him tight.

Loki rests his head on her chest and begins to say “ But Lilith-“ carding her fingers though her son’s hair, Frigga interrupts “ I know my dear, the curse of being a god is long life. I am sorry” closing his eyes, Loki thinks for a moment then pushes away from his mother.

“Mother we can’t leave yet! Please!” he begs.

“But my child we-” Frigga begins “No mother! Please!” he begs again “ I must say goodbye.”

After looking into her son’s emerald green eyes, The All-Mother knew she must let him go to his friend. Sighing she replies “alright my child, go to her. I will have your things packed.” brushing his hair to the side she finishes “ and when you are ready, Heimdall will take us home.”


It took him a while to find her, but when he did he couldn’t be happier. For in his time here and when he found out he must leave, Loki knew what the strange feeling in his chest has been. He might be young in for standards, but even he knew what love was. He only knew her for 3 weeks but it felt like he knew her for a lot longer.

So when he found her on the cliff, there was only one thing he could do. He starts to whistle.

(Loki walking up to Lilith)

I’ll swim and sail on savage seas
With ne'er a fear of drowning
And gladly ride the waves of life
If you will marry me
No scorching sun
Nor freezing cold
Will stop me on my journey

If you will promise me your heart
And love

(Lilith turning toward him with a small smile)
And love me for eternity
My dearest one, my darling dear
Your mighty words astound me
But I’ve no need of mighty deeds
When I feel your arms around me

(Loki begins to dance with her)
But I would bring you rings of gold
I’d even sing you poetry ( Oh, would you? *Lilith giggling*)
And I would keep you from all harm
If you would stay beside me

I have no use for rings of gold
I care not for your poetry
I only want your hand to hold

I only want you near me

(Loki and Lilith twirling around)
To love, to kiss, to sweetly hold
For the dancing and the dreaming
Through all life’s sorrows and delights
I’ll keep your laugh inside me
I’ll swim and sail on savage seas
With ne'er a fear of drowning
And gladly ride the waves of life
If you will marry me

Both Loki and Lilith were panting after singing together. Both have smiles on their faces.

Placing a hand on his cheek, Lilith asks “Loki, d-do you mean it?” she bites her lower lip with tears in her eyes, “ I mean I know we are only young bu-“ before she could finish her sentence, Loki leans forward and places a chaste kiss upon her lips.

Drawing back, he replies “of course I am sure!” cupping her face, he places his forehead against hers “ you have made me live more in these last 3 weeks then I have in all my life.” Looking down he sighs. “which pains me to tell you this.

Gripping his hands, Lilith nuzzles him “you must leave Yes? My master told me how long you would be here so I was ready.” sniffling she continues “ as ready as I could be.”

Leaning back he says, “ that and..” He paused and takes a feel breath. “ I am a god my heart” he closes his eyes and looks down. “ this could be the last time you see me and…i will live much longer than you.” preparing for the worst, he jumps when she places a kiss on his bowed head.

Lifting his head up, she says “ Oh Loki!” she smiles while tears fall down her cheeks, “ you made me become who I never thought I could be” he wipes her tears away as she continues “ yo-you did what I thought would never happen. I will love you whether you are a prince from a far away land or a god.” placing her head on his chest. “Just don’t forget about me.”

Lifting her head from his chest he says, “ I will never forget you,” bringing her close he continued “ for you are my heart a-and I love you.” laughing she kisses him and says “ oh Loki I love you!”

He chuckles and teases “But my dear I love you more.” after kissing her brow, she pulls back and states “ well I love you the most-est”

At that he kissed her again, putting as much emotion as he could behind it. She respond with as much vigor and without them seeing, a bright light appeared around her wrist. When they pulled back, she looked down and with a gasp lifted her left wrist for Loki to see.

“Loki what is this?” showing him the intricate gold design, Loki smiled and pulled her to him once more. “it is something that shows, no matter how far apart we are, you are my heart and I yours.”

Papa Shimada/ Genji Noncon

So @boneyarts  requested some noncon/ coercive Genji and Sojiro stuff and honestly…How could I resist? Content warnings for noncon, father/son incest, and brief drug use.

