look who showed up late to the party

The Most “Moon” Things My Friends Have Ever Said

Thought this would be pretty fun & silly lol

Aries moon: I want to stop playing. Not because I’m losing, but because this game is fucking dumb”.

Taurus moon: I’m just looking to get wine-mom drunk tonight.”

Gemini moon: “Sometimes I stay up really late and enter random chat rooms for fun. They tell me their fetishes and everything…”

Cancer moon: “I feel like I really care about everyone but no one cares about me.”

Leo moon: “I skipped class because they don’t deserve my presence.”

Virgo moon: “Yeah, it’s that modern art shit that’s just a potato chip crumb on a plate. Genius.”

Libra moon: “There’s no hot people at this party, what’s the point?”

Scorpio moon: “Crime shows bore me, I always know who did it within like 5 minutes.”

Sagittarius moon: “I dropped 2 tabs of acid yesterday and became the best artist of all time.”

Capricorn moon: “Fuck you, I could beat Gordon Ramsay in a cook-off any day.”

Aquarius moon: “The state of our country right now…no actually, the state of our WORLD right now terrifies me.”

Pisces moon: “I don’t care that it’s just a game, you can’t leave those dogs in such small cages like that!”

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No Return

Note: In honor of what Jay-Z did yesterday and what Beyoncé did last year (when they dropped 4:44 and Lemonade), I’m dropping this shit without warning. Enjoy! This has been sitting in my WIPs for months and I finally decided to finish and post it before I go on my trip to Puerto Rico. Love y’all, and if you like it, lemme know! (Also, thanks for beta reading as usual, love ya @adothoe)

Word Count: 4,626

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: Smutttttt, a lap dance, cursing, banter, and cute flufffff

Tags:  @butlinislin@trashfandom14@fullytenaciousstranger@isis278@beautifulfound​ 

Summary: Reader and Daveed are best friends who are secretly pining for each other blah blah blah, they’re at one of Rafa’s parties one day and make a bet over a game of Flip Cup. Loser has to give the winner a lap dance.

Parties at Rafa’s place were always the best; the drinks were great, the music was amazing, the atmosphere was never dull, but the best part about them were the incredible people that made up each one; you were never bored. There was always something to do whether you were talking to people, dancing, playing drinking games, or just drinking in general. And that’s why whenever you were told that there was going to be a party at Rafael Casal’s apartment, you never turned it down…even if you ended up showing up late.

“Well, look at who finally decided to show up.” You heard a familiar voice say as you walked through the door to Rafa’s place. Daveed grinned widely at you before he slid an arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to him as you walked deeper into the apartment. “My favorite!”

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Jeff Atkins Imagine (requested)

Goshhhh I am so excite for this I really hope you all like it!


Originally posted by nothingmorethanawildchild

      Maybe it was his smile; the one that managed to light up a room and cause your heart to skip a beat. Or maybe it was his laugh; the one that sounded like the early morning birds or a soft melody. Maybe it was the way his eyes sparkled when he talked about something he liked, or how easily he was to forgive someone, or how he never seemed to care about what people looked like to be their friend. Whatever the case Jeff Atkins was absolutely perfect and you loved him. The only problem about love is that it’s complicated. For some it ends the way they want, the way they picture, like a cheesy movie… that didn’t seem to be the case for you. As soon as you realized what the symptoms of loving your best friend were, you figured it would go like any old chick flick would. He would realize he had feelings for you as well after he got engaged and you would both leave your significant other for each other.

But Jeff was as hard to get because you were so close to him; it would be as if you were a back of the classroom person, someone who didn’t interact with him at all trying to get a date. It was hard dealing with the fact that he was always getting girlfriends or going on dates, while you sat on the sidelines, occasionally making out with someone hoping to spite him at a party after three shots. But he never showed signs of envy as you did so obviously. He would eventually pull you away because you were too drunk, but never any signs he returned the feelings. 

This party, though, was different. It was being held by Bryce Walker and even an hour after it had started to get crowded and teens were getting hammered you were only one shot and half a cup of soda in. Also so far from everywhere you had looked Jeff was not here, which was quite an oddity. Usually Jeff was one of the first ones at a party or he didn’t show at all, it was unlike him to be late. Your heart sank at the thought of missing another time to see him. Beer seemed to make Jeff glow even more, though not by much, but usually when you were intoxicated your liking for him was 1000x higher. And maybe that wasn’t a good thing. 

“Hey, Clay, have you seen Atkins anywhere?” You asked Jeff’s best friend, who was sitting at the edge of the pool with his feet in as you swam over to him. He looked up from his cup of beer and looked surprised. 

“Y/N! I didn’t know you were here!” He laughed lightly, scratching the back of his neck. “Uh, no he’s on a date with Jane Edgar.” 

Your heart sank and your smile dropped. Jane Edgar? The girl who had been pining after Tony Padilla for years only to find out he was gay? Jane Edgar the girl with two first names and a lazy right eye? Jeff had ditched the party you had invited him to to go on a lousy date with a girl with no knowledge of grammar?

“Oh, okay. Wh- what a loser.” You scooped yourself up and sat next to clay, grabbing a few shots off of a tray nearby. You offered on to Clay but he just picked up the beer and shook his head. You shrugged and downed all three shots. 

“I’m sorry.” Clay said after you threw the shot glasses across the pool so they landed in the bushes. You knew Bryce had the money to replace them so you didn’t worry about it. 

“About what?” You asked, kicking your feet in the water. He sighed and took a drink of his beer. “About my best friend ditching me? Don’t be. He knew what he was doing.” 

Clay looked at you for a few seconds before shaking his head and motioning for you to look at him. You did. “Y/N, I think that everybody butt Jeff knows that you like him. The way that you look at him, it’s kind of obvious. And I know it must be hard to see him going on dates and stuff.” 

Your eyebrows shot up into your hairline as you swiveled to Clay, before seeing his face and sighing in defeat. It was pointless fighting, Clay was also your best friend. “Yeah, but it’s whatever. I mean I’ve kind of given up on thinking that he’ll share the feelings. Trying my best to move on.” 

Clay raised his eyebrows this time. “Yeah? That why you went to the movies with Monty last night? He’s not really the best replacement is he?”

There was a flush in your stomach and you burped before laughing loudly. “Well, no, but it’s better than pulling a Jane. The unattainable Atkins, is what I call him. He might as well be gay.” 

You were giggling the whole time and you finally realized it must have been the alcohol flooding into your system. You turned to Clay only to see that he was Jeff, and with a surge of confidence you suddenly grabbed his face and kissed him sloppily. 

Clay was surprised first at your actions, before gently grabbing your shoulders and pushing you back. You pulled away and looked at him with a confused expression. “Y/N, we both like different people. It’s not me you want. It would be ridiculous just to make out with you, also I think you’re buzzed.” 

