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Eric x Reader

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Eric stomped through the room to grab a tray of food. He was late so the best food was gone, putting him in a foul mood. With a glowering scowl he glanced around, daring anyone who was looking over at him to continue doing so.

When he finally started to eat, he spotted a girl at the other end of the table, nervously fiddling with her cup, as if waiting for something. He finished quickly, leaving like almost everyone else had, glancing back suspiciously when the girl put her cup on the side and left.

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Essays in Existentialism: Wisdom Teeth

Prompt: Lexa get’s her wisdom teeth pulled out or comes out of some sort of surgery and doesn’t know Clarke’s her girlfriend/wife.

“Who is that?” Lexa whisper hissed, one eye growing wide while the other refused to open. “Who is that? She’s beautiful.”

“That’s Clarke,” the aide shook her head and smiled behind her mask. “Your wife.” 

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It didn’t take long until the police arrived, and the usual procedure occurred.
Back at 221B, Sherlock rubs his hands and starts gathering all the facts they have so far. Meanwhile John had finally time to examine the laptop himself. He didn’t expect that it would be so easy - the laptop wasn’t even password protected and contained some really interesting files. Practically gift wrapped.
“So… James Swandale..?” John started.
“Oh, I’ve heard of him - skilled jewel thief. Apparently shorter then others, which gives him a huge advantage for breaking into places.” Sherlock finished.
John nodded, but was still quiet confused. How did they get into this situation in the first place? Coincidence or a big game for someone? Well, for Sherlock it was a big game that he had to win. John sighed and smirked of the thought.
Soon after, the detective had a clue where to start. Swandale had got hold of some plans of a house belonging to some ‘Giles Conover’…

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ryan doesn’t do painkillers. he just doesn’t.

he likes to be wholly in control of his brain, and all facilities that come with it. painkillers tend to leave one loopy or tired. and not only does he really, really hate that feeling, but he simply can’t afford it.

under painkillers, his reflexes are lowered, his inhibitions dropped. he’ll grab someone’s arm hard enough to bruise if they try to pull his mask off, regardless of his mental state, but if he’s dosed up, it’s much more difficult to keep someone from doing whatever they want. if someone really, really wants to take the mask off of him while he’s flying high on morphine, he won’t be able to stop them. and that’s dangerous enough as it is, with his identity as his most prized possession after so many years.

but then there’s the talking.

under the mask, ryan haywood is a nice guy. he’s personable. hell, you can even call him chatty. so when he’s spaced out on painkillers, his tongue gets away with him. he doesn’t pay attention to what he’s saying, what he’s doing. he’ll mumble away about anything and everything that comes to mind, regardless of how personal it is.

that’s how the crew found out his name. a slurred word in a narcotic haze.

( to their credit, no one but gavin called him that afterwards, carefully sticking to vagabond after jack warned everyone that he might not take kindly to them suddenly knowing who he was. this continued until he’d finally looked up one day, exasperated, and said ‘i know you assholes know my name, just fuckin’ say it.’ to which michael had belted an off-key rendition of ‘say my name’, one that geoff and gavin had joined with greater enthusiasm than knowledge of the lyrics. )

they remind him that he’s not superhuman. they remind him that ray numbs the pain with weed, that geoff numbs the pain with booze. they remind him that he can just shut himself in his room and no one will bother him.

( they will. they care. )

he reminds them of gavin falling asleep on guard duty.

( ‘it’s like that, but gavin being high as fuck and also me.’ )

he reminds himself of how it felt to fail in the past. how it felt to not be able to pull the trigger on time. he reminds himself that it could happen again, more easily if he were high on painkillers.

( bruised ribs, he reminds himself, are bullshit if you think about any of his crew dead because you were too sleepy to act fast enough. )

so he just takes two aspirin and never calls in the morning.

andy1105  asked:

Hello :D, I just read the chapter when they go to see Moana and there is the part when they sing and I was wondering if Shiro sing well or not and if he does is there anytime where he sang to Keith when they were in College or before they adopt the kids? P.s: i love your art and how you write ❤️

Previously on The Voltron Family: The Family goes to see Moana 

Shiro sings good. But not the type of singer that wins The Voice or something. HAHAHHA He’s pretty decent. And so we shall have a blast from the past!

College Days. So, they just got together like a week ago. Shiro couldn’t believe it but Keith was finally his boyfriend. His boyfriend. He got elated just thinking about it. They had discussed boundaries with their relationship and so far Shiro was 500% okay it. They get to kiss, hug and hold hands and if Shiro was just being honest, those were enough to kill him already. And he was just overflowing with love and Allura was the one on the receiving end with these fanboying of Shiro.

Shiro: *buries his head in his hands* I don’t know what to do, Allura. It’s like… it’s like when I see him, I just want to pull him closer to me and hug him–all the damn time!! He looks so soft. And so cuddly. Have I mentioned soft?
Allura: *so used to this already* *turns a page of the book* Uh-huh.
Shiro: And I know it’s so selfish of me to want his attention all the time.
Allura: Hmmmmmm.
Shiro: But I just… *sighs and rolls his head to the other side* I just really love Keith so much and I feel like a sore loser who wears mismatch socks while wearing flip flops during winter out to buy tea at 3am.
Allura: *raises an eyebrow* You wear flip flops during winter?
Shiro: That’s what you got from everything I said?! *gasp in disbelief*
Allura: *rolls eyes* Shiro. I get it. You love Keith. You’ve told me a million times already. I. Get. It.
Shiro: *frowns* No, you don’t. You don’t love Keith as much as I do.
Allura: *smiles* If I did then we’ll have a problem. Now quit yapping and read your handouts. 
Shiro: *sighs* I love Keith. So. Much. 
Allura: OH. MY. GOD. *slaps Shiro’s head*

Allura told him to do something about it so that was how he ended up in the library with an acoustic guitar. Keith was on a table, studying for whatever class and Shiro was behind a bookshelf staring at him like a creep. He was smiling though, he texted Keith that he couldn’t meet up because he had stuff to do. And by stuff to do, he meant this: surprising Keith. A girl approached Keith (a classmate probably) and they chitchat for a moment, then she left leaving Keith alone once again. Shiro took a deep breath and left his hiding spot.

