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When I was a kid, I thought Zootopia was this perfect place, where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, real life is a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy.  We all have limitations, we all make mistakes, which means - hey, glass half full! - we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what type of animal you are; from the biggest elephant, to our first fox, I implore you - try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with all of us.

Can we just appreciate how Rowan looks like an independent woman from a 50s movie who’s watching one of her many worshippers walk off as she thinks of how boring life is beginning to get, and that having so much adoration surrounding her because of her beauty isn’t fulfilling, and that she wants to travel the world and write and live among nature because that’s what really will make her happy but societal norms and judgement is blocking her path and she hates it. Like I’m getting all of this from a single facial expression and pose by her and she’s only 15 like slay every single part of my life


get to know me [2/5] animated movies ≡ zootopia
Life’s a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.

A Concept:

Maybe, just maybe, we should stop looking for a person to blame. In the real world absolutely NOTHING is simply black and white. I can’t even begin to fathom how many grey areas there must be within this whole ridiculous mess and the bitter truth is: We most likely won’t EVER get the full story. Even if we did, we still wouldn’t be satisfied because there still wouldn’t be a definite right or wrong.

At the end of the day, it is not our lives and as much as we’d like too think we do, we do not have any say in what the girls do or how they live their lives. Involving ourselves in this back and forth monstrosity is doing nothing but confusing everything and ultimately inducing hate from all angles. It’s getting so fucking tiring. I haven’t felt at ease or happy since all this shit has gone down and I can’t fucking do it anymore.

Fuck the reasons. Camila left. Whether it was in the way she chose or not, or whether it was in a reasonable way, it doesn’t matter. She’s gone and there’s nothing anybody can do now. No amount of hate towards ANY of the girls can change anything. She’s gone and whether or not she intended to leave when she did, one thing is undeniably clear: it was going to happen sooner or later.

If someone doesn’t want to be somewhere then we have to accept that. Let her be happy. Wish her luck. Support her. At the end of the day nothing matters if she’s not happy and nobody has the right to drag her for trying to be happy. Maybe she handled things badly but the truth is: WE CAN NEVER KNOW FOR SURE WHAT HAPPENED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. No amount of statements or words from representatives will change that. We will truly never know the full truth. And even if we fucking did you crazy people wouldn’t believe it.

So lets not pretend to believe that we know what goes on. We know exactly what management wants us too, no more no less and that’s just how it is.

Support and love the girls. We know this is going to be hard. It’s going to be hard for them to keep the hype up when they’ve lost the most popular member. They need us to support and love them and promote the shit out of everything. They do. They do not need us separating and fighting and going through all this shit.

This fandom is fucking tragic. LOVE YOUR FUCKING IDOLS. That’s literally ALL you have to do. If you don’t like somebody keep it to your fucking self we don’t need any more negativity right now.

If you’re team h4rmony then support them, do everything you can to support them and keep Camila out of your fucking mouths. Just shut the fuck up.

If you’re team Camila, move the fuck on into her solo career with her and do your best to help her solo career take off and LEAVE THE GIRLS ALONE.

If the girls and Camila have bad blood (this may be hard for people to grasp and understand) THAT IS NOT OUR CONCERN. They worked together, spent every day together for four and a half years, they done EVERYTHING together and what we know is only a fraction of what really went on. They are young girls if they are bitter towards each other: LET. THEM. BE.
They are real people with real feelings and it’s okay. People fight. People upset others. Maybe they’re stubborn. They’re young fucking girls. So are most of us. Have you never fought with your friends? But it is not our business what goes on behind closed doors or how they chose to deal with eachother.

If you love all five girls, support both the band and Camila’s solo’s career. Support all their solo endeavours. Just SUPPORT. The rest is unnecessary and just painful to watch and listen too. We’re just making the girls lives harder and if we love them it shouldn’t be that way.

This fandom will legitimately be the death of me. I’m here because I love them more than anything and will continue to do so. Anything other than love and support is unnecessary and fucking sad. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and making you be here. If you are full of hate then what is the point? Spread love or fucking leave.



