look who finally decided to show up

Love Notes

Dean is a retired vet just trying to get through his day to day struggles. But when a secret admirer starts slipping notes under his door, he finds himself caught up in a chase that, in the end, may be exactly what he needs.

Rated K for general audiences.

Love notes are one of those things that people get on television and in movies, not in real life, so Dean was pretty surprised when they started showing up under his shop door.

Initially he’d assumed it was a mistake. Someone who’d been in to pick up or drop off their car had dropped it and he hadn’t noticed it till the morning after. So he hadn’t opened it, instead deciding to leave it on the counter in case someone came looking for it. Sealed up in a red envelope, it’d sat for days, Dean eventually forgetting about it as it got covered with receipts and work orders.

Until another one showed up.

This had piqued his curiosity, Dean finally deciding to open them only to find personal versus addressed directly to him.

Mr. Winchester – Sometimes I try to count all your freckles. I never succeed.

Or so had said the second one. The first had been about his eyes, about how green they were, or some such nonsense. At least, that was what Dean had thought of it at first. He scoffed and remembered something about high school, the whole thing making him rather uncomfortable in an embarrassed kind of way. Mostly because he couldn’t imagine who would want to secretly admire someone like him. He was covered in grease and dirt a majority of the time, running a car garage as he did. What was there to see in that?

Plus, there was the whole veteran status, which left him in a state of perpetual after-work drinking, a habit he wasn’t too entirely proud of, but didn’t know how to kick.

Yet the notes kept coming. Regularly actually. Every Wednesday morning. To the point where Dean actually anticipated it, his stomach tightening in apprehension as he’d consider what those words would have to say and what color they’d be wrapped in. Sometimes it was short and sweet, others were maybe a sentence or two, but they were always pleasant. Always nice things.

Things that made him feel good for a minute or two.

Mr. Winchester – You should smile more often.

Mr. Winchester – Your dedication to your job is admirable.

Mr. Winchester – Sometimes you forget to brush your hair. I don’t mind.

Mr. Winchester – Your walk is aesthetically pleasing.

Mr. Winchester – Everything about you is aesthetically pleasing.

The notes were odd, really, but Dean couldn’t help being flattered. The attention put a soft spot in his day, something to look forward to. Something to push away the nightmares and the loneliness for a little while.

Mr. Winchester – You had a smudge of grease under your eye yesterday. I almost wanted to rub it off myself.

Mr. Winchester – I think about you a lot.

Slowly but surely, Dean found himself wanting to discover the culprit, his mind becoming more and more distracted with it all the time. It was apparently someone he saw regularly, likely a few times a week. Maybe someone at the grocery store. Or the gas station. Or who walked by his shop. He was soon watching everyone, foolishly thinking that if he spotted them, he’d just know. But the faces were less distinctive than he’d anticipated and his search began to only frustrate him.

Yet the notes kept coming.

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Quick little drabble I dashed down today about the Kirkwall gang on Wintersend. Takes place just before Act 2.


“Hey, look who finally decided to show up!”

Fenris winces, ducking out of the raucous clamor of the Hanged Man and into the back room. “I apologize. I was meeting with a contact who—“

“You’re working on Wintersend?” Varric lifts an incredulous eyebrow. “Don’t you ever take a day off?”

“Not really,” he mutters, scanning the gathered company. Isabela and Merrill wave—Anders doesn’t—and Hawke scoots over on the bench, squashing his enormous bulk up against the wall to make a space on his side of the table for Fenris to sit. But that means—“Aveline is also missing,” Fenris puts in. “You see, I’m not the only one—“

Varric groans. “I think she views going in to work on the holiday as a Wintersend present to herself. I tried to convince her to show up, we’ll see if she bites.”

Fenris inserts himself in the narrow space between Hawke’s giant body and Isabela’s hips. “So who’s winning?”

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Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 8

[Pt 1] [Pt 2] [Pt 3] [Pt 4] [Pt 5] [Pt 6] [Pt 7] | [Pt 9] [Pt 10]

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 4,470

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: I don’t know what to say in this A/N~ lmao I have to think of more plot. this is as far as my mind got. I have some ideas in my but now I have to mold them so they make sense lol.

“Well, look who finally decides to show up,” Hoseok teases, raising his half-empty glass of liquor to Jin as the doctor approaches. Sighing tiredly, Jin shrugs off his heavy knee-length coat and sets his briefcase down, leaning it against the leg of the table. By the time he slides into his seat Hoseok has a drink ready for him, and Jin doesn’t hesitate in taking a long sip.

