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Do you ever just think about how the guy who made Katara the feminist character she was and steered her character away from the one dimensional trophy Bryke originally wanted,

the guy who rewrote Toph to become a strong revolutionary girl instead of another stereotypical jock to reinforce the “Nice Guy™” message by competing with Aang for Katara,

the guy who developed Uncle Iroh into the supportive and wise guide for Zuko instead of another villain vying for the throne,

the guy who gave us the amazing untouchable redemption arc of Zuko instead of another forgettable villain,

the guy who suggested an evil Azul become the clever tactician Azula corrupted by mad expectations,

the guy who wanted a fourth season of ATLA with more plots explored and loose ends fixed and characters given satisfying endings,

the guy who wrote more episodes of ATLA than Bryke

Shipped Zutara??

National Coming Out Day (or any old day) themed asks!

1. What did you come out as?

2. Who did you come out to first?                                                                         

3. When did you come out?                                                                                 

4. Are you out to everyone?

5. Were there any negative reactions?

6. What made you realise you were [insert sexuality/gender identity/etc]?

7. Did you have any icons of your particular identity that you looked up especially to?
8. Did you have any shows that displayed your identity well?

9. Were there any negative reactions to your first bf/gf/the start of your transition?

10. If so, how did you deal with them?

11. Did you come out to your school?

12. Did coming out to your school go well?

13. What’s your funniest coming out story?

14. What advice do you have for people struggling with their identity?

15. Any absolute dos/don’ts?

16. How did you come out?

17. Do you have any advice on how to come out?

18. If you’re gay/lesbian/bi/pan/etc, who was your first crush of the same sex?

19. What helped you through coming out/realising your identity?

20. If you’re trans*/NB, what made you realise your gender identity?

21. Have you ever had to defend your identity to someone?

22. If you’re trans*/NB, what advice would you give people on dealing with dysphoria?
23. How (if you do at all) do you display your identity?

24. If you’re religious, have you had any conflicts with your religion?

25. If you’re not religious, have you had any conflicts with religion otherwise?

26. What does your identity mean to you?

27. Do you have any friends/SOs that are part of your community

28. If you’re polyamorous, how do you go about that?

29. Are there anyways to find SOs/friends within the community?

30. In whatever terms you like, what is your identity?


[[Battlefield Cross]]
I took this picture at the Vietnam Traveling Wall which is on display at Gateway Park in El Mirage today. The little girl in the background just happened to walk into my picture, the moment I snapped it and it couldn’t be any better of a moment. The look on her face, tells it all. Soldiers goes off to war and one way or another, they always come home; either to be greeted by their love ones or in a box carried by their love ones. Either way they lost something, their lives, their sanity, their marriage, their home; they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for us, this country and the flag; it’s reason such as this the reason why I stand during the National Anthem. But this little girl, I don’t know who she is, but does she know what she’s looking at and what it all means, the sacrifice made for her? We can only imagine.

This election has showed me that the country basically hasn’t come very far. We’re about to elect a man who is a privileged, white male who views everyone else (women and minorities) as his footstool. All the progress we have made toward racial equality and equality of the sexes (which granted sometimes feels like we haven’t made any) will be erased. The president sets the tone for the country and based on everything that Trump blurts out of this mouth, no amount of “great”s before it will help change the fact that our country has taken two steps back. I fear for what the future will look like for us as women, minorities and as a nation. These are truly scary times. 

It will be interesting to see what happens and how the many Christians I know who voted for Trump react when he destroys our country and their values. They have turned a blind eye to everything out of his mouth other than the fact he’s pro-life. smh

On nationalism and communism.

So often I’ve seen fellow comrades, fellow communist, strictly opposed to all forms of nationalism, and to nationalism as a whole. But, I can’t help but wonder why?

The support of the people is needed for communist revolution and socialist states to work. This is a fundamental truth. Why cast aside the most powerful source of unity and support, nationalism, then?

Look to soviet allies. Look at Castro, may he rest in peace, who was national communist. Look to Libya, with Gaddafi; a soviet ally who nationalised all things. Banned capitalism, and made a socialist state that was the highest developed in Africa until NATO killed him.