Infinite List of Movies: [9/?] Zootopia (2016)
↳ “I thought this city would be a perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, life’s a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.”


taylor swift meme: [1/1] tour  → Speak Now World Tour

Real life is a funny thing, you know. I think most of us fear reaching the end of our life and looking back regretting the moments we didn’t speak up. When we didn’t say ‘I love you’. When we should have said ‘I’m sorry’. So there’s a time for silence, and there’s a time for waiting your turn. But if you know how you feel, and you so clearly know what you need to say, you’ll know it.

Diversity is not enough.

   We’re right to push for diversity, we have to, but it is only step one of a long journey. Lack of racial diversity is a symptom. The underlying illness is institutional racism. It walks hand in hand with sexism, cissexism, homophobia, and classism. To go beyond this same conversation we keep having, again and again, beyond tokens and quick fixes, requires us to look the illness in the face and destroy it. This is work for white people and people of color to do, sometimes together, sometimes apart. It’s work for writers, agents, editors, artists, fans, executives, interns, directors, and publicists. It’s work for reviewers, educators, administrators. It means taking courageous, real-world steps, not just changing mission statements or submissions guidelines.

   Maybe the word hasn’t been invented yet – that thing beyond diversity. We often define movements by what they’re against, but the final goal is greater than the powers it dismantles, deeper than any statistic. It’s something like equity – a commitment to harvesting a narrative language so broad it has no face, no name.

   We can love a thing and still critique it. In fact, that’s the only way to really love a thing. Let’s be critical lovers and loving critics and open ourselves to the truth about where we are and where we’ve been. Instead of holding tight to the same old, failed patriarchies, let’s walk a new road, speak new languages. Today, let’s imagine a literature, a literary world, that carries this struggle for equity in its very essence, so that tomorrow it can cease to be necessary, and disappear.


Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.


I thought this city would be a perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, life’s a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.

I feel like everyone has a badass story about getting into crime.

Except for Matt.

Like Mica killed someone over being a fucking asshole to her at a bar, Michael was confused for someone else and a gun was put in his hands and he just went with it, and hell, Ryan’s (alleged) first kill was in the fifth grade.

But Matt?

“Real world trading.” He says the night they’re all saying what first got them into crime. Michael, Trevor, and Jeremy bust out laughing while everyone else looks at him with a blank stare.

“What’s real world trading?” Jack asks.

“It’s when you pay money for items or currency in a video game. My friend and I did it our entire time in college, and it just kind of evolved for me into, well, this.”

“How much money could you possibly have made from that?” Geoff asks, in disbelief that it could be anything substantial.

“Once we got a system down, we got around ten grand every week.”

Rumor is that Matt sometimes still goes on his old account and makes some pocket change from real world trading.

What a fucking nerd.


Now that I’ve had multiple cups of coffee and I’m not the bitch I was this morning, I can rationally convey my thoughts.

First, I take Sam and Cait out of this picture ( I know this won’t make sense at first) and all you have are two actors. They play the parts, on tv, of a couple eternally in love through life and problems. Let’s take that off the screen. They do interviews have pictures together and they show the world they are a couple and in love. Why would you think that? Well if it looks and walks like a duck it must be a duck. No?

After not one year, but over two, the world is told everything you saw and thought of these two actors being together in real life was all acting. No not the tv version, the real life version. So we are suppose to not believe what was said, shown and confirmed by these actors. If we believed it we were ridiculously out of touch with reality. Wow real life acting a new concept.

Why would someone do this? Well the actors get paid for the tv version of acting, but the real life version isn’t suppose to be as good if not better than the tv version. It distracts from the show. ( yes Ron said something to this affect during on of the panels during Season 1). Also, if you want to sell the male actor as a good looking sexy guy that every woman would want, he can’t be in a permanent relationship. Multiple women and the catch me if you can and if you do……wow what a lucky girl you are, scenario would sell better. You will want to see the show and any interviews, movies and relationships that spring up with this guy. Following him would be great. Yep that would sell

“Actors are assets”, not people ( just quoting Albrecht).

For some reasons, 🙄, a group of shippers have not let the actors real life relationship go. Well that’s not good. So into the picture comes an old actor who is going to help this younger actor with his problems of real life seeping into the tv version. No more shippers. If they can be removed from this picture then the male lead actor can be the man about town with anyone that the studio feels fits. They can switch people and places and wow won’t this be fun. Only problem is it didn’t work with a few previous girls. They get the old actor to bully, harass and just be a nasty guy to every shipper and drive them out of the fandom.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, they find Blondie. Another actress who is finding fame is not coming her way and getting better at acting isn’t an option, but being with the male actor of this scenario will bring new publicity and exposure for the show and everyone will be happy. It’s even better since Blondie belongs to the same studio as the tv production. Wow what luck. This becomes the new selling product. Push this out there and make it believable.