“Rough day?”

“Dr. Hwangae had to leave right before a scheduled lobectomy because a patient who recently underwent brain surgery to remove some stage 4 glioblastoma cells began having a seizure—so I had to perform the surgery alone.”

Hoseok blinks at Seokjin over the rim of his glass, eyebrows raised ever so slightly.

“Would you like me to pretend that I know what you’re talking about…?”

Taking a deep breath, Jin leans his elbows onto the table and slumps forward. “I had to take out a part of a man’s lung—because smoking is bad,” Jin adds in scoldingly when Hoseok tugs a box of cigarettes from the inside pocket of his coat. Blinking innocently at Jin, Hoseok holds the white stick to his lips and the two have a brief stare-off before Jin finally gives up, and with an amused snort Hoseok lights the cigarette.

“So what’s been going on with you lately?” Jin questions, attempting to divert the topic away from his overly long day. A 7am to 10pm shift at the hospital is rough—even if he is an excellent doctor. “Anything exciting brewing?”

“Eh, ya know,” Hoseok says, taking a deep drag and flicking away the crumbling end of the cigarette into a nearby ashtray. “Stocks are the same as always—some rise and some fall. I still get paid for giving out info.”

“Of course,” Jin grants. “And?”

“Looks like JB and his crew had a run in with the cops in Busan the other day, but they all made it out. And there was word that Yoongi successfully secured Namjoon’s next shipment in Daegu and is on his way back here right now.”

“Hmm…that’s good,” Jin responds, swirling his drink in his hand, and Hoseok snorts.

“What? Are you rooting for the mafia now? Has your big heart finally overtaken common sense?”

Jin rolls his eyes. “Hardly. I don’t support any of their causes, but you know as a doctor I—”

“—tend to care for all people and their health,” Hoseok interrupts, waving his hand flippantly. “Yes, hyung, I’m aware. You’re a kind hearted and handsome young doctor.”

Jin laughs quietly, taking another sip from his drink. Hoseok mimics his action, and the two fall into a quiet silence. Somewhere in the background is the whirl of an ambulance and the deafened blues melody of a piano.

“So,” Hoseok begins, catching Jin’s attention. The younger’s aura shifts into something a little less easygoing. “Have you met Namjoon’s new play thing?”

Jin winces slightly at the degrading nickname, but nonetheless nods his head. “Y/N? Yes, I’ve encountered her. She had a run in with the police and Namjoon asked me to go and get her.”

“Wait, seriously?!” Hoseok blanches, eyes widening. There are two things from Jin’s previous statement that amaze him. One is that the police had actually managed to connect you to Namjoon so soon. Two is that…well…Namjoon had actually asked for help in retrieving you instead of simply throwing you to the wind.

Maybe you aren’t just his play thing.

“Namjoon…he…,” Jin sighs irritatedly, running a hand through his hair. He gets frustrated whenever he thinks about Namjoon and how he treats you. How you could be doing so much better, and yet…

Buzz~ Buzz~

“Late night call?” Hoseok grins, waggling his eyebrows, and with a quiet sign Jin begins to dig through his briefcase for his phone. If anything the call is probably from the hospital—ready to ask him to come back in because some higher-up refuses to give up their peaceful night. However, Jin’s not sure whether to be relieved or terrified when he sees your name flashing on the screen.

After a brief second of deliberation he sides with ‘terrified’.


Immediately muffled chatter and club music assaults his ears. He can barely hear your shaky voice above all the background noise, and his face creases in concern. At seeing the negative change Hoseok, curious, leans forward—trying to overhear what’s going on.

Shit…Jin, I…

Oh god, he can already tell that you’re incredibly inebriated.

“Y/N? Shit, what’s going on?” he asks, concern slipping into his voice. At hearing your name spoken Hoseok’s eyes widen in surprise. Clearly something is going on.

I…the world is s-spinning, oh my god…,” you cry, voice hitching, and the image of your confused tears streaming down your face pulls at Jin’s heart strings.

From what he knows of you so far—Jin has a sneaking suspicion that you hadn’t done this to yourself. With everything going he doubts that you would have been so foolish as to drag yourself out to a club and get wasted, so right now he’s incredibly concerned for your safety.

