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👁️Realize Your Wrongdoings Curse👁️

This spell is to make someone realize and feel guilty about their wrongdoings.

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👁️ Ingredients:
👁️ Poppet, taglock, or other representation of the target
👁️ Paper and pen
👁️ Container
👁️ Lemon juice
👁️ Onion powder
👁️ Optional: googly eyes

👁️ First, take your poppet or other representation of the target. If you have googly eyes, put those on it if possible. Have the surface entirely covered except for the representation’s eyes if it has them.
👁️ Then take your container and line the bottom of it with googly eyes if you have them. Take the pen and paper and list their wrongdoings and then put it into the container along with the representation of the target. Say, “Look at what you’ve done wrong, [target’s name]. [Their wrongdoing(s)] shall always be on your mind. You can never look away from what you’ve done!”
👁️ Then add the lemon juice and onion powder to the container and say, “You shall feel incredible remorse and guilt for [their wrongdoing(s)]. You shall never forgive yourself for [wrongdoing(s)]!”
👁️ If you want this to be a hex, add on, “Until you have done right by me, you shall be forever cursed to feel the utmost guilt for your actions henceforth.”
👁️ Close the container and keep it in a dark place. Cleanse your space.

Me: I should study.

Brain: Look! Your favorite blogger wrote a 30k word post saying why your OTP is canon!

Me: What! Where?

Brain: Tumblr! Also, don’t forget to look up your OTP and read all the fanfiction you come across. And, make sure you see all of those juicy edits and crack videos. And when you’re done, go to Netflix and re-watch the series so you could never forget how amazing it is.

Me: But I need to-

Brain: Silence.

I haven’t met someone that makes me feel complete. I should scratch that. When you enter a relationship you should already be complete. That being said, I haven’t met someone who adds value to my life. Perhaps, I am narcissistic in thinking that I’m too good for anyone. The fact of the matter is that fought hard to become who I am today. I thought hard to love myself. I was a flower who wanted to bloom, but people mercilessly stepped over me. I had to learn to forgive and love. Eventually, I became whole.
But, I have yet to meet that person who makes my sparks go off. Who tickles my fancy. Who challenges me in ways that I never been challenged. Who pushes the barriers of what can be done. You see, I’m a crazy dreamer. I want to push boundaries. I can’t have someone who is safe. Conventional. I need someone to who is able to look at a blank white canvas with me and see grounds emerge, streams of rivers and oceans.
—  flawedconqueror 
Every Harry Potter fanfiction I’ve read and loved


9 times Harry kissed Draco and the 1 time Draco kissed Harry

Action Figures

Animus Nexus

Best Laid Plans

Beyond the Mirror’s Edge

Chase the Wind

Collecting Kisses


Draco Malfoy and the Sleepwalking Saviour

Draco Malfoy’s Harry Potter Pickup Lines

Drarry 30 Day OTP Challenge


For Every Action

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Kiss the Joy (Until the Sunrise)

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The Incredible Race

The LipLock Jinx

The Ministry Olympics

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight

The One Where Harry Proposes

The Proposal

Things I am Not Allowed to do at Hogwarts

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The stars in your eyes and the moon in mine

The Voice In His Head

The Voice, Louder

To Kiss a Bloke


Hiding Scrawl, Licking Freckles, and Other Average Wizard Things

Staring in the Great Hall

Tell me if any of the links aren’t working. Happy reading!

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I wouldn’t want to live this life without my best friend @dinoshade 🤘🏾

Left: both pre T
Right: Kai is 4 months, I’m 8 months

How to pretend to be pretty for strangers on tumblr

So you want to go from potato to po-great-o? Allow me to show you the way. 

Start off with your early morning potato face. We’ve got a lot going on here. Greasy hair. Chronic acne. Dryness. Eye bags. Not rebloggable. No artificial bolstering of our self-esteem here! 

Time to shower and slather our faces with products! “But SleepyWhatever!” I hear you cry. “How do you maintain your glorious rash-like complexion?” I’m glad you ask! Here is me doing my shower ritual of two masks, a cleanser, an exfoliator and a toner to look exactly the same.


Originally posted by ihiphop

So onto the makeup. First of all, we gotta fix those eyebrows. Time to use four products and twenty minutes to draw on hairs we don’t have and cover up hairs we do have. 

Here’s a key. 

Next is pretty much the only good advice in this thing. You want that flawless wing and sharp shadow line with no cleanup necessary? Tape! Make a line with tape (pre-stuck on your hand to remove some of the sticky so as not to damage your delicate eye area). 