“I still know what I’m doing. But you’re right Clay, I’m sorry.” You pulled away and then rested your head on his shoulder. “It’s hard, you know. All I want is for him to take me on a date, to kiss me, to feel more than friendship for me. Honestly, I’m kind of desperate now. If he were here right now I would just take him by the shirt and-” 

“JEFF!” Clay suddenly shouted with a tone of warning, and your head shot up to see that Jeff was walking towards you two with a small smile on his face. “Hey, man, you’re here! I assume it didn’t go well?” 

You internally crossed your fingers as you dipped back into the pool, so that he could sit next to clay. He was wearing a red pair of shorts and a thin white shirt, showing his perfect body. You bit your lip, he looked like someone that belonged on Baywatch. 

Jeff sighed and took your previous spot. “Well, it was, but then we saw Tony there with his boyfriend, and she burst out crying. Asked me to take her home, and I didn’t even get to finish the movie. Oh, hey, Y/N!” 

Jeff smiled brightly when you swam and rested your arms on Clay’s knees. Clay just smiled at you. 

“Hey, Atkins. What movie?” You tried to make light conversation even though you just wanted to jump on him. 

At this point you didn’t care, but you needed to get him alone. You knew Jeff was always on the lookout for girls to go on dates with (not that he ever dated them), and if you weren’t one of them you were just going to have to be something with way less meaning. You just needed to feel his lips on yours, to feel his hands on you, to hear your name without a friendly smile to be said, you needed Jeff. You craved more than anything an emotional relationship, but if this was all you got then you were okay with that. 

“The one with Liam Neeson… I don’t remember the name.” Jeff scratched the top of his head. 

“He dies.” You bluntly stated, grabbing a shot from someone sitting by. They only glared at you as you threw it back. “Not that exciting.” You were going to need some more courage so you swam to the pool stairs and climbed out. 

Jeff stared at you open mouthed, before turning to Clay. “Did she just… how much has she drank?” 

Clay shrugged, before grinning slightly at the concerned look in Jeff’s eyes. “That was her fourth shot.” 

“Shit, she’s a lightweight, Clay!” Jeff said, getting up and running after you. 

You were by Bryce, grabbing two shots from him, but he grabbed one before you could take off. “This stuff is strong, baby. Don’t need you to go ripping your bikini top off now would we?” 

Bryce scraped your eyes with his body before wrapping his fingers around the shot and guiding it to your mouth. You opened your lips and drank it as he tipped it back. The back of your throat burned and you coughed loudly while Bryce laughed. “What was that?” 

“Moonshine, sweetheart.” Then Bryce walked away as you stumbled and sputtered, looking for a glass of water. 


You ignored Jeff’s voice and ran into the kitchen, which was vacant surprisingly, and grabbed glass of water. You put the drink to your lips and drank the whole glass in a few gulps. 

“Jesus, Y/N, why were you running from me?” Jeff panted, slipping slightly due to his wet feet. His shirt was stained with something brown, and you guessed someone had spilled a drink on his shirt while he had been chasing you. You could see his strongly built abs through the material, which was sticking to him.

You looked away quickly, placing the cup in the sink as you let the drinks settle in. “I wasn’t, Atkins. I was rinsing my mouth from the horrible taste of moonshine that Bryce gave me.”

Jeff looked worried. “Why would you take alcohol from Bryce?” 

“I needed courage, Jeff.” You stated, walking away, knowing he would follow. He did, his eyebrows furrowing as you grabbed a random towel and started to dry off your wet skin. “Listen,  we don’t all have natural confidence.” 

Jeff watched you before shaking his head and frowning. “I know that, but… courage? Courage for what? Is there something you’re not telling me, because I’m your best friend, Y/N. I’ll be here for anything you need.” 

You sighed as you bent over to dry your legs, before getting up and walking over to him. You got the closest you could, Jeff looking more confused by the second.

“That’s the problem, that’s exactly why I need courage to do it.” You whispered, bringing your hands up and resting then on his shoulders. Jeff was still looking confused, but his breathing had become irregular. 

You were pretty sure that Jeff knew what you were implying, since his hands were going to your waist already. Maybe he had already been sexually frustrated, but you didn’t care. You were causing his irregular breathing, and that made your breath stop.

He still asked in a whisper, almost scared to break the small silence in between the two of you. “To do what?” 

You slowly pushed forwards so you were on your tip toes, your fingers running over his skin so that they were on his neck, then you kissed him with heat. Your hands ran over every bit of his exposed neck and parts of his chest, as your breathing became quicker. Jeff stood still for a second before kissing you back, his hands finally resting on your hips, so that his fingers were digging into your skin softly. When you let your tongue rest on his lips he opened them willingly, the hotness of your tongue and the coolness of his meshing to create a warm, minty and alcoholic taste. 

“Y/N.” Jeff tried to pull away and say something, but kept falling back into your lips when you pushed yourself harder. Your lips finally left his as you slowly kissed your way down his jaw, light feather like kisses that made him shudder under you. When you reached the spot were his earlobe and his neck met you sucked a little harder, causing him to groan out your name. 

This made you satisfied. This is what you wanted, what you needed and craved. The uncensored part of Jeff that cursed and grabbed onto things roughly. The Jeff that needed you. 

“Y/N, really, what’s this about?” Jeff finally muttered while you still kissed his neck and he squeezed your hips harshly. 

You pulled back and looked him in the eyes, figuring that it was worth a shot. The alcohol in your system is really what made you do it. “Jeff,” It felt weird calling him by his first name. “Listen, I don’t know how you haven’t noticed but I fucking like you so much I’m pretty sure it’s love. And not just like a friend, and I know you don’t feel the same, so please just let me have this moment.” 

You grabbed onto Jeff once more and kissed him, this time pushing him back as you did so. You were both in the living room, because there was a giant cushioned chair that he fell into, you landing on top of him. This time you started to tug at his shirt while you ground your hips into his. 

“Y/N,” This was a moan that was slightly of a higher pitch than normal, as you lifted his shirt the most you could. “Y/N.” That was not a moan, said after he cleared his throat. 

You sighed and pulled back, knowing that you had scared him. Of course you couldn’t get in his pants. You couldn’t even get into his heart. You sat down on the floor and began to pant; you were about to start crying. Jeff instantly sat down next to you, his breathing ragged as he placed his arms around you. 

“Y/N, please don’t cry.” He sighed and turned your head up so that you were looking in his eyes. “I’m just surprised. You see, I fell for this girl during my freshman year, a girl who had not interest in me at all. We spent our free time talking about her crush on Bryce and how he had ditched her after they had made out. She eventually moved on, but not to me. So I dated, and went on dates, trying my best to find someone like her. And I failed, because no one is like you, Y/N. There are so many things that you have that other girls don’t. Things that make me love you too.” 

You had been avoiding his eyes while he had talked, but when things began to sound familiar you looked him in the eyes, your heart increasing in speed. “Jeff… are you… being truthful?” 

Jeff nodded before closing his eyes and placing his forehead on yours while his thumb wiped away your tears. “I love you, Y/N. And now that I know the truth, I can do this like I’ve always wanted.” 