Shiro: *strums guitar* When your legs don’t work like they used to before~
Keith: *eyed widens* *turns around to see Shiro* *jaw drops*
Shiro: *smiles* And I can’t sweep you off of your feet~~~
Keith: *mouths* WHAT. THE. HELL. *looks around*
Everyone in the library: *staring at them in amusement*
Shiro: *walks closer to Keith* Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love? *wiggles eyebrows*
Keith: *flushes* *hisses* Stop this right now, Takashi!
Shiro: *shakes head* *still grinning* Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?
Keith: The librarian will kill you!
Shiro: *has talked to the librarian and she liked him enough to give him a pass to woo his boyfriend* *shakes head*
Shiro + students in the library: AND DARLING, I WILL… BE LOVING YOU… TILL WE’RE SEVENTY!!
Keith: *shocked* *looks around at everyone singing along with Shiro*
Shiro + students in the library: AT 23!!
Keith: *buries his face on the table* This is fucking cheesy. *hits his head again and again softly* *tries to avoid Shiro who continues serenading him* *finally looks up* *blushing* *mouths* I. Hate. You.
Shiro: I fall in love with you every single day~ 
Keith: *eyes turn blurry* *can’t decide whether to fight his tears or his urge to punch Shiro in the face for causing him to feel like this*
Shiro: *pulls Keith up* So, honey, now~ Take me into your loving arms~
Keith: *glares at Shiro* 
Shiro: *smirks* *caresses Keith’s face* Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars~ *leans in to give Keith a peck on the lips* *smiles when he pulls away*
Keith: *shocked at the PDA* *a tear falls down* 
Shiro: *surprised* *stops singing* Awww, baby, please don’t cry. *panics*
Everyone in the library: Awwwwwwwwww 
Keith: *whispers* *still in shock* You kissed me in front of everyone.
Shiro: Yeah, I did. Was that okay? *worried*
Keith: *tiny voice* You’re… you’re not ashamed of me.
Shiro: *eyes widens* Keith! I would never be ashamed of you!
Keith: *smiles* *more tears fall* *rests his forehead on Shiro’s shoulder* *chuckles softly* You’re not ashamed to be in a relationship with me… 
Shiro: *is dying on the inside* *hugs Keith tight* *kisses his hair* If I could, I’d shout it to the world every day.
Keith: Hmmmm. *hugs back* Also I hate that song, you cheeseball.
Shiro: *laughs* Shut up! It’s in your Top 25 Most Played in your iPod.


Like many of you, @modernamericangirl, @thedowntonhistorian, and I have discussed the possibility of Robert having a little health scare in order to tie in the hospital battle. So I drabbled. It’s not great at all, but it’s an idea of what I think may happen is Episode 5.


Mary did not stand at hearing her enter, Granny’s cane tapping the wooden hospital floor in tight staccato notes. Nor did she stand as the tapping grew nearer, as it punctuated the silence in the wainscoted room and set small shocks up her spine. She did not stand. Mary only turned, and she took in a fortifying breath as her grandmother hurried towards her. Granny’s gloved hand flicked at her, irritation and, unmistakably, a deep fear etched between her thin gray brows.

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008 He Walks In On You

Ashton: Ashton was at the studio late tonight, again. You understood that it was his job and you were his number one supporter, but you had needs, and you needed him to fill those needs. The frustration had become too much so you decided to send him a cheeky little picture, hoping to get him home earlier before you started pleasuring yourself with your favourite toy, from before the two of you were together. You were on the brink of your orgasm, when he burst through the door, looking extremely flustered. He gave you one cheeky smirking before helping you finish off. 

Calum: Calum had gotten you the toy as a little bit of a helping hand for when he was on tour and you were horny. He was at the studio the whole day, only to come home to change before a night out with the lads. Leaving you to fend for yourself, you got your toy out from in the cupboard, before getting yourself comfortable on the bed. You were incredibly needy, so not wasting any time you got straight to the point. You were in the middle of your third orgasm, when Calum finally decided to join you in the bedroom. 

Michael: Michael had gotten some new video game just yesterday and since then it seems that he has completely forgotten about your existence. You had tried to get him into the bedroom with you, only for him to tell you something along the lines of “just one more level” or “I’ve almost beaten my high score” You had had enough and had decided to just help yourself already. You were running your hands up and down your dripping folds, moaning rather loudly at the feeling. Michael cleared his throat from the doorway, “well, well, well” you said, continuing to pleasure yourself, “look who finally decided to join me” 

Luke: Luke was going out with the guys tonight, and all you wanted to do since he stepped out of the shower with his hair dripping wet and a towel hung low against his hips, was jump him. The moment he left you started stripping yourself down and started feverishly rub at your clit, in desperate need of a release. You were so into it, you didn’t even notice Luke standing at the doorway of your bedroom, that was until he decided to step into the room. You looked at him quizzically, “car keys” he simply said, winking at you before he went down on you, helping you to a mindblowing orgasm. 


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