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Saturday Night Live pretty much destroyed me, and I couldn’t help but writing this after that night. I wrote this in like zero time so I am sorry if it kinda sucks but I had to write down my thoughts immediately lol enjoy pals - M xx.

You could tell that he was upset just by the way he entered the dressing room.

It was easy for you to decide why Harry was so upset, just by the way you were watching him so carefully on the live stage. Your mind filled with worry just how his hands ran through his hair so aggressively and how his eyebrows crinkled, creating creases on his forehead. You could tell by the way he walked away from the microphone that the notes he hit weren’t the ones he had in mind, and the thought of him being so disappointed in himself hurt your heart.

Of course, Harry tried shrugging it off, he didn’t want you to worry. The assured smile he flashed to you as you waited for him didn’t fool you; even when he reached to give you a kiss on the lips you knew that these were just attempts to avoid talking about his first solo performance.

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buesargent  asked:

yeah hi im in love with your andreil kid au!! would you mind writing one where there's a daddy-daughter dance at piper's school and she takes them both?? my heart would melt thanks

hello, my darling! i’ve loved this prompt since the day you sent it to me, so here you have it. i hope you enjoy <3 also on AO3

kid au 

(no need to be read in a specific order!)


“But you said you would come!”

“No, I said that I would think about it.”

“Oh, come on! The eidetic memory? Really?”

The argument goes on as Neil leans silently against the doorframe of their kitchen, determined to keep the reigns on the laugh he desperately wants to let loose. He really shouldn’t be laughing. This is, after all, a very serious matter. It isn’t every day that a sixth grader attends her first school dance, especially when parents are encouraged to attend.

Neil watches as the standoff continues. Andrew is on one side of the dining room table, leaning forward with his palms braced on the surface. Piper is exactly opposite him, mirroring his stance to a T. She is becoming more and more exasperated each time Andrew shoots her down, but she’s a tenacious little thing, and she won’t be backing down anytime soon.

“Look, your dad is already going. You don’t need both of us there.”

Neil actually feels bad for both of them. Andrew isn’t entirely comfortable being around so many strangers, and Neil doesn’t blame him. They rarely attend Piper’s school functions together, mainly because their combined Exy careers attract too much attention. You can’t exactly tell your daughter’s science teacher to fuck off when they start asking too many questions.

“But…you…UGH!” Piper pushes away from the table and brushes past Neil in a blur on her way out. He turns to watch her as she storms down the hall and slams her door shut. Such a flare for the dramatic. Who could she have possibly learned that from.

Neil turns his attention back to Andrew. He is still in the same position, but now his head is tilted back, his eyes cast to the ceiling.

“Nicely done. Bravo, really. That was excellent,” Neil taunts him, a smile making its way onto his face. It may not look like it to anyone else, but Neil can tell that Andrew is caving. If there is anything in this world that Neil knows with enough certainly to bet his life on, it’s Andrew Minyard.

Andrew rolls his head to the side to make sure Neil receives the full effect of his scowl. “Fuck you.”

Neil does nothing to stop the grin from taking over his face as he begins making his way across the room.

“You know,” he says, extending a hand to Andrew and waiting for him to take it, “I could make it worth your while.”

“Doubt it,” Andrew says. He glares at Neil’s hand as if by doing so, he could make it catch fire. But eventually he gives up and snatches it into his.

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Someday, I’ll see you again

Someday, I’ll see you again ; Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Setting : End of first movie to start of second movie

****Requested: Yes

“Hurry up, you slowpoke!” Y/N shouted, looking behind her to see Edmund sitting still on his horse.

“Just… Taking a breather.” Edmund said, gesturing to Phillip.

“You stay back and I’ll catch the white stag myself.” Lucy and Susan mocked as they arrived, their horses skidding to a stop beside Y/N.

“Honestly, brother. You should be the one to care for your wife in these situations, not the other way around!” Peter snorted, appearing alongside his sisters.

“Ah, but my husband is old now. I’m afraid he’s not as agile as he used to be back then.” Y/N teased smirking over at Edmund. “I’m fine, though. I understand you completely, love.”

Edmund made a face at his wife before looking at the huge black metal pole beside him.

“A tree made of metal?” He muttered quite loudly.

Lucy gasped and dismounted her horse to run up and touch the so-called tree.
“I think it’s called a lantern?” Y/N said, causing the four to look at her in confusion. “What? I have a slight memory of it. After all, it IS in Lantern Waste, is it not?”

The four nodded in understanding.

“It’s like I’ve seen this before, though.” Lucy whispered. “Like, in a dream.”
“Or in a dream of a dream.” Edmund added.

Lucy gasped and opened her mouth in excitement. “Spare Oom!”

The others looked at each other in confusion.

Lucy ran off into a small passageway of pinecones.

“Lucy!” Y/N shrieked and dismounted her horse and ran after the excited queen.

“Y/N!” Edmund and his siblings followed suit and sprinted after Lucy and Y/N.
However, they were surprised when they all fell back in the 1950s, back in their original ages when they entered Narnia.

Edmund’s eyes immediately scanned his siblings and darted around the room, not even aware of the ongoing conversation between Peter and Professor Kirke.

“I’m not sure you’ll believe us, sir.” He heard Peter say in his panicking state.

“Try me.” Professor said with a smile, throwing the ball at the siblings at the exact time Edmund stood up.

Edmund hastily batted away the ball, much to everyone’s shock, and ran back inside the wardrobe.

“Edmund?” Lucy asked when she heard Edmund shouting, pounding and kicking the back of the wooden wardrobe.

Peter walked in the wardrobe and dragged him back. “Edmund, calm down.”

“Let me go! I have to go back!” Edmund screamed and flailed in Peter’s arms.

“Edmund! What in the name of Aslan came over you?” Susan said before whipping around to look at the Professor who smiled at her and gestured at her brother.

“Edmund, what’s bothering you?” Peter asked once the brunette boy calmed down.

Edmund looked down and took a sharp breath before he raised his head, looked his older brother in the eyes with the fierce glare that can be received from only the finest warrior, diplomat and one of the finest kings that Narnia has experienced.

Peter barely had the time to gulp before Edmund growled with rage.

“Where the hell is my wife?

Y/N woke up under her bed.

"What…?” She breathed before crawling out and widening her eyes at the cream walls surrounding her.

She was not in Narnia anymore.

She was back home, in 2016.

2016… Boy, she had a lot of adjusting to do.

As she stood there, the door slammed open, revealing a small girl.


Y/N twirled to see her little sister holding a small device.

Oh, right. I have a phone.

Y/N smiled and took the device. “Thank you, sister. I must rest, I’ve had a rough day today. I’ll see you at dinner, I presume?”

