look! at how blue! those pants are!


a possible outfit for a video I was working on but I may change it a few more times lol, different less see through black sleeves I think would suit it more : U 

Sam had always mildly irritated Dean with his stacks of books, and his inflated vocabulary. But, Dean had come to terms with it, at least that was until there were two of them–two book nerds living under one roof who spent all their spare time in the library.

It was insufferable. Ever since Cas moved in, he’d spent most of his free time exploring the bunker’s massive library. And, every time Sam would show him a new section, it would be days before Dean would see either of them again. He would only hear their convoluted conversations seeping through the walls. Those two were doing such a good job of nerding up the bunker, it left Dean practically always begging for a new case.

“Have you seen the ‘Goblin’ wing?” He heard Sam ask from the other room.

Dean groaned.

“Stupid nerd books,” he whispered.

He sighed, standing up and throwing the remote back on the couch, with a scowl. So much for suggesting a movie night.

“Stupid Cas,” he exhaled.

Dean stretched and turned, only to find himself face-to-face with Cas, who held a precarious looking stack of books that seemed ready to topple.

“Did you just call me stupid?”

Dean gulped: “No.”

“Yes you did, I just heard you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Dean’s eyes began to dart around the room for possible escape routes when suddenly, he noticed Cas’s new accessory: Glasses. And, to top it off, they were the hipster kind.

“Oh, come on,” Dean protested, as Cas set the stack of books on the edge of the table. “Do angels even need glasses?”

Cas squinted, taking them off. “Just, uh… having fun. I’ve been reading a lot, and…” he trailed off, pocketing the glasses and fixed his tie.

Dean rolled his eyes as Cas made his way over to him.

Cas noticed.

“Hey,” he said, squinting. “what’s going on with you?”

Dean shrugged, shaking his head. Thankfully, the stack of books fell off the edge of the table with a loud smack as a distraction. Dean moved to go pick them up when a firm hand grabbed his arm in the motion, stopping him.

“Dean…” Cas said coolly.

Dean tried to shake free, but it was clear Cas meant business. He waited.

Dean sighed.

“You and Sam are ruining the vibe around here, ok, with your nerdy books, and your nerdy glasses…” Dean finally said. He glanced down at Cas who was unmistakably wearing red fuzzy socks that peeked out of the bottom of his suit pants. “And those ridiculous socks.”

Dean braved a look at Cas, noticing his pen-stained fingers and the way his hair looked like he just rolled out of bed. But then he saw Cas’s eyes: earnest. Blue. He swallowed.

“So… ” Cas mused slowly, “my ridiculous socks, and my nerdy book reading are bothering you.”

Dean glanced down, noticing just how close the two of them were getting in this conversation as he backed into the edge of the couch.

“Yes,” he said more feebly than he’d have liked. He cleared his throat. “And your ridiculous socks.”

Cas squinted, nodding as he bit his lip, mulling this over. He took a step forward:

“And it’s nothing else.”

Dean shook his head. He tried again to break away from Cas’s grip, but Cas was stronger. And, he was getting closer. They were practically nose to nose at this point, and… Cas looked GOOD and smelled even better. Damn it.

Without thinking, Dean knotted his fingers around Cas’s tie, pulling him in deeply for a kiss. Cas lost his balance as his socks slipped for a moment, but that only made Dean grab him harder.

When they pulled away, their foreheads stayed latched, both men smiling and out of breath.

“God,” Dean said. Then, sheepishly: “I think I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile.”

Cas laughed. “Why haven’t you?”

Dean glanced over at the toppled books, knowingly.

“Oh,” Cas said with a half smile. “Right. Because I’m a nerd.”

Dean nodded:

“A big fat one who should probably start reading books in my bed from now on instead of the library,” he said deviously.

“I think I can do that,” Cas said, blushing a little.

Waiting expectantly, Dean paused.

Cas squinted, then his eyes widened. “Oh, you mean now?”

Smiling, Dean smacked Cas lightly on the ass as he hunched over to grab a book. He pulled on his tie for another quick kiss when Cas stood up again.

“My room. Now,” Dean said. Then, he leaned in and very quietly whispered in Cas’s ear: “And bring the glasses.”

the asset-b.b.

a/n: hello hello! this fic is pretty heavy, and sorry for the gap in updates. i’ve been kinda busy! writing this hurt me oh my god

summary: healer!reader wakes up to bucky not being in bed with her, where he’s slept for months. he’s back in winter soldier mode, and he reacts to and remembers things differently than one might expect. this is part of my touch starved series. the others don’t need to be read to understand this one!

wc: 1.3k~

Originally posted by accio-fan-fiction

In the morning, she knew something was wrong.

