look who i'll be swimming with

There is more to life than him. There are cafes on cozy city corners with vintage chandeliers and that waiter that always smiles at you when you order a chai latte. There are christmas trees that shine through apartment windows and that seventy year old couple across the hall who walk around the park at 9:30 every morning. Rainy Thursdays when you’re awoken by the patter of rain on your roof and Sunday nights when the week is yours to conquer. There’s swimming in the ocean at dusk when the sky is pink and the saltwater is warm. There’s sweet wine to drink with your best friends and karaoke songs to butcher with any willing participant. There are bubble baths after a long day and a clean bed with fresh sheets. There are adventures waiting in some far off country and a boy who will look at you one day like you’re the only person in the damn world. There is more to life than heartbreak.
—  reminder
PALADIN-AU season 5 parallels (PART 2)

(Part1 HERE)

When Ashi finds Aku, she’s relieved to see he isn’t in any danger, but rather silently sitting by a little tombstone with the name “Kuni” carved on its side.

Though he can’t bear to look at his daughter now, he feels he owes her an explanation;

He used to have a child he looked after as if she were his own, but it was unwise to open his heart to a mortal creature; for it was only a matter of time before his foe used that to his advantage and hurt him through her.

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“Oh, you can call me Nagisa.”

“I won’t. We aren’t that close." 

"We can get closer once you join the swim club.”

so I am another year old in this city 
& neither of us have burned down quite yet.
the Portland sky & I have joined forces.
it’s Pisces season; we fight water with water.
so we spent all of this week crying.
so there are rain clouds still lurking underneath my eyes & maybe
this city & I are more alike than I thought.
this month, I couldn’t pay rent so we stormed all through the night.

& blessed be the roommate who keeps me fed.
who can hear my starving mouth thunder from underneath their bedroom

& blessed be the roommate who laughs & cries & fucks
like they are their own kind of ocean,
one holy water wave

& blessed be the roommate who teaches me how to swim.
who is always treading water & shelters so well–they never need an umbrella.

& blessed be the EBT & the Zoloft
& blessed be the dildos that keep me from missing you as much.

all of this is not to say that I have finally found my Happiness in this soggy city.
I am still looking.

—  Portrait of the Yung Negro Artist at 21, Kiki Nicole
  • my nemesis during our mid-battle exchange: and how does it feel, knowing all of your efforts will be in vain? that, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you will end up alone, unloved, defeated, without hope-
  • me: are you busy on saturday?
  • my nemesis, lowering their weapon: what? wh-
  • me: i'm free this saturday for once! we could see a movie. catch up. also i still have your sweatshirt that you let me borrow last time i showed up looking like i climbed out of a swimming pool after jumping in with all my clothes on. it was raining so damn hard that day... anyway, thank you again for that! who says you don't have a heart? haha.. oh! and i washed it, too. the sweatshirt.
  • my nemesis, rubbing their temples: ... i'll have to check my agenda, but i'm pretty sure i don't have anything important that day
  • me: great! don't let me forget the sweatshirt

FINALLY got around to posting this- the ship sank - so swim. Was torn between this and “the ship sank and the sun is mine” but decided that was too long. But here I am!! And this motto of adapting and adjusting and enduring (s/o to my blog title) has never failed me and never will bc I know who and Whose I am.

As a side note, New England is the most beautiful place in the world and I am weirdly so upset I’m not in somewhere nature-y to enjoy the fall. I want AESTHETICS and I want them NOW. A new tattoo will have to do (even tho rn it’s all scabby n gross)

‘why do you love sleep so much?’ he looked into what seemed to be my soul. A chill ran down my back at the thought of answering. 'I’m not in pain while I’m asleep. I can’t think of the depths of your eyes. Or the way your dorky facts intreage me. I don’t have to think of how much i love you. And how much you don’t feel the same.’ she said, a single tear running down her cheek. He glanced in my direction but wouldn’t look at me, rather around me. 'well your alive. Thats good’ he said so sincerely. 'I’m not. Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like being dead while breathing. Because i would swim to the bottem of the ocean in the blink of an eye if you asked. And you wouldn’t cross a fucking puddle for me. You broke me don’t you get it. You did this. You fucked me over. So no I’m not alive I’m nearly surviving’
—  i fucking love you (a.j.)

