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A Good Influence

Ask: Could you do an imagine of what it’d be like to be Jason Todd’s gf and going to thanksgiving dinner at the Manor (Maybe it’s the first time meeting the batfam too?) Please! Congrats again love! @avengerdragoness

A/N: Wowow thank you for the request! It turned out longer then I thought it would but I think it turned out okay. If you have any requests please don’t be shy I need ideas! 

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fly me to the moon

fantasy + magician au 

pairing: taehyung | reader
genres: very cheesy fluff, like really fluffy 
word count: 4.977
warnings: none
author’s note: this was entirely self indulgent and I almost threw up from how sweet it was, but hey, it got me out of my writer’s block :’’’) it was super fun to write, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

It’s during nights like these that you love and hate magic all at the same time.

Long gone are the ghastly days of running and hiding, when abilities not considered normal were chased instead of celebrated. You are fortunate enough not to have lived through those dark times, but your family did, and their memories are vivid enough for a lifetime. Their past is a heavy reminder of an old battle that your kind won and lost at the same time, a thick scar that is healed but rough to the touch.

It is easy to harbor resentment towards non magic users, but it is also easy to forget a quarrel ever existed when you hold the hands of your customers and read their emotions out loud, receiving gasps of awe and admiration looks from young kids that squeeze your hands back as tightly as they can. All day and night people line up in front of your quaint tent within the Magic Circus, hoping to receive a dose of reality they cannot grasp themselves, because emotions are a tricky thing — they are fleeting and confusing and can transform into something entirely different in less than a second, like playing with the ripples of a fast paced river.

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Galaxy Garrison Theories

So I’ve been thinking about the Galaxy Garrison and these are just some thoughts I had:

- I feel like Keith most likely met Shiro before he enlisted in the GG (possibly because they could be related? But I’m not 100% sure about that) and he was most likely the person that influenced him to join in the first place (because he’d already been at the Garrison as a high ranked officer it seems and he probably also noticed Keith’s potential as a pilot)

(- Either that or Keith joined himself and met Shiro there)

- So while Keith was there, he was clearly at the top of his class and also excelled as a really good fighter pilot. All while in the process, probably causing some tension between him and Lance who most likely felt threatened by him and his skills. Keith and Shiro must have been associated at the Garrison because around this scene

Shiro had introduced himself to Lance, saying: “Lance, right?” That means he must have recognised Lance in some way. Most likely because Keith may have talked to Shiro about him (before he dropped out) 

(- If you think about it, who else would have told Shiro about Lance? The only person who has a connection with both Shiro and Lance is Keith, who had a past with him at the Garrison. Also, Shiro’s memory was pretty spotty when he woke up, but he did recognize Keith and Lance immediately. It’s either that or Lance introduced himself to Shiro before but it wasn’t included in the scene? Considering Shiro is Lance’s hero, it would make sense for him to do that. But the way Shiro went about introducing himself to him pretty much proves that they didn’t have a proper introduction before)

- I have a good feeling that Keith’s disciplinary issues that lead him to dropping out of the Garrison, occurred because of Shiro’s disappearance (also, almost everyone thought the pilots on the Kerberos mission were dead, so with Keith being so close to Shiro at the time, it would make sense if he acted up. Assuming that another person that he was close to had left him as well), because if you remember in this scene

Pidge had no idea who Keith was, because she joined after he left. She also joined after the Kerberos mission accident had happened, which is around the time he must have dropped out too.

- So after he dropped out, Keith claimed that he was really lost (most likely because he thought Shiro was dead and because he was alone again), so he might have completely immersed himself into trying to figure out the mystery of this strange energy that he was feeling and trying to connect the cave paintings together. That was most likely the only significant thing happening in his life at the moment. 

- Then he discovered that the paintings were talking about an arrival, and that’s when he came upon Shiro who had crash landed outside of the Garrison. That’s probably why he looked so shocked when he realized it was him, because he thought he was dead

- Keith feeling lost because of Shiro’s disappearance and dropping out of the Garrison was most likely why he didn’t remember Lance immediately when they first met each other again

- But if Keith acted up this much and became that unhinged (most likely) because of Shiro’s disappearance, what is it going to do to him now that he’s lost Shiro again??

- But anyways those are just a few things I was thinking about and was connecting together, hopefully in season three they give us more information into how Shiro and Keith met, and what happened at the Garrison

3 Billion Dollars [Part 9] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by s-tttop

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Angst? fluff?

Warning: None really

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21} {part 22}

A/N: Sorry this one is really short. Although the next one is gonna be intense. I hope you like it! My inbox is always open.

~ Brooklyn


Ji Yong woke up from the sunlight that shined into your room. It took him a minute to take in his surroundings, a lazy smile coming onto his face as he remembered what happened the night before. He looked down, confirming the events of the night. He smiled down at your sleeping figure. The light shined down on you at the perfect angle, lighting up your hair and giving your face an angelic look. Ji Yong draws light patterns on your skin with his thumb as he closed his eyes. He stayed with you, relaxing before he had to go back to work.

Ji Yong watches as you stirred in your sleep, slowly waking up from your dream. He smiled and brushed your hair back from his face. Slowly you woke up, your eyes opening. You look up at Ji Yong, who smiled down at you. You gave him a half-hearted smile, only to close your eyes and nuzzle your head against his chest until you got comfortable. He smiled, pulling you close to him again.

“I have to go to work princess,” Ji Yong said. You groaned but didn’t move. He laughed lightly and brushed his fingers through your hair, detangling it slowly as he brushed them through. You relaxed into him more, refusing to get up. He chuckled deeply, and you could feel his chest vibrate. “I don’t want to either, but I have to.”

“Don’t go,” you whined quietly. He smiled down at you. You leaned off of his chest and looked up at him. You guys stared into each other’s eyes for a minute. He continued to stroke your hair, lightly pushing back all small strands.

“I don’t want to princess,” Ji Yong said quietly. He pulled you closer, kissing your forehead lightly. He pushed you away from him enough for him to look at your face. He smiled softly, your eyes shining as you stared at him. He lightly pushed you away from him so he could get up. You followed his actions and sat up on the bed. You wrapped your arms around his waist, leaning your head against his back. He smiled and chuckled lightly. “I’ll be back tonight okay?”

“Promise?” You asked. You pulled away from your hug and looked him in the eyes. He smiled at you and nodded his head.

“I promise.” He got off of the bed and stood up. You watched him as he bent down and grabbed his shirt, putting it on. He smiled at you and petted Ai as he slept in the sunshine. He rubbed your arm and sat down on the bed next to you. “I don’t expect you to bounce back easily after seeing that. If you need anything from me, and I mean anything, time, a hug, anything let me know. Okay?”

“Okay Yongie,” you say. You smiled softly at him. He returned it with a smile of his own and pulled you into a tight hug that you leaned into. After pulling away he got up and headed towards the cream colored door. He smiled one last time at you before opening the door and leaving.

You sighed as you aimlessly petted Ai. The image of your dad still seemed to haunt you every time you closed your eyes. The fact that you were now without any family also seemed to repeat in your mind. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You opened your eyes and got up and headed for the shower, needing something to relax now that Ji Yong was gone.


Things had gotten better after talking to Ji Yong. You had felt a bit better in the house, feeling more protected and loved than you did before talking to him. You had grown to be more comfortable around the house. It was a blessing that you honestly deserved.

A few months had passed since the incident at your house. You had accepted a few things since then, but it took a lot of nightmares, Ji Yong’s cuddles, and a lot of ranting. Time really does heal the heart though, and as you continued to learn about how the mafia works, the more independent you became. You depended less on Seungri and Youngbae to lead you everywhere, although you still had guards thanks to Ji Yong’s. People began to give you better looks as you walked pass them. It was a good new change.

You had also developed a schedule in the past few months as well. You would wake up with Ji Yong next to you, holding you tightly against him. He’d leave with a small goodbye and you’d get ready for the day. You’d read or draw a little while eating breakfast, wanting to spend a little time for yourself before you got started.

After an hour later Seungri and Daesung would knock on your door and take you away for training. Seungri would work on your knife throwing, spending forty-five minutes on just throwing than another forty-five working on new stuff. Daesung helps you with hand to hand combat. He’d practice with you for thirty minutes then works on new stuff for an hour. It became your main stress reliever. The physical exhaustion becoming the best easiest way to sleep easily, other than Ji’s cuddles.

After your training though you’d go to lunch with Mr. Kwon. He’d ask you how everything was doing, how your training was going, and if you’re feeling comfortable. Mr. Kwon had started to become a private therapist to you. He listened as you talked to him about your family. Although he wasn’t fond of your dad, he did seem to care about you and your wellbeing. It was nice. He seemed to understand what you were going through. He understood the pain of losing family, and that one similarity had helped start a connection between the two of you.

The rest of the day would be just you in your room. If you were lucky one of the four boys would join you and you’d talk. It was relaxing at this point, a good time to bring your heart rate down after training. It was also the time where you would run errands if you needed too. When the kitchen was running low on food one of the boys would take you to the supermarket and help you pick out food. It was always one of your favorite times of day because somebody was always with you whenever you needed a friend.

Your all time favorite time though was right before you’d go to sleep. Ji Yong would slip into your room before you’d get in bed. He’d take off his shirt, and occasionally his pants, and he’d slip into bed with you. He’d hold you against his chest and you would talk about your day. He’d talk about the meetings and the crazy people he’d meet, and you’d talk about your time with the boys, making sure to avoid any mention of training. It was relaxing, especially when he’d run his hands through your hair as you’d talk. As you fall asleep he would kiss your forehead and fall asleep as well. When you’d wake up, you’d be right next to a sleep Ji Yong and you’re ready to start the day.

