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The gate… I opened it. I’m the monster.

Eleven isn’t a hero because she has super powers. She isn’t a hero because she killed the monster and saved the day. She isn’t a hero because she stuck up for the boys and stuck it to the bullies.

She’s a hero because she knew saving Will would mean seeing the monster, and she did it anyways. She’s a hero because she learned a friend is ‘someone you’d do anything for’ and she took it to heart and did exactly that. She is a hero because despite suffering even more than she has before, she continually opens herself up to more hurt because it might help another person.

And most of all, I think, she is a hero because she lost her mother, lost the man who gave her food and tried to help her, lost her first friend and first crush. She lost the normal life that never should have been taken away from her, and grew up in this horrible, abusive environment for years. And despite all of this, she is still ok. She is still out there trying to make friends and learn to trust others. She is still living, still functioning. She’s not giving up, no matter how easy it would be to just quit and tune out of life.

THAT is what makes Eleven a hero. Someone little girls and boys who have experienced pain and abuse can look up to. Someone who inspires them to fight another day, to learn to trust.

Stiles Stilinski Imagine:

“Okay, take your seats! Yeah- that means you too, Greenburg!” Coach yelled, glaring over at Greenburg who was already in his seat. “Okay, so, get out your homework from last night. Now, raise your hand if you finished the homework, okay Greenburg, we all know you did you homework.” Coach snapped, everyone groaned, including you, tuning out the sound of Coach shouting at the poor boy.
“Alright, question number one! To the economist, total cost includes what?” Coach asked, glancing around the room. No one raised their hand to answer, Coach still standing there pacing in front of the room. “Anyone who answers this gets five bonus points and doesn’t have to take the next test!”
After the declaration of that, several hands shot up in the air, attempting to guess the answer. “Stilinski! What do you think the answer is?” Coach asked, leaning over to glance at Stiles.
You had only been at Beacon Hills High for a week and a half now and your only friend just so happened to be Kira, who conveniently sat next to you during Economics. “Who’s that?” You whispered to her.
She smiled at you before scribbling down something on her notebook. Stiles, why? You shook your head and turned to look at the flustered looking Stiles.
“Y’know, Coach, I think someone else could really benefit from answering the question.” Stiles said.
“Just answer the question, Stilinski!” Coach snapped back.
“I guess that it includes explicit costs.” Coach rolled his eyes before turning to glare out at the rest of the room.
“You, new girl, Anna! What do you think?” He asked.
Your cheeks flushed, brushing a piece of hair from your face you answered. “It includes explicit and implicit costs, including a normal profit too.”
“Look, Stilinski! Someone who actually knew the answer! Maybe you could learn a thing or two from her.” Coach went on to the next question just as Stiles turned around to look at you with a look of disbelief on his face, it soon disappeared as he noticed it was you who answered and gave you a small smile.
You blushed, looking away from him and back towards Coach, who was yelling at Greenburg again. By the time the end of the class period came, you were beyond ready to leave. It ended up that only the first two questions were answered before Coach went on a rampage as to why Greenburg was even in the class if he was too good for it.

“Way to impress, Coach.” You turned, noticing Stiles was walking beside you now.

“Thanks?” You said, stopping at your locker.
“Maybe we could, uh, or you could, uh, help me out sometime?” You looked over at Stiles, noticing that he was looking everywhere except at you. “You know, with Economics. Or any other class, you know, yeah.”
“Sounds fun.” You replied, before closing your locker and walking towards your next class.

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A lot has happened during the year of 2016. I came back to Tumblr, a special person passed away, I had some tough moments dealing with depression and anxiety, I met a lot of new people and had to say goodbye to a lot of people too. 

Yeah, I can say that it was a difficult year to me and I bet that it was hard for some of you too… However, how can a flower bloom without some rain, right? Life isn’t about winning and being perfect all the time. It wouldn’t be interesting without some challenges… We’re all humans after all and mistaking is just part of life, it doesn’t define who we are.

Let’s look at the past, but only to learn from it, see the experience acquired and be proud of ourselves. C’mon, we overcame so much, we came this far and we’ll go even further! Be confident and also grateful for those who helped you come this far… Remember that we’re all champions already. 

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This isn’t in any specific order, you are all amazing people with amazing blogs! (I’m sorry I couldn’t tag the people after im-not-ciel, there were a lot of tags already…)

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I’m so sorry if I forgot someone or if I misspelled your url… A lot of people changed urls or just isn’t active on Tumblr anymore… But I want you to know that you are really special to me. I have no words to express how much I am grateful for you guys… For being so amazing, making my dashboard a million times better. I love you all! ♥

A wonderful christmas for those who comemorate it, full of love, peace and joy. And for those who doesn’t comemorate it, I hope that these final days of 2016 are splendid and full of happiness to you.

In 2017, why not pay more attention to the positive side of life…? Sometimes your real happiness lies right in front of your face, you’re just not noticing it. Let’s all make history in 2017 too! Yuri on Ice reference.

P.S.: I’ll always be here for all of you. If you need someone to just talk with, share opinions or say anything at all, please don’t forget that I’m always here. ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ

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«My only hope is for one word. 
A simple, trivial word from a certain person...
For the sake of hearing that word, I have come through countless humiliating defeats!..

you can’t believe every story you’re told

not even the ones you tell yourself


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