you guys my chest looks like aliens abducted me and are doing fucked up tests on my bod i got all these monitor things and cords coming outa them, gotta wear them for 24 hours no showers no swimming with the seals no anything and the woman who put them on me was very crabby and Done and the office was gross and my insurance didn’t cover it so i have to pay for this shit and like……yes i do want to know whether or not i have hypertension so i guess its??? good?? but honestly i would prefer aliens

Free! Cast When Introduced to Babies/Small Children
  • Makoto: *fits like two children on each shoulder* *is chill*
  • Nagisa: *tries to engage one but she ignores him* Rei-chan the babies don't like me. *burst into tears*
  • Rei: I don't understand why you're upset, babies are so not beautiful.
  • Gou: I agree, these babies are cute but they have no muscles.
  • Nitori: Rin look I found something more naive than I am.
  • Rin: Don't get too close Nitori, babies are dangerous things. *says this while children pull/braid his hair.
  • Haru: *is in a kiddie pool surround by kids who are splashing him* They're not that bad, once you get them in the water.
  • Sousuke: *is slightly upset that the children seen scared of him but plays it off* *one little boy comes up to him* Look one came to me!
  • Momo: Come here cutie-patootie *child sneezes on his face* You know what, when it comes to small organisms I think I'll stick to beatles.

Dark AU sketch dump #12!

Souchke’s comment made it more difficult on Rinrin trusting Kishumi (¬‿¬ )

Kishumi is back and still trying to get the pooch to like him! But it’s not really working… and Sou isn’t really helpful! (o^ ^o) Kishumi, it’s for a good cause–this might be the only way to end Rinrin’s obsession with bacon after all! Just… try looking for a new tactic! ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

A dozen sketches! I’m so proud, but I’ll end it here for a while! Can’t be spoiling you guys too much~  ( ◡‿◡ ♡)

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Me going on a date with AC characters...
  • Altair: what sorcery is this? *looks around a place called restaurant, a waitress in a short skirt enters*
  • Altair: why are we in a whore House?
  • Me: o.o dude, shut up...it's a restaurant...
  • --
  • Malik: have you ever had a date before?
  • Me: n-no....
  • Malik: Psh, novice.
  • Me: have you?
  • Malik: no.
  • Me: Psh, novice.
  • Godly voice in the background: THEY FOUND EACH OTHER!
  • --
  • *at a park*
  • Ezio: Hey.
  • Me: what? *turns*
  • *make out session begins*
  • --
  • Connor: >\\\> s-so....
  • Me: yesss?*hopes for romance^
  • Connor: wanna climb trees?
  • Me: -_- in a dress? Yeah sure....
  • --
  • Haytham: *invited to a crazy fancy restaurant, being a gentleman*
  • Me: *fascinated* oh Haytham...
  • Haytham: *grin* all for you, my lady.
  • Me: *faints*
  • --
  • Charles: ;___; stop being so mean to me.
  • Me: fuck you, freaky mustache.
  • --
  • Edward: hey mate...
  • Me: yes?
  • Edward: *wide grin* let's go on a date....
  • *we rob a bank together*
  • --
  • Shay: I have no idea what to do here *looks around the beach*
  • Me: go for a swim or something.
  • Shay: and you?
  • Me: I'll just gaze over to your body...I MEAN HORIZON.
  • Shay: *smirk, purposely strips for me*
  • Me: *tries not to faint*
  • Shay: *gets to the pants part*
  • Me: *faints from blood loss*
  • --
  • Arno: hey, mademoiselle.
  • Me: yes?
  • Arno: *wide smile* wanna go on a date?
  • *we bake baguettes together*

I take another mouthful of the throat-burning alcohol.

“Do you love him?” one of them ask me. I laugh bitterly.

“I’ve only ever loved one person.”

“Then why did you sleep with him?” I roll my eyes. Did these people really have to be so god damn nosy?

“Because I wanted to and he offered.” I reply curtly.

“But you said you loved someone else!” one of the younger girls yell.

All at once, I chug the rest of the liquor, letting it burn through my mouth, tongue, throat and stomach. I get up too quickly and drop the glass bottle. It shatters when it hits the ground.

“Here’s the thing with love, sweetheart. It’s all fine and dandy when you two are in love, happily together,” I tell her, my voice rising. “But what if they don’t love you back? What happens to you then?” I ask. They all stay silent.