When Genji walks into the office, he is exuding a sense of confidence that immediately catches Sojiro’s eye. Afterall, Genji tended to visit him later in the evening if he was going to pester him for one thing on another, never while Sojiro was in his office attending to their operations. He sauntered in with that sway of his hips - the same seductive movements obviously used against Sojiro’s assistant if his easy access into the office meant anything.

Sojiro placed his paperwork down onto his desk and sat back, smiling easily at his darling second son. “Well, hello there, Genji. What brings you to my office this afternoon?” He sits back in his seat as his son comes to sit on the left corner of his desk. The teenager is clad in another one of his adorably slutty outfits - high waisted shorts and a matching crop top. Sojiro’s fingers itch to slide against that small amount of bared midriff, perhaps even run higher to tweak one of his son’s nipples…He hums and slowly directs his attention to Genji’s face.

“To-san! I need some money~!” Genji chimes, looking down at his father with one of his signature smiles. Where normally Sojiro would give in, unable to deny his youngest son any of the nicest things in life, he decides to take some time today. Satisfy some of his more basic needs and curiosities.

“Ahh, little sparrow. Come closer.” Sojiro grabs his youngest son by the waist and pulls him off the table and into his lap. The boy sits sideways in his father’s lap, facing the wall to their left. Sojiro’s hands hold those firms hips tight, keeping his little sparrow from flying away from his own father’s familiar contact. “Tell me, little one, what would you use Daddy’s money for?” The fingers of his left hand, stained with ink from writing all day, slides up from his waist to rub two fingers in circles against Genji’s right nipple.

The boy jumps at the movement from the desk, alarmed and flighty, and his smile falters as  his father felt up his pert tits. He recovers from the casual molestation surprisingly well, turning to his father with an even wider smiler - but it doesn’t do much to convince Sojiro of his son’s actual confidence or joy to be in the situation. He finds he doesn’t care, hardly even listening to Genji’s response.

“Drugs. Weed, LSD…I’m thinking of getting some Coke for when I go out tonight,” Genji says, without too much hesitation. He doesn’t like lying to Sojiro, after all his father knew all the filthy details of his nightly happenings as a result of the crew he has to tail Genji each and every time he leaves the estate.

Sojiro thinks for a moment, takes the opportunity to pinch Genji’s nipple between his two ink-stained fingers and savors the shudder it pulls from his younger son. Beneath them, his cock is stirring and beginning to press into the soft cushion of Genji’s thighs and ass. After a thick moment between the two of them, Sojiro finally sighs, “Get under the desk. If you really want that money, you’ll open wide.”

He delights in how tense Genji gets for a few seconds before he is sliding down to his knees and crawling beneath the desk. “Good little sparrow. I hope you’re as experienced at this as your guards claim you are, because it is no little task I am asking you to do.” He makes quick work of unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his cock before sliding his chair back into place and pressing a hand against Genji’s head. “Get to work. Time is money.” He picks his paperwork back up, and pretends he doesn’t almost drop it at the first feeling of a warm, metal piercing touching, followed by the spongy flat of Genji’s tongue, against the tip of his cock. “Good boy…What a good boy for me, Genji,” He praises, but that is the last he will acknowledge of his youngest son for a long time.

Genji does his best to stay calm underneath the desk. He didn’t ever think that he’d end up in a situation like this - being forced to suck his father’s cock just for some drug money…And he didn’t think he’d ever stoop so low as to go through with it.

His father’s cock is wide and girthy in his mouth, perhaps even the thickest he had ever taken. If it had been any other time, he would have even enjoyed the challenge it presented…But now, its girth is a constant reminder of who it belongs to. The only man Genji has ever answered to…His father, the man who sired him. He shudders at the thought that the cum that gave way to him, and to Hanzo, came from the cock he was currently sucking.

Where he might normally let his mind go to autopilot and let his muscle memory take care of the rest, he is forced to give this task his full attention or risk choking or gagging on that fragrant dick. He spends most of the time sucking on half of the shaft, hands at the base to steady the cock as he did his best to please his father and make it all end faster. As it was, he had been on his knees for a minimum of twenty minutes. His jaw ached as he ran his tongue against the underside.