Look at Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh was a national communist who used the national pride and unity of the people to further the cause of communism.

Look at Stalin, who likewise was a national communist. Look at my current state, which is likewise national communist.

In the era of today, when nationalism is on the rise, why throw it away? It won’t disappear.

Look at the other group using nationalism to gain support; the altright. Neonazis. All nationalism that isn’t used for the goal of socialism and people’s liberation will just go to the causes of fascism and people’s oppression, and I submit to you all that national communism, and the use of nationalism in communist revolution and socialist states, is not only a valuable tool. It’s also a duty we owe to the proletariat, lest they become entranced by false words of fascist.

Archaeologists and Metal Detectorists Find Common Ground

NEW LONDON, Conn. — Keith Wille was metal detecting in the woods of Connecticut a few years ago when he found a triangle of brass about two-and-a-half inches long with a small hole in the middle. He thought little of the find at first, and threw it in his scrap pile. Mr. Wille, 29, is a manager at a survival training company, but spends most of his spare time metal detecting.

In September, Mr. Wille drove from his home here to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center with several boxes of objects — the highlights of his recent collecting. The museum — a vast, glassy structure that looks like an airport terminal, complete with a 185-foot-tall traffic-control-style tower — is a testament to the years when the Foxwoods Resort Casino made the Pequots the wealthiest tribe in the nation. Although those fortunes have declined, the Pequots are still financing projects by the archaeologist Kevin McBride, who works full time on what Lori A. Potter, a spokeswoman for the Mashantucket Pequot Nation, called “history that’s written by the conquered and not by the conqueror.” Read more.

Steve Bannon is the puppetmaster

I know you’re all getting sick of my political posts, but if Tumblr is all you look at, I don’t want you to miss this news.

During today’s chaos over the refugee ban, Trump signed an executive order placing his Chief of Staff, a conspiracy theorist-creating, white supremacist who has stated that he wants to destroy the state, Steve Bannon, on the National Security Council. And as part of that order, made it optional for the chairman of the joint chiefs (i.e., the military) and Dept of Energy (the guys in charge of the nukes) to attend briefings.

There’s evidence that Bannon is the architect of most of Trumps executive orders and now has a higher ranking than most vetted cabinet officials.

Just, pay attention. Don’t get distracted from what’s going on here. Trump also had a phone call w Putin today, and may be attempting to lift sanctions. I know this is all super wonky and boring, but this is the kind of thing that leads to wars. And that may be what this Administration wants because nothing rallies people around a leader so much as a common enemy, real or perceived.

Democratic Party in crisis
‘It could get worse before it gets better,’ says one senior Dem aide.

Democrats awoke Wednesday facing something they had worked hard to convince themselves was a problem exclusively of the right: a party in crisis.

Swept dramatically from power as Republicans assumed control of the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives and stood poised to make Supreme Court appointments that will dictate the direction of the Judiciary for a generation, the Democratic Party is only beginning to grapple with enormous questions – everything from who will lead to what the party will stand for.

“The party is in a period of chaos,” declared a veteran Democratic strategist who worked near the top of Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign before supporting Clinton.

“The establishment approach to do politics, whether at the Senate level or the national presidential level, came up short. We need to take a long look at how we run our races and the candidates we put forward. What else can you say about it?”

…There are decisions to be made, and soon: on Capitol Hill, Democrats are actively wondering whether a minority leader Chuck Schumer would welcome Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to the leadership ranks.

  • Ham in act 1: He looked at me like I was stupid, I'm not stupid
  • Ham in act 2: I'mma fuckin tell the whole nation that I cheated on my wife with a married woman and her husband made me pay for the affair and ruin my life but clear my name even though the dudes who know about the affair said not to tell anyone but I'mma still do it. Not stupid at all.
  • *ends up ruining legacy and life and gets son killed because he wasn't with Eliza who could've talked sense into him and told him not to do the duel*
If trump loses, we're still fucked, we're surrounded by people who're filled with hatred and vile beliefs about their own fellow human beings

This country has been demolished by this election, we’re growing further and further away from one another, we’re truly losing everything that made us citizens of the same nation, neighbors, and grudging but respectful friends.

We could argue amicably about Romney and Obama, but look what trump has brought out of us.