Then we smear a flesh-coloured primer on our eyes and set it with a flesh-coloured powder to make better looking flesh. 

Start with a neutral brown to softly define your crease. 

Next we realised we have no idea what the fuck we’re doing because we didn’t plan it out in advance. Smear on some purple on top of the work we just did and hope for the best. 

Inspired by our vague success, we bullshit on! First of all we add some blue to the purple to intensify the colour. Then we paint the eyelids gold for ~contrast~ and then we sling some of that purple/dark blue combo on the outer corners to tie the whole thing together. As long as you blend blend blend, everything will be ok.

At this point we realise two things. 

1) Our eyebrows are hideously uneven. (Leftie you bitch)
2) Pursed lips look like a butthole. 

Next is eyeliner. Pray for my soul.

Originally posted by giphy

So now we start to try and fix The Face. First off, primer. I have a lot of redness so I’m going to smear Shrek’s cum on my face. 

And see what it does! 

… Jack shit. Alright. That’s ok. We can colour correct! Let’s grab our cream colour corrector kit and neutralise our complexion that way!

Ok, you know what? We can power through. 

Because I am, in cosmetics terms, a fucking vampire I used the lightest shade of Dermacol and my concealer and my white foundation mixer and it was still too dark so I caked myself in white powder and made myself ever so slightly too light. Oh well. 

I drew my undereyes on using the same purples and blues and a little bit of pink. When it came to false lashes I realised I couldn’t find my lash glue. Or any lashes. But it’s ok! We can make false false eyelashes in an app!

Lastly I threw on a deep purple matte lip. is it comfortable? no! Can I pull it off? not really! but is it super cool and in right now? you bet.

So the makeup is done. Massively heavy and uncomfortable and not something I would wear outside my house because I am not brave. But do I LOVE doing it so over the top? 

Originally posted by repeattofade


Now your makeup is done, take 200 selfies in every room in your house to try and find that Holy Grail selfie that shows off your eye makeup as well as your lipstick and is good lighting and also a flattering expression. Also get bored and become distracted by husband and cat being doofs. 

After trawling through every selfie, asking people’s opinions and changing and changing your mind, settle on adequacy because this has taken like three hours. 

It seems alright. Skin texture minimal. Eyebrow unevenness concealed. Eyeliner showing off. Awks lip gap only showing a little bit. Shame about forgetting to do a damn thing about our hair. This is workable! We’re almost there! Home stretch. We just have to filter the shit out of it and add some fake fake eyelashes and we have something ready for tumblr and that MUA Insta.

And we’re done! You did most of that! That’s sort of what you look like. Now we can prompt strangers to make us feel better about ourselves over the internet. Go forth and harvest those sweet, sweet reblogs.

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There was nothing to hold on to in the first. Nothing. - Promethean Dread 💀 On a side note. I’m getting this skeleton figure tattooed on me this Sunday? Comment if you guys want to see what it looks like when it’s done!

Before anyone asks,no this isnt suppose to teach you HOW to cell shade, this is for anyone who has learned how to,but doesnt quite understand what to do next.

This is more or less a technique tutorial really , I suggest if youve never done cell shading to look up tutorials on how to, or you can go to my deviantart and look at my favorites. I have a tab for tutorials of just about anything.(My username is Salt-Dog )

Please do not ask me to teach you how to shade, Im not the best at describing so your better off learning from the internet then me.


ɢɪʟɢᴀᴍᴇꜱʜ : ᴛʜᴇ ʙʟᴀᴅᴇᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀ

ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴘʀᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀꜱᴇʟꜰ ᴡᴏʀᴛʜʏ ᴏꜰ ᴍʏ ᴍᴀɴᴛʟᴇ?