“Y/N, don’t move,” Jin commands sternly, shoving to his feet. “I’m gonna come find you.”

Roughly gripping his coat, Jin’s traps his phone between his ear and shoulder and hurries to grab his briefcase. “Where are you? I—” at that moment the background noises change—wind howling through the speaker—and a second later the line goes dead.

The dial-tone resounding in Jin’s ear makes his blood run cold.

Fuck!” he hisses, tossing his phone onto the table as he wrestles with his coat. He wants to run to you—to make sure you’re alright (because he’s getting a sinking feeling that you’re definitely not)—but he doesn’t know where you are. You had never answered him, and there are way too many clubs scattered around town.

“Give me your phone,” Hoseok suddenly demands, pulling his laptop out of his own briefcase. He shoves the glasses on the table aside, open up the screen, and grabs Jin’s phone when the older takes too long.

Fingers flying over the keys, Hoseok pulls a USB cord out of nowhere and plugs Jin’s phone into his laptop. Immediately the software program picks up the phones call data and begins pin-pointing your location—the recently lost signal bouncing between cell towers.

“God, Hobi, you’re a lifesaver,” Jin speaks honestly when he leans over to see what the business man is doing. Hoseok snorts, his eyes narrowed seriously as they peer at his brightly illuminated laptop screen.

“Yeah, working for the government has some benefits…”

Not a minute later Hoseok gets the coordinates to your location and hands them off to Jin. It seems that you’re in a club on the east end of town—not too far from where they are—and surprisingly when Jin moves to run out of the bar Hoseok follows.

“You may need some help with this,” he says in explanation, shrugging, and Jin isn’t going to argue. At the moment, he just needs to get to you.

Hoping into his car, Jin speeds away. The ride to the club takes far too long, but they make it there in record time nonetheless—immediately jumping to their feet and pushing past the bouncer and into the building.

It’s not hard to tell where you are—a small crowd of people gathered around the base of the stairs, a few men drunkenly yelling ‘stay back!’ and ‘lady are you ok?!’.

Aish,” Jin hisses, pushing through them, and Hoseok stays right on his tail. “Give her space all of you! I’m a fucking doctor alright?!”

Reluctantly, at hearing Jin’s authoritative yell, some of the crowd disperses. Those who don’t are promptly ushered away by Hoseok, and Jin takes that time to kneel down beside you. Obviously you’re out cold—eyes shut tight and body awkwardly sprawled across the tile floor. He can see some obvious bruising on your skin and swelling on the wrist you’d injured a week before, but the most concerning thing is the small pool of blood right beside your head.

Head injuries are not something to fuck with—and Jin needs to give you a real examination right away so he can figure out what kind of treatment you need. And that examination isn’t going to occur here—surrounded by strangers with the shittiest lighting he has ever seen to guide him.

“Hoseok, help me here,” Jin commands, beckoning the younger over. Hoseok is at his side without hesitation, and Jin shoves his car keys into Hoseok palm.

“I’m gonna pick her up. Go get the car ready. We’re putting her in the backseat.”

“Right,” Hoseok nods, sprinting away, and as carefully as he can Jin rolls you onto your back. You don’t even stir—remaining utterly pliant as he molds you into his arms and carefully picks you up. Tucked against his chest, Jin carries you out of the building without challenge—Hoseok helping him to get you in the back seat.

Jin sits beside you during the ride, your head resting in his lap, and as Hoseok drives through the city towards Jin’s residence—each passing streetlight illuminating the car—Jin can see the wide array of bites and bruises marking up every inch of your showing skin.

Namjoon is not going to be happy.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 527 Reaction

Zeref Turns Rahkeid To Ashes.

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August Decides To Blow Himself And Everyone Up.

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August Looks At Mavis, And Then Decides To Just Turn Himself Into Magic Dust, Just Because He Finally Saw His Mother.

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Mavis Senses Ghost Child August Behind Her,  And Then He Disappears When She Looks.

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Team Lucy Meets Up With Mavis, Who Shows Them That She Took The Book Of E.N.D. From Zeref.

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Natsu Gets Mad At Zeref, Because Zeref Said He Could Not Have A Family Or Happiness.

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Afternote: August’s Defeat Is Stupid, And Natsu’s Speech Against Zeref Would Have Been Good, If It Wasn’t Because We Know Zeref Is Cursed.