Wait, some of this seems familiar. Wasn’t Taylor Swift sitting on the rocks at e beach with her new love interest, Tom Hiddleston and somehow was spotted doing this? Lots of pictures of them, holding hands and just being together were all over SM.. they even went to meet her mom. Well it must be serious if that happened. Because the selling of that relationship flopped. It just disappeared, never to be seen again on radar. What a rare thing right?

Back to the new scenario. Are the shippers gone yet? Some people are doubtful this whole shit storm could or would be orchestrated and why? It must be a new real relationship. Which scenario is real if any?

Wait, again, weren’t we told this is only acting and why in the world would you believe otherwise with the first costar and actor relationship? Why not believe the story now with girl number 4, or was it 5? We got our ducks in a row. Here we are with the fucking ducks again. It looks like a duck……..right?

I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me they fed me a whole shitload of lies and what I’m being fed now is ok, I really find it hard to believe any of it. I don’t care if could be real. Yes, Hollywood does shit things and uses actors for their own gain. I don’t make up the rules here, they are known for this way of business.

So what do i believe? Am I still a shipper, because, that dam old actor is still trying to sweep the fandom clean so other shit being put out can come into it. This is why all the crap stinks so badly.

I believe that sometimes in all the mess of Hollywood, studios and BS promotional shit, once in a while love is really there. If I am wrong about Sam and Cait, then I’m wrong, but meanwhile there is no other reason that trying to remove people who believe in this relationship, other than selling a new one, is the truth.

Showing the private relationship, dating and get away trips etc., methodically on SM with a new girl every few years doesn’t make it real. You don’t sell a real life relationship, it sells itself. It’s sad to watch all these girls try and prove they are the number one girl in this actors life. It isn’t the job of any woman to sell the idea that some guy is crazy about her…….that’s his job. So some idiot guy would think this shit up, yep.

The old farty actor, well he will always be just who he is, but I’m not going to let him mess with my thoughts and what I believe. So fuck Hollywood, I’m still here on this dam ship.

Oh and it will get worse before it gets better. They are doing a hard sell here. Be prepared. The used car salesmen are practicing their pitches. If this is real than the male actor needs to have a friend set him straight.

If it’s real I’ll eat a KALE salad, yuck.


“We’re living in a time of real change,” says Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan, a vision of intensity dressed head-to-toe in black. “As I get older, the things going on in the world affect me more. I think about my kids and what they’re growing up into. My daughter, Rosie, was deeply affected by the election last year. … She just sobbed, and I was like, ‘Wow.’”


Depeche Mode Look Back on 'Violator’ 25 Years Later

The album was “the pinnacle of us having fun,” says Martin Gore

It’s an overcast mid-January day, and the singer, 54, is picking at some tagliatelle in a corner hotel restaurant located in downtown Manhattan, where he’s lived for about a decade. Despite sharing his alarm about the state of the world, he’s in bright spirits and can look at himself objectively. “Martin [Gore] and I both live in America, so we’re both very affected by what goes on,” he says. “Martin said to me, 'I know to some people, this will come off as rich rock stars living in their big houses in Santa Barbara with not a care in the world, and it’s true that we’re very fortunate. But that doesn’t mean you stop caring about what’s going on in the world. It’s really affecting me.’ And I said, 'I understand. I feel the same.’”

That sense of worry informed Gahan and his Depeche Mode bandmates while writing their upcoming album, Spirit, which is due out March 17th, as many of the LP’s 12 songs deal directly with the general Weltschmerz circulating the planet lately. Although Depeche Mode became megastars to a legion of black-clad, disaffected malcontents with serious songs about universal compassion (“People Are People”) and more personal revelations (“Enjoy the Silence,” “I Feel You”), the new tracks seem like a different chapter for the group. “I wouldn’t call this a political album,” Gahan says, “because I don’t listen to music in a political way. But it’s definitely about humanity, and our place in that.”

