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Legends of Tomorrow | 3.01

We’ve got eyes on the target. Go team is hot.

Pairing: Brett Talbot x Reader

Prompt: Can you do an imagine where the reader is a werewolf and is also dating Isaac and when he leaves after Allison’s death she still is heartbroken so when Brett and Liam argue when he first arrives, she stops it and Brett takes a like to the reader and you can do the rest?

Word Count: 1,542

Requested?: yes, @scaliascott

Warnings: none 



“Isaac, please. I-I can’t stay here without you. I can’t do this alone.” I cried. Tears rolled down my cheeks in thick streams as I stared into the eyes of the first boy I ever loved. His own tears threatened to spill over as he faced me.

“Y/N I promise you’ll never be alone. As long as I’m alive I’ll always be with you but I can’t be here. There’s nothing here for me anymore.” My heart broke at his words and I felt as if he’d slapped me across the face.

“Not even me?” Isaac sighed and looked down at his feet. “You loved her didn’t you?”


"Didn’t you?!” A sad expression crossed his face and I felt the last piece of my heart shatter as a realization hit me. He loved someone else. All the times he said he loved me, he was in love with Allison. Her death broke all of us and she took a piece of us all with her, but she took his heart. Which meant he had nothing left for me. “Goodbye, Isaac.”

“Y/N, I’m sorry.” He said as I walked away. I looked back and gave him a sad smile.

“It’s okay.”

*flashback ends*

“So where’s the little firecracker?” I asked as I sat next to Scott and Stiles. They gave each other a look before smiling at me.

“If you’re talking about Liam he’s probably off eating someone’s bunny.”  Stiles quipped. I chuckled at him and Scott gave me a careful look.

“How you feeling today, Y/N.” He asked softly.

“I’m fine, Scotty. Thanks for asking.” I replied sincerely. Even if I wasn’t one hundred percent fine, I was getting there. It had been quite a while since Isaac left to London with Chris but the wound on my heart still hadn’t healed. Scott checked up on me every once in a while, especially the first couple of months. My emotions were unstable and I could barely control my shifting. At times Scott would have to use alpha commands to calm me down. But even that reminded me of Isaac, the way Scott used to do the same for him. I could help most of the time if necessary in calming him down, but the only person who could succeed for me was Scott. I was grateful that he hadn’t given up on me.

“Brett!” Our heads whipped around to see Liam walking out of the school looking very tense. The rival lacrosse team climbed off of their bus and Liam stopped in front of one of them. The three of us scrambled away from our table closer to the beta just in case he blew a casket in front of everyone. Liam’s shoulders squared as he stared up at the other boy who I assumed was Brett.

“Scott.” I whispered worriedly. He gave me a look that said to wait and see what would happen and I did.

“I just wanted to say… have a good game.” Liam stated sharply, sticking his hand out for Brett to shake. I exhaled shakily in relief only to become tense again as Brett laughed in his face. The crowd that formed chuckled along with him.

“That’s cute, Liam. Is that what they told you to say in anger management? Apologize and everything’s fine?” I could hear Liam’s heart pounding in his chest as Brett looked down on him. “You demolished Coach’s car.”

“I paid for it.” Liam all but growled, his chest rose and fell heavily and I could see his jaw clenching from where I stood.

“Yeah, you’re gonna pay for it.” Before anyone could stop me I was running to Liam. I could feel that he was about to lose it but one of the Lacrosse members from their team stood in my way.

“Move it, asswipe.” I sneered. He chuckled and I glanced over to Liam.

“We’re gonna break you in half out there. And it’s gonna be all your fault.” The scent of blood hit my nose and I glanced down at Liam’s fist. I could see a drop of blood fall as his claws dug into his palm. I pushed the guy in front of me out of the way and reached him just as Scott and Stiles did. I stared up at Brett and gritted my teeth.

“Leave him alone. Or you’ll be the one who’s broken in half. Then who’s fault will that be?” I sneered. Brett looked down at me with a smirk that made my blood boil. I had to admit he was insanely attractive but his attitude was ugly as hell.

“What are you his bodyguard? Or are you his girlfriend?” Brett smiled when I narrowed my eyes at him. “Why don’t you leave him behind and come play with the big boys for a chance.” Before I could stop it my hand rose quickly and I slapped him across his face. A series of “oh’s” came from the small crowd and Brett’s jaw ticked.

“What’s wrong? You said you wanted to play.” I stated innocently. He chuckled a bit and stepped closer to me.

“That was cute. Do you always play rough?” I couldn’t help the growl that slipped past my lips and Brett narrowed his eyes at me.

“Woah there, Y/N.” Stiles rushed, wedging himself between me and Brett. He and I made eye contact once more before I turned to Liam. His heart pounded harshly in his chest as Stiles rambled to the team.