…ᴀɴᴅ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪꜱ ɪᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴛᴏ ɢʟᴇᴀɴ?

anonymous asked:

I want you to know that I had a semi-nightmare involving a lot of half-naked Angie and Yandere Saihara after seeing that post. I'm. So confused. Why did I have that dream. Why was Angie half-naked. Why did Saihara have teeth as sharp as a freaking alligator. These are the questions I will never have answers to.

the answer is that i… may have made an au on the words “half-naked angie” and “teeth as sharp as a freaking alligator”…

congrats, i guess we might have a cult au on our hands??? HaHA,,,,

also, saihara with sharp teeth..!! in my elusive, super serious style. he actually looks rlly good–

the-great-black-hat  asked:

Hello there, dear. I see you're a fan of my show with all the fan art you've been rebloging. You wouldn't happen to be mostly a fan of me, would you? ((Guess who~. ;3c))


thanks tumblr for makin this look like a turd



Hello Tumblr this is my first post. This is a 3D-model I made of Jhin’s gun from League of Legends. It was a huge challenge and I learned tones about 3D modeling from working on it. I honestly don’t believe I could have done it even a week ago but here I am now. Shoutout to my friend @fourth-times-thecharm for giving me lore and composition insights into what Whisper is and how it works on a deeper level then just being a gun. I look forward to posting more stuff like this on here.  


The Oregon Coast Project

The Oregon Coast is a very special place to me. I was born on the east coast, and shortly before my brother was born my family moved to Lincoln City, where I lived until I was 4 or 5. All of my formative memories are from times on the coast, from riding my tricycle on the beach just a block from our house, to being caught in a sneaker wave and my dad sprinting into the ocean to come save me from being washed away. Every time I revisit these places I’m filled with a weird feeling of nostalgia and sadness - not because the memories I have are sad, but because this place probably won’t be around for much longer - at least not the way we’ve come to know it. 

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the second time isak enters even’s room, they’re coming back from school and even is throwing his backpack on the floor and taking his socks off and he holds one of them and pretends he’s about to throw it isak’s way and isak gives him a stern look and warns “don’t you dare. and even smiles a cheeky smile, says “you know i wouldn’t” and isak breathes out a laughter and shakes his head, replies “no, even, i don’t”. and then even is going through his drawers, a pensive look on his face and grabs black jogging pants and a pastel pink shirt with a teddy bear at the front, hands them to isak. isak unfolds the shirt and raises an eyebrow at even, but he doesn’t protest, decides to play along, takes his shirt off and asks even “where did you get that shirt?” and now even has also changed into something more comfortable and he walks over to isak, hugs him from behind and he sways with him a little and says “flea market last summer, only 20 kroner, total steal for such an iconic fashion piece”. and isak chuckles, turns around and kisses him, quick pecks on his lips

and then even walks over to his loft bed, climbs up the ladder and he’s sitting on the mattress and waiting for isak to join him but isak kind of just. stays there. and even looks down at him and asks “hey, you coming?” and isak walks over to the ladder and holds on to each side and places a foot on the first rung but once again he goes still. and then even is up on his knees and looking down at him and isak is starring at the floor, loose grip on the ladder and even frowns at the sight, asks “hey you, what’s up?” and he gets down as he says the words, isak moving out of the way. isak glances up and chews on his bottom lip and he looks slightly confused and nervous. “it’s just -” he sighs, and even waits, gently presses his forehead against his. “you’re going to think i’m ridiculous but, hm, you see when i was eight, i had this friend and his name was, hm…mattias but, hm, that’s not important. hm, so yeah i went to sleep over to his house once because we had this, hm, football competition over the weekend and so i was supposed to sleep at his place and he had this…bunk bed and i remember when i climbed the ladder, my foot kind of slipped and i, hm, fell” 

he lets out another long sigh and even wraps him in a hug, kisses his temple and says “you know, when i was six, i fell from my bicycle and i didn’t want to ride one for the longest time. do you think that was ridiculous of me?” isak is resting chin on even’s shoulder and he whispers “no” and for a second even holds him tighter and he softly says “then why would i think you’re ridiculous?” isak gives a small shrug. “i just haven’t tried to since that one time, you know?” and even replies “well, we can try tonight, if you’re wiling. but we’ve got these extra mattresses too, so it’s really up to you” even lets go of isak and gives him a comforting smile, one that says i see you, it’s alright. and isak can’t help it, runs a hand through even’s hair and smiles back, and a few seconds later he nods towards the bed and says “let’s go” 

and so isak goes first and even is right there behind him, a reassuring presence as isak climbs up the ladder, step by step. and when isak is up on the bed, even immediately joins him, tells him “i’m really proud of you” and he kisses isak, slow and affectionate. they remain like this for a while, exchanging words and kisses and delicate touches. and then even runs a finger across isak’s lips and down his neck and then on his shoulder, over the shirt he gave him earlier. even lets out a little laugh and asks “that’s a really cool shirt, where’d you get it?” and isak rolls his eyes, a small smile spread across his face and he says “well, this pretty great guy gave it to me, said he got it for sale or something” and even rubs his nose against his, playfully asks “a pretty great guy, hm?” and isak places a hand on even’s cheek, replies “yeah, he’s incredible actually, and he’s got this really comfortable bed and” isak is looking into even’s eyes and his are filled with appreciation, for what he’s just done and for the person he is, and he adds “i think you’d love him” 

astrangetypeofchemistry  asked:

Chlonette AU where they make a pact to get married as kids

Alya took off her glasses and wiped away the tears that were collecting in the corners of her eyes. “Waitwaitwait. Oh my God. Okay. Please run me through this like one more time.”

