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  • Leonard: Well what do we have here?
  • Sara: Not. A. Word.
  • Leonard: Look at you... Deadly Assassin... Cowering and hiding out here because of a spider.
  • Sara: It's a really big spider!
  • Mick: I tried torching it. Pretty sure it just flicked me off. I ain't going near it again.
  • Leonard: You too?!
  • Mick: Sara's right. It's a really big spider. I vote we light the whole place on fire to get rid of it.
  • Sara: Seconded!
  • Leonard: We aren't burning down our safe house because of one lousy spider. You two are ridiculous!
  • : five minutes later :
  • Sara: Well, well, well... Look who joined team ridiculous!
  • Leonard: Not a word! And yes... That is one hell of a spider.
  • Mick: Does that mean I get to torch the place?
  • Leonard: NO!
That Night In New Mexico. (Chapter One)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader. (Eventually)

Summary: Y/N Lewis never thought that she would meet a Norse god, much less be the soulmate of one. Nor did she think that her sister would be the soulmate of some agent at equipment stealing FBI type “company” called S.H.I.E.L.D. But hey, who said life was easy?

A/N: I got this idea a while ago while watching Thor, and I’m finally writing it. This part is just a copy of the novelization, besides the added character - Reader - and the whole soulmate concept, but in future chapters it will all be original. Also, this chapter focuses more on Jane.

Sorry for any typos!

Warnings: Hitting people with a car by accident?

Word Count: 4,541. (Ow)

The desert air was dry and still. In the small town of Puente Antiguo, New Mexico, the stores were closed for the night, and the houses were quiet. The local residents were tucked inside, eating dinner or watching television. Parked in the only street that led in and out of town was an old, beat-up Pinzgauer utility vehicle. A young woman sat in the driver’s seat, staring out at the desert just beyond, while next to her, an older gentleman read through various papers on his lap.

The van started up and headed out of town into the dark desert. For a while, there was only the sound of the wind through the open windows and there occasional beep from the computers.

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Rookie Season

Blindspot fanfic. Set somewhere in the time period between the end of Sandstorm and Jane taking up mountain climbing.

I have no idea what this is or where it came from. Welcome to my subconscious, sorry for the mess.

Jane got shot exactly 7 days after joining CIRG as a full Special Agent, and 10 days after graduating from Quantico.

Not that it really qualified as a bullet wound, she decided, eyeing the scratch on the outside of her left arm critically. 

The dock around her was a buzz of activity, now that the drug traffickers had been subdued and their FBI backup had finally shown up to haul the surviving members into custody.

“You okay?” asked Tasha, breathless after dashing across the dock to her side.

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It wasn’t entirely their fault.

“You missed a spot there,” Dan said, indicating on her own neck where the concealer Aaron had hastily dabbed on this morning had rubbed thin.
Allison snorted and tapped Renee’s shoulder, pointing with her water bottle, “there, yeah, I see it too. Didn’t know sweet little Katelyn was into into that.”
“Shut up,” he said, quickly ridding the panic from his expression and getting up to leave.
“Don’t go.” Matt grinned, “you know, it was a rough game yesterday, some bruises are to be expected.”
Aaron overheard part of another comment from Dan, and then the sound of his roommate’s laughter before the door closed and hid Aaron’s furious flushed face from them. He put a hand up to his neck, feeling for the mark that was there. For a moment he closed his eyes and was still and allowed his heart to race at the memory of chapped lips and hands and heat, and then he cursed and snuck down the hall into the girls’ empty dorm.
He’d pay them back for the makeup later.

It wasn’t entirely Andrew’s fault.