Jeff pulled you up and then sat back down, pulling you on top of him, his lips meeting yours in a wet kiss. After a few seconds of sweet kissing the burning heat between your legs started to grow and you let your teeth graze his bottom lip as a form of telling him you needed more. Jeff then pulled away and pulled his shirt off, giving you a good view of his sculpted abs. You bit your lip before he leaned in and started to kiss your neck, bucking his hips up involuntarily while you lightly let your fingernails run down his back. 

“Y/N?” Jeff asked after hearing you moan loudly when he sucked on your collarbones. 

“Mhmmm.” You questioned, missing the heat of his lips on your neck. 

“You know I do love you, right?” He asked genuinely, staring up at you with his eyes as wide as a doe’s, his pupils blown up. 

You grinned and placed your hands on either side of his face. “Show me, Jeff.” 

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Idk how I feel about this because I love smut but Idk if i’m good at writing it. 

I am so sorry it’s shitty…tbh i kind of don’t now how to write angst (NOT EDITED)

pls i tried so hard lol 

being lab partners with fratboy!calum who always shows up to class five minutes late and never takes notes in class and usually smells like last nights alcohol, but is still really sweet to you despite his playboy reputation and one day you come into class and he’s actually gotten there before you and he’s dressed a little nicer than his usual ripped shirt and black jeans and he’s traded his snapback in for a more put together hairstyle and when you sit down next to him he mumbles something about how pretty you look today and maybe if you wanted to come to his party this friday night then that would be really cool and if he could have your number that would be really cool too and so when you actually agree he’s smiling so big and after class you over hear him talking with his friends about how he finally got that pretty girl from his chem class to go out with him

anonymous asked:

can we get more fuckboy yuri/softboy beka hcs please

uh u BET u can (original fuckboy yuri/softboy beka ask here)

fuckboy yuri is probably an econ or business major. he shows up hungover to ALL his Friday discussions, bc delta chi bros take thirsty thursday VERY seriously. he spends more time sending obnoxious snapchat selfies (’showed up to discussion even tho im hungover as shit.’ ‘dead.’ ‘im dying.’ ‘this is what i get for going shot for shot with mila’) than actually paying attention to the TA and it pisses everyone off, especially because he somehow manages to consistently set the curve on all the exams, and how did he even ace advanced econometrics when nobody has ever seen him take notes during a lecture? he secretly has a heart of gold tho, he’s head of philanthropy for his frat and probably spends most of his time organizing events so he can donate more money to underfunded tiger sanctuaries overseas. + he always has a ponytail on his wrist so he can tie back girls’ hair when they throw up in the bathroom, because there’s always at least one girl throwing up at any given point during a frat party. 

softboy beka has caught glimpses of yuri here and there- it’s frankly hard not to notice him, when he exudes confidence like that (his steady stream of cheetah/tiger print outfits probably helps too). otabek looks at yuri and sees the kind of person he might eventually like to be, someone who is self-assured and always seems to know exactly what they’re doing. they probably meet in a computer science class, which otabek is taking for his major and yuri is taking to fulfill a STEM requirement for his degree. yuri shows up 15 minutes late to the first lecture and beka very pointedly tries to remain outwardly calm as yuri plisetsky sits in the seat directly in front of him. a week goes by like this, until one day after class, while otabek is diligently packing up, yuri turns around in his seat and points a finger at otabek. it takes a moment for him to process, and the confusion must show on his face, because yuri immediately rolls his eyes and says, ‘listen. i’m going to need some help if i’m going to get through this class with my GPA intact. you’re clearly smart, and the only person in this class worth a damn, not to mention i can feel you staring at the back of my head every fucking day. so are you going to be friends with me, or not?’ otabek’s glad his skin is dark, because he’s sure he’s flushing down to his neck now because oh no he thought he was being indiscreet and for some reason he can’t help but think that in another universe he might be the one saying those words to yuri instead, but he manages to control himself long enough to give yuri a nod with what he hopes is a Cool and Casual™ expression before grabbing his backpack to leave. he only manages to make it to the next hallway before a dopey grin breaks out on his face.

Things Left Unsaid (Part 1)

Prompt: Imagine years ago, you used to work with Jonathan Pine and John Wick, and both of them were madly in love with you but chose to keep quiet for the job’s sake, and eventually, each of you went separate ways. When they find out you’re in trouble, they reunite and join forces to save you.

Warnings: language, death, killing….

Word Count: 5282

Notes: Spoiler alert-ish for the Night Manager and John Wick. Beta’d by my girl @like-a-bag-of-potatoes. Prompte from @theartofimagining13


How were you in this situation? Easy - you killed for a living. Ironic, isn’t it? You take the life of someone else to earn your own. It wasn’t that simple though. You killed people who you were ordered too - thankfully, so far, they were like you. Mob men, bodyguards, people who posed a threat to whoever your boss was. You didn’t kill random people, that would be sick.

But apparently no matter how you tried to justify what you did, you were still in Beijing, at the hands of the Chinese Mafia. You had gotten in over your head on this one. The hit was a big wig in the Chinese Mafia, you thought maybe you could take him but apparently you bit off more than you could chew.

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The Fitting - Part 10.5 / Bonus Chapter -- Jin’s story

(After you turn down Jin’s offer for sex, he finds someone else to occupy his time.)

Warnings:  Side story in the universe of The Fitting.  Meaningless sex with a shallow guy.  Explicit.  Thanks to @amandaxohugnkiss.

Jin figured hitting on you was a long shot, but he had to give it a try.  He had a weak spot for girls with nice tits and he had been thinking about how good it would feel to get his hands on yours since the first day you started working at the company.  If it wasn’t for Jungkook’s stupid crush on you, he would have tried to hook up with you sooner, but the maknae seemed overly attached to you and always got pissy whenever anyone else started talking about how hot you were or speculating what you might be like in bed.  Jungkook wasn’t like that with other girls; in fact, he was happy to play along and talk about how nice it would be to bang this girl from work or that girl from an idol group, but whenever the talk turned to you, Jungkook got protective and insisted that everyone treat you with respect. Jungkook’s protectiveness of you had gotten worse in recent weeks, so everyone agreed that talk of you was off limits until Jungkook got over his crush.  Jin wondered when Jungkook was going to finally grow up a little and start taking advantage of his status as an idol and the ability to have sex with all kinds of women instead of pining away for a woman who would never give him the time of day.

When Jungkook finally showed signs that he was losing interest in you, Jin didn’t waste any time and wanted to make his move on you right away.  He knew all of the guys would try to seduce you eventually and he wanted to be the first to get you into bed.  When you rejected him, Jin assumed he had moved a little too quickly and decided to back off until he could try a new approach later.

In the meantime, Jin was still horny and looking for some action for the night, so he immediately started looking around the club for pretty girls he could work on.  There was a group of three girls dancing together on the dance floor, one of whom was extremely good looking, so Jin just inserted himself into their little dance circle.  Things were going pretty well, until some really tall guy showed up and wrapped his arms around the girl Jin was interested in; apparently, she had a boyfriend who showed up late to the club.