He sings of bigots “turning back our history” on “Backwards,” cheekily calls for change in “Where’s the Revolution?” (“Who’s making your decisions,” he sings, “you or your religion?”) and looks inward on the brooding “Poison Heart.” Musically, these songs are dark-hued with complex textures that are both icy and warm sounding, harkening back to the group’s Violator era while still sounding musically like an extension of their last album, 2013’s Delta Machine.

The realization that Gahan and Gore were on the same page with regard to world events came early when they regrouped last year with bandmate Andy Fletcher to begin work on the album. When they looked at everything they’d brought to the table, they saw a through-line. “We called the album Spirit, because it’s like, 'Where’s the spirit gone?’ or 'Where’s the spirit in humanity?’” Gahan says. “We considered calling it Maelstrom – that was a bit too heavy metal.”

They brought in producer James Ford, whose work with Florence and the Machine, Arctic Monkeys and Simian Mobile Disco had impressed the group, and he helped get the musicians get back on the same page. Other than a few disagreements between Gahan and Gore that Ford settled (“We really had it out,” Gahan says with a laugh, “It got pretty emotional”), the recording process went relatively quickly and easily, with sessions in Gore’s Santa Barbara studio and in New York.

Now the group is releasing the record’s first single, the Gore-penned “Where’s the Revolution?” The slow-building number, which features fuzzy synths, serves as a call-to-arms, on which Gahan sings, “The train is coming/Get on board,” along with the title question. “Martin wrote it in a very sarcastic, English way,” Gahan says.

It’s a mood that continues in another Spirit song “Backwards.” It opens with Gahan singing, “We are the bigots/We have not allowed/We have no respect/We have lost control.” It goes on to lambaste some people’s “caveman mentality” and how others “feel nothing inside,” amid jabbing keyboards and pounding rhythms and complete with Gore’s backing vocals. “If we want things to change, a revolution, we need to talk about it and about caring about what goes on in the world,” Gahan says. “It doesn’t seem the way things are in London. We seem to be going in another direction, and I think Martin felt like he needed to express that.”

That theme also resounds in another song written by Gore, “So Much Love,” a more upbeat, electronics-driven number about realizing that everyone has love inside. “It’s like we have so much love here, we really do, but we’re afraid to use it and access it,” Gahan says. “It’s the old John Lennon thing, like, 'love and peace, man.’”

But while Gahan sees a connection to the Beatles, the tune sounds nothing like the Fab Four with its dense, noisy pastiche of keyboards, drum machine and an eerie guitar line. Gahan says that the song, musically, has more in common with Depeche Mode in their earliest days.

“Back in '79 or 1980, we would play these 25-minute sets where I would write the little dots on the drum machine and shift it up and down to make it go faster or slower,” Gahan recalls. “It was a wall of sound. We’d plug these three keyboards into the drum machine, and three microphones – Vince [Clarke], Martin and myself – so it was three-part harmonies and a very distorted drum machine. … ['So Much Love’] also reminds me of early electronic stuff, like Tuxedomoon and Cabaret Voltaire, who did kind of punky, distorted songs.”

It’s the exact opposite sound of the ballad “Poison Heart,” a particularly catchy and euphonious number Gahan concocted with the group’s drummer, Christian Eigner, and keyboardist, Peter Gordeno. “They sent me this guitar line, and it had a bit of a Muscle Shoals vibe,” Gahan says. “It was a very different feel and I got this melody in my head.” It opens with a slow, funeral march in the vein of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell on You” and builds to an almost Beatles-like bridge with only a smidgen of noisy guitar. Gore, whom Gahan says is “not a man of many words when it comes to others’ songs,” called “Poison Heart” the best song Gahan had ever written.

“You have poison in your heart,” he croons outright at the beginning of the song. And later, he sings, “You know it’s time to break up/You’ll always be alone,” but Gahan says it’s not intended to be a breakup song.

“I was watching the news on TV and I was writing through my own inability to really relate to another human being,” he says. “There must be something wrong with me, poison in my heart or whatever. So it was fun to play with that imagery, and it became more worldly – greed and lust and wanting what you want when you want it and nothing else matters. So I was breaking up with myself – trying to evolve, trying to break up with old ideas that I think are working for me but are not in actuality. Fortunately, that’s not my relationship with my wife.”