Bucky was gone, her waking to an empty bed for the first time in weeks, and despite her better senses, she can’t help but be disappointed. You’d think it would be easy for them, to come into a place where they could sleep together.

In truth, it took Bucky weeks to ask her to sleep with her. He was so careful with her, so loving and gentle, touched her not like she would break, but like he was blessed to get the chance to love her. He held her like he thought he never would again.

She was the blessed one, to be the one he got to hold. He makes her feel like she’s amazing for so much more than her powers.

But this morning- he’s not there. He’s not holding her, and she doesn’t wake to his pretty blue eyes, wake up to a kiss and fondness in his gaze. She doesn’t know what made him leave in the middle of the night, but clad in his shirt and shorts, she seeks him out.

Maybe he left for a reprieve- she could help his nightmares, a headache would be nothing for her to heal, her magic could handle that instantly. Every time he asked her, though, it looked to her like he was giving up a bit more of himself to her. She was happy to have whatever he gave her but-

But only what he wanted to give.

She steps down the tower stairs, and it turns out the be something entirely out of what she was thinking.

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New Boy - a Growing Boys sidestory (sfw)

So it was the lovely @jaspurrlock birthday this week, and I wrote her this little piece as a gift, and she’s given me permission to post it so here it is! This takes place a few weeks before the beginning of Bad Boys. It’s been a long time since I’ve written smut (almost a year) so I wasn’t quite confident to write the next part but it actually is part of the next chapter of Bad Boys which should be out soon so I left it out for that reason also!

READ ON AO3 - preview under the cut

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EDIT: I like the name Fresh_Hell now (since he’s kinda a fusion of all three of CQ’s Sanses), big thanks to @xxtheaufactoryxx for the suggestion!

Fresh_Fatal? Fatal_Fresh? Heck if I know I spent way too much time on this as is and I’m too tired to decide on this haha

I don’t know why, but when I looked up some 90s fashion for reference/ideas I saw an image of one of those oversized men’s blazers and I could NOT move past it so I had to give it to him. And then there were plenty of images of those awesome windbreaker-material bunchy pants and the rest I just went overboard with haha. I hope he looks Fresh enough, even without an awesome classic Fresh jacket ^_^

Also you have no idea how badly I wanted him to have 3D glasses but I felt he didn’t look Fresh-possessed enough with them. But I am digging the red/blue YOLO shades though :)


Fresh belongs to loverofpiggies! That gorgeous background image belongs to the internet and to us all

Top 5 most embarassing Love Nikki bottoms ranked


ok. this wouldnt be so bad if like, the bibbed overalls actually covered her titties. this looks like those tacky Slutty Misty cosplays you see gamer dudes humping at. and the pockets were obviously a last minute thought. neon blue. try again.


oh did your mommy put those on you? lookin like a church camp counselor. die


these oversized gouchos, parachute pants


the color and style are fine but real talk nikkis asscrack must be 2 inches tall, i can literally see her coochie poking out hello????


ive never been able to put it into words but these particular shorts make me so viscerally angry like, how fucking dare something be this ugly. what was she thinking these literally look like nasty forever 21 discount shorts!! the mesh plus cutout PLUS the grid???? nikki i dont feel so good. im never using this shit. god.

anonymous asked:

#12 with Calum please

“how horny are you right now?”

ive missed you so much baby girl,” calum whispered, his lips attacking my neck in kisses.

“ive missed you more.” i moaned quietly as his tongue swiped against my aching skin. we were hiding in a closet at the venue he was performing at tonight and ever since i got here, we both couldnt keep our hands off each other.

“how horny are you right now?” he put his head up, looking at me with those beautiful dark eyes.

“its up there.” i giggled. “what about you?”

“im about to burst.” calum groaned, his hands sliding in the pocket of my jeans. “please baby?”

i smiled, pressing my lips to his, nodding. he let out a sigh of relief, unzipping my pants while i did the same to him. i slipped my hand underneath his navy blue calvin undies, touching his hard cock, earning a groan from him. “fuck babe, no foreplay, i just need you.” he whispered, kissing me as i jumped to wrap my legs around his waist.

calum pushed me up against the wall, his one arm trying to balance me as he used his other to guide his hard into me. i felt air get trapped in my lungs once i felt him enter, having not felt this feeling in so long.

fuck me.” i said softly.

“will do.” calum smirked, holding my bum while he pounded in and out of me.

i bit down on his shoulders to suppress my moans as calum let out shaky breaths. “youre so tight princess.” he purred, making bite on his shoulder harder.

we heard footsteps, both of us freezing. michael and lukes voice was audible outside, making us stare at each other, praying they’d leave.

