look your best for less

Ladies please understand this from a guys POV...

WE DO NOT GIVE A DAMN HOW “hit” OR “hurt”, you think you may look or we may feel about you when we wanna Video chat. Honestly if we’ve seen you at your best, we can literally care less what you look like at your worst. We know you can “FUCK IT UP” (W/ 2 snaps), on any given day when ready or required. So please put on that scarf, that skin care, & your granny Jammie’s. Let us join you in that Comfort zone is all we Ask. You could deadass look like Patrick going to bed, & we’d still be satisfied. Any Man tell you different he don’t Deserve you!

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Gif Coloring Tutorial

So, I got asked by a few people how to color our gifs, and specially hard scenes, such as yellow scenes from Suicide Squad, they can be a pain to color, so here I’m gonna show how to do this kind of coloring:

Basically you’ll need

  • Knowledge on how to make gifs
  • Any version of Photoshop (mine is cs5)

Please note that this a very detailed tutorial so that everyone can do it, including screenshots, so everything is under the cut.

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How Hogwarts Houses Handle Breakups

Ravenclaw: Strives for occupational success and ambitious academic achievements as a means to make their ex eat their words. Returns your belongings in their best outfit looking no less than an 11/10

Hufflepuff: RomCom marathons and Ben&Jerry’s binges. Fully committed hibernation for at least a week. The ‘as long as you’re happy, then I’m happy for you’ text.

Gryffindor: Honestly will go one of two ways- remain friends despite everyone’s confusion ('we have history OK’) or passive aggressively blacklists you from the dating game completely and does so without any f*cking shame

Slytherin: literally Lorena Bobbitt


Ok So first, I only have Modern Ivar gifsI should have planned bhforehand but I have ideas knocking around that need to get out lols Just pretend the Shelbys’ own a fancy fashion store and like dress to the nines 24/7

Second… I’m aweful at AUs I get carried away and like everything just goes nutty so this is gonna be wild and probably get bloody.

Third I’ve only ever done OCs and reader inserts so… that’s sort of what this is.

Vikings x Peaky Blinders Modern AU

“Mr Solomons, welcome.” The interviewer greeted as Alfie sat on the bright seat.

“Yeah, well thanks for having me.” He muttered, toothpick playing between his teeth as he waited for the whole interview to be over. PR recovery, keep face with all the trouble going on. That’s what his advisors told him when they hired the skittish girl who now sat at a desk outside his office. Not quite a secretary but she worked for him, he thought it was odd, he was quite happy with Ollie running around for him. But apparently he needed to keep his legal and illegal business separate and that meant new people getting involved, he wasn’t thrilled.

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Work Out - William Nylander

“i made a lot of mistakes / crash collide into space / who’s to blame, tell me who’s to blame”

requested: yes | no

word count: 2100

warnings: cursing, struggles with body image and weight-related insults

lyrics source/what i listened to while writing this: hypocrite by cage the elephant

a/n: not gonna lie, i felt very uncomfortable writing this as someone who has struggled with body weight/image but in a different way. i hope it’s alright but if anyone has any problems with it, please let me know.

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your cheeks were burning from embarrassment and anger. people talked about you behind your back all the time; they all believed that william nylander should be with a girl who fit the typical wag mold, and not you. but this? this was fucking ridiculous.

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No Regrets (Part 3)

So it turns out I’m a people-pleaser. I was thinking of posting it during the weekend but all the great comments from you have only spurred me on!

Word count: 2.1k+ (you’re welcome!)

Warnings: Some angst, swearing.

A/N: Say hello to Natasha, the Avengers’ cheerleader!

Remember PART 2?

Well, let’s kick it off with a flashback!

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Director Nick Fury’s Office

‘So it appears that there are a couple of punks that are up to no good. They’ve been spotted shopping for radioactive elements in India’ There are only Fury, Rogers and Barnes in the room. Best keep in small, Fury thought to himself.

‘Are they planning an attack?’ Steve was showing concern in his voice.
‘That’s what we don’t know. But why else would you be looking around for those elements? They’re-‘
He reaches for the phone and presses a few buttons. ‘Y/N? Can you bring me the files of those guys in India?’ He ends the call and turns to Steve and Bucky. ‘Gentlemen. Let’s take five’ and just like that he’s out of the room.

Steve turns to Bucky, a devilish smile spreading across your face.

‘So… I’ve spent some time with Y/N today’ That got Bucky’s attention. He looks at Steve, unsure on where he’s going with his story.
‘There are no men in her office, barely any in the lab, none in Fury’s department. I cannot imagine where she’d found a guy to ask out!’
‘Just drop it, Steve, I’m sure she would just want to move on…’
‘I can’t let it go, you know that, that’s not my style’ he smiles and stands up from the chair and strides towards the large window, taking in the view of the city.

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Find You (Part 2)

Title: Find You (Part 2 of 2)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Two days after the demons forcefully dragged you away from him, Dean is desperate to find you before it is too late.  

Word Count: ~3,000

a/n: So I’m not too happy about how this fic turned out but I really hope you guys like it. 

Part One

Two days later, Dean was hunched over the table in the library, staring at the blinding light of the computer screen while the rest of the room was covered in darkness. It was almost three in the morning. Dean couldn’t sleep knowing you were out there somewhere. It was an impossible task. The glass of cheap liquor clenched in his right fist was all that was keeping him from breaking down completely.

“Dean?” Sam’s voice called out sleepily through the halls of the bunker. He shuffled into the library and sighed when he saw his brother. The dark circles under Dean’s eyes and the disheveled nature of his hair and clothing was enough cause for worry. “You still staring at the police scanner?”

“I got nothing else to do,” Dean grumbled, taking a large swig from his glass. 

“You could get some sleep,” Sam offered.

Dean glanced up, glaring at Sam as if he had suggested leaving you for dead. “I’m not doing shit until we find (Y/n). Jesus, Sam, I thought you cared about her.”

“I do,” Sam shot back, hurt. “Of course, I do.”

“So act like it.” Dean shook his head, refilling the empty glass for the third time that night.

Sam sighed and took a seat opposite Dean, reaching for a book across the table. The two of them sat in uncomfortable silence until sunlight, staring at nothing but dead ends.

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Shocking Sensations

Summary: It was suppose to be a simple interview on some strange deaths. Now Y/N finds herself in the same position the victims were, she can’t stop having orgasms. 

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean (Eventually) (No Wincests)

Rated M

Warnings: Sexual content, language, multiple orgasms

Part Two Part Three Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine Part Ten

A/N: Part on of my two part story, hope y’all enjoy part two will be out later this week!

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anonymous asked:

saw a post a while back about you not being where you wanna be with your art, but i just gotta say even though your art style isn't super complex at first glance, i always find myself admiring all the details. the lighting is always fantastic, and your lines are super clean. your style is always immediately recognizable. it never looks like anything less than your best effort went into it. art is fucking hard, and you do it well. please keep drawing.

Aw, thanks! I’m pretty sure I’ll always doubt everything in my skills, but it’s always awesome we people appreciate what I do.

I certainly won’t ever stop drawing, but still, that’s helps be stay motivated, haha. :’>

Her Silver Lining (M)

Genre: smut/angst/fluff/drama

College AU

Character: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 18,501

A/N: Neither of us has posted in a while because we were both working on our own big projects and here’s mine! Sorry it took so long, honestly I started a bit late. Originally I was writing a Yixing fic, it was going to be around 10k but 6k-7k and one week into it I totally scrapped the idea. I didn’t like how it was coming out, it seemed a bit boring so instead I started this fic. The idea had been in my head for a while so I decided to finally get it down on paper. I honestly did not think it was going to be this long, I thought I’d stop at like 10k but no. Hahaha. I just feel bad for having taken so long… But there was just some days I would get writers block or other days I was just too busy to write. Then the editing process took forever… Oh my god. I feel so nervous to finally be posting this… I hope it’s up to standards. Thank you to all those who waited patiently ❤

I have so many other ideas I’m going to write about, don’t worry they’re are shorter fics that are around my usual 3k-5k so they shouldn’t take nearly as long as this one did.

Anyway, I hope you can all enjoy this!

** I need to edit this fic one of these days 

-               Admin Mochi 

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                The unpleasant scent of alcohol and tobacco lingered in the crowded sweltering room. Y/N couldn’t believe she had dolled up for this; her hair was softly curled, she wore an ivory cross-back crop top, a tight black mini skirt that hitched up no matter how careful she was, and some nude platform pumps. The music was obnoxiously loud, she could feel the beat vibrate throughout her body.

                Y/N gripped her glass tightly while enviously watching Rina and Jimin dancing their night away on the dimly lit dance floor. His hands were placed on her hips, while her arms were wrapped around his neck. There was little to no space between the two as they swayed to the rhythm of the music. It was a Saturday night and she was stuck at some club with her crush, best friend, and a mutual friend.

                She sat alone at their reserved table because their other friend was off mingling with random guys. ‘It’ll be fun’ she said, ‘Maybe you’ll find a guy’ she said, ‘Just give it a try’ she said. She didn’t even have a choice because Rina had practically dragged her there. Y/N was on her second long island iced tea, which was just a little something to help her get through the night. She heaved a sigh as she swirled the liquid in the cold cup wishing there was something more interesting to gaze at.

               “Hey there.” A low silky voice greeted, in front of her was a tall honey blonde haired male. “What’s a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?” He was a handsome individual, he had olive skin and sharp features, and he looked slick in his dark wash skinny jeans and black button down shirt.

               “That’s a good question.” She mused offering him a coy smile.
               “Well then, mind if I keep you company?” he asked, she shook her head and patted the empty seat next to her.

               “Not at all.”

               “I’m Kim Taehyung, what’s your name?” he whispered gruffly in her ear causing a shiver to run down her spine as he placed an arm around her shoulders.

               “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/L/N Y/F/N.”

               “Cute name. So aren’t you bored? You know, sitting here all alone?” his fingers brushed over the exposed skin on her back, his cold touch made her wish she had worn less in order for him to feel more.
               “I am. Why don’t you entertain me?” 
               “And how would I do that?” She scooted closer to him, a sultry smile played on her lips as she ran her finger down his clothed chest.

               “Mmm, I don’t know?” he knew exactly what she was getting at and he would be more than happy to play along.

               “I do.” he cupped her cheeks and pressed his lips against hers, immediately Y/N wrapped her arms around Taehyung to pull him closer. They both moved in sync, he could feel her teeth graze against his bottom lip right before her tongue darted into his mouth. His hands rubbed up down her sides enjoying the feel of her curves causing the girl to let out a moan. He took this opportunity to slip his own tongue into her mouth, meanwhile one of his hands trailed down from her waist to her inner thigh. His fingers ghosted against her clothed core making Y/N whined at the lack of friction, she hated being teased.

               “So your place or mine?” he breathed against her swollen lips as he pulled away.

               “I could care less as long as I cum.” Taehyung let out a low chuckled amused by her honesty. The boy leaned down for another kiss, but unfortunately before their lips could connect she felt his hands abruptly leave her needy body.

              “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Y/N’s eyes fell on Jimin who was currently holding Taehyung by the collar of his shirt, he was fuming.

              “What the fuck, who are you?” Taehyung retorted pushing him away, he couldn’t help but glare down at the man who had interrupted them.
               “Oh my god, what the hell!” Y/N screeched getting up from her seat. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” the girl questioned as she took the blonde’s face into both her hands while she diligently inspected him for any injuries, he shook his head ‘no’ and protectively held her from the waist in fear that the other man might try to hurt her.

              “I’m fine.” His voice was soft, but seeping with anger. Jimin shook his head in utter disbelief, she should be asking him that not some guy she just met. He could feel a wave of jealous rage wash over his body watching the two.

              Jimin didn’t think twice before he roughly snatched her wrist and pulled her towards him causing her to stumble back and land in his chest with a ‘thud’. Without another word he dragged her out leaving a staggered Taehyung all alone.  

              “Let go!” but no matter how much she struggled she wasn’t able to break free from his grasp, once they had approached his car he proceeded to push her into the passenger seat. She could hear his heavy erratic breathing as he strapped her seatbelt on, he gave her one last warning glare before he slammed the passenger door shut. Why the hell is he mad? 

                Not long after that he too was sitting in the car with her with his keys on his lap and his phone was in his hands. She had no idea that he was typing a lengthy text to Rina explaining to her that he was taking Y/N home because she was shaken up due to some guy trying to ‘push’ himself on her.

             The car ride was eerily silent. Y/N had to admit she was a tinge bit afraid, never had she seen Jimin like this. Every time she had attempted to speak he would grit his teeth and grip the steering wheel harder – to the point where his knuckles would turn white, which is why she decided it would be best to stay quiet. Instead, she tried to keep herself occupied with the beautiful nighttime view, while he kept his eyes fixated on the road.

                After what seemed like the longest car ride she had ever been on they arrived at her complex, he abruptly got out his side and stormed towards hers. He opened her door and Y/N gingerly stepped out before darting towards her apartment as quickly as she could in her six inch heels.

             Unfortunately, it didn’t look like Jimin was leaving her alone anytime soon because he had followed her up and let himself in. “What was that back there?”
               “What’s your problem?” Y/N groaned glaring at him, he had ruined her night and her chance to get some, yet he was the one who was angry. 
               “My problem? What’s your problem? You should be thanking me!” she could hear the frustration oozing out of his ridiculous statement. “That guy was just trying to take advantage of you!”
               “How was he trying to take advantage of me when I wanted it just as badly as he did?” the girl hissed slamming her purse down on her wooden coffee table, his jaw dropped at her little confession. He refused to believe she was in the right mind. 
               “You don’t know what you’re saying, you’re drunk–“
               “I’m not drunk! I had a glass and a half, you know I’m not a light weight so don’t even–“ realizing she didn’t owe him any type of explanation she stopped midsentence and turned towards him, Y/N was beyond irritated by the way he was behaving. He had no right.  “Why are you being like this?” Last time she had checked he wasn’t her boyfriend, just a boy who was a friend. 
               “You’re my girlfriend’s best friend I have to look out for you–“ 
               “Exactly. I’m your girlfriend’s best friend… Nothing more, nothing less.”  Her voice dropped below a whisper as she continued. “So why can’t I stop thinking about you?” 
               “Why is it that whenever I see you my heart starts beating faster? Why do I get flustered so easily when you smile at me?” the tremble in her voice was becoming more obvious. She didn’t know where this sudden courage had come from, but she was finally saying what had been trapped in her mind and heart for the past couple of years. “Why is it that butterflies emerge from my stomach, but only when you’re around?” 
               “Y/N…” he had started to approach the girl slowly with an unreadable expression. 
               “Get away! Please… I can’t take this anymore.” But he refused to listen, the closer he tried to get the further back she stepped. “It hurts so much… It hurts watching the man I love be with my best friend…” tears had begun to trickle down her cheeks. “I can’t even stand the sight of you two holding hands.” The Pandora’s Box had been opened and there was no closing it now. 
               “Please…” By now he had backed her into a corner. She knew what was coming next: rejection.

