look you can just judge me all you want

Zodiac Signs + Meeting New People
  • Aries: show them you're cool, they'll be cool with you
  • Taurus: might be selective at first, depending on the situation or atmosphere
  • Gemini: sees no problem in conversation, as long as you're not a douchebag
  • Cancer: they have to feel like you want to talk and stuff, then they will
  • Leo: pretty good at meeting new peeps, you have to have a certain vibe though
  • Virgo: the other person may have to take the initiative but it's all good once things start flowing
  • Libra: they don't care, i mean they do a little *silently judging*
  • Scorpio: don't be overly obnoxious or intrusive and things will go just fine
  • Sagittarius: can mix and mingle with anyone...well almost anyone
  • Capricorn: they may first look at you like "why are you talking to me" but that's just their inner voice
  • Aquarius: read statement above
  • Pisces: may act shy or smile a lot...but that's how the initial phase with Pisces go

YOI Future!Verse ABO AU, Visual Headcanon Web Charts #01

So I always wanted to make one of these. Turns out my headcanons for the most part are WAY too wordy for these things and uh, they’re a bit of a mess >.>;; BUT I hope nonetheless that they’re somewhat fun to read even if barely legible, it was fun to make ^ ^;

1. Super basic relationship chart of the core members of the lovely poly family in this AU.

2. “Adults Think,” the color of each adult indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

3. “Kids Think,” the color of each OC kid indicates their feelings towards the person to whom the arrow is pointing.

There’s obviously a lot more to it than what could be crammed in the lil text boxes, but a gist and pretty much the first things that immediately popped into my mind regarding their interactions. 2 and 3 also mostly show their thoughts while the kids are younger, which will change a bit as they grow up, to be covered in a future post.

*Recommended you right click view image to see full size bc the text is tiny oops

Because the text is so illegible, text only versions of charts 2 and 3 beneath cut, all elaborated quite a bit because I’m so rambly oops:


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s Yuuri-centric polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri’s married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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constructive criticism of andromeda is necessary. there are definitely aspects of the game that could use improvement, and that’s why the developers are asking fans to openly contact them via twitter to respectively give them feedback. but amidst all of this, a woman who described herself as a lead facial animator (she was an employee of ea, not bioware) was recently harassed, doxxed, and driven off of social media. what’s worse, she was a cosplayer prior to joining ea, and the most shared/popular article about this entire situation slanders her and claims she used her popularity and looks to get her position.
so you can joke and meme and judge this game all you want, it doesn’t really matter to me. just make sure you’re not fanning the gamergate flame. they are using the backlash on andromeda’s animations as an excuse to target, harass and threaten a member of the development team.

137 Winter  Writing Prompts!

1. “Come out in the snow with me!”

2. “I can’t believe it’s already snowing,”

3. “Want some cocoa?”

4. “I’m baking!”

5. "I can’t feel my legs.”

6. “Don’t open those till later!”

7. “What’d you get me?”

8. “Thanks for the.. Uh.. Gift?”

9. “I have no clue what this is supposed to be.”

10. "I’d rather stay inside.”

11. “The house is so warm.”

12. “It’s warm inside.”

13. “There’s no way I’m going out in that weather!”

14. “Is this the first time you’ve seen snow?”

15. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

16. “Happy New Year’s Eve eve eve eve eve eve eve!”

17. “It’s New Years, aren’t you going to kiss me?”

18. “I wonder where that mistletoe came from.”

19. “Do we have to kiss at midnight?”

20. “Hug me so I can Get warm.”

21. “You’re like a heater!”

22. “Bah humbug.”

23. “You’re useless with wrapping presents!”

24. “Why did you get this for me?”

25. “Merry Christmas, you dork!”

26. “You can wait another 24 hours to open presents.”

27. “I hate waiting.”

28. “Let’s listen to Christmas albums and get drunk off of eggnog.”

29. “Eggnog sucks, fight me.”

30. “Eggnog rules, bite me.”

31. “You’re as red as Rudolph!”

32. “Christmas hats are the bomb, okay?”

33. “Let this be over now.”

34. “No, you can not start listening to Christmas albums before Halloween.” - “Well I disagree.”

35. “Halloween is better.”

36. “Let’s have Hallowmas!”

37. “Isn’t the snow just amazing?”

38. “No white Christmas this year…”

39. “Let’s see who can catch the most snowflakes with their tongue!”

40. “Snow angels!”

41. “Do you wanna Build a-” - “Absolutely not.”

42. “You look cute when you’re cold.”

43. “Let’s sit by the fire.”

44. “Up to roasting marshmallows?”

45. “Come on! Can I open just one?”

46. “You have flour on you face.”

47. “Who knew making cookies was this hard?”

48. “Easier said than done.”

49. “Let’s go get some pre made dough.”

50. “We burned it all…”

51. “Ginger bread people are very serious!”

52. “Cookie frosting contest!!!”

53. “I think I’ve has enough cookies for two years… Wait is that pie?”

54. “Let’s have an all pie Christmas!”

55. “What do you mean ‘too many cookies’?”

56. “Can you reach that spot on the tree?”

57. “We have to get that tree!”

58. “Did someone spike the eggnog?”

59. “Yes I have four trees. Don’t judge me.”

70. “Where’s the topper!”

71. “The tree looks… Nice…”

72. “Oh wow.”

73. “We must win the house lights contest!”

74. “I think we need glitter.”

75. “I made too much tea. Didn’t i?”

76. “Want some tea?”

77. “Did someone eat half of the cookies?!?”

78. “Just because it’s Christmas/New Years doesn’t mean I have to dress up.”

79. “It’s New Years/ Christmas! Of course I need to dress up!”

80. “What the hell do I get them?”