He was doing fairly well in keeping himself composed, though he could feel the tears coming as his mind worked to process the situation…That was, until he heard the door of the office once more. He tenses, but he decides that it can’t be the end of the world. He can’t stop now, can’t afford to lose any progress he has made in his goal of getting his father to cum so he could get out from under the desk and go get high enough to forget this had all ever happened. He lets the cock fall out of his mouth however, breathing as quietly as he could and rolling his tongue around the tip, listening to see who, exactly entered the room.

He wanted to weep when he heard the voice of the newcomer.

Sojiro looked up from the contract he was skimming over when his door opened once more, wondering what sort of day it was that two people would disturb his business in under an hour. He grinned as the visitor was revealed to be none other than his eldest son, dressed quite prettily in a formal suit.

“I’m sorry to intrude, Oto-san, but I just wanted to get some papers signed before I leave for the meeting in Tokyo,” Hanzo greeted, bowing respectfully as he waited for his father to consent. How precious. He had never quite considered how beautiful and eager to please his eldest son was…But given the other happenings of that afternoon, needless to say it was now a possibility that he was considering.

“That is fine, Hanzo. Please, tell me what they are as you put them on my desk for me to sign,” He responded, voice just as composed as it would be even without the younger Shimada heir suckling against his dick. Taking advantage of Hanzo’s distraction as he double checked his paperwork, he reached down to press his hand to the back of Genji’s head. The other did not need any further encouragement, dipping his head and starting to suck the length of his cock.

“Here you go, Oto-san. The first is an agreement saying that if Mr. Sato agrees to forward customers to our brothels and dealers, that we will give him a twenty percent discount on weapon orders greater than fifty pieces?” The statement was truly more of a question, and Sojiro takes joy in how Hanzo’s cheeks flush with color under his father’s hard stare.

He doesn’t let Hanzo squirm long, and signs the paper with a smile. Hanzo mirrors it, and the rest of the paperwork goes by quickly. He wonders how Hanzo would react if he knew that Genji was under Sojiro’ desk in that instant, wonders if Hanzo would timidly ask if he could join them or if he would be disgusted.

As he signs the last of Hanzo’s papers, he is hit with the thought of his two boys sharing his cock beneath him, perhaps even kissing each other with the head of his dick sandwiched between their lips. He doesn’t bother holding back, covering what would have been a pleasured sigh with a hum as he lets his orgasm wash over him. He is making eye contact with his smiling eldest son while his youngest is sucking down Sojiro’s creamy load.

He sits back in his chair as Hanzo walked out, and wonders idly how he will get his eldest to put out when he returns from his trip to Tokyo. He doesn’t pay much attention as he pulls out a large handful of bills and places it on the desk for Genji. He doesn’t comment on the drop of cum resting just below Genji’s lip or the tears in his eyes as he grabs the bills and scurries out from the room.

An hour later sees Genji sitting in his wing of the estate, three layers of clothes on and with his legs curled beneath him. He is fortunate to have the private quarters all to himself, fingers shaking as he sparks the end of his joint.

And if he cries while he takes the first hit, at least nobody is around to see.

anonymous asked:

can I request for cons? Like megatron starscream soundwave with their sparkling but sparkling just have opposite personality with their sire! Autobots found sparkling and though cons just kidnapped little bean from their true parent! What will happen?

Megatron’s sparkling: Gentle, curious, honest and somewhat gullible. this little one leaves the cons wondering if they’re really the monstrous warlord’s child. “they have their carrier’s personality.” is his answer to the confusion and he loves them for it and tries to keeps them from his work.  

So, when the bots took his little one can imagine the raw fury Megatron felt when he saw them cry and reach out to him as the ground bridge closed. he uses every resource to look for them. 

He then one day took June hostage the nurse saw a side of Megatron, a exhausted,terrified and worried father that made her empathize and pity him, if she were his position she’d stop at nothing to get Jack back. 

So, when the bots arrived it was just Optimus holding {Y/d} and boy did they look happy to see their Sire, that they managed to wiggle out of the prime’s hold the autobot leader reached out to them “Cncn!” shouted before the gray bot took them in his arms his frame shook as he held them close, he returned June as promised.

