look you guys i was being socially active!!

When people would condemn Taylor Swift for not being politically active it always made me really uncomfortable because I didn’t really know how to answer. She never really has been vocal about political issues, but after watching the video for Look What You Made Me Do I got all the answers I needed.

I’ve noticed that she instead shows people how to act instead of telling them.  Taylor Swift seems to know that tweeting about social and political justice isn’t really the most important thing, so she does things like donating money to Ke$ha’s trial, suing a guy that she could’ve easily buried and forgotten about for $1 just to prove that victims of sexual assault can and should take a stand, and writing songs about her deepest emotions to show people (both boys and girls) that feeling deep emotions and expressing what you’re feeling is okay and normal. And it’s obvious that it is because she’s wildly famous and popular for doing just that.

What struck me about Look What You Made Me Do is that she used male backup dancers in fishnets and high heels. I’m sure other stars have used that, but I’ve never seen it before. At least not in a music video by a celebrity at Taylor’s caliber. She also snuck LGBTQ+ activism into her Welcome to New York lyrics, “And you can want who you want. Boys and boys and girls and girls.” (Which she confirmed was in fact LGBTQ+ activism when she tweeted the lyrics along with the hashtags “#lovewins,” a rainbow heart, and “#FINALLY.” after the SCOTUS marriage equality decision.)

Taylor also showed us how to handle situations in which we’re not totally educated. When the Nicki Minaj/VMA nominations situation happened, Taylor attempted to make amends by saying, “I thought I was being called out. I missed the point, I misunderstood, then misspoke. I’m sorry, Nicki. And I feel like that really allowed everyone to see that even if you do mess up when you’re trying to do good, taking ownership of your actions and apologizing is the best course of action.

It seems that Taylor is more politically active than the media says, mostly through her actions and not her words, which I think is very powerful. I don’t mean to discredit people that are vocal about political activism. Their work is just as important and is more obviously helpful because it puts our duties into words. But I think demonstrating how to act goes much farther than telling people how to act, and I think that’s what @taylorswift has known and done all along.

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Mi/arrens get extra freaked about the Ben issue & go to insane lengths to justify it, bc it doesn't just sink M&D, it also kills anything that might redeem their 'relationship' or M herself. Like that she stayed bearding bc she really loved D, or their was legit romantic feelings, or she was just so loyal & supportive as a friend. NOPE, M had a live-in BF for YEARS. She didn't even have the decency to tone down her shit, out of respect for D, while he was being forced to hide (pt 1)

or B, the guy ACTUALLY devoted to her. She actively fed the fantasy of being D’s gf, ignored B when it worked in her favor, & was careless w/ their public relationship knowing that D would have to do the dirty work of covering it up. And all the years of this is recorded on social media, documented by the very fans she played & led along. It’s all there for them to look back on when D comes out. (pt 2)


Dear Anon,

I think you took all of the posts being made last night/today and perfectly summed up the bottom line and exactly why they are afraid and the true implications of her actual relationship that she has taken zero effort to hide with the exception of forcing her friends to pretend to be his gf when the mood suits her.

Because the truth is going to hurt when they realize what the impact her actions have had on d, the actual celebrity that they have chosen to follow, while he is trying to comply with his legal obligations and how she has made his life hell.   

The truth will shine a large spotlight on her complete disregard for D as he navigated through this nightmare; and that not only does she not have romantic feelings or any emotion that remotely resembles love for D, they will see that the only reason she “cares” about him is if he continues to provide her with the flash of the camera and celebrities to pretend to call her friends.   They will also, I hope, in time, see the methods she employed to continue the charade, that are deplorable in my humble opinion.

Further, they are in denial about the long term consequences of the truth as they know they will find out exactly who their queen is and how little she cares about her so called “fans” except when they are feeding her ego.  And you are correct, this is ALL documented on social media. They have just been denying it for years.

The will also see the atrocious way she has treated her actual bf, Ben, a man I would assume she professes to love as she has managed to convince him to not just move to LA but to stay with her for years while she continues to push him aside for D all the damn time.  I honestly believe if she was made to choose, she would leave ben and continue this charade with a man that will never love or even like her.  If that does not speak volumes about her character, I don’t know what else to say.

Ben to me is one of the biggest mysteries in this nightmare. I cannot imagine what she says to him that entices him to stay and continue to allow her to choose d time and time again.  At this point, I can’t even feel bad for him, surely he knows her true character.  

Thank you for your ask.  I really think it hit all of the critical points on this particular topic.  

I cannot wait until that day when D is free and the truth explodes and she is exposed. That will be a beautiful day indeed and her downfall could not happen to a more deserving person.

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have brown hair, blue eyes with glasses, I'm 5 foot 4, I can be hyper and run around but i can be really lazy too XD i am a girl who is straight. My hobbies include drawing and gaming i can be friendly but kinda shy. Romantic relationship. Not sure what platonic is lol. I also like to sing

I ship you with Sero Hanta! He likes running around and being active but he’s also chill with just having a lazy day. He can also totally help you be more friendly and outgoing if you want help to overcome your shyness and become more social. Even though he looks ‘plain’ he’s pretty good at befriending people and is an all around good guy. Your dates would consist of mostly gaming and watching movies. Occasionally he’ll bring you to some place really cool like a trampoline park or a aquarium.

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hey so this is going to be a weird question and i know it being anonymous is kind of weird but how do you define sex and virginity? today a guy went down on me and i found myself wondering if im still a virgin and i really look up to you and was wondering your opinion. i think the hardest thing for me is that virginity is a social construct and i cant figure out why i still care

Hey Anon,

I really don’t have a simple definition for sex and virginity, and honestly I don’t want one. Virginity is a ridiculous concept. I was active in what would be considered a sexual manner years before I lost “my virginity” in the traditional sense of the word, and “losing my virginity” didn’t feel like much of a loss. Or a gain. Or anything. Just that I had experienced an additional thing. Like eating sushi for the first time or meeting someone I hadn’t known before.

I personally don’t put a high value on sexual acts, I say that as someone who hasn’t had a lot of sexual partners and has a pretty average sex drive. (Not that I shame people who have had a lot of partners, or people who put a high value on sex, or people who have a high sex drive.)

The truth is I don’t define these things because I don’t care. I really don’t. If I want to have sex with someone as long as I am not otherwise committed, and as long as I have consent, I’m gonna have sex with them. It really just doesn’t matter to me in the least. 

I think people choose what they care about when it comes to intimacy based on what personally frightens them or exhilarates them more. Sex doesn’t frighten me or exhilarate me nearly as much as someone who can make me laugh. And that’s the truth for me. If I meet someone who can banter with me I’m much more flustered than someone wanting to do the do. 

If this guy going down on you exhilarated you in a way you’ve never experienced before, that’s great! And you can choose what value you put on that! But make sure YOU choose that value. And if you enjoyed it, and you’re not hurting anyone, and it’s all consensual, have at it as much as you feel comfortable! 

I really don’t have any answer for you, but I do have this thought: Have you ever considered that where you are in your sexual maturity is perfect for you right here and right now? What if tomorrow you woke up and you realized that you are absolutely doing the best you can, and you’re learning and experimenting and trying and that that is really hard!  For craving intimacy, or not craving intimacy, for kissing, and touching, and trying, and really learning about what you like and don’t like? That you deserve to love yourself for trying new things in this world?

Because you do deserve to love yourself. And there’s nothing wrong with learning more about you.