81. “That’s perfect for them!”

82. “Light the candle!”

83. “Why is it so damn cold?”

84. “Happy Hanukkah!”

85. “Let’s watch stupid Christmas movies and get wasted.”

86. "It’s too cold to do anything!”

87. “thanks for the gift… I guess.”

88. “Hey, at least you tried.”

89. “Snow ball fight!!!”

90. “Our ginger bread house is just… Sad.”

91. "My cookies are far better than yours.”

92. “Oh my GOD how did you make these!?!”

93. “This is the best cookie I’ve very eaten.”

94. “This is the worst cookie I’ve ever eaten.”

95. "How could someone make food this badly?”

96. “tea is so much better than cocoa!”

97. “Cocoa is superior to tea!”

98. “Why are we fighting over beverages!?!”

99. “Sit down and eat the damn food!”

100. “We need to make food for how many people?!?”

101. "You’re cute when you’re freezing.”

102. “All I want for Christmas is you!”

103. “No way you’re going out in the snow in that!”

104. “Did you actually get a Santa suit?”

105. “Catching snowflakes with your tongue is harder than it looks…”

106. “I may die if it gets any colder.”

107. “Finally! Snow!”

108. “Happy Festivus!”

109. “So you’re telling me that you got everyone dollar store makeup for their gifts?!?””

110. “It’s Christmas! You’d think at least someone would be selling trees!”

111. “Wake me up when it’s Christmas.”

112. “Wake me up when Winter’s over.”

113. “Winter is my favorite time of the year!”

114. “Who stole all the gifts!?!”

115. “There’s so much snow in my boots.”

116. “We’re snowed in!”

117. “Are you sure you want to get me a gift?”

118. “I don’t deserve you…”

119. “So… Looks like we’re the only ones without dates, huh.”

120. “Wanna kiss?”

121. “I’m alone on valentines day. What could get worse?”

122. “Looks like we’re stuck here until all the snow blows over..”

123. “Seriously!?! The powers out?”

124. “Who sent these chocolates and flowers?”

125. “I don’t deserve this gift, Y/n. You have to take it back.”

126. “I think eating Chocolate alone on a holiday is completely normal.”

127. “Did i actually sleep through Christmas/New years/ Hanukkah?”

128.1 ‘Did you actually dye your hair red and green?”

128.2 “Seriously did you dye your hair blue for winter?”

128.3 “How is it possible to dye your hair gold for new years.”

129. “We’re not going to spend the holidays alone and sad. i won’t allow that!”

130. “I’m bringing the holiday party to you!”

131. “Please come over. I don’t want to be alone on Christmas.”

132. “Yes i’m out clubbing on new years. Please just pick me up!”

134. “I think i love you. Wow that sounds so cliche.”

135.  “I know that people usually kiss under mistletoe but.. I had other things planned.”

136. “Seriously, staring at me won’t get me to be your new years date.”

137. “You know i could never leave you alone on your favorite holiday.”

I’m accepting requests for this list! If you want to send some in that’s be great! 

Free use for everyone! Please just link back to my list/Give any type of credit if used. @avengersfictionxreader

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Steve calls Bucky 'his sunshine' every chance he gets. Steve getting seriously hurt and Bucky (and Steve) thinking he might not make it so Steve sings 'You Are My Sunshine' to him and I'm crying

“There’s my sunshine. Let me see that smile,” Bucky says, grinning like the jerk that he is.

Steve’s so mad he could spit and Bucky’s not helping matters. He gives Bucky the dirtiest look he can muster, which judging by the way Bucky’s eyebrows shoot up to the top of his forehead, is a pretty mean one. “Don’t be like that, Sweetheart. It’s just one 4F.”

“Those assholes don’t know what they’re talking about. I can fight. I’m fine.”

“So is it your ticker, diabetes or asthma you want them to ignore?” Bucky asks him.

“All of it. I want to fight, Buck. This isn’t right. I just want to do what’s right,” Steve’s shoulders sag as he says it. He knows he’s not as strong or healthy as a guy like Buck, but he thinks he’s more than capable of being a soldier.

Bucky seems to sense how upset he is. He wraps an arm around Steve’s shoulders and says, “You’ll get in. Next time.” His eyes say he’s lying but Steve ignores it, knowing in his heart that Bucky’s wrong. “Come on, Steve. Where’s my sunshine guy huh? Where’s that smile.”

Steve sticks his tongue out instead.


Steve did make it, made it past basic, made it past the serum, made it into the hydra base where Bucky was and made it back to base where they’re both safe. Even after seeing medical, Bucky still looks so pale. The skin around his eyes is a little sunken. He has his own tent and gets Bucky inside it, fussed over him for a minute while Bucky settles into his bed.

“Where’s my sunshine?” Bucky asks and it makes Steve want to cry just as much as it makes him want to rip all of hydra apart with his bare hands.

“Right here,” Steve says. He gets into the cot with Bucky, squeezing their bodies tight. He runs a hand over Bucky’s cheek, all the cuts and bruises there. “What did they do to you?”

“What did they do to you?” Bucky says, mustering a tiny smile. “Look at you.”


“Look at my sunshine guy. My only sunshine. Now I have to share you with the whole world.”

Steve’s breath catches in his throat, and by the time he’s ready to tell Bucky that he’ll always be his, Bucky’s already falling hard into sleep.


He has to practically carry Bucky back to the quinjet. He knows he should take off as fast as possible, run. His mind’s screaming at him as he sets Bucky down gently.