Y/N’s sister looked at her in confusion before shrugging and walking away while shouting. “You’re unusually nice today. I like it. See ya at dinner, sis.”
Y/N sighed and closed the door.

Feeling a familiar weight, Y/N looked down at her hand and was surprised to see a silver wedding ring.

Hers and Edmund’s.

She smiled knowingly and looked our her bedroom window.

“I know I’ll see you again. Someday, I will. I know I will. I have to see you again.”

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Can you do something where Percy is fighting a monster to protect his little sister. Percy gets hurt really badly he kills it Annabeth was meeting them and sees Percy get hurt And then she is praying to for help and it starts to rain healing him

  • “Percy, why are we running?” His little sister, Abbie, asked. She was slightly out of breath.
  • Percy pulled her off of the slide and told her to run. He was practically dragging her since he was much taller and stronger. 
  • “There’s a monster. Bad monster, Abbie.” He replied, pulling his sister down a what he thought was a block, but it was a dead end. 
  • He pushed Abbie behind  him and uncapped Riptide. Percy knew that Abbie couldn’t see what he could. The Mist was too strong on her. Riptide probably looked like a baseball bat or something. 
  • “Stay behind me.” He warned her. 
  • Abbie stayed back, behind her brother. She looked at him, scared out of her mind. Whenever Percy said there were monsters, it never ended well. Percy always ended up with new bruises or scratches. 
  • Percy stared at the empousa. He wanted to defend his sister, but the empousa charged at him. He slashed Riptide as she got closer. She dodged and scratched Percy. 
  • He backed up and there was blood dripping from his arm where he got scratched. “Get away from me.”
  • “What’s wrong, Percy?” She looked at him with a slight smile, her voice dripping with charmspeak. “Why would you try to hurt a pretty lady like me?”
  • He froze as she walked closer to him. Her finger tracing his chest as he stared at her. 
  • “And you don’t want to see your sister get hurt.” Her mouth next to his ear. Her mouth was so close to his throat where she could drink his blood. 
  • “PERCY!” Abbie yelled right as the empousa bit Percy.
  • He went still. Abbie’s scream was faint to him, but he heard her. His arm felt limp, but he curled his fingers tighter around Riptide. Riptide felt like lead as he made a stabbing motion. 
  • The empousa shrieked before turning into dust on him. He was swaying back and forth until he fell to the ground. 
  • “Percy! Percy!” Abbie started crying. Her big brother was bare conscious. “Help! Help!”
  •  She heard running and suddenly Annabeth appeared in the alley. Abbie was relieved to see her. They were suppose to meet her at the Museum of Natural History but…they never made it there.
  • “Annabeth! Please help Percy.” Abbie had tears running down her face. 
  • “What happened?” She asked, kneeling next to her boyfriend. Her hand went to his wrist to check his pulse. She saw him bleeding and ripped the hem of her shirt to try and put pressure on it.
  • “This girl was chasing us. Percy said she was a monster. Then he tried to fight but he was under a spell and she bit him.” Abbie said between sobs.
  • Annabeth cursed in Greek. She knew she wasn’t suppose to, but Percy’s pulse was weak and the loss of blood wasn’t good. Even the ambrosia and nectar she had with him wouldn’t help him. 
  • So she did the one thing she could think of, she prayed to the gods for help. Anything to save him because even though she was calm on the outside, she was shaking and crying in the inside.
  • Abbie looked at Annabeth. “Is he going to be okay?”
  • “Y-Yeah.” She replied. “He’s going to be fine.”
  • There was a drop of water. Then another. And another until it started raining. Annabeth looked up at the sky and hoped this was a sign. 
  • Percy’s body started to glow in a green light. Abiie pulled on Annabeth’s shirt to get her attention as color came back into his face. 
  • “Percy?” Annabeth whispered, her tears mixing in with the rain. 
  • His eyes slowly opened as the green glow brightened. He looked at Annabeth then at Abbie. 
  • “Hi. When did you get here?” He asked.
  • Annabeth slightly shoved him before wrapping him up in a hug. “I thought you were going to die.”
  • “Well, I’m not dead. Where’s Abbie?” He asked, sitting up on his elbows.
  • Abbie tackled him with a hug. She was shaking from being wet and crying. She didn’t let go when he completely sat up. 
  • “Hey, it’s okay. I’m okay.” Percy promised rubbing her back. “I’m okay Abbie.”
  • She nodded and clung onto him like her life depended on it.

kittylirious  asked:

How about Evan as an adorable and pure™ nerd and meeting everyone else as punk jocks™. And maybe he falls in love with the leader Jonathan??? oooh. spicy.

How the fuck do high schools work in America, idek

“Evan, may I speak to you.” His history teacher called while the remaining students rushed out of the classroom to lunch.

“Y-y-yes miss?” He stuttered, adjusting his black framed glasses once more before standing straight up.

“Evan, as you may know, there is a specific group in our school that… causes disturbances here and there.” They used some hand gestures to exaggerate her point.

“But, as much as their attendance is strong in a sense… Collectively, their grades are dropping which could lead to their expulsion altogether. We understand that they are very popular with everyone and if they heard the news… well let’s say it’ll be very similar to what we learnt today.” 

Evan flinched at the recent memory, they both knew that they learn about the French Revolution. He questioned if the school was really going to be that crazy if the gang left.

“So, we teachers have decided to put you as their tutor for the next few weeks or until their grades have improved at the very least.” 

His eyes widen from the heavy responsibility now put on his shoulders. Evan’s mouth opened wide to refuse but stopped when his teacher raised her hand to stop him.

“Don’t worry Evan Fong, if you are struggling to compromise with them, we’ll put you out. Your schedule will temporary change so that you can fit in some time to have some of your normal classes. Your grades won’t change too so there isn’t much that you’re losing.” He clenched his teeth, giving a sigh of exhaustion and nodding in agreement.

“Thank you for your time, Evan. You may leave now.”

“Oi, did you hear ‘bout the news guys?” Lui walked into their normal hangout area, underneath the metal seats of their sporting grounds (are they called bleachers or something? idk), before grabbing another handful of gummy bears to devour once more.

“Hmph, yeah. We gotta hang out with a dumb nerd or else we’ll all get cut off.” Brian parted his red-dyed hair away from his eyes, his answer caught the attention of the others.

“We also got a new schedule, check it.” Lui grabbed a piece of crumpled paper from his jacket pocket and threw it towards Jon who caught it like it was nothing. He straightened it out before scanning the new timetable.

“His name’s Evan Fong.” Lui’s voice was muffled due to another mouthful of gummy bears but the gang understood what he said.