He laughs, picking at his pasta, and says that “Poison Heart” complements another song on the album, which wasn’t played for Rolling Stone, called “Worst Crime.” “The lyrics to 'Poison Heart’ are more of an internal dialogue, but 'Worst Crime’ is looking outward,” he says. “It’s bringing about the change. You’ve got to do something different or act differently. We can all talk about whatever is going on until we’re blue in the face but you have to take real action, and sometimes we don’t know what that looks like. Individually, I believe people are inherently good, but we’re really distorted by the information we get and we act out on that information out of fear.”

Another way he expressed that opinion on the album is in a song called “Cover Me,” which he describes as a story song. “It’s about a person who travels to another planet only to find that, much to his dismay, it’s exactly the same as earth,” Gahan says. “It’s a different planet but the same. He really can’t get away from himself. If he wants things to change, he’s going to have to implement it.”

If that premise sounds like pure Bowie, it’s only because the Starman loomed large as an influence on Gahan and Gore throughout their career. “When Bowie died, we both didn’t know what to do with it,” Gahan says. “There was a personal connection there. It was a huge loss.”

Gahan recalls sobbing last January when he heard that Bowie had died. He had gotten used to seeing Bowie in surprisingly normal social settings – Gahan and Bowie’s daughters are about the same age and attend the same school – and Gahan would sometimes chat with Bowie at school functions. “It was very different to the Bowie that I grew up adoring and living vicariously through,” he says. He’d become a fan as a young teen watching Top of the Pops and latched onto Bowie’s androgyny because his mother didn’t like it. When he turned 16, he scrounged together some money (“I’m sure I stole something and sold it,” he says) to see Bowie perform at London’s Earl’s Court in 1978, and he calls the double live album, Stage, which was recorded on that tour, “some kind of pacifier” for him, his go-to Bowie.

“I had seen the news but it wasn’t until my wife told me he had died that I just broke down in tears,” Gahan says. “My daughter came out and they were both hugging me. It really affected me. I felt a huge gap. One of the things I was most regrettable about was that I had never really gone up to him at any time I’d seen him in passing and said, 'You know, David, I bump into you every once in a while, but I’ve never told you how much your music has meant to me and continues to mean to me.’”

To right this, Depeche Mode paid tribute to Bowie at a special concert they recently recorded at New York City’s High Line public park. They filmed the performance – which they did without an audience and which included several songs from Spirit – with just a drum machine and Gore on guitar, and they capped it with a cover of Bowie’s “Heroes.” “I was so moved, I barely held it together, to be honest,” Gahan says. “Martin listened to 'Heroes’ once it was mixed and randomly told me, 'Wow, that was really fucking good.’ And I said, 'Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?’”

Although Depeche Mode have not yet decided how they will release this film, Gahan is eager for people to see the whole thing and especially “Heroes.” In the meantime, he’s getting back into the headspace of performing live, and spreading the band’s new message of world awareness to audiences. By his estimation, the band has already sold over a million tickets to a few dozen stadium European stadium shows later this year, and the group is still finalizing plans for a U.S. tour; rehearsals begin in mid-February.

But it’s the early interest in the upcoming European leg that Gahan is most excited about, since many venues were nearly sold out before the release of the new single. “We spent a lot of years just fighting to be heard and to be respected,” he says. “One or two reviews of our past albums over the years have been pretty harsh. And you go, 'Oh, those people really don’t get us, they don’t get it.’”

But over the last nearly four decades, Depeche Mode have amassed a dedicated fan base, something that resonated with Gahan recently when he was working on a side project with the cinematic production team Soulsavers. One of the members of that group, Rich Machin, told him that Depeche Mode records like Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion were among his favorites when he was 13.

“They were like what Diamond Dogs and Ziggy Stardust were to me, those albums where you sit in your bedroom wondering why you don’t fit in with the rest of the world,” Gahan says. “That’s what I was doing with David Bowie at that age. I had found somebody in him that I could understand, where I felt I was part of his world, when I felt alienated. And I think that’s why Depeche Mode appeals to a lot of people. Somehow it’s comforting, like, 'You’re not alone.’ You’re not, of course. None of us are. But music is the thing that crosses all boundaries and brings odd people together.”