“where the fuck is calum? we still need to practice.”

“i dunno, ash and i called him but he wont pick up. im gonna blame him if we have a shitty show tonight.”

slowly, their voices faded, allowing us to finally breathe. “that was close.” calum chuckled, kissing me slowly.

“yeah.” i nodded, stroking his soft chubby cheek. “shall we continue?” i smiled. he nodded, starting out slow before meeting the pace his had before.

“im gonna come soon baby.” calum panted, his hand squeezing my bottom as he let out quiet moans.

“me too.” i replied, leaning my head against the wall.

“go first, i love feeling you come.” calum chuckled. i nodded, rubbing my clit for extra stimulation before my walls squeezed around his length, reaching my high. shortly after, calum came. as well, his last few thrusts sloppy .

i stroked the back of his hair while he left kisses on my neck once again. “you’re so beautiful my love.” i blushed at his words as he put my wobbly legs on the floor.

once we got dressed, i grabbed his waist, kissing him once last time. “go practice now rockstar.”

Catch a Falling Star

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 2264 (Part 2)

A/N: Part 2 of a Soulmate AU mini-series. I’m uncertain how many “parts” will make up this mini-series – the original outline is for 5, but my muse has a sordid history of adding more plot twists, turns, and verbs than I initially anticipate and/or know what to do with. Thank you ALL for the overwhelmingly KIND and POSITIVE feedback thus far! I hope/strive not to disappoint. Enjoy the ride. (P.S. Still on vacation mode and taking advantage of a quaint coffee shop with wifi on this rainy afternoon – will respond personally when I have normal internet access.)

Summary: What if angels didn’t end up just anywhere when they are banished by sigils…what if sometimes they end up exactly where they need to be? Turns out you are Castiel’s grounding stone, and it’s more complicated than either of you realizes. Cue the hurt/comfort and mandatory associate angst (be warned, it gets heavy). Angels are a damned stubborn lot, and in this regard Castiel is no different from his kin.

Catch up if you missed a chapter: Part 1

Man seemingly drops out of the sky. With an absolute disregard for common sense given your lakeside isolation, you invite the peculiar stranger into your home. You convince him to disrobe and shower. Obviously his common sense could also do with some fine tuning – what sensible person follows a random stranger home and immediately consents to getting naked? Alright, it wasn’t immediate, he put up a gallant protest and you routed his muddied multi-layer modesty at every turn until he acquiesced and passed his trench coat, suit, and shoes through the barely cracked door of the bathroom. Perhaps you’ve underestimated your powers of persuasive speech all these years. Perhaps you should consider a new career revolving around this superpower. Lawyer? Lobbyist? Nah.

Hissssssssss. Beep!

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1. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.”

A/N: Okay folks, here’s the first one. I’m doing a one-shot a day (they might be like every couple days though because ya know, life. It’s based off this list ova here. Quite frankly, this one is complete shit and writers block is a thing i fucking hate but whatever hope you enjoy xx

“Beca, just fucking say it.” Jesse practically spat at her.

“Say what?”

“Don’t play dumb. You know what I mean.”

“Jess, I don’t love Chloe.”

“I’m not an idiot! Becs we haven’t had sex in weeks, you can’t stop smiling at your phone, and you’re constantly dropping plans whenever she’s brought up.”


“Look, I’m not mad. I get it, it’s whatever- I’ll get over it. But for god’s sake just go fucking tell her.” and with that he walked out of her room and slammed the door.


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When it came to reimagining Belle’s blue dress, “l wanted to show more to it, more than simply the blue outline of the animation,” Durran says. So for that frock (and all of Belle’s simple village-wear, including the red number in the next slide), she took the basic idea of animated Belle’s clothing and infused it with 18th-century French period details, like delicate lacing on the bodice.

“We decided to take inspiration from there and enrich the world using historical details,” she says. “For instance how that works for Belle (played by Emma Watson) is Belle has the pockets hanging on the outside of her [blue] costume. The pockets are historical, people tied pockets around their waist, obviously we changed it a bit and put them on the outside and they became part of the kind of reinterpretation of Belle as an active heroine who does things and gets things done. The pockets act as a sort of toolbelt where she keeps all the things useful to her in her day to day life, those are the two elements we really looked for.” The pant-like bloomers Durran and her team added underneath the classic blue outfit were Watson’s favorite addition.“They’re nice, as you can tell,” says Durran. “But also again they were part of her being able to be more active, so that you don’t feel restricted by wearing a skirt because you can just pull it up and then just do whatever you were going to do.”

