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BTS Reaction to their GF being in a girl group-

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-loves it SO MUCH. 

-always trying to impress you with his moves on stage.

-goes to your concerts when possible and wears everything he can with your face and name on it.

-screams the loudest at concerts and knows every word to every song.

-you two go to eachother when you need help with either dance moves or singing.

-lovely, understanding and strong relationship.


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-unbelievably supportive.

-shows his support through social media all the time

-helps you out when producing your music

-secretly owns some of your merch that he wears to sleep.

-asks your opinion on music of his own.

-you both love watching eachother practice.

-although yoongi gets shy and would rather you look away.

-tears up when you win an award at an awards show and watches with pride when you and your group go to accept.

-loves you and your stage presence.


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-is OBSESSED with your group

-friends with all your other group members

-is currently trying to hook up jimin with one of your fellow members

-helps choreograph your group dances sometimes

-you absolutely look up to him and he knows it

-it’s why he tries so hard at every practice and performance 

-your praise means the most to him

-you are the biggest fan of hixtape already (and it aint even out yet)

-makes the boys come to concerts with him to show their support as well

-adores your music so much. 

-almost as much as you

Rap Mon-

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-literally jams to your music all the time

-loves seeing pictures of the two of you out in public

-asks you for advice when he’s feeling stressed

-if he can’t attend concerts, will look up the performance online to watch you

-you get nervous when he comes to see you practice although he promises hes not judging

-every look he gives you is one with pride


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-praises your group on the daily oh my god

-literally tells you all the time how good your music is

-you two have a secret unspoken competition when it comes to stage performances and presence 

-is extra cute for you on stage because he knows you love it so much

-ask eachother for style advice when you’ll be seen out together

-hates when he sees you push yourself past your limits 

-you were the first to see the serendipity video and you called him sobbing.

-calls you late at night when he’s about to sleep to see how practice was for you


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-looks up to you. looks up to you. looks up to you.

-where’s your merch shamelessly like all the time.

-had to convince him to NOT get a tattoo of some of your lyrics on him.

-his group and your group hang from time to time

- is literally so in love with you, it’s crazy

-secretly runs the biggest fansite on the internet of you

-has suggested one of your songs to be “our song”

-works extra hard to impress you on stage

-gets your opinion on every stage outfit

-ya’ll are crazy in love 


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-was shy when you two first met but is full on himself now

-watches your videos on youtube all the time

-first line of google search history “Y/N naughty moments compilation”

-always asks his hyungs to be cool in front of you when you’re around

-they do the exact opposite of course

-you’re in the studio with him alot 

-always asking him to help you with certain dance moves

-does happily

-always call him “your baby” when referring to him everywhere cause you know he loves it

-wants you to succeed greatly in your career

Anime Expo Tips!!!

Hello everyone!
It’s 1 week to AX, and I just wanted to give everyone some helpful tips! I’ve been going regularly to AX since 2011, and since then I’ve complied a list of things that can be super helpful!!! (Sorry that it is so long!!!)

~-Day 0 Tips-~

Day zero is honestly a must in my book (if you are able to, of course).
Basically, it’s a day you go to just to pick up your badge (I think there are some small panels and such as well on those days, but usually it’s just a day spent waiting in line and spent hanging around the area)
This year there is also Day -1 on Thursday when you can also pick up your badge I think, so honestly if you can go either day to pick up your badge, you really should!
So for some tips for the day(s) I suggest

-dress comfortably, the lines will be outside and the wait can be long at points
-wear sunscreen, especially if you are fairer skinned, the sun is a deadly laser
-bring lots of water bottles
-bring snacks!
-go with other people if you can! Make the day fun!
-if you need to get out of line to walk around if you don’t like standing, there are a few places within walking distance (there is a Starbucks near the Ritz Carlton that I always go to) so have a friend save your place and go!
-bring your 3DS or something! It’s always a good idea to have something to keep you busy!
-don’t be afraid to talk to people! The lines are a great place to make new friends!