On the one hand I’m excited for Harry to come back, because {{{HARRY}}}.

But on the other I really feel for poor HR.

I mean, by 3x13 he miiiight finally be on the verge of being a real, appreciated member of the team… and then Golden Boy Harry Wells shows up with his stupid handsomeness and mad skillz, making HR feel like a pale reflection again.

I’m looking forward to seeing them interact though. And weirdly Harry - as the CEO of a huge company who undoubtedly deals with marketing and many other non-sciency staff daily - might have a more positive view of his skills…

…or not trust him and decide to handcuff him in a closet. You can never really tell with Harry.

⊱ First Meetings AU ideas for all your First Meetings AU needs ⊰

✪ My favorite song came up on the radio and here I am dancing like the world is going to end today…not noticing I left the curtains open until I hear you laugh from the apartment in front of mine
✪ I’m the night shift cashier and just when I thought no one was going to show up tonight, you enter and buy the weirdest item in the shop, looking like you just ran a thousand miles
✪ I’ve wanted to adopt a puppy ever since I was 6. Now I can finally got one, guess who is the adorable volunteer at the dog shelter?
✪ You got lost in another country and I happen to be the only person that speaks your language nearby
✪ My headache has been killing me so I decide to go to the hospital for a checkup, but it’s 3 AM and the only free nurse is you, a really hot trainee
✪ I’m the odd one in my group of stupid friends and I got paired up with you on this incredibly dangerous rollercoaster
✪ I’m an art student that works as a makeup artist for kids parties to get some money on weekends. It’s your little brother/sister’s birthday.

Feet or Tails: Part Two

Summary: Maiden’s Cove has always had legends of merpeople living nearby. Y/N finds out that those legends might hold some truth to them.

Warnings: gabrielxreader, merman!Gabriel, human!reader

Word Count: 1488

Author: Gwen

Parts: One

Your name: submit What is this?

“Well look who decided to finally show up.” You stopped in the Roadhouse doorway as Jo ran over to hug you. “Seems like it’s been forever.” She pulled back, smiling at you. “I was worried you got sick of us.”

“Never.” You promised, glancing over at the patrons in the rustic establishment. Sure it wasn’t as nice as the fancy Crossroads across town, but it was a hell of a lot cheaper. “So, any good eye candy tonight?”

Jo giggled, leading you to the bar. “Winchesters always make a good pair.” She nodded over to the two brothers playing pool in the corner.

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To Punch or to Kiss

Edward Kenway x Reader

A/N: Ugh, today’s been so busy and all I’ve wanted to do was relax. On another note, Edmas is officially over! (Besides the ships, of course!) And before you say anything, I already know that nothing in here has to do with winter or the holidays, but oh well!

On the twenty-fifth day of Edmas, Captain Kenway gave to me…

There he was, the infamous Captain Edward Kenway, in all his glory. His hood was down, golden hair shining under the bright sun of Nassau, and he had a smirk on his pink lips, his cerulean eyes on you.

“Look who finally decided to show up.” You muttered, crossing your arms across your chest. That man never did listen to you when you gave him specific times.

“Sorry, lass, I was a bit distracted.” He replied, strolling up to you with the confidence of a man who ruled the world.

“I’m sure you were, Kenway.” You said, annoyance laced with exasperation. You had a job to do and, unfortunately, Edward was your only way there. That frustratingly handsome pirate had a way of getting under your skin more than anyone else you’d ever met.

“Ah, don’t be jealous, sweetheart.” He laughed, raising a brow towards you. “It was business matters that distracted me, not a pretty lass.”

“You actually do business?” You questioned, stepping back so he could walk by.

The scent of the sea, leather, and alcohol clung to him like a second skin, his eyes twinkling as he passed you. His steps were confident and clear, heavy boots creaking against wooden planks. He stopped at the wheel of his beloved ship, nodding down to the crew below. You were finally ready to leave.

“About time.” You murmured, knowing he’d heard when he shot you a funny look.

You had a long journey ahead of you, and that asshole of a captain wasn’t going to make it any better. You’d never met anyone more infuriating as him, and it was even worse knowing that your heart sped up whenever he was near by. He could set your skin alight with a single touch and make you grind your teeth with a single phrase. Truthfully, you weren’t sure whether you wanted to punch him or kiss him half the time.

“If you need a little rest,” Edward’s voice rudely cut into your thoughts, putting you on edge, “The captain’s quarters is always open to pretty women.”