He then moved on to a scantily clad woman at the bar.  He chatted with her in broken English for a while; she pretty quickly asked him if he wanted to party back in his hotel room and then proceeded to hint at what a party might cost.  Jin realized that she was a prostitute and made a mental note to see if she was still available for business later, if he couldn’t find anyone else to take back to his room tonight.

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Unrequited (Part 1)

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

pairings: Crushing!Reader x Steve Rogers; Implied!Natasha Romanoff x Bucky Barnes; Reader x Bucky Barnes
characters: Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers (mention), Bucky Barnes
word count: 1,619
warnings: mentions of alcohol, some angst?,
a/n: yes, hello, i think bucky and you can be amazing friends if you’d just talk to him! 
summary: College!AU You and Bucky aren’t exactly friends. The best way you can describe one another is a friend of a friend–acquaintances, at best. What happens when the two of you decide to team up and help one another get the person of their dreams, who happen to be your respective best-friends? A lotta trouble, that’s what.

Prologue||All Parts||Next

You really were trying to study, really. You had been doing so good at the beginning until Steven Grant Rogers entered the cafe, with those beautiful blue eyes of his and that friendly smile that charmed the living daylights out of you, and distracted you. It’s as if your eyes had a mind of their own and followed his every single movement, leaving your book on the glass table completely forgotten.

Although he didn’t show up to the party, he and Sam appeared in full work clothes after you texted him about Bucky to pick him up. He apologized for not being able to show up, their internship having them run late, and Sam backed him up. He also promised he’d be the first one to arrive to your next party, one that won’t happen. Ever. Planning one party was enough. But the thought is what counts, right?

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How Do You Fake Feelings (when you know they're real): Miami nights

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia fake dating but actually dating in the end

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Fake Dating!Stydia

Author: holybellamy

Part 3/?

Summary: Lydia meets Jackson at the supermarket, and he is back in town for his wedding. He invites her, and she doesn’t want to go there alone.

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20milligrxms  asked:

Could I request a Jughead X river vixen!reader drabble with the dialogues 11 and 39 please xoxo 💓😇 I adore your blog

11. “I think I love you. But I don’t want to. I hate you.”

39. “You got me in this mess!” 

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Some angst , cursing, implied smut.

A/N; This Jughead is the T.V. show version of Jughead (not the comic version).

Being a River Vixen was serious business, it wasn’t something to be taken lightly. There was a time when you were in the not-so-popular side of school. But that was in the past. That was before you had somehow gotten on Cheryl Blossom’s good side. And you weren’t about to ruin that in any way. Even if you did have a slight crush on the mysterious, beanie wearing kid in school, Jughead.
You were supposed to hate him, therefore you did.
But all of that changed one night at one of Cheryl’s parties, when he surprisingly showed up with the rest of the Sad Breakfast Club.
“Who wants to play Seven Minutes In Heaven?” Cheryl randomly called out when it was getting late, and the party was slowly starting to die down a bit. Everyone knew it was bad news if they turned her down, so no one did.

Everyone ended up sitting in a circle in the middle of her large living room, staring nervously at the bottle in the middle of them.
“Let’s see- Y/N!” Cheryl called your name out with glee, causing you to confusedly look up at her, “How about you be ‘the one’.”
“Oh, I-”
“Great!” Cheryl cut you off before giving you the chance to protest, smiling brightly. “Let the games begin.” And with that, the bottle was spinning. And spinning, spinning, then slowing down. It stopped. You gulped, hesitantly looking up to see who it landed on.
Jughead Jones. Fuck.
Cheryl clapped, “Jughead, Y/N you two know where the closet is.”
You almost tried to protest again but instead decided to get up and walk yourself over to the closet. Nothing had to happen in there. Right?

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How to Play a Player- Step Four: Make Sure He Knows, You Aren’t His  (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Masterlist (Has first four parts on it)

Request Queue

Playlist- Fuck Fuckbois (You don’t own me…I’m not one of your pretty toys)

A/N- (Long ass title… full disclosure: I have a Chem test to study for and did not proofread ooops)

“So tell me again what you are doing and how I am helping?” Gilbert asked innocently. You were sitting in the same coffee shop that you and Alex visited together. Gilbert had agreed to help you, but he still wasn’t sure what you’re doing.

“I’m trying to play him. I want Alex to fall for me, and then I’ll tell him that I don’t feel that same. He’ll realize how much that sucks and stop treating girls like that.”

Gilbert looked at you skeptically. “You think that will work on him?”

“It…it should. Shouldn’t it?” Gilbert avoided your eyes and sipped his coffee. “You’re kidding me. You don’t think it’ll work?”

Gilbert sighed. “It is not that I think it will not work. Someone like you could definitely get Alex to fall for them. It’s just…” Gilbert bit his lips. His eyes lifted upwards as he searched for the right words.

“Just what?” you prompted him to continue.

“How do you know that you will not fall for him also?”

“I…I can’t go back down that road. I couldn’t fall for someone like him.”

“You and I both know that he is not a bad person.” You shrugged, starting to feel a little guilty for what you’d been doing to him. “But,” Gilbert continued. “I do think messing with him a little could teach him a valuable lesson.”

You raised your eyebrows. “Really?” Gilbert nodded. “So you’ll help?”

“What do you need?”

You squealed with excitement, which made Gilbert laugh loudly. You leaned closer to him and started to divulge your plan, explaining much of what had happened so far, leaving out the “park incident” from a week ago. Alex hadn’t really talked to you much since, so really needed to kick into gear and stick to the plan. No more weak moments. No more kissing him.

“I need to make him jealous.” you explained. Gilbert nodded in understanding. “Like super jealous. Off the charts jealous. And I was thinking maybe I could use for that? I figured you and Alex are good enough friends that if shit hits the fan you wouldn’t let a girl get ruin that.”

“So I am being used.” Gilbert stated.

You nodded. “Is that okay?”

Gilbert took your hand and pressed his lips to it, like he had when you first met. “It would be a pleasure to fuck Alex over with you.”

Alex hadn’t texted you in a week, and the one time you happened to see each other when you went over to Gilbert’s, he barely said more than three sentences to you. You were getting worried. Was your plan failing? If you had done all this work and wasted all this time on Alex, again, you were going to pissed. You needed to grab his attention again and fast.

So you and Gilbert got to work. Alex and Gilbert had a mutual friend John Laurens. His birthday was coming up and apparently he really new how to party. “The alcohol flows endlessly and there are no rules.” Gilbert had said. You both made plans to go to the party, together. Gilbert was going to agree to help John set up and make sure that Alex promised to help as well. Then Gilbert was going to show up late to help, and he was going to be with you.

You both agreed that the key to all this would be to make it seem like you two could maybe have a thing, but you could also be friends. Alex wasn’t jerk enough to try and take the girl one of his best friends was dating so it had to look as unofficial as possible. Gilbert suggested you also flirt with other guys at the party like his friend Hercules, who would apparently respond to any attention from a girl. The plan was perfect; all you had to do was execute it well.