“Oh yeah, he’s in my chemistry class. Quiet but he knows his stuff, that’s for sure.” Brock commented, tapping his temple to prove his point further. 

“It’s us against one weak ass, I suggest we let this nerd know who’s boss.” Marcel stood up, dragging his signature baseball bat across the grass as he started to hunt down the nerd.

“Marcel, that’s enough. We’ll get cut before we even get the chance to meet our new… teacher.” Jon said. All eyes were on him now, looking at him as if he just went crazy.

“Let’s give him a chance, my orders. You got that?”

“Oi!” A sudden slam on the table made Evan jump. He turned around to see that, surprisingly, the entire gang was standing there, staring him down.

“You Evan Fong?” One of them bent over to have a closer look at him. They had sky blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. His uniform shirt was more open, giving a sneak peak of his well-toned body to Evan. Evan may or may not have blushed as he nodded. 

“Good. Let’s give this thing a shot alright?” They all sat around the same table, now waiting for Evan to start.

“HA! SUCK IT NOGLA! I GOT IT RIGHT!” Wildcat screamed as Nogla pretended to lay dead on the table. Evan didn’t expect to have such a quick connection with the group and yet here he was, laughing at the group’s shenanigans. 

“Who’s up for lunch boys? We can get some Mc Donald’s down here alright?” Jon announced.

“Last one there has to buy for Jon!” Marcel challenged, running away first to have an advantage before the rest followed on and leaving Jon and Evan alone in the classroom.

“So, you coming with us?” Jon asked, helping Evan clean up the classroom. 

“Oh no… I usually eat alone and do my work so I prefer to…” Evan tried to remain his cool around Jon but the blushes on his cheeks were betraying him. 

“It’s alright Evan, I understand if you got some nerd stuff to do. We should eat together though sooner or later, alright?” 

“Yeah sure… I would love to.” Evan chuckled at the idea of eating together with the others, he knew it would definitely be more fun. 

“Also, one more thing..” Jon quickly grabbed Evan by the waist with one hand, lifting his head by the chin with the other. The sudden position made Evan blush harder than a tomato would, shivers tingling down his spine and words fading away at the tip of his tongue. 

“Thanks for the lesson.” He leant his head down to interlock lips into a small yet heartwarming kiss…

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Jerome request-

anonymous asked: Hi, i dont know if you take requests, but if you do; can you write a jerome x reader in which the reader gets really seriously hurt and jerome is scared?

“When will she be out?” Jerome sighed not looking at the man in front of him. Dr. Berry was nervous afraid Jerome was going to slit his throat, the only reason he hadn’t was because he was necessary in fixing  her. “We.. We don’t know right now” Jerome chuckled finally bringing his red rimmed eyes up. The Dr. Stared deep into them being hypnotized buy how green they had become. Y/N had been in a car accident in an effort to kill the both of them. Jerome came out fine but both the Doc and J knew Y/N may not be walking out of the hospital. Jerome tensed up not wanting to ask. “What…” He clenched up his fists “Condition is she in doc?” He smiled. The doctor backed up “She’s lost a lot of blood and remains in critical condition. I’m sorry” Jerome jumped up happily in the empty hospital. “No worries Doc” he slapped his shoulder winking. “There’s plenty more where that came from” The Doctor watched as Jerome left the hospital as if nothing had happened, completely flabbergasted. Ever since Jerome had his face reattached Y/N had been in every head line standing with her arm around Jerome, showing off her 1 million dollar smile. They were in every robbery, every performance act. Everything. It didn’t make sense for him to leave like that…. then again he was Jerome.. a murderous dickhead.

The doctor made his way to the hospital bed Y/N was laying in. She was attached to a bunch of I.v.’s, breathing shallowly. He gently dragged his fingers along her forehead. She was a very beautiful girl, pale, cool honey colored hair. He imagined she was what the angels his parents always told him about looked like. She was no angel; she had killed innocent people with out batting her cute green eyes then walked into the arms of someone she thought she loved, someone she thought loved her. He shook his head and walked out of the room,  it was silly for him to get caught up on her life she was going to be in the asylum as soon as she was able to walk then she wouldn’t be his problem. 

Jerome’s point of view

It felt wrong leaving without her pussy cat laugh going off as she clung to my side. I thought maybe if I left her there she would fade.. fade far away from my thoughts.. She didn’t though, she never does. I stepped outside of the hospital still wearing the dapper suit that had been trashed by our little car “accident” I chuckled pledging to seriously mane then kill  the pleasant young men who did this. I didn’t even know who the bastards were yet or what their grand motive was. All I really knew was Y/n was writhing, dying in pain her perfect mouth screaming until her last breathe was taken and I was here.. alone.. no accomplish, no one. Police sirens screamed in the distance most likely coming for me. It was quiet in Gotham the city of sin. How drab. Like the dull feeling that was pulling so hard in my chest. 

I didn’t look at her after the crash in.. fear?.. worry?.. me being a pussy? She was the most beautiful, breathtaking girl I had ever seen. We had grown up together- two flowers in a garden of weeds. Her having joined the circus at thirteen, abandoned by her parents she showed up by the ring leaders tent shivering, tattooed and bleeding. I popped my little innocent head out of my trailer hearing the authority of a police man’s voice and there she was. Long honey blonde hair dripping wet sticking to her neck and shoulder’s. I was in awe of her, just at thirteen she had managed to become the most perfect and interesting crouching in this world. My 13 year old legs pushed me to jump out of my trailer to get a closer look at her- so I did. My feet landed with a squish, splattering the muddy ground below. It was 11pm so I was able to creep around everyone’s trailers until I reached the lion tamers which was right in front of the ring leaders. 

Curiously I listened in on their conversation, keeping this new mysterious girls breathing and every sound she made first to be heard. “We found her in the water just off of the west shore floating and half dead. She told us her parents threw her in there.” The police man seemed to look down on her like she was a creature to be pitied, something she would grow out of quickly. Our ring leader Dwayne was not impressed keeping his arms tightly crossed around his fat body. “Why haven’t you taken her to the orphanage?” I remember feeling a horrible panicky feeling rising in my chest, the feeling now makes me laugh. Through my young head I was screaming “no” and “What if they take her?  they can’t! She’s my destiny!” silly things but serious at the time. 

The police man spoke softy stepping closer to Dwayne “They all keep rejecting her because of well… Show the nice man sweety” The police man spoke gently to the girl. As if rehearsed she held up her little arms showing the black ink mapping out designs of naked girls and vicious animals all around her arms and up onto her neck. Something in Dwayne changed. He stepped closer carefully grabbing her arms looking them over, she was a strong girl and didn’t flinch at his undeserving touch. Dwayne slowly nodded his head looking up at the cloudy dark skies, the only dark place left in the city. “She can stay. I understand” The cop smiled shaking his hand and talked over some of the legal troubles but I didn’t care it was my time to make an entrance. Clumsily I stomped out from the shadows sticking out my hand, a smile wide on my face. “Hey-ya I’m Jerome who are you?” 