               “I know! I know! Rina is your girlfriend and I’m just her friend… So please refrain from getting so close to me, please don’t even look at me because your gaze alone makes me weak…” one tear had turned into two, which had turned into an endless salty stream that was starting to blur her vision. “Please, leave me alone.” He could practically feel the anguish and desperation in her voice, it made his heart ache just as much as hers. “I wish to never see you again.”  
               “Don’t say that.” Jimin’s lips were only millimeters away from hers, his fingers tenderly grazed against her wet cheeks. “Please don’t cry.” 
               “Jimin… Please.”
               “Please what?”

               “Get away from me.” By now Y/N was sobbing as her hands weakly pressed against his chest in an attempt to push him away.
               “But I don’t want to…” he whispered dangerously close to her quivering lips. “I can’t.”
               “Wh–“ his hand gripped her chin tightly tilting her head upwards for their faces to meet. She could feel his plump lips gently brush against hers. For years she had always imagined what it would be like to kiss him, but she never pictured it would happen like this. His lips feverishly moved against hers, meanwhile his free hand rested loosely on her waist. Y/N closed her eyes and responded back hungrily wanting nothing more than to fulfil what she had been craving for so long. Her hands held onto his shoulders as he hoisted her up by her thighs, she entwined her legs around his waist and her arms securely around his neck.

                A moan escaped her lips when she felt his cock stiffen, Jimin grinded against her pulsing core letting Y/N know that he was just in as much need as her. Y/N broke away from the kiss and looked up at him through her thick lashes, then it hit her. She was making out with Park Jimin, her best friend’s boyfriend.

               “We can stop if you want.” Jimin murmured quietly noticing her panicked expression, he didn’t intend to pressure her into something she didn’t want.
               “No, I want this, I want you. Please.” Unsure of when the opportunity would arise again, she wasn’t about to let it slip away. With that he carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the queen sized bed.

Jimin was hovering above her, his eyes scanned over her body before he latched his lips onto her neck. She let out a gasp and clasped her hands onto his toned arms as he trailed sloppy kisses down her delicate skin, his lips were hot, plush, and they felt absolutely amazing. He didn’t stop, he made sure to take his sweet time, until he came to a halt at her unexposed collarbone.

               “May I?” he asked as his fingers fumbled with the zipper on her top, she nodded breathlessly before whimpering when the cold air made contact with her bare chest. Not wasting any time Jimin flicked his tongue over her nipple, which earned him a couple of breathy mewls. In a matter of seconds he had engulfed the small nub, his teeth would occasionally graze the erect bud. After a bit he broke away and made his way to the other unattended breast leaving a warm trail of saliva across her chest in the process. Her eyes wandered over to the obvious tent that had formed in his pants, wanting nothing more than to help him with what she had caused Y/N untangled her fingers from his dark locks and began to palm his length through his jeans. She could feel the rippling vibration of his groans on her chest, he was clearly enjoying the attention. Jimin swiftly broke away giving Y/N a chance to stare into his dilated lust filled eyes before tugging on the hem of his shirt, which he quickly unbuttoned. The sight of his washboard abs made her core drip even more, she licked her lips before hazily gazing at his lower half.

               “Take it all off.” She pleaded eagerly wanting to see him in all his glory. With a smirk he unbuckled his belt then pulled his jeans and boxers off. Her breath hitched at the sight of his thick swollen cock dripping with pre-cum and in need of her attention. 
               “Your turn.” Jimin announced pulling her skirt off along with her flimsy panties. His pink lips then wandered down from her stomach to her inner thighs. Teasingly he blew air at her dripping entrance causing her to whimper in response.

               “Baby girl you don’t even have to ask.” Jimin cooed running his tongue over her slick slits, which made her squirm. His hands grabbed onto her ankles in order to spread her legs farther apart so his tongue could gain access to her needy hole. Y/N moaned while she gripped onto the ivory sheets for dear life as he skillfully dove his tongue in and out of her heat. He moved from her hole to her clit which he lightly sucked and occasionally flicked with his tongue. Y/N continued to thrash and mewl as he lapped her warmth, his tongue pressed flatly against her womanhood giving her kitten like licks. She could feel an intense pressure in the pit of her stomach as her whole body tingled feeling a warm sensation wash over.

              “Jimin!” her voice was an octave higher than usual as she released her juices onto him.

               “Mmm, baby girl.” Jimin moaned as he sat up and licked his moist lips enjoying her sweet honey like taste. He looked down to see her panting while gazing up at him hazily. Jimin felt a sense of accomplishment knowing he was the reason for the state she was currently in. “Are you ready?” he timidly questioned caressing her cheek, Y/N only nodded.

                Jimin grabbed his shaft and teasingly rubbed it against her folds covering the head in her cum before he aligned himself to her entrance and pushed it in at least halfway. He looked down and examined her face searching for any signs of discomfort, her bottom lip was caught between her teeth and her eyes were tightly shut. She whimpered in pain as he pushed inside of her completely, because of this Jimin rested his forehead against hers, leaving little kisses all over her face wanting nothing more than to alleviate her pain. He felt as if he couldn’t even move, the sensation was too overwhelming. “Fuck you’re so tight, are you a virgin?”

               “N- No.”
               “I’m not your first?” he growled jealously. “Well, I’ll make sure to be your last.” He stated confidently before moving at a slow pace wanting her to get used to his size. Soon enough that pain had transitioned into pleasure, Jimin could hear her moans of encouragement as he snapped his hips harder. Both her arms were above her head, his fingers entwined into hers as he thrusted faster.

               “Oh god, Y/N.” He couldn’t believe this was happening. Beneath him she laid with her lips parted open letting out lewd moans for him, she scrutinized him through her half lidded eyes, and to him she had never looked so alluring. “You feel so good.” The man revealed groaning loudly.

               “Ahh ah. Jimin, oh my god.” Unable to form a proper sentence her fingers gripped his tighter. Her chest pressed against his as she arched her back in ecstasy, Jimin let out a loud groan enjoying the intimacy of the position.

               “You’re so beautiful baby, so beautiful.” He coaxed lovingly going in for a tender kiss, which soon became heated. His mouth engulfed her sinful noises as his thrust became more erratic. Her walls began to tighten around his member, she was close and so was he.

               “Jimin… Faster, please.” She had broken away to practically beg him for her release. He cursed under his breath hearing her sweet voice beg for him, it was like a catalyst. Y/N found herself gaping at the sight in front of her, Jimin’s fringe brushed against his eye lashes as beads of sweat dripped off of his body and onto hers.
               “Me too baby girl.” He let go one of her hands so he could massage her clit with his fingers. His head dipped down to the crook of her neck where he sucked and kissed the same spot leaving a very obvious hickey. Y/N was practically screaming at this point and he wanted nothing more than to savor this moment because his name sounded melodic coming from her mouth. “I love you, I love you–“ Jimin muttered over and over against her flushed skin.

              “Jimin!” she moaned wantonly feeling her walls convulsing around him. He pulled out before slamming back in completely, their hips were touching and his balls were pressed against her ass.

             Jimin grunted her name as he spilled his white creamy seed, her sensitive walls could feel his cock pulsing inside of her. Ribbons of cum filled her womb, he breathed heavily as she milked every last drop. Her whole body was quivering because of the warm filling sensation. Not long after he pulled out the boy brought her closer to him, urging her to rest her head on his chest.

              “Did you mean it?” she whispered against his him breaking the comfortable silence.          

              “Mean what?”

              “Wh– What you said earlier…”

              “Oh! That I love you?” he could feel her nod against him shyly. “Of course I did, I meant every last word baby…” the sincerity drizzling from his words made her heart beat accelerate. “I love you Y/N.” so much.

              “I love you too Jimin…” I always have. Y/N croaked breaking down into tears. He panicked hearing her sobs echo throughout the room, he turned on his side and brought her to his chest muffling her cries.

             Jimin wrapped his arms around her shoulders wanting nothing more than to calm her down. “Baby girl please don’t cry, please.”

              “Seven years… I’ve harbored feelings for you for seven years…” her words were barely audible because of her weeping, but he had caught onto every last syllable.

“Y/N…” his heart crumbled to pieces seeing her like this. 
“Why her? You say you love me, so why her?”

              “I ha- had no idea that you felt that way about me…” had I known then things would be different. “I’m so stupid to have not realized this before, had I known you liked me too then I would have confessed long ago.”


              “I know this is long overdue… But I’ve had a crush on you since English class back in eleventh grade. That crush developed into what I feel for you now, which is love. Y/N… I love you.”

              “Why didn’t you ever tell me this?” she gawked in disbelief.

              “I was scared of rejection and most of all I was terrified that you wouldn’t be able to see me the same way afterwards… I couldn’t bear to lose you, even as a friend.” Jimin could feel himself choke up, the last thing he wanted was to cry. He was furious at himself for not having said anything earlier, Jimin felt as if he had robbed himself of true happiness all these years because of his own cowardice. “Wait you said you’ve loved me for seven years… that means-“

              “I’ve liked you since ninth grade…” her cheeks turned bright red, the boy was dumbfounded.

              “Oh my god, since back then? I used to be chubby and-“

              “Cute, you were so cute with those little chubby cheeks.” She could see him suddenly get embarrassed, she knew the first half of high school was one of the eras he had been most self-conscious but she didn’t understand why. To her, he had always been perfect.

              “Why didn’t you tell me-“

              “Just like you I was scared…” Y/N quickly responded. “I couldn’t deal with the thought of losing you, plus I thought someone as yourself would never like someone like me…” 
               “What’s that supposed to mean?”

              “It means you’re too good for me-“

              “Don’t you ever say that.”


              “But nothing baby girl.”

              “I still don’t understand one thing though.”
               “And what’s that?”

              “Why her? Why Rina?”

              “I-“ Jimin sighed regretfully thinking back at how it all happened. “It’s a long story.”

              “I w- want to know-“

              “Shh, calm down Y/N. I’ll tell you, just calm down.” Y/N could feel her insides churn hearing him explain what had led to their current situation.

              Apparently, unlike her Rina had made her crush on Jimin very obvious. His friends knew of his long time crush on Y/N and they had all grown tired of telling him he should confess, so they came up with another solution and that was to make him forget. On a daily his friends would push him to ask Rina out, they practically pressured him into going on a date with her. Then they proceeded to insist that making her his girlfriend would help him move on from the other girl. Letting himself fall into peer-pressure he took her out, date after date those around him grew anxious as to when he would ask her to be his, officially that is. Not wanting to disappoint them and break the poor innocent girl’s heart, he asked her to be his. At first it seemed that everything was going well, he was starting to slowly move on or so he thought. Even when he was with her occasional thoughts of Y/N consumed his mind. Then when Rina introduced Y/N as her best friend it all came crashing down. All the time and effort he had put into trying to forget Y/N had gone to waste. He found himself hanging around Rina more simply so he could see Y/N. Every time he would hang out with his girlfriend he would ask her to invite her friends with the excuse ‘the more the merrier’. It had been at least a month since him and Rina had started dating but it felt like an eternity.

              “Jimin… This is wrong-“
               “What is? Two people loving each other?” he countered.

              “It- It’s not that… But the way we went about this is-“
               “I know…” he sighed rubbing her back in a comforting manner.

              “I feel terrible that we had to resort to this, but I’d do it all over again.” Y/N confessed fondly looking into his eyes. “I don’t regret a thing.”

              “Me neither baby girl.”


               “Y/N, it’s about time you answered! I called you like five times.” Oops.

               “Sorry I’ve been busy.” She muttered glancing over at the naked man besides her. “Anyway, what’s up Rina?” Y/N placed her finger over her mouth signaling to Jimin that he wasn’t to utter a word. He nodded in response knowing he had to be careful in order to not get caught.

               “I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me.”
               “Today?” her hand trailed along his abs down to his muscular thighs. Her finger tips inched closer and closer to his throbbing erection. Jimin anxiously watched her hand close the short gap between her and his cock. 
               “Please! I’m so bored!” her friend pleaded. 
               “I’m kind of busy today…” her fingers selfishly wrapped around his thick meat causing Jimin bite his bottom lip in order to hold back a moan as they worked their magic. 
               “With what?” 
               “Typing up a paper for one of my classes…” the girl lied smoothly. Y/N’s hand slowly stroked his length up and down, she was enjoying the sight of a tortured Jimin. It was obvious that he was having a hard time keeping quiet and she found it amusing. 
               “Ugh! You suck!” Rina whined sadly. 
               “Because I don’t want to fail my classes and let my money go to waste?” she inquired giggling at her friend’s childishness, her grip around his girth tightened as she started to pick up the pace.

               “I’m sure you can find someone else to keep you company.” Y/N suggested licking her lips sensually as she watched Jimin resting on his elbows slightly propped up. His eyes were shut tightly as his brows knit together in bliss, she could feel him pulsing with need in her hand.  
               “But… Jimin hasn’t been answering his phone.”

               “No?” she could tell he was close by the way he was bucking his hips. 
               “Yeah, it’s weird. It goes straight to voicemail… I’m worried, what if something happened to him?” for a second she almost felt bad, but looking at his face contorted in pure ecstasy made all that go away. Trust me he’s fine.

               “I’m sure he’s just busy.” It was hard to feel guilty when she had such a beautiful man sprawled on her bed writhing at her touch. Her hands furiously rubbed his member, giving it one last rough squeeze that pushed him over the edge. Throwing his head back he let out a strangled moan as his sticky white seed spewed all over her small hand.

