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Fairy Sassmother (Zervis)


Name: Fairy Sassmother (name still on trial and suggestions are welcomed)
Pairing: Zervis (Zeref x Mavis), implied/mentions of Nalu
Rating: T
Summary: After losing her parents in an accident, Mavis is left homeless in one of the most densely populated boroughs of New York City: Manhattan. With no place to go she wanders around the streets and when everything seems lost, she encounters Zera, a self-proclaimed fairy hipster and fashion designer, who is nothing like the fairies her parents mentioned in their stories. When Zera offers her a place to live, what could this peculiar new friendship possibly mean for Mavis? ZERVIS (ZERA WILL BE A ZERVIS SHIPPER AND ADVOCATE)

A Fairy…Hipster?

When I was young my parents would always tell me stories before I went to bed. We didn’t really have money and we constantly lived by the day, but we were happy. My parents worked mostly all morning and although their bodies demanded sleep, they would never miss the opportunity to tuck me into bed as both laid on each side of me with another tale. I was in awe. Every detail and every new character brought me to squeal in excitement and anticipation. From stories of dragons and princesses to stories about gods and goddesses, it was always a whole new ride and a whole new mystery.

But out of everything they would tell me, they would always bring up stories of the fairies. The mythical beings who are said to bring fortune and joy to those they encounter. I always imagined them to be small creatures with small little wings and glitter fluttering behind them. They would say that there were all kinds out there. Those that bloomed from flowers and others who were born from the droplets of rain or any other forms of nature. My parents always got me worked up when they asked me if they had tails or not. I would ask them about it just as they questioned me and they would simply shrug with knowing smiles.

“Do fairies really have tails? Do they even exist…it is an eternal mystery…a never ending adventure”

They always answered me with more questions. A riddle I thought I’d never know the answer to. Something I never dreamed of knowing or even having the chance to see with my own eyes. However that all changed when I met Zera.

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steelydan  asked:

Anon do you eh, have eyes, zera doesnt look like hes from bugslife so whats making u think hes white... (yggufjjfyc)

I mean I DO look white but I’m not. I’m just white passing. I’m just pale.

Fairy Tail Chapter 490

Fairy Tail ZERO

So many things happened in this chapter and they were all so interesting! Mashima’s trying to connect all the storylines, which makes everything seem like it’s a part of something bigger and complete. That, in turn, makes me think this is gonna be the final arc. A lengthy one, indeed, but a lot of things need to be addressed. Also, does anyone else feel like the Spriggans (excluding Irene and August) became a bit irrelevant to the story at this point? Because I’m starting to feel this way. :D

As soon as I saw the first page of this chapter, I just knew I was gonna love it. And there was probably no way around that, because Mashima started the chapter with a reference to Fairy Tail: Zero. That’s a big deal, because FT: Zero is a spin-off. Since it’s a spin-off, it’s not supposed to be very popular. Well, I think that’s not the case with this particular side story, but there are people who still haven’t read it or watched its anime adaptation (one of my friends called me and asked me, ‘Who the hell is this girl Zera?’).

My point is, if Mashima starts the chapter with side story material after the cliffhanger he left us with at the end of the previous chapter, that means Zera is relevant to the story.

All the Zero scenes turned out to be Mavis’ dreams. Now that she’s in full control of her body, she can be seen by everybody and can even use magic. The illusion that is her new outfit matches her style and resembles her old dress, but also has some new dark elements which fit the theme of the arc. Cana succeeded in “killing” Mavis’ thought projection in the previous chapter right after Irene had cast her magic. The timing was a bit odd, but I’m glad things fell into place in this chapter.

Although I expected Irene to have messed with time itself, it turned out she’d just reconstructed Fiore’s landscape. Not that this is not an impressive skill and I surely am glad her magic had something to do with randomness and probabilities. Using Universe One resulted in an encounter I’ve waited for ever since Zeref was revealed to be the Emperor Spriggan.

After more than a hundred years, Mavis and Zeref finally met each other again. And boy was it intense. Just look at the Black Mage’s expression and posture in the next panel. I think it’s the first time we’ve seen Zeref look so intimidating, confident and evil. Everything about this panel screams “I will be the victor.” Mashima’s even created the illusion that Zeref is (literally) looking down on Mavis (and Fairy Tail) which further emphasizes his confidence.

The whole idea behind Irene’s magic was for it to reconstruct Fiore’s landscape in such a way that would bring Zeref close to Fairy Heart, thus ending the war quickly. All other people (both allies and enemies of the Alvarez Empire) that were currently on the land about to be reconstructed were sent to random places in the reconstructed land. Not just that, Universe One also reduced Fiore’s size to 1/20 of its original one making it easier for Zeref’s army to encounter Fairies, Tigers, Pegasi, etc.