It’s a sentiment that also echoed last year when it was announced that Depeche Mode were nominated for the first time to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but ultimately didn’t make it. “We’re not just part of the fabric, and I’m proud of that,” he says. “We stick out as being something that’s a little bit odd. We knew we weren’t going to get up there with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but someone wrote something like, 'They’re a band wearing eyeliner, writing pervy songs about twisted, weird, depressing subjects.’

"I took that as a massive compliment,” he continues. “Because we are a little odd, and we’ve always appealed to the odd out there, the odd in the world. Our fans and the people like ourselves are a squad that maybe didn’t quite feel right hanging out with others. We’re a little awkward, a little nerdy, a little different. We found each other and it became a gang.” He laughs, looking proud. “And it’s a pretty big gang now.”

(via Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan on Urgent New LP, Bowie Influence - Rolling Stone)


This is something I always kinda overlooked as a comedic moment, but looking back on it, some important questions arise:

1. Why DOESN’T Allura know how to use the gun? It’s not just a “tense situation”, after all, she seems genuinely confused when the gun is pointed the wrong way. She honestly didn’t know how to hold it. Could Allura be lying to the Paladin’s about their travels? I feel like we aren’t getting the whole story as to where the previous Paladins traveled or, at least, Allura’s involvement during the era of the previous Paladins. She must not have any actual real world combat experience.

2. Why DOES Shiro know how to hold the gun? After all, we can assume the galra guns work much differently and are held a lot different than Earth weapons, or even their own bayard guns. After all, Lance’s looks nothing like Galra guns, so even if the bayards form into weapons resembling what the Paladins’ know as usuable weapons, Lance “image” of a gun isn’t the same as the Galra technology. Therefore, Shiro must have used a Galra gun before. Perhaps when he was a prisoner. 

Just a few things to think about.

We need to raise some awareness for the mistreatment of women in 3rd world countries. Make the feminist understand what real oppression looks like, and maybe help them understand how good they really have it here while maybe helping women around the world.



I totally forgot about @thatsthat24’s LGBT Fanders Meetup until now, so have a late selfie oops (plus one from a week ago when I was dressed like that. what a #Look™)

I’m Mason and I’m pan and agender. I’m not really sure how long I’ve been a fan of Thomas but it’s been multiple years. I love how pure and kind he is to everyone, I love his humour, I just love him so much. He really is a ray of sunshine in this dark world we live in. I really hope one day I can meet him in real life and give him the biggest hug :3

Other things I love include Justin Trudeau, girls, cute clothes, and my cat, Muffins

(You can see more of her in the “#muffins the cat” tag on my blog.)

Fun fact: Thomas suggested that name for her back when I first got her.

Tiny Cartoon Basketball Team: New Member Try Outs

It’s the start of a new year and we are looking for some talented first years for our team! Can you shoot 3-pointers well? Are you good at blocking shots and rebounding? Got dribbling skills up the whazoo?? Just looking to have some fun and shoot hoops with wonderful people? Or perhaps you’re interested in our world-class band? Or our vibrant, award-winning cheer squad? Whatever it is, you can find it on our team!

You may be wondering what the Tiny Cartoon Basketball Team (or TCBT) is and that is a perfectly good question! The larger story can be found on our [about page], but, in essence, we’re really just a group of people who like Kuroko no Basket, actual (real life!) basketball, and anime in general. We have a group chat that has been active almost every day this year with lovely, positive, and talented people; it’s a great place to meet new friends and unwind during the day. We also arrange events like training camps, olympic competitions, formals, and so much more. You can contribute art, writing, music, graphics, scenarios, or whatever it is you like to do!

Starting Saturday, January 21st at GMT 0:00 you can submit an application to our submission box. Keep in mind that this is the afternoon/evening of the 20th for people in the Americas and the morning of the 21st for people in Oceania and Eastern parts of Asia! In your submission, please be sure to include a drawing of yourself, your name, and desired position/section. Height, skills, and other fun info is also great to include!! Examples of submissions can be found on the TCBT blog starting [here].
Positions/Sections: Center, Shooting Guard, Point Guard, Power Forward, Short Forward, Pep Band, and Cheer Squad.

We look forward to all our lovely new members and we will make a post at GMT 0:00 on the 21st so it is clear when submissions are open!! Note that despite the title “Try Outs” we will be accepting all applicants with open arms!!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please just send us an ask and we will do our best to assist you!