“Jerome, not n-” Dwayne was interrupted by her soft voice. “I’m Y/N” Then before I knew it her soft hand was in mine.  

Having come out of my little day-dream my unconscious mind had lead my back into the hospital, standing at the door that led to where she was being treated.I put my hand on the door knob not knowing exactly what to do in this situation. “Can I go in or what!?” I yelled looking at the nurse behind me. Scared she nodded quickly. I opened the door but yelled out before totally disappearing. “Oh and don’t call the cops or I will eat your family alive” the nurse made a weird whimpering sound before I shut the door, locking it behind me.

 I took my dear time before letting myself look at her. My feet led me to the large windows where I looked over the trash-pit of Gotham. Lights screamed out from every direction like the sounds from the traffic below. Getting bored I walked over to some machinery hearing my shoes squeak on the ground. I began turning knobs. Suddenly a loud beeping sound came from the machine and I jumped back a little startled accidentally looking at her. Her arms were covered in long rashes completely ridding of some of the designs that were permanently on her. Which maybe she would be happy about. It was like erasing the horrible moments of abuse that led up the her father inking her- maybe she would be able to move on from it. I grunted shaking m head violently getting those mushy thoughts out of my head laughing at how oft I had become. “I don’t even like you bitch!” I yelled at her laughing loudly in her face. “So die! So I can finally rid of your whole entire existence! Oh how sweet that would be!” I smiled twirling to the other side of her bed “Die! Die! Die!” I chanted in her ear. I was pretty set on her being dead until the familiar smell of her hair caught my nose.

 I froze thinking of every night being tangled up with her, long strands of hair coming down and brushing up against my chest and face. Then she would lay completely on me and I would suffocate on that sweet, sweet smell. I shivered coming out of my head a straight beeping sound coming from the machine. I looked at it to see it was flashing a completely straight green line. She was dead, gone like I had pleaded with her to be a few moments prior. “Ah shit” I mumbled to myself taking out my gun. I kicked open the door putting on my usual smile and happy demeanor when honestly I was becoming a boiling pot of hot rage and regret wanting to cap every person my eyes could see. “Alright which one of you fine doctors will be fixing my lovely wife? Don’t say there no hope cause look at me” I made a circle around my face with the gun. “I came back from the dead. So get on it! or everyone in this very room will be blasted along with their wife and kids. Except for you..” I pointed at the same nurse as before “Your offer still remains the same” She shrunk a little gathering papers. 

Dr. Berry’s point of view

In three hours we had the girl back breathing. We shocked her and suddenly her body sprang up with a gasp. Her green eyes freakishly taking in the world around her but shorty feel back to healthy sleep. The rest of the nurses and doctors looked at Jerome who had the face of relief at the sight of her breathing body. His beady green eyes took in every part of her body seeming to relish in the fact she was breathing and alive once again. I thought to myself doubting my former judgement of him. Was it love? I chuckle a little at the thought, love? no infatuation? probably. “What’s so funny doc?” Jerome spoke coldly to me. Nervously I thought of something to say in hopes he would shoot me. “She’s alive” Jerome’s face seemed to soften, it was hardly noticeable but there all the same. “Yes she is” he drug his fingers a crossed her forehead the sensation waking her from her needed rest. “Where am I J?” She croaked. In an instant he was down by her side. “Don’t worry baby I’m going to get us out of here” he said while frenziedly petting her hair. She nodded slowly dozing off before conjuring up an answer. Jerome grabbed her face worried “Okay? you need to stay with me” Y/n nuzzled into his shoulder whispering “okay” putting the light back into Jerome’s eyes. “Don’t do that here” he stood up dusting off his tattered maroon suit. “I have a reputation to uphold.” The room seemed to grow darker and the little light the hospital lamps gave off seemed to diminish under his glare. 

“So which one you fine doctors will help Sleeping beauty and I out of here before they lock us away.”  All of my colleagues seemed to shrink back afraid to accept the consequences if they help them out of here. I stepped forward speaking calmly. “There’s a black nova in the staff parking lot that belonged to a deceased gentleman, the keys are in a brown paper bag in the center council. I will help you carry her out. Karen?” I turned to look at her. “Get me the stretcher from the other room” Nervously she skipped out of the room to retrieve it. When I turned around Jerome had stuck his gun in my face chuckling. “What kind of rouse it this? huh?” he began to make a choking sound amoungst his chuckling. I put my hands up wanting to slap the hunk of metal away from my face.“No tricks. We wouldn’t want to keep her waiting.”  motioned towards Y/n watching his face soften “No we wouldn’t want that” his voice was gruff lowering his gun he stepped closer to her lowering his gun with his steps. Karen walked gently into the room handing me the stretcher. 


I watched Jerome drive wildly away in the car, police sirens coming in the other direction. After we had gotten Y/n in the car he shook my hand informing me that if I ever, ever had the need to have someone killed he would do it for free, one time only. I nodded graciously thanking him. Months later I saw the two of them on the news, they had both been brought to Arkham for slaughtering a group of old people outside of a retirement home. The news showed the two of them being arrested. Y/n looked as beautiful as ever but had new tattoos made up of intricate flowers and guns as well as the Disney princess snow white for a reason that escaped me. Jerome looked stronger the stitching around his face healing but creating a clear line. They were being handcuffed and transported in different cop cars. Jerome looked angry looking frantically to Y/n then spitting at the cop that had his arms. Y/n screamed tears coming down her face. The news camera flashed back to Jerome from the damsel in distress who had both a his feet on the cop car door to stop the cops from throwing him in the car. This was shortly subdued when he was stabbed in the stomach by a black haired policeman knocking Jerome unconscious . This was followed by Y/n’s high pitched scream causing all the cameras to be shut off and the viewers attention was brought onto the charity ball going on that evening. 

Originally posted by kittycheshirestuff

Thanks for reading all. Jared Joker story called “white demon” will be out. Until next time Same bat-time Same bat-channel!