But, before they left Optimus asked who their carrier was? “{Carrier designation}” the prime eyes widened seeing Megatron smile his spark clenched seeing his old friend in there for a moment then nodded “I had my suspicions…you always were excitable around them.” he said before looking at the young one in the warlords arms before leaving.


Soundwave sparkling:loud, stubborn and a bit of a bonehead. The cons were very surprise to find that this squirmy and giggling bitlet, was the tall, dark, and silent mech’s child, the other were surprised at how polar-opposite the parent and child were; that sometimes they forget who their sire is.

 till they see laserbeak watching them or most shocking Soundwave playing hide and seek with them. he’d grab them with his tentacle hold them upside down and flash a smiley face t them on his visor when he found them causing them to loudly laugh. 

So, when Bumblebee kidnapped them, well, primus help the yellow bot when Soundwave get’s his hands on him…he and laserbeak searched everywhere exhausting every resource he could find. in hopes of locating his sparkling…

Then he saw the boy…Raf he believed his name was? walking by himself Soundwave saw an opportunity and took it, he kidnapped Raf and held him hostage in exchanged for his child. Raf wasn’t a quiet hostage…he demanded why he was doing this, the slenderman-like mech gave Raf the speech from taken.  

“Wait! that baby bot is…yours?” Raf asked the silent let out a low growl nodding the boy was shocked, it suddenly made sense why Soundwave was being so incautious in his attacks these last couple days! he was just looking for his child! 

Raf felt a little nauseated for feeling bad for the con. but, he knew if he were in the same situation (which technically he was.) he knew his parents would stop at nothing to get him back.

The ground-bridge opened and Bumblebee came walking out of the bridge holding [Y/D] who started crying the second they saw him. the yellow bot beeped at the silent mech [return Raff] to which Soundwave responded “{you first.}” in knock-out’s voice.

 the yellow-bot glared setting the sparkling down, the bitlet ran over to Soundwave where they were immediately swept up in a hug by their parent, who used his tentacle to hand Raf over to Bee who beeped and whirled at the tween.

 “No, i’m fine just…I never thought cons could care like that.” he said watching as Soudwave walked into his own ground-bridge nuzzling his sparkling heart emoji on his visor as the little giggled loudly.


Starscream’s Sparkling: Integrative, friendly,quiet and a tad mousy. Even Megatron has a rough time believing this young one is Starcream’s child if she so much as laugh they’ll immediately clam up and look down bashfully or stutter if she tried talking to anyone who wasn’t her Sire.

“She reminds me of Skywarp.” Starscream said to Knockout it wasn’t often the seeker talked about his brothers, since their offline it was kind of surprising to hear such sincerity and nostalgia in his voice.

the medic wondered if he was the real Starscream for a moment before the seeker noticed two Vehicons slaking off causing him to screech at them to back to work before he had their helms. 

Then Arcee took them from him, now the one thing you should never do is step between a seeker and their sparkling you will die. He spent weeks sending scouts out looking for the bots base and and any sign of his sparkling. So, far nothing.

So, when he saw Miko and Jack walking around with out their guardians, Starscream took them. of course they didn’t go quietly, Miko yelled at him in Japanese and Jack demanded to know what he wanted. “I want my daughter back.” the con hissed causing them both to gawk at him. 

“That bity-bot is yours?!” Jack yelled in shock while Miko called Starscream a liar. this caused the seeker to growl “I assure you i am no liar…” he frowned calmly explaining how obvious it was. 

He and {y/d} were both seekers. the only two in his bloodline left and she had his temper both teens shuddered suddenly recalling the large screeching tantrum the sparkling threw when she demanded to go home.

Then the Ground-bridge opened Arcee and Bulkhead came running out of the portal guns drawn. Demanding Jack and Miko’s return, only for the seeker to ask for {y/d} the two were confused over who he was talking about. 

when a tiny voice shouted “Cncn” both bots were shocked when a small bot jumped off of Bulkhead’s back surprising the green bot; that she had used him to sneak out of the base, and Arcee who tried to to grab the sparkling before Starscream could get them. 