~-General AX Tips-~

Anime Expo is a very big con and it can be very overwhelming at times, but remember that we are all just a bunch of nerds getting together to enjoy what we love! So as long as you have a good time, the con is a success!!
-Be flexible with scheduling. Sometimes a panel isn’t going to start or end when it says, or you might not make the panel you want to go to. Just go with the flow and you’ll have a better time!
-line up early for panels! If you want to go to a panel you know will be crowded, get there 1 hr+ early!
-keep cool! The AC at the convention center works really really well, but some cosplay meet ups and lines and other things are outside. Luckily the weather app says it will be within the high 70s over the weekend (which is rare, as the last couple years have been almost unbearably hot) but always drink tons of water, and I also recommend bringing a small handheld fan or something of the like
-Bring snacks!!! Food in and around the convention center can be expensive, and sometimes you and your friends will get so caught up in the excitement of everything that you’ll forget to eat! That’s why snacks are so important, to make sure that you at least have something in your system
-Eat breakfast! This might seem weird but honestly having a good breakfast in the morning is super important when you’re planning on running around all day. I’m a con-muter so I drive to the convention center with friends, and usually we either stop at a jack in the box, bakers, or Starbucks on the way, just to make sure our stomachs are nice and prepared for the day ahead!
-Get some sleep! I know it’s hard when you want to go to all sorts of events and panels and everything, but it’s not going to be fun if you’re walking around like a zombie! If you have a hotel room or have a friend who would let you sleep in a room of theirs, go take a nap. Or go into one of the programming rooms where they are showing an anime and sleep in the nice dark room. Usually what I do though is just rest a bit on the floor of one of the larger areas where everyone sits and just take a small power nap if I need.
-know the layout of the center. If it’s your first time going to AX, take some time to get acquainted with where everything is! Look at the maps online, look around when you get there! The convention center is pretty big, but I’m sure you’ll figure out where everything is in no time!
-have a meeting spot! With almost everyone having cell phones, most of the time if you lose your friends you can always just text them, but in case something happens (a phone dies, gets lost, etc) you should always set up an easy to find meeting spot!
-bring chargers! This one is super important. If you are like me, you take tons of photographs of cosplayers on your phone and live blog your days at cons, and likely you’ll run down your battery quick! So make sure you bring a charger for anything you bring with you!!!
-REMEMBER TO ASK BEFORE TAKING PHOTOS OF COSPLAYERS! This is in caps because it is very very important.

~-Cosplayer Tips-~

As a cosplayer myself, I like to make sure that my fellow cosplayers have a fun Convention experience!!

-bring extra clothes! This might sound like a no-brainer, but I failed to do this last year and had multiple cosplay malfunctions happen….. so extra clothes in the case of emergency is super important
-bring a cosplay repair kit! In recent years, the cosplay repair station has really stepped up its game in what it provides for cosplayers, but I still recommend bringing your own pack of things, just in case! My pack usually includes:
•hot glue gun
•needle and thread
•cosplay-specific items (spirit gum, latex,etc)
-know when and where gatherings are! The gathering locations are listed on the website, as well as the times! Make sure you check in advance so you have time to get to where you are going
-go early if you have a prop to peace bond! The peacebonding stations are usually near the entrances and they tend to be kinda crowded in the mornings (especially on day 1) if you have any sort of prop weapons you have to get the peacebonded! (I think the peacebonding stations are open on day 0 as well, so if you want to get some of those out of the way that is also an option)
-try not to stand in high traffic areas for photos! This means:
•in the middle of the hallways (off to the side is good, and the hallways at the LACC are really wide so there is room to take pictures on the sides and people can still walk)
•inside booths in the exhibit hall (unless there is a specific photo op station)
•in the aisles of artist alley (this is a major one, those get super crowded!!!)