               “What was that?”
               “That was the TV.” she brought her hand up to her mouth and sucked the bittersweet substance off her fingers not letting a single drop go to waste. Y/N tried not to snigger as Jimin’s jaw dropped in excitement and desire watching her lick everything up. 
               “Oh, okay! You should probably turn that TV off and get to work on your paper though.”
               “Yeah, you’re right… I’ll talk to you later, bye.” Y/N threw her phone on the nightstand after hanging up. Her full attention was back on Jimin who was panting, his hooded eyes were enjoying the sight of her sexually cleaning up his most recent mess.

               “That was your girlfriend…” 
               “I know.” He breathed out sitting up. 
               “She said she kept calling you but it only went straight to voicemail.”
               “That’s because I turned my phone off.” 
               “Because I’m with you, I don’t want anyone interrupting us when we’re together.” He muttered placing a kiss on her forehead.

               “Jimin~” Y/N whined wrapping her arms around his waist and looking up at him with puppy eyes. “I wanna do something fun today.”
               “Like what?” he wondered tracing small kisses along her jawline.
               “I don’t know…” 
               “Hmm, how does a date sound?” he proposed.

              Y/N and Rina sat at a local café waiting for Jimin to arrive. Originally it was just supposed to be the two of them but not having seen Jimin in a while Rina decided to invite him last minute. At the mention of her best friend’s name he had quickly agreed. Y/N tapped her manicured nails against the white table counter as she listened to her friend go on about how good of a boyfriend Jimin was, she hated hearing about him from her specifically. But as the other woman all she could do was smile and nod. Y/N boredly stirred her iced mocha with her straw as her eyes wandered from her drink over to the window.

               “Hey, guys!” Jimin greeted brightly smiling at the two, his gaze stayed a little longer on Y/N than it should have. Both girls quickly noticed the other boy besides him and waved. He was taller than Jimin, he had mocha brown hair, cherry red lips, and dark alluring eyes. Y/N could tell from his thin white t-shirt that he just like Jimin liked to work out, her eyes wandered down to his thick muscular thighs in his blue washed out skinny jeans. She couldn’t deny that he was hot. “This is my friend Jeon Jungkook, we were already together when you called… So I figured I’d bring him along.”

               “Hello, it’s nice to meet you guys.” The slightly younger boy greeted in his honey like voice, had she not been in love with Jimin already Y/N would have fallen for Jungkook instantly.

               “Nice to meet you too Jungkook. I’m Rina, Jimin’s girlfriend.” Y/N could feel a knot form in the pit of her stomach hearing Rina’s introduction, suddenly she felt lightheaded. She wanted nothing more than to walk out of the suffocating room, but it wasn’t that simple. Her only comfort was that unlike Rina, she actually had Jimin’s heart.

               “Hello, I’m Y/N. It’s a pleasure meeting you.” Her smile halfhearted as she waved at the boy. Jimin made his way next to his girlfriend as usual and even though Y/N should be used to it by now it still hurt. Jungkook walked to the only empty seat, which was next to her. 
               “Oh my god, Jimin!” Rina squealed tugging on her boyfriend’s sleeve, he hummed out an ‘hmm’ his eyes were fixated on his best friend and his lover. The two seemed to be hitting it off really well and it irked him. “Don’t they look cute together?” he tried not to spit out his milk tea hearing those words come out her mouth. His eyes darted from them to Rina, she was thrilled.

               “I- I don’t think she’s his type.” He argued trying to avoid the topic.

               “You think so?” her eyes flickered over to the two. “Because he seems like he’s really into her.” Jimin chewed the inside of his cheeks enviously watching as Y/N placed her hand on Jungkook’s upper arm. As much as he wanted to say something he couldn’t, especially not with his girlfriend around.

               “You have really nice arms!” she complimented running her fingers over the flexing muscles, Jungkook flushed in embarrassment and meekly smiled.

               “I work out abs too, but I can’t show those here.” Jungkook added causing her to flush bright pink. He wasn’t one to brag, but he felt the need to impress her.

               “Yah!” Jimin hissed under his breath while discretely kicking his friend beneath the table.

               “Ow!” the brunette whined.

               “Are you okay?” Y/N asked setting her iced coffee down and looking at him with concern.

               “Y- Yeah, I just accidently hit my foot on the table.” He fibbed letting out an awkward chuckle.

               “Oh, be careful.” She warned shaking her head at his clumsiness.

               After a while Y/N was the first to leave, followed by Rina, only leaving the boys sitting across one another. Jungkook was the first one to speak up after the girls had left.  

               “Jimin, you think you can give me her number?”
               “Y/N’s number I mean, hahaha. Not your girlfriend’s, don’t worry.” Although he much rather give him Rina’s number than Y/N’s.

               “W- Why?”
               “I want to get to know her better, so far I really like her.” Jungkook confessed with a boyish grin on his face. “She’s funny,-” I know. “Pretty,-” Correction, she’s beautiful. “And-“ 
               “I’m sorry I can’t give you her number.”
               “Why?” he whined childishly.

               “Be- Because… You have to ask her yourself, I can’t go around giving out her number without her consent.” The boy was grateful that he was able to think of a good excuse.

               “That’s true…” the younger one agreed with a nod. “In that case… When’s the next time you’ll take me to see her?” Never, Jimin thought greedily. 

               “Jimin, how do I look?” Y/N asked shyly stepping out of the bathroom in a champagne colored beaded panel floor length chiffon gown, silver heels, and her hair in a fishtail braided updo. Jimin broke his gaze away from the vanity and gawked at her instead, his big brown eyes were wide in amazement. “Do I look that bad?” she asked with a slight frown, she had worked hard to make herself look good. After all it was her first cousin’s wedding they would be attending. 

               “Baby girl…” he breathed out approaching her, his hand rested on her cheek as his fingers caressed her soft skin. “You look absolutely stunning.” His eyes roamed her body lovingly adoring every last bit of her. “Oh my god…” he crashed his lips down on hers wanting nothing more than to take her right then and there, but before it could go any further she broke away.

               “I can’t have you messing up my make up before the wedding even starts.” She giggled shaking her head, he pouted.

               “You’re already pretty as it is, why are you even wearing any make up?” he complained stomping his foot childishly, he had always admired her for being what he called a ‘natural beauty’
               “It’s not like I wear it all the time, this is the first time in about two years since I’ve put any on…” she scoffed fixing his tie. “We’re going to a wedding after all.” He was wearing a slim fit midnight black suit, with a champagne silk tie, and dark leather dress shoes. His hair was parted a bit more towards the left for this evening. “You look so handsome.” 
               “Really?” he ticked his brow upwards as he smirked, Y/N nodded absentmindedly unable to look away.

               Soon after the one hour vow exchange at the church followed the reception at an extravagant wedding hall. The color scheme was gold, lavender, and ivory. The tables were all wrapped in expensive tablecloths as well as the chairs, which also had a satin ribbon wrapped around the back. A sterling silver candelabra decorated the center of each table along with blossoming white roses. People chatted and danced the night away celebrating the newlywed couple. Being a close relative she was obligated to walk around and greet many of the other guest and Jimin insisted on tagging along. When she would introduce herself he would soon follow after and claim himself as her boyfriend. Y/N couldn’t help but blush every time, how she wished it were true.

               They now sat at their table, the chandeliers above them sparkled as the rest of the lights began to dim. The DJ then announced that it was time to throw the bouquet, many of the girls cheered before they made their way to the center of the dance floor where the bride stood on top of a chair with her back facing them.

               “Baby girl aren’t you going to go?” Jimin whispered in her ear so she could hear him over all of the commotion. 
               “Should I?”

               “Of course, go Y/N!” he chuckled pulling her up from her seat and escorting her to the rest of the girls. 
               “Three…two…one!” the bride hollered throwing her bouquet at the swarm of females. Y/N’s eyes rounded seeing the flowers come towards her. She stuck her arms out and opened her palms waiting to see if it would make it to her hands. To her surprise she had caught the arrangement and the other girls looked at her enviously while the guest cheered at her accomplishment. Y/N gleefully made her way back to her table where Jimin sat waiting for her with a huge grin on his face. 
               “Congrats baby girl! Guess we should start planning already?” he commented teasingly waving the flower arrangement in front of her. She rolled her eyes and smiled at him, although she liked thought of one day being Mrs. Park.

               “Jimin!” the sound of skin slapping and Y/N’s lewd moans filled the room as he emptied himself inside of her for the second time that afternoon. Not giving her any time to recover from her toe curling orgasm his head made its way between her legs, he could see her entrance overflowing with his hot cum. He shoved his middle finger deep inside of her hole pushing back in some of the creamy substance.
               “Clean me up baby.” He commanded shoving his finger in front of her mouth. Without a complaint she took in the glistening finger and sucked it clean savoring his taste. “Fuck, you’re so hot.” She could feel his warm breath lingering against her aching core and it drove her insane. His tongue soon darted towards her folds he then shoved two fingers back into her heat. His tongue pressed flatly against her swollen clit, licking in circles to stimulate her further. Tears were stinging her eyes as he continued to pump his fingers inside of her, the sensation was overwhelming. Having come twice already had her extremely sensitive.

               Jungkook stood outside the apartment waiting for Jimin to open the door, he had knocked several times but no one came. He knew Jimin was home because he had seen his car in the parking lot when he arrived so he was confused as to why he wasn’t answering. Trying his luck he reached for the doorknob and successfully turned it, the idiot had accidentally left it unlocked. He walked to the living room and set the takeout and movie rentals on the coffee table unaware of what was going on in the other room. It had become their tradition to eat and have a movie marathon the second Friday of every month.

               “Oh my god, Jimin!” erotic moans unexpectedly filled his ears, Jungkook could feel his cheeks turn red in embarrassment. I had no idea he had Rina over, he thought to himself in a panic.

               “You like that Y/N?” he froze, Y/N? No way… He could feel his heart thumping loudly against his rib cage as he walked closer to the other man’s room. He pressed his ear against the door while his fingers landed on the handle. He had to be mistaken.

               “Yes, oh fuck, yes!” the girl cried louder. Without thinking his hand turn the knob, saying he was shocked would be an understatement. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights as he gaped at the scene before him. Jimin’s face was buried between Y/N’s legs who was clearly enjoying the way he curled his fingers inside of her along with the way he flicked his tongue. Her back was arched in pleasure making her perky breast stand out, her hands clenched the bedsheets as she bucked her hips subconsciously asking for more. “Jimin~” she was a moaning mess, yet he couldn’t help but admire her beauty despite the situation.

               “Y/N…?” Jungkook croaked causing the two to look at the younger boy in horror. The color quickly drained from her cheeks seeing Jungkook standing before them with an incredulous look on his face. Jimin hastily picked up the sheets and tossed them onto her naked body not wanting the other man to feast on a sight that was supposed to be only for him. He grabbed his boxers off the ground and slipped them on before pushing him harshly out the room then slamming the door behind them.

              “When did you and Rina break up?” Jungkook asked tilting his head in confusion, Jimin gazed down at the ground unsure of what to answer. “Oh my god, don’t tell me you’re cheating on her! With her best friend?” he gasped looking at his friend with accusing eyes. “Is this why you didn’t want to give me Y/N’s number?” he growled, it all made sense now. “Is this why you would always ignore me when I asked you to set me up with her?” his voice boomed throughout the spacious room. “Because you didn’t want to share your little fuck toy?”
               “Don’t call her that!” Jimin snarled balling his fists trying to control his temper, to him she was anything but that.

               “If Rina is your girlfriend then what does that make Y/N?”

               “The love of my life!” he shouted digging his nails into his palms in order to restrain himself from doing anything reckless.
               “That doesn’t make sense! If that were the case… you would be dating her and not Rina!” having met Jimin a year ago he was quite oblivious to the real situation.  

               “You wouldn’t understand…” Jimin murmured heaving a sigh.
               “Then help me understand!” He needed answers.
               “Jimin… Jungkook…” Y/N looked between the two anxiously, the last thing she wanted was for someone to find out especially like this. She walked out of the bedroom wearing one of Jimin’s t-shirts which was oversized on her. It was the best she could do seeing as how her clothes were scattered all over the place. “I-…I-“ she was at loss for words, how was she supposed to justify going behind her friend’s back and not just sleeping with the other girl’s boyfriend for the past month but going on dates with him too?

               “Baby girl it’s okay.” Jimin cooed enveloping the smaller girl into his arms.

               “What the fuck is going on?” Jungkook hollered frustrated, his head aching from everything going on around him.

               “Stop it!” Jimin snapped tightening his grasp around her. “You’re scaring her.” Jungkook’s eyes softened looking down at the trembling girl, it wasn’t his intention to frighten her. “We’ll tell you everything, just calm down.” And that’s what they did, they told him everything from start to finish. Jungkook didn’t necessarily agree with the whole cheating, but he could see how it led to that. He felt bad for both girls, Rina because she was being lied to and Y/N because she was stuck on the other end. He hated to admit that a small part of him was a bit hurt when he found out about Y/N’s long time feelings for Jimin seeing as how he had developed just a teeny tiny crush on the girl.

               Logically Jungkook had suggested Jimin break up with Rina, but it seemed like every time he would try something would come up or prevent it. Jimin had started to feel guilty at one point, but it was mainly towards Y/N because he wanted nothing more than to give Y/N her rightful place. Y/N felt guilty as well, she knew how much her best friend liked Jimin. Of course, not as much as she did but still quite a lot since he was her first boyfriend.

               “Y/N…” Jungkook called out. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone.” He assured her, he could tell she was beyond nervous by the way she sat there fiddling with her fingers avoiding his gaze.

               “Really?” came her meek voice as she finally faced him.

               “Mhm.” He hummed with a reassuring smile, “On one condition.” He added averting his eyes towards Jimin. “That you let me see her more often.”
               “What?” he groaned annoyed.

               “You owe me anyway! How many times did I ask you to take me to Y/N? Dozens.” The girl looked between the two with wide eyes, she was unware of this.

               “And for a good reason! So why would I do it now that you know she’s mine?”

               “I don’t know Jimin… You tell me.” Jungkook retorted with a smirk, he wasn’t one to extort but all he wanted was some quality time with the girl. “I’m just asking to hang out with her not take her out on a date.”
               “I don’t have a choice, do I?” he mumbled glaring at his friend.
               “Technically you do.” came his cheeky reply.
               “You know what I mean.”