Only for the sparkling to transform into a mini-jet and shoot over to her Sire much to the shock of the autobots and a very proud Starscream who caught her in his arms when they changed back to bot-mode “{y/d}! your first Transformation!” he chirped nuzzling them and cradling them.

while he was distracted Jack led Miko to Bulkhead and a shell shocked Arcee who had to be dragged through the portal, she couldn’t comprehend how Starscream could be a caring parent! and that they had been played by a sparkling.    


Starscream’s kid has his crafty mind behind all that soft-spoken bashfulness .

Also, I don’t know why I made Starscream’s sparkling a girl instead of gender neutral like the others, I guess it because I was tapping into Armada Starscream. who knows.

Do you trust me?

Original Imagine: Imagine Lucien just watching while you’re undressing yourself, Imagine Lucien binding your hands to the bed before slowly teasing you with his tongue before he finally starts fucking you,  Imagine Lucien drinking your blood while he fucks you

Author: Lein

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 3128

Warnings: smut (obviously), rough sex, light bondage, dom/sub elements (more than a few, to be honest), manipulation (no, no compulsion, but it’s Lucien…), slight dub con elements in the beginning, blood drinking… I hope I have all of them now?

Author’s note: Sorry not sorry, but I’m totally obsessed with Lucien at the moment, so this had to be written (and it turned out longer than I usually write them). Just an additional warning. Everything happening is consensual, but we all know Lucien is a master in manipulation, and he is using that on her. Which doesn’t mean he does anything she doesn’t want, but if you’re easily triggered by some kind of manipulation in relationships, you might want to skip this one shot (because guys, as much as I love Lucien, he’s not exactly one of the nice guys… he can talk his way out of anything, so he can talk his way into someone’s bed as well)

You turned around in your bed, not wanting to get up already, but by the light that you could already see through the curtains, you knew you wouldn’t have a lot of time anymore. Work awaited, and it wouldn’t be long before your alarm would mercilessly remind you of that fact. You peeked through your eyebrows to see how long you still had when you were suddenly wide awake.
“Lucien! What the hell are you doing here?” You shot up into a sitting position, yanking your covers over you while you looked at the ancient vampire in shock. The ancient vampire in question now stood up from the chair where he had made himself comfortable in -when, you didn’t know. You didn’t even know if you wanted to know how long he had been there- and walked over to the door.
“I can assure you you are very sweet when you are sleeping, Y/N.”

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"You're mine and I'm yours" - Derek Hale Imagine.

Originally posted by rorgers

AN// Oooo baby I love me some Derek Hale.

Pairing// Derek x Reader

Warnings// Swearing, gets a tad heated but that’s it.

Word Count// 1600 <- This makes me so happy that it’s rounded up.

I stood in the doorway of Derek’s loft, my fists balled and my eyes watering, threatening to spill because of what was happening before my eyes.

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Maid To Serve

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Forty One

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTE : This is the last chapter, but hope you enjoyed the story as much as I have. 

Loki stared at the wall in front of him, your words spinning around in his mind; it had been months since you had said them to him, but they only seemed to hurt more with time. You had fooled him, he had given you his heart, and you only scoffed at him, crushing it as though it was nothing, you had only used him to get ahead, to try and get out of being a lowly chambermaid. It felt as though you had torn his heart from his chest with your words, and every time he thought of them again, it was like the edge of the wound was picked at, allowing infection to fester and for it to never to heal. He thought back to when his parents told him of his betrothal, how that night he had you under him, your body reacting to his touch, the noises you made, the delicious sound of his name on your lips as you went through ecstasy together, he never felt such love, such happiness as that time, thinking of it, he began to sob, his arms wrapped around himself.

You watched from the doorway of the room, having just entered and closed it softly behind you, biting your lips together, he was gaunt, dishevelled, everything so quintessentially Loki was obliterated and in front of you, sat a shell of the man you loved so dearly, a man you helped destroy, if only unintentionally. “Loki.” You barely whispered.