They hadn’t been to Columbia in almost a month because everyone was busy studying for tests and whatnot- even Kevin was worn out at the end of practice everyday. He was glad to be going now, even though he had to ride crammed between Nicky and the door in the maserati and even though the ice cream at Sweetie’s and the loud music at Eden’s weren’t really his scene.
The dim lighting at the club and the mass of moving bodies made it easy to slip away unnoticed. Not that they had to sneak around. Just that it was easier this way, for both of them. They didn’t have to answer questions or deal with gawking teammates.
The two had almost lost themselves in the alcohol on each others’ breath when Kevin opened his eyes and spotted Aaron across the room.
He narrowed his eyes and straightened up to look, earning him a protest from the boy in his arms. The little blond head looked over, directly at them, and then bobbed through the crowd, seeming to go back towards the tables. Not Aaron. Obviously it was not Aaron. He watched Andrew disappear and then shook the thought from his mind and turned his attention back to his previous engagement.
It seemed their peace was not meant to be kept that night though, with the way a hand tangled itself in his hair and gripped tight and pulled. Kevin was turned around, dragged down to eye level. There was Andrew again, now much closer. Right in the taller boy’s face, in fact. He kept one hand still in Kevin’s hair and waved a knife with the other
“fuck- Andrew, what the fuck?” A voice behind Kevin demanded angrily.
Andrew’s attention didn’t leave Kevin’s face though. He scanned it with cold eyes, locked onto the tattoo on his cheek, appearing for an interval to be almost confused.
They had hid this from him. Of course he was surprised, and most likely pissed. Not necessarily because he really cared. Only because he made it a habit to know things.
Andrew made a rude sound and pressed the knife to Kevin’s throat nearly hard enough to draw blood. He didn’t say anything, didn’t have to.
Kevin knew that was the only warning he’d get.

It wasn’t entirely Neil’s fault.

Aaron hated French. Hated everything about the language. Hated how it sounded and how it looked on paper. It was like grammatical filigree, full of unnecessary lines and flourishes.
He found himself learning it, though. Little phrases at first- just enough to be able to curse, and then really mean it when he follows it up with “pardon my french”. That, and he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t convenient to be able to eavesdrop on Neil and Kevin (even if they only talked exy 90% of the time).
So here he was, headphones around his neck playing music and his elbow on the table with his cheek on his fist, jotting down notes on flashcards and half-listening to them talk about which pro-team Kevin should join when he graduates, even though that was still a year or two away.
It was something Aaron tried not to think about, Kevin leaving. Not seeing him around the fox tower or on the court anymore. What would the foxhole court even be like once Kevin Day stepped off of it as Palmetto State’s #2 Striker for the last time?
He took a deep breath, took a shot and then tried to focus on his cards. Aaron almost smiled to himself at the way Kevin reached over, unthinking, and refilled the small glass for him while still rambling on about-
The tip of lead in Aaron’s mechanical pencil broke.
He wasn’t fluent in french, but he caught on that Neil was talking about that team.
“Thea.” Aaron hadn’t meant to speak.
Eyes were on him now, though. Nicky, who looked up from his call with Erik out of curiosity. Andrew, who probably understood about as much of the conversation as Aaron had, and who now tracked his brother and Kevin with measuring eyes. Neil, who had just been about to ask if Kevin was considering joining Muldani’s team. And Kevin. Kevin, who looked surprised. Kevin, who looked cautious. Kevin, who looked as if he wanted to say something, but who knew better in their present company.
Aaron cleared his throat, adjusted his headphones, gestured between Kevin and Neil and said, “you were… thinking about playing for the same pro team as Thea? That’s what you guys were… talking about?”
“No,” Kevin answered them, “I, uh, I have a few other teams lined up to choose from.”
It was enough to bore Nicky and enough to appease Andrew. Neil just nodded and kept talking stats. Kevin went back to bickering with him.
Under the table, a fingernail traced a line across Aaron’s knee. He put his free hand down too and laced their fingers together, giving Kevin’s hand a gentle squeeze, which was immediately returned.
The fear in him quieted.

It wasn’t entirely Nicky’s fault.