Now onto the Belle’s red costume:

Belle’s red costume, which she wears outdoors for her snowball fight with Beast (Dan Stevens), turned out to be Durran and her team’s most unique challenge in that it was eco-friendly.

“Because Emma is so interested in sustainability and fair trade, eco fabrics and eco fashion, we applied those criteria to making a costume from head to toe,” she says. “That [red] costume was made entirely from sustainable fabrics. We dyed it in vegetable dyes in our workroom, we had shoes made with eco leather and we did the whole thing from top to bottom to be as thorough as we could. People learned different skills in the work rooms to be able to do it, so they dyers learned to dye with strange vegetable dye. Sometimes it took two weeks to dye something because you’d have to leave it in there for that long to get a rich color, it really was a learning curve for all of us, I’d certainly never done that before.”

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I read your wet dream phan and I was wondering if you could write a septiplier wet dream? (btw I love your writing!)

Thank you so much! Please enjoy the sin

-Jack once read somewhere that you dream about whatever you were thinking of in the moments right before falling asleep, which would explain why Jack was dreaming of Mark. They were sharing a bed, after all. When they, along with Felix and Ken, had arrived at the hotel to find that they’d accidentally booked two rooms with one bed each, it was decided that Mark and Jack would room together while the other two shared the bed across the hall.

- The dream was fairly normal to begin with. Jack was sitting on his bed, watching mark edit a video across the room, the soft glow of the screen creating a halo around Mark’s hair and toned shoulders. He was shirtless, and had he not been dreaming, Jack would have thought this very strange. But, even as mark stood to reveal that he was in nothing but a pair of boxers, everything felt very…normal.

- Mark made his way toward the bed, pushing his shaggy red hair back and out of his face. Jack couldn’t help but admire the way it fell so gracefully over the buzzed sides, a single strand falling right back into his face in protest. His eyes followed the motion of the lock, freezing as he met Mark’s gaze.

- Mark’s eyes were gleaming with animalistic lust, the corner of his mouth twitching up into a smirk. He continued moving forward, crawling onto the bed as he gently bit his bottom lip. Jack slowly moved backward, but not in fear. He found himself wanting Mark to continue moving forward, and Mark did, urging Jack to move backward until, with a gentle push, his head hit the pillows strewn haphazardly near the headboard.

- Staring up at Mark’s gorgeous mouth, Jack felt a tingling warmth beginning to spread in his lower abdomen. He saw his hands reach up to touch Mark’s chest, his fingers itching to run over the firm muscle, to explore every inch of his god-like body. 

- With a sweet smile, Mark leaned down, closing the gap between his and Jack’s lips with a gentle but passionate kiss. Jack whimpered quietly, circling his hips and attempting to pull Mark closer. 

- Jack had no sense of times passage, it could have been minutes or days that they spent like that, grinding and kissing, hands running down backs and nails digging into hips. Mark dipped his head to kiss and suck Jack’s neck and shoulders, causing the younger man to further lose himself in this heavy haze of pleasure.

- Meanwhile, back in reality, Mark had stirred. His eyes had yet to open when he heard a strained whimper coming from the other side of the bed. Momentarily concerned, Mark sat up and opened his eyes, peering through the darkness towards Jack. He saw that Jack was restless, squirming around in his sleep, and was momentarily worried that he was having a nightmare. 

-But, then, he heard it, a low moan that couldn’t be mistaken for anything but a sound of pure pleasure. He glanced down to find Jack’s erection prominently outlined by the thin sheet draped over his body. Mark felt a small stirring in his own body but adamantly ignored it. He really needed to get over this thing he had for Jack. 

- Attempting to force his mind off of his best friend’s, and current bedmate’s, hard dick, Mark settled onto his side, facing away from Jack, and closed his eyes…and immediately began to think about how gorgeous Jack would look underneath him right now, how fantastic he’d sound conscious if this is what he sounds like in his sleep, how pretty those blue eyes would be looking up at him as-

- Shit! He really needed to calm the fuck down. It was never going to happen, it could never happen, so why set himself up for disappointment?

- Just at that moment, Jack let out a particularly pleasured hum. Mark simply couldn’t ignore it, so he gave in, reaching down to palm at the growing bulge in his pants. He bit down hard on his bottom lip, needing to hold back his own sighs as the hum became a quiet moan and the moan a breathy word.


- Mark’s eyes flew open, mouth agape as Jack continued to mumble his name. Well, there was really no ignoring this now…

An AU where Tony is dragged to a baseball game by Rhodey and Pepper so he can finally spend a day out of his workshop. He’s so reluctant to go because there are several projects that he needs to finish, it’s boiling hot outside and he doesn’t even like baseball that much. But he ends up seated in the stands, wearing a baseball hat and frowning like this the worst thing in the world. 