Another thing I was wondering about got its answer in this chapter. There was a small chance that destroying the crystal would have also meant the end of Fairy Heart. Anticlimactic, I know, but it turned out that Mavis is now the walking and fully capable of defending itself embodiment of Fairy Heart. I can’t wait to see how the Immortal storyline will unravel.

Irene’s magic brought an interesting development to the war. The good news is no one is alone. Natsu, Lucy and Happy are together. Remember how the dragon slayer dived in to save Lucy from August’s attack? Well, turns out he managed to negate it to some extent, because it was heat magic. That’s actually a bit disappointing. I know Natsu is very powerful, but I didn’t want him to be able to easily negate the King of Magic’s attack. To be honest, I would have preferred another explanation - Natsu jumping in to save Lucy and just when August’s attack is about to hit them, Irene’s magic is cast, everybody is randomly sent somewhere and nobody’s harmed.

Gray and Juvia were sent together with unconscious Erza to what seemed like a mountain (didn’t look like Zonia, though), Wendy and Carla are also together, the Strauss family is now with the Fairies that were initially at the guild and a huge army is approaching them. I hope it’s being led by either Larcade or Invel.

I’m really glad August and Brandish didn’t get separated. Brandish took care of the King’s wound and it looked like he didn’t harbor a grudge against her. It also looked like Brandish has now picked a side. Even though I understand why Mest did what he did, from Brandish’ point of view this was yet another betrayal.
This means that there’s a strong possibility of her finally fighting at full strength, which is something I’ve wanted to see for a while.

Also, look at August. We’ve always seen him with a robe covering his body and a slightly stooped posture. He’s been giving off that “old and wise magician” vibe, but that’s not everything there is to him. Now that he’s entered his, let’s call it, serious battle mode, we can actually see how ripped this old man is. Impressive.

His now black skin made the symbols on his body visible. I guess not all of them were shown, but the ones starting from the center of his forehead and continuing on each of his hands can clearly be seen. I still think he’s able to absorb other people’s magic, which made him that much powerful, but those symbols he has somehow remind me of the Air Nomads from Avatar: The Last Airbender and I can’t help but wonder if they have another meaning. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mashima was inspired by Tibetan culture for August’s design and character, but I’d prefer to wait and see what he’s planned for that powerful Spriggan.

Irene sitting on Fiore’s throne (due to the effect of her magic) was just so fitting. She used magic that has never been used before. Magic that surprised even the great and powerful Acnologia. Universe One affected a whole country and yet, Irene didn’t look exhausted at all. Sitting on Fiore’s throne not only meant she “conquered” that country, but also cemented her position as the Queen of Magic.

The chapter ended with two plot twists, one of which was expected.

As many people thought, Gajeel is not dead. It’s still not clear where he ended up after being sucked into Bradman’s final magic trick, but it sure as hell did not look like the Underworld to me. Unless, of course, the Underworld in FT is a forest. I wonder if he was affected by Irene’s magic and that’s why he’s now in such a normal place instead of being dead.

That was the expected plot twist.

The unexpected one was connected to the person who appeared before Gajeel. Out of thin air materialized none other than Zera. She looked a bit older than she was in FT: Zero, but not as old as I expected her to be when I read the spoilers for this chapter. The interesting thing is that she stated she’s one of the fairies of origin.

I’ve always considered the fairies’ role in the story symbolic, abstract. They symbolize hope, adventurous spirit and the desire to always move forward. Although it’s still a bit hard for me to wrap my head around it, it may turn out they will have a big role to play in this war.

Next chapter’s title is “Mother and Child”. The first thing that comes to my mind is the possible relation between Irene and Erza, but right now they might be far away from each other. I also thought about it having something to do with Mavis and her guild. After all, she’s like a mother to the Fairies.

One thing is sure, things are on fire right now. *_*

Some other thoughts about the chapter

I just love how Mavis and Zeref’s new outfits at first glance seem different, but after a while you start to see that they actually match.

The only one from the negotiation group we saw nothing of in this chapter was Mest. Acnologia’s whereabouts are also unknown, so imagine if those two ended up at the same place. :D Just a random thought.

I’m starting to get really excited about Invel. He’s one of the first Spriggans we met, yet the only thing connected to his magic that we know about is his alias, Winter General. I’m also really excited to see this Larcade guy in action, because I have this headcanon that he specializes in dual wielding. *_*

As for Zera, check out this amazing theory @magerain has posted a while ago. I’ve got the feeling she’s definitely onto something. :D

As always, do let me know what you thought about this chapter. ^_^ What did you think about Mavis and Zeref’s reunion? Would you do it in a different way? Were you surprised by Gajeel’s return? And what role do you think Zera will have in this war? ^_^