               “And then after the movie Jimin and I went for a walk in the park!” her friend continued to ramble on about her most recent date. “I have to say, I had my doubts at first about Jimin… But now I honestly can’t see him hurting me.” Think again.

               “That’s good, he seems like a sweet guy.” She commented absentmindedly thinking about the last time she saw him, which was two days ago before his and Rina’s date.

               “He is!” Y/N searched for her keys, they were headed back to her apartment after brunch so they could hang out for a bit longer. Jimin was supposed to be coming over later that evening so she was astonished when she saw him waiting outside her apartment with a huge Rilakkuma plush and chocolates. Oh fuck.

              “Ji- Jimin?” Rina squeaked out seeing her boyfriend standing there. “What are you doing here?” Yeah, you idiot! What are you doing here this early, unannounced?
               “Y/N texted me! She told me you two would be coming back here… So I thought I’d surprise you.” He blurted out hesitantly offering her the gifts and a lopsided smile. “Surprise!” indeed it was, for him as well.

              “Oh my god! It’s so cute!” Rina excitedly grabbed the bear and gave it a big hug. She then noticed a card on the box of chocolates and removed it from its envelope. Her eyes scanned over the words multiple times unable to believe what it said.

‘I love you baby, never forget that.

-          Jimin’

              “Jimin… I love you too!” Rina squealed dropping everything and running over to her boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around him and leaned in for a kiss. Y/N stood there frozen, she knew it was supposed to be for her but the circumstances had changed that. She was grateful that Jimin was able to cover everything up quickly, but had she known this would be the outcome she would have preferred to be found out. 

              The girl couldn’t stand the sight in front of her, her best friend and her lover kissing outside her front door. It was sickening, she could feel her heart drop and her stomach twist in jealousy. Her surrounding were spinning and suddenly it was hard to breathe. A meek voice in her head scolded Y/N telling her that this was just one of the many consequences of dating a taken man. Jimin pulled away first looking distraught as he made eye contact with Y/N. She could tell he was sorry, but not only that he was mortified as well.

              “I- I’ll leave you two to celebrate.” Y/N forced herself to happily whisper before going inside her apartment and closing the door behind her not waiting for their response. She slid against the wall and buried her face into her knees trying to control her emotions. Now how was he supposed to end it? She reached in her bag for her phone. Her finger hovered above the contact for a couple of seconds before she mustered the courage to press it. “Kookie, can you please come over?” without another word she hung up and dragged herself to her bedroom.

              “Y/N?” Jungkook called out walking into her home. She had texted him that the door would be unlocked for him which was something he didn’t condone, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Wandering around he finally found what he assumed to be her bedroom door. “Y/N!” he walked over to her bed where she was curled up in the sheets with a tear stained face. His lips twitched downwards into a frown seeing her looking so broken.

              “Kookie…” she croaked peeking out from the blankets.

              “What’s wrong? What happened?” he kneeled on the bed in front of her, Y/N sat up causing the sheets to fall revealing her loose white scoop neck tee that wasn’t long enough to cover her black panties. She was making it difficult for him to concentrate, but nonetheless he tried.

               “J- Jimin… a- and Rina…” after having calmed down she was able to properly explain what had happened. Jungkook couldn’t help but mentally scold Jimin for being so careless, if it wasn’t for his recklessness then the mess wouldn’t have gotten bigger than it already was. “And now she thinks he loves her! The worst part is she actually loves him, I heard her say it.” He could tell she was trying her hardest to hold in the water works.

               “Shh, Y/N. It’s okay.” He coaxed caressing her cheek, he would often see Jimin do this whenever he wanted to calm her down. “I’m sure he’ll find a way, he’s smart.” Jungkook reasoned staring down into her big glassy eyes. “You two will be okay.”

               “Thanks Kookie.”

               “For what?”
               “Being here for me when I needed you the most.” A small grateful grin was present on her face, he looked away not wanting her to see his pink tinted cheeks. The affect she had on him was unreal and he didn’t need her to know that, it was hard enough for him already.

               “Now… How about we do something to keep your mind off of all of this?”

               As a distraction he suggested they watch TV together which ended up in them watching an old movie. Not even half an hour into the film they had fallen asleep, her head rested on his warm lap and his fingers in her hair. Jungkook had fallen asleep sitting up, his back against the couch while she laid down and used him as a pillow. Their slumber was soon interrupted by a knock on the door, Y/N walked over sleepily not bothering to ask who it was. Having just woken up she couldn’t really think.

               “Who is it Y/N?” Jungkook yawned peeking from his seat.

               “Jungkook…?” Jimin’s voice whispered looking from his friend who was now behind Y/N to his half-naked lover. “You son of a bitch!” he screeched balling up his fists ready to attack.

               “What the fuck Jimin?” Jungkook couldn’t comprehend why his friend was acting this way.

               “Jimin, what’s your problem?” Y/N asked shakily backing up into Jungkook who circled his arms around her before she could fall.

               “Did he touch you?” the black haired boy growled examining her body for any marks like love bites and hickeys.

               “Wait what?” that’s when she realized. “Are you trying to imply that we had sex?”

               “Yes- Well, no! I mean I know you wouldn’t do anything… But him I don’t know! Did he try to take advantage of you?” Jimin asked as his eyes pierced through Jungkook.
               “Oh my god, Jimin what the fuck? NO!” How dare he? “Kookie isn’t that kind of guy. How dare you even-“
               “I’m sorry, okay? I don’t know what came over me… It’s just you opened the door wearing something so provocative-“
               “You mean panties and a t-shirt? You out of everyone should know this is how I always dress around the house.” You practically live here.
               “Yeah, when you’re alone or I’m around.” Jimin reasoned trying to open her eyes to what he meant. “He’s a man too you know!”
               “A man who would never harm me, unlike you.” She regretted having said that faster than it came out of her mouth. She watched his face drop from an aggravated one to a remorseful one.

               “Oh shit…” those were the only words Jungkook was able get out of his mouth since the scene had unfolded.

               “Baby girl…” his voice was laced with pure regret.
               “No! How dare you even think I would betray you like that? I love you so much…” she wasn’t sure whether to cry or punch him in the face.
               “Baby girl, please!” he stepped closer but as he did she started to close the door.
               “No, go away Park Jimin!” with that she slammed the door shut in his face.

               “Y/N maybe you should have heard him out.” Jungkook chimed feeling kind of bad for his friend.
               “Maybe, but I’m too pissed right now to even look at him.” She admitted locking the door. “I just want to go back to sleep, at least that way I don’t have to feel anything.”
               “What? It’s true. Will you please stay?”
               “Are you sure that’s a good idea? What if Jimin-“ she had enough problems as it is and he didn’t want to cause more.
               “I don’t care, I just don’t want to be alone right now.” How could he say no to her puppy eyes?
               “Alright, anything for you.”
               Jungkook’s fingers traced the outline of her lacy black undergarment, he wished he could just rip them off and bury his face between her soft thighs. He wanted nothing more than to hear her moaning his name in pure bliss. Images of her naked on her back when he had walked in on them flooded his mind. He knew he couldn’t have his way with her, but at least he was lucky enough to be on the same bed with her. She was laying on her right side with her back facing him, the black bra strap was visible because the loose shirt was slipping off her slim shoulder a bit. For the last hour he wasn’t able to sleep, not when she was so vulnerably laid out right beside him.

               “Stop temping me…” he scolded the sleeping girl, he bit his lip looking at her exposed legs. He imagined what it would be like to have Y/N on her knees with her hand on the base of his cock while she swallowed the rest. The thought of that had him hot and bothered, he knew he shouldn’t be thinking about her that way. Stirring in her sleep a bit Jungkook placed his arm around her waist and tried to stay perfectly still. Too bad she felt his warmth and decided to cuddle up to him, being mostly asleep she had assumed he was Jimin since they would often sleep together. Jungkook moaned feeling her ass rub against his semi-hard member, feeling her grind against him caused it to completely stiffen. His hold around her got tighter, her body fit perfectly in his arms. “Fuck.” He groaned trying not to move anymore because he was afraid of waking her up.

               Half an hour later Y/N’s eyes fluttered open, her eyes immediately noticed the muscular arms around her. Last she remembered she had kicked out Jimin.

               “Y/N?” Jungkook mumbled waking up, the poor boy had barely fallen asleep five minutes ago.

               “Oh, Kookie!”

               “What time is it?” he searched the room frantically for a clock.
               “About to be seven, why?”  
               “Shit! I have to go home and finish my homework, it’s due tomorrow!”

               “If you had stuff to do then why did you come over? Oh my god, I’m so sorry I even called-“ Y/N felt guilty for having dragged him into this, it wasn’t her intention to distract him from his duties.
               “Because you’re more important than some paper, don’t apologize. I don’t have that much left to do.” For the most part it was already finished he just had to proof read.
               “Thanks.” It warmed her heart hearing him say that, she didn’t have many friends so she felt blessed to have someone like Jungkook.

               “Jimin?” she called out noticing a figure sitting outside of her front door, he looked up groggily. A small smile formed when he saw her.

               “Uh, I’ll get going now. Call me if you need anything.” Jungkook gave Jimin a sympathetic look before he left.
               “Don’t tell me you’ve been out here the whole time…” It’s been nearly two hours Jimin!
               “Okay then I won’t tell you… But please listen to me.” He was now standing in front of her giving a pleading look.
               “Jimin you idiot… Come inside.” If she would have known that he was going to camp outside her home instead of going back to his then she would have never slammed the door on him.
               “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry baby girl.” His soft hands cupped her cheeks. “I know what I said earlier was out of line… But I was just frustrated… Just- Ugh!” He wasn’t even sure where to start. “Fuck!”
               “And now Rina thinks I’m in love with her… Gah!” I only love you… But I had to protect you.

               “I know…”
               “I’m sorry I hurt you, that’s all I ever do.” Hearing his voice crack made her realize how much her words had wounded him, it was never her intention to cut him that deep.
               “Don’t say that…” I didn’t mean it.
               “It’s true! You said it yourself… You were right, unlike me Jungkook has never harmed you.” He hated to admit that. “I don’t deserve you.” His fingers slipped off her face as he looked down feeling unworthy.
               “Stop!” she couldn’t stand seeing him like this. “Park Jimin, I love you.”
               “But nothing. Please, just hold me.” He wasn’t going to make her repeat herself, Jimin enveloped her into a well needed hug. “You have no idea how much it pained me to see you two kissing.” Y/N confessed against his chest.
               “I know-“
               “No, you don’t know! How would you feel if you saw me and Jungkook kissing?” his arms gave her a hard squeeze, she could feel his whole body tense.
               “I don’t even want to think about that!” Jimin bellowed.
               “Exactly… Imagine how I felt?”
               “I’m sorry, I can’t apologize enough.” Just wait. “I’ll find a way out of this.”

               “Promise, baby girl.” His lips kissed the top of her head earnestly.

               “So when are you going to ask her out?” Rina urged Jungkook as soon as her friend got up to go to the bathroom.

               “Wh- What?” both Jungkook and Jimin exclaimed at the same time.

               “Oh come on! I see the way you look at her.” Rina giggled giving him a knowing look.

               “It’s not like that!” Jungkook stammered trying to avoid Jimin’s glare.

               “Is too! You’d have to be blind not to notice the way you look at Y/N.” she stated confidently. What does that make you then? When you can’t even recognize the way Jimin looks at her.

               “Rina leave the poor kid alone.” Jimin spoke sweetly through his gritted teeth.

               “Why are you all so quiet? Were you all talking about me?” Y/N spoke returning to her seat as she narrowed her eyes at them warningly.

               “Of course not!” Rina answered letting out an awkward chuckle.

               “How come you’re always smiling when you look at your phone?” Rina questioned eyeing her best friend who was typing another message.

               “Am not.”
               “Are too.” She narrowed her eyes at her before continuing. “You’ve been a lot busier too lately…”

               “Are you hiding something from me?” that caught Y/N off guard, she doesn’t know does she? Of course not, she wouldn’t be this calm.
               “Li- Like what?” she stuttered.
               “A boyfriend perhaps?” Yeah, yours.

               “Of course not.”
               “Come one, I’m not stupid!” That’s debatable, Y/N thought rolling her eyes. “I know a love struck girl when I see one. So what’s his name?”
               “Huh?” she figured it would be best for her to feign innocence to get her off her back.
               “Do I know him?” Very well.
               “I already told you, I don’t have a boyfriend.” She grumbled annoyed at the fact that she was being interrogated.
               “Right, and Jimin doesn’t love me.” Rina sarcastically declared rolling her eyes. But he doesn’t. “Oh I know! It’s Jungkook!”

               “What?” now that startled her.
               “Oh my god, it is isn’t!” her friend squealed in excitement. “Don’t even try to deny it! That would explain your constant texting, why you’re always busy, and even those hickeys on your neck. Don’t look at me like that, it’s not like I haven’t noticed.” I told him not to place them somewhere visible.

               “You’re crazy.” Her phone ‘dinged’ again, before she could even see who it was Rina had snatched the phone off the table and unlocked it. She knew she should have put a passcode.

               “’See you later tonight baby~’” Rina read out loud in what she assumed was supposed to be Jungkook’s voice.Oh my god, who’s ‘Babycakes’?”

               “Rina, give that back!” Y/N angrily demanded, she had always hated when people went through her stuff.
               “I knew it, I freaking knew it! You can’t fool me Y/N.” But I have been. “It’s Jungkook isn’t it?” It’s Jimin.

               “Ahhh! I always knew he had a thing for you!”

               “You told her Jungkook was your boyfriend?” Jimin fumed punching one of the many couch cushions.
               “I already told you, I didn’t have a choice!” which was true, plus using Jungkook as a cover up was better than picking some random guy off the street. At least she was familiar with Jungkook and he knew their circumstances very well. “Was I supposed to tell her the truth? ‘Oh no, it’s just your boyfriend who I’ve been sleeping with for a while now.’

               “Look, I’m not happy about this either…” If anything this only complicates everything more. “I just went from single to in a relationship in a matter of minutes.”
               “Single? Since when were you single?” he was genuinely puzzled by her statement.
               “If I wasn’t single, then what was I?” one of her brows ticked upwards in curiosity.
               “My baby girl.” Declared Jimin as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
               “What’s that supposed to mean?”
               “My girl, the love of my life, my everything.” A proud smile on his face accompanied his loving words.