Although today was a little different. You woke up next to Ji Yong, like usual. You watch him leave with a smile, wishing him the best of luck today. And you got ready for your day, a quick morning shower to wash away any trace of sleep, brushing your teeth, and Ai’s mandatory petting that he demanded to have. It seemed to be a good morning. As you waited for Seungri and Daesung to go to training with you, you heard something. It wasn’t a usual something, but something that sounded off. It was a thumping sound, but it was a bit faded. Although it wasn’t something major, but you couldn’t help the feeling that something is wrong.

Ji Yong frowned as he heard something crash. It wasn’t the sound of glass breaking, but the sound of something hard hitting the ground. What alarmed him the most was the sound of gunshots that followed the noise. He looked at the oldest Seunghyun alarmed. Grabbing his gun, Ji Yong left his office and went towards the sound, Seunghyun following behind him. He frowned as his mind flashed to you. As Ji Yong went into the lobby he saw who caused the problem. In front of him stood Flynn, a gun in his hand and an array of dead bodies littered around the ground. Flynn smiled wickedly at Ji Yong.

“Looks like I finally got the Dragon out of its cave. Nice to finally see you face to face G Dragon.” Flynn talked so smoothly and effortlessly, it made Ji Yong frown.

“You better have a good reason to show up here,” Ji Yong said. He his anger easily, but he still planned how he was gonna slowly kill Flynn. Flynn smiled and then looked at Seunghyun.

“The infamous T.O.P, ruthless to those who oppose him and his family. Never thought I would get you out here.” Seungri came rushing into the lobby, Youngbae and Daesung following behind him. Flynn looked at the boys amused. Each of them had a weapon in their hands. “Looks like I really brought out the big boys.”

“What do you want?” Ji Yong said. Annoyance filling his voice. Flynn looked behind Ji Yong his smile softening as he saw a female figure in the distance. Ji Yong’s eyes widened as he heard your voice.

“Flynn oppa?”

Handle With Care

“What’s on your mind babe?” 

Richie’s voice burst through Eddie’s thoughts but he didn’t feel like replying yet, so he let the boy think he was still lost in thought. His chin rested on his shaky palm as his eyes welled up. He didn’t think it would bother him as much as it did but his stomach was twisting and turning in pain from the rush of awful anxiety that he had felt when he stared at the name tag on that shitty red vest. He blinked and tried to calm himself down. 

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Realm - Avengers X Reader

Part 2



Request: I have a request but it might be a stupid idea. In the middle of a mission the avengers witness a secluded gathering of people chanting around a huge fire and then there’s light and an explosion. People are gone but what’s there is a young woman. They were trying to bring out a demon but she stopped them. Turns out she’s a powerful witch from another realm that’s been sent to protect the earth from demons and the people trying to bring them out. Bucky x reader maybe. Or Loki x reader

Warnings: Enemy death. (I mean ??)

Words: 3 567

A/N: This was such a cool request! Thank you, Mr. Anonymous, for sending in this original idea. However… There is a slight problem… I didn’t find a way to believably make this into a Bucky X Reader or a Loki X Reader… Yet.

I wouldn’t mind making this into a multi-parter tbh to get the _______ X Reader in there! An entire series feels a bit too much as I’ve currently got Close Future, Home (kind of a possible series) and a third definite series that I’ll post later today!

Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

“I need some backup!” Clint called out over the intercom in distress. He ran and dropped down to the ground behind a burning car that had taken aflame from one of his exploding arrows. A group of soldiers were firing blindly at the ruined vehicle, machine gun bullets deafening as they ricocheted against the burnt metal.

“On my way.” Tony replied, turning around in the air towards where Clint’s tracker was marked out on the map in front of his eyes. He lowered his altitude before leveling out and hovering above the car Clint sought shelter behind. He raised his arm, firing a missile towards the barricade of soldiers that were attacking the marksman, killing them all in a split second.

“Thank you.” Clint said, saluting up to Tony before hurrying away to scour for more enemies.

They were in the dead prairies of northern Russia, a few hundred miles above Mongolia. A mere sixteen hours before, Tony’s satellite had picked up on a signal, one all too similar to the one the tesseract had made when opening the portal in New York, for the Avengers to simply ignore it. The signal traced back to Russia to where there was supposed to be nothing, but there had been a little bit more than nothing.

At the location of the signal there had been a military like base almost as large as a small town. In the center of it there was a an abnormally large pit of fire. Tony didn’t know what to think of it. There were hundreds of heavily armed men seeming to protect that fire alone, and he doubted that whatever the fire was for, it was something good.

“Is it just me, or is that fire starting to grow?” Steve asked, kicking a soldier in the chest as he could in the distance, over tents and makeshift shelters, see the sky turn brighter and brighter from the flames.

“And am I the only one who realizes how hot it is?” Sam questioned as no one had commented on it, circling around the fire at a bearable distance which was much further away than it should be. “I can barely be at the range where I’m at now.

Tony turned his head towards it, initiating a scan over how hot the fire really was. He watched the temperature rise on his display, continuing to do so even when it had reached the normal temperature of a fire.

“That’s not just fire.” He stated, his worry replacing itself with fear. He hovered in the air for a moment, his body frozen as he had no idea of what to do next. His eyes traveled down to where he saw Banner, or his alternative version, reeking havoc on the southern part of the camp. He watched Rhodes shoot every soldier in sight whilst still in the air. Everywhere around him people were fighting, and he couldn’t help but wonder if it was all in vain.

“There- There’s people… They’re standing around it?” Peter informed as he had climbed up one of the four guard towers in a corner of the camp and taken out the sniper that had nested in it. He looked into the distance and to where the fire had begun to rise higher into the sky. No doubt he could see a circle of at least a dozen people around it, moving their hands strangely. “I think they’re doing a ritual- sweet mother of god?!”

The fire suddenly bursted and became wilder, the flames changing from orange and yellow to unnaturally red. The snowstorm which was over them cleared out. The snowflakes melted into drops of water upon approaching the fire and vaporizing when getting even closer. Everyone on the team could feel it’s heat, no matter where in the camp they were. It was starting to become a bigger problem apart from whatever it’s true purpose could be. Everyone was starting to heat up in their suits despite the biting cold of the Russian night and it was hindering their ability to fight at full strength.

“We need to stop this thing, whatever it is.” Steve threw his shied at yet another soldier, hearing T'Challa fight behind him and seeing Bucky ahead. His skin was glistening with sweat and the same applied for almost everyone. Even Thor was struggling. He threw his hammer left and right tiredly as he was closer to the fire than most of the others were able to. Vision was even finding it hard to approach the flames which said a lot about how serious the situation was.

“I can’t control it.” Wanda said, who had been silent for quite some time. She had tried her hardest to take hold of the flames with her powers but she had been unable to. She had tried again and again in frustration but she had given up at last. Her eyes were widely staring at the fire which would be the death of the team if it continued to grow in size and they remained in place.

“Vision? What’s your status?” Tony asked for an update, flying down to the ground to aid Natasha and Scott who had encountered an entire troop of soldiers.

The intercom was silent, everyone listening intensely for Vision’s answer which never came.

“Vis?” Wanda pushed, looking up into the sky a few blocks of tents away. He was hovering in the air, cape flowing behind him, eyes fixated at the fire.

“I don’t know.” He admitted. He knew so much, was created and based of pure information about everything in between heaven and hell, but when he looked into the heart of the crimson red fire, his mind became blank. He did not understand what it was nor could he do anything to prevent it. Whenever he got close, he could feel it burn him, ethereal form or not.

Everyone followed Wanda and looked up towards the humanoid. If he didn’t know what to do, they were all doomed. He was practically the physical interpretation of knowledge itself. He should know of a way to stop the blazing fire, or the very least he should be able to approach it, but he could do neither.

“What do we do?” Bucky turned back to Steve, feeling his metal arm become scorching hot at his side. “I can’t stay here for much longer… I don’t think any of us can.”

Steve knew it was true. Every cell in his body wanted to run from the fire and seek out the cold and showy air outside of the camp. His lungs burnt with every, heavy breath he took, and he knew he was one of the more durable ones on the team. He could only begin to imagine the agony the rest were going through.

“We need to fall back… I repeat, everyone. Fall back-”

There came a rippling sound from within the clouds above, the sound alone shaking the earth enough for everyone ground bound to loose their footing and fall. The poorly built watchtowers began to crumble and Peter fell down helplessly. The alarm of any untouched cars began to siren across the camp as all of their windows shattered by the sheer force that came with the wave of sound.

A blue light suddenly began to form in the sky, growing rapidly in size and becoming brighter and brighter before it crashed down into the heart of the camp like a sphere of pure power. It was enough to knock Rhodes out of the sky as he was still airborne and Vision was pushed down as well, shielding himself from the unexplainable light. He came down to the ground and forced his fingers through the dry earth to remain put.

The bolt crashed into the fire and the second the two phenomenons collided, the blinding light and unimaginable heat vanished. The sky became dark. Only the light of fire created by the fight that had occurred illuminated the dead silent camp, the wind from the storm beginning to sweep across the flat land.

They could all breathe again. Bucky pulled in a harsh breath in panic as he had been lacking oxygen for twenty minutes straight, looking over at Steve and T'Challa who made the slightest movement to confirm him they were alive. Natasha, Tony and Scott slowly came to their senses. Sam flew out to the fallen guard tower where he had seen Peter fall. He found the teen on top of a caved in tent, heaving himself up from the ground and limping painfully. Bruce woke up, looking down at his bare body and hurrying to the nearest tents in search of clothes, Clint waiting for him as he had ran into the doctor. Wanda, who kept an eye over Vision, levitated down to the ground from one of the main structures she had been stood upon.