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We Must Not Look at Goblin Men, We Must Not Buy Their Fruit

A Gravity Falls fic inspired by the de-aged!Stan AU formulated by disappeareddraws and expanded on by thesnadger. Go check out their amazing art for this AU, it’s sooo lovely! :D

After seeing a part of the drawing where lil!Stan learns the truth about what happened between him and Ford I got to thinking: what if a vulnerable lil!Stan fled into the woods and was found by a certain dream demon?

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anonymous asked:

prompt- omegaverse. Asami learns that she's 8 weeks pregnant with their 2nd child... but Korra is currently MIA.

(This one got really damn long. I got carried away. Oh well, enjoy!)

Asami felt her heart drop to her stomach as she held the stick in her hand.

Pema waited outside the door silently, allowing the younger omega some space as she went over the news.

Asami Sato, wife and mate of Avatar Korra, the CEO of Future Industries, the distraught woman waiting for news on if her partner was even still alive, was pregnant.

She took a shaking breath as she set the test down, and washed her hands quickly, anxiety building in her chest as the new information mobbed her.

It wasn’t her first pregnancy, the twins had been born nearly a year and a half before, but Korra had been there every step of the way. From the day she found out she was with child, to the day she gave birth to the mischievous siblings.

“Asami,” Pema’s voice was soft and hesitant; the omega could hear the worry in her tone. “Are you alright in there dear?”

“I’m fine,” Asami called, sliding open the door and offering a quick smile to the shorter woman.

“What’d the test say?” The former air acolyte asked gently, “Did it give you results?”

“Yeah,” the omega blinked the tears from her eyes, a small sob building in her chest. “Pema… I’m pregnant.”

The mother of four gave her a sad smile, “Oh honey.”

Asami didn’t hesitate to accept the offered hug, crying into the other’s shoulder as the reality of the situation crashed into her.

She was pregnant. She was pregnant, and there was a chance that her children, both born and unborn, would never get to see their sire again.

‘Korra,’ Asami thought desperately. ‘Where are you?’


Dinner felt like a solemn affair.

Tenzin had consoled her greatly after he learned the news, asking her to sit to his left as they spoke quietly over any news on Korra and the company of soldiers she was traveling with when they disappeared.

Jinora sat to her side, Katara, the elder of the twins, was babbling happily to the young airbender; Sokka, the younger of the two, sat in Ikki’s lap, throwing food at Meelo and Bumi when the toddler thought the two jokesters weren’t looking.

One hand rested protectively on her abdomen, feeling the slight curve that had originally given the omega the suspicion that Korra and her had not been as safe during her last heat as they thought they were.

Bolin and Opal sat at the other end of the rectangular table, happily discussing their plans to have a baby soon with Mako as the firebender listened contently to his brother’s ramblings.

Rohan sat next to his mother; the six year old was making small tornados in his hands, giggling to himself as he amused his childish brain with the simple action.

Asami idly wondered if the baby would be a bender like its older siblings. Katara was a waterbender, she found out when the little girl had threw a fit about having a bath and bended half the water out of the restroom and into the hallway.

Sokka, on the other hand, had surprised them all when he suddenly started airbending about a month ago. The boy had sneezed violently and went flying backwards, only to be caught by the nimble Jinora as she flew after the toddler in her glider suit.

Korra had been ecstatic when she’d been told over the radio, the alpha had to leave to the United Earth States in order to quell a Di Lee uprising in Ba Sing Se only a week after the life currently growing inside her had been created.

Then the airship had crashed in a neighboring state, and they hadn’t heard word of the Avatar since.

For Asami it felt like someone had squeezed her heart and crushed it. Almost two months have passed without news, and the omega was beginning to lose hope that she would ever find out if her wife was still alive.

Or if she had been reincarnated into a little baby somewhere in the very states she was trying to protect.

“Mama,” Katara wiggled across Jinora’s lap, the tiny water-bender intent on making her way to her mother sitting next to them. “Mama!”

“Yes?” Asami grinned and lifted her daughter into her arms, a flutter in her heart as she listened to the child squeal in happiness. “What’s wrong with mommy’s little warrior?”

Instead of give a proper response, the toddler pressed a kiss to her mother’s cheek, then moved to waddle very carefully over to ‘Grandpa Tenzin’ as the twins had so affectionately taken to calling him.