Sam, Wanda, his friends, Tony- he was his friend too. He can’t breathe correctly, his chest rattling from what could be a punctured lung. He has to get them out of here. Where could they go? Oh god, his shield. Bucky, Bucky, Bucky-

Bucky’s eyes are barely open, his head’s lolling to the side as he slips in and out of consciousness. The pain from losing his arm again did him in. Steve can’t let himself think about how this isn’t the first time Bucky would have felt that pain. He realizes then, that he’s not going anywhere right this second. Bucky’s body heals like his, he bets. He just need to give Bucky a minute. He picks him up again and arranges his body so that Bucky can lay on his lap. He runs his fingers through Bucky’s blood-soaked hair and reaches for the closest first aid kit, getting some gauze to apply pressure.

“St-” Bucky tries, his eyelids fluttering.

“Shh,” Steve whispers. “I got you. Where’s my sunshine guy?” Steve doesn’t know what makes him say it, but when he does Bucky lets out a sigh that lets Steve know he remembers. So Steve does what Bucky did so many years ago when he was too sick to get up. He sings. “You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray. You never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

Steve strokes Bucky’s hair the entire time. At this point he just wants Bucky to finally let everything pull him under. Steve will find them a place to stay safe. “The other night dear, when I was sleeping. I dreamt I held you in my arms. When I awoke dear, I was mistaken. So I held my head and I cried.” But Bucky’s here now, and Steve’s going to keep him safe no matter what. His eyes are drawn to something outside the quinjet window. When he looks up, he sees T’Challa.

It’s Difficult (WTLYBF) - 6

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You weren’t expecting it. You didn’t know that they’d suddenly appear out of nowhere, at this exact moment. Jiyeon gave Taehyung a look, glaring at you as well. Her knuckles turned white as she held the straps of her shopping bags tightly. “Are you serious? If you like her then why’d you go out with me?!” Jiyeon practically screams. “No I just-” She interrupted him, continuing to rant. “She’s practically the reason we broke up! You preferred some other girl over your girlfriend.” Taehyung furrowed his brows and seemed to get mad. “Y/N isn’t just some girl!” You felt awkward. They were fighting about you. You just wanted to disappear out of existence. As if someone heard your pleads, a hand grabbed you and pulled you close. Jungkook. He smiled down at you, squeezing in reassurance. “Why are you even defending her?! She has someone else in her life! They’re right in front of you, are you blind?” Taehyung looks at you and Jungkook, looking as if he was hesitating to say something. “Don’t bring Jungkook into your shit, Jiyeon.” you spit out. She gives you a mocking look of surprise. “Me? You’re the one dragging him into this. Stop acting so innocent. The moment you began to get close you dragged him into it.” You grit your teeth, wanting to throw her down and step on her neck. “Stop blaming everything on me you self centered bitch!” At that, Jiyeon got mad. She raised her hand and was about to hit you but something stopped her. Jungkook grabbed her wrist, giving her a glare. “Don’t you dare lay a hand on her.” You felt flustered, not knowing how to react to Jungkook’s sudden heroism. Jiyeon smirks and seems to calm down. “Hm. Good luck deciding on who you’re ending up with.” She picks up her bags and walks off. You wince at the hard truth. No one said a word. Tae kept on looking away, glancing at you from time to time. You didn’t know what to say either. You were aware of Taehyung’s feelings for you now, but he didn’t know yours. You felt bad. You were almost fully over him, though how you did it you don’t know. He still acted like before. You shake your head, chasing the thoughts away. “Where do you guys want to go?” you ask. “How about you?” Tae asks quietly. “Uh..how about we go home and hangout? I feel like that’s more fun.” Tae lets out a small giggle. “You made Jungkook come all the way here to witness that, and for you to say we should go back home.” You laugh too. “Sorry, Kookie.” He shrugs. “It’s fine.”

Days later, you still didn’t know how to feel about Taehyung’s feelings. Did you like him back? Yes?..kind of. A little. You sigh in frustration, falling back on your bed. You decided to get your mind off of it with cooking. You were decently good at that. Though, you’d need a little help. You smile at the thought of doing something fun with another person you cared about. Taking out your phone, you scroll your contacts until you find the name. Then, you press call. “What do you want, Y/N?” You giggle. “Can you come over? I need help cooking.” You hear a small sigh on the other line. “Fine.” With that, he hangs up and you start to take out all the things you’d need. After a while, there’s a knock on your door. You run and open it, being greeted by your smiling older brother. “What’s good sis.” You roll your eyes playfully and let him in. “Hello to you too, Seokjin.” Jin enters your kitchen and examines it. “Stop trying to judge me and help me.” He laughs, grabbing you and pulling you into a hug. “Ok, what do you need help with?” You shrug. “Just help me cook something.” He nods and goes into your cabinet, taking out an old cooking book. “I feel like..this would be good. And this. Oh- this too.” You agree, to all of it. “So what are we doing?” Jin asks, looking confused on what to choose. “Let’s just cook all of it.” He smirks. “Great idea.” You two began pouring the right amount of ingredients, each of you doing different dishes but still helping each other. You two let everything cook for the right time, just chattering. “Wait- are we eating all of that?” You freeze as you lean against the counter. “No..wait let me call up some friends. I suggest you do the same.” You call Kook, telling him to bring Tae with him and another friend if he wanted to. Jin calls some of his friends, and after that you wait some more.

Just as you two were taking everything out, there were knocks at your door. “I’ll answer that.” You nod and let Jin go let them in. Once the door is opened there’s loud talking and laughter. Setting down the food, you enter your living room to greet everyone. “Hey Y/N!” You wave back to Jungkook, smiling at him. “So you’re the girl who’s been dragging them away.” You turn to the voice, being faced with a blonde haired cutie, slightly shorter than Jungkook and Tae. “Uh- yeah. Sorry about that,” You smile apologetically, holding out your hand. “I’m Y/N.” He nods. “I’ve heard your name come out of Kook’s mouth a lot. I’m Jimin.” Jungkook glares at Jimin, slapping his arm. “Hyung!” You laugh, Jimin laughing along with you. “Where’s the food?” Taehyung asks. “Yeah, I came here for the food.” You give Yoongi, one of Jin’s friends, a playful look. You’ve met almost everyone except for Jimin, which you were surprised by. “I’m just being honest.”