              “Everything but your girlfriend…” Y/N resentfully scowled.
               “Y/N…” her name sounded so beautiful when he said it. “As awful as this may sound, I more than anyone want to get rid of her… I swear she can be so oblivious.”

              “Do you really love me?”
               “Baby girl… How can you even ask that?” Jimin cupped her face and tilted his head downward in order to press his forehead against hers. “Of course I love you and only you. Never forget that.”

               “What is it?” Y/N asked admiring the pretty pastel pink packaging.

               “Open it!” Jimin encouraged. Her fingers looped around the cream colored ribbon pulling it until it came undone. Gingerly she opened the box to reveal a white gold key necklace, her eyes shined with excitement as she glanced up at Jimin.

               “It’s so pretty!” she squealed. “I love it and I love you, thank you!” Y/N exclaimed joyfully cupping his cheeks and giving him a peck on the lips.
               “I’m so happy you love it baby girl…” he giggled. “But guess what?”

               “Ta-da!” he pulled down on his shirt slightly to reveal a matching white gold heart locket.
               “Oh my god…”
               “Get it? Because you have the key to my heart.”
               “I can’t.” she wasn’t able to muffle her laughter, Jimin grinned. “You’re so corny, hahaha!” her hand clutched her side as she used the couch for support. One way or another he always managed to make her laugh and that was one of the many things she loved about him.
               “Yah, but you love it!” he countered chuckling at her at her adorable reaction. “That’s just the affect you have on me.” Jimin whined pouting. “Let me put it on you.” Y/N grabbed her hair and moved it all to the side as he placed the chain around her neck, the key charm shined brightly in the artificially lit room. “Always keep it on, okay?”
               “Only if you do the same.”
               “Yes baby girl?” he cooed.

               “Can we go get ice cream?”
               “Hmmm.” he tapped his fingers against his chin pretending to think, he loved teasing her.

               “Jiminnie please!”

               “How could I ever say no to such a cute girl?” he laughed pressing his index finger on the tip of her nose in a loving manner.

               Their eyes scanned the menu behind the register as they stood in line weighing their options. Jimin’s arm was securely around her waist while his chin rested on the top of her head. He had always been big on PDA. Couples and families sat everywhere enjoying the creamy cold concoctions and because of that it was a bit rowdy indoors.

               “So what do you want baby?”

               “Hmm, I want… cookie dough!” Y/N chimed childishly.

               “Cute.” he mumbled walking up to the counter. “One cookie dough and one salted caramel please.”

               “That’ll be nine dollars and fifty four cents.” The male cashier announced eyeing Y/N. “Here you are.” The worker spoke handing Jimin his ice cream. “And for the pretty lady.” He continued with a smile giving her a wink. She flushed a bit before mumbling a quick ‘thank you’ and taking it, Jimin frowned and glared at the boy.

               “Who does he think he is?” he hissed dragging her out of the ice cream parlor.


               “I’m so sorry.” He whined letting go of her wrist, she shook her head and rolled her eyes.

               “I can’t believe you’re jealous.”
               “Of course! You’re mine, no other guys should be winking or smiling at you like that.”
               “Are you listening to yourself?” she gaped. “You sound crazy.”
               “I am crazy, crazy about you.”

              “Oh my god, Jimin no.” Y/N giggled.

               “Come on, eat your ice cream before it melts.”
               Since it was a sunny afternoon they decided to take a stroll in the park. The leaves had already began to turn scarlet, orange and mustard yellow signaling that fall had arrived. Walking together next to one another they ate their ice cream admiring the dogs and kids playing. Loud laughter and screams could be heard throughout the perimeter.

               “Yes Jiminnie?”

               “How do you feel about kids?” he questioned looking at the children playing tag, he had always been good with them.

               “Kids? They’re troublesome, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want one just not any time soon.” Y/N on the other hand wasn’t such a big fan of kids, she found them to be financial burdens but that didn’t take away from the fact that she wanted one.

               “I love kids, I hope one day we can have one together.” she was caught off guard by his statement, but it warmed her heart knowing he thought about their future.

               “Jimin? Y/N?” an all too familiar voice asked.

               “Oh h- hey Rina!” Jimin greeted trying to sound pleasantly surprised.

               “What are you two doing here together?”

               “We bumped into each other at the ice cream parlor.” Y/N answered innocently smiling at her friend.

               “Oh! Was it that little place in midtown?” Rina wondered.

               “With the pastel interior?”

               “Yes! That’s the one, I’ve always wanted to try it… But whenever I ask Jimin he says he’s too busy.” Her best friend said with a pout playfully glaring at her boyfriend.

               “I know, he was just telling me that he feels so guilty about sometimes not having enough time for you because of work and school.” Heaving a dramatic sigh Y/N continued. “But I told him he shouldn’t worry because you’re understanding, right?”

               “Of course! Oh my god. Jimin don’t feel guilty, it’s okay… I had no idea how much you had on your plate.” they could both tell she felt bad, but they didn’t.

               “It’s okay, you didn’t know…” he had to say, he was pretty impressed by Y/N’s lying. Oddly enough he found himself intrigued by her deceiving ways.

               “What were you going to tell me?” Y/N asked walking out of Jimin’s bathroom drying her hair with a towel, she was wearing booty shorts and one of his shirts he had laid out for her. He enjoyed her walking around his apartment in his clothing because everything he owned was oversized on her. There was something about seeing her in his clothes that he found cute, yet sexy.

               “That Rina will be gone for the winter break.” he went back to the kitchen, he had almost forgotten to keep stirring what was in the pot. Today Jimin had insisted on making dinner, she wasn’t sure whether to be scared or excited because last she checked Jimin had said he wanted to learn how to cook not that he knew how. But she found it to be a sweet gesture that he was trying.

               “Really? She’ll be gone the whole month?” Y/N now sat on the black granite counter watching over his shoulder making sure he didn’t start a kitchen fire.
               “Yes, which means more time for you and I.”

               “Now that I think about it she did say something about going home to visit her family.”

               “Something like that, but enough about her. Dinner is ready!”

               Her lips were wrapped around his girth and his fingers were tangled into her disheveled hair. Y/N gazed up momentarily to admire how beautiful Jimin looked right now. His eyes were shut tightly and his mouth was ajar letting out moans and grunts as her tongue traced along the pulsing veins on his shaft.

               “You’re so good at this.” She could tell by his strained voice that he was close to coming. Her hands cupped his balls and lightly massaged them, her other hand rested on his this built thighs for some support. Wanting to feel the back of her throat he began to thrust his cock without a warning. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes as she hallowed her cheeks, letting herself relax Y/N managed to swallow the rest. His red swollen head hit the back of her throat aggressively until it started to twitch uncontrollably. Soon enough his hot bittersweet seed spilled inside her mouth. “Y/N!” his eyes rolled to the back of his head while his toes curled in euphoria as he unloaded into her, she loved hearing her names at times like these.

               “Mmm, Jiminnie you taste so yummy.” Y/N sinfully moaned swallowing, her tongue ran across her lips trying to get every last bit.

               “Baby girl… You’re so hot.” He loved the sight of Y/N on her knees cleaning up the mess she had caused.
               “Jiminn, can I ride you? Pretty please~” she knew he found it hard to refuse her requests, especially when she was pouting.

               “Only because you asked nicely.” On the bed she was now straddling him, his back was on the headboard for support. Y/N grabbed his hardened member and slowly sank down at it, meanwhile Jimin was feasting on the sight of his thick cock stretching out her painfully tight walls. She let out a shaky sigh after taking him completely in, he could tell she was struggling to hold back. Pain filled mewls left her cherry pink lips as she started to move at a set pace. After a while Y/N could feel she had adjusted and that’s when she increased her speed. Jimin looked at her through his hooded eyes, he was enticed by the way she would bounce up and down on him because her breast would jiggled with every jerky movement. He could feel her nails break the skin on his shoulder blades as she started to go harder. Her lewd moans could be heard very clearly along with his heavy breathing, droplets of sweat dibbled from his forehead to his jawline.

               “Jimin… Ah, fuck!” Y/N squealed feeling his cock hit her g-spot. His hands suddenly made their way to her hips, gripping them hard before pounding into her. He craned his head back enjoying the sound of her sultry voice as he abused her sweet spot over and over again. “Jimin!” the girl cried as he continued to thrust into her letting her ride out her orgasm.

              “Oh fuck. Baby girl… Oh god baby, ah Y/N!” He snapped his hips against her a few more times before she felt his cum spurt, the milky white substance mixed with her clear juices creating a sticky dripping mess. Falling down onto him he could feel her body trembling against him due to the intense aftershock from her orgasm. Carefully he let himself lay down, his arms circled her waist and he could feel Y/N bury her face in the crook of his neck where she placed butterfly kisses. “I love you so much.” He cooed nuzzling his nose into her pomegranate scented hair.
               “I love you too Jimin.”

               “They’re so cute!” Rina gushed observing Jungkook and Y/N walking hand-in hand in front of them. They were on another double date with the two, Rina couldn’t remember the last time her and Jimin had been out together without their best friends.

               “Yeah.” Jimin agreed forcing out a smile, his eyes locked on their intertwined fingers. He and Y/N came to an agreement that he wouldn’t go out alone on dates with Rina anymore and that’s where she and Jungkook came in.

               “Oh my god!” the girl next to him gasped pointing over at the other two. Both Jungkook’s hands could be seen on the back of Y/N’s head bringing her closer in order to deepen the kiss. His teeth nibbled her bottom lip causing her to moan, immediately his tongue swirled inside of her wet cavern enjoying the taste. Y/N could feel Jimin’s eyes suddenly piercing into them causing her to abruptly pull away.

               “Jungkook was that really necessary?” she scolded softly so only he could hear, she could see the boy grinning cheekily down at her.

               “What? Can’t I kiss my girlfriend?” the brunette teased smirking. If there was something Jungkook loved it was messing with Jimin, he knew how much the older male hated when he held her hands, played with her hair, wrapped his arms around her, and most of all when he kissed her. But despite all that his actions weren’t fueled by simple mischief, they were driven by his feelings more than anything else. Jungkook was well aware that she wasn’t his and would probably never be, which is why he wanted to make the best of what he had for now. Even though their relationship was fake his feelings for her weren’t.

               “No!” Y/N whined glaring up at him.

               “Why not? Because you seemed to really like it…” he wasn’t completely wrong. It’s not that she hated kissing Jungkook, she enjoyed it a little too much and because of that she felt guilty every time. “Don’t even try to deny it princess.”

               “I can’t believe you.” Jimin spat as he unbuckled his jeans. “You already know what to do. Ass up face down baby girl.” His husky voice commanded, there was an unfamiliar dark gleam in his eyes as he watched her undress. She followed orders and got on the bed naked as requested while she swallowed thickly, Y/N didn’t want to anger him any further. She felt the bed dip down behind her and his fingers ghost over her dripping heat, teasing her folds before unexpectedly stuffing his thick member inside of her. Y/N screamed startled, she knew he wasn’t about to go easy on her. “How fucking dare he kiss you like that right in front of me?” his hands gripped onto her hips as his cock delve deeper into her. Y/N whimpered unable to answer his question because all she could think about was how good his balls felt slapping against her ass. She felt tighter than usual because he had not bothered to prep her, yet he enjoyed the suffocating feeling around his girth.

               “He just wanted to mess with you, you already know how he is.” She managed to breathe out mewling as his cock drilled into her tight core. Although she knew this was Jimin’s way of punishing her she found herself enjoying it more than anything else. She loved how possessive and animalistic he would get in bed due to his jealousy.

               “But did you have to enjoy it so much? You’re not allowed to moan for anyone except me, got it?” Jimin growled digging his fingers harder into her skin leaving rather painful bruises. Y/N whimpered in response loving the low sexy rumble in his voice.

               “AH! I got it!” she groaned throwing her ass back to meet his harsh thrusts. He smirked at how needy she was being. His hips snapped faster as he enjoyed the view of his shaft pounding into her drenched entrance from behind. He could see her back glistening with sweat as she mewled and squeaked out his name repeatedly. Y/N let out an ear piercing cry the moment the tip of his swollen cock hit her g-spot, wanting to hear her again he angled his hips in order to hit that spot over and over again. “Jimin… Nggh…” she was panting heavily obviously enjoying the way he was drilling into her and abusing the sensitive bundle of nerves.

               “Whose are you Y/N?” Jimin strained letting out a straggled moan as one hand let go of her hips and found its way to her hair. “Answer me!” he snarled grabbing a fistful of Y/N’s hair and pulling her up by it in order to bring her closer to his own body while he continued to savagely slam into her.

               “Yours! All yours Jimin!”

               “Mmm, that’s right. Better know your fucking place baby girl.” She could feel his warm breath tickling her ear as he groaned. The selfishness in his voice was enough to make her walls convulse around his throbbing rod. Jimin cursed before forcefully pushing her back on the mattress by her hair. Her cheek was pressed against the bed while his hand grasped her locks, he didn’t have to exert much of his weight to keep her down. He was very much enjoying the way she was writhing beneath him. Tears ran down her pleasure filled face, Y/N’s cries gradually got louder as his thrust became sloppy and sporadic. She continued to squeeze around him until he moaned her name, Jimin shivered as his stream of hot sticky cum gushed inside of her. He could see the thick substance dripping down her folds and onto her thighs when he pulled out. Y/N’s knees buckled as he let go of her, he could hear her sniffling and whimpering as she moved herself to lay on her side. Guilt and realization hit him both at once before he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his chest. “I’m so sorry baby, my emotions got the best of me- Oh god, I’m so sorry. Did I hurt you?” There was a slight tremble in his voice when he spoke. She nuzzled her face into his chest and shook her head.

               “No, that’s not why I’m crying…”

               “Then why Y/N? What’s wrong?”

               “It’s just… I’ve never had such an intense orgasm.” She confessed as her cheeks tinted a slightly rosy color. Jimin chuckled feeling accomplished, at least she had enjoyed it.

               “Don’t worry baby girl there’s more where that came from.” He purred locking his lips with hers into a heated kiss.

              “Your blood test came back.” The doctor announced scanning the sheets on her clipboard.