The airbending master smiled at the mini Korra settling in his lap, she leaned against his stomach and reached for the untouched bowl of rice, only to be thwarted and handed the mushy food Jinora was feeding her by her amused mother, “That’s not for you sweetie, it’ll give you a tummy ache.”

The toddler pouted before forgetting her disappointment and digging into the mushy stuff, her own hunger overriding her previous emotions.

“She eats just like Korra,” Ikki commented, before looking down at Sokka as he attempted to stick a whole orange in his mouth. “Then again so does this one.”

“I know,” Asami sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, feeling a small wave of nausea pass over her. “The three of them eat more in a day than I do in a week. They have the highest metabolism I have ever seen.”

“Reminds me of a couple people I know,” Pema turned her gaze over to Bumi and Meelo, who were shoving food down their throats at a rapid pace.

The two froze in the middle of sucking down noodles, “What?”

The entire table erupted in laughter.


Another month without news passed, and Asami was numb to it all.

Her stomach had curved with the swell of Korra’s child, leaving the heiress to believe her children were all she had left of the Avatar.

Absently, she found herself tracing the bite on her neck more often than not; reminded of their first night together, of the last time Korra had renewed their bond in the midst of passion.

A lurching feeling in her stomach jolted the omega out of her seat and running to the waste-bucket a few feet away. She expelled her lunch forcefully, tears trailing down her face as the food that once soothed her nerves rebelled against her body.

The woman collapsed to the side, grabbing a few tissues off the desk to wipe the vomit from her lips.

She sighed and pulled herself to her feet, moving to the bathroom connected to her office and rinsing her mouth of any trace left behind of the bile.

The inventor rested her head against the cool glass of the mirror; her reflection looked tired and tried by the hardships of the world. She’d been through so much the last eight years of her life; she’d done so much to help the world evolve into a place where technology and spirits coexisted peacefully.

The omega rubbed her hands clean with soap and water, before drying them off and checking to make sure she looked as sharp as ever.

The twins were on Air Temple Island, the three of them were invited to stay until she felt more upbeat by Tenzin and his family, and she had graciously accepted the invitation.

It was too painful to go through this alone, she needed the closest thing she had to a family, and while it may of surprised her years earlier- the descendants of Avatar Aang had become just that to her; a family.


Ikki’s voice caused the heiress to shut off the light in the bathroom, and walk into her office where the airbender stood bouncing on the balls of her feet, “Hi Ikki. What’s going on?”

“Korra’s back!” the new teen squealed and threw her arms around the nonbender, “She showed up at the island on a little dingy with the soldiers. She’d been hurt in the crash and was unconscious for a few months; they were stuck in a small town with no radio connection and couldn’t travel until she woke up.”

Asami’s heart missed a beat, elation spread in her chest like an expanding balloon, “She’s back?!”

“And waiting for you to see her,” Ikki grinned up at her. “Her knees are messed up, but the healer said it was treatable. She wanted to come to you on her own, but Dad said bed rest.”

The hyper girl leaned closer, a whisper on her lips, “And we haven’t told her about your pregnancy. Mom figured you would want to tell her.”

“Thank you,” Asami grabbed her coat from the chair. “Let’s go then.”


There was a small crowd around the room Asami had been staying in during her stay on the island, the room she shared with Korra when the two were visiting.

Already, she could hear the shrieks of delight from the twins; the two had apparently been reunited with their sire.

The crowd of people automatically parted for her, as the Avatar’s mate, they knew not to get in the way of their reunion.

Tears sprung to her eyes before she could stop them, the sight on the bed was too much to bear, and all the worry and fear she’d been carrying around the past three months dissipated like a haze of mist in her mind.

Korra sat beaming at her, Sokka and Katara held firmly in her arms, with the twins babbling happily to their alpha mother.

Asami practically threw herself into her wife’s arms, sobbing into her shoulder as the scent of the one she loved washed over her like a protective curtain, shielding her from all the harm in the world.

Jinora dutifully took the twins from Korra at the alpha’s behest, asking for a moment alone with her mate.

The crowd dispersed, the doors slid shut, and suddenly it was only them.