Punch him. Definitely punch him.

“Unfortunately, Captain Kenway,” you said smoothly, sidling on up to him with your best flirty impression. Your eyelashes were fluttering, tone dropping, and chest pushing out a little more. “Pretty women aren’t always open to captains who act like pricks.”

His mouth dropped open, a hearty laugh drawn deep from within his chest. Okay, maybe kiss him. He did look awfully attractive under the heat of the sun; his eyes brighter than normal and his lips a lighter shade of pink.

“Not even the handsome ones?” He smirked, shooting you a wink. Oh, nope, he ruined it. You wanted to punch him, not kiss him.

“A bit pretentious, don’t you think?” You inquired, taking a step closer to the pirate Assassin. Your fingers dug into your gauntlet, physically restraining your arm from Edward’s face.

“Can’t handle a little truth, darling?”

His gaze was level with you, daring you to speak another word. You responded by narrowing your eyes and stalking another step forward, drawing yourself up to full height in a show of anger. Or perhaps it was acceptance.

“I’m not hearing any.” You stated, looking up into his eyes. He peered down at you, a mere inch separating your bodies.

“Don’t think I haven’t seen your staring, lass.”

“My staring?” You scoffed. “Perhaps you’ve taken from your sight to inflate your ego.”

He rasped a breath, pink tongue darting out. His lips shined beneath the affections of his tongue, drawing your eyes to the glint. Unconsciously, you mirrored the action, his eyes doing much the same as yours.

“Aye, your staring.” He muttered, voice lowered in concentration. For a quick second his blue eyes flicked up to you, returning to the sight of your lips directly after.

“And you think I what?” You questioned, adding incredulity into your tone to drown out the sound of your pounding heart. “Want you?”

“Perhaps.” He rasped, his Adam’s apple bobbing with a swallow.

He looked divine, nearly edible. If it were any other person you were looking at, you would’ve had them pinned against the wall and aching between your thighs. But it was Edward Kenway. There was no way you’d give him the satisfaction, no matter how much you may or may not want to kiss him in the moment. Oh, and you were so very close to saying “fuck it” and dragging him to his cabin, pride be damned!

“Or perhaps not.” You commented, hoping (praying) that your voice sounded more confident to his ears than it did to your own. Nothing but the fading chatter of the crew and the soft crash of waves were lying between you and Edward.

“Maybe you’re scared.” He said, shortening the nonexistent gap between your bodies.

“I fear nothing.” You deadpanned, meeting his eyes in challenge.

“If you-”

You cut him off by forcefully pulling his head down to yours and crashing your lips against his. For a minute it was sloppy and uncoordinated, anger and wounded pride compelling your movements. He responded just as fiercely, one arm looping around your waist and the other tangling in your hair. Teeth and tongue clashed, the taste of mint and alcohol swirling in your contact.

Slowly, so slowly, the kiss turned sweeter, his lips moving reverently and tongue exploring curiously. Your heart skipped a beat at the change of pace, a sweet sigh passing from your lips to his. His warmth burned through the layers of clothing separating your bodies, a need rising from deep within your core. You would’ve been content to stay like that forever if the woots and catcalls of Edward’s crew didn’t force you to jerk away from him, a hot blush creeping up your neck.

Hey, if you didn’t kiss him you would’ve punched him, and that wouldn’t have gone over with them very well. So, all and all, you’d gotten thoroughly kissed and you’d avoided an uprising.

“Back to work, you scoundrels!” Edward barked, a suggestive brow raised. His arms were still around you, your hands resting upon the limbs. In an awkward gesture, you fiddled with his sleeve, not quite meeting his eyes.

You’d kissed him. You’d really done it. The whole internal debate on whether to kiss him or to punch him finally seemed to come to a verdict.

“I expect I’ll see you in my quarters later.” He whispered lowly so only the two of you could hear. You scowled, quirking an eyebrow up at him.

Would it be so wrong to want to punch him also?

Brothers Best Friend

Pairing: Gavin x Reader

TW: Mentions of smut

WC: 1811

A/N This is so bad ohmygod. I’ve had such a bad writers block D:


You danced around the floor of the club, music pumping through your veins, and two hands on your waist grinding on you; not that you minded.

You’re visiting your brother for the weekend in Austin. And it just so happens your 24th birthday was on that very weekend.