               “And is everything alright?”

               “Seems like it, but you really need to take in more folic acid now that you have a baby on the way.” Her heart skipped a beat and her ears perked at what the doctor had just said. What? Did I hear correctly?
               “Excuse me?” she almost sounded offended.
               “Did you not know? If not, congratulations Ms. Y/L/N you’re pregnant.” The doctor beamed as she delivered the news. Y/N looked at her in horror, there had to be a mistake because Jimin and her had always been safe.
               “Pregnant? I can’t be.”
               “But you are.”
               “You’re wrong… I just had my period two weeks ago!” she tried to argue.
               “That probably wasn’t your period. Bleeding is normal for some women during their first trimester, it’s usually just harmless spotting but if it’s accompanied by any type of pain please come see me immediately.”

               “How is that even possible?”
               “Well it’s referred to as implantation bleeding, it happens when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus lining. It usually occurs within the first weeks of the pregnancy. Speaking of which you’re five weeks pregnant.” Maybe that’s why she had not had any symptoms yet, because it had only been about a month.

              “I don’t understand how this could have happened…” that and she didn’t want to accept that it did. They both played with fire and they had gotten burned.

              “Birth control isn’t one hundred percent affective.” The doctor reminded looking at her past prescriptions. Never in her life did she think going to her annual checkup would have her whole world crumbling before her.

              “Y/N?” Rina called out watching her friend walk out of the doctor’s office in a daze. She had accompanied Y/N as usual because there was something about hospitals and clinics that made her uncomfortable. “Are you okay? You look awfully pale, what did the doctor tell you?” Y/N felt her breath hitch as she tried to find her voice. No matter how hard she tried nothing came out, Rina’s brows knit in concern. “You’re scaring me, answer me!”

              “I’m pregnant…” she whispered trying not to cry.

              “WHAT?” Rina gasped slapping her hand over her mouth realizing she had been too loud because the other patients in the waiting area were glaring at her. Hastily she grabbed her friend’s hand and dragged her outside away from everyone so they could have a little more privacy.

              “What am I supposed to do?” she croaked sniffling, her friend gave her a sympathetic look before bringing her in for a heartfelt hug.
               “First you need to calm down, I’m sure all this stress isn’t good for you. Second, you need to tell Jungkook.”
               “Jungkook?” What does he have to do with anything?

              “Yeah, I mean he is your boyfriend. After all this was a joint effort-“

               “No, I can’t!” Because he’s not even the father or my boyfriend for that matter. “This can’t be happening to me… Not now, I’m not ready for this!”

               “Y/N, calm down-“

               “How do you expect me to calm down when I just found out I’m pregnant!” Rina grabbed her hand and gave it an encouraging squeeze as if trying to say it was going to be okay, but Y/N knew that was far from the truth.

               Y/N laid in bed sobbing uncontrollably, Rina had dropped her off two hours ago. She was surprised she hadn’t ran out of tears to shed. Her nose was so stuffed up that she had to breathe though her mouth, her eyes were bloodshot red, and her throat was hoarse from her cries. Her head was throbbing so badly she felt the pain all the way to her jaw. The events from earlier replayed in her head, she wished all of this was a mistake. A small naïve part of her hoped the clinic would call and tell her they read the wrong results to her. Without thinking Y/N immediately dialed Jungkook’s number knowing she couldn’t trust herself to be alone. Not even fifteen minutes later the boy came banging on her apartment door.        

               “Y/N! Open up, it’s me Jungkook!” came his panicked voice, she could hear the doorknob jingling. She dragged herself from the bed to the living room, the second she opened the door he stepped inside and engulfed her into a hug. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” when she had called she hadn’t explained herself because all she did was beg him to come over, which he did the second he realized she was crying from the other end.

               “I want to die.” She sobbed into his chest, he stiffened hearing her dark confession as fear crawled up his body.

              “Don’t say that…”

               “It’s true! I don’t know what I’m supposed to do… I can’t- I can’t do this!” her hands clutched his t-shirt stretching it slightly, but he could care less about that. Jungkook pulled away and cupped her face, he could tell she had been like this for a while. His lips twitched downwards into a frown, he wanted to know what was going on, but at the same time he was afraid to find out.

               “What’s wrong? Tell me what’s going on.” she opened her mouth to say something but instead started wailing harder. “Did Jimin hurt you?” he growled, at the mention of his name she became hysterical. Jungkook grabbed both her hands and pulled them close to his face before he could say anything else she blurted the next sentence.
               “I’m pregnant!” Y/N choked out looking down in shame, Jungkook let go of her hands and looked at her in horror.

               “Don’t tell me that son of a bitch ran out on you?” he could feel the anger bubbling in his blood at the thought, Jungkook felt as if he could literally kill.

               “No, he doesn’t even know…” she whispered burying her face in her hands.

               “Y/N you have to tell him.”


               “Sit him down and tell him the truth.”

               “It’s not that easy!” came her distressed voice. “I’m scared Jungkook…”

               After two weeks of research Y/N had come to a decision and a hard one at that. She had decided it was best to get an abortion, she knew it wouldn’t be easy but it would be for the best. She felt it would be best not to tell Jimin mainly because she couldn’t bring herself to do so. Every time she even thought about bringing it up she could feel her head start to ache, her palms start to sweat and her throat start to swell and dry up. It was weird, weren’t most women supposed to be happy knowing they were pregnant? Because she felt everything but that, Y/N couldn’t even touch her stomach without bursting into tears.

               Today she was supposed to go on a double date with Rina and Jimin, but had excused herself saying she wasn’t feeling well. Because she canceled so abruptly Jimin had spammed her inbox with text messages asking her what was wrong, but she didn’t bother to reply. Right now all she wanted to do was get away from him and everyone else. But instead she found herself sitting on a stool by the counter as Jungkook served her dinner he had cooked just for her. He out of everyone was most aware of the unstable metal state she was in. Lately it seemed like he was the one who was in charge of getting her to eat and even sleep.

               “Here, you need to eat.” He murmured handing her over some silverware. She could feel her stomach churn in disgust as she got a whiff of the pasta. Quickly she slapped her hand over her mouth and bolted towards the bathroom where she could be found on the floor kneeled over the toilet. He ran after her and held her hair as she emptied out her stomach, after flushing the toilet she weakly stood up and leaned against the wall for support. The bitter acidic taste of that morning’s breakfast lingered in her mouth. Pushing Jungkook aside she walked over to the sink to brush her teeth, there was no words to describe how disgusted she was with herself.

               “Are you okay?” Jungkook wondered as she finished up. Y/N sighed and nodded in response, this was the third time that week something like that had happened. Lately she could be found lying down due to fatigue and dizziness or kneeled over a toilet getting rid of the little nutrients Jungkook could get her to take in. “Lay down, I’ll make you something else to eat.”

               Jimin pouted at his dead laptop, he had forgotten his charger so he decided to grab Y/N’s instead. Right now he was sitting in her apartment trying to finish up his online homework so they could watch a movie at home together. He had used her laptop very few times because he had his own, but she had given him her password long ago just encase he ever needed it. After a couple failed attempts he was able to input the correct one, he clicked on google chrome window that was already open on the taskbar while his eyes innocently wandered to her tabs. His brows knit in confusion staring at the sites, he had to be mistaken. Hastily he clicked on each one of the tabs and skimmed through, he gawked at her computer in terror. No, no, no! A lot of things made sense now, he felt stupid for not having put two and two together. Soon he could hear keys jingling, Jimin slammed the laptop closed and tried to stay calm when she walked through the door holding their takeout.

               “Sorry I took so long the line was longer than I expected.”

               “When did you plan on telling me?” his voice came out colder than expected, it sent a bone chilling shiver down her back.
               “What?” she was taken back by his sudden tone, he had never spoken to her like that before.
               “When did you plan on telling me you were pregnant? Before or after the abortion?” Y/N dropped the food on the floor and stared at him staggered, how did he find out? “How long?”


               “How long have you known?” he growled glaring at the quivering girl, she felt small under his gaze. Her stomach churned in discomfort as she tried to muster the courage to respond.
               “Almost three weeks…” her voice wavered in fear, she had never intended on having him find out. His eyes held emotions she thought he would never look at her with: rage and betrayal.

               “And in those three weeks it never occurred to you that maybe, just maybe I deserved to know?” Jimin balled his fists, his breathing was uneven, and he was trying his hardest to keep his temper under control.
               “It did… But I was too scared…”

               “Too scared to tell me, but not too scared to go and get an abortion behind my back?” he hollered, his cruel words echoing throughout the room. His words pierced her heart like daggers and she couldn’t hold back her tears. “Y/N…” he couldn’t help but feel bad for what he said, he had let his temper get the best of him. He was angry, confused, and most of all he was hurt but that last thing he wanted was to be the reason behind her tears.

               “You wouldn’t understand Park Jimin!” she screeched trying to walk past him.

               “I- I’m sorry… Just… Why?” she stopped in her tracks hearing his voice crack, turning around she could see tears threatening to fall out of his dark brown eyes. “Why couldn’t you just tell me?”
               “Be- Because it’s n- not that e- easy!” she hiccupped unable to stop wailing.

               “Y/N… Please, please don’t do it.” Jimin kneeled in front of her, looking down at him she could see tears falling one by one. “Please don’t get an abortion. I’m the father; I get a say in this too and I say don’t do it.” His hands desperately clutched onto the hem of her shirt as he buried his face in her stomach. She could feel a puddle forming on her clothing because of him. She tried to silence her own cries hearing the man she loved sob along with her. Just like her Jimin was hysterical, his pained voice pricked her heart creating an unbearable pain.

               “No, baby girl! How could you even think about it?” came his muffled response.

               “Because we’re only twenty-two years old! I’m too young to be a mother and you’re too young to be a father… I’m scared, so fucking scared. I don’t know if I can do this, I don’t even like kids! No, no, no-“

               “Calm down, baby please calm down.” Jimin cooed hugging her closer. Y/N felt him sniffling against her, soft whimpers left his pink lips as he shut his eyes and inhaled deeply trying to regain his composure.

               “No, don’t you understand? This is karma… This is what we get for going behind her back all these months.”
               “Don’t say that-“

               “We haven’t even finished school, we still have a couple months left until we graduate… And then what? Neither of us has a financially stable job to even support a family.”

               “I was waiting for another time to tell you this, but remember that internship I’ve been working on for the past couple of months? They offered me a full time job as software engineer for their gaming company as soon as I graduate, I’ll be able to put my degree to good use.” He exclaimed looking up at her with his bloodshot eyes.

               “Even so, I’m not mentally or emotionally prepared for this!”
               “Y/N, I know this isn’t easy but you’re not alone.” He was trying his hardest not to raise his voice because he knew it that wouldn’t help get his point across.

               “I’ll try to remember that when you’re out on a date with Rina.” The spite in her voice made him cringe.

               “Are you serious right now? You honestly think I’m going to stay by her side, especially after having found out you’re carrying my child?”
               “I don’t know…”

               “No! Y/N, there’s no way in hell I’m going to stay with her. I’m breaking up with her as soon as possible; I don’t give a fuck if I break her heart or she finds out about us. I’ll take all the blame if I have to.” She could tell he was determined, but that was of little comfort to her right now.

               “I can’t do this.”
               “Baby girl, please. I love you so, we’ll get through this.” He was still on his knees as he implored, his arms were securely wrapped around her waist as he gave her small kisses on her clothed abdomen.

               “Jimin get up…”

               “Y/N… I’m begging you, please don’t get rid of our child… Please… Please.”

               “Jimin we need to talk.” Rina uttered standing in front of his door.

               “I don’t think right now is a good time…” he replied as quietly as he could because Y/N was sleeping in the other room.

               “Then when is? I need answers and I need them now.” She came there looking for closure and she was determined to get it.

               “Rina what are you talking about?”

               “Why did you break up with me? Why? We-“

               “Jimin?” Y/N groggily called out walking over to the door as she rubbed her tired eyes. “Who’s here?” peering over his shoulder she could see her best friend staring at her in complete confusion.
               “Y/N? What are you doing here?”

               “R- Rina.” She stuttered out, suddenly she wasn’t sleepy anymore. Rina’s eyes raked over Y/N and noticed she was only wearing shorts and one of Jimin’s t-shirt. She knew it was his because she was the one who had given it to him.

               “What’s going on here? Y/N what are you doing here in Jimin’s clothes?” her usual friendly tone was anything but that.

               “I- I…”

               “Rina there’s something I have to tell you… You’re going to find out eventually so I’ll just tell you now.” Jimin intervened before taking a deep breath, Y/N’s eyes widened in fear knowing what he was about to do.

               “Jimin no!” she whined tugging on his sleeve, but he didn’t listen.

               “I’m the father of Y/N’s child, I’m the one who got her pregnant not Jungkook.” Rina’s face scrunched in disbelief.

               “N- No, that can’t be… We only broke up two weeks ago and she’s ten weeks pregnant. No, no, no-“  Rina shook her head unwilling to believe the ridiculous statement. “Is this why you broke up me? Because Y/N couldn’t keep her legs closed?”

               “Watch it, that’s the mother of my child you’re talking about.”

               “Then how else am I supposed to talk about her?” she fumed looking at the other girl with utter disgust.

               “It’s not her fault! I’m the one who made the first move, so be mad at me not her.” Jimin begged. “I’m sorry… I really am.”
               “Probably sorry that you got caught!” she jeered glaring at the two, Y/N looked down in shame not being able to handle the way Rina was looking at her.

               “No, look… Although I can’t say I regret what I did because in all honesty I don’t, what I do regret is dragging you into this and having you get hurt which is something you didn’t deserve.” Jimin gave her an apologetic look before continuing. “I’m not asking for your forgiveness because I know I don’t deserve it, but I am asking for you to understand. I love her so much and I have for a really long time-“

               “What about me?” She inquired instantly regretting have asked that.

               “I did like you at one point, but nothing more than that…”

               “So you lied to me this whole time? How long? How fucking long has this been going on?” they could tell she was starting to break, her voice was weak and her eyes were brimming with tears.

               “Six months.” Jimin responded.

               “Oh my god, you’re telling me that out of the seven months we dated you guys went behind my back six of those months…” she muttered completely mortified, her stomach twisted in disgust. “I THOUGH YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND Y/N!”