Look what he’s done to our already shit system, he’s ruined us.

He’s stripped away the cover and revealed the ugly mess hidden underneath, all those broken resentful shards of racism left behind by an era we should’ve left behind but has never been cleaned up.

We thought racism was gone, we thought Obama buried it, we thought that hate so blatant, so vile, could never be as horrible as it was in the past, we thought the kkk was just a sad organization that would kill itself eventually.

But we were wrong.

It was waiting. Hiding. Sleeping.

And now it’s awake.

It has a voice.

And now we’re truly fucked.


this has been one heck ov a year TRULY….. listen i got through my first year at a new uni, i performed @ the opera house & came third at the 2016 national slam, i was in psych hosp twice, i made friends who i call family now, i published a book, i painted my lil heart out, i’ve spent hundreds of hours doing intensive therapy, & even more time writing & performing. i’m a completely different person to who i was a year ago LOL but i mostly look the same and have cool hair some times .

thanks for tagging me @heirloombabydoll !! i tag @foxesandspooks @mochasandlove @nylonlion @snidy @dykehedral @sanguinemybrother :o]


Moment of truth (n.) : a time when a person or thing is tested, a decision has to be made, or a crisis has to be faced; a crucial moment.

This year’s election exposed us to the deep racism, sexism, and power imbalances that are still in place in this country. It also awakened and emboldened those injustices and prejudicial instincts. To fully understand what is happening and where we are going as a nation, we need to look at the damaging we are doing to each other.

#MOMENTOFTRUTH is an initiative to collect and post stories from people who have witnessed a rise in hate in their own lives in the wake of this election. From casual comments that eat at us, to hate-filled rants posted by those we call friends on Facebook…even vandalism and violence in our neighborhoods and communities.

  • What are you seeing, hearing and feeling in the wake of this election? Submit your story
  • What do you need right now to get through this? Check out our resources on self-care
  • How can you get involved in other ways? Use the hashtag #momentoftruth on social media and encourage your followers to share their stories

This is a period in our nation’s history marked by an unveiling of hatred and prejudice…what will we learn from it? How? This is our moment of truth.

In a 2015 paper titled Does Science Advance One Funeral at a Time?, a team of scholars at the National Bureau of Economic Research sought an empirical basis for a remark made by the physicist Max Planck: “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

The researchers identified more than 12,000 “elite” scientists from different fields. The criteria for elite status included funding, number of publications, and whether they were members of the National Academies of Science or the Institute of Medicine. Searching obituaries, the team found 452 who had died before retirement. They then looked to see what happened to the fields from which these celebrated scientists had unexpectedly departed, by analysing publishing patterns.

What they found confirmed the truth of Planck’s maxim. Junior researchers who had worked closely with the elite scientists, authoring papers with them, published less. At the same time, there was a marked increase in papers by newcomers to the field, who were less likely to cite the work of the deceased eminence. The articles by these newcomers were substantive and influential, attracting a high number of citations. They moved the whole field along.

A scientist is part of what the Polish philosopher of science Ludwik Fleck called a “thought collective”: a group of people exchanging ideas in a mutually comprehensible idiom. The group, suggested Fleck, inevitably develops a mind of its own, as the individuals in it converge on a way of communicating, thinking and feeling.

This makes scientific inquiry prone to the eternal rules of human social life: deference to the charismatic, herding towards majority opinion, punishment for deviance, and intense discomfort with admitting to error. Of course, such tendencies are precisely what the scientific method was invented to correct for, and over the long run, it does a good job of it.

—  Ian Leslie, The sugar conspiracy.

Here’s what I love about the doritos gremlin d.va meme: Blizzard made this character and went, “Look, it’s a professional gamer prodigy who was so good that they became a mech pilot and a national hero but STEREOTYPE SUBVERSION instead of being a Mountain-Dew-chugging git-gud gremlin she’s a cute teenage girl!” And the internet went, “Seriously? Anime is littered with cute teenage girl mech pilots. You know what would be a real subversion? If the teenage girl weren’t cute or sexy but was instead the Mountain-Dew-chugging git-gud gremlin gamer of legend. Now THAT would be a plot twist.AND SO IT IS.