Kevin didn’t hate Nicky.
He was a bit much, a bit loud, a bit all over the place. But he was also the kind of person that grew on you in the oddest way imaginable.
Nicky was a half-awake late night run to the convenient store for a bag of ice in the middle of summer. He was a companion on the couch to point out all the obvious references that Kevin didn’t catch from the movies he didn’t get to watch when he was growing up at Evermore. He was someone who cared freely and without hesitation.
But he was also someone who never knew when to fucking shut up.
Maybe it was Kevin’s fault.
They were all dead on their feet on the court. He had been pushing for longer practices and harder drills since they were nearing their final game of the year and were going to play against the Trojans. It made the rest of the foxes down right irritable.
But this was the atmosphere in which Nicky seemed to thrive. The more upset people became, the harder he tried to lighten their spirits. He pulled out all the stops. Brought out all the jokes and jibes in his arsenal.
Unfortunately, he became even more amorous as well.
He clung mostly to Matt, because Matt was kinder- probably even reminded him a little of Erik in some ways. But every now and then he sent an overly dramatic wink towards Kevin. Blew kisses. He whistled and whooped at him across the court when Kevin made a shot at the goal or perfected a technique. It was obvious that it was upsetting Aaron. Kevin had to give Nicky credit, though, it wasn’t until they were getting ready to head to the locker rooms that he really damned himself.
Kevin couldn’t bring himself to care when a hand slapped his shoulder and he heard Nicky say “looking good, baby,” as he passed by. He did, however, catch the tuft of blond hair dart by from the corner of his eye.
Aaron tripped over a fallen racquet on his way to tackling Nicky, though, and he went down. The older boy spun around at the sound of his cousin yelping in pain and quickly bent down to help him but Aaron just pushed him away.
“Fuck off,” he growled, attempting to stand up but landing hard on his ass again. Kevin saw him press a hand to his ankle and wince. He quickly position himself in between his boyfriend and Nicky, scooping Aaron up and gently caring him off the court, setting him on a bench so that he could survey the damage. The foxes were gathering around them.
“Are you okay, baby?” Kevin asked, loud enough to stop the others in their tracks.
Aaron had been trying to stand again but promptly toppled over at this. Kevin caught him by the arms.
“I- my, um- my ankle,” Aaron stuttered, blood rushing to his face and making him red from the tips of his ears down to his chest.
Everyone was behind him, so when Kevin smiled, only Aaron saw it. Aaron blinked at the realization that he liked it that way. This wasn’t Kevin’s over animated camera smile. It wasn’t his murderous “wake me up one more time before noon, I dare you” smile. It wasn’t the smile that accompanied his nervous laughter in a fit of panic. It was real, and it was rare, and Aaron wondered how long it had been stifled before Kevin had switched teams.
The thought broke his heart.
Kevin had knelt down and was checking Aaron’s ankle, but he stood up again now, and as he stood he swept his arms under Aaron’s knees and shoulders, effectively lifting him off the ground once more.
“Come on, Baby,” Kevin said, “we’ll get changed and go home so you can prop it up.”
Everyone was watching, they had to be. It felt somehow like a tidal wave and a weight off both of their chests all at once.
Let them look. Kevin was his.
A sense of belonging settled over Aaron. He briefly wondered if this was what Neil felt all times Aaron had seen him fiddling with his keys. It made him hate the small striker a bit less. Because he understood now.
It felt like he was coming home.

It was all Kevin’s fault.

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anonymous asked:

I have a hard time making friends any advice?

Here are a few tips off the top of my head…

⭐️ Cliche, but be yourself! People are attracted to others who are genuine.

⭐️ Smile and be friendly. I always gravitate towards people who look kind.

⭐️ Join a club or sports team. Working together with teammates or club members really helps you form bonds.

⭐️ Try working a part time job. I’ve made a lot of friends since starting mine and met some great people 🤗

⭐️ Try joining a conversation. Hear someone talking about a similar interest of yours? Jump in! That’s a great opportunity to meet someone with common interests.

⭐️ Try messaging someone you know but are too shy to speak to through social media. Something simple like “You did great on your presentation in class today,” could spark up a good conversation/friendship.

⭐️ If you have any current friends see if you can meet some more people through them:) I was invited to one of my friends birthday parties recently and I didn’t know anyone. I ended up meeting a lot of awesome people.

