look what you did you little jerk!

The Lonely Tree (Part 13)

Word Count: 1580 

Summary: You and Steve have The Talk

Warnings: Lil bit of language, nervousness, and anxiety

A/N: I’ll just be over here screaming if you need me…

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“Still sleepy?” you asked absently, finally breaking the silence as you neared the Lonely Tree.

“After getting yelled at, punched, and dragged across campus in the snow without my coat? Not so much,” Steve said ruefully, and you looked up at him with concern even as you pressed a bit closer. You hadn’t brought your coat either.


“Gee, however did you guess?”

“Alright, sassy, just tell me what happened,” you said with an exasperated laugh.

“He’s just a jerk,” Steve said after a slight hesitation. When you looked utterly unconvinced, he continued. “He’s just grumpy.… And Sam may or may not have seen our little um… accidental kiss…and told Bucky about it.” By the end of his explanation, Steve’s voice was down to a quiet murmur and his cheeks were flushed by more than just the cold winter air.

“Not telling your best friend about any kiss, even an accidental one, was probably not the best call,” you said with an empathetic smile.

“Did you tell Natasha?”

“This morning after you left. She was…displeased.”

“Oh.” It only took you a moment to process the slightly hurt look on Steve’s face.

“Oh, God, no! Not because it was you! No, oh my god, if anything she was thrilled that it was you! She was just mad I didn’t tell her as soon as it happened!”

Steve looked up at you, eyebrows still slightly furrowed as he searched your features carefully. You didn’t let your eyes stray, though the intensity of his gaze sent your stomach twisting into knots and your heart fluttering. Eventually you saw the corner of his mouth lift up in the slightest smirk, and the sight did nothing to ease your nerves.

“Thrilled, huh?” he teased, and you laughed weakly, your playful shove not having nearly enough force behind it to affect him.

“Take it easy, hotshot.”

“Hotshot, huh?”

“Oh my god,” you said with a groan, turning to walk away from him.

You didn’t get very far before Steve grabbed your wrist and yanked you back towards him, leading you to trip over one of the Lonely Tree’s protruding roots and stumble into his arms. Steve laughed at your exasperated expression, even more so when it shifted into a glare as you looked up at him.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that. I didn’t trip you!”

“Maybe not, but you were the one yanking me backwards. When did you get so clingy?”

“Since it started snowing, and I’m in my pajamas.”

“It is not snowing!” you said with a snort.

Steve raised an eyebrow at you, taking a piece of your hair between his fingers and waving it in front of your face. You gave a little delighted gasp at the snowflakes clinging to the strands.

“Oh my god, it’s snowing!”

Your radiant smile faltered a bit when a blast of freezing air and snowflakes swirled around you, forcing you deeper into Steve’s arms.

“Oh my god, it’s freezing!” you corrected, and Steve hummed in agreement, ducking his head to rest on your shoulder. “Okay, I need to talk to you about something, but I need you to let go of me.”

“Y/N, it’s cold!”

“Trust me, I know. I promise I’ll talk fast, and then we can go inside.”

“Why can’t we talk like this?”

“Because this is not something easy for me to say, so I need a reason to say it and say it quickly, or I’ll lose the nerve.”

When Steve drew back to look at you in confusion, you used the opportunity to break out of his hold, backing up a few steps until you felt the smooth bark of the Lonely Tree against your back lending you strength and support. You could do this. You would freeze to death if you didn’t do this. Nat would kick your frostbitten ass if you didn’t do this. You could do it, dammit!

“Steve… What if… I mean, what would you umm…” Your breaths were coming quicker, a result of your heart beating a frantic beat in your chest, but you forced yourself to continue. “What would you have done if that kiss hadn’t been an accident?”

You saw your question draw all the air from Steve’s lungs in a puff of fog, and you squeezed your eyes closed at the sight, sagging back against the Lonely Tree and pressing your palms to the frosty bark.

No matter how many shaky breaths Steve took, his mind wouldn’t stop its frenzied scrambling. How was he supposed to answer this question? It was an accident. There was no getting around that, was there? What were you looking for? Was the kiss not something you regretted? Was that possible? Was it possible that it had been something you wanted? When Steve finally managed to look at you, he felt a tightness in his chest.

You still had your eyes closed, focusing on slowing your breaths, telling yourself that you could handle whatever answer you received from him. After all, you hadn’t necessarily given away anything about your own feelings with that question, had you? Surely you could pass it off as a matter of curiosity. Steve was staring at you when you opened your eyes, his face alight with cautious curiosity.

“You have to tell her how you feel, Steve! She’s not going to wait around forever!” Bucky had said this morning.

“What makes you think she’s waiting around at all?”

“Don’t give me that shit. Sam told me what happened between you two on Friday.”

“It was an accident!”

“But you didn’t want it to be.”

“I can’t just tell her that. I don’t want to ruin this! I don’t want to lose her.”

“If you can’t make yourself tell her, then you’ve got to show her. One way or another, we’re solving this. Today.”