So this is all for my tips! I’m sorry that it is so long! If I missed any, feel free to add your own tips! Remember to have fun and stay safe at AX! This year is going to be a great one!
And if you see me feel free to say hi, I might have treats to give out!!!!


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hello! i'm a senior in high school hoping to be a storyboard/concept artist in the future, and i hope to go to art school to broaden my skills. do you have any advice about how to get into the visual storytelling department like you are with CN? thanks for reading!

hi there! i’m not 100% sure how to answer this, because i’m still not entirely sure how i managed to get either of the jobs i’ve had so far haha. art school helped in certain ways, skill-wise and in fostering relationships between students and studios, but it’s also not a one way ticket to Job Town 

honestly i think it just comes down to drawing a lot and then sharing what you have with anyone who will take the time to look. post online, share stuff with peers/mentors, and (when you get to that point) contact studios for work. and make sure you’re always drawing what you WANT to draw. obviously you should still push yourself to explore and experiment, but there’s a really charming and appealing quality to work that someone clearly enjoyed making, and people are drawn to that (people who i’d like to work for anyway)

sorry this wasn’t very helpful, but this is sort of a broad question that’s hard to answer. there’s not a foolproof key to getting work in this industry. it’s like that one quote about luck being where preparation meets opportunity, y’know?

anyway, good luck on your senior year! have fun at graduation and enjoy your summer! i miss summer


I know what I do isn’t exactly ground breaking, but when I opened my store three years ago, I worked really hard to do my research and design pieces that were different from anything I had seen before. It is really frustrating to see people selling my EXACT designs on Etsy for half of what I am selling them for. Look, I get when you see something online and rip off the pattern, whatever, we’ve all been there. But when you turn around and sell it when you could google “thug life cross stitch” and mine is the FIRST one to come up, or Eat a Dick which is something I’ve been selling since 2013… It’s just hurtful. It’s another artists intellectual property. And I am SUPER pro etsy store! Everyone should have one! Do what you love, profit, have a great time! But please don’t be a douchebag and copy someone else’s patterns stitch for stitch. Get some graph paper or Photoshop and draw something unique for your store. 

The above photo is from my etsy store, I’m not going to go so far as to post the knock offs cuz that’s just mean. But I have seen direct rip offs of my stuff and other similar Etsy shops and I believe I speak for all of us when I say please just don’t do this. 

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Hey from your blog I think you live on your own???(that sounds wierd but hold on) do you have any advice on moving/ living on your own? Like I'm turning 18 soon and I really need to get out of where I am and I just want to up and leave but I don't want to leave important documents and have to go back home. What do you suggesting knowing/taking when leaving home? (And also if it helps im pre transition)

This is going to get long so you might want to grab a drink

You’re going to want a certified copy of your birth certificate. It’s a major piece of identification documents and is often used to get a host of other documents later, like driver’s licenses, passports, etc.

If you have a license or a permit, bring that. If you have a passport definitely bring that. Any insurance cards, bring that. Bring your social security card, the other super important document.

Make sure you have something reasonably secure to store them in, like a file box. (You’re going to need most of this stuff and the practice that comes with obtaining them anyways when you do a name change)

You will probably need a bank account. Cash is easy to misplace and people love to steal it. You can trust roommates and friends all you want, the moment you let the wrong person in with a vulnerability like having all your savings as a pile of cash in a box, is the moment you’re up shit creek with no paddles, no boat and lead shoes. Atm cards that have check card functionality work like a credit card without getting you into actual debt. They don’t help your credit rating much but they’re good practice for appropriate and wise spending habits. You’ll want to build those habits so you don’t rack up intense debts or empty your accounts.

Make sure you have a phone. A cell is probably your best bet, a smart phone isn’t bad either, esp if you don’t have a computer (net is really helpful these days). If it has a calculator even better, math becomes really important in adult life from things like taxes to “do I have enough money for rent and food today?” (unfortunately)

Learn familiarity with public transit. I’m betting you don’t have a car, even if you do somehow have a car, it can always break down or get totaled in a crash, so make sure you have a good idea of how bus systems work so that it’s not scary unfamiliar territory when you have to go on the move.