The game starts and he’s seated right in between the two who scream and shout along with the rest of the crowd. Rhodey, who spots the sulking Tony, nudges him and grins at him while telling him to have fun. Tony is about to tell her how on earth he can enjoy himself but he stops mid-sentence when he sees a certain baseball player run out onto the field. 

He’s tall with a strong build, broad shoulders and a narrow waist with an ass that looks so firm and round that it’s lethal, especially in those white pants. They’re sitting close enough for Tony to make out the little bit of blond hair that peeks out from underneath his cap and eyes that look so very blue, it’s insane. 

And as if they’re in some cliche romantic film, the baseball player looks up and Tony almost kicks himself when their eyes meet. He repress the deep urge to groan when the man suddenly smiles, almost shyly, and waves. Then he goes back to concentrating on the game but Tony can’t stop the weird feeling in his stomach, a type of feeling that all warm and tingling and that he hasn’t had in such a long time. 

“See someone you like?” Pepper asks, lips curving into a knowing smile.

Tony, trying to play it cool and willing for the heat in his cheeks to go down, fakes a cough and is suddenly finding the seat in front of him very interesting. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about it.” He replies, only getting a snort from Rhodey and a laugh from Pepper for his troubles. 

(I need Tony and professional baseball player!Steve meeting and falling in love).


Summary: Bulma and Vegeta had recently broken up, and both refused to yield and reconcile. However, a chance meeting in the dead of night reminds them that, in a world of darkness, they were each other’s brightest light.

My entry for the Big Bang Bonanza hosted by @vegebulocracyPrompts: Celestials, My Universe

Rated E for smut / sexual content. Oneshot, AU.

Also on Ao3.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any favorite still of Flint or Silver? I wanted to draw portraits of them but I can't seem to find any stills I really like! Thanks for any help you can give me!!

Have you tried looking in farfarawaysite? there’re lots of beautiful HD pictures there :D

(i wanted to put more actual pics here but they won’t load ugh so, links)

some of my faves of flint:

   the gay turbant look 



the two of them together:

I hope this helps!!

gummmibearfarts-deactivated2018  asked:

so how do you pick your colors for your drawings? The colors you use are so pretty and bold/soft i love it

MY honest answer is i just got really bored of constantly using realistic colors, so one day i decided to use some with a bit more pop in my stuff haha. but hmm, let me try to deconstruct how i think i work…

knowing the basics of color theory helps of course. i dont think you need anything crazy though, i’ve just gone on what i learned in the dying, almost nonexistent art department back in my high school, pfft. just a little familiarity with the colorwheel will probably go a long way.

i suppose the main two points i keep in mind are (1) switching hues instead of just going darker for shadows/highlights and (2) playing with the juxtaposition of warm and cool, or near-complimentary colors.


here, instead of simply going with a darker green for the coat’s shadows, i changed the hue a bit by adding more blue. on the other hand, for the pants’ shadows, i used the same cool blue-green, which then ends up contrasting nice with the pants, which are a warmer purple color.

that’s one of my more vibrant drawings, but you can do it more subtly too:

overall a pretty drab palette but as you can see green shadows on pinkish skin, reddish purple shadows (and highlights!) on the blue coat. those contrasts just make things pop a lil more. personally i just find it fun and more interesting to look at!

just don’t be afraid to throw colors around, you’d be surprised at how some go together. that’s what i do, haha. hope that’s somewhat insightful :^)

This Way

Pairing: Kylo Ren/Reader

Prompt # 25: We had sex and it was so good that I had an asthma attack

Word Count: 845

Warnings: Mentions of NSFW activities

A/N: So an anon sent in the request a few days ago and I managed to fill it out. I actually hing I really like it? Sorry if you wanted a more smutty thing but I think this was a very cute little way to interpret it and I’m a sucker for Kylo being soft. Anyway, sorry it’s short.