It was seven o’clock at night. Gilbert told the boys he’d meet them at the party at four. Instead he had been at your apartment, killing time and helping you get ready. Apparently he was very good at fashion, makeup, and hair advice. He was even to help a bit. You decided to wear a gold romper with lace fringes at the bottom. Gilbert said it was perfect because the color was eye catching, it was low cut, short, and the color brought you eyes out. You weren’t sure about the last part, but it definitely showed off some serious leg. You put on slightly more makeup than the average, and when it was plenty late enough, he drove you to the party venue.

Three boys were waiting inside when you got there. There were a few decorations around, but mostly a lot of food and alcohol. You wished you could afford to rent out a floor that big for a birthday party. Gilbert hesitated by the door. None of them had noticed you two yet. Alex was one his phone, and the other two were lazily blowing up balloons.

“Prêt?” he whispered.

“Oui.” you responded. Gilbert threw his arm around you and walked into the room laughing loudly. You followed his lead and started to laugh as well. All three head immediately turned to you.

“Look you finally showed up!” One of the boys shouted. He had long curly hair tied back into a ponytail,  and despite his words, he didn’t seem unhappy with Gilbert.

“Sorry, we were…” Gilbert trailed off.

“Yeah.” you giggled, smiling up at him.

The man you hadn’t spoken yet let his eyes fall over you. “Laf, who’s your friend?”

“Oh! This is Y/N.” He gestured towards you. You did a fake curtsy.

“My ex-girlfriend.” Alex deadpanned. You were taken aback. Though he’d acknowledged your history before, he hadn’t ever called you his ex.

“You dated Alex?” The eye-wanderer asked. Gilbert arm moved back around you.

“Well…” You looked at Alex then back at the other two boys. “It wouldn’t call it a relationship. We dated for what, a month?”

“Two and a half, actually.”

You smirked. This was going to be easier than you thought.

“Well with Alex, you can’t expect things to last long.” The ponytail man added.

You started laughing with him. “That’s very true.”

“I’m John Laurens.”

“Oh! Well, happy birthday!”

“I’m Hercules.” The other quickly stated. You glanced at Gilbert, and he nodded subtly.

You straightened your shoulders and held your hand out to him. “It’s great to meet you.”

“Too bad it isn’t my birthday.” Hercules said after shaking your hand.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.” you said sweetly.

“Okay well I think it’s time Gilbert did his share since he decided to show up late.” Alex started to pull him away. You shrugged and talked with John and Hercules for a bit. They were actually pretty fun people.

Alex and Gilbert came back after a bit holding giant boxes of Patrón.

“That’s what I like to see!” You ran and grabbed the box Alex was holding and set it on the table. Gilbert put his next to it and walked across the room to where John and Hercules were sitting on the floor. You opened up one of the boxes and started pulling bottles out.

“How does John afford all this?” you asked in wonder.

“Him and Laf are pretty rich. Hercules too, but not as much.”  A moment of tense silence passed between you. You wanted to say something, but you didn’t know what. It was so awkward. “You can go by your boys if you want. I’ve got this covered.”

“My boys?”

“You know what I mean.”

“What do you mean?” A bottle nearly slipped from your hand. Alex quickly reached out and wrapped his hand around yours, clutching the neck of the bottle. You heart stopped beating momentarily.

“Careful.” he mumbled.

You and Alex finished setting up without another word to each other. Around nine, people started to arrive. It didn’t take long for the party to be in full swing. Gilbert had been right. John really did know how to throw a party. He also knew how to get you drunk, shoving shot after shot in your hand and telling you couldn’t do it so that out of spite you just had to. A few hours into the party you were clinically drunk off your ass, and so was everyone else. You dance with strangers and friends, girls and guys, you just danced and talked and lost track of time.

You jumping around near Gilbert when he suddenly pulled you closer. His hand slid from between your shoulder blades to the small of your back. His lips brushed against your ear. “Alex is watching…”

You reacted almost immediately, turning around and letting his hands rest on you hip bones. You pushed you back flush against his chest and started to grind on him. This lasted for awhile until Hercules jokingly grabbed you away, but you weren’t joking. You started to do the same to him.

You looked up and made eye contact with Alex. He grimaced and walked away. You sighed and moved off of Herc, giving Laf a disappointed look. Others around you noticed how sad you looked, and total strangers started to form a circle around you dancing and trying to cheer you up. It worked…a bit. You felt happy, but you still couldn’t why Alex just didn’t care anymore.

That’s when he surprised you.

Alex broke through the mass of people, and, in front of everyone there, pulled you from the middle of the crowd. He took you to the edge of the mass of dancing bodies where people were talking and drinking. He put his hands on your waist and leaned his forehead against yours.

“Wanna come out to my car with me? I have something to show you.”

You had to take a moment to process his question. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Why his car?

“Umm, sure?” You had hardly responded, and Alex was dragging you out of the venue.

You got into the passenger seat of his car. He sat down in the drivers and started it, but didn’t drive. He only turned the heat on.

“What did you want to show me?”

“This.” He reached across you and opened the glove compartment, pulling out a small mint can.


“Not quite.”

The stench hit your nose as soon as he opened it, and you recognized it immediately. “You’re kidding.” You whispered. Alex held up the small plastic bag of green. “I haven’t done this since college!”

“I know.” Alex raised his eyebrows in excitement. “Drinking is fun, but so is this.”

Ten minutes later, and you were laughing so hard you were crying, and nothing funny had happened. When the laughter died down, you leaned out the window and looked up at the starry sky.

“How do you feel?” Alex asked.

“I  feel good.”

“What do you want to do?”

You shrugged. “I don’t care.”

“Really?” You nodded. Alex stayed quiet for what felt like hours before he finally broke the silence with a final question. “Do you wanna…make out a little?”

Your head snapped to him. “You’re kidding right?”

Alex laughed. “Should I be?”

“It would be so weird! We’re such good friends now…”

“We don’t have to take it to a relationship level.”

You were in shock. He seriously wanted to be friends with benefits. He only saw you as a potential. You were livid.

“No! Alex, are you crazy? You dumped me! You think I wanna just jump into your arms again?”

“I said I was sorry.” Alex mumbled.

“Oh wow. What a gentleman.”

“What do you want from me, Y/N?”

“I want you to be a nice guy!” Your drunk mind was letting words slip. “I want you to actually care!”

Alex leaned over the center console. “Who says I don’t care?”

“The way you act! You-” You pushed your finger into his chest for emphasis,”are terrible in relationships, and I do not want to be involved in that again. I’m not just another one of your girls you can run to when you’re feeling hot.”

“You’re impossible.” he groaned.

“And you’re an ass.”

“So do something about it.” he threatened.

You smirked. “I am. You just don’t know it yet.” You turned to get out of the car, but couldn’t the door open before his hand was on the back of your neck, pulling your head close until the tip of your nose was touching his.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” His eyes searched yours.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” You teased, quoting him.

“Fuck you.” Alex whispered before pressing his lips to your roughly. It didn’t take long for you to work. You grabbed his face and pushed back equally as hard. Alex hooked his hands under your thighs and pulled into his lap. You dipped your head down so you wouldn’t hit it, and started to kiss him fiercely again, swiveling your hips in his lap.