  • Pissing our pants yet? 
  • Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close.
  • It’s gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon.
  • Which one of you pricks is the leader?
  • And I do not appreciate you killing my men.
  • Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people.
  • You have no idea how not cool that shit is.
  • But I think you’re gonna be up to speed shortly.
  • You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes.
  • And the new world order is this, and it’s really very simple.
  • So, even if you’re stupid, which you very may well be, you can understand it.
  • Give me your shit or I will kill you.
  • Now, I know that is a mighty big, nasty pill to swallow, but swallow it you most certainly will.
  • You ruled the roost.
  • In fact, you are pegged, more pegged if you don’t do what I want.
  • And if that’s too much, you can make, find, or steal more, and it’ll even out sooner or later.
  • The more you fight back, the harder it will be.
  • You try to stop us and we will knock it down.
  • You understand? What, no answer? You don’t really think that you were gonna get through this without being punished, now, did you? I don’t want to kill you people.
  • You can’t do that if you’re dead, now, can you? I’m not growing a garden.
  • I will shut that shit down, no exceptions.
  • Sucks, don’t it? The moment you realize you don’t know shit.
  • Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father and then we’ll start.
  • What? Was the joke that bad? I’m gonna kill you.
  • I mean, what do you have left without them? A whole lot of work.
  • And if not, well, we can just turn these people inside out, won’t we? I mean the ones that are left.
  • Don’t make me get up again.
  • You are mine.
  • The people back there – they are mine.
  • You guys, look at my dirty girl!
  • Sweetheart Lay your eyes on this.
  • Were you – Were you together? That sucks.
  • The whole thing – not one bit of that shit flies here.
  • Now, I already told you people – first one’s free, then – what’d I say? I said I would shut that shit down! No exceptions.
  • Now, I don’t know what kind of lying assholes you’ve been dealing with but I’m a man of my word.
  • I just popped your skull so hard, your eyeball just popped out, and it is gross as shit!
  • She is a vampire bat.
  • Now, I really want you to try this time.
  • Speak when you’re spoken to.
  • That trip was about the way that you looked at me.
  • This is gonna be as cold as a warlock’s ballsack, just like he was hanging his ballsack above you and dragging it right across the forearm.
TWD - Negan Imagine ~ “Something They Need”

An imagine about the 15th episode of season 7

The reader witnesses the night Sasha gets caught and the day after it, that challenges not just Sasha and Eugene but also her

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!
You can find every other part of the series here

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

The sun had been already gone for a long time as you walked from bathroom over to the bed while you slipped your sleeping shirt over your body.
The bed you laid yourself on wasnt just any bed, it was Negan’s.
A lot had happened after the line-up, he had taken you with him to the Sanctuary, you had your own room here for some time, your brother Daryl fled from this place, Eugene came here and then Negan thought it would be safer for you to stay at his room and thats how you ended up here, laying under the dark sheets of his big bed.
But not only that was a change, over the weeks you went from hating and despising him deeply to building up a tiny bond to him, your relationship or whatever it exactly was had turned more relaxed and you could, to your surprise and even annoyance, even feel somehow comfortable around him.

You leaned over to the nightstand and turned off the light of the lamp before you sunk deeper into the thick pillows.
You were alone for hours now and normally you would have been even glad to have some alone time but this time, something was different.
Hours ago, you had have a deeper conversation with him and the tension he had afterwards let it seem like he had realized through it that you meant way more to him than he had confessed before.
Him being that tensed and now gone for hours gave you a little weird feeling, even when you didn’t even like to admit that this somehow effected you.
After all what he had done to the others, you shouldn’t give a single fuck about where he was and what you might mean to him.
But unfortunately that wasnt the case. 

You suddenly heard heavy steps coming towards the door and soon after that you saw Negan stepping in.
He still looked tensed, but a bit less than before while he run his hand through his dark hair, that looked like he had done that multiple times before.
He sighed quietly before he looked over to you.
“Sorry Sweetheart, didn’t want to wake you up”, he said taking his jacket off and turning on the light on the nightstand.
“You didn’t”, you said while you looked over to him.
“Couldn’t fall asleep without me?”, he asked slightly chuckling.
“You wish”, you responded with a small smirk on your lips, while somehow hoping that you’d get that more relaxed mood between him and you back.
But instead of that he chuckled slightly before he got a bit quieter again and went to the bathroom to shower.
You sunk deeper into the pillows once again while you felt some questions coming up in your head you would love to just get rid off.
Maybe he had just been working the whole time, maybe he had been just sitting outside doing nothing or well, maybe he had been with his wives to at least try to get rid of his thoughts.
And that question bothered you more than you liked.
You couldn’t think of him being there often since you where at the Sanctuary, he had been with you almost the whole time except when his men called for him because of problems and well, the last hours.
You heard the door of the bathroom opening again, Negan walking shortly after that over to the bed while his hair was still slightly wet, some strands hanging into his face.
He looked up to you while his glance softened a bit and the tension seemed to be finally gone or at least almost.
That shower seemed to have cleared his mind a whole lot more than the hours he had been gone, wherever he had been and whatever he had done.
You watched how Negan slipped under the blankets before shots let you jolt up and got followed by the beeping of the walkie.
“Boss, Shit boss, we captured a woman. She just intruded and-”, the voice of the man stopped as you heard a familiar voice coming through the walkie.
“Stop, No!”, was the only thing you heard but it was enough to indentify the person behind it.
 You couldn’t imagine that Rick would order anyone to do such an action that would go wrong anyways, that could just be a single action coming from her.
“Fucking fuck”, Negan growled jumping up again and grabbing his pants.
“I’m coming with you”, you said standing up again, in hope you could change something about how they treated her, even though you wouldnt tell him about your suspicion that it was her and just her, you needed to have more information about what was actually going on before you told him.
“Fuck no, you think I’m getting you into danger? Who the fucking hell knows what that shithead is tryna do, or if there are fucking more coming in”, he said pulling over his jacket.
“Then it wouldn’t be that smart to leave me alone here, right? I only have a knife”, you said knowing that he noticed that you were only using his own words against him, he knew that you could fight, but he also knew that even you probably wouldn’t be able to fight a big group alone.
“Don’t play that fucking game with me”, he growled grabbing Lucille while you walked over and pulled clothes over your body and stood before him crossing your arms.
“God damnit alright, but you’re staying with me”, he said opening the door and leading you into the direction where you heard the muffled voices coming from.