Originally posted by reylotilldeath

The two of you lay side by side, both your chests heaving, warm bodies entangled and covered in glistening beads of sweat, black as night sheet pulled up to your chins, composure completely falling apart. Ebony locks tickled your face and sporadic and uneven breathing fanned your neck, shivers running down your spine. Your breath wasn’t much better if anything it was getting progressively worse but you feared to disrupt the moment, you held back a cough and your chest felt heavy but you tried to retain it. Eventually, you gave out and rapidly turned over and started having a coughing fit, wheezing and clutching your chest. Your lover sat up at lighting speed and tried to calm you, trying to see what you needed but you could hardly talk. Tears brimmed your eyes as you found yourself unable to stop what was happening to you, you frantically reached around, trying to find a puffer- your puffer. This is exactly why you were not part of the army. This is exactly why nobody trusted you with any official orders. You looked desperately over to your lover and tried to motion how you took your puffer and his eyes widened. He ripped the covers off himself and slipped on some underwear and pants before bolting to your quarters. It didn’t take him long to find where you kept things for your asthma attacks, and so, as soon as he grabbed the sea blue inhaler, he sprinted back to his room, earning quizzical, mortified, and concerned looks from those around him.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), it’s okay. I got your inhaler.” He sat next to you and cupped your hands in his, helping you bring it to your mouth. You pressed down once, trying to bring in a long breath. Encouraging whispers came from the man next to you. “Breathe in, that’s it, you’re doing great. Now breathe out, try to keep it steady, you can do it, my love.” His hands held yours and you both stayed that way until you managed to repeat the action, your breathing returning to normal soon after. After pulling the inhaler from your mouth, you placed it gently on the night table and turned to the ebony haired man and let out a breathy and uneven laugh.

“I can’t believe it,” you laughed out and managed to scoot closer to the figure you were laying with just minutes ago, “We had sex and it was so good that I had an asthma attack.” A deep rumble came from the man and he instinctively pulled you closer, placing a gentle and plush kiss to the very top of your head.

“I’d hope to not kill you this way.” His deep and rumbling voice sent shivers down your spine, a laugh mingling with his words. The first time you had met the man, his voice nearly sent terror down your spine, and the asthmas attacks would stem from your inability to breathe due to anxieties you held within, but now that you knew the true nature of the terrifying man, there wasn’t a way, other than perhaps to repeats the aforementioned activities and lack of clean air, that you’d have another asthma attack in his presence.

Kylo, come on, you’re not going to kill me.” The smile that spread across your face was so genuine that it melted the Commander’s heart. “Now come and lay with me.” You gently folded yourself back under the covers and even peeled them back so that he could join you. Hesitance crossed his face for half a second before he nodded, taking his pants off, and slid under the covers with you. You opened your arms wide for him and his reluctance to lay on you was evident. “Kylo, it’s fine! Please, just… please.” The desperation peeked through your voice and the second he heard it, he knew he couldn’t deny your request. You arched your back so he could slip his arms around your waist, and he lay his head directly over your heart, his favourite sound. You managed to pull the covers up to Kylo’s head before tangling your hands in his soft and thick hair. Realistically, you knew this couldn’t be the way the two of you stayed forever but in the moment you both felt like it was the only possibility. The only thing either of you were responsible for.

“I wish I could stay like this forever.” He muttered before placing a warm and wet kiss to your chest.

“I wish I could stay with you forever.” You admit and your soft spoken words were rewarded with another kiss.

“I promise you, I’ll do whatever I can to make that happen.” And soon after, the two of you drifted off to sleep. Kylo, the supposed emotionless and angry leader, had his heart swept off by someone who was considered a commoner, but to him, you were far beyond any label anybody could ever give you. Asthma attacks and inability to serve the First Order be damned, the man loved you to no end.


Part 2 of Red


Your POV :

“Damn y/n, you have no idea what’s coming.“ 

I smirked and stood up from his lap, Luke immediately pulling his hands to cover his crotch. “Crystal! Come dance with me some more!” She joined me and I positioned myself to be right in Luke’s vision.

He shook his head at me and I smiled, moving my hips to the beat turning, so Luke could get a view of my ass. I was so into the dancing, didn’t realize Crystal was whisked away by Michael. I noticed large hands gripping my waist and when I turned, Luke was towering over me, looking into my eyes with his icy blue ones. 

“What did I say sweetheart? Bad girls get punished. You broke our rule.” That rule, stating to not touch Luke in public unless he asked for it. He didn’t technically ask for it, but in those super fucking tight pants, how could I help myself?

“Go into the bathroom, I’ll be there in five.” He slightly pushed me in the direction of the restroom and I continued the journey. There were two doors for the bathrooms, each being one stall. Hopefully we are not interrupted. Luke peeked into the door and as soon as he saw me he closed the door behind him and pulled me flush against his chest. 

“I should’ve known you were gonna play dirty today. As soon as you slipped on this dress. Should have fucking known.” I whimpered at his tone. When Luke is angry, I can’t even be mad at him because he turned me on so much. 

“Well Lukey, you wouldn’t pay any attention to me this morning when I was practically begging for you, I had to play dirty babe.”

“I’m gonna put that mouth of yours to better use, just you wait.” Luke hurriedly shrugged off his jacket and laid it on the floor. Then he pushed me to my knees in front of him, my knees resting on the jacket.