His lips from yours down to you jawline “I hate you.” you whispered breathlessly.

“I hate you too.”

No Thinking Allowed

Pairing: Chris Demarais/Reader
Warnings: Minor Swears
W/C: 2,191
Summary: A work outing to the beach with friends and food can’t really be too much of a pivotal moment in your life…can it?
A/N: So a day at the beach a few weeks ago left me in a mood to write one and @rojahal was more than happy to send in a flash fic prompt with a beach theme. 2k words later……

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Juice Ortiz - No Clue

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Juice Ortiz


“I love you, but I don’t know how to say it properly.” 

“I love you more than life itself.” 

“I don’t think you know what you mean to me.”

It was hard to watch. Watching your best friend since he became a prospect being with those damn croweaters every night. You knew you had no say in it but still it was hard as hell. He had no claim on you and you had no claim on him.

But it wasn’t as if you didn’t want it.

You loved him. You loved him deeply, but just didn’t know how to say it properly.
You sighed as you sat on your couch late at night with the TV being the only noise through your small apartment.

You sat there while the party at SAMCRO was going on and though Juice had indeed invited you, you just didn’t feel like showing up only to watch him grinding up against some disgusting croweater.

You kept your eyes on the TV series you were currently watching. So much so that you didn’t hear someone pull up outside and coming up your steps outside until the pounding on your door had you jump from your skin.

You looked away from the TV startled and wondered who the hell was at your door at eleven at night. Grabbing the hunting knife that you had sitting next to you on your end table you held it by your side as you peered through the peep hole of your door before letting your body ease and you opened the door.

There standing on your doorstep with his hood up was Juice. He looked at you with that confused expression that he wore when he didn’t understand what was happening or when he was trying to hide something, but you normally seen right through that one.

“What are you doing here? Thought SAMCRO was having a party?”

“I came to ask you the same question.”

He replied. You rolled your eyes and walked away leaving the door open for him to come inside if he wanted – he followed after you, shutting the front door. He watched as you put the knife back down on the table and plopped back down onto the couch and continued watching your show in the dark.

Juice just looked at you. His brows were raised and almost didn’t seem like he knew what he was suppose to do right now.

“You going to answer my question?”

He asked. You refused to give him eye contact as you kept watching the TV.

“You going to answer my question first?”

You scoffed. He shook his head. What had gotten into you that made you so cold toward him all of a sudden? What had he done that caused this type of emotions toward him.

“What’s the matter with you? Why are you acting like this?”

“Like what?”

“Like a – Like a bitch?

You head snapped around toward him and sent him a glare. He knew damn good and well that those words didn’t fly with you. You both had been friends long enough that he knew better.

“Oh I’m sorry that I’m not allowed to be myself when I want and I have to put a filter on my emotions for you, Juice.”

You said picking up the remote and changing the channel.

“Why don’t you go back to the club and find a crow to stick your dick inside.”

He scoffed and shook his head.

Are you jealous?

He asked, which did not earn him a reply and instead just made you keep your eyes on the screen. You heard him move across the room and before you knew what was happening, Juice ripped the remote out of your hands and turned the TV off which left you both completely in the dark save for the street lights that peeked in through your blinds.

“Are you seriously jealous of the attention the crows get? Fuck, Y/N!

Juice groaned as he tossed the remote across the room and it hit something unknown. He hated when you were like this which to be honest wasn’t very often, but when it happened he felt like shit for it happening.

You didn’t move as Juice stood there looking at the wall beside you. You bit your bottom lip and kept your eyes on your hands that were resting in your lap.

“You don’t know what you mean to me.”

You whispered, causing him to look down at you. You kept your eyes on your hands in your lap afraid to see how he was looking at you.

“I love you…”

You managed to choke. You had been afraid for months now to finally say it and when he didn’t reply you felt your heart drop in the bottom of your stomach so you continued on figuring that you’ve already ruined your friendship with him now.

“I love you more than life itself. Those croweaters, they could never love you like I do. They chase after the patch and not the man underneath it. Just like Wendy, they’d crumble under the weight and not know what to do in the end. But I – I know what it takes and I’d stay beside you every step of the way. I – I love you so much that it hurts.”

You said bringing your hands up to cover your face as you finally couldn’t help it anymore and you let all your emotions out in front of him. You heard a noise and then felt his hands on your wrists. He pulled free your hands from your face and you seen that he was down on his knees in front of you.

His eyes were wide and glistening from either the light or his emotions, you couldn’t really tell which one.

“Y/N… why didn’t you say something sooner? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to ruin our friendship in case you didn’t feel the same.”

Juice just shook his head and placed his hands on your shoulders before they slid up to your face. He bit his bottom lip and pulled your face closer to his.

“You silly, silly girl.”

He whispered with a large grin before he kissed you softly.

Raise the Bar (Jimin)

Summary: The BS&T is a bar, a job and a home away from home, but when your boyfriend of two years cheats on you, that doesn’t stop you from taking a vacation. The last thing you expect after three weeks away is to meet someone - vampire or otherwise - who almost makes you want to forget about him.

Genre: Humor, Vampire!AU

Warnings: N/A

Length: 9.5k words

A/N: Got totally sidetracked. Originally began writing this for the “Vampires are always like, you know I could kill you, right?” post, but it got way bigger than intended. As per the norm.

Originally posted by kookielife

This late at night, dull street lights and the low rumble of cars somewhere far away were your only companions as you hurried along the cracked sidewalk, your jean jacket pulled tightly around you. An outside observer might have thought your quick stride had something to do with fear – the time and the infamy of the neighborhood would have made that a decent guess – but in reality you were just late for work. Late and getting later. At least if you sweated enough while practically sprinting by the looming, dark buildings, Namjoon might not be able to smell anything else. And he’d definitely know you’d tried hard to get to the bar quickly.

You glanced at your phone, cursed softly under your breath. Tried, and failed.

Some petty part of you wanted to claim that it was all Hyunwoo’s fault, but in reality, you could have hung up on him at any point in time during your hour-long argument. That didn’t change the fact that he was an asshole, but still, the furious thoughts marching through your head had little holes of guilt in them – guilt and self-loathing. Why the hell did you keep accepting his calls, texting him back? You guys were finished, done, over, and yet some part of your brain seemed to have missed the memo. It was pitiful, and the only thing you could console yourself with was the fact that you’d steadfastly refused to meet with him no matter how often you’d agreed to talk over the phone.

It’d been three weeks since you’d learned he’d cheated on you, and it’d been three weeks since you’d seen him, too.

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anonymous asked:

if you take requests, could you write one with spideypool and everyone just assumes they are a couple and they finally realize they've been dating for years without noticing

(…sneaky. but sure whatever)

Peter started tapping his foot as he scanned the room for the millionth time in the last hour. To be honest, he doubted Wade would show, but he was really hoping he would, since it had been Peter who’d asked him.

“Who ya lookin’ for?” Tony asked, coming up behind him and taking a sip of his suspiciously minty-smelling drink.

Peter shrugged. “Wade. I invited him.”