There were men running hastily through the hallways, looking for more intruders and stormed past you while holding guns in their arms.
You felt Negan getting an arm around you and pulling you closer to him, away from the men that would barge you away otherwise.
You walked around a corner seeing men pressing Sasha to the ground, one of the men trying to get a rope off his belt to give it to the others.
“You already know if there are more?”, Negan asked as he looked at the men. “Doesn’t seem so Sir. Got most of it checked as far as I know, seems to be just her”, said another dark haired man as he looked up.
You looked at Sasha’s body on the ground, her face turned to it not being able to see you and not being able to move.
“What now, Boss. kill her?”, another shorter one asked as you gasped slightly and searched with your hand after Negan’s arm to get his attention and started right as he turned to you.
“Don’t kill her”, you said determined while looking at him before he looked over to her and it seemed to dawn to him.
“Wait, is she one of-”, he said pointing with his baseball bat into Sasha’s direction while you slowly nodded.
You didn’t know if what you were doing here was right and if you got the others with that even more problems, but you couldn’t let him hurt or even kill her.
“Fuck”, you just heard Negan mutter before he turned back to his men.
“Get her in a cell”, Negan growled before you saw the man lifting Sasha up and dragging her along the floor until you weren’t able to see her anymore and you saw Negan turning around to you analyzing your face for information.
“You knew that it was her, huh? Thats why you wanted to come with me”, Negan said looking at you.
“Yeah, yeah I did. I recognized her voice over the walkie”, you said looking at him while you saw him shaking his head slightly while he began to chuckle.
“Hell, of course you did”, he said stroking over his jaw before you began walking back to the room.
The hallways were filled with less people than before, only a few men standing there with walkies in their hands waiting for more information while it got less and less until you came back to the room.
Negan opened it but stayed standing in the door frame looking at you.
“I’m gonna go and check outside, If everything’s alright again, but I’ll come back fucking soon, I promise”, he said before he smirked slightly before he swung his bat over his shoulder again and walked away, his heavy footsteps becoming more quiet with every second.
You laid down again, still hearing some men walking through the hallway as you first really realized what had happened.
Sasha was here.
And you were sure that she could have been dead if just some little thing went different.
God, the cells were disgusting things and just by the thought of your brother having to stay in there for so long made you feel incredibly uncomfortable but it was better than if you would have had to see her dying because of that plan.
You couldnt think of that her plan would have actually worked to kill Negan, nevertheless the thought of it working bothered you.
God, you could understand them for wanting him dead, you had have strong revenge thoughts too when you saw what he did in that night, except that you knew from the very beginning that actions like Rosita’s in Alexandria and Sasha’s now would do nothing but fail and probably make the situation worse and except that now, doesn’t matter how much you despised it, the thought of him dying send cold shivers down your back and let a lousy feeling create in your stomach.
You tried to suppress the thoughts that terrorized your head to finally fall asleep, knowing too good that all the feelings and fears you were suppressing over all this time would come back in your sleep as nightmares.
And that knowledge proved itself also in that night , even though this time something was different.
For the very first time you didn’t see one of your friends or your brother scream on the top of their lungs before you, blood streaming over their heads and bodies while you had to helpless see how they spit blood, their eyes wide open staring at you while they screamed for you to help them, before they collapsed and died still twitching and screaming in front of you.
No, this time it weren’t them.
It was Negan.

You woke up laying in Negan’s arms like after every night the nightmares came for you.
You didnt like it and you would do a lot to change it, but he had the ability to calm you down in your sleep and not let the nightmares come up again when he was holding you.
The whole time you had been here you had always tried to not let him see you vulnerable or even weak and as long as you were awake you had the control over that, but as soon as you fell asleep this control was gone and with that also the filter that sorted out all the emotions you didn’t want him to see.
And of course he took that chance to have your body that close to his, even though it actually seemed that the main reason was that he cared for you
You lifted yourself slowly up, looked at for some moments at him, seeing him peacefully sleeping while the pictures of last nights nightmare began to fade seeing him that peaceful.
You slowly released yourself out of his embrace and walked over to the bathroom to get ready.
You don’t really liked knowing that you had a nightmare with Negan dying, not only because those nightmares tortured you also because it meant that you got more drawn to him than you liked to admit.
You could deny that while you were conscious, but you couldn’t lie to your subconsciousness.
You looked at the thin bracelet around your wrist, Negans spontaneous gift to you he found while you were outside of the gates which sparkled right now in the morning light.
Your glance wandered over to your leather jacket that hung over the door knob waiting for you to slip on.
it wasnt just any jacket, It was a gift from your brother to you when you were still living in the prison.
Some day he had brought it back to it from a run, you had no idea where he had found it and he just wouldnt tell you because he knew he could tease you with that but anyway it turned into something that had become important to you over time.
And wearing his gift now together with Negan’s now seemed somehow bizarre to you, and still, you put the jacket on.

As you walked out of it Negan walked already dressed and smirking past you into the bathroom and came shortly after that out of it again while he slighlty chuckled
“Today’s an important damn day for your friend”, he said chuckling while he looked over to you.
“What are you planning for her?”, you asked, hoping that his answer wouldnt mean pain or even worse for her.
“See if she’s fucking things up or taking a chance, you’ll see Sweetheart”, he said slightly grinning.
“I need you to let me talk to her”, you said while you looked at him.
“She’s getting some pillows and food when she isn’t acting as fucked up as last night, think thats enough luxury for the first fucking time”, Negan said grabbing Lucille that had leaned against a wall till then while you sighed.
“I don’t need a lot time, please”, you said swallowing and waiting for him to answer.
“Hell, only if she’s not being an asshole and there are no emotional incidents from her side”, he said stroking over his jaw before you raised your voice.