“What does that even mean?”

“You know damn well what that means.”

With one more shaky breath, Steve began to move towards you, each step careful and slow, and your fingers flexed against the tree behind you as your heart proved that yes, it could in fact beat even faster. Steve set his hands on your shoulders before running them lightly down your arms to lace your fingers with his. Try as you might to find some trace of his thoughts and intentions on his face, all you could read was an intense focus as he gave your hands a gentle squeeze and released them.

“Steve?” you said hesitantly, your voice no more than a whisper soon carried off by the wind.

He didn’t seem to hear you, though you caught a faint smile grace his features as you felt his left hand come to rest gently on your hip and guide you closer. Ever so slowly, ever so carefully, his right hand lifted, fingers softly tracing over your cheek, your jaw, your neck, before resting there, holding you steady. When his eyes finally met yours, you hardly dared to breathe. You had never seen them like this before, shining so brightly and so lovingly that they reduced your world to just this, just him. But, god, it was enough. He was more than enough.

“This is the only answer I can give,” Steve whispered, and he kissed you.

And if you had thought for a moment that you knew what it would be like to kiss him, he proved you wrong. There was nothing shy about this. His lips were soft and warm, but this kiss was firm. He knew that he wanted this, wanted you, and he made it clear with every tender press of his lips. And when you kissed him back, he only redoubled his efforts. He wrapped his arm more snugly around your hips to hold you tightly against him as his other hand lost itself in your hair, tilting your head slightly for a better angle and a deeper kiss. Your toes curled at the sensation, and your hands gripped at his shirt, never wanting this to end.

Eventually, he had to pull back from the kiss, though he never let you go. You were both left breathless, clinging to each other and slipping into dazzling smiles as you relived the kiss again and again. When you broke into an amazed giggle, he gave a soft laugh of his own. The blush that rose to his cheeks soon after was enough to overwhelm you.

“Steve Rogers, you are not  allowed to be shy after what you just did to me,” you teased with a laugh.

“Sorry.” He hid his face in the crook of your neck.

“No apologizing either! Don’t make me use your middle name!”

“You don’t even know my middle name.”

“Steven – ”

“If you say Buscemi, I swear to God, Y/N – ”

Buscemi Rogers!”

“Steve Buscemi has no place in this relationship.”

“Relationship? I don’t remember saying anything about a relationship,” you teased, and he lifted his head from your shoulder to flash you a very unamused and unconvinced frown.

“I hate you,” he grumbled, but when you gave a noncommittal hum and placed a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth, he couldn’t hold back a smile. 

“No, you don’t,” you whispered. 

“No, I don’t.”

“You’re stuck with me now. Boyfriends aren’t allowed to hate their girlfriends,” you warned.

“Boyfriends? Have you got one of those?”

“Yes, I do. He thinks he’s funny, but he’s actually really lame.”

“Probably because he spends too much time with you.”


Part 14

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Megan: Kevin, you’re completely helpless!

Linnie: You know, Kevin, you’re what the French call les incompetents.

Buzz: Kevin, I’m going to feed you to my tarantula.

Jeff: Kevin, you are *such* a *disease*!

Kate: There are 15 people in this house and you’re the only one who has to make trouble.

Frank: Look what you *did*, you little *jerk*.

What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

This is probably just part 1 since I’m only a little over half way done with my pregnancy.

1. “You’re really getting big!”

2. “You look good! For a pregnant woman, I mean.”

3. “I don’t like the name you picked.” Or “That’s a weird name. I don’t get it.” Or “That doesn’t even sound like a girl’s name.”

4. “You will DEFINITELY experience (fill in the blank) because I did in my pregnancy and so you’ll obviously have all the same experiences that I had!”

5. “Oh, you’re dealing with this, that or the other? You ain’t seen nothing yet! It gets so much worse!”

6. “I know you didn’t ask, but I’m going to shove this unsolicited advice don’t your throat anyway!”

Jeez, and people wonder why pregnant women can be so moody when we are constantly hit with these encouraging and uplifting sentiments…

Dream self

“Dream you is a big idiot,” Kagome grumbled at Inuyasha suddenly. The dog demon raised a dark eyebrow at the miko and cautiously replied with “Oh yeah? What did he do?” Being extra careful to distinguish himself from the dream version of himself that was evidently owed a sit.

She scowled.

“I was stuck chasing a whole bunch of tiny demons trying to catch them all by myself and through the whole stupid dream you were just- ”

“He.” Inuyasha interrupted.

“Right, HE was just lounging around acting like a smug jerk and laughing his head off every time one of the stupid things escaped.”

“Did you sit him?” Inuyasha asked wryly.

“Apparently dream you is immune to the beads.” She grumbled.

Inuyasha sighed quietly in envy. ‘lucky bastard.’

“You didn’t sound so angry at dream Inuyasha two nights ago,” Shippo said from her shoulder flicking his tail in confusion.