Korra’s mouth found hers in less than a second; the kiss was frantic and passionate. Three months of separation had taken a toll on the avatar, and now all she wanted was the taste of her omega on her lips, “I missed you. I missed you so much.”

“Korra,” Asami groaned into the kiss, her hands wrapping around the bender’s neck. “Spirits, Korra. I missed you more- so much more.”

“Hmm,” lips traveled down the pale neck, Asami leaned her head back and gasped lightly; Korra’s teeth grazed her flesh, sucking and marking everything that they came into contact with.

“Wait,” Asami gently pulled away, her hands pushing the master of the four elements away from her sensitive neck.

Korra pouted childishly, before smiling and looking lovingly at the omega before her, “What is it?”

Asami fiddled with the other’s fingers, before pulling the avatar’s hand to her stomach.

The bender raised an eyebrow as she felt the heiress drag her hand under her shirt, cupping her hand over the small swell of child prominent on her abdomen.

Korra’s eyes went wide with shock, she looked unbelievably at her wife, like a deer caught in the headlights, and whispered in awe, “Is that what I think it is?”

“Well it’s not a bug bite if that’s what you’re asking,” Asami teased, her eyes twinkling happily.

The alpha grabbed her hands and pressed a kiss to each, before looking excitedly at her, “How far along are you?”

“Almost twelve weeks,” Asami smiled as Korra pulled her away. “I found out a month ago, I hadn’t even noticed my cycle failing, it only hit me when one of my dresses felt a little tight around the middle.”

“Yay,” Korra nuzzled her neck. “We’re going to have another child, Asami another baby. Katara and Sokka will be big brother and big sister.”

The avatar paled, “We’ll have to get more diapers, and another baby bag, and another crib, oh spirits, what if we have another pair of twins.

Asami chuckled as she watched the other go into nesting mode, she’d done the same thing when Asami had told her she was pregnant the first time.

“Babe,” the CEO pressed a kiss to the alpha’s lips; delighting at the purr she could hear resonating in her mates’ chest at the action. “Don’t worry, we still have some time.”

Korra flipped their position, pressing the inventor into the bed as they gave each other the look.

Asami bit her lip carefully, in the way she just knew absolutely drove the alpha up a wall. Korra’s eyes glistened and she leaned down and pressed their lips together heatedly, showing just how happy she was to be reunited with the love of her life.

Soon, no words were needed.

What We Leave Behind

TITLE: What We Leave Behind

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter One of Two

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine finding out you’re pregnant after Loki has fallen off of the Bifrost. Out of fear of retaliation from Odin, you only confide in Frigga, who helps you to escape the palace and have the baby in secret.  When Loki is the cells of Asgard, you sneak in and introduce your daughter to him.

RATING: General

A month; it had been a month since Loki let go of Gungnir and fell to his death, plummeting into the empty space between the realms, his soul destined to never to reach Valhalla. A month of mourning; a month of falling asleep only because you exhausted yourself from crying day and night, a month of only eating because you were forced to by your maids and Frigga and three weeks after you noticed the ever so small changes in your body that are telltale signs of a life beginning to grow within you.

You had been Loki’s betrothed for nearly half a decade, it was the norm when one’s life spanned five thousand years to not rush into such things; but it was clear from the day you were introduced, Loki was smitten, and you adored every aspect of him, including his trickster traits. It was not long after you were moved to the palace, and after that, you went from mere suitors to all out lovers.

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The Maiden And The Giant

TITLE: The Maiden And The Giant


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Y'all might hate me for this, but. Plot.


    How quickly things can go so very wrong. One minute Kat was throwing snowballs at Loki while he tried to work on the outer wall; the next they were being stared down by a furious Laufey.

    It had been a year since Kat stumbled into the errant portal that changed their lives, and by now they’d gotten so used to the others’ company they could almost forget they’d ever not known each other. Kat didn’t even think about Earth much anymore; their little corner of Jötunheim was all the home she needed. Loki’s life was no longer simply about surviving another day until someone found the time to relieve him of his solitude; he no longer questioned why he even bothered getting up in the morning, what the point of his existence even was.

    As he looked up at the twisted features of his father, Loki knew the day he’d been dreaded had finally come.

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