“Is everyone okay?” Steve called out as he heaved himself up from the ground, a smudge of blood starting at his brow from when he had fallen do the ground.

Romanoff, Lang and I are alive. A broken bone, some cuts and bruises, but still alive.” Tony reported in over their communication system, letting the helm of his suit retreat into the neck of the armor to allow him to feel the air around him.

I’ve got Bruce.” Clint informed which made everyone stop for a second to realize that the force from whatever had happened had caused Banner to revert to his human form. They had never seen or even heard of something being able to do that without Bruce being semi aware of what was happening. The blast had knocked the Hulk back effortlessly, raising questions in everyone but even more so when it came to Bruce himself.

And I’ve got Peter. I have Rhodes heading towards me here too.” Sam helped Peter up, seeing Rhodes approach in his damaged War Machine armor.

“Alright. Everyone to the center, now.” Steve ordered. Everyone helped those who needed it. Sam wrapped Peter’s arm around his neck to ease the weight off of his sprained ankle. Tony lended the sleeve of his suit to Scott who had clearly fractured his arm, using the piece of armor as a temporary cast.

Steve made sure that Bucky and T'Challa followed behind him as he began to head for where the fire had been. He walked around tents, over dead bodies, his steps clinking with the hundreds of bullets that were sprawled out. Even under the distracting circumstances he shuddered at the resemblance the Russian camp had with the war that Steve had once fought in, Bucky by his side not really easing his feeling of deja vu.

Black smoke dwelled from the pit where the fire had burnt, sweeping west along with the wind. Steve came up to the site and further down the clearing in the middle of the camp he saw Sam along with Peter and Rhodes. Vision and Wanda came down to the ground just as Clint and a fully dressed Bruce joined.

“I’m picking up a heat signal.” Tony aimed his hand towards the pit where smoke hid whatever was left in it, coming up to the site with Natasha and Scott, Thor landing with a loud thud as he flew in with Mjolnir and completed the team.

Everyone who had a projectile weapon aimed for the ash covered crater. Steve held his shield before him, silently praying that the fire had not fulfilled its purpose, no matter what that had been.

The smoke began to swirl unnaturally, pulling in towards the middle of the pit with a faint, yellow, glow illuminating the area. In the midst of the thick smoke, a human form appeared. A woman. She was holding her glowing hands out at either side of her, sucking the smoke up into her palms where it then vanished. Her eyes shone even brighter than her hands, easily seen even with the smoke whirling around her.

She wore strange clothing. She was dressed in a tight, black, suit with blue detailing. A wide and hooded mantel hung over her head and was swept loosely around her neck and down over her shoulders. Her arms were shielded with platinum bracers with unique carvings far from anything the team had ever seen before.

As the smoke cleared, her hands faded completely and her eyes settled for a glowing white color, more subtle in intensity than they had just been. She looked around her calmly at the worlds mightiest heroes that she had just saved.

“Who are you?” Steve called out, tightening his grip of the shield and staring at the woman, whose irises were not only glowing, but the whites of her eyes were pitch black and sent an unnerving shiver down the Captain’s back.

“As my mortal form…” She began, removing her hood as her body began to glow yellow again. Everyone squinted for the short moment that the lights reappeared. As the light settled and they looked back at the woman, she was just an ordinary girl dressed in ordinary clothing. “My name is Y/N.”

“Your mortal form?” Tony questioned, hand still aiming for the girl with his missile locked on her head. If she was to do something drastic, he would not even blink when he fired.

“I am of, what you would call, extraterrestrial origin… I was born in a galactic realm where beings were trained to defend the universe and all of its life.” She explained like it would make any sense to the team of superheroes before her.

“I have a headache…” Clint groaned, not at all keeping up with what Y/N was talking about.

“The fire… What was it?” T'Challa demanded an answer, much more interested in the presence than her backstory. He had little belief in outsiders of any kind, even more so when they came from other worlds, and he did not care who she was.

“The summoning of a demonic force that would have devoured this world and brought it out of existence… At least the beginning of one. I managed to stop it just in time.” She looked around her, noticing how their weapons slowly faltered the more she explained of who she was and what she was doing. “I am truly sorry for any injuries that my arrival caused.”

“That was you arriving?” Scott exclaimed, clutching his armored forearm, once again showing he had little of a filter when it came to situations where he might have needed it. “Lord knows I don’t want to get on her bad side…”

She chuckled, showing a sense of humanity to her. “I am not a threat, no matter whether you’re on my bad side or not, Scott.”

“You know our names?” Tony questioned, being the last one out of them to lower his weapon which also was his arm.

“Yes. I may be from out of this world but I wasn’t born yesterday, Tony. You’ve done an incredible job protecting this planet… That may have meant that you stole a job for me or two, but I’m impressed nevertheless. Well done.”

“She’s telling the truth.” Wanda said out of nowhere, drawing everyone’s attention to her. She had been looking inside Y/N head since the second the smoke had cleared out. Every single word that woman had said had been true. She wanted to tell everyone to lower their weapons immediately, but she felt that it was too much to ask them to remove their only defense against the essential alien standing before them. “She’s no threat. She values loyalty too much to betray us and would never as much as imagine hurting us, or anyone else for that matter…”

Everyone looked in between each other, taking in the situation which was a rather odd one. Not only was Y/N a complete stranger with abilities none of them could fathom, but Wanda had vouched for her. If anything or anyone could determine whether Y/N was trustworthy or not, it was Wanda.

“I know that trust is not freely given on earth, and maybe that’s not so strange, but I still promise you that I’m in no way your enemy here.” Y/N did a full circle to look at everyone before she suddenly clutched her hands together and held them out in the air before releasing them, the veins under the skin in her arms and hands as well as her eyes shining purple for a short moment. Everyone looked in confusion at her, wondering what she had just done as they knew extremely little to nothing about her powers.

“M-my ankle?” Peter stuttered, letting go of Sam and putting his weight onto both of his legs, attempting to jump a few times and realizing it worked perfectly. “It’s fine?”

“Nooo way…” Scott gasped across the crater which they were still circling, pulling off Tony’s gauntlet and twisting his arm back and forth.

She was happy to have aided their injuries which, in the end, had been caused by her as well. “Protecting the universe does not only mean that I defend it from threats.”

“You heal people? Just like that?” Rhodes raised a brow. “Because I might have lost a leg some time ago.”

She smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry. I can not regenerate entire limbs.”

“Don’t apologize.” Steve rolled his eyes at the team that was slowly but surely starting to fall out of control and becoming more unprofessional as time went on.

“What else can you do?” Peter dared to ask, feeling healthier than ever thanks to her.

“It’s difficult to explain.” She confessed. “I see of my abilities as a pen. Its purpose is to draw but it can draw an endless amount of things… The purpose of the blue spell you saw before is to attack, but I can attack in hundreds of different ways. The purple spell you saw is for healing, the yellow for alternating reality, and that is truly a field where the possibilities are endless.”

“You can alter reality itself?” Clint questioned, pausing slightly in between each word as he tried to realize the meaning of what that meant.

“How I look now, how I looked before I changed my clothing, is an alteration to my own appearance. I find it much easier to coexist with humans on earth like this… And I can also move objects to wherever I see fit. I think you would describe those two things as telekinetic powers and the ability to teleport.”

“Okay, that’s it.” Clint gave up, throwing his hands up in the air and slowly sauntering away. “I need an aspirin - no - actually I need about five. We’re also in the middle of Siberia if you haven’t noticed and we don’t have a demonic bonfire to keep us warm anymore, so chop chop, my fellow Avengers.”

Everyone stared wide eyed as Clint began to stumble away from the pit through the ruins of the camp, all of them legitimately wondering if he might have hit his head during the turmoil of Y/N’s arrival.

“Y/N? If you’re not busy delivering a bunch of K.O.’s to demons and saving planets from giants lasers, or whatever they need saving from, I would love a quick zap back home instead of sitting on a overly crowded jet for the next fourteen hours!” Clint continued even as he was so far away that he had to shout back to make himself heard.

Y/N opened her mouth as to speak but didn’t know what to say. She looked to the others for some sort of tell in what their thoughts were of the situation. Unfortunately, they were just as clueless as she was.

“I’m going to speak for the rest of the team right now, but I think you’re more than welcome to travel back to New York with us.” Steve spoke up, keeping Wanda’s words from earlier in mind about how the witch from a different realm was no threat at all and how everything Y/N had said was true. He tried not to think to literally what witch truly meant or other realm too for that matter. If he did, he doubtlessly would have to follow Clint’s advice with a handful of aspirins.

Y/N smiled, bowing her head down as a sign of gratitude. “And I’d be happy to quicken that journey, if you’d allow me.”