“I’ll tell you what happens. You lose control over everything. You forget who you are. One moment you’re you, and the next you’re the girl who kisses boys she just met, and sleeps with anyone that will help numb the pain of being unloved. Soon enough, the taste of liquor and cigarettes and drunken sex is all you’ll ever know.”

“Who did you love?” he asks. He has a look of sadness swimming in his eyes. He knew it wasn’t him.

“My best friend,” I pause. Memories come flashing back, all at once. “And the worst part was, I was so deeply in love with her. And all I was to her was a best friend.”

- I loved her so much but she loved him// an excerpt from a

book I’ll never write,

B.S. (@deviantly on ig, @bruisxdknuckles on tumblr)

eggpuffs  asked:


Send me a ship and I'll tell you who
  • collects rocks: TADASHI. He’s got this giant collection and it annoys GoGo to death bc “look gogo a nEW ROCK I FOUND IT ON THE STOOP”
  • takes pictures of the other while they’re asleep: Tadashi again. can’t you just see all the tags like “my little angel fast asleep<3” and she wakes up and checks his phone for any pics
  • gets drunk and breaks shit: GoGo. this is a darker turn, but I could see her getting drunk quite a lot, especially after Tadashi dies
  • can’t swim: hmmm I can see gogo not being a great swimmer but tadashi teachers her what cuties uwu skinny dipping hehehen
  • remembers to feed the fish: tadashi. he’s got these koi fish and they’re like his children
  • puts up Christmas decorations in November: TADASHI. he sings Christmas carols and gogo nearly stabs him omg sTOP SINGING
  • sends inappropriate texts and SnapChats while the other is in a meeting: im sorry this is gogo and you all know it kk just imAGINE TADASHI’S FACE
  • makes Sims just to drown them in the pool: GOGO. she laughs maniacally and forces tadashi to watch.
  • brings the other coffee at work: tadashi brings all the coffee from Lucky Cat Café uwu
  • takes gym locker room selfies: gogo bc she’s strong and wants to show everyone but tadashi will leave some comment like “my love” and she has to take it down
  • signs them up for tennis lessons and a salsa-making class: TADASHI. JUST PLEASE SOMEONE WRITE THIS OMG.
  • forgets to charge the other’s iPad and leaves it dead on the coffee table: gogo and tadashi would come home and have to use it and just sighhhhhhh gogo pls
  • Luke: "Why do we have to go there again?", the six years old version of you asked your parents, pout on your lips. "'Cause they are our friends", your mom replied, readjusting the red tiara in your hair and your black dress. "No they're not. Luke's not my friend.", you stubbornly said, crossing your arms over your chest. "Oh c'mon, dear. I'm sure you'll get along just fine.", she assured you, ringing their doorbell. Once the door was opened, you were pushed inside. "Lukey, don't be rude now", Liz told her eight years old son, pushing him a little forward, "Say hi". "But I don't want to", he whispered to her. "(Y/N)", your mom said. "But mom!", you protested. "C'mon dear", she smiled sweetly, yet, venomously. "Fine", you and Luke said unwillingly. Taking one step at a time under the eyes of your parents, you and Luke stayed face to face. "Hi", you told him, looking everywhere but his eyes. "Hi", he replied. "Luke, kiss her on the cheek", his mom whispered. "Mom!", he whined. "Lucas", she sternly said. Slowly, Luke's lips made it's way to your cheek, fastly leaving the spot. You didn't understand 'till an older age why your cheeks had reddened after that kiss...
  • Ashton: "Ashton!", a two years old you yelled, hugging him. "(Y/N)!", the eight years old Ashton hugged you back, lifting you up. You squealed, eyes shining, as you messed with one of his curls. Your mothers traded a knowing look and exited the room, they had conversations of their owns, after all. "So, what do you wanna do, (Y/N)?", Ashton asked, putting you back on the ground. "Play pretend", you smiled, pulling at the bottom of his pants. "Again?!", he asked, lifting his hands up, giving emphasis. "Yes!", you squealed, giggling. "Okay, okay", he chuckled, "Who do you want to be?". "A princess!", you smiled, "And you're the prince who's going to have to save me!", you said, eyes shining. After making Ashton be the prince on your fairy tale world, on which he saved you with a kiss on the cheek, you were all smiles. Without knowing, your mothers, on the other room, were trading another knowing look, which meant that they hoped that your crush for Ashton would be responded by him some years later. And it did.