You walked down the hallways, feeling a little tensed as you came closer to the cells.
From afar you saw one open cell door and as you came closer you heard a male voice coming from its inside combined with the sound of unbuckling a belt.
“Fighting’s just gonna make it last longer. Which, for the record, is fine by me”, you heard him say while you felt a cold shiver running down your back before you got a picture to the mans voice.
You saw him sitting there, opening his pants before you heard Negan grunting next to you and drumming his bat against the open door.
“David! What the hell are you doing in here?”, Negan asked calm but with a tensed and dangerous undertone.
“Negan, sir-”, began that asshole to say but got gladly cut off by Negan.
“Do you really think I need you to answer that? I can see that you’re trying to rape this woman. Fuck, you were really trying to rape this woman, weren’t you?”, asked Negan looking at the man who looked trembling up to him.
Your glance went over to Sasha, checking if she was alright before you heard Negan’s voice again.
“This is some unacceptable behavior. Rape is against the rules here. I wouldn’t wanna be somewhere where it wasn’t. Someone in charge who let something like that fly…Whew”, Negan said while you saw him sliding his knife out of its bracket.
You knew what would happen next and you were nothing but glad about it.
He deserved nothing else.
“David. You really crossed a line here”, Negan said darkly while he held the knife between him and David.
“I’m sorry, Sir”, he said in a begging tone.
“You know what? I do not accept your apology”, Negan said shoving the knife through the mans throat, slid it out of it and let the body of that asshole fall to the ground,
“So-uh, someone gotta get-”, Negan started to say, pointing at her while searching for her name.
“Sasha”, you said, seeing how not only Negan’s but also Sasha’s glance wandered over to you.
“Thanks, Sweetheart”, Negan said slightly smirking before he turned to his men.
“Get Sasha here a new T-shirt”, he said, before he crunched down to her.
“I’m sorry you had to see that. Sorry ‘bout the rope, too. Probably overkill, but you did cause one hell of a fucking fracas last night”, he said loosening the rope that had been around her hands before he got up.
“You know what, Sasha? Probably wouldnt have regonized you till now, if she wouldnt have told me”, Negan said, before her head snapped over to you, glaring into your eyes.
“Wow, Sasha you better calm down, ‘cause it might be that she somehow saved your life with that and actually, I’m pretty sure that this was her fucking purpose. So you better be a bit grateful and listen to what I have to say”, Negan said before he got up and continued.
“You’ve got some beach-ball-sized lady nuts on you, coming in all kamikaze like that and big question here, and I need the damn truth on this one. Did Rick put you up to this?”, Negan asked pointing with his bat at Sasha.
“Rick? Your bitch?”, she asked while you werent sure if she was saying that because she wanted to lead the attention away from your group or if she really saw him that way, which would actually fit to her actions.
You saw her huffing slightly before she looked at Negans arm that found its way again around your waist.
“You’re his bitch too?”, she asked hissing looking at the hand Negan had put on your waist while you thought you didn’t hear right.
“No I’m not”, you growled looking at her moving slightly away from Negan.
You wouldn’t leave that hanging in the air, not that.
You heard Negan chuckle darkly before he pointed his bat at Sasha.
“Ohwowow you better watch your mouth talking ‘bout her, cause I can still change my plans with you and you better not like to see what happens then”, Negan said chuckling but with a growling undertone in his voice.
“Alright…Either way, you must’ve thought it was gonna be the end, coming in on your lonesome like that. But that’s not the fucking way it’s got to go. Just the damn opposite. See this, well this could be the beginning”, he said placing his knife next to her before he continued.
“This one is yours now. You can try to use it, take me out, but considering I am standing above you, holding a fucking baseball bat, that doesn’t seem real smart. Now, you can use it to slit your wrists, which would be a damn shame, but I get it. You’re obviously not on the shiny side of the street, given recent events. Now, you can sit there and do nothin’, wait for ol’ David to come back to life and eat your face, also a damn shame and kinda nuts, but, hell, to each their own. Or you can use that blade and stop ol’ Rapey Davey from becoming Dead-Alive Rapey Davey, save yourself, join the cause. I know what I’d do”, Negan said looking down to Sasha.
“What?”, she asked irritated.
“Well, I’m a man short. Hell, you can’t really call this piece of fucking shit a man, but still, I’m short, and you got those beach-ball-sized lady nuts, and I wanna harness the heat comin’ off of them”, he said before crunching down to her.
He wanted to use her, of course he did.
“You can help me run this place one day, all of us together, following the rules, workin’ on the same side of things. That’s all this was ever about. And it still can fucking be for you. I know it’s hard to picture, considering what I fucking did”, he said while you saw her glancing to the bat before Negan continued.
“Well but Sasha, we all got shit to get over. Take some time. Think about it. Whatever you decide, so it shall be. No pressure. And, again, I am sorry you had to see that, even though I know you have seen some fucking things. I just want you to understand we are not monsters”, he said before he stood up again, walked over to you, the hand back on you lower back before he looked over to Sasha.
“So she wanted to talk to you and man, she could persuade me”, he said chuckling before he looked at you.
“Have some nice lady talk, Sweetheart. I’m gonna wait in our room having some men talk with Smartypants”, he said chuckling while biting his lip before he winked at you letting you huff annoyed, before he walked away.
You looked at the corpse laying in the cell, before you decided to sit down in the door frame, away from the probably soon reanimating corpse and outside enough to see if someone was listening, because that was the last thing you needed.
“I’m sorry for that happening to you”, you said as you sat down and saw Sasha nodding before her glance got more narrow.
“Did you fuck him to persuade him?”, she asked chuckling bitterly.
“No”, you responded with an angry undertone to her before you continued.
“Just that you know, I’m not someone he can do everything he wants with. I never was his bitch, I’m not now and I’m never gonna be”, you said more calm while you looked at her.
She just grumbled a bit before she looked up again.
“So you’re sharing a room with that asshole?”, she hissed crossing her arms.
“Yeah, yeah I am”, you said swallowing before you saw in her glance that you couldn’t leave it like that.
“I had my own one for some time until he thought after some stuff that I should stay with him”, you said trying to explain yourself even when you knew that the situation was that muddled that trying to explain everything wouldnt help a lot.
“I did not let that happen without protesting though”, you added while Sasha chuckled again.
“Anyways, when you’re both sleeping in one room, why didn’t you kill him in his sleep?”, she asked quietly, her voice tensed while she kept looking at you.
“Sasha, it’s not done with just killing him. I’ve seen what the Saviors are capable of doing and that’s more than what they did in that one night and in Alexandria afterwards. Kill Negan and you kill with that not only yourself but everybody else home. They’d first kill you and afterwards they’d go home and slaughter everyone”, you said looking at her before an uncomfortable silence filled the small room.
You looked down to your wrist tried to not let her see the bracelet and to just keep it vanished in the sleeve of your jacket, but you were sure that she had seen it before and within the next seconds you were proven right.
“Is that the real reason why you didn’t? Or does he flatter you with enough jewelry to turn you against us”, she said nodding to your wrist.
“Do you really think like that about me? That he could turn me against you with giving me some bracelet?”, you asked bewildered while you were now the one who chuckled bitterly.
“No normally I wouldn’t but the fact that you’re wearing it makes it kinda suspicious, you know”, she said, an ironic undertone swinging in her voice.
You huffed, even though you couldnt deny that next to the reason you told her was that you didn’t wanted him dead anymore, doesnt matter how ashamed that made you.
In the end you had two sides fighting each other inside you, one side wanted your group to fight back, the other side just wanted Negan to stay alive. 
And even though you had those thoughts, he wouldnt ever be able turn you against your friends, not with a bracelet, not with anything else.
“Alright, I can’t do more than telling you that I’ll not change teams and that I’d never betray you, doesn’t matter what happens. He can’t use me as a weapon against you all and I’m pretty sure he knows that”, you said before you continued, knowing that you just had to persuade her to not lose a friend.
“I just want everybody to be as safe as they can be in this situation, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to rise up and fight, I want you to. I just wanted you all to do it without having to see more people unnecessarily dying…we both just want to protect them”, you said trying to lead the conversation into a better direction.
The situation wasn’t easy for everyone and you really didn’t want to have people from your group being against you.
“Yeah”, she just answered nodding.
“And I…I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry for everything what happened in that night”, you said swallowing.
You didn’t know if that was the best situation but you had to tell her that and who knew when you would get the chance to talk to her again that way.
This conversation was the first proper one you had with one of your group members since that night.
“You don’t have to be”, she said sounding a little bit softer while you nodded and a thought came up in your head that would solve a lot of your problems and would let a lot sorrow vanish.
“Can you answer me one question? I won’t ask for anything else after that”, you said swallowing.
“Yeah, alright”, she said nodding slowly.
“Okay..don’t tell me where he his or anything else, the only thing I need to know is if he’s safe”, you said  quietly and swallowing looking at her knowing that she knew what and who you were talking about.
With that you had more than just knowing about your brothers condition you had two more things at once, her having a prove you that you’re not spying for Negan to find out where he is and second you wouldn’t have to lie to him.
“He is”, she said quietly while you smiled thankful at her.
“Thank you”, you said while another small smile created on your lips.
Your brother was safe and with that a huge burden disappeared had dissapeared.
”Would you want me to take his offer?”, she suddenly asked nodding over to the blood covered knife on the ground before you swallowed and raised your voice.
”I won’t tell you what to do, the only thing I’ll tell you is that I don’t want you dead.”

