look at the sheep

Technically, they are called Costasiella kuroshimae…

… but their informal name is ‘Leaf Sheep.’ They’re one of the only animals in the world that can perform photosynthesis; they eat algae, suck out the chloroplasts, and incorporate them into their own bodies.

It’s a phenomenon known as functional kleptoplasty, if you want to get all geeky and technical about it (which I do). Basically it means they’re kind of like solar-powered slugs!


  • me:*looks at a flock of sheep*
  • me:*looks at a crowd of people*
  • me:hmph.... i see no difference
  • optometrist:*shifts another lens in front of my eye* how about now?
  • me:oh holy shit

Oh deer! Red fawn who thinks he’s a lamb joins a flock of 100 friendly sheep

This baby red deer appears to be in the middle of an identity crisis, as he has convinced himself he is a lamb and has joined a flock of sheep.

Shepherd Andrew Capell was shocked when he was counting his animals and noticed the male fawn had joined his 100 livestock on Dunwich Heath in Suffolk.

Mr Capell, who looks after the sheep which help maintain the National Trust land by grazing on it, said the lost deer became separated from its herd and attached itself to the flock.

He has been living, eating and sleeping with his 100 new friends for about two weeks now and shows no sign of leaving. 

The sheep do not seem to mind their new guest and have adopted him into the flock, giving him a warm welcome.




Must.. go.. to the sheep cafe in korea.. and get strawberry waffles..

Another small look on the big comic strip. Doing panels out of order, but here is another lil piece… ;w; 

The reason why there is a panel above that says Miz is because @mizbritishnyxian still needs to draw that panel. Ah well, she’s doing good so far. ;w; 

Wolf in sheep’s clothing Aftertale comic strip

Aftertale is owned by @loverofpiggies
Undertale is owned by Toby~! 


FIRST ITEM-SPECIFIC ILLUSTRATION! (I just- really wanted to see how they’d all look on a mug and I’m glad they look kinda okay ;u;)

I’ll be making more appropriate sizes for photo prints and cases if you’re all into that but for now I’ll just celebrate this small victory- feel free to drop by my RedBubble for more sheeple and other cute stuff~ (or at least, more in the near future)