So, your friends who live in the area decided to treat you to a night of clubbing; your brother had to work, so it was just you three.

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Last summer I spent some time at my grandparent’s home where I was able to capture their on-going love for one another through a lens. Unfortunately, misplaced clips turned into deleted clips and I was never able to fully finish the video. Aggravated that I would never have a complete video in which I could look back at when their bodies went to rest, I decided not to release it anywhere because it would only bring back the memory of a project I so badly wanted to finish. A year later, I finally put up with the unfortunate event and gave this video a new, better meaning. Things happen for a reason. And just like how this video doesn’t have a satisfactory ending, neither does their love for one another. Happy 58th Anniversary to my grandparents who continue to show me the true value of finding a lifetime companion. 

Look at that giant dorky face. Oh, yeah, and the Face of Boe is there too!

What a day I’ve had today - I finally got to see the DW Experience which was an absolute blast. I wandered around in costume and, while no one said a word about it, I did get some curious looks. XD Afterwards, I changed back to myself and met up with Gary Russel (who, for those who aren’t aware, is an acquaintance of mine who used to work as a script editor for the show when RTD was the show runner) - he was supposed to give me a small tour of Cardiff and point out places of interest, but the weather was pretty bad, so we decided to sit in a nice café, grab tea and just talk instead, which was great fun. And I got to hear some very interesting pieces of information about the show and some of the differences between the inner workings of RTD!Who and Moffat!Who.

Basically, today has just been a 100% awesome. 10/10, would recommend.

Have a bit from that Cop!AU featuring cop!Lafarga and informant!Caldina.

Lafarga had been waiting at this abandoned shelter in the countryside for quite some time, long enough that the cold was getting to be more than an inconvenience. He crossed his arms and pulled tighter on his trench coat. Just how long was this person planning on making him wait? They’d insisted on a remote location away from the city, of course. Given the information involved, he couldn’t blame them for not wanting to show their face at the police station. His backup was waiting in the heated car, the lucky bastard. Lafarga shivered again, cursing his own misfortune in the coin toss that decided who had to make contact. 

After checking his watch for the umpteenth time, he finally heard the telltale crunching of leaves signaling the approach of another. He looked back up to find himself locking eyes with a possibly pink-haired woman (it was difficult to judge in the dark) in a black leather coat and miniskirt with tights. She was strikingly gorgeous, enough to give Lafarga a moment’s pause, but he recovered quickly enough. He was a professional, after all. He took out his badge and held it out for her.

“Ah, Lafarga, is it?” She flashed a bright smile, “You can just call me C.“ 

"Let’s skip the pleasantries. You claimed to know something about the Cephiro incident." 

"What, not into foreplay? Shame.” She laughed at her own joke, and Lafarga was suddenly glad for the dim light to hide any blushing, “But yeah, I know something. I might just know a lot of somethings, you know?”

“You said before you wanted something in return.” He said, getting a hold of himself. 

“Well, sure. Sharing any of this could easily get me killed, like hell I’m doing it for free." 

"So what is it? Money?”

“Money’s always nice, but I got something else in mind today.” She continued, “You got a kid in holding, name’s Ascot, hasn’t been tried yet. If you can get him out, I’ll give you a few leads.”

“You wouldn’t have something against this kid, would you? I’d hate to bring him here just to find his body in a gutter somewhere later.” She laughed again.

“No way, sugar. He’s like a little brother to me. Somebody’s gotta look out for him, you know?” Her expression grew serious, “Clear him on all charges, keep him out of juvie, bring him here. That’s my price.”

“If you’re going through all this trouble, you must think he’s guilty.”

“I think he’ll be found guilty, and I think if it just so happens he is, the other bastard had it coming.” C smiled again. Her confidence was something to be admired. If she had any doubt of her eventual success, she didn’t show it. In another situation, Lafarga might be more inclined to let her get away with just about anything, but not where his job was concerned. He’d worked way too hard to allow his integrity to be compromised by a pretty face.


Heeeeere’s Big! Another excellent Who Dat episode that you all need to check out here

If you liked it, be sure to leave a thumbs up, subscribe, and spread the word! The show needs all the support it can get. Thank you! :)

Decided to include sketch ideas (which me and DiGi go back and forth with before the final decision), I really liked how they look, so hope you enjoy them too!

