look wut u did peeta

Peeta/Jenis - Scared

Jenis felt as Peeta climbed into the bed and tugged lightly at the blanket. She opened her eyes and listened but still the pang, the pang those scared eyes gave her. Was he lying to make her feel better? Maybe he was only trying to use her like all the other men in her life. She shook her head at her own thoughts. That wasn’t who Peeta was. 

She slowly inched up to him, placing her head on his chest. “Never look at me like that again, okay?” she said, avoiding his gaze completely. Jenis was afraid to look into those eyes again. Would that look still be there? A few seconds of quiet passed and then she asked, “are you sure you want this to be your life? Are you sure you wanted to give me that ring yesterday? Because one day I might get pregnant and even want to keep it,” she scoffed and sniffled quietly. Jenis was so deeply in love with Peeta. Seeing him look like that hurt her already bruised heart.