Hope I could help! Let me know how it goes. Xoxo

Join our team! 

A.C.E Subs is looking for people who can:

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If you can do either of these things and would like to join out team please contact us at any of these places:



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We aren’t currently doing hard subs but we may do so in the future.

We really need more people on our team now that A.C.E is debuting^^ 

Hello Katherine McNamara fans!

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REQUEST: New Year’s kiss. Bucky and the reader have a huge fight and wouldn’t speak a word to each other, but Steve and Tony step in to help them and it all ends with a very VERY passionate kiss the last few seconds before the new year. :)


It was New Year’s Eve and Tony Stark was throwing yet another elaborate party for the occasion. He had tons of guests mingling throughout the common room floor of The Avengers Tower. There was music playing and some people were dancing. There was tons of booze and food and people were enjoying themselves.

Well, everyone except Bucky and you.

It all started two days prior after coming back home from a mission. You and the rest of The Avengers were raiding a Hydra base in the middle of the night. There were more of them then you guys thought and you all needed to get out before it got worse.

“We need to get out of here. There are more than we expected. Everyone get to the quinjet now!” Steve ordered over the earpieces.

You were in the middle of taking down one of Hydra’s henchmen when you heard Captain’s orders. The henchman pointed his gun at you and you quickly kicked it away, hearing some of the bones in his hands crunch from the impact of your foot.

He went down to the ground on his knees and you punched him as hard as you could knocking him out cold.

Two more henchmen came running into the room.

“Be there in a few minutes.” You gritted your teeth before getting to work.

“(Y/n), we don’t have a few minutes. Get your ass to the quinjet now!” Bucky shouted. You rolled your eyes at your protective boyfriend as the second henchmen lunged at you.

“I’m a little preoccupied right now!” You ducked out of the way and within minutes, the two of the other henchmen were on the floor groaning in pain.

You raced to the quinjet trying to avoid anymore herds of bad guys. You were the last one aboard and the first thing you saw was an angry Bucky.

“What the hell, (Y/n)?!” Bucky stormed over to you as the quinjet went into the air.

“Bucky, what is your problem?” You asked him, wondering why he was so upset.

“You seriously have to ask? You were being completely reckless and not following orders!”

“How was I being reckless?! I was in the middle of trying not to get my ass kicked! I was completely outnumbered.”

The rest of the team were just watching the two of you. It was uncomfortable to say the least. Tony looked like he had something snarky to say but Steve shot him a look to stay out of it.

“Steve told you to get here and you didn’t listen! You didn’t follow orders!”

“I was in the middle of leaving but I can’t just ask nicely for the bad guy to stop trying to kill me so I can hurry to get to my friends.” You said sarcastically. In the back you heard Thor chuckle.

Bucky glared at you before walking away.

That was the last time that you and Bucky spoke. You both avoided each other as much as you could. You didn’t feel like being at the party but you knew that the others wouldn’t let you get out of it.

Natasha made you dress up for the occasion. She told you that you would stick out like a sore thumb if you didn’t. So, you wore a red dress that you had in your closet. It was strapless and form fitting and you paired it with black heels.

Your normally wore your hair up in a ponytail since you were constantly moving either training or on missions but that night you chose to wear it down. It was a little curly and you liked how it looked.

When you joined everyone at the party, you saw Bucky and Steve at one end of the room. They looked like they were in deep conversation.


“Buck, you and (Y/n) need to stop being so childish. It was a fight and you need to go over there and apologize to her. You shouldn’t have yelled at her like that. It was completely disrespectful.” Steve told his closest friend. Bucky looked down at the drink he held in his hands.

Bucky noticed the moment when you joined the party. He thought that you looked ravishing in your red dress and wanted nothing more than to sweep you off your feet and kiss you.

But he couldn’t.

He knew that you were still mad at him and kept his distance.

“I know that I was wrong, Steve but look at her. I don’t want to upset her tonight.” Bucky looked back in your direction and saw you with Sam, Natasha, Wanda and Pietro. You were laughing at something Sam said and Bucky wished that you were standing with him instead.