“Still a gentleman?” He ignored my comment and pulled his pants and underwear down enough to release his cock. The cum from before was dried out in his underwear, but his cock was still achingly hard. I lick a stripe up his length, but he pulls my head back. 

“I’m not letting you control this sweetheart. Open your mouth.” I do as he says and Luke bucks his hips forward. His hand grasping the side of my head, makes my movements on his cock gradually get faster. He groans parts his mouth, staring down at me, seeing a bot of my cleavage from my dress. He pulls me off of him before he cums and stands me up, pushing me against the wall. 

Luke grazes his lips on my neck I whine. “What do you want sweetheart? You want my lips? You want my cock?” I moaned and felt Luke’s hand drift up my thigh, pulling my dress up to my hips. 

“Fuck sweetheart, no underwear? Such a fucking dirty girl. Now, what do you want?”

“Your cock Luke.” He smiled and held up one of my legs, sliding his cock against my soaking folds. He slowly enters himself fully into me, letting his forehead rest against mine. “Better keep your eyes on me, or you won’t cum.”

I arch myself into him and he begins thrusting. Luke usually starts at a slow pace, but his hips immediately began to snap up into mine. I let a loud moan and he smirked at my state. 

“Is this all you wanted sweetheart? Me to fuck you?”

“Yes Luke, holy shit.” Although both of our clothes were still on, I felt the heat radiating from his skin and it just made me melt more into him. It was extremely difficult to keep my eyes on Luke when all I wanted was to close them, to savor the mesmerizing feeling of him moving in me. I have to admit though, keeping my eyes locked with his was by far one of the hottest things we have done.

“You gonna cum sweetheart?” I nodded and he didn’t ask for me to speak. Instead, he picked up the pace, his breath coming out erratically and his cock twitching inside. “fuck,” He repeated as he let his orgasm take over him. As his warmth spread through my body I released around him, Luke smirking as he watched me unravel against him. 

He pulled out and straightened himself up, helping me too. “Do you like getting me angry?”

“Maybe just a little.”

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billy + synesthesia (this was actually really cool to write so thank you!! @1995n )-

usually, billy’s days were filled with red:

when his dad yelled, or he missed that shot in basketball, or that one idiot cut him off when he was pulling into the school’s parking lot. his days were filled with an angry red that made his ears ring and his skin itch.

billy hated the red days, they made him want to go back to the old billy that would snap max’s skateboard or shove people around.

sometimes, his days had more of a cold, black feeling to them, like when his dad smacked him around or broke his favorite metallica tape, or when he almost broke steve harrington’s pretty face.

the black days make his throat burn and his eyes water. the black days made him want to drive too fast down slippery roads or climb into his car after drinking a few beers and doing a kegstand.

billy has spent the majority of his life navigating through red and black days. if he thinks hard enough, he can remember days of bright blue and his mother’s smile as she helped teach him how to ride his bike, or when he had his first kiss, but those days seemed to be forever ago.

red and black.

black and red.

the two went together perfectly like a cut and a bruise.

and then he saw steve harrington smile at him.

billy had mocked steve, done an exaggerated take on steve’s “don’t cream your pants” line towards dustin when he went to pick up max once. the kids looked at him, flabbergasted that billy was talking to them, but steve had laughed his way and his smile made billy feel different. it was nice.

steve had a really nice smile. a pretty one. billy wanted to see it more.

he bought a lame joke book frok a store and studied the most terrible punchlines that the book had to offer. every time he went to pick up or drop off max, he would tell steve a joke from the driver’s seat of his car. every time he did, steve would laugh and smile, and billy would get a glimpse of something new on the horizon. a feeling that he hasn’t felt before.

after a month or so, him and steve would sit beside eachother in the camaro and take turns reading the lines from some joke book that one of them had found. sometimes they would talk about other things too, like how steve usually hated books and how billy usually hated talking.

one day, the joke book billy picked up had a chapter solely on pick up lines. billy had looked steve in the eye, and started to read every single one of them to him in the most ridiculously deep voice that he could manage. he read them until steve’s face was a bright red and he had kissed billy to shut him up. billy felt… green.

recently, a lot of billy’s days have been green, all thanks to steve. green like the palm trees in california that he missed so much. green like the grass on the hill where he took steve for their first date. green like the spinach his mom used to cook. green, green, green.

he still had days where he felt black and red, his blood running cold and his jaw clenching tight. the difference is, now when he feels his bright days start to fade, he drives over to see steve and suddenly his day is bright green all over again.