Tony raised his eyebrows. “Your plus-one is Wade?”

“Well, yeah. I like him.”

Tony squinted at him. “Like him how?”

Peter sighed a little bit, because he had already heard a form of that question three times tonight. “Like a friend, Tony. A friend who I wanted to invite to a Christmas party, which isn’t a crime.”

“It is if he blows something up.” Tony mumbled into his drink, earning a flick from Peter. 

“He won’t break anything.” Peter said, sounding more confident than he felt. He looked down at his watch. It was getting kind of late. Even if the party technically lasted til midnight, he doubted Wade was actually going to show up. He frowned, suddenly feeling disappointed.

Tony could sense it, too. “He isn’t going to show up, is he?”

Peter sighed. “Probably not. I just wish he didn’t-”

Suddenly, he was cut off by a rather loud crash across the room, followed by a familiar voice shouting off a string of curses.

He and Tony looked at each other for a moment before Tony just sighed and downed the rest of his drink. “I’m gonna play a new drinking game. Every time he speaks, I throw my drink at his head.”

“You will not.” Peter ordered, trying to be stern and failing. He left Tony and made his way across the room until he came to the circle of people surrounding the spectacle. Right in the middle, casually sitting in what used to be a piano, was Wade, with a Santa hat stuck on his head over his mask.

“Hey, Spidey!” he beamed, jumping up and crushing Peter in a hug, ignoring the wood chips stuck to him. “Merry fuckin’ Christmas!”

Peter grinned and hugged him back. “Merry Christmas.”

Natasha tapped Peter on the shoulder. “You invited Deadpool?”

Peter nodded, realizing he was going to have to answer this question at least ten times. “Yes, I did. And I’m not nearly drunk enough to deal with you people yet,” he added when Natasha tried to speak again, “so hold that thought.”

Wade bit his shoulder until Peter flicked him. “I can go find booze.”

“Go find all of the booze.” Peter ordered. Wade smacked a kiss onto Peter’s forehead, stuck his Santa hat onto Peter’s head, then walked off.

Peter watched him for a moment before he turned back around to the other Avengers who had been watching Wade, and he was pleasantly surprised to find most of them had lost interest.

Natasha, however, had a deadly look in her eye. A look that said you’re hiding things, and I don’t appreciate it. “How long have you been dating him?”

Peter blinked at her. “I’m not?”

“Fine, then how long have you been fucking him?”

Peter’s eyes widened and he shook his head a little too fast. “I’m not doing that either!”

“Then what the fuck are you doing with him?” Natasha demanded.

“Being friends?” Peter tried, but now for some reason he wasn’t sure.

Natasha narrowed her eyes at him. “How often do you see him?”

Peter hesitated. “Every day.” he answered, slowly.

“Do you go and do things together, just the two of you?”

“Sometimes. Most of the time we just stay in.”

“’We’. As in, you’re with him almost every night?” Natasha asked, sounding vaguely like Sherlock Holmes.

“Get to your point, Natasha.” Peter said.

She rolled her eyes. “You’re dating, you idiot.”

“Who’s dating?” Wade asked, suddenly returning and holding four bottles of differing alcohols. 

“You and Peter.” Natasha answered, then took a bottle for herself.

Wade frowned. “Since when?”

“Since whenever you two starting spending all of your time together and you started showing PDA.”

“We don’t do PDA!” Peter protested, then remembered that two minutes ago that’s exactly what Wade had done. “Oh my god, we do.”

Wade looked up at the ceiling in thought. “We are kinda dating, aren’t we? Petey!” he exclaimed, slapping Peter in the chest, “We could have been fucking this whole time!”

There was a moment of silence Then Natasha broke it by opening her bottle and taking a long drink. She wordlessly handed it to Peter, who took an even longer one. “How did I not notice this?” Peter demanded, as if Nat or Wade would know.

“To be fair, you didn’t notice when I put my Xbox in your apartment either.” Wade pointed out.

Peter frowned and took another drink. “Fuck Christmas parties.” he mumbled, earning a smirk from Natasha.

“At least you get an easy-to-remember anniversary.” she pointed out, stealing her bottle back and walking away.

Peter turned and fully faced Wade. “Are we dating?”

Wade scratched the back of his neck. “Unfortunately for you…yeah, pretty much. Just less making out.”

Peter groaned. “I’m an idiot. I’m dating Deadpool and I didn’t even notice.”

Wade shrugged. “Could be worse.”


“Dunno. But it probably could be.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Helpful. Does this mean we have to go on actual dates now? What do we even do?”

Wade paused and thought about it, then seemed to get an idea. “Come with me!” he said, grabbing Peter’s hand and dragging him along. They went through a couple of rooms, and soon they were completely alone. Wade looked around in the fourth room they’d been in and seemed to find what he was looking for. “There!” he finished, putting Peter in the doorway.

“‘There’, what?”

“Look up.”

Peter did, and nearly smacked Wade. “Mistletoe? Really?”

“C’mon, Petey. Just once. Please?”

Peter sighed. “Mask off.”

Wade grinned and pushed it back up to his nose. “You sure?”

“Nope.” Peter said, then kissed him anyway, and it lasted much longer than either of them expected. Wade tasted like candy canes. In the end, they were both breathless. 

“Petey. Let’s be boyfriends. That was awesome.”

Peter just rolled his eyes. “Fuck it. Let’s be boyfriends.” he said, then kissed him again, softer. “But you’re gonna have to teach me some observation skills.”

My Anime Recommendations

And the reasons why…

Fairy Tail

Originally posted by fairytailwitch

I honestly believe that this show has everything you need. It follows the magical Fairy Tail guild focusing mainly on the characters of Lucy Heartfilia (who acts as  a narrator for much of the show), Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster and Wendy Marvell - the five of them make up “Team Natsu.” 

It’s full of adventure and all the things that come with it: humor, angst, hardship, love, camaraderie, friendship, sacrifice, family, sorrow, light and darkness. The characters are complex and develop as the series progresses. There are intense battles, frustrating and fantastic plot twists, and things that make you fall in love with the world, the characters and even the villains. 

If you want to watch a show that will make you happy and sad at the same time, will make you root for the villain as much as the hero, and make you want to scream in joy and laughter and cry in the fetal position, Fairy Tail is the show for you.

Attack on Titan

Originally posted by zeroraws

Eren Jaeger has the best eyes in anime. No joke.

But if you want to be on the edge of your seat from the first minute of a show, and be drawn into one of the most intense shows ever created - you’ve come to the right place.

Attack On Titan is about humanity fighting for their survival against the Titans - monsters who eat humans. This isn’t a show where all the best/favorite characters will find a way to survive. They die. Horrifically. 

This show is going to bring up some intense emotions as it explores the deepest instincts of human nature - grief, sorrow, love, trust, hatred, terror and the fight for survival; these themes will leave you trembling and begging for more.

Seraph of the End

Originally posted by eevee64

Family is the overriding theme in this show about a post-apocalyptic world ruled by vampires. The feels from Mikaela and Yuu will have you in tears. 

This show really questions the length that humans will go to for what they want. 