“Well, its fresh out of the oven so be careful. You guys can go ahead and sit down.” You begin to walk to the kitchen, but Taehyung stops you. “Let me help!” Chewing on the inside of your cheek, you nod. He walks alongside you, no one saying a thing. “You grab that one and I’ll take these two okay?” He nods, sending you a cute smile as he grabs a dish. The both of you walk in, setting down the food on the table. “Oh shit this smells good.” Hoseok says. “Thanks, Hobi. Jin and I did it together.” Jin grins at you. “You two will make perfect spouses.” Namjoon declares. “Obviously. Charm runs in the Kim family.” Jin jokes, blowing a kiss at whoever. “Whoever marries Y/N will definitely be lucky.” Kook says out of nowhere. You blush, smiling a bit. “T-Thanks.”

After eating you all sat down and watched a movie. You were in between Tae and Jungkook, and you didn’t mind but it obviously bothered the other. Half way into the movie, there was a particularly romantic scene, where the protagonist and their lover shared a kiss. At that moment, Jungkook nudged you softly on your waist. “Can we talk?” You were confused on why he wanted to talk, especially right now of all times. “Sure.” The two of you get up, receiving some looks but you don’t mind. You take him into your room, patting the seat next to you. He sits down, sighing softly. “What’s wrong?” Jungkook looks at you and shakes his head. “Nothing, really. I just- I want to tell you something and I was so determined to tell you today but now I can’t.” You giggle, grabbing his arm. “Just tell me, I won’t judge.” He looks you in the eye for a good few seconds before looking away. “Recently, I’ve been thinking of you as more of a friend. I’d ignore it and say that it’s because we were closer now and I thought of you as a best friend. But as time went by, I finally realized it. I like you. No- I love you. More than a friend. I love you like a lover does.” You blink, staring at Jungkook with wide eyes. “You- love me?” He breathes in and out before nodding. His warm brown eyes stared deeply into your e/c eyes. A warm feeling crawled onto your face. It felt like the day with Taehyung all over again. You didn’t know what to say, or how you felt. “Kook I’m deeply flattered. It’s just..I’m confused. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel the same. I probably do, but maybe I don’t. The incident with Tae..that confused me. I’m sorry. I promise I’ll tell you when I figure it out.” He smiles but you can see a hint of worry glint in his eyes. “That’s fine. Take your time,” His hand holds yours, squeezing it. You smile. “Thanks for being accepting of it. I know it must hurt.” He shakes his head. “I’m patient.”

»this series is almost ending ahhhh. thank you for the support through it 💕I’m so sorry for not uploading yesterday!! I wasn’t feeling quiet good and fell asleep :(( This will be the last part before the ending!! Lots of ppl want it to end with Kookie, some with Tae; we’ll just have to see, won’t we? ;)«

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Sex (by 1975)

requested: You should write a smutty fiction about the reader who dates Harrison but like sleeps with Tom behind Haz’s back I could say more I don’t wanna make this message to long


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“She has a boyfriend anyway”