Obikin Week Day 3: The First Time

Summary: Anakin is expelled from the Jedi Order and imprisoned in the Temple for crimes the Council says they saw him commit in a vision.


It was the first time Obi-Wan had seen Anakin since that fateful Council meeting. Obi-Wan had sat in his council chair and fought back waves of emotions and tears as Anakin shouted in disbelief he was being kicked out of the Order. Through their still-present bond, Obi-Wan could sense Anakin’s confusion and anger. When they brought out the Force-suppression cuffs, saying Anakin would need to be contained, Anakin’s anger boiled over. The Council was forced to subdue him and knock him out.

The Detention Center’s hallway was quiet. They had put Anakin away from anyone else currently being held here. He sat behind an orange ray shield. He was hunched over on the small cot. His arms rested on his knees. Obi-Wan could see the Force-suppression cuffs hanging heavily on Anakin’s wrists.

“Anakin,” Obi-Wan said softly.

Anakin’s head snapped up at once. He was disheveled. His hair was messy. He hadn’t shaved and a stubbly beard was growing in. He wore a simple white outfit of a top and pants. Everything that had made Anakin a Jedi, had been stripped away from him. His title, his lightsaber, his robes, and even the Force. Anakin’s blue eyes focused on Obi-Wan. There was fire behind them. Anger. A shiver ran down Obi-Wan recalling those eyes with that same expression, but they were yellow.

“Obi-Wan,” Anakin said slowly.

“How are you?” Obi-Wan asked. He didn’t know how else to start. He didn’t know what else to say.

Anakin only gave a short laugh. “How do I look, master?” Anakin spat out the last word.

“Anakin, please,” Obi-Wan said softly. “I was against this. I argued, pleaded, and begged the Council not to do this.”

So the picture doesn’t completely go with the fic. My original idea for the picture was to for to be the same thing but they’re in a spaceship flying off to happily together and share a first kiss. But I got too lazy to draw any setting and I didn’t write that scene into the fic either. So this is what happens AFTER the fic. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! My room, it’s kinda tiny, but I’m putting in my full sized bed and a bedside table, maybe a desk. The closet is split into two doors but connects on the inside of the closet, it’s an old house with weird quirks like that. But I was thinking, there’s one window and a white ceiling fan, its all white and has thin brown wood molding, the carpet is blue. Ideas on how to decorate it or where to place things? The window also has a little ledge where I was thinking of putting plants?! Pant/color?

Oh for sure. So many plants. 

Color scheme wise, I think you’re looking at a blue, yellow, and white color scheme. I’m suggesting yellow because blue and white on their own can be a little yawn. If you’re not a fan of yellow, I suggest gold or silver. Just substitute those in below whenever I mention yellow.

1. I like this closet. Very cool. The extra door space means that you can store lots of small things on the back of these doors. I recommend getting an organizer like this one, a full length mirror, or even something like this. That’s a rather excessive example, but you get my drift.

2. If you’re comfortable with some DIY, I recommend painting those doors yellow to really help them stand out against the wall.

3. Small space = hanging plants. Get some ceiling hooks. One window means that you probably won’t get much sunlight. Here’s a list of hard to kill indoor plants:

4. Speaking of this window, I recommend keeping it as uncovered as possible because it’s your only source of natural light in the room. Instead of curtains, get light filtering blinds. That way, even when the window’s covered, you’re still getting some light in. You may also need to invest in this.

5. Because you’re low on space, I’d recommend skipping the bedside table and just getting a desk. In terms of the color of the desk, it may be worthwhile to just paint it yourself. If that’s too time-consuming, getting something white with large metal knobs and lots of drawers.

6. Normally I’d recommend the de-cluttered look for your desk surface, but in your case I’d go for a “controlled chaos” sort of look. Lots of potted plants, books with colorful bindings, any sort of austere looking statues/glass containers/incense holders. Organize them so that they look appealing from all angles of the room.

7. Find some cool plant-related posters and hang them in between the two closet doors. Get them black frames. If you can’t find any plant posters, I’d recommend posters that are diagrams of something. Maps, illustrations of different animals or foods, or something architectural. 

8. Get yourself some floating wall shelves to go above your bed area. These can sub in for the bedside table as storage. 

9. I’d recommend a cool LED lamp like this one for your desk area. This is purely for aesthetic reasons. Use your overhead lights as your main light source.

10. Keep your closet space as clean and tidy as possible. Buy lots of clothing hangers and use them! Plastic are the best ones! Keep this space clear so that someone could walk in one door and out the other without being blocked by random boxes. Store extra seating for guests in there. 

Also please send me pictures if you make any of these changes! No one has sent me any decor pictures yet. Ya’ll. Let’s get it on!