And the more I think about it, the more I see that where the fandom stereotypes of Overwatch characters diverge from their official portrayal, it’s usually in the service of stereotype subversion. Reaper is supposed to be SUPER COOL DARK ROGUE but we’re all just like ”lol what a loser edgelord.” Soldier 76 is a CONFLICTED BROODING LONER ON A MISSION OF REVENGE so everyone has decided he’s Team Dad Extraordinaire who does nothing but collect small children and protect them forever. Zarya and Genji aren’t supposed to be sex objects, so they are; Hanzo and Widowmaker are, so they’re not. Mercy’s supposed to be team mom, but instead she’s 100% done with her dumbass squad who doesn’t realize that IF YOU RUN AWAY FROM ME I CAN’T HEAL YOU YOU FUCKWAD.



I don’t know if I am the only one who was made curious by this scene but I definitely had to figure out his story! And, well, I remembered the little papers with their histories and look who just happened to be on top! Hope you enjoy his not-so-threatening history XD  Sorry if I didn’t make it all pretty/couldn’t get those last few words! Really I was just trying to get his paper ready <3

                                      GAETAN MOLIERE

Mineralogist and Excavation Expert

Age: 39

Birthplace: Paris, France

Parents: Christof and Gabrielle Moliere


Extensive knowledge of (hidden words and letters) in the new science of tectonics. Advis- (hidden words and letters) National du France, Ottoman Mining, Aust- (hidden words and letters) American Coal and Lumber. Has developed (hidden words and letters) independent mining and excavation (hidden words and letters) related equipment. Holds patents on 59. Acute senses, particularly taste and smell, enable Moliere to correctly identify any type of mineral or soil without benefit or aid of any scientific apparatus 98.75% of the time.


Gaetan Moliere was born to a middle class working family, the youngest of 4 brothers. Both his parents were teachers; Christof Moliere teaches University courses at the Serbanne, and Gabrielle Moliere is a retired music teacher. Gaetan displayed an early interest in subterranean pursuits at the early age of 7 when he began exploring the vast sewer networks that lie underneath old Paris. By the age of 13, Moliere had developed a specialized type of goggles and headgear to wear while exploring caves in surrounding countryside, as the sewers and catacombs held no further challenge or mysteries for him. He entered Serbanne at age 17, but left soon after when given the opportunity to act as a special technical adviser to a local mining company. Soon thereafter, Moliere developed what could be termed his “specialty” of the ability to “taste” and identify various soils (hidden words and letters and that’s it). 


Next, with the too-much-time on my hands, I shall translate the Shepherd’s book into English! Maybe the writers put something interesting in there for us :)


requested by anon :)

AU in which you run into the boy you had a crush on Pre-Z, and 10k isnt liking it 

“Y/N?” The group is at a trading outpost, trying to pick up some more weapons, when you hear your name. It jolts you, and you freeze. 10k stops next to you, looking at your face intently.

You search for the source of the word, and when you see it, you’re thrown backwards in time. To a school hallway, a boy who made your heart race, a time when death wasn’t commonplace.

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What the Templars truly seek
  • What the Templars truly seek
  • Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton/Haytham Kenway
  • Assassin's Creed III

Connor: What is it the Templars truly seek?

Haytham: Order. Purpose. Direction. No more than that. It’s your lot that means to confound with this nonsense talk of freedom. Time was, the Assassins professed a far more sensible goal, that of peace.

Connor: Freedom IS peace.

Haytham: Oh, no. It’s an invitation to chaos. Only look at this little revolution your friends have started. I have stood before the Continental Congress and listened to them stamp and shout. All in the name of liberty. But it is just noise.

Connor: And this is why you favor Lee?

Haytham: He understands the needs of this would-be nation far better than the jobbernowls who profess to represent it.

Connor: It seems your tongue has tasted sour grapes. The people have made their choice – and it was Washington.

Haytham: The people chose nothing. It was done by a group of privileged cowards seeking only to enrich themselves. They convened in private and made a decision that would benefit THEM. Oh, they might have dressed it up with pretty words, but that does not make it true. The only difference, Connor – the ONLY difference between myself and those you aid – is that I do not feign affection.