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I’m sorry for all of the memes and zero (0) quality art, so please have these wips that I’ll finish for valentine’s day (hint: pair skating practice and bad pickup lines)

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Hey. Ok, so. Fellow Tim fans. It is time for all of us to chill out about the RHatO annual, okay?

first of all, brotherhood is not a zero sum game. Dick can have positive relationships with both Jason and Tim.

Yes, I know Lobdell is the one who took that part out of Tim’s origin, so yeah, keeping your skepticals on is totally reasonable, but it’s not like Tim is the only one Lobdell has written badly. I can only assume that at somepoint between when he finished writing his last new 52 comic and when he started writing for rebirth he had some crazy personal epiphany (or gained a telepathic connection to @lysical) because he wrote Jason badly in the new 52 and he’s clearly turned that around. He wrote that out of Tim’s origins way back in 2011, likely with pressure from DC editorial (everyone had to change a lot of stuff for the new 52) Y’all have a right to criticize it, but we have to wait another month for Tim to return anyway, so maybe reserve judgement until then? We don’t know what’s changing there.

secondly, it’s not like that particular scene in Tim’s origin made a lot of sense timeline-wise anyway. It’s the reason Dick has to be 12 when Bruce took him in because if Dick was 8 Tim would be, like, less than a year old in that scene. It would make much more sense if Tim saw Dick perform in some other venue after his parents died.

a few other points

  1. it’s not like only one person can be at the circus at a time
  2. as much as I like to joke about it, it doesn’t look like Jason was there on the same night as Tim and Bruce (he’d probably have mentioned the death part)
  3. Tim can have a positive relationship with Dick even without that scene, and there are parts of Tim’s origin you should be more worried about
  4. what we should care about is the fact that the annual was having none of the adoption-erasure nonsense, which was a breath of fresh air, and actually opens the way a bit more for Dick to have sibling relationships with all his siblings.
  5. I’ve seen a lot of people say Jason now has Tim’s “Origins” which isn’t… true? there’s a difference between what was clearly a formative moment for Tim and just… a thing that happened in Jason’s past that he obviously  rarely thought about until he brought it up.

DC seems to favor characters in a wheel, when one is up, another is down. Tim had 20 years of good press, often coming at the cost of victim-blaming Jason. As much as I miss having Tim around and written well, and as much as I whine about the new52, Jason has been continuously screwed over by DC, and I for one, am happy to see him getting the positive portrayal he deserves.

I’m not saying you can’t be unhappy/upset. I’m not. It made me do a :/ too, just, maybe let Jason fans have this one?

TL;DR The RHatO annual was good, it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does, and we need to stop bothering people like Lys about it.

A try at Quinn’s Scarecrow because I think about him a lot

edit: Quinn is harveydont

Just finished this meshes (top and pant) right now. I spent hours working on it to make it with a better quality as possible and i think i got it! YAY. One of the most pretty stuffs i’ve ever done ♥

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come on dads pay attention to your children

Every time I go out in public I wonder how many people read gay smut in their spare time


the end of all things // panic! at the disco


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Do you find it hot when one character doesn’t listen when another says no? Do you think it’s sexy when one cries and begs the other to stop, but is ignored? Do you get off to “”dub-con””? Do you write and/or draw “”non-con”” for sex appeal? Do you think rape is the hottest thing ever? Or maybe that it’s a harmless kink?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, CONGRATS:

You’re a rape fetishist.

You are a rape fetishist, you are promoting rape culture every time you post, read, reblog, praise, encourage, or in any way show approval of this type of content or the people creating it, and YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

I tried avoiding this mini rant/ airing of thoughts, but… I can’t!

I’ve been scarce from dA for… months? And I’m honestly limiting my time there for a host of reasons I won’t bring up here. (I’ve said them before anyway.) I can’t help but notice one of my very old pieces in particular (the megaloceros, done in 2008-9) won’t stop getting notifications. Like, 20+ a day, for several weeks now. It didn’t get a daily deviation awarded to it, and I’m sure I’d figure out why it was drawing traffic if I did some google fu, but part of me is reluctant to know where the traffic is coming from.

Call me selfish, but… I’m not fond of my old, time-stamped art being dragged back out into the light of day to flood my notifications. I know, people only mean well, and I think about that each time this happens, I truly do. Sometimes the fact that something is old doesn’t even occur to people sharing the art in the first place. But I have to tell you, it’s hard not to be discouraged when people regularly ignore your new work in favor of some dusty old pieces completed a lifetime ago.

Yes. I am a curmudgeon! The tendency for popular works to only become more popular is also a thorn in my side. Which gives me only one choice: to clear/store any works in the gallery over 5 years of age, while my Society6 will have some of said works available as prints/etc. To avoid the emotional outbursts this sort of thing tends to solicit, I won’t be announcing when I plan to do so. I can’t help it, I need a good art gallery PURGE!!!

(If it makes sense, I am the sort of person who destroys/gets rid of old sketchbooks as soon as they reach the “eyes bleeding” level of cringe. I don’t get nostalgic, and I don’t look back. I also don’t have infinite space for old art garbage to pile up.)

Hey pssst fandom. Psst. ‘This looks so much like my OC so this is great!’ is still not probably something you should be saying on other people’s art, and DOUBLY so if it was a commission or a gift or a trade for someone else. :SSS I can’t speak for how my commissioners feel but I feel awful when people take something that I made (for myself or someone else) and make it about themselves. :SSS Don’t do it guys. Just. don’t be selfish. Please.