Scorpio & Pisces
  • Pisces, looks up from writing in her journal: Hey babe, do you think that the world is gonna get better?
  • Scorpio, looks at her while scrolling down her phone: We don't know the future, and can only look at the past. So what do you think?
  • Pisces, thinks for a moment:
  • Pisces: We are high key repeating the past. But I know it will be better, since I have you by my side.
  • Scorpio:
  • Scorpio, laughing: That was cute.
Who Is Logan ?

(Just so you know, I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t intend to watch it because I don’t know how similar the plot will be and I want to avoid spoilers)

Okay guys, so we’ve seen Logan in 4 episodes so far and I must admit I find his backstory more and more intriguing. We already know that he’s an extremely good-looking asshole, but who is this guy exactly ? Because I have WAY too much free time on my hands, I decided to make a recap of what we know so far :

- It’s not Logan’s first time in the park. Here he enjoys drinking, fucking and killing things (not always in that order) (and that why we love him). According to Billy, he doesn’t act like this in the real world (1x04). But that doesn’t mean he’s not a piece of shit. Let’s say, he’s a smaller piece of shit.
- He spent 40,000$ for his visit (1x03), so we can assume he’s very rich. You can’t tell me it’s not sexy.
- He has a sister who already visited the park. Logan claims she had sex with hosts when she was here (1x02). His sister is (probably) engaged to Billy, but they’re not married yet (1x03), which would make Logan and Billy future brothers-in-law. Logan said he invited Billy to the park to « welcome him to the family » (1x04) (but Billy doesn’t seem to believe it).
- Billy and Logan work together (1x02). We can assume Logan’s family owns a very big company (1x04). This company / Logan’s family wants to buy the park (1x05).
- Billy is the executive vice president in Logan’s family company. We can assume Logan picked him for the job, as Billy « thanked him for the opportunity » (1x05). Yet, Logan doesn’t seem to like Billy very much (he finds him « talented » but « inoffensive » (1x02)). The feeling is mutual.

What do Logan’s family want to do with the park ? I don’t think they only want to buy it to make money. I think it’s not a coincidence that we don’t know Logan’s last name yet. I guess it might be important in the plot later. Or maybe we have already seen a member of his family in the real world but we don’t know it yet ? Also, why did Logan picked Billy to be the EVP if he doesn’t like him ? Is it only to please his sister (I don’t think so). So what was his ultimate plan ?

Feel free to share your theories (but please keep them spoiler-free) !

i was reading a couple of ‘don’t say kaisoo is a coverup for kxk’ posts from several months ago and most of them significantly missed the point.

for example, this one user wrote 'when yall are here writing 50 page essays on the way k*isoo glanced in each other’s direction when there’s laysoo in some corner holding hands and trying to touch each other’s dingleberries, that goes unseen because it’s not as important or real (according to you) as k*isoo.’

which implies to me that most of these people have no idea what we’re talking about. the fact that other members are allowed to freely interact and touch all over each after the blind item, is very very significant. so in some ways, these people have noticed something? but they’re not, 'observant’ enough to realize what they’re looking at all. or they still think two idols dating in the same group is merely fantasy or fanfiction. it’s not even the most dramatic thing in the world.

kd glancing at each other is not what i’m ever talking about in my 50 page essays. i’m talking about videos of jong_dae and su_ho holding ji to the side as they awkward get into formation, when he was trying to approach ks. i’m talking about the biggest otp in exo never getting promoted and fanserviced for the $$. and don’t try that 'maybe they aren’t close’ bullshit with me. especially after the fan signing where dks indirectly said he was more significant to ji than other members and other people were, 'even to me’. i know you understand exclusive dialogue. that was exclusive.

i’m talking about ks looking complete shut down during lotto promos without ji and you written it off as external factors when ji looks the exact same when ks is absent. but you people assume we spend time talking about looking. which i mean, kji did kneel down on a red carpet and starred at ks for more seconds than what’s cool lmao.

i don’t listen to those people any way and knowing they literally have no defense or explanation for other things we know (jagi moment, 2012 insider post, etc) is very interesting. ji can look at all the other members he wants to, that’s not what we’re talking about.