Fandom: IT
Characters: Henry, Patrick, others mentioned
Relationship: Henry/reader
Request: I just read your Patrick x reader one and I LOVED IT.
Could you write some the same but for henry? Could you also include more time with the others as well? Like maybe they don’t mind the reader and find her funny.
You sat in your science class in silence.
It was exam time and you had all be forced to rearrange seating so people who were friends couldn’t try and copy of each other. Not that it really stopped some.
You were sat next to Henry Bowers, someone who you didn’t like but didn’t hate. At least, that’s what you told yourself. Of all the boys in your school, you had to develop a crush on him. He was the head of small ‘gang’ with a couple of kids from your school. But you sat in a sort of purgatory on their list.
You were popular or unpopular. You didn’t have a lot of friends but you didn’t have a lot of enemy’s. You didn’t do anything to help them but you didn’t do anything to annoy them. You were just ‘there’.
You felt a nudge on your elbow and glanced to the side, seeing Henry staring at you.
“Let me copy?” He half asked, half demanded.
you furrowed your brow and glanced at the teacher who was staring mindlessly out the window.
In your mind, you weighed the options. On the one hand, if you didn’t let him copy you, he would probably put you on his ‘first to kill’ list which grew longer every day. But on the other, he wouldn’t be BFFs with you but would owe you one. So you would really just stay were you were in his books. You reached out and took your calculator, discreetly sliding it along to Henry, who took it and looked it over, confused.
You then leaned back in your chair, stretching your arm over your head.
The teacher noticed and scurried over to you. You could feel Henrys eyes on you as they bore into the side of your skull, thinking you were going to tell.
“Sorry miss, but Ive left my calculator in my locker.” You whispered to her, making your voice almost sickly sweet. The teacher raised an eyebrow at you. “Can you go get it for me? Unless you want me to go or share with someone.” You looked around innocently glancing around, your eyes finding the calculator in Henrys hand. You saw Henrys eyes light up when he realised what you were doing. The teacher, who obviously was thinking if you shared, you would cheat and if you went to your locker, you could search the answer.
“Right.” She shoved her hand out and you buried your hand in your jacket pocket, pulling out your locker key and placing the key in her palm.
She went over and wedged the door open, gave the class a scowl and left.
“Quick.” You order, shoving your paper to Henry, who instantly started to copy word for word. You shoved his shoulder.
“What?!” He snapped as he scribbled furiously. Thankfully, a couple of people were whispering to each other.
“Who in the hell taught you to cheat. Don’t copy exactly what ive put or they’ll know and we’ll both get held back. Make some mistakes and scribble them out. Make spelling mistakes. I know I haven’t spelt “saprophyte” wrong so you cant spell it the exact same way! Word things slightly differently.” You scolded him, seeing his eyes widen. You thought he would go berserk at you, exam or no exam, but then it faded and he nodded slightly and got back to work, changing things.
You heard the clicking of the teachers heels and nudged him again. He nodded, understanding why you did it and slid back slightly just as the teacher walked back in.
She came over and placed the key and spare calculator you kept in your locker on your table. You were thankful that you had a space.
She returned to her seat and continued to stare out the window.
The next hour or so, you would sit back in your chair and mess about with the calculator so Henry could copy down your answers. When you saw he was finished, you let him go up and hand in his paper first. He came back, shoving his things into his bag along with your calculator and left.
You waited 5 minutes before going to hand in your test.
With that, you left.
You walked out the school, your bag slung over one shoulder. You weren’t paying attention to much when you heard your name being shouted from the right. You glanced up to see Henry sitting in his car with the roof down. In the passenger side was Reginald “Belch” Huggins (a rather chubby boy for someone who bullied fat kids) and in the back was Patrick hockstetter and Victor “Vic” Criss (who had bleached blonde hair).
You raised your eyebrows as you approached the car cautiously.
“Thanks for that.” Henry said before throwing something at you. Well, not throw, more tossed.
You caught it and saw it was your calculator.
“No problem. Just warn me next time and not in the middle of the exam.” You smile as you let your bag fall down your arm, catching it on your elbow and unzipped it. You shoved the calculator inside and zipped it up.
“You have a lot of experience cheating?” Vic called to you. you look up at him, raising an eyebrow.
“Not really. But I wasn’t born yesterday.” You shrug, wondering why they had suddenly taken such an interest in you.
“Where you going?” Henry was next to question you.
“The little store.” You nodded down the road that lead to the store.
“What a coincidence. That’s where we’re going.” Patrick leaned forward and playfully shoved Henrys shoulder, earning a scowl from the driver.
“We’ll give you a lift.” Henry nodded to the passenger seat. You looked at Belch, who frowned before both Patrick and Vic grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him backwards.
You glanced around as he moved into the back of the car. There was at least 10 people looking over at you. if you got in the car with them and something went wrong, people would say you had been with them. And if you refused, you might fall into their bad books.
Plus, it was a bit of excitement.
You walked around the car and opened the door, elegantly climbing in.
“well, well, gents. This is the first time we’ve had a lady in the car.” Vic, who was now sitting in the middle of the three, leaned forward, his hands resting on the backs of the seats.
“Well, if you mind your ‘P’s and ‘Q’s, you might be a lady someday, too.” You suddenly said, your voice dripping with sarcasm and the remark coming out before you could think. You were so used to people not really paying attention to you that you were able to say things without them knowing. You bite down hard on your inner cheek, wondering if you had just condemned yourself. That was until Henry, Patrick and Blech started laughing their heads off.
“She got you!” Patrick said, slapping the back of Vics head as he sat back. You glanced back and could see he wasn’t mad. Which made you relax.
you placed your bag on the floor as the car sped off.
Henry turned on the radio, blasting it loud as he drove. The wind hit your face and made the lose strands of your hair fly out behind you.
It was rather nice, even though you were very much on edge.
The boys joked about, shoving each other in the back seat.
But, soon enough, you were at the small store. Henry pulled up outside.
You jumped out, swinging your bag over your shoulder.
“Thanks for the ride.” You smiled.
————time skip —————
Since that day, you seemed to have developed a sort of friendship with most of the boys. You didn’t go out of your way to find them, but they seemed to find you. Especially Henry.
He seemed to enjoy your company. And, even though he was in manys eyes absolutely insane, you couldn’t stop your attraction to him. Even more so when he spent so much time with you.
Henry acted as a sort of barrier between you and most others. You noticed that people seemed to notice when you walked by, something you found strange. You didn’t mind, just so long as you didn’t get too much attention.
The guys seemed to enjoy your dry humour and sarcastic remarks. You made them laugh every time you were around them and they had even started using some of your lines.
At first, you thought maybe it was an act, but as the weeks turned to months, you knew none of them were this dedicated to an act.
Plus, you were a distraction. If you noticed any kid who was on the gangs bad side, you would go out of your way to distract them. This earned you a little more friendship and kindness in classes that weren’t with the guys.
It was raining hard today. You had been visiting family out of town overnight. Of course, the guys knew about this because henry had dropped you off at the bus stop after school yesterday. He had also asked when you would be coming back and you told him it was only one night and you’d be back by 2pm. It was a Saturday so there was no school.
You walked with your head down and hood up, resenting every drop of rain that hit your head.
“[y/n]!” Henrys voice filled your ears and you looked up. You were walking past the woods and saw Henry standing between some trees, drenched to the bone from his dirty blonde hair to his shoes. He waved at you and signalled for you to come over.
“What they hell are you doing out in this weather?” You asked, running over to him. He smiled down at you.
“We found a cave.” he said as he grabbed your forearm and started to drag you into the woods before you could protest. The two of you only walked for a minute before you came to the side of a cliff. You heard the guys before you saw them.
Sure enough, there was a cave and Henry pulled you inside. They all sat around what looked like a poor attempt at starting a fire. Henry shook his head, the water flying out his hair and hitting the guys, who cursed him out.
“hey, [y/n], where yah been?” Beltch asked, looking up at you. “Henrys been pulling his hair out.” Belch smirked at Henry who scowled back, looking ready to punch him so you knew you had to say something quickly.
“Just visiting some family.” You smiled, dropping your bag to the floor.
This seemed to move the attention along as Belch started to try light a fire with two wet rocks and Patrick offered the flame of his lighter but it didn’t do much. You frowned.
“Who taught you how to light a fire?” You asked, earning a chuckle from the group. This had become a sort of signature for you. If you saw them doing something stupid or wrong, you would ask who taught them to do it.
“You think you can do better?” Belch challenged you, gesturing to the pile of leaves and sticks.
“Anyone got an aerosol?” You asked, and Vic said he did. He reached into his bag and pulled out a can of hair spray and tossed it to you. you reached out to Patrick who instantly caught on and chucked you his lighter.
“Stand back.” You warned as you shook the can. The boys backed away slightly, knowing you meant what you said.
You held the can behind the lighter (which was at arms length). You then flicked the lighter open so the flame came on. Aiming for the fire, you pressed down on the can, releasing the spray.
The second it hit the flame, it became a fire stream that lit the leaves and sticks and that made the guys jump and then go crazy over.
You stopped after a second and tossed the can back to Vic whos mouth was wide open, placing the lighter down beside Patrick. Belch let out an inhuman sound of excitement and Patrick was clapping and looking very impressed. You glanced to Henry who was smiling widely at you.
For a while the five of you sat in the cave, chatting, laughing and enjoying each others company. Belch was the first to leave, soon followed by Vic. Patrick stayed a little longer but he soon took off. That left the two of you. You and Henry were sat towards the back of the cave, side by side. You had taken your thick coat off long ago and laid it across your lap for warmth. You glanced at Henry and noticed he was shaking. His knees were drawn up to his chest and his hung loosely over them.
Sitting up slightly, you moved closer to him and moved your coat to cover him as well. Your arms were against his and you could feel how cold his skin really was. He was going to die of hyperthermia if he didn’t warm up. You reached to your bag and pulled it closer, opening it. After a moment of shuffling around, you found a thin blanket you had taken with you. pulling it out, you moved your coat off his lap, much to his utter confusion before covering you both back up with the blanket.
“You should have brought a jacket.” You mumbled, getting a shrug of the shoulders from him. Thinking back, a part of you doubted if Henry even owned a proper coat. You had heard from others in the group of his father and it was safe to say you despised him.
You let your head loll to the side, resting it against Henrys shoulder. It soon began to warm up under the covers and your eyelids began to get heavy.
You nodded off, cuddling into Henry as you did.
When you woke up, you were still in the cave with him. You could tell from the fading light you must have been asleep for a while, but Henry hadn’t moved an inch. He was staring at the fire. You could feel he was warm to the touch, which hopefully meant he would not get ill.
You didn’t let him you know you were awake just yet.
It felt so nice and natural to sit like this with him and, despite his persona at school, he was different when you were alone with him. The rain had subsided a little but not much since you drifted off and the fire was a little smaller than before but you wanted to stay in this moment forever. But you knew you couldn’t.
“sorry.” You mumbled as you sat up, making Henry jump slightly. You giggled as you stretched. “You should have woke me.”
All Henry did was shrug, looking from you to the fire.
He was thinking, hard. You could see it in his eyes.
“I…I should get going.” You went to stand up, thinking that he maybe wanted to be alone. That was, until, a hand grabbed your wrist, pulling you back down.
“Stay. Just for a little.” Henry said, his voice sounding rougher than normal. You smiled at him before retaking your seat beside him. He was still staring at the fire, his brow pulled into a frown.
You reached out, gently touching your palm to his cheek. He flinched at the action and it made your heart ache for him, but you gently tried again, noticing how this time he didn’t flinch. You moved his face around to face you.
“Henry, is everything okay?” You asked, your thumb rubbing his cheek a little, trying to calm him down.
You could feel his jaw tensing as he gritted his teeth, let out a deep breath.
His eyes bore into yours, searching for something but you didn’t know what.
“Henry?” You breathed, tilting your head to the side, trying to figure out what he was thinking so hard about.
But this seemed to break him.
He moved forward quickly, slamming his lips against yours. You were surprised by this sudden display of affection from him, especially toward you. But as your mind lulled you into a calmness, you realised you were the only one he was every even slightly affectionate to.
He never asked the guys if they were okay, but he would if he saw dark circles under your eyes after a bad night sleep. He wouldn’t ask the guys if they were hungry and wanted to go for food, he would just order if he wanted but he also asked you. He never sat as close to the guys as he did with you. Never went out of his way to make the guys feel safe.
And he would never have let the guys fall asleep on him. Not only that, but stay till they woke up. And then ask them to stay.
your mind races but then fell silent and your body took over.
You shyly started to kiss him back, keeping your hand on his cheek and placing the other on his chest, feeling his heart beating fast within his chest.
He stiffened at the contact, but the relaxed, his hands reaching out to find your waist and wrapping his arms around it. You were pulled against him, feeling his slightly shaking hands placed flat on your back.
All you could hear was the gentle sound of the rain from outside the cave and the small howl of the wind. Coupling that with such a sweet and passionate kiss made you fall in love with the situation.
You pulled back first, panting slightly as your eyes fluttered open to meet his. You were surprised to see a hint of fear behind them as he searched your eyes for any sign of hatred toward him.
But then he watched as your mouth moved into a beautiful smile and your cheek glow red.
His heart stopped in his chest as he couldn’t help but return the smile. But his heart soon got a jump start when you leaned back in for another kiss, one which Henry was all too happy to oblige to.
You weren’t sure why you allowed yourself to fall for him, or even when. But as your lips tingled, cheeks heat up, heart stop and mind race, you didn’t care.
That was until you heard a voice fill the cave.
“Did I leave my lighter here….” Patrick came into the cave, his hair having been covering his eyes thanks to the rain, he hadn’t seen you and Henry until he was inside the cave. You jumped back from Henry, huddling your legs up to your chest as you felt your cheek light up on fire. But Patricks surprised look turned to a smile.
“Nice. Hes been mad for you, you know…” Patrick then made a wanking gesture, shaking his hand.
Henry reached to the side and grabbed a stone, hurtling it at Patrick. You were sure it might have given him a concussion if it hadn’t have just missed him.
Patrick ducked to the side, laughing as he ducked down and picked the lighter off the floor, throwing it up and down as he turned, about to go back out into the rain. But he paused and turned around.
“Can I join in?” He asked, looking genuine until his face broke into menacing smile.
Henry scrambled out from under the covers, bolting for his old friend. Patrick turned and ran out the cave and, if it hadn’t have been raining, you were sure Henry would have went out after him. But he stopped when he came to the mouth of the cave, panting hard. He wouldn’t turn to look at you and you knew you had to make the first move.
You moved out from under the covers, stood up and walked over to him. You wrapped your arms around his right arm, intertwining your fingers with his.
You could see he was really angry about what Patrick had said and, although you knew you shouldn’t, you found it funny.
you couldn’t help but giggle, moving your head down to place your forehead on his shoulder, trying to hide your smile from him. You felt him turn his head towards you and you glanced up, biting your lower lip to try hid your laughter. But when you’re eyes met his, you saw his soften and his body relax. Any anger for Patrick seemed to have seeped away when he looked at you. But you saw his cheeks were tingled with red, meaning the words Patrick had said at the start hadn’t been a lie.
“You really want me?” You ask. You didn’t really want to use the word ‘want’, but you thought ‘like’ or ‘love’ would be too sappy for him.
Henry nodded, turning on the spot. You dropped your hands from his as his own hand rested on your hips. You couldn’t help but giggle, placing your hands on his chest, running one hand up and around to the back of his neck.
“I feel the same.” You mumbled, stepping closer so you were pressed against him.
henry smirked before dipping down, kissing you again.
This kiss was more relaxed and not a tense. You let out a quiet moan against his lips, feeling him tense then pull your closer, if that were possible.
You pulled back, turning to glance out the cave.
“You know, it doesn’t look like its going to lighten up any time soon.” You nodded to the sky, referring to the rain. Henry stared at you blankly for a moment before you saw the realisation dawn in his eyes.
“Yeah, looks like we’ll just have to stay here a little long.” He chuckles, pulling you back into the cave. You were so thankful for the storm.