There are two major concerns you’ll need to hit first. Job aka source of income and shelter aka a home.

Being familiar with public transit helps you get to that job (and hit the streets to search for openings, the net is good for that too). Many jobs set up direct deposit. This is really useful because it gets your money to you quickly and reliably. You can start to plan bill payments around when your paycheck hits your bank and figure out if you can risk a bill issuing earlier than payday because it will hit your bank after payday. Really useful skill when you’re poor.

Thrift shops are your friend. So are coupons. A lot of them come in spam mail. Hand me downs are great too.

Especially as someone trans, let me tell you, replacing a whole wardrobe sucks ass, so having hand me down capabilities from friends really helps things along. Half of my bras in the past have come from friends of mine. A lot of pajamas and jeans and t-shirts do too. Trans people often have clothing exchanges online, take a look at that when you get a chance.

Plan to keep track of your expenses for a while. No one’s really born with an innate ability to understand the Bill And Needs And Wants to Income Ratio on an instinctive level and it’s the sort of thing that drops really painful scarring lessons on you when you strike out on your own. So be wary and cautious, tally up where your money goes and where it comes in and figure out what you can do to get a little breathing room.

If you have a job now or any income (even an allowance) practicing the math with purchases you make now is a great way to get that familiarity.

Must haves:

A flashlight (I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been caught in the dark either from power outages or just being outside in slippery conditions near zero street lamps, a cell phone can provide some light but a flashlight is so much better. Headlamp flashlights are fantastic if weird looking)

A good coat or several good coats to layer (cold climate must have. You may end up having to walk a lot esp if you use buses. You will freeze your ass off in the north east, northern mid west and northwest USA and parts of Canada will mess you up good too)

Some sort of multitool thing or if not that, a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. It’s come in handy a lot and fixing stuff yourself means you don’t need to buy new ones or go without.

A knife: Often in the multitool if you get it, but it’s actually not for self defense purposes, it’s really nice to be able to cut things like rope and packages and boxes and even food if you wash it often. (don’t use a knife for self defense unless you actually know how to fight with a knife. You’re basically just handing an assailant a weapon if you do. So learn those skills if you plan to use a knife as a deterrent to assholes like drunk men)

A first aid kit. You WILL need this. I guarantee it. Minor injuries are a normal thing for everyone and minor can become much worse without first aid. You will not have a good time without some rubbing alcohol to clean a wound (wound infections fucking suck believe me), bandages and medical tape (both bandaid style bandages and actual gauze pads because some cuts are big and bleed a little) to cover a wound, ace bandage to help with a sprain, tweezers to take out slivers and splinters, painkillers for pain, ointment for rashes and ointment for burns (second degree burns are easy to get in an apartment kitchen as my unfortunate clumsy ass knows) and similar. Populate that first aid kit with a wide assortment of stuff, learn on the net how to properly use it. You may even decide to throw stuff like anti dirrehea meds and migraine meds in there just in case. Make sure the number to a local poison control center is on there. It doesn’t hurt to have the emergency number for ambulances on there too just in case. Sometimes a crisis can rattle you badly enough that you forget what 911 even is.

Make friends and build trust slowly and get people around you so that it’s a little less lonely being on your own and yeah, with that stuff, you should do fine. There might be a few things I’m forgetting so I’m sure people can add on

Dear people who suffer from depression. Please don’t give up. Hug your dolly when you get home or look at all the pretty pictures online if you don’t own one yet. This too shall pass. Keep breathing. You are important and loved. Even if you feel worthless and unloved, there is always someone who gives a fuck. I promise. If only I could hug you through the screen. <3 Sincerely, a fellow hobbyist who knows that feel.~Anonymous