               “I’m sorry, but you wouldn’t understand…” Y/N tried to reason.

               “Understand what? That you’re a back stabbing bitch? I trusted you! You were like a sister to me!” Y/N flinched and took a step backwards, Rina had never been the type to raise her voice. She knew she deserved this and more, but she didn’t know it would hurt this much.
               “I love him Rina, I love him so much…”

               “Stop.” she didn’t want to hear anymore because it only made her heart hurt. “What about Jungkook?”

               “We were never actually an item…”

               “Even he was in on it? Oh my god, what else was a lie?”

               “I heard the reason they’re not friends anymore is because she slept with her boyfriend.”
               “I can’t believe he left her for that, she’s not even that pretty.”

               “He’s probably only with her because she got pregnant.”

               “What a nasty whore.”

               “She probably trapped him with that little mistake of hers, I can’t believe she has the audacity to keep it.”

               “She’s a two-faced bitch.”

               “Some friend she was.”

               As usual Y/N tried to ignore the whispering of her classmates, she wasn’t sure how but someone had found out about what happened and spread it like a wildfire. It seemed like everyone in her department knew, she was criticized and ridiculed both in the hallways and in the classrooms. Y/N tried her best to ignore it, but every now and then she hated to admit that some people’s words would actually get to her. She had always prided herself in being strong, but little by little their words were breaking her down.

               She opened the door of the bathroom and walked over to the mirror, turning on the faucet she splashed some of the running water on her face. After turning it off she reached over for a paper towel and patted the excess liquid off.

               “Just two more months and we’ll be out of here.” She murmured to herself as her hand rubbed her fifteen week old baby bump. Y/N anticipated the week finals would come because after that she would be done. She wanted nothing more than to get her degree and go, she wasn’t even planning on attending her own graduation. Taking a deep breath she stepped out the bathroom and started to go towards her next class.

               “Look who we have here.” Y/N’s head snapped towards the girl who was right outside the bathroom, it was one of Rina’s friend. Not bothering to entertain her she decided to keep on walking but she wasn’t able to get far because the girl had grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back. Having lost her footing she fell backwards but was able to break the fall a bit by using her elbows. “Oops.”

               “What’s your problem?” Y/N ragged wincing in pain, her back was almost to the floor and her elbows were throbbing in pain at the impact.

               “You’re my problem. How can you live with yourself after what you did to Rina?” Y/N stayed quiet unable to answer her. Instead she warily got up and dusted herself off, luckily she felt fine. “You disgust me, honestly she let you off the hook too easily if you ask me.” Not wanting to listen to her anymore she tried once more to leave but the girl grabbed her wrist and sunk her manicured nails into her skin to prevent her from breaking free.

               “Oh my god, let go you’re hurting me!” Y/N yelped as the girl’s long nails broke through her skin, droplets of blood ran down her hand and to the floor.

               “What are you doing? Let go of her!” they both looked over to see Rina approaching them with an incredulous expression on her face.

               “But Rina-“

               “I said, let go!” she barked shoving the other girl away.

               “Are you seriously defending her right now?” her friend gawked in astonishment.

               “Are you seriously picking on a pregnant woman right now?” Rina countered clucking her tongue.

                “After everything she did to you? Rina-“

               “Stay out of this, what happened is between me and Y/N. I appreciate that you’re worried about me and as angry as I may be hurting her isn’t the answer.” She responded curtly. “I don’t want to see you put your hands on her ever again, understood? If you do then you can forget about being my friend just like she did.” Ouch. Y/N had to admit that last part hurt.

               “Whatever.” The girl scoffed storming off without another word.
               “Are you okay?” Rina questioned examining her. “Look you’re bleeding…” she murmured reaching out for her wrist then stopping in the process after she realized what she was doing.

               “I’m fine… It’s just a little blood.”
               “Do you… have any abdominal pain? I saw you fall and-“

               “I- I’m fine.” Y/N responded nervously, she couldn’t understand why Rina cared. She was grateful that she had intervened but bewildered at the same time.

               “Here… I know you don’t carry any with you.” Rina muttered taking out a couple of band-aids from her backpack and handing them to her. Y/N swallowed and took the yellow Rilakkuma printed band-aids, they were the same ones she had always carried for Y/N because Rina knew how accident prone the girl was. Why does she still have these?

               “Thank you.” Y/N responded softly giving her a small sincere smile.
               “For what?”

               “The band-aids and most of all for helping me earlier.”

               “Kookie what are you doing here?” Y/N asked the brunette who was leaning against the wall outside her class.

               “Jimin asked me to take you home.” He informed sticking his hand out asking for her backpack, sometimes Jungkook and Jimin could be too much. Knowing he wasn’t going to take no for an answer she handed her bag over.

               “Oh okay, why is that?”

               “He said he had something to do but he didn’t tell me what.” Jungkook replied with a shrug as he swung her backpack over his shoulder. “Do you guys want something to eat?” he cooed rubbing her swelling tummy.

               “Chicken!” Y/N chimed before entwining her arm with his as they walked out to the parking lot.

               “Of course.” He chuckled at the obvious answer. “Do you know whether you’re having a boy or a girl yet?”

               “Not yet. I still have about three weeks to go before they can determine the gender.”

               “Do you want a boy or a girl?”

               “I don’t care, I just want a healthy baby.” She mumbled giving him a wholehearted smile.

               “You’re so cute. Bare my child too?” Jungkook coaxed pinching her cheeks which earned him a pout from her.

               “Shut up Kookie.”

               “Jiminnie? Yay, you’re home!” the girl squealed greeting him with a big hug. Lately she had been clingier because of the hormones and Jimin was loving it.

               “Baby girl…” his tone immediately set her off, she knew something was wrong.

               “What is it?”

               “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.”

               “What are you talking about?”

               “I heard what happened today…” Y/N chewed the inside of her cheek nervously, she hadn’t told him anything because she hated worrying him.

               “How did you-“
               “Rina told me, she also told me that people have been talking about you… and saying mean hurtful things.” Jimin’s fingers brushed against her cheek as he spoke to her in a soft voice. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

               “I- I didn’t think it mattered, it’s nothing.”

               “It’s nothing? You’re telling me today was nothing? It’s one thing to be verbally attacked, but today got physical and that’s not okay!” it was hard for him to stay cool and collected when her emotional and physical wellbeing was being targeted.

               “Wait- You said Rina told you?”

               “Yes, she approached me today after my last class and told me what happened and what’s been going on for the past couple weeks. She was furious with me, she said that I should be taking better care of you especially now that you’re pregnant and she’s right.” Y/N couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty knowing this, despite everything she had put Rina through she was still looking out for her. “I’m glad she came to me because I probably would have never found out if it wasn’t for her.”

               “She really said all that…?”

               “Yes and don’t worry baby, no one will be bothering you anymore.” Jimin stated confidently giving her his signature smile causing Y/N to eye the boy suspiciously.

               “How are you so sure?”

               “I got it taken care of with the help of Rina. That’s why I was busy after school, I’m sorry I couldn’t take you home.” Her curiosity spiked hearing the first sentence, she prayed he hadn’t done anything reckless.

               “Jimin… What did you do?”

               “Don’t worry about it baby girl.” Y/N playfully rolled her eyes at him before giving him a wholehearted smile knowing that everything was going to be alright.

               “Why are you crying Y/N? Please don’t cry.” Jimin panicked seeing Y/N wrapped up in a blanket sobbing into her pillow.

               “I miss her.” The girl croaked sniffling.

               “Rina.” She wailed gripping onto the sheets harder. Jimin gave her a sympathetic look and pulled the sheets off of her before bringing her into his chest. His strong arms were around her body while his chin rested on the top of her head. She could hear his heart thumping as he stroked her hair lovingly.


               “I want my friend back.” Y/N confessed, he knew she missed her best friend but he had no idea it was this much. He couldn’t help but feel responsible for the falter of their friendship, but at this point there was nothing he could do except comfort her.

               “I know baby girl, I know…”

               “I heard you’re having a boy, congratulations!” Jungkook joyfully announced giving the shorter girl a bear hug.

               “Thanks Kookie! I’m guessing Jimin told you?” she giggled pulling away and stepping aside to let him into the apartment.

               “Yup, you should have seen how happy he was. You would have thought he won the lottery or something.” He spoke while reminiscing about what had happened a couple hours ago with a grin.

               “I mean, he does have me.” Y/N boasted cutely.

               “You say that like it’s a good thing.” Jungkook scowled rolling his eyes.

               “Yah!” she grabbed one of the many couch cushions and hit Jungkook with it a couple times. He put his hands up in self-defense asking for mercy.

               “I’m kidding! Oh my god, I hope your child isn’t as violent as you.” He mumbled lowering himself down to her stomach. “Don’t take after your mommy, you hear me?” Jungkook cooed as he caressed her tummy.

               “Jeon Jungkook!”
               “Personality wise that is.” He sniggered hoping the unborn child had heard him.

              “Royal blue!”

               “No, light blue!” Jimin whined back pointing at a different color sample from her own. The workers couldn’t help but give the couple odd looks as they watched them argue over what shade of blue they would be buying, in a way it was cute.
               “Rock, paper, scissors?” Y/N offered in order to settle their little dispute, she could see a smirk crawl its way on his lips as he accepted her challenge.

               “You’re on.”

               “Rock, paper, scissors, go!”
               “SCICCORS! What? NO! Best two out of three!” the boy laughed at his pouting partner, she refused to lose.
               “Too late! Should have made that clear earlier, I win!” Jimin taunted as he pushed their cart down the aisle and picked up a couple cans of light blue paint along with other necessary supplies.

               “What do you think?” Jimin questioned placing the paint roller on the plastic tray as he stepped back to admire his hours of hard work.

               “Honestly… I love it and I’m sure he will too.” Y/N spoke lovingly rubbing her growing abdomen. They had decided to turn the spare room in the apartment into a nursery for their child. It was safe to say they were both thrilled to be working on it together even if it did mean bickering here and there, but their disagreements could be easily settled with a game of rock, paper, scissors.

               “You think so baby girl?” he asked excitedly with a hopeful gleam in his eyes as he grinned down at her. Y/N’s lips twitched up into a smile seeing how animated her boyfriend was.

               “I know so~” Y/N responded giggling at his child like reaction. “Now we just have to pick out the crib, changing table, and everything else we need in order to furnish his room.”


               “Yes Jiminnie?” Y/N hummed looking back at him.

               “I’m so happy I get to do all of this with you.” He confessed fiddling with his fingers.

               “What do you mean?”
               “I know our love story hasn’t been the most ideal, but that doesn’t take away from how much I love you baby girl. You don’t understand… You mean the world to me, both you and our unborn child. Just like you I’m a bit frightened, but I’m also ecstatic because I’m having a baby with the love of my life. Although this child wasn’t planned he’s definitely not unwanted because he was conceived out of the love we have for one another and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.” He could see Y/N’s eyes glistening with tears of joy encouraging him to continue. “I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Thank you for loving me, for staying with me through thick and thin, but most of all thank you for the best gift of all which is him.” Jimin’s paint stained hand tenderly caressed her baby bump as he looked down at her with a soft adoring smile and loving eyes.


               “Although I may not know what the future holds, what I do know is that I’ll always love you.”  

anonymous asked:

Can u write a junhoe scenario where your jinhwans little sister and your really sassy but whenever your around him you make a fool of yourself because u have feelings for him. Thanks in advance!! Have a good day/night xx

sorry this took me a while to do! hope you liked it, and thx for the request! xx

Title: Junhoe Is No Longer Just Your Older Brother’s Best Friend

Pairing: Junhoe x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2629 

Originally posted by junhoenuna

“Jinhwan!” You yelled from your bedroom.


 "Jinhwaaan!“ You yelled louder.

 Still no response.

 "Jinnnnnhhhwwwaaaa–” your third and ridiculously loud yell is cut short but a pillow slamming into your face.

 "Hey!“ You said, throwing the pillow back at him.

 He dodged it easily. “Why are you yelling and being obnoxious?”

 You batted your eyelashes at him innocently and tried to muster up the sweetest voice you could. “Will you pretty please go out and get me some food?”

 "No,“ he said bluntly as he turned around.

 "Jinhwan, please! You’d be my favorite big brother!” You said, which made him turn back around to look at you.

 "Y/N, I’m your only big brother,“ he said with a blank expression.

 "Still, don’t you want that title of Favorite Big Brother?” I asked excitedly.

 He paused and looked as if he was really pondering whether or not he wanted to be a nice and amazing big brother when he said, “no,” then turned and walked away.

 "Wow, thanks, love you too Jinhwan!“ You yelled after him.

 After a few seconds of silence and realizing that you weren’t going to get a response back, you took your movie off of pause. You had seen movies like this one a thousand times: the boy and girl liked each other, something stood in their way, they fought, then in the end she would cry and they would kiss while dramatic music plays in the background. They were so cheesy and ridiculous, yet something drew you towards them every time.

 Fifteen minutes later Jinhwan popped his head back into your room. "I decided that I want that title of Favorite Big Brother.”

 You raised your eyebrows at him. “What’s in it for you?” There was no way he had magically changed his mind and now wanted to go get you food just on his own free will.

 He put a hand over the left side of his chest. “Y/N, it hurts me that you think I have an ulterior motive. Why can’t I just be nice and want to get my baby sister some food?”

 You gave him a bored that’s-a-load-of-bullshit look.

 He gave you the same look right back and you guys had a glare-off for a solid minute and half before he rolled his eyes and said, “fine, you caught me. I’m going to pick up Junhoe, so since I’m going to be out and about I figured I’d be nice and go get you some food, but since you apparently don’t want anything…” He started walking down the hall.

 "No! Jinny, wait!“ You slid off your bed and followed him down the hall and down your stairs.  "You’re actually going to bring me food?”

 He kept walking, through the kitchen and into the living room. “After I pick up Junhoe, yes.”

 You stopped walking and froze where you were. “You’re getting Junhoe?”

 Jinhwan turned around and gave you a weird look. “Yes, I already told you that.”

 You hadn’t even processed when he had told you that the first time. You had been too excited about the fact that he was going to get you food.

 Junhoe was coming over. To your house. To hangout with your brother. Not you, you had to remind yourself.