Yesterday’s events were still pretty clear and concrete in Tom’s mind. If he concentrated better, he could feel drop of sweat running down his temples and forehead, your nails leaving marks on his arms and the moans coming from your mouths.
No, he said to himself.
He stood up and went to the bathroom to take a long and cold shower.
It was hard explaining your relationship: from the outside, people would think you couldn’t stand each other but the truth was that you couldn’t stay away from each other.
It all started three months ago, when you found out that Harrison cheated on you while they were promoting Spider-Man homecoming in Brazil. You so were devastated that you knocked at Tom’s door in the middle of the night to ask him if Harrison really cheated on you. It was raining outside, you were soaking and trembling both for the cold and the rage you were feeling.
It all escalated quickly: you were seating next to each other, Tom consoled you telling that Haz was a dick and you deserved more and the second later you were moaning Tom’s name between the sheets of his bed.
Little did you know that Tom meant everything. The nice words he whispered in your ears, his sweet touch and the after sex cuddles that made you fall asleep.
Tom fell for you the day Harrison introduced you to him. He understood immediately that his friend wasn’t enough for you and the continuous betrayals were a clear example.
It became a sort of routine: Harrison cheated on you, you arrived at Tom’s house crying and then you two had sex. Or made love, depends on the point of you.
When Tom finished showering he heard someone ringing his bell. He laced a towel around his waist and hurried to open the door.
“He did it again” you just said.
Not even a “hello” or “how do you do”.
Tom welcome you with a fast gesture of his head and you entered the house.
You were wearing a pair of skinny jeans, one of Harrison’s t-shirts and an oversized hoodie. Tom still thought you were the most stunning thing in the world.
“I don’t understand why you keep doing this to yourself” Tom said.
You took off your hoodie and throw it on the sofa “Because I love him.”
Tom chuckled “And you cheat him with me, his best friend. Interesting way to show your affection, darling”
“You need a partner to have sex and you’ve always been consenting. Nice way to show your loyalty to your best friend.” you answered him back.
Tom was now furious.
“We are talking too much, here.”
You knew exactly what was going on and a malicious expression grew on your face.
A second later, Tom’s lips where on your neck, leaving a serie of open mouth kisses as you started to undress yourself.
“Take your t-shirt on, love.” he whispered in your ear.
He wanted you more than ever. He wanted to take you there, on his sofa while you were wearing your boyfriend t-shirt so that the day after you could still smell his perfume.
With a fast gesture you untied the knot of his towel, leaving Tom completely exposed.
“Let’s get on the sofa” you suggested.
You seated on Tom’s lap wearing just your panties and Harrison’s t-shirt. Usually you dedicated a few time for foreplay but that night wasn’t the case.
You needed him, you needed him more then ever.
You start grinding on him, your hands through his hair, occasionally pulling his curls to make him moan as his helped you trusting him.
“Fuck” Tom groaned as you scratched his chest.
He loved how rough and passionate you could be, he liked to think that he was the only one able to unmask his side of you.
“Tom… I really need you.”
You didn’t even finish the sentence that Tom switched position, now on top of you.
He took his time to look at you, your messy hair and swollen lips from kisses and bites. You were an angel.
Tom started to caress your body from your ankles to your collarbone in a slow and attentive way, making sure not to miss an inch of your body. He watched you squirming under him, it was a slow torture for you but you couldn’t deny that you loved the extra attention that Tom always paid for you.
“Tom…” you were begging him.
And God, his names coming as a moan from your sweet lips was like a melody.
Your bodies matches together like puzzle pieces, your bones framed perfectly like you were meant to be together.
His thrusts were deep and slow, able to hit every right spots. As regard you, unable to speak or think properly, you were thinking that that union was perfect. Tom knew your body better that anyone else, he knew where to touch you, how to kiss you and he always had something to whisper in your ears, from dirty and kinky stuff to sweet words that made your heart clench a little.
You reached the top together, as Tom liked to do. You crumbled under him like a slippery mountain.
“It was… God. It was so good.” you said trying to catch your breath.
Tom, on the other hand, didn’t say a world; he grabbed his towel and covered himself.
“I think you should go, now”
You look at him surprised “What?”
“I said, ‘I think that you should go, NOW’” he repeated “Come back to your boyfriend. Let him telling you other lies so when he cheats again you can come back here. To the stupid me, the stupid one who always tries to make love to you, the stupid who tries to treat you better while your boyfriend uses you like a fucking toy.” He breathed heavily to catch his breath again.
You just started collecting your clothes.
“You know Tom, you can judge me all you want but we are similar. I don’t break with him because I love Harrison and I want to stay with him even if he shares his love with other girls. And you love me even if I’m with your best friend. We are both destined to love people who doesn’t love us as they should do” you gave him a sad smile “See you around, Tom” and, with that, you left his flat.

Tell me Anything, doll

Summary: Steve comforts the reader during a time where she feels insecure. How emotional things get test their ability to just be friends. 

Word Count: 3527

Authors note: This is my first plus size imagine so PLEASE let me know what you guys think!! I think this came out beautifully, ugh Steve was so perfect for this one !!

You were currently laying in your bed, unable to shake all the bad thoughts coming into your head. The relationship you had with your body was a love hate relationship, you wouldn’t trade your curves for anything but sometimes you couldn’t help but question everything about yourself.

You’d been so deep in thought that you hadn’t heard the knock on your door, it wasn’t until you felt the weight on the bed shift that you looked up. There sat Steve, looking down at you with his beautiful blue eyes, “What’s wrong (y/n), did Bucky prank-”.

When Steve really looked at you, he could tell that something was wrong. It wasn’t normal for that infectious smile of yours to not be present, you didn’t even look happy to see him. Steve knew you too well, he could tell that something was wrong.

He shifted to face you, “Is it the last mission? Tony was only joking around with you-”. You shook your head, but avoided eye contact. Softly you said, “ It’s not the mission..I just..”.

Steve sat there waiting to figure out what was wrong, because all he wanted to do was make it better. His concern grew when he realized you were on the verge of tears, “You can tell me anything doll”.

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Professor Scamander and the Slytherin Prefect



A/n: I decided to try including some different perspectives this chapter! Hope you guys like it. Also sorry if there are any errors, I’m super tired and will edit this in the morning :D

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OUAT Super Secret Spoiler Spec **UPDATED**

I’ve been getting a lot anonymous asks talking about the secret spoiler that was seen on the set tour and have therefore compiled a lot of info on what exactly the spoiler might be.  DISCLAIMER: all this info is coming from anonymous sources who may or may not actually know anything about the set.  Therefore, I am claiming all of this as total speculation until a valid source can provide confirmation.  So, here’s a list of all the info I’ve gotten.

  • The spoiler “would be hard to keep in [Captain Swan’s] house.”
  • Someone at the convention apparently said that the spoiler had something to do with CS (but backpedaled when they realized that they’d said too much).
  • I got two very vague anons following an anon that wished people would just tell us the spoiler.  They said the following: “It has to do with a boy named Jack *whistles*” and “A tale of a boy named Jack and a….”  I guessed that what they’re referring to is the beanstalk, but got no further confirmation.
  • The beanstalk would align with whatever the spoiler is being hard to keep in the CS house, and it would also be related to CS.
  • There was apparently a tweet where someone said the secret spoiler was in a green screen room, which they would need in order to recreate the beanstalk set.
  • I literally just got the same anon who hinted that it was the beanstalk confirming that the spoiler is in fact the beanstalk.  
  • There is now a picture of what looks like the bottom of a beanstalk in an outdoor set in Burnaby Central Park (x)

Obviously there is no way for me to 100% confirm any of this, but I thought I would organize all the info I’ve collected, whether it’s true or not, so that you all can be the judge.  If you want to see any of the asks I’ve gotten in relation to any of these pieces of info, you can either message me or find them at mrs-emma-swan-jones.tumblr.com/tagged/anon.

Hetalia Characters as stuff People say to me at Work

America: “So like is this produce American grown?”