Imagine Poe Coming Back From A Mission Just In Time To See Your Child Be Born

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“I’m here! I’m here!” Poe rushed into the med bay still in full flight gear, where you were already on the table, looking in excruciating pain and with a look on your face that could kill.

“Oh, now you decide to finally show up!” you yelled angrily. “You’d think the guy who did this to me in the first place would place a little more importance on- AHHHH!” Poe rushed to our side, instantly taking your hand as another contraction hit.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I’m here now. You’re doing great. Keep going, you’re doing great,” he said encouragingly. He still smiled as your gripped his hand hard enough to nearly break it.

“When this is over,” you glared at him, “I swear to God, I’ll kill you and we are never doing this ag- GAHHHH!”

“I know, I know,” he said, but he was so proud of you and so happy, he couldn’t stop smiling, “but you’re doing so good. I’m here now. I’m gonna be right here, okay?”

You nodded, though didn’t recant your promise to rip his manhood out later…probably.

(For Anon)

Imagine: Being a part of the Supernatural Cast and you play a role as the Winchester’s sister. You answer questions from the audience during a panel with Jared and Jensen

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“Sorry, sorry, I’m late,” you walk out from behind the curtain. The audience ahead of you scream and cheer when they see you. A man from the side speed walks towards you with a microphone for you to take. You smile gratefully at him and take the empty seat next to Jared.

“Look who decided to finally show up,” Jensen presses his mic to his lips and looks at the audience with a knowing look as if he and Jared had already talked to the audience about you. “We were just talking about you.”

“I can see that,” you straighten out your long flowy black and white tank top. You turn to the audience, finally getting comfortable. “I would have been here on time, if I did see somebody’s child’s vomit on my outfit for today.” You cough, “Jared.” The crowd laughs. “So I had to find another one.”

“And if you havent noticed that takes a while,” Jared says to the crowd. He looks over and mouths, “Sorry.” You wave him off with a smile.

“Alright, who else has a question?” Jensen asks. “Yes, you.”

A girl in her late teens stands up. She has short brown hair and wears an oversized T-shirt with your three faces on it and Misha’s. You recognize it from the T-shirt’s being sold out in the lobby. She’s giddy and nervous, looking at her friends like ‘is this really happening?’ She finds her voice, “How would you compare your guys’ relationship in real life compared to the show?”

You and the boys look at each other, as if sending telepathic signals to each other on how to answer the question. Jared, who loves to answer the questions is the first one to speak up. “It’s really the same as much as it is different. I mean, we absolutely do not fight as much as the siblings do in the show. In reality there is more playful banter going on, but we care for each other just as much as our character do. We look out for each other, and I don’t know about them, but God forbid if I had to take a bullet for them, I would.”

“Aw,” You and Jensen coo teasingly.

The audience echos you and Jensen, but unlike you guys, they were completely serious, swooning at the answer they were looking for. The three of you smile at each other. Reactions like this from the crowd always makes you happy and excited.

“Are you guys the same with Y/N as you are in the show?” Another woman stood up out of nowhere and screamed her question.

You look at the guys with a smirk, intrigued with the question. They laugh to themselves. Jensen looks at the crowd seriously, almost glaring. “If any boy–real life or fictional–breaks her heart, you can bet your ass that this man,” he points to himself, “Will be all over that fucker.”

Your mouth drops open but with a hint of smile. The crowd erupts when Jensen curses like that. Jared is doubled over in laughter, clapping his hands and catching his breath.

“I’m serious,” Jensen says again.

“I baby sit Jared’s kids like twice a week. In my apartment, I have a bedroom that is basically theirs. Little Shep rides my dog like a horse. If that doesn’t explain how closer we are I don’t know what does.“

"Yeah go ahead,” Sam points to another girl

“This is for Jared and Jensen,” she said, “Do you guys approve of Theo James?”

They James is your current boyfriend. You have only come out to your fans and the media about three weeks ago. Yes there was a couple years on you two, but when you’re in your twenties, age doesn’t matter as much.

They boys chuckle with the question. Blush trickled to your cheeks.

“I like him a lot,” Jensen answers. “I trust him with her, you can hear her laugh from a mile away when they are together. I know she’s happy and that is all I really care about.”

“I agree. We first met him when he came to watch Y/N on set. He’s so easy to talk to and personable. And there were some moments when I thought I was actually talking to Y/N because they have the same mind-set in a few things.” Jared agrees.