Who is the real enemy? Who is using who? What the hell is going on and why is it happening? 

Thankfully the second season is going to be released soon. 

Watch the first episode without distraction and you will understand the pull and the intensity of the entire show. Prepare to feel like your entire world is ending. 

It’s awesome. 

Soul Eater

Originally posted by lordeath

It’s a fight for the rule of the world. Miesters and their Weapons protect the citizens of Death City from witches and the Kishan. 

Maka Albarn and Soul “Eater” Evans, with friends Death the Kid, Patty and Liz, Black Star and Tsubaki, are all on a journey to better themselves, and protect everyone from the evils of their world. Each character finds themselves in different situations where they have to overcome their fears and weaknesses.

As well as the battles and the hardships that they go through, the show is filled with humor and is about building trust and understanding between one another. Every character has its quirk and you’ll find yourself questioning if everything is really as it seems as the show progresses. 

Ouran High School Host Club

Originally posted by teppeliin

Watching this show, you might think its too ridiculous. But look closer. The character development, and the way that you get to understand each person will make you question your original judgment. Not to mention that it’s all hidden beneath the most hilarious 20-23 minutes of your life.

Quite literally, your stomach will ache from laughter. This show teaches you how important the bonds between friends are. It teaches that a disparity in class really shouldn’t matter at all - everything is a learning experience and you’ll enjoy watching the rich boys try their hardest and fail to understand - and the differences between people forge even stronger relationships. 

It’s endearing, it’s funny, and it will make you look twice. There’s always more to this show than it looks like. 


Originally posted by anima-posts

As you are introduced to each new character, you’re made privy to the ever-growing complex worlds of humans and Soul Reapers. The story follows the loyal, protective, “i-must-save-the-world-on-my-own” Ichigo Kurosaki as he navigates being both Soul Reaper and human, undergoing intense training and battling enemies within and without. 

The never-ending battle between Soul Reapers and the Hollows leaves no one in Ichigo’s unaffected. With Rukia, a Soul Reaper, who lives in his closet for the majority of the show, the adventures and the ceaseless encounters with enemies force Ichigo to grow stronger and stronger.

This show is about overcoming fear to protect the people you love no matter the cost, and the cost can be great. Believing in yourself and believing in your friends is the most important thing. 

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Originally posted by mochiiku

If you’re looking for something that will make you feel good, this is the show. There is no angst, hardly any sadness. It’s really a feel-good show about a high-school artist, Chiyo Sakura, who has a crush on her classmate, Nozaki-kun, who is a manga artist.

The show follows her as she learns more about him, meets his friends and hilarity ensues as each character has their own special quirk, flaw and amusing side. It’s a pick-me-up, and I promise you’ll like the way it makes you feel. 


Originally posted by yukinepng

Originally posted by bubblesaski

If you’re like me an late to the Naruto party, get over the first 50 episodes and you’ll fall for it. Naruto is a show with complex plot, even more complex characters and fantastic scenes that will make you fall for each and everyone one of them.

The angst that develops will make you want to hide in your blankets, scream and question why. The battles are epic. The emotions run high. You will never want to stop watching. 

But the character development is one of my favorite parts of the show, and watching as Naruto grows as been a privilege. Also, Hinata might be (in my opinion) the best character in the show, despite her not getting as much screen time, due to her development. 

But Kakashi Hatake is going to steal your heart. 

Watch this show. Just do it. 

Kaze No Stigma

Originally posted by sophiebridgers

Complicated family history? Check. Misunderstandings to resolve? Check. Developing feelings and denying them? Check. Supernatural abilities? Check. Badassness? Check. Author dying before he could finish the series? Check.

Aside from the tragedy of the authors death, this show is absolutely fantastic and the questions left unanswered may haunt you, but you’ll be happy that you were able to ask them.

Reigning in tempers, training, fighting, helping, protecting, loving, and dubious deeds done for the best and worst intentions are all present in this show. It’s something that has to be watched to be understood, and you won’t regret getting on board. 

One Piece

Originally posted by perona-s

Look, the only way to describe this show is: EPIC.

Pirates, they Navy, the World Government… it’s a battle for the seas like you’ve never seen it before. Follow Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, as they take on the entire world so each member can fulfill their own dreams. 

The plot twists and turns more and more as new characters are introduced, as peoples pasts are revealed and as each new battle begins. 

And the superhuman abilities and fights make it all the more enjoyable. You will experience joy, angst, sorrow and quite literally every other emotion under the sun as the characters draw you in with their quirks and complex personalities.  

Seriously, EPIC.

Sword Art Online

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How would you react to being trapped inside a virtual reality death game? Kirito and Asuna navigate their way for two years within Sword Art Online, becoming the two strongest players in the game so they can survive. If your HP drops to zero, you not only die in game, you die in real life. It’s a high stakes battle for survival and the only way out is to defeat the bosses on each of the 100 floor levels. 

This show makes you consider where the future of technology is headed and truly treasure the friendships and love you have in your life. 

Death isn’t just a game.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

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Oh yeah, this is the kind of show that will make you fall in love within the first episode and leave you wanting more.

Never underestimate the little guy.

Full of magic, adventure, light and darkness and based from the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, you’ll enjoy the ride as you get to know Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad and others as they fight against those who would plunge the world into darkness.


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In a futuristic world where life is controlled by the “Sybil System” and your “psycho-pass” determines your place in the world, fear and violence are unknowns which makes humanity weaker than ever before.

Introducing the new ‘police’ and their ‘dogs’, who patrol the streets and take care of the criminals to keep people safe. But the criminal underground has become more active lately and its all thanks to one man who wants to bring down the Sybil System.

You want to know what the Sybil System really is? WATCH THIS SHOW.

It’s dark, it’s going to draw you in an spit you out. You’re going to want the best things for the characters and the ending is going to crush your dreams. But don’t worry, there’s always Psycho-Pass 2 and the Psycho-Pass movie to keep the angst rolling. 


Ok so I’m kinda late to the party because I couldn’t find a livestream that worked in my country, so I went to sleep and just now looked for the winners’ list.
I am incredibly happy for all those talented people who absolutely deserve the recognition they got.

BUT: When I came here on tumblr minutes ago, I wasn’t expecting the HATE that’s being spread because apparently some shows were “robbed” and some of the winners “didn’t deserve” their Tony.
Please people: Just shut up if you have nothing nice to say or (especially) if you are outright rude.
There is a difference between saying “I’m sad XXX didn’t win this category/got more recognition, because I like them/it better” which is still okay, because it’s YOUR OPINION and a thing of personal preference and “XXX is absolute shit and it’s a disgrace that they won!!! I hate this person/show, they/it are/is so stupid and my favourite XXX was so good and divine and was the only one deserving that Tony” which is so inappropriate that I can’t even explain it further.

Please, have some respect. I can’t believe what I had to see.
What I learned from this: which user is a responsible and for the lack of a better word NICE person and who isn’t. Despite the usually good content they’re posting, I have unfollowed them.

So if you’ve posted about the Tonys and I’m still following you - THANK YOU.