Canada: “So I was looking at your maple syrup and you don’t seem to have any just regular maple syrup?!? It’s all the fake maple flavored crap!”

Germany: “I’m German and like cabbage…don’t judge me.”

Prussia: “What do you mean there’s an alcohol limit?! If I want 20 cases of beer I want 20 cases of beer!” (The state I live in has laws on how much alcohol you can buy in one transaction.)

France: “So beautiful what do I have to say for a date and maybe a couple dollars off?”

Russia: “Consumerism is just a plot by the government to control us all!”

Sweden: “I have a date tonight and just what flowers should I get? I’m sorry I’m just really nervous!”

China: “Its been so long since I’ve come to the store without children! I’ve forgotten how nice it is!”

Finland: “Do you have anymore eggnog in the back? I grabbed all I saw out but I still need like 6 more.”

Wall Flower

Zach x Reader

Authors Note:
All of this is a work of art. AU for this story. Hannah is alive. Not for all the characters is happy ending tho (Sorry but I have to for this story.) First imagine. I was thinking of making it series. I need your feedback for this to work guys. This is my first time to write. So I would I really appreciate feedbacks.

You’re the school’s wallflower. You blend in pretty well. So it really is the headlines of every  gossip when Zach Dempsey, captain of the basketball team and one of the most popular jock, announced that he’s in a relationship with you.

First of let’s just clear some things out, yes you are in a relationship with Zach. But the guy is not love with you. And so are you. You came from a chinese family and so is Zach. It is a known tradition for chinese families to have arranged marriages. But it’s the freaking 21st century. Who would’ve thought it’s still a thing?

Zach Dempsey is just a jock from your school until last night when your families announced that you are engaged. So here you are in Zach’s car, enroute to Liberty high.

“Just drop me off on Hannah’s house. We don’t have to arrive at school together.” You tell Zach from his passenger seat. Your parents wanted you guys to know each other before the wedding next year which is after your graduation.

“Why? Afraid to be seen with me?” Asked by a smirking Zach. “I’m not. But you should. You’re the popular guy. I’m the wallflower.” You replied as you look at him. The guy is a modern day version of Adonis himself. With the chiseled jaw and the eyes that seems to be smiling every time.

(y/n), you make it seem that being with you is a curse. We can actually make this work. You’re single. I’m single. All we need is to compromise.”  All you can do is look at Zach like he grew another pair of head. Thinking of what he says it seems rational. But not after what you experienced. You’re not sure you can do this again.

“Have you been in love, Zach?”  You asked him looking at the window.

“No. But I’ve dated before. I  know how to make a relationship work, (y/n). What are you trying to say?” Zach answered. I felt like I’ve offended him. I looked at him searching his face.

“ I didn’t mean to offend you and that’s not what I mean. I know you’re not like your friends, Zach. We don’t know each other that much for me to judge you. So I’m not. All I’m saying is, it’s easy for you to say that we can make this work coz you haven’t find the girl yet that you’ll love. But what if that happens? Will you not want to at least fight for that?”

“Are you in love with someone else, (y/n)?” Zach looked at me seriously. I was paralyzed with how he looked at me. It made me feel that he sees me. I’m not someone who just blends. I was me.

“Look at the road, Zach.” I answered. Not really answering his question.

“I just want to let you know (y/n) that I don’t like letting my Mom down. So whether you’re in this or not we’ll make it work. If you’re seeing someone right now, Break it off. I don’t share. Whether this is arrange or not.”
Zach said seriously as he parked his car on school parking lot.

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The game we play

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Acting cold is what you should do to get a man,right?Well it worked in my situation. 

Everytime we pass each other in the hallway he looks me in the eyes and I act like I don’t see him.When he stares at me from the other corner of the room I make an eye contact once,continuing talking.And when he comes to me to talk I always have some important things to do so I walk away saying “Later,Styles”

I know how he wants me.Not because of me.Because he always gets what he wants but not this time.That drives him crazy,but he likes playing.He’s so into this game we play.

When I walk away from him again I can hear him swearing but I know for sure,that he’s smiling and wants more.

I can’t even talk to other boys now.He’s always there.I can tell you his new routine when he sees me with some guy.

First he looks jealously at the guy then if he sees me smiling or laughing he comes to us slowly,looking all serious. 

“What do you need,Styles?”
“Just making sure you’re not bored,because judging by your look…”
“I’m ok.You can go now”
“See you soon,Y/L/N”
“Hope not,Styles”

Everytime.It’s kinda funny.

We have a lot of mutual friends.So we meet a lot.We go to the same parties and events.

And today is one of those days when we came to the same club to the same party again.

I see him right when I come into the building.He stands there drinking something and talking to some girl that he’s not interested in.You can tell it by the way he looks at the entrance,like he’s waiting for someone.And that someone is me.Because as soon as I walk in, his eyes began to sparkle and he said a quick goodbye to the girl.

I come further in the club to my friends.

“Wasn’t expecting to meet you here,Y/L/N”
“Don’t lie,I know you did.That’s why you here”

And I walk away from him to greet my friends that invited me here.

“Why is such a pretty lady,sitting here all alone?”

I know this voice.You can’t forget it if you heard it just once.

“Because,goodbye,that’s why”

I stand up from the bar stool that i’ve been sitting on and go forward to the exit of the club.It’s the end of the night already.Half of my friends are too drunk to function and the other half is home.So I don’t want to waste any more time here.

I walk outside and breathe in the cold morning air

“Wait!”,Harry runs to me”It’s late I’ll drive you home”
“You’re drunk”
“Then…we’ll walk”,he smiles nervously

Harry Styles is nervous in front of the girl?That’s something new


We start walking.My house is pretty far away from here,so it’s going to be a lot of time spent with Harry.