new family member

request: yes

plot/request:  Heyy. Please can I request an imagine where you meet Tim for the first time and he takes an instant liking to you, Bruce’s daughter :) I love your writing so much ❤ - @exodarkwolf16

word count: 542

warning(s): one curse word.

A/n: kinda garbage. thank you! you’re very sweet! <3<3

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Moving Forward Chapter 2

Prompt: Reader gets pregnant by the sourwolf but he leaves before she could tell him, time skip the kid is 3 and the pack is the readers main support.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader, Pack x Reader

Word Count: 1,103

Warnings: mentions of panic attacks? kinda.

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The Director’s Daughter (Fin x reader)

Anonymous said: can you write a Finlay x reader, where the reader is a cinematographer for MPHFPC and best friends with Asa? Maybe he begins to fall for her on set, or they’re dating and one gets jealous of the other?

Anonymous said to: hey there! can i request a fin imagine where the reader is tim burtons daughter and she meets fin on set of miss peregrines? thanks hun 

I borrowed a few things from each of these prompts as I thought that they may be able to mash well together to form one great thing. I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoy the imagine! x

Originally posted by xsecretsfrostx

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Come Back To Me

Imagine being Bruce’s wife and mother figure to the boys. When Damian dies it shatters you. 

Relationship: Family

Character: BatBoys

Warning: Death

Gifs: Found on Google.

A/N: I was fighting tears as I wrote this.

“Damian.” Your soft voice called to the boy who stopped and turned to look at you. You walked over to him and pulled him into a hug.
“Please come back safe.” Damian wrapped his arms around your waist and nodded.
“I will mother.” With that, Damian ran off, as tears ran down your cheek. Your husband Bruce and the boys you adopted as your sons were out there fighting for their lives. Bruce had order Damian to stay in the cave but he couldn’t not when the others were out there fighting. He was too much like Bruce, you sighed and made your way to the big chair in front of the computers. Now all you could do was hope and pray that your boys would come home to you.

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S: “- I’ve seen you two before… at the bar, with Caleb?”
K: “- Welcome home, Blondie”
M: “- Yeah, we are… ehum, friends and you need to come with us”
S: “- Eeh, I don’t think so! Caleb would have called me about that. You need to get the hell out of here before I call the police!”
K: “- Zip it, Blondie!”
M: “- Don’t hurt her, Vlad wants her untouched!”
K: “- Mm, but she smells so good!”
M: “- Stop playing, Kat, knock her out.”
Brandy: “- Look who came to visit! What’s up, Missy? Who’s the new girl”
Missy: “- That, Brandy; is your food… I mean, I don’t see any plasma fruit growing in here, do you?” …. “- Oh, and she also happens to be Caleb’s new sweetheart. Let’s see how long your friendship will last after you had his girlfriend for dinner…”
Brandy: “- Jealousy is an ugly bitch, and so are you, Missy…”

Someone to take my place (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Originally posted by kcismyreligion

(Based on: Somebody Else - The 1975)

Warning: swearing

“Y\N,” You hear someone speak from behind you and you turn around to see your long time best friend Jasper, “Ready to leave?”

“Who’s coming with us?” You question him, seeing Clarke, Raven and Finn approaching you from behind Jasper, who looks down awkwardly at your question, “Jasper?” You ask in a warning tone.

“I didn’t invite him, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Jasper replies and you exhaled in relief. It seems like everyone in the whole camp knew about you and Bellamy fighting, “He invited himself.” 

“What?” You exclaim, feeling sick to your stomach at the thought of going on a two hunting trip with your ex-something. He wasn’t even your boyfriend, commitment wasn’t Bellamys strong point. 

“Just smile and act happy.” Jasper grins as an example as he places his hands on your shoulders comfortingly. 

“This is going to be a long trip.” You sigh unhappily as Finn and Clarke join you and Jasper, “Hey guys.” You greet them and they nod at you. Clarke begins talking about what she has in her backpack to help the group catch everything they need to feed the hungry mouths of the 100.

“Hey, Y\N, did you hear the bad news?” Finn asks cheekily, raising his eyebrows and you roll your eyes with a groan, “He’s coming.”

