look who i'll be swimming with


i think i saw kyoani releasing individual cards of the swimming boys and if i’m not wrong, makoto and haru were in captain outfit?? 

and their outfit strangely looked like the outfit i drew for my captain!mako x mer!haru au???????

so have a scared yet turned on cap!mako who just got saved by a magnificent creature


Anon, I am not 100% sure it’s Daryl. I just think he fits the bill more than anyone else. 

“Last Day on Earth” opens with the audience looking through the eyes of a person swimming to consciousness. Right off the bat (ha) this should make us ask questions: Who is this person? Why are they waking up? 

The last episode (“East”) provides a clue in that it ended with Daryl getting shot in the shoulder proceeded by a fade-to-black. This convinces me it’s Daryl’s POV.

Throughout the episode, there are three scenes in the van before it’s opened with a fourth (and final) scene. Each of these scenes is accompanied by muffled dialogue that proves the person waking up is happening in tandem with Rick’s group getting surrounded by the Saviors. 

How do we know? 

The first scene has the Saviors’ disconcerting whistling. The second is the Lead Savior (Ogg) saying, “You made it. Welcome to where you’re going. We’ll take your weapons,” which happens when Rick’s group makes it to the clearing. The third is the Lead Savior taunting Carl, “That’s yours, right? Yeah, it’s yours,” which happens almost right after the second scene. The fourth is the doors opening with the van occupants getting herded out by Dwight. So all these scenes happen in relatively close proximity to one another. 

Many cite the last shot (the fourth) as the smoking gun that says it’s Glenn’s POV we’re seeing as the top of Daryl’s head can be seen. I disagree. In the first three scenes, the camera is close to the door; only on the last one (fourth) does the camera fall to the back of the van (arguably “Glenn’s POV”) to give us a wide shot of the doors opening. I think this was done just for artistic sake, as the door opening in the “close up” perspective (of scenes 1-3) would’ve been confusing and less balanced.

More importantly, this scene echoes when Daryl was waking up from getting cracked in the head with a baseball bat in “Always Accountable”

In “Always Accountable”, after Dwight knocks him out, Daryl wakes up three times before Dwight jars him to consciousness a fourth and final time. In those three different wake up shots, Daryl hears Dwight, Honey, and Tina talking – which mirrors the muffled voices in “Last Day on Earth”.

So the scenes in the van? Of the person waking up? Is a direct parallel to something that happened to Daryl. 1) Knocked out, 2) wake up intermittently, 3) hearing voices, 4) confronted by Dwight.

Why is all this important?

“Last Day on Earth” closes just as it opens – with a POV shot. It’s not a stretch to assume that whoever’s eyes we see through in the first shot? Is who we’re looking through in the last as well. And the person who fits the bill for this POV shot the most is Daryl. (For all the reasons I’ve stated above).

“Always Accountable” had a few other hints that point to Daryl: 

Sasha writes DIXON on a door with her knife; the “X” is fairly pronounced. The Lead Savior spray paints an orange “X” on their victim. 

Daryl is literally the first one to “fall” to the Saviors (he is shot at, tumbles off his bike) and also is the first to shed blood (which drips onto a skull).

Speaking of the “X”, in “Last Day on Earth”, the Lead Savior tells the terrified “X” man, “The one who fired the first shot, we strung him up to make an example of him.” In Rick’s group? Daryl is the one who fired the first shot at the Saviors in “No Way Out”. 

Daryl was also indirectly responsible for the fate of Tina (who is assumed to be one of Negan’s wives). NR said in an interview that the events of the finale wouldn’t have changed even if Rick’s group hadn’t killed Negan’s men. NR said Negan doesn’t care about his men, but women? He definitely does. It’s curious NR would make a comment like that seeing as the finale gave to indications of Negan’s special treatment of women, and Negan even said he was killing them for retribution for his men’s death, but NR could be privy to why Negan would take his ire out on Daryl specifically (and that’s for his role in Tina’s escape/death).

I know, I know, it’s hard to believe the show would write out Daryl, but it could be argued it’s his time. He has come full-circle in that he’s following in Merle’s footsteps – and NR said that Daryl would “be making Merle proud right now.” After all, what happened in “This Sorrowful Life” (3x15)? Merle set out on his own to kill the Governor. Likewise, Daryl set out on his own in “East” (6x15) to take out Dwight. Glenn even said ominously that Daryl would “get himself killed,” which is exactly what happened to Merle when he pulled this same kind of stunt. 

NR slipped in a post-season interview with TV Guide by saying he "played Daryl Dixon”, not “play”. In the same interview, AL joked that NR was Kenny from South Park (a character who is famous for dying and causing the outrage of his friends). I mean, some of this is more “loose” evidence, but it still makes one raise an eyebrow.

Plus some stuff seems like Easter eggs just for “funsies” – like Daryl and Beth stumbling upon a barbed-wire baseball bat in “Inmates” or Daryl being on his knees next to Michonne like Hershel was in “Too Far Gone” (even with blood coating the right side of his neck a la Hershel after the Governor took a whack at him). Or the fact Daryl was stabbed in his left shoulder in “No Way Out” and shot in his right in “East” rendering his wings “clipped.” He’s flightless. 

There’s evidence pointing at almost everyone – but the most compelling material directs my eyes at Daryl and Daryl alone.