“Why do you always avoid me?”

He starts the conversation that I knew would happen.And didn’t want it with all of my heart.

“Do I?”
“Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about”

I really have no idea what to answer to that.I thought he won’t bring this up,since it’s just stupid.We both know what game we play.

For a long time we walked in silence.Harry sometimes took a quick glances at but nothing much.

“Are you cold?”he breaks the silence.

And that’s a huge lie.It’s freezing and I’m wearing a mini dress.I’m not sure,but I think he noticed me shaking.

Without saying a word he takes off his jacket and puts it on my shoulders.

A quite “thank you” comes out of my mouth.Harry nods and continues walking.

A little later we finally came to my house.

“So here we are”I nod at the house

Uncomfortable silence comes between us.I don’t know why I still stand in front of him when I could just walk away.But I fell like he wants to say something but not very sure about it.He raises his head up and looks me in the eyes,searching for something.

He puts his hand on my cheek and starts caressing it.I don’t move,because it feels right.

“Little do you know how i like you and want you”

And now I don’t know whether I’m shivering because I’m cold or because of his words.

“But do you feel it as well?”

I lightly nod and it seems like a green light for him.He kisses me deeply putting every single feeling in it.

“It’s a pitty because I liked your “you can’t own me” game”

He smiles.

Without a word I take his hand and we head to my house.

“Guess I won then”,he says when we come in.

Xiumin as Older Brother Headcanon
  1. He’d always worry for you, always call you to see if you’re alright
  2. He’d probably have a little sis complex
  3. “No, I’m not letting you alone with the boys. If you are going with them, I’ll go too”
  4. You’ll be his judge when he tries to make new drinks/coffee
  5. “Are you busy? Homework? Leave it for a second let’s go for coffee. I’ll help later”
  6. Long deep talks in the middle of the night
  7. “Yes you look pretty in that dress, he’ll love you. He better do”
  8. He’d give the best love advice
  9. He’d also come to you and talk about his problems
  10. “I don’t want to grow up and grow apart, I want to be close always”
  11. He’d know in one look that something is wrong
  12. He’d keep all your secrets and never judge
  13. “I saw your favorite band was coming to town so I bought two tickets for you, hope you enjoy it!”
  14. Sometimes people would call you twins, because you are always together and act the same and look the same
  15. “All I want is for you to be happy and if I can help, I’ll gladly do it”
  16. He’d play dolls with you
  17. Somehow he would end up making you love video games too though
  18. “If you are going to drink, at least let me be there. Just to check on you”
  19. His smile would be enough for you to know that everything is going to be alright
  20. “I know I’m a little overprotective sometimes but.. I really don’t want anyone to hurt you”
Ficlet: Buttercups (Sera, Varric)

I’m feeling a little odd about posting this, but it wanted to be written, so…. here it is. Sera, Varric, and identity.


It starts when the refugee clan of Dalish straggles into Skyhold—straggles in, without a whatever-it-is they call a leader, and Inky goes out to talk to them. She opens her palms, makes gestures Sera can’t understand, speaks in that soft flowing language that Sera doesn’t know. And she and the Dalish touch palms, and there is weeping and laughter, and—

Sera could probably have put up with it, probably, if it wasn’t for Solas. Not like Solas is talking to them, of course, he’s too fucking good for that, isn’t he? He’s standing off to the side making that face, that sad-and-indulgent-and-condescending face he always makes around elfy elves. It’s not a good face, Sera knows that. She wouldn’t want it turned on her.

But it’s better than what she sees in his eyes when he looks at her. Dalish are pitiable to him, but she’s—

She doesn’t wait for Inky, who’s still talking with the Dalish in her own language, making gestures that Sera knows sure as spit are some kind of ritual, something Sera isn’t and doesn’t have and never wanted

(but still hates being on the outside of)

and Sera spins on her heel and turns, unseen, goes into the tavern.

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TITLE: I Think I Loaf You 
PAIRING: Connor Murphy/Evan Hansen (with some side Alana Beck/Zoe Murphy)
SUMMARY: Connor tags along to his sister’s wedding cake tasting and happens upon the most awkward, adorable baker in existence.
NOTES: I just really love The Great British Baking Show, and this is what happened. Also, a pretty soft Connor/a little ooc, but he’s also gone through some positive change, so yay? Sorry about the title. You can also read this on Ao3 here.

Connor wasn’t at all sure how he got roped into this shit, but there he was, being dragged along by his sister for a wedding cake tasting. He knew that if this was six years ago she could have held a gun to his head and he still wouldn’t have agreed to come along, but, well, they’d come a long way. Such a long way that he was apparently willing to suffer through all this pre-wedding decision making, and that she actually asked him to in the first place.

Whatever. At least he’d get to eat.

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anonymous asked:

Can i have a fic where sasuke has to deal with sakura having her period


he’s first clued in to it being that time of the month when she doesn’t really answer his questions clearly and most of her answers revolve around him going to fuck himself. when he asks her what she wants for dinner, he expects a similar curse. 

“i don’t care,” she snaps as predicted. “you just choose. like why do i always have to choose?”

he wisely keeps his mouth shut at that, even though the reality is that she always chooses because she literally has never given him the chance to choose.

“so…okonomiyaki?” he suggests.

“what? no, i don’t want that.” sakura looks down the street, assessing their food choices while rubbing her abdomen. she’s not hungry, she’s in pain. “you know what? i don’t care.”


“no, i don’t want that either.”

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anonymous asked:

I was thinking over what you said about finding spaces not involved in culture wars. Is this really okay? During the past year when I tried bonding with strangers it turned out they're all anti-kink or aphobic or something. My ex bff called me a "freak" over kink discourse. So I decided I only need my few trusted friends. Others are hostile filth. But some said isolating myself is unhealthy. Is that true? I can't handle the heat, so I should stay out of the kitchen... But it's kind of lonely.