“Don’t remind me.” You shake your head, “He’s going to make it hell for me.” 

“Who is?” You hear the familiar voice of his right behind you. The same voice that once used to tell you he loved you, but now only barks orders at you during the day.

You don’t even turn around to look at Bellamy, “Talk about the devil and he shall appear.” you sigh in annoyance before walking away and Finn follows you.

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I Miss You || Sam Drake x Reader ||

characters: Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted. 

Request: Yes! Thank you, this one was similar to the other one but I decided to do them separately [Could you do a sam drake x reader where they have break up because of a fight and the reader’s now living with nate and elena and cassie and at the end (after drama) they made up? Mouahaha #dramaqueen]

Prompt: You find out Sam’s been lying to you about what he does as a profession, you two argue but you already made up your mind and leave him. Nate reaches out to you and offers you a place to stay while things mull over and after some time, Sam shows up. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit @shararogers

Word Count: 2,074

A/N: Lmaoo pretty sure I was dozing off when I wrote this so if this is bad I AM SORRy 

“I know.” The words left your lips were enough to drain the colour from Sam’s face. His mind stuttered, trying to think of an explanation as to why he lied to you. The two of you hit it off in a bar two years ago and had been together ever since. Sam however tried to keep his working life separate from his love life, telling you that he was an esteemed businessman and often went on business trips across america, but that wasn’t the case at all.

He even had his brother lie for him on several occasions to make sure you were kept in the dark on what he actually did for a living. Truth be told he only did it because he was afraid of what might of would happen to you if he pissed off the wrong people. He didn’t want to be responsible for causing your death or getting you hurt. 

“What… what do you know?” His breath was shaky, he stood just a few feet from you and he was hoping that you weren’t about to voice his biggest fear. “I know you’ve been lying to me this whole time, what did you think that I wouldn’t find out? Jesus christ, Sam!” You ran your hands through your hair, and sighed. 

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Memorable moment I have experienced working as a cashier at a amusement park

• I was working at a shop that sells beer is glass bottles and park policy is that guest cannot be given the bottle and the beer has to be poured into a cup. I had a middle aged lady come in and get a beer and after they finished paying I was pouring it into a glass. The lady was in a rush to see a show and started to have a fit about the foam. She started saying I “waisted” some of the beer from less than two inches of foam and wanted a new one. I can’t do that and it ended up that she just repoured it into another glass and left.
• I’ve have had at least two totally differnt women throw a fit about their discounts. At the park I work at for pass members their is a 10% discount on almost everything and these women fought me and my supervisor and claimed it was 20%. I’ve worked at the park for about a year then and had visited as a guest for at least 4 years before that as a pass member it was always 10%.
• Let me just say kids. I have seen kids make some of the biggest messes. I have seen kids put plushies into there mouths and suck on them and then their parents put them back after. I’ve had a kid who pulled and caused a wooden windchill to fall because they were pulling too hard and bent the hook holding it out of shape and not even two seconds after the same kid starts doing the same thing with another one. I have seen kids throw temper tamptroms over not getting candy or being able to get something. We sell plastic wrapped frosted rice crispy flowers and have seen a kid bite onto one, not braking the plastic but it did leave marks on the flower and to make it worse the kid’s mom was about to buy it for her but before she paid the kid bite it and the mom put it back and bought a differn’t one.
• Their is a leather bracelet carver at one of the shops I usually work at and one time these two teenage girls came into the store and want to get their bracelets engraved. We have most of the bracelets outside on racks and usually people pick the one/s they want and bring them to us to pay for them and then customize them. My coworkers told them first to pay for them and then we engrave them. They didn’t want to do that and left with the bracelets. We thought they had stole them but it turned out that they claimed to had bought them at one of the other parks that was owned by to the same company as ours. They were not like the ones we sell but at a distance they look similar. They came back with their parents later, who got mad at the cashiers and supervisor because we told them earlier that we wouldn’t engrave them. Later after my supervisor caved and just had me engrave them she said the park the mentioned didn’t even sell customizable bracelets.
• I was helping a older man with plugging in a charging cord for his moterized scooter and he told me something about it either had to be plugged into the scooter first or the wall first I can’t remember which. So I was bent over holding the weather protection cover on the plug when I think it was one of his daughter was tring to plug the “wrong” one in first. He scream at her right into my ear and then I think it was her husband came over and started arguing with the older guy. I have issues with people who angrily yell at me or others and I was literally shaking from that.

Blue: Pt.14

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

Previous part: [Pt.13]

Warnings for this part: none

When you walked to work on the next morning you noticed that Minhyuk was still nowhere to be seen. On your way, you walked past a few dogs that only wagged their tails at you instead of barking.

Seems like Hoseok failed at dragging him out of his dark little cave.

“Good morning,” you greeted your coworkers when you arrived at the store.

“What happened to your lip?” Eunkyung asked when you came back from the staff room after changing your clothes.

“Some drunk guy attacked me yesterday,” you told her and she gave you a worried look. “I have a few bruises on my side but I didn’t sustain any serious injuries. I was lucky to… have a friend around who helped me get rid of him.”

She smiled a little. “That’s good.”

You were given some items to stack on the shelves so you kind of isolated yourself from the others and started with stacking some chips bags on their designated shelves. It was nice and quiet in the store since it was still quite early and there weren’t many customers. Everyone was doing their own tasks and your mood was good despite all the stuff going on in your private life.

You heard footsteps nearing you and turned to look at who it was.

Him again…

“Noona what happened to your lip?” the part-timer asked and started stacking some items on the shelf from the full basket he was holding.

“Don’t worry about it,” you said with a slight forced smile.

You both went quiet and just focused on doing your tasks. Then, when he was ready he walked over to you and started helping you with your pile of items.

“I didn’t-“

“I know you don’t want my help but I want to help you,” he flashed a charming smile to you.

You looked at him for a bit. “Oh, you’re wearing your name tag,” you said.

“Yeah, I finally found it,” he chuckled. “It was lost for a month. Guess where I found it,” he grinned.

You shrugged your shoulders since you had no idea.

“From one of my lunch boxes. I have no idea how it had ended up there,” he laughed and you gave him a small smile.

So his name is Hajoon…

“_____?” you heard Eunkyung’s voice call your name. “A customer is asking to see you,” she appeared in the end of the hallway and you looked at her before glancing at Hajoon.

“I’ll finish up here,” he smiled and you walked to Eunkyung who led you to the cashier where a customer was standing.

“Hyunwoo?” you were surprised to see the blue-eyed guy standing there with a plastic bag in his hand. “What are you doing here?”

“Let’s talk for a bit,” he said before walking to the door, exiting the store.

You followed him outside. “What is it?” you asked when you two had stopped in front of the store and were facing each other.

“I just came back from visiting Yuna,” he said. “I saw some suspicious-looking people walking near your place. They were blue bloods so I’m guessing they are somehow linked to the higher-ups.”

Oh, no…

“Be careful on your way home. Your place is starting to become less and less safe every day.”

You nodded and he walked away after giving you a look.

It was almost 5 pm but you were still at the convenience store. There were so many customers that you had to stay for a bit after you shift had ended.

“I’ll get going now,” you informed your coworkers whose shifts had just started.

“Thanks for helping us out,” they thanked you and you just gave them a smile before exiting the store.

You stopped after getting outside. Your eyes were glued on the person standing there who seemed to be staring at air. Minhyuk’s expression disturbed you. It didn’t look cold, it looked dead. He was expressionless but you could see that he was tired.

Hesitantly, you walked over to him and stopped next to him. “You came today,” you mumbled and looked at his side profile.

He turned his head and his expression didn’t change when he met eyes with you. His eyes were still the same beautiful shade of blue they had always been but the usual coldness was missing from them. That made your stomach twist a little.

Seems like he really went through some hard times during the past week…

“I didn’t have much of a choice,” he said, his voice sounding quieter and a little warmer than usual. He kept looking at you as if he was too tired to turn his head away.

“Are you okay?” you asked.

“Do you even have to ask? Do I look like I’m okay?” he asked with a little stronger tone, an amused smirk on his lips.

You shook your head.

“Yeah,” he finally looked away. “That’s what I thought,” he said with a quieter voice once again, looking at his feet.

You kept looking at him. His skin was paler than usual and his facial features were slightly more pointed than before which made you wonder if he had been eating at all.

He seems a little slimmer…

“Are you hungry?” you asked him after mustering up your courage.

I know he wants me to fear him and all that bullshit but I can’t help it. It’ll bug me later if I don’t do this now.

“A little,” he admitted which surprised you since you had been expecting an angry “you’re supposed to fear me, human”.

You quickly shook off the surprised feeling and you two met eyes when he lifted his head. “Want to go eat something small? Like grab a coffee or something?”

He just stared at you as if he was thinking about something.

“And even if you don’t want to eat, I was going to stop by a café anyway, so-“

“I’ll have coffee with you,” he said and pushed himself off the wall he had been leaning on. He started walking and you had to blink multiple times before you followed him.

Am I seeing things? Is that really Minhyuk? Something must be seriously wrong, he would never act like this normally.

You two sat down at a quiet corner table in the café you had decided to come have coffee at. You had bought two cups of coffee and two croissants - one of each for you, one of each for him.

Minhyuk slowly stirred his coffee with a teaspoon you looked at him. His expression was bothering you more than it should have.

“What makes you happy?” he asked suddenly.

Though you were flustered by the nature and suddenness of the question, you thought about it for a bit calmly. “Well, for example, seeing others happy makes me happy. Why?”

He shrugged, his eyes glued on the coffee he kept stirring. “Just wondering.”