Chloe was turned away from the rest of the class and had her hands covering her ears. “Nope! I’m not listening to this again! I’ve been subjected to enough public humiliation as it is!”

“Ditto!” Marinette grumbled, hiding her face in her folded arms resting on the desk. “This isn’t funny anymore just let it go.”

Nino scoffed. “Um. That’s offensive. I’ll have you know that I have taken my role as your future wedding officiant very seriously.”

“No!” Alya gaped with a wide smile. “They made you the officiant?”

“Yup,” Nino nodded. “Actually, I should probably go get registered soon.”

“No one’s getting registered! No one’s getting married! Fuck off, Nino,” Chloe shouted. 

“Oh shut up, you’re supposedly not even listening anymore,” Alya said. “This is possibly the most fascinating thing you’ve ever told me. I’m still half convinced you’re lying to me.”

“Listen, when we were in école together, Chloe and Marinette were inseparable.”

“Wait a minute,” Adrien perked up suddenly. “Chloe, that best girlfriend in the whole wide world you were always telling me about when we were kids….that was Marinette!?”

Marinette dug through her book bag, pulled out a pen, and held it out to Kim who was standing by her desk. “Here. Take it. Stab me with it. Do it.”

“We are not talking about that Adrien!!” Chloe screamed, standing up from her chair. “That was a part of my dark past how dare you bring it up!”

“Oh man, they did everything together,” Nino laughed. “Did arts and crafts projects together, went to the park together, got friendship bracelets together, it was super adorable.” 

“We were like eight!” Marinette wailed. “Oh my God, that was forever ago!”

“Just makes it even more adorable,” Nino shrugged. “But yeah they announced to the whole class one day that if they didn’t have any boyfriends by the time they graduated lycée, that they were going to date each other and then get married. I humbly accepted the responsibility of marrying them myself, Juleka was going to be in charge of makeup, Max was in charge of fundraising, and Nathanael was going to design the invitations.”

“I have preliminary sketches if you want them,” Nathanael said from the back of the classroom. “I was thinking a pink and yellow theme. Possibly a spring wedding.” 

“Oh my God, can I be Marinette’s maid of honor?” Alya gasped. 

“There’s no wedding!” Marinette shrieked. 

“I was going to be Chloe’s best man, so that works,” Adrien grinned. “Or wait. Does she get a maid of honor instead of a best man? How does that work again?”

“How about this?” Nino decided. “Alya is Marinette’s maid of honor. I’m Marinette’s best man. You’re Chloe’s best man. And Sabrina’s Chloe’s maid of honor. That way we’re all even.”

“Oh perfect!” Sabrina smiled, clapping her hands together. “I already started drafting a speech. I was hoping someone could take a look at it for me and tell me what they think.”

“Done!” Chloe announced, getting up from her seat. “Five thousand percent done! I’m burying myself in shame in the park! Don’t look for me!”

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.9

A/N: Hello everyone! Sorry about the delay last night, but I hope you all enjoy part 9. As always I need 100 notes and feedback, but y'all know the drill. And I know I the ending is a bit shitty, but it was getting long so I had to cut it off.Hope y'all enjoy💕 I’m starting to think these two pink hearts are like my signature here on tumblr lmaoo

 **WARNING** : Smut ;) I feel awfully dirty about writing this, but I really don’t mind.

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

Five days. 

 It had been five long, awfully boring days since Calum had spoke to you. The morning after you ran off he sent you a good morning text like every morning, but the only response he got was the read receipt on the bottom. It was the same for his annual goodnight text as well. He had been texting and calling you non stop since then, but you didn’t give him the time of day. Whenever you actually did respond it was just to tell him to stop texting your phone. 

 “Cal do you wanna go-”

 “I don’t really want to do anything with you at the moment, Ashton.” Calum spat and the curly blonde stopped in his tracks at his doorway. 

 “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

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