Another girl stands from the crowd. Her face blushes when she meets your eyes. “Hi. I’m a huge huge fan. I wanted to know how you think Sam and Dean would react if their sister were to find out she was pregnant?”

The crowd woos. You chuckle. Normally the questions fans asked were based for Jared and Jensen. Very rarely were they all about you. You liked it though.

“I think Sam,” Jared begins. “I think Sam would be angry. But I think unlike Dean’s character, he would not blow up and begin yelling. He would want to calmly get the story and help her through it.” Sam smiles through a grimace. “As for Dean, I dont think he would be very kind about it.”

“I think Dean cares too much about his family. Another baby would only cause more harm to her. And it’s another thing for the demons and other monsters to get there hands on. Dean wouldn’t want to have (Your TV name) in that kind of stress level.” Jensen says.

“And then go in murder-zone on the baby-daddy.”

“Oh yeah that too,” Jensen shrugs like it was implied.

“I can always count on them,” You say with a smile. “I’m not too worried about getting my heartbroken cause I know that I will always have these two goons by my side with the help of Thomas Padalecki. You dont think that little boy can take a grown man down?” You shake your head. “You would be surprised.”

Jared laughs and smiles at the sound of his son’s name.

“Thank you,” She says.

Sebastian Stan Request

You should do a Sebastian Stan imagine where they meet on a movie set but something happens before filming (like the reader accidentally spilling coffee on him) and he’s kinda moody that day so they don’t really hit off, but later on they realise how much they have in common etc so at some point he asks the reader out.

AN: D/N= Director’s Name

You were so excited. After starring in TV show after TV show you had finally gotten casted in a big Hollywood movie. You had just arrived on set and decided to get used to the set. You were walking to get a look at your trailer when you accidently walked into a man that was turning and looked to be going somewhere in a hurry. Coffee was not trailing down the man’s jacket. “I am so sorry,” you began and looked up to face the man who’s coffee you had just destroyed. “You’re Sebastian-”

“Yes I am. I can’t really stop and talk especially with my new accessory,” he hinted to the coffee dripping from his jacket. He groaned a little then brushed you off and briskly walked away. “Hi Sebastian, sorry about the jacket; I’m your new costar Y/N. Nice to meet you,” you muttered to yourself a little bitter about what had just happened and the rudeness he had just shown.

You wrapped up your walk and went to meet with the director. “D/N,” you called out when you saw him. You shook his hand and looked at the confused Sebastian next to you. You notcied he had lost the jacket.

“Sebastian, this is Y/N. You’re costar and character’s love interest,” he informed Sebastian whose eyes grew large.

“Nice to meet you,” he extended his hand. You accepted it and then got swept in to what the first day on set would entail.

“I’ve got some stuff to double check so I’ll let you two get acquainted,” the director excused himself.

“So, I realized how much of a jackass I was earlier,” Sebastian said shyly.

“Don’t worry about it. I like coffee too so I get it.”

“It probably would have been worse if you had made me spill a chocolate milkshake though. Those are my favorite.”

“Mine too. Have you ever had a milkshake from that little shop near the PacSun downtown…I forget the name,” you cursed.



“Are you kidding? I love that place! Best shakes around.”

“Maybe we could there out tonight? Get to know each other a little more…sense we’re working together.”

“Sounds very professional. I’ll even buy to make up for the coffee I cost you this morning,” you smiled.

Dudes, Claire/Karen as a ship. I know they haven’t interacted. None of the women in this show have. But Karen and Claire becoming a thing after they decide romantic entanglement with heroes is not easy and they want an interesting life, but they also want a loved one who is there for them through the mundane things. And whose life looks like it will exceed ten more years.

Claire and Karen finally meet and both think the other is a superhero so they treat them like one until Karen reveals “no, I don’t have to be patched up. I’m just a reporter.” And Claire “oh thank god.” And Claire doesn’t really offer it but she doesn’t hate it when Karen comes by her clinic and needs to talk through her latest article. And Karen is the first to ask Claire on a date when she knows her schedule well enough to know when Claire’s free. And Claire gets that smile on her face and a look in her eye when she says yes.

And the vigilantes are still coming to see both of them, they need info or they need to get patched up, but some nights they both get one another to themselves and it’s calm and warm and tender and they can breathe around one another without being put on a pedastle.

I just realized how awesome Karen/Claire would be.