 "Oh, okay, that’s cool,“ you said in a tone that you were hoping was coming off as cool, calm, and collected.

 Apparently it didn’t work because your brother gave you yet another weird look and said, "what’s your deal?”

 "Deal?“ You asked innocently, fiddling with the hem of your shirt. It was a nervous tick of yours. "No deal here. I’m completely fine.”

 Jinhwan scoffed and picked up his keys then opened the door. He was about to leave when you said, “wait! Don’t you need to know what food I want?”

 "Just text it to me,“ he said before closing the door and leaving you standing there, freaking out on the inside.

 Junhoe and your brother had been best friends for a long time now. He was a couple years older than you and had seen like a second big brother for most of the time you had known him, but something inside you had changed recently. You no longer looked at him as a big brother. You now saw him as your brother’s cute, really really cute, best friend.

 Looking down at your clothes and realizing you looked less than presentable, you race up the stairs and into your room. As you stare into your closet at all the clothes, but failing to come up with a single cute outfit, you start to get frustrated. What were you doing? This was Junhoe. You’d know him for a while. He didn’t care that you were in baggy sweats and a tank top. You did though, a little voice in the back of your head told you.

 Groaning, you flop onto your back on your bed and stare up at the ceiling. You close your eyes and take deep breaths. You just needed to relax…

 "Wake up sleepy head,” A deep voice floated into your subconscious.  “You look very cute when you sleep, but I have food for you…”

 Your eyes shoot open and you’re staring into a pair of dark brown eyes.

 "Junhoe,“ you say, your breath taken away. He smiles and his eyes crinkle at the sides, making your heart beat faster. How was he so freaking cute? "Was I sleeping?” You asked, rubbing your eyes.

 Junhoe stood up and placed a plastic bag on your bed. “You don’t remember falling asleep?”

 You shake your head. “I was just laying here…” Frustrated that you couldn’t find something cute to wear to impress him… “And the next thing I know, here you are waking me up.” Wait a second…had he said that you looked cute while you were sleeping or had that been a part of a dream? You didn’t want to ask him in case you had imagined it…

 He chuckled. “There’s your food,” he pointed to the bag. “Jinhwan wanted me to tell you that you’re lucky and something about him wanting that title? Whatever that means.”

 You smiled at him, but when you made eye contact you felt your stomach do a flip, so you shyly looked down at your hands.

 "Jun! Get down here!“ You hear your brother yell from downstairs.

 "I’ll be there in second, relax!” Junhoe yelled, then turned back to you and rubbed the back of his head. “That’s my que.”

 "See you later,“ you said quietly, like a lame-o. He started to walk out when you said, "oh and thanks for the food. And waking me up,” you added shyly, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

 He paused at the door and looked back at you with a smile spread across his lips. “Sure thing. And I meant what I had said before about you looking cute when you sleep. Then again, I think you look cute always.” And with a final smirk, he walked away, leaving you with a million questions running through your head, and a blush spreading through your whole body.

 You weren’t sure how long you had stayed there, just staring at the spot Junhoe had been, a goofy smile on your face, before your stomach grumbled, reminding you how hungry you were. You leaned over and opened the plastic bag, revealing a cup of noodles and bags of candy. At that moment in time, you had never loved your brother more.

 Realizing you had to microwave the soup, you slid off your bed with the bag in your hand, and made your way downstairs and to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, you plopped the bag down on the counter and could hear yelling and the sounds of shooting coming from the living room. You walked around the corner and into the living room to see Junhoe and Jinhwan leaning forward on the couch, with controllers in their hands, and Halo playing on the huge widescreen tv.

 "Did you just shoot me?“ Your brother yelled, outraged.

 "Yeah, that’s why you’re dead, smartass,” Junhoe responded, a smirk on his face.

 Boys and their video games. You would never understand that.

 You laughed and shook your head, then walked back into the kitchen. Taking the cup of noodles over to the sink, you filled it up a little bit passed the line with water. Once you were satisfied with the amount of water, you turned to take it to the microwave, but instead ran right into a wall, spilling the water all over you and that wall. However, when you looked up, you didn’t see the white plaster of the wall. You saw the wide brown eyes of Jun, staring right at you.

 "Junhoe!“ You gasped. "I am so so sorry, ohmygod, here let me help,” you say, desperately searching for a napkin and grabbing the one sitting next to the sink. You take the napkin and rub Jun’s shirt. The water soaked the entire front side of his shirt and a bit of his pants. You kept rubbing down his chest and down to his stomach…where you felt the hard ripples of his abs beneath your hands. Suddenly you felt your face grow bright red and you dropped your hands. “I-I-I’m so sorry,” you stammer and then run past him and up the stairs to your room before he can say anything.

 You cover your face with your hands, extremely embarrassed. You somehow seemed to make a fool of yourself so easily around Junhoe. You groaned and angrily peeled your wet tank top off of you and threw it down on the ground. Taking a deep breath and calming yourself slightly, you slide out of your damp sweats too, leaving you half naked and cold from the water.

 You grab a hoodie out of your closet and pull it over your head, but before you can find something to wear on the bottom, your door bursts open, then shuts behind a very intense looking Junhoe. He leans back against it, but doesn’t look at you, just burns holes into the carpet with his stare.

 "Junh–?“ You start to say, but he holds up a finger, silencing you, and still just staring at the floor. Your heart starts to beat fast. Is he mad about the water? He hadn’t changed out of his wet clothes yet, but then again why would he? Jinhwan was quite a few inches shorter than him, and it’s not like he had any of his own clothes here.

 "Junhoe, I am so sorry–,” you try to say, the silence unbearable, but once again, he cuts you off.

 "Y/N, would you stop apologizing for everything?“ He pushed off of the door and took a step towards you when he finally looked up and looked at you. He stopped in his tracks, his eyes looking you up and down, slowly taking in the fact that you weren’t wearing any pants. His eyes slowly slid from your toes, up your legs, taking you all in. "Y/N…”

 You feel your cheeks heat up. “I-um-I was looking for some pants,” you say, then frantically search in your closet for sweats, shorts, jeans, anything! You find an old pair of Jinhwan’s sweats that he had given to you, and slide them on.

 "I’m sorry,“ you say and turn back around to apologize for yet another thing, but he is no longer standing across the room. He is standing right in front of you. You gasp as he slides one of his hands into your hair, resting his palm on your cheek, and placing the other hand on your lower back, pulling you close. He places his forehead against yours and closes his eyes. He is so close that you can smell him, and your heart does a flip at how good and comforting he smells. You close your eyes too, loving how good it feels to have him hold you and be so close to you.

 You and Junhoe stand like that for a while, in silence, just enjoying that feeling of closeness. Then he finally speaks, his deep voice sending chills through you. "I told you to stop apologizing for everything.” Then he releases you, much to your disappointment, and backs up still looking at you, then out of the room, leaving you standing there as confused as ever.

 Suddenly, you feel a wave of anger come over you. What gives him the right to do that to you? To hold you close and not tell you anything other than “I told you to stop apologizing for everything”. That was ridiculous.  This whole thing was ridiculous.

 Fed up, you sling open the door. Junhoe was just about to start descending the stairs when he heard your door slam against the wall, after you had harshly opened it. His eyes were wide as you stomped down the hall towards him. “You are so so irrita—whoah!” You say as you trip over your own feet and are about to land flat on your face, when strong arms catch you by the waist and pull you up.

 Once again, you are in Junhoe’s arms and he is looking deep into your eyes. You swallow hard, suddenly all the anger has left your body and has been replaced with the desire that has been there for a while now.

 He smirked at you. “What was it that you were saying?”

 “I-I, I um, was saying that, I was saying that you were…that you were super irritating!” You finally managed to get out.

 Junhoe opened his mouth in mock surprise and hurt. “I just saved you from falling on your face, and you think I’m irritating?”

 You made a hmph- like sound. “Yes. Extremely.”

 He propped you back up onto your feet. “Why is that, Y/N?”

 “Because! Because you just, you ugh, I don’t know,” you poke his chest pushing him backwards. “You,” poke. “Just,” poke. “Are,” one final poke and his back is against the wall. He has his hands up as if to say he surrenders. Then in one fast and fluid motion, he flips positions with you, your back now against the wall, and his firm body pressed against you.

 He leans one arm against the wall above your head, and trails the fingers of his other hand down your arm, then slides it around your waist and to your back, where it pulls you closer into him. Every part of you is pressed up against him and it makes you gasp and tingly. He leans his head close to your face and you think he is about to kiss you when he shifts his head and put his lips next to your ear.

 You feel his warm breath, which sends shivers down your back, as he whispers, “Am I irritating you now?”

 He pulls back so that he can look at you, and as you stare into his beautiful eyes, all you can do is shake your head from left to right.

Junhoe smiles and then looks from your eyes down to your lips and lingers there for a split second too long before looking back up. He slides his tongue over his lips then bites his lower lip, making the butterflies in your stomach flap their wings faster.

 He leans his head towards you, and you close your eyes, expectantly awaiting his lips to make contact with yours. You can hear him breathing, mere centimeters away from you, and the anticipation is almost too much to bear.

 “Y/N? Junhoe? What are you doing?”

 You gasp and Junhoe jumps away from you, as you both stare at your very angry brother.

“Jinhwan,” you and Junhoe whisper at the same time.


little cliffhanger for you lovelies ◤(¬‿¬)◥

hope you enjoyed! xx

~none of these gifs are mine~

Breaking the One Damn Rule Pt. 4

Read Part 3

A/N: I feel like it’s not my best drama, but it had to be done. Sorry!

You knew you couldn’t go on forever with keeping Pietro and baby a secret from your family. But you didn’t expect it to end this badly.

Warnings: Language, drama

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 2,587

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Before our bones are no longer our bones,
before the rivers take and take and keep taking
before the cities fall to their knees,
before our bodies forget,
I want you to know that 
I wanted to thank you. 
For making the mornings a forgivable thing.
For staying when it was not the easy thing to do.

I almost wrote you back then, months after it happened,
just to ask if 
if you were happy
if the sky gave you rain when you needed it 
if you met someone that looked like your best dream  
if the mornings ever got less brutal
or if your sleep ever got kinder.
I wanted to know
if you forgave me
if you remembered me as the person
I was before I left you
before I ruined the brightest thing that’s happened to me
before I ruined even the parts I 
didn’t touch. 

In the end, I have to believe the world
wanted to save us.
A beautiful thing like that
can’t end quietly,
and I’m still here,
to the 

—  Y.Z, So I Guess I’ll Keep Singing the Blues

“ Excuse me my lord, may I request my lord, permission my lord to speak? Forgive me if I suggest my lord; you’re looking less than your best my lord, there’s powder upon your vest my lord, and stubble upon your cheek. And ladies my lord are weak. ”

anonymous asked:

Very Important Question: do Chalo and Priya like to cuddle?

True facts:

  • Every evening, if I am on the couch, I am also the center of a dog sandwich. It is law.
  • I was late for work this morning because Priya wanted to be a little spoon. I just lost track of time.
Asa Butterfield on Kale

The Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children star on the “surprising vegetable”

What’s your most impressive personal best?

I can type the alphabet in under two seconds, but that doesn’t take much fitness. I used to play rugby – I played at Wembley once. My school was part of a Hackney Youth Rugby tournament, and I got tackle of the match – I got this huge guy, and was like “Fuck yes!” Then in the same match, don’t ask me how, I managed to hit myself in the face with my own studs.

Is the stuntman an actor’s best friend?

I like doing my own stunts whenever I can, but in this film there was mainly just a lot of running and swimming, and I can do that anyway! It wasn’t like Ender’s Game where there was a whole training protocol both for the wire work as well as the military training – it wasn’t nearly that intense in terms of physical exertion. The swimming was harder though – we’d go underwater with divers and they’d have the tanks or hand you the respirator, but you couldn’t have a mask on so you just had to open your eyes and try your best to look comfortable.

Have you ever pulled a muscle in less-than-heroic circumstances?

I’m pretty sure I’ve pulled a muscle in my jaw, just eating – it’s embarrassing because you can’t actually finish the food you’ve got in your mouth…

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anonymous asked:

make sure to check your hair while on your deathbed, a true roman never looks anything less than his best even when dying

Guys, there is a submit link on my bio. I only agree with this if the roman in question is an old and wise senator who must be an example, but if you are young, your hair doesn’t matter. You better die in the battlefield with the blood of your enemies in your hair and your sword and covering you whole body, that’s more honorable than looking good.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Hope you're having a good day! I got an idea from a Hiro x reader a few days ago, it's more of a fluff story than anything else lol but where the reader catches a virus and it only lasts for three days but she has horrible spouts of vomiting, etc. and Hiro goes put of his way to take care of her and goes crazy with ways to 'cure her' lol I got the idea when I caught a virus a couple days ago and watched big hero six a few days later ^^; well anyways love your oneshots! :) *hugs*

Here you go!  Hope you’re feeling better now! (:

Hiro frowns when he steps out of his personal lab space and sees that the room across the hall is still locked up and the lights are off.  It’s almost 9:00 in the morning, and you still haven’t shown up.  He goes out to the main area to see if you’re just hanging out with everyone over there.  As he walks around, he can see everyone working diligently on their projects, but there’s still no sign of you.

Hiro walks up to Honey Lemon and Wasabi who are both discussing something near Wasabi’s tool set. “Hey, have you guys seen (Name) at all, today?” he asks.

They pause their conversation and shake their heads.  “No, actually.  She’s not in her lab?” Honey Lemon asks.

Hiro shakes his head, “No, I’ve checked several times.  It’s not like her to show up this late, though.”

“Maybe you should call her, to check if everything is okay,” Wasabi suggests.

Hiro nods in agreement and begins to walk back to his lab, pulling out his phone and calling you along the way.

“Hiro?” he winces at the sound of your hoarse voice.

“(Name)? Are you okay? Did I wake you up?”

He hears you groan, “No, I was already awake.  I’ve been throwing up all morning and I feel horrible.”

Hiro feels his heart rate pick up as his concern for you grows, “You’re sick? Do you have a fever?”

“I don’t know.  My head is super fuzzy.  But the cold floor feels really good.”

“The floor?  Why are you on the floor?”

You let out a small whimper, “My bed was too hot.”  Hiro’s heart clenches at how vulnerable you sound.

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