Kagome gave the little kitsune a confused look of her own and opened her mouth to ask what he meant, and then she remembered the hot springs dream featuring a certain hanyou two nights ago and her face turned red while her mouth snapped closed.

Inuyasha noticed the look of embarrassment but didn’t understand it.

“What? Was she talkin in her sleep again or somethin?” Inuyasha asked the kitsune.

“Not really, she was mostly-”

Kagome’s hands instantly pressed themselves to Shippo’s mouth putting a stop to the humiliating explanation.

“l-lets just forget I said anything!” She squeaked casting an overly cheerful smile in Inuyasha’s direction.

His eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Or you could tell me what your tryin to hide from me and just get it over with.” He replied stonily.

“It’s nothing! Shippo must have been hearing things!”

The kitsune opened his mouth to counter her denial but she shot him a look of pleading and he hesitated before saying. “Yeah, I was probably half asleep anyway.”

Inuyasha frowned and opened his mouth to scold the two of them but Kagome brushed past him jogging to escape the mortifying interview.

“Hey!” He growled starting after her but he felt a hand on his shoulder that stopped him.

“I’m a little busy here bouzo!” Inuyasha snapped looking back at the monk who had caught up to them impatiently.

“Ah, but I believe I know what Shippo was talking about.” He replied smoothly.

Kagome jerked to a halt to look back at the pair in horror.

Inuyasha caught the look and turned more fully to the monk. “So what was it?” He asked with a look of irritation.

Miroku smiled and drew the half demon off to the side of the path whispering to him while Kagome stood there frozen.

But before she could snap out of it, Inuyasha pulled away from the huddle and gave a loud sputtered sound of incredulance. Instantly Kagome blushed and turned back to the road redoubling her pace.

“But that’s not FAIR!” Inuyasha complained a little too loudly in something close to a whine.

And even though she was embarrassed, Kagome couldn’t help but stifle a small laugh at that reaction. Maybe if she saw the dream Inuyasha again tonight she’d have to tell him how lucky he was.


Authors note:

This isn’t from any of my other fics. It’s just something little I did for fun. :P  

BTS reacts to gf teasing them in public

Request: Pls do a reaction with bts when you tease them in public and they try to make you stop but they secretly like it

A/N: Ah, I would tease them 24/7, just to receive this.

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little reminder: be kind.

it’s easy to look down on people with STDs until it happens to you. be considerate of others and realize that things can happen to you just as easily. 

it’s known that no matter what form of protection you use, there is still a chance of getting an STD. but everyone always thinks it’ll never be them, I know I did. 

there have been people who have been with several people and people who have only been with one. STDs don’t pick and choose. No one is deserving of them. don’t be jerks and at least realize that not one person asked for it. 

we are human. shit happens. we are learning to live and love without shame because no one should ever be ashamed of themselves. our want/need to break the stigma is not because we don’t want to take responsibility for our actions. 

we take responsibility every time we disclose to a potential partner.
we take responsibility every time we ask someone to use protection.
we take responsibility every time we take our meds.
we take responsibility by notifying partners of outbreaks.
we take responsibility every single day.

don’t you dare say we don’t. the only people who didn’t take responsibility were the people that decided we didn’t deserve a choice. and we have learned to forgive them. not everyone was stripped of their choice but many were. keep that in mind. 



Mikaela Hyakuya had climbed through the others bedroom window, the vampire cursed quietly as he heard Yuu, did he wake him up, finishing climbing in the window he walked to the boys bed. “Did i wake you?” He mumbled softly as he walked to the side of his bed. “Scoot over. I’m sleeping in your bed.”

     What the hell was Mika even doing here? He moved over as he was instructed with a look on his face that seemed to say ‘uh okay’. “You didn’t wake me up,” he admitted as he sat up a little. “I …. couldn’t sleep.” It was a bit of a lie but it was close enough to the truth that Yu didn’t care. He had had a nightmare again and jerked awake before Mika climbed in his window, and he was unable to fall back asleep. “Not that I mind but why are you here besides to share my bed?”

Useful To You - “Effort”

Find previous parts here.

    “Dad…is everything okay?”  Carl was sitting in front of his TV, playing a video game.  Rick sat down next to him, and looked at the screen.  Carl pushed paused, sensing his father may have something to say.
    “Yeah.  Things are okay.  Just a rough day at work, is all.”

    “What happened?”

  Brow furrowed, Rick dropped his head. He mussed Carl’s hair, then let his hand rest on his back.  “Someone died,” he said quietly.


    “A little boy.  Wasn’t even four years old.”

    “That sounds awful.”


    “You saw him?”

    Rick’s head jerked up at that.  As if remembering who he was talking to, he suddenly looked uncomfortable, then looked away altogether.  “I did, but…I don’t wanna talk about it.”

    Carl nodded.  “You sure you’re okay?”

    Rick gave Carl a small smile. “Better.  After talking to you.”  

    Carl smiled back at his dad.

    Rick knew if there was a good thing he had ever done in his life, it was Carl.

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