I was thinking over what you said about finding spaces not involved in culture wars. Is this really okay?


So I decided I only need my few trusted friends. Others are hostile filth. 


Knowing people from a wide range of backgrounds, and being politically and socially involved, can be healthy or it can be unhealthy. When it means getting into constant fights over your own private life with people who are calling you a freak, it’s unhealthy, and prioritizing relationships with people who don’t treat you that way is a great idea. But I do have some worries about the ways you’re thinking of it here.

Most people are not hostile filth. It might be that most people cannot be a good friend to you. Most people you’ve interacted with have treated you poorly, and it is okay to decide that you don’t want to interact with them. But lots of people are trying, from the tiny corner of human experiences which they have seen and which they understand, to paint the lines in a way that makes for a good world full of human flourishing. They often suck at it. It’s okay to be annoyed at how much they suck at it; it’s okay to look out at the world and go ‘come on, you could try just the tiniest bit harder to understand me and then you wouldn’t be hurting me constantly and I am sick and tired of your best because your best sucks’.

I think ‘most people are not terrible, and most people are trying to be kind and good’ is sometimes an incredibly threatening thing to say. Some people have been taught that the only reason they can cut someone out of their life is because they are terrible. So saying ‘no, they aren’t terrible’ is saying ‘I deny your excuse for not having that person in your life’. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if someone is the greatest, most virtuous, most loving, most dedicated person in the universe, if being around them is not pleasant for you you get to stop doing it. Once you believe that, it is a lot less threatening to believe that most people are well-meaning and decent.

So I think you should feel more okay with not interacting with people and also less inclined to think of those people as hostile filth, and I sort of expect those to be related to each other.

And this also seems relevant to your feeling lonely and isolated. I think there is a world of difference between ‘spending time with these people makes me unhappy, and so I don’t want to do it’ and ‘these are bad people’. Feeling like everyone in the world except a few trusted friends is a bad person is absolutely going to be isolating! You can’t dare let your current relationships slip through your hands, because they’re the only people who aren’t terrible in an ocean of terrible! You can’t casually enjoy a non-political talk with a stranger, because they are terrible and might turn on you! That sounds exhausting!

The healthier way to think about this is ‘I get to decide whether interacting with someone is making me happy or making me sad. If it’s making me sad, I get to stop. I don’t have to put up with people who hurt me for the sake of ‘not isolating myself’. Correspondingly, I don’t have to cut someone out of my life for being ‘bad’ if interacting with them makes me happy. I can just decide who I want to spend time with, and deciding not to spend time with someone is not judging them unworthy or evil, it’s just noticing that I don’t like spending time with them.’

This is categorically always okay. It can still be isolating, if you notice that all of the people around you make you sad, and in that case I urge you to look for people who don’t, because it is definitely important to have people who you actually like interacting with. But I think it will be less isolating than ‘most people are bad and so either I interact with them anyway because it is virtuous or I avoid them and feel lonely’, because it takes the ‘badness’ and ‘virtuousness’ out of the question and lets you just ask yourself what you want


Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 898

-The reader is confident and shows off her body in the privacy of her and Dean’s room. But is much different in public. Dean wants to know why-

Warning: insecurities about body

A/N: If you want tagged in something, let me know.

You were lying across the bed just looking at random things on your laptop when you heard Dean walk into the room. He let out a low whistle, “Baby, that is a sight I love to see,” he said, eyes raking over you.

           You rolled your eyes. You were lying there in a pair of short shorts and one of his t-shirts, “You’ve seen it all before,” you said.

           “Doesn’t mean I don’t like to see it all the time,” he pointed out, walking over to sit on the bed with you, “I don’t think I could ever get tired of seeing you.”

           “Well, thank you.”

           Dean put his hand on your calf, “I was thinking about ordering in a pizza or something. You want something?”

           You nodded, “Always want pizza.”

           Dean chuckled, “That’s my girl.”

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BTS Reaction to: You Being Super Loud Then Super Quiet 2.5 Seconds Later

Jin: “yah, what am I going to do with you? when I want you to talk, you don’t. when I want you to be quite, you talk!” he likes to tease you about how quick you can change, usually saying; “ah, it’s my beauty that’s shocking you into silence, isn’t it?”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Suga: can be much the same; sometimes he’s quiet, sometimes he’s hyper. so he knows to respect this shift in you, and let you be quiet  or play along with you if that’s what you want

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J-Hope: understands you more than others might assume. he may be part of the sunshine line but before debut, he was very sad & down. you can see this even in the groups earlier performances & all those hoseok fancams that keep me up at night. hobi looked moody & angry.

he’s not always 100% sunshine & happiness like some might think. so he knows where you’re coming from when you go quiet after being so loud.

“you know, jagi, if you ever want to talk about anything, I’ll always be here for you. to listen and not judge, because I love you. just remember that”

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Rap Monster: probably over thinks it & reads into your behavior shift too much. “jagi, did I do something wrong?” he asks, always feeling like he’s at fault for your quietness

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Jimin: “if you’re sad then just know that you can always tell me anything, ok? but if you just want to be alone, then don’t feel afraid to tell me that either. do you want me to run & buy you ice cream maybe?”

is very concerned about you, wanting to ensure that your sudden silence isn’t out of sadness.

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V: tbh this child hardly even noticed you weren’t playing with him anymore. he was having too much fun messing around to notice anything other than; “look, look! the puppy’s tail wagging is so cute!”

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Jungkook: thinking ‘oh crap, I did something wrong ,now s/he’s mad at me. how do I fix this?’

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