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beach beach beach beach

Context: Our party, consisting of me, Azriel, a Dragonborn Fighter, and Ra, a Kajit Barbarian, has just made it to the town of Orc Shire to pick up a future party member. We enter the town and we see people dressed nicely heading towards a Chapel.

Me: Looks like it’s Sunday.

Ra: What’s Sunday?

Me: It’s a day when the sun is out. OBVIOUSLY

Ra: Oh so then everyday is Sunday

Our DM is just staring at me at this point

DM: *To me* You take 1d4 lightning damage and as you look up you see that’s it’s a clear sunny day

Me (OOC): *Laughing* I’m not marking that

i know this is one of those experiences that if i post about no one will believe me like “its true i was the one clapping”
but last night i was annoying my brother during dinner and he was like “STOP IT YOU’RE BULLYING A MINOR!!!” and my mom, without even looking up, goes “That’s ridiculous, he’s never mined a day in his life!” and then dabbed

Jon being really awkward around you because he has a crush on you would Include…

  • This poor boy
  • Everyone knows he likes you
  • Whenever you come near him he stiffens and 
  • awkward silence
  • “Did you see the snow today haha it’s always snowy”
  • “Are you cat?” 
  • He meant to ask if you like cats but…
  • you think it’s adorable and will sneak up on him on purpose
  • Robb teases him
  • “Oh look! It’s Y/N!” 
  • “wHAT”
  • “hahhahaha joking”
  • He blushes… a lot
  • like it’s so noticeable you almost have pity on him
  • almost
  • You end up asking him out 
  • you couldn't handle it anymore
  • he blushed SO HARD when you asked he was a mess
  • a cute mess
  • Even when you’re together he still is awkward
  • once you grabbed his butt
  • that poor boy
  • you swear his face didn’t return to normal for DAYS
  • its great

Honestly I think bi problems can be summed up in 4 words: people in formal wear

Five for Friday
  1. Another cloudy/rainy day.
  2. It’s looking like (at least as of today) that it might be cloudy/stormy on Monday for the eclipse here. Whomp. Hope others get to enjoy it if we don’t here.
  3. I left this morning before the little one woke up. That’s happened a few times before, but it’s still a big change from the days of getting up for my work day at 5am because that’s when he wanted to wake up.
  4. Friday morning commutes in the summer are usually pretty light and today seemed exceptionally easy. No complaints here. I’m sure I’ll probably head out a bit early too, because Friday. For reference: I’ve had exactly 1 non-listserve email arrive in my work inbox in the two hours I’ve been here so far.
  5. I could use a haircut, I also keep not setting up an appointment. I should maybe get around to that.

okay lmao so

that html screenshot is my screenshot, no i did not steal it (you can compare them they aren’t the same lmfao mine has more lines of code) ive been stalking the html on taylor’s tumblr and website all day looking for shit more than 1 person can find something in lines of code

and yes i am aware that the color scheme thing isn’t taylor’s doing but the rest of my theory fits and it’s too late to just delete that part of it so

stop sending me anons, i will not answer them


Looks like another f a n t a s t i c day for Adrien Agreste. Thanks for the fun comic idea anon! It’s been a while since I did one of these.

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Jesse, you don’t have to listen to me all the time. It’s your own damn life. But if there’s anything I want you to actually take to heart, it’s this:
Find someone who is the lyrics to your music and the music to your lyrics.
Got that mijo?

Band AU. It’s honestly my favorite AU that I have going on with this lovely.

It has become extensive story wise and I do not have the confidence to summarize it well enough to do it justice. oTL

But some context for these two: Hanzo and McCree are in a rag tag rock band and get to know one another during the band’s tour. Hanzo is the bassist and McCree is lead vocalist who also plays guitar. Hanzo is excellent at writing lyrics and McCree excels at composing songs. They learn more about each other, help each other through their fears and the ghosts of their pasts, connect through music and lyrics, flirt while they play billiards, cheesy lyrics and implied confessions happen on stage, twooter drama, lots of antics in trailers, and more. 

Bottom line, we love this AU and it’s very dear to us!



wajjs  asked:

*pointing at kuro's thighs* is this seat taken

                     “uuhm, actually, yes..?!”