look at my photoshop skills man

Have you seen this man?


For doing bad things and akumatizing people, as well as trying to get Ladybug’s and Chat Noir’s Miraculouses so he can have ultimate power and ??? rule the world maybe? Not really sure why he wants them.

Physical Description:

This man is not hard to identify, as you can see (it’s probably why he always wears his mask)

  • He has no ears. He has no ears.
  • He has no hair, there is no hair on his head.
  • he has no eyebrows.
  • he has a really, really long chin
  • he wears a purple suit with weird flared out things.
  • he wears a grey mask with a butterfly motif on it.
  • speaking of butterflies, he is often in the presence of them and likes to unleash evil, purple ones into the world to make people do his bidding.
  • he has a cool staff.
  • he wears a butterfly pendant.

He usually looks like this:

But here we’ve made a rendition of what he might look like without the mask. If you see this man, please ask him who he is, because we here have no futzing clue.

Thank you

(But no really, who is this guy? He looks nothing like Gabriel or anyone that we’ve seen. And it’s not just my no-good not-photoshop skills. The no ears thing is a joke. I gave him at least one and my sister told me to take it off, lol, So here you go, Papillon unmasked. Please enjoy.)


(i’m so, so, so sorry lol this is horrible i’m sorry)

thethespacecoyote  asked:

what is rhack city i wanna live there

Rhack City is Rhack City Bitch, Rhack, Rhack City Bitch.

We got Handsome Jack/Rhys fan art and fics

Rhack, Rhack City.

(their hands are up like that because they are dancing to this sick beat)

I can home from work for my lunch break just to make this, someone stop me.

danganronpuga  asked:

after seeing that photoshopped looking emo pig gremlin man i think its time to close my tumblr tab for the rest of the day. i thought nothing could curse me as hard as the piss bag but i was wrong. xol i truly applaud your cursed image finding and reblogging skills because ive never seen something of that cursed level and i dont think i ever will again

i know. its really bad and i could accept death right here and now - xol

johnlock seasons 1-3 dvd box set basically

Soo I was browsing amazon.co.jp for sherlock goods, and I came across this dvd box set of seasons 1-3

I was like, “Hmm, I haven’t seen this packaging before, let’s zoom in.”


first, I was like, “THAT’S SO GAY,” but I was just looking at a) how close together their bodies are and b) sherlock’s face, which clearly says “THIS IS MY MAN DON’T FUCK WITH US ALSO I HAVE LETHAL CHEEKBONES AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM”

but then I noticed sherlock’s HAND!  WHAT??  I didn’t photoshop this, fyi.  WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS PICTURE?? IS THIS REAL??

they could have easily just photoshopped sherlock’s forearm out, but instead, they made it look like an embrace…in conclusion, johnlock is real, my friends, johnlock is real.  (so is a lack of photoshop skills in the international sales team at bbc.)


SO. Hot Egg ready for date.

I read the latest chapter of Tumbling Down by @criscura and my hand slipped. They look ready to get married, just dO IT!

First time drawing these dorks; I haven’t even drawn fanart in years, gotta exercise my drawing skills, they’re cramped.  

I hope you liked it Criscura!!! :D

So I just logged on to myspace for the first time in like 8 years

and omgggg i’m so embarrassed yet impressed.

For those who don’t know I use to have a Twilight page that was semi-popular and I use to make graphics for people and now I’m looking at them and dying. Some are pretty good and some are just plain awful. I’m going to post a few later I think. I really wish I had kept up with it because man my photoshop skills are so rusty now. But the bottom line is I’m cringing and laughing at the same time.

EDIT: “PLEASE NO JOCKING” <-things I actually said omggggg hahaha