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MarkiplierTV presents Resident Enis

(bloopers because Dark needs a few more takes to even say that in a straight sentence)

Dark is usually the Evil Guy TM in most of my portrayals, but sometimes I remember he was claimed to be an evil vampire in his earlier years. Also I was watching Resident Enis so why not

The scene on Endor is so important to me for many reasons but one of them is that in it, Han Solo apologises. Which marks one of the very few times that I’ve seen a male character apologising for getting jealous of his own volition, not because he got yelled at or anything, but because he realised that Leia was upset and that this was not the time for him to get petty and stupid over his own insecurities, and I love that.

Because jealousy is so often portrayed as a funny or even romantic thing, a sign that the guy is in love or whatever, when in fact, jealous behaviour is almost always hurtful or even controlling behaviour. As an instinct or reaction, it’s very human and understandable, but when I see characters acting jealously, I see them acting in a way that’s possessive, manipulative, controlling, hurtful, and ultimately, lacking in trust. No one ever does nice things out of jealousy.

Here’s the thing: who Leia falls for is her choice. Who Leia trusts and confides in is her choice. Who Leia has a relationship with is her choice. And Han knows this. He gets momentarily jealous and annoyed because he’s been away from her for a year and he’s scared of losing her and maybe she doesn’t care as much as he does, and they’re back to fighting, and he doesn’t know what to do about any of it. He tried asking her outright, and that didn’t work, and that’s Han out of ideas. Not like Luke, who’s good at this emotional stuff, damn him anyway. But then Han realises very quickly that Leia’s upset, and he’s being petty and unhelpful and making everything worse. Luke just left, and whatever he is to her, whatever they said to each other, Leia is upset.

Leia, obviously, doesn’t really care about love triangles right now. Leia has just had several major revelations, she has a brother, she has a father, they might kill each other, and she’s also in the middle of a life-or-death mission. What Leia needs right now is just someone to be on her side, not demands for answers or petty jealousies. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She needs to process it all first.

So then it’s Han’s choice whether he storms off in a huff because she’s not putting him first, or turns back to comfort her because he’s putting her first.

He chooses the latter. He chooses her. He puts his jealousy and his insecurities to the side, he swallows his pride, he apologises for losing his temper and being an idiot, and he doesn’t try to offer an excuse or explanation or justification for it, either. He just says “I’m sorry” and stands there, saying nothing, making it clear that he’s here for her in whatever way she needs. Putting her first. No expectations. Because he has no idea what Leia needs or wants right now so he’s decided to just give her a chance to tell him.

He’s also made himself vulnerable, because you know that between these two, an apology is a Big Deal, a major score for the other side. But what it also means is that Leia can now turn to him for comfort, because he’s being sincere, so she can be, too. You can tell it surprises Han, because of course he didn’t even realise he was doing it right, but unlike their earlier fights, this one ends well because what do you know, a relationship is about trust and consideration and putting each other first.

The point is: Han realises that he’s being an idiot, he apologises for it, he doesn’t make excuses, and he doesn’t demand any particular reaction to it. It’s a genuine apology and it’s given, with no expectations or conditions attached, for a behaviour that’s romanticised far too often. It turns the “jealous lover” trope around and puts the romance where it ought to be: in the apology, aka the act of genuinely putting the other person first.

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she tweeted already that she’ll be back as miss martian for S3 … not clear how often though

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I just got my stickers from @polyruses anD AAAAAAAAAA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!




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10 + Shatti x)

10: Does your OC guard their emotions by being tough? If not how would they?

It’s not that she acts tough, it’s more than she acts like her emotions didn’t affect her. Her way to deal with her emotions is basically : “let’s pretend it’s nothing, it’ll surely pass…”. She suffers in silence. But everyone can see it since she’s really really bad at pretending…

She’s a Jedi right ? She can’t let her emotions rule her ! Of course not ! Never ! She wants to be a good Jedi !

Thank you very much to the anon who messaged me about someone reposting my art without credit! I just want to let people know that I don’t mind you reposting my stuff, as long as you do the super easy peasy simple nice kind generous great and amazing thing of adding a simple credit link or even just an uncoolly no matter whaattttt I really appreciate it ty ty ty 

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which hair dye did gerard use for the red? (and other colors if you know those too but it's cool you're great)

For the Danger Days red he used Fudge Paintbox in Cherry Bomb here is the quote:   “It’s actually from Britain, I believe. It’s called Fudge, it stays the longest. It’s two colours, Cherry Bomb and another kind of orange. It comes in a plastic tube that almost looks like special effects tube. It’s a nightmare with pillowcases” - Gerard, NME interview. I wish i knew what orange he mixed the red with

and according to this picture:

he uses that brand to get the orange color from hesitant alien

as for the blacks, teal, and the revenge era reds I have no idea what he used but they were pretty basic colors so I’m sure any brand will work out just fine

this is my art blog where i will draw what i want regardless of whether or not someone thinks i’m “"fetishizing”“ a person’s race for finding said person attractive. i do not fetishize daveed or african americans in any way. yes, he’s hot!! that’s a given. i would never walk up to him and call him daddy and as a matter of fact i never have called him that lmfao?? if you don’t like what i draw and/or want to antagonize me over fucking nothing PLEASE block me and stop wasting your time because i am not going to alter what i make and do based on a fucking stupid assumption. i refuse to make this blog a cesspool of hate and racism. I have not brought up race at all BECAUSE I AM NOT TRYING TO POINT IT OUT OR FETISHIZE THE RACE. you can sit and call me “fan” and “little white girl” and, this ones golden, “a little 12 year old”, but can’t provide a shred of proof or reasoning behind accusing me of something that would PROBABLY BE PRETTY OBVIOUS


🔔🚨🚨⚠️Holy SHIT!! news flash!! ⚠️🚨🚨🔔there is a difference between fetishizing a race and finding a human of another race attractive!!! wow!

-i find a person attractive who just so happens to be black

-the only person(s) who made it about race whatsoever are the anons who felt the need to bring it up.

i shouldn’t even be trying to form an answer to the pure shit and babble that has been spewed at me. i won’t be responding to anything else i receive related to this because it’s complete bullshit that someone felt necessary to pull out of their ass and lay in front of me. fuck off.

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you and another nonnie got it!!