“It’s going to be a new year in about ten minutes. Do you really want to start it off mad at each other?”

Bucky glanced at his friend, “No, I don’t.”

“Then go over there and tell her that you are sorry.”


While Steve was talking to Bucky, you had been mingling with some of the others.

You were going to say hello to some colleagues when Tony grabbed your hand and steered you in another direction.

“Hey, what are you doing?” You asked Tony as he brought you to the other side of the room.

“Listen, you and the Buckster need to stop this terrible attempt at avoiding each other and just make up already. It’s very uncomfortable for the rest of us and frankly, I’ve never liked soap operas and this feels like a sad attempt at one.” Tony told you making you roll your eyes.

“Tony, I’m sorry for putting you guys through that the other day and it won’t happen again.”

“Because you guys are making up?”

You shrugged your shoulders, “I’m not the one that was yelling. Well, I was but that was because he started it.”

“It doesn’t matter who the hell started it, (Y/n). Look, when Bucky first joined the team, we didn’t know how it was going to go. You remember how hard he was to get to connect with others? Then you both started spending more time with each other and he was like a changed man. We don’t need for it to be like before.”

You could remember clearly what it was like when Bucky first joined the team. He was a tad moody and withdrawn but that didn’t stop you from trying to befriend him. What started off as a friendship turned into something so much more.

“You’re right, Stark.” You said reluctantly.

“I always am.” He winked and walked away leaving you with your thoughts.

People were starting to gather in the middle of the room as the clock got closer and closer to midnight. You stood on your tiptoes to see if Bucky was still in his original spot.

He was still there but he was alone this time. You saw that he was looking for you too. You started moving through the crowd to get to him.


It seemed like there were way more people than you realized as you tried weaving through the crowd.


When you made it to the middle, Bucky was standing there.

“I’m so sorry.” He said before pulling you closer. You rested your hands against his chest, “Me too.”


“What are you apologizing for? I was the crazy one.” Bucky chuckled.

“I know, it just seemed like the right thing to do.” You joked.


Bucky crashed his lips against yours, not being able to stand not kissing you for another moment. You hands instantly went to his hair and his rested on your lower back.

“I love you,” he mumbled against your lips, “I don’t ever want to lose you.”


“I’m not going anywhere, Buck.” You smiled before he kissed you again. The shouting got louder as the new year arrived but you and Bucky were too lost in each other to realize.

Tony and Steve watched the two of you from the other side of the room and gave each other a high five.

“Good plan, Rogers.”

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As I announced not too long ago, we will be interviewing the 1975 on their lollapalooza visit to the beautiful windy city.

Wanna get involved, here’s how:

-There are a couple of slots open for questions!

-I have a couple games in mind, but you can also share your ideas

-Gifts ideas - i wanna to give them something from US. (you and i)
[our ask and submit is open to your request <3]




EASY ENOUGH, RIGHT? Winner will be chosen July 30th at MIDNIGHT




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ATTENTION to Artist and Writers

As my followers have been aware and seen my post/concept art of it, I’ve been working on developing a fan comic for Transformers called Spirit of Retribution Saga

Right now, I am looking for artist and writers who would be willing to join the team and help make this comic one of the best fan comics out there. We will be tackling concepts and shedding light on lore that has been….well pushed to the side. As well as bringing out much needed-to-be loved characters. (Such as Elita-1, who will have a major role in this universes events.) And yes, this will be it’s own universe. (Like how TFP, Armada, G1 and the movies are their own universes)

If you think you have what it takes, then message me here so we can discuss further. 

Need someone experienced with sound design for SFX!

Hello! We’re currently looking for someone experienced with sound effect design to join our team. We’re specifically looking for someone who can build Undertale-themed (sort of SNES-era) sound effects from the ground up. This is a paid gig (we’ll discuss the rates you want), and if you feel like you can fill the position simply message me on Tumblr or send me an ask (I won’t answer the ask publicly.)