  • Michael: "That's mine!", your three years old self yelled at the 5 years old Michael, whom was holding your doll. "Nah-ah!", he replied, reaching his arm as high as he could. "Give it back to me!", you squealed, trying to get it from him. "Nope!", he stood up, keeping it away from your reach. You stood up as well, trying to jump and get to his arm. "What's going on here?", your moms asked, walking into the room. "Michael took my doll!", you cried out, tears threatening to fall, pout on your lips. "Michael, give (Y/N)'s doll back to her!", his mom said. "Fine", he sighed, giving it back to you and crossing his arm in front of his chest. "Now apologize", she continued. "Sorry, (Y/N)", he huffed. After the room was clear from adults, you shared a "I hate you moment". It was not 'till many years later, when you were fifteen and Michael was seventeen, that he saw that little kid he used to hate turning into the woman he was bounded to love.
  • Calum: "Dog!", the two years old you yelled, hugging Calum's family dog. "Hey, (Y/N), do you wanna come to the pool with me?", the five years old Calum asked. "Pool!", you replied excitedly. "Jump, (Y/N)!", Calum yelled once you were both in your swim suit, reaching out his arms to get you. "I'm scared!", you said, looking down. "But I'll catch you!", he replied. "You sure?", you asked, looking at him with your puppy dog eyes. "Yes! Now jump!", he told you once again. This time, you jumped straight into his eyes, breaking into a fit of giggles. "Told you I'd catch you!", he smiled, holding you close and swimming a little bit with you. "Thanks, Cal!", you smiled, pinching his cheek. "No problems, (Y/N). I'll always be here to catch you", he smiled widely at you. "Again! Again!", you smiled, clapping your tiny hands. "I swear these two are getting married someday", Calum's sister commented to no one in particular. Who knew she could see the future?
  • radio host: give us a freestyle iggy
  • iggy: alright got a fresh one for ya
  • iggy: [man's voice] Once upon a time
  • in a kingdom far, far away,
  • the king and queen were blessed
  • with a beautiful baby girl.
  • And throughout the land,
  • everyone was happy...
  • until the sun went down
  • and they saw that their daughter was
  • cursed with a frightful enchantment
  • that took hold each and every night.
  • Desperate, they sought the help
  • of a fairy godmother
  • who had them lock the young princess
  • away in a tower,
  • there to await the kiss...
  • of the handsome Prince Charming.
  • [horse whinnies]
  • It was he who would chance
  • the perilous journey
  • through blistering cold
  • and scorching desert
  • traveling for many days and nights,
  • risking life and limb
  • to reach the Dragon's keep.
  • [crows caw]
  • For he was the bravest,
  • and most handsome...
  • in all the land.
  • And it was destiny that his kiss
  • would break the dreaded curse.
  • He alone would climb to the highest room
  • of the tallest tower
  • to enter the princess's chambers,
  • cross the room to her sleeping silhouette,
  • pull back the gossamer curtains
  • to find her... [gasps]
  • What?
  • - Princess... Fiona?
  • - No!
  • [sighs relief] Oh, thank heavens.
  • Where is she?
  • - She's on her honeymoon.
  • - Honeymoon? With whom?
  • - She's on her honeymoon.
  • - Honeymoon? With whom?
  • [ Counting Crows: Accidentally In Love]
  • So she said
  • what's the problem, baby?
  • What's the problem?
  • I don't know
  • Well, maybe I'm in love
  • Think about it
  • every time I think 'bout it
  • Can't stop thinking 'bout it
  • How much longer
  • will it take to cure this?
  • Just to cure it,
  • 'cause I can't ignore it
  • If it's love, love
  • Makes me wanna turn around
  • and face me
  • But I don't know nothing
  • 'bout love
  • Oh, come on, come on
  • - [screams]
  • - Turn a little faster
  • Come on, come on
  • The world will follow after
  • Come on, come on
  • Everybody's after love
  • So I said
  • I'm a snowball running
  • Running down into this spring
  • that's coming all this love
  • Melting under blue skies
  • belting out sunlight
  • Shimmering love
  • Well, baby, I surrender
  • To the strawberry ice cream
  • Never ever end of all this love
  • Well, I didn't mean to do it
  • But there's no escaping your love
  • These lines of lightning
  • mean we're never alone