“Are you asking that because you are trying to figure out alternative ways to feel happy? Like, you want to try if doing the things that make me happy would make you happy too?” you asked, making him stop and look at you. “Hoseok told me about why you’ve been gone.”

He let out a scoff and looked at his coffee again. “Of course he did, I should have known that.”

You quietly looked at him.

“You could call it something like that,” he answered your question, his expression changing a little.

“If you don’t mind me asking…” you started, stirring your coffee and looking at it. “Is your… weakness a person?”

He lifted his gaze and looked at you who kept your eyes on your coffee. “Mm hmm,” he hummed and you glanced at him.

“Is it-“

“What’s that?” he cut you off, staring at your bottom lip. “What happened?”

“Ah,” you slightly brushed your finger over the small cut on your lip. It had been easy to make it stop bleeding after going home the day before but it was still visible and there was slight bruising around it. “A drunk guy attacked me yesterday. Luckily Hoseok was passing by and helped me get rid of him.”

He quietly stared at the cut for a while. “Hoseok didn’t tell me.”


“Anyway, I’m glad he happened to be there,” he said with that unusually quiet and somewhat warm voice.

You furrowed your eyebrows a little and watched how he took a sip of his coffee.

Why is he acting like this? It’s giving me a bad feeling.

“I’m sorry for being gone so long,” he calmly said and looked at you. “I’m sorry for not being there to… protect you.”

“Okay,” you put your coffee down after taking a small sip out of it. “That soft spot stuff really messed you up, huh?”

He looked at you and gave a laugh while smirking. “Yeah, it did. But can you blame me? The only way for me to feel real happiness is to be around someone I hate. Imagine being in the same situation as me and the only thing that can bring you happiness is me. That would mess you up too.”

“I guess so… But why do you have to be around that person? Are you sure there’s no other way for you to feel happy?”

“I’m sure Hoseok already told you being the chatterbox he is, but this happiness is stronger than small happy moments like when you get to eat your favorite food or something. The happiness we get from our so-called weakness is unexplainable. It gives us such a strong feeling of happiness that we feel the desire to live again.”

“What do you mean by that?”

He looked at you. “It’s basically the reason we stay alive. Without that happiness, we would probably all just give up and kill ourselves.”

“So it’s that strong…”

“Yeah, which is why I’m trying my best to endure the fact that my source of happiness is a person I can’t stand. As weird as it sounds, I don’t want to die yet.”

You went quiet for a bit.

It’s so weird to see him act like this. He keeps answering my questions like it’s no big deal…

“I’m surprised you’re not telling me that I should fear you and stuff,” you said, not looking at him.

“Ah, that? I guess I went a little too far that day,” he calmly stated.

“A little?” you gave him a look. “You almost let me get eaten by a vampire.”

“Okay, maybe I went way too far,” he grinned. “I was just really shocked because I had just found out what my weakness is so… Anyway, I’m sorry for scaring you like that.”

“The fact that you are apologizing is creeping me out,” you stated, making him chuckle a little. “That’s even more creepy. I’m starting to think you’re not Minhyuk. Are you Minhyuk?”

“And if I’m not?” he asked, making your stomach twist.

“You aren’t M-Minhyuk?” you asked, actually feeling really scared.

What if this guy is some higher-up who has come to get me and they’ll keep me hostage to get Minhyuk and-

“You should see your own face right now,” he said with a grin.

“Who are you?”

His grin turned into a smirk. “Who do you think I am?”

You gulped and stared at him. He looked exactly like Minhyuk even though his eyes didn’t look as icy as before. He was wearing the clothes he usually wore except for the t-shirt under his hoodie.

“You’re wearing a different shirt,” you pointed out.

“Oh, this?” he looked down at his shirt. “I just felt like wearing it.”

Oh my God…

“I… I suddenly have something to do…” you said, avoiding making eye contact with him and collected your stuff before getting up and heading towards the door.

You managed to get out thinking that he didn’t follow you.

“Wait,” you heard his weirdly amused voice and soon he was standing in front of you with a grin. “I wore this shirt because the last one was covered in my blood, which you probably remember,” he said.

“I’m not interested,” you said and tried to walk past him but he moved, blocking your way.

“I also wanted to show you that I do have some spare clothes,” he said and gave you a look.

I’m still not convinced. This guy’s just trying to fool me.

“I was just kidding, idiot,” he placed his finger on your forehead and pushed a little, giving your head a small push. “It’s me.”

You looked at him. “I don’t trust you.”

“It’s not like you-“

“Minhyuk!” you could hear a voice call his name behind you and his eyes moved immediately on the person.

You turned around to see who it was. There was a man standing a little further away from you who was looking at you two with a grin.

“Who-“ you stopped mid-sentence when Minhyuk pulled you behind his back.

“Don’t say a thing,” he said seriously and you nodded even though you were confused. “He’s one of the higher-ups,” he told you after a short silence, making your heart skip a beat.

“What?” you asked in disbelief.

“It’s nice to see you. It took me a while to find you,” the man came closer and you noticed his eyes were blue.

“I wasn’t expecting you. Could you maybe come back later?” Minhyuk asked, not joking.

“Oh, I’m afraid not,” the man said. “My business is urgent. See, Yuna is missing. I know you and your little gang know about her quite a bit so I was wondering if you had maybe seen her?”

The man was asking a question but his expression told you that he already knew the answer. He already knew that Minhyuk and the others were hiding Yuna from them.

“No, I’m afraid I haven’t seen that angsty girl,” Minhyuk answered, making the man sigh.

“It’s a shame. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to force her to come out from hiding…”


“I heard she has a soft spot for a human girl,” the man said and you became stiff. “Eunkyung, was it?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Minhyuk lied.

“Stay away from Eunkyung,” you said and you felt like Minhyuk was this close to yelling at you.

“Oh, I didn’t even notice you,” the man said and you looked at each other. “Is Minhyuk taking good care of you?” he smiled very disturbingly.

“She’s fine,” Minhyuk said, his voice now lower than before.

The man moved his eyes from you to him and gave Minhyuk a smirk. “Don’t get too cozy, we’re going to come get you the second we find Yuna,” he turned around to leave. “Oh, and,” he turned his head a little. “I’m sure you know already but just a reminder for you and your little gang Minhyuk: we’ll do anything and everything to find her.”

He walked away and soon disappeared behind a corner.

“They know,” Minhyuk said with a voice that made you feel extremely anxious. “Say goodbye to the lifestyle you’ve had until now. You’re now involved in this too.”

Next part: [Pt.15]

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Arrow x Reader

Requested by : @xsomeonestrongerthanmex

Words: 2,000+

Warings: blood, torture and feels beware my friends.


You gazed at the endless amount of water and prayed that someone would see you or hear your screams. You were on holiday when you bordered the tourist boat hoping to get some photos of the sunset but ended up getting pulled into a rough storm which lead you and a few other people into the middle of nowhere everyone on the boat has either fallen off during the storm or jumped off after losing hope.

Days and nights had passed and you lived off the small amount of food and water you had with you and some left on the boat. You were looking around in the captains cabin hoping you’d find something to help you but unfortunately nothing was there, you made your way out when you suddenly slipped over something which happened to be a pair of binoculars. You walked around on the boat and peered through the binoculars hoping to spot land and then you saw it and gasped.

At first it looked like a normal island but after taking another look you felt a dark auro surrounding it and had a feeling it’s not somewhere people would go to visit but it was your only hope of surviving and so you when the boat drifted close enough to the island you dived into the salty water and swam towards it.

When you finally reached the island you fell hard onto the sandy ground drenched in water trying to catch your breath when you heard some grass rustle.

“I hope that was the wind” you whispered to yourself. You slowly got up and moved your dirty hair out from your face to investigate, you walked towards the bushes only to see nothing you sigh in relife but at the same time you were hoping someone was there.

Just as you started walking away you heard a branch snap and quickly turn to the direction you heard it an saw a man staring back at you with his clear blue eyes and dirty blond hair.

You were speachless and suprised after not seeing another human in days.

“Hello…oh my God sorry I just haven’t seen another person in too long” the man says in a soft voice “How did you get here?”

“My boat go caught in a storm and I kinda drifted for a few days” you answered.

“I’m Oliver and that also happened with me ” he introduces himself and slowly makes his way out from under the trees.

“I’m (Name)” as Oliver stepped into the light you got a better view of him and could clearly see his well built body “Is there anyway to get back home? I’ve kinda had enough of my amazing vacation”

Oliver chuckled at your sarcastic comment “I haven’t found anyone other than you” you frowned at the answer ‘I’m gonna die here’ you thought to yourself.

“But I haven’t looked that much so there’s still hope that people might be here” he says with a smile.

“Yeah you might be right” you give a smile back.

After a few days you’d grown a lot closer to oliver and found out he’d lost his father in the shipwreck. You were sitting down next to him as he looked down at his father’s grave when you felt an arrow pierce your shoulder.

“What the!?” You fell to the ground and oliver came rushing towards you only for him to get shot aswell.

“(Na..me)” Oliver whispers your name but you had already passed out.

You’d woken up in what looked like a cave and the pain still in your shoulder but surprisingly the arrow had been taken out. Oliver was beside you still unconscious with the arrow still deep in his shoulder, you moved closer to him and could hear him mubble your name which made you smile.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” you turn towards the Chinese man who had just walked in to see him holding some herbs and bowl of water in his hands.

“W-what do you want?” You sat up and tried not to look afraid.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” He says as he nudges the herbs and water towards you and after understanding the gesture you take it slowly and swallow the bitter herb luckily the water helped wash away the after taste.

“I don’t get it first you shoot us then you heal us?” You look up at him but he just stares back.