“Scott we have to get him out of here.” Liam’s eyes flashed back and forth between yellow and blue and I grabbed the back of his head, forcing his head down so no one noticed.

“I got it. Are you good to stay here?” I rolled my eyes but nodded as Stiles stumbled back and they ran off with Liam. I turned back to Brett who smirked at me before walking to the other locker room with his team.


“I don’t care if he’s a foot taller than me, I think I can take him.” Liam stated as Brett pulled his t-shirt over his head. I caught myself staring as his muscles flexed before they were covered. He paused for a moment before looking up at me and I looked away just as fast. When I thought it was safe I glanced back to see a small smirk on his lips. “You think he’s hot don’t you?”

“What?” I jumped and turned to Liam before I realized he wasn’t talking to me. Mason looked at his best friend and scoffed.

“What? Definitely not. No, no way…” He looked back at Brett and paused. “Maybe. Yeah, maybe a little.” I snorted.

“He wants to destroy me.” I glanced at Brett who was looking over again as he pulled his jersey over his shoulder pads. Instead of looking away I watched as he sent a wink in my direction. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the freshmen. 

“I think you could definitely take him… and then give him to me.” Mason stated making Liam and I laugh. “Hey, Y/N, maybe we could take turns.”

“What makes you think I want anything to do with Brett?” I scoffed. Mason gave me a look that said he called bullshit.

“You’ve been looking over there more than I have and I’ve said how hot I think he is out loud.” He stated. Liam rose his brow at me and I huffed before walking away from the two. I didn’t get far before I felt someone tapping me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw Brett behind me.

“Hey, Y/N right?” He smiled. I eyed him curiously trying to figure if he was messing with me beforehand.

“Yeah… hi?” I replied, cupping an elbow in each palm. “What are you doing over here?”

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry about what happened this morning. Whatever goes on between me and Liam has nothing to do with you and you didn’t deserve that.” I stared up at him in shock. The last thing I expected was what felt like a sincere apology.

“Well, I really appreciate the fact that you came over to apologize. I can say it’s not what I was expecting, I figured you’d be a huge dick.” I stated with a small smile. Brett smiled back and laughed a little. 

“Yeah, I kind of have a thing for pushing people’s limits.” The referee blew his whistle and we both looked towards the field then back at each other. “Well, I have to go. Maybe we’ll see each other again sometime soon.”

“Yeah, maybe.” I smiled.

“Maybe after the game? Are you busy?” The question caught me off guard honestly. After all, this was the same guy who literally threatened to break Liam in half and didn’t look playful at all. If I hung out with Brett what would that do to my relationship with Liam?

“Umm… I’m not sure. If you try not to target Li out there maybe I’ll give you my number. Find me after.” I stated. Brett smiled and nodded.

“I can’t make any promises. Wish me luck.” He winked before pulling on his helmet and running onto the field.


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Week Five: 2017 Rookies

“Get away from my boys,” said Mary, pointing the gun at the neck of the woman of letters. Dean and Sam are related, and Sam seems reduced very bad. The woman must have tortured him for hours, never stop. His face is shocked when he sees his mother, who died many years ago, alive and kicking, trying to save the lives of their children.
“Yeah,” Dean replied, with a proud glance at his mother.
The woman of letters, taken aback, slowly moves away from Dean, with his hands up. Suddenly she turns to Mary, and by removing the gun from his hands, she slips into a corner; the two women begin to fight, while Dean tries in vain to break free.
“Mom! Where is y/n !?” Sam asks, looking at Dean, who tries again to loosen the ropes around his wrists.
“I don’t know. Maybe she’s with Cas.”
Meanwhile, the woman of letters overwhelms Mary, and after picking up the gun before falling to the mother of Winchester, the tip against her.
“I’m tired of you stupid hunters. So vulgar and uncouth.”
The woman of letters is about to pull the trigger when she heard something metallic and sharp touch her throat.
“Y/n!” Sam yells at the girl, glad to see her.
“That’s my girl!” Dean says, with a satisfied smile on your face.
“Put the gun. Now”
“But how many are you Winchester?”
“We are a big beautiful family.” says y/n, while parading the gun of the letters woman hands. Mary gets up from the floor, and while y/n helps the kids get, Mary is approaching menacingly to the woman of letters, pulling a sonic punch to the face, making the woman stagger.
Y/n releases Sam, and then he unties the hands of Dean, leaving a wet kiss on the lips.
“I have already told you that I love your mother?”

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I just noticed the way Litten’s fur stands up when he attacks and I think that’s adorable

otp challenge (6/6 moments): Reckoning hug

In light of your outstanding work on this case, he’s willing to drop the charges if you agree to a thousand hours of community services.

A thousand hours?!

Yes. As a consultant to detective Beckett and the twelfth precinct.