Not long after oliver wakes up “(Name) are you okay?” He looks at you with a worried face.

“Yeah” you answer him as you help him sit up and when he sees the Chinese man his face turns to pure anger

“Why did you shoot us!?” He asks as he clutches onto his wound.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” He once again gestures the drink the herbs and water to Oliver.

“I think he’s telling you to drink it” Oliver looks back at the man and swallow it and gives the same reaction as you did and without warning the man pulls out the arrow from his shoulder resulting in Oliver screaming in pain.

After that he taught both oliver and you to hunt and survive, most of the time oliver would just complain about picking up the dead animals.

“Why don’t I shoot it and you pick up….the rest” the man hands the bow to Oliver.

“Hit tree” he says “breath” oliver misses terribly “you” he gives the bow and arrow to you.

You slowly pull the arrow and take a deep breath and aim towards the tree but notice a rabbit in the corner of your eye and change direction to it instead of the tree making a head shot.

You look back at the two men to see Oliver wide eyed “She survive” the man says.

“I’ll get that arrow” you follow Oliver behind as he walks off but not even a minute later both of you were ambushed from behind by unknown men and you blacked out after that.

“(N……e)…(Na…e)….(Name)!” You slowly open your eyes to see Oliver in tears “Thank God your awake you got me worried” he wraps his arms around you tightly.

“I’m sorry” you give him a small smile and he slowly helps you up. “What happened?”

“This guy Fyers wants to know where the man whose been helping us is” Oliver whispers into your ear.

“He’s been helping us we can’t” you whisper back.

“I know” as Oliver finished talking a man in a suit and mask came in along with another man.

“Your times up Mr. Queen tell us or my men will get the answer out of you” says the man your guessing was Fyers.

“I don’t know who he is!” Oliver answers back.

“And what about you miss, do you know this man, Yao Fei” he holds a picture.

“No I’ve only been with Oliver ever since I got here” you answer not breaking eye contact.

“Get it out of them” Fyers says as he walks out of the tent.

After he leaves both you and Oliver were tortured by the man in the mask you felt his blade cut deep into your skin several times and the blood wouldn’t stop flowing out your wounds.

All you could do was cry and scream
It felt like it was endless pain and suffering but the worst part had yet to come when Fyers ordered you both dead luckily Yao Fei appeared just in time and helped us both get away.

Unfortunately Yao Fei couldn’t carry both of you and Fyers’ men where catching up you knew what you had to do. You stopped in your tracks.

“You guys go ahead I’ll distract them” you say as you leant against the tree for support.

Both Yoa Fei and Oliver looked shocked in the words you’d said.

“We keeping going” Yoa Fei says.

“(Name) don’t be stupid, I’m not leaving you behind” you could hear the footsteps coming closer and pushed them both behind a large bush and started making your way into the opposite direction.

“I see them!” One man shouts and you try to pick up your pace even though you were pushing your limit even with all open wounds. Suddenly you foot gets caught by a tree root and you tumble down the hill into a high current river.

Oliver was about to shout for you but
Yoa Fei stopped him they both assumed that you’d fallen to you death and they had every right to believe it. All oliver could do was cry he would never see you again, your smile, your beautiful (colour) eyes.

—–Years later——

Central City

You didn’t remember much of what happened on Lian Yu, after you’d fallen into the river everything blacked out and next thing you new you woke up in the hospital bed at A.R.G.U.S. and was told to keep what happened on that island to yourself and it’s not like you had a choice most of your memories had been lost when you hit your head.

These days you’d work alongside the CCPD as a police detective with Barry Allen and Joe West and in secret help out Team Flash.

You were at your desk filling a report when Joe came running towards you.

“Everything ok Joe?” You asked as he took a few deep breaths.

“We have to head to STAR labs, Cisco and Caitlin need us” he answer holding up his showing a message from Cisco and you both quickly head there.

You rushed into STAR Labs where Cisco and Caitlin were.

“We got your message, what’s up?” You ask Cisco looking a bit worried.

“We’ve detected a new Meta-human and he’s pretty strong like super strong! And Barry can’t take him on alone so we need as much back up as possible” he answers.

“Sure thing you know where he might show up next so we can ambush him?” Caitlin starts to work on her computer.

“I’ll search through the cameras and see if I can find anything” you nod and look around the room for a certain speedster.

“Where’s Barry?” You ask.

“He’s getting some more backup, he should actually be here by now”

—-Barry POV—-

“Oliver please, remeber how awesome our last team up was!?” Barry says to Oliver who was trying his best to ignore him. “ Oh and you can meet the newest member of Team Flash, she’s super cool I’m sure you’ll like her”

“Ok I’ll go, only because I know you won’t shut up if I say no” Barry’s face lights up.

“Ok I’ll see you there later guys” and he speeds off back to central city.

“I’ll never get used to that” Diggle says.

—-(Name) POV—-

You were sat next to Caitlin when Barry zoomed into the room.

“Hey guys I got Oliver to say yes” he says trying to catch his breath.

“Oliver” it felt like you knew someone with that name, someone you didnt want to forget but unfortunately you couldn’t remeber.

“I mean Arrow” Barry corrects himself.

“Awesome I still can’t believe you’ve worked with the Arrow he’s like super badass” you start fangirling

“What about me?” Barry asks in a fake sad tone.

“Your cool” you pause when he smiles “But not as cool as The Arrow” everyone in the room start to giggle.

Not long after a set of footsteps could be heard in the hallway and a man in a leather suit with a hood over his head and a mask over his eyes came in.

He hadn’t looked at you yet but you couldn’t take your eyes off him and for some reason he looked very familiar.

“Hey Oliver took you long enough” he gives Oliver a cheeky smile.

“I got here as fast as I could, what are we dealing wi-” he stopped talking when he faced you.

“You ok Oliver?” Joe asked. Barry looked in the same direction to where Oliver had become frozen and saw you.

“Oh yeah that’s (Na-)”

“(Name)?” Oliver cuts Barry off.

“Wait you know (Name)?” Caitlin asks. Everyone was confused including you.

“(Name), I thought you died…on Lian Yu”

Then it all came back, your memories started coming back the shock was too much and your head suddenly felt faint and you started to fall.

Oliver acted fast and caught you before you hit the ground. Caitlin led Oliver into the medical room with you in his arms and placed you on the bed.

You slowly opened your eyes and met Oliver’s.

“I’m so sorry I forgot you Oliver” you felt tears slowly stream down your face.

“Don’t be I’m just glad your alive and I have the chance to tell you something I should have told you on the island” he slowly wiped your tears away and kissed you.

“I love you, I’ve always loved you and I never stopped loving you” he says caressing your face.

“I love you too Oliver”.


I hope you guys liked and if you have any requests just send me a message.

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My Pride and Joy

Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Talia Al-Ghul

Summary: Talia seemed to think that Damian is a disappointment. Dick begged to differ

A/N:  This fic is inspired by that one fanart where Damian and Dick are wearing an animal onesie. And I’m like, what if Talia saw Damian like this? And thus this fic was born. If anyone know who is the artist, tell me please.

Talia came like she always did. Without any announcement whatsoever and bringing disdain to wherever she was. She stormed down to the Cave, looking for all the world as though she owned the place.

“Where is my Beloved?” she demanded.

Dick locked his gaze with Damian’s. It was only them at the cave that night. Bruce and Alfred was out of town, Tim was with the Titans, Jason was with the Outlaws, and Cassandra was out with Stephanie. Dick was actually looking forward to spending the night with Damian. He was not getting enough time with Damian lately, and tonight was an apology and a ‘please be patient with me’ all rolled into one.

“He’s out of town, Mother,” Damian answered.

Only then does Talia deigned to face Damian. And get a full view of what Damian was wearing. A one-sie. A cat one, with the ears and tail. Dick asked Damian to wear it. Tonight was supposed to be just the two of them, hanging out and relaxing. So Dick bought it for Damian and asked him to wear it.

Talia nose wrinkled in disgust.

“What are you wearing, Damian?”

Damian was at lost for words. Someone else might not see it, but Dick can. He did the thing where he tensed his whole body as if expecting a blow. It pains Dick’s heart every time he sees it. Dick was prepared to shot back at Damian when Talia started speaking again.

“You are a disappointment, Damian. You have shamed your Father and Mother. You have brought shame to the Al-Ghul and Wayne name. You are an utter disappointment.”

Dick has not liked Talia since restrain his hatred towards her. Like now.

Damian took his mother’s word to heart. He wore his heart on his sleeve, but it was only visible to those who knew where to look. he was twelve. He tried to be civil to her, in respect for Bruce. He was even somewhat thankful to her, because she had brought back Jason and gave life to Damian. But sometimes Dick cannot Damian had worn his bravado so many times he thought it was the reality, but Dick knew that all of it was only that. Bravado. So Damian took his mother’s word to heart and it shattered his already broken heart.

Of course, Damian tried to cover it up with faked calmness. He straightened his posture and arranged his face to betray nothing. Dick knew it was faked. He wondered if Talia knew too.

“I am sorry you felt that way, Mother,” Damian said curtly, “I…”

Dick cannot take it anymore. He snapped. “He is not a disappointment, Talia. He is a wonderful child and you are a fool for letting him go.”

Both mother and son turned to look at him. Talia seemed as though she forgot that Dick was there. Dick tried to convey confidence and intimidation. Of course, it’s hard since he too was wearing a one-sie. Talia regarded Dick with loathing. The hate was mutual between Talia and him.

“So you let him coddle you, Damian?” Talia said to Damian while still eyeing Dick. “You’ve only been away from the League for a few years and you’ve let this circus brat coddle you? Have you no ounce of respect? For your father? For your grandfather? For me?”

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