You walked through the empty hallways having to think about Sasha and what she would do and if that was actually the last time you had seen her, doesn’t matter how painful that thought was.
You walked around the corner already hearing two familiar voices coming from the inside of Negan’s room.
You turned the handle and saw Negan sitting on the couch, Eugene in one of the armchairs towards him.
As soon as you walked into the room Negans glance wandered over to you and a smirk created on his lips.
“There she is again!”, he said winking while he chuckled before he pointed over to Eugene.
“I just told Dr Smarty-Pants what I’m planning to do with your friend from the cell, in case she wasn’t actin like a bitch to you again”, Negan said chuckling.
“She wasn’t”, you said before you sat down on the couch and looked at Eugene who nervously played with the stuffed animal in his pocket.
“So smarty, guess you’re burning to get to know my plans for her. Well, I dont think that she’s the fucking smartest for breaking in here thinking she wouldn’t get caught, but she has for sure not many scruples and that makes her a pretty good add-on for my men power”, Negan said chuckling while he looked over to Eugene.
“Short: If she actually takes the damn fucking knife to stab rapey Davey into his sick fucking head she’s on board, just like you Smartypants ”, Negan added grinning.
“I’m gonna keep you updated, so go back to your good work Smarty and I’ll tell you If I need you to do fucking more for me”, Negan said closing the little booklet he held in his hands and laid it onto the table while Eugene stood reluctantly up, walked to the door and looked shortly back before closing it.
“Bye Sir, bye (Y/N)”, he said nodding before he closed the door.
The room got for a short moment silent before you saw Negan looking at Davids blood on his hands that slightly splattered them before he raised his voice.
“If that shithead would have only touched you once, hell, I would have bashed him slowly into tiny fucking pieces”, Negan growled almost that quiet that it sounded as if he was talking to himself.
As you looked over to him he raised his head and locked his eyes with yours
“I might have my methods you don’t agree with but as I said before we’re no monsters,..I’ll not let anyone just fucking attempt to rape someone here”, Negan said while you nodded slowly.
“Thats good”, you muttered before he caught your glance again.
“You don’t have to tell me when you don’t fucking want to, really, but well I just gotta ask you that. Out there… fuck, did some prick ever try to do that to you?”, he asked in a tone that sounded like he had his struggles asking you that and to have the risk to find out something he just didn’t want to hear.
“No, never came that far that someone could attempt to”, you said looking at him while you could see how that answer relieved him.
“Good”, he said nodding slowly before he raised his voice again.
“In case any fucker ever comes to close to you or even tries to do that shit, use that knife I gave you and fucking slit him up if you can, doesnt matter what else you’re doing just scream for me, alright? I mean it, I dont want that to happen to you in any fucking way”, he said serious.
“I’ll do it, I promise”, you said nodding while Negan nodded relieved.

Later you found yourself walking closer to the cell, not really knowing what would wait for you in there.
You couldnt and also didn’t want to imagine that Sasha would have killed herself, even though you could think of her rather being dead than joining Negan.
You saw the door in front of you before Negan opened it and the first thing you saw was David’s corpse with Negan’s knife sticking in his skull that let a relieved sigh travel up your throat.
“You win”, you heard Sasha’s voice coming from the inside before you got to see her.
“No. You win”, Negan said slightly chuckling looking from Sasha to the dead man on the ground.
“Get some people in here. Clean this shit up”, Negan said to the men standing behind you and him before he bowed down to the corpse and pulled the knife out of his skull before chuckling slightly as he saw Sasha’s glance.
“What? You didn’t actually think I was gonna let you keep this, did you? You still got a ways to go before I’ll believe you’re fully on board here”, Negan said tucking the knife into its bracket before he continued.
“Baby steps. It is absolutely not personal. If the situation was reversed, I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me either. Still the way you saved yourself, the way you surrendered to me just now. That is a damn good start”, he said grinning.
“Did she surrender?”, Sasha asked nodding over to your knife while you heard Negan chuckle.
And to be honest, you were eagerly on what he was about to respond in front of his men.
“Well Sasha, you do know that you can’t compare your situation to her’s, right?”, Negan said looking down to her.
“So did she?”, Sasha asked again and before Negan could respond you glanced over to him before you turned to Sasha.
“No”, you said sternly while feeling Negans glance on your body, it got quiet for a moment and Sasha looked over to Negan.
”Yeah, yeah she’s right. But you have to know Sasha, that’s a singular exception. Not did it before, not doing it again and there’s no fucking other way for everybody else. That has to be clear to you”, he said before he continued.
“Well, we got to work on some things, Sasha. But I fucking promise you, I will try to make it fun”, Negan said before he stepped closer and turned a little more serious.
“Cards on the table a little birdie told me that Rick and the rest of your people are up to no good. And, well, that needs to change, and you’re gonna help me change it. We’re gonna find us a win-win”, Negan said while Sasha looked questioning at him.
“How? What are you-?”, she said but got cut of by him.
“Well hey, I’m gonna let Eugene get you some stuff to make you more comfortable, let you have a taste of what it is we have to offer. Spend the night enjoying it, ‘cause tomorrow is gonna be a big day”, Negan said grinning.
And with that he didn’t just leave Sasha irritated, also you.
You didnt know about him finding something out, having a spy or anything else, but to be honest, that didn’t surprise you.
Him having those suspicions would have, if they would turn out to be true, consequences for your friends, maybe even deadly ones.
And for some time now he avoided telling you those things or talking about suspicions about them That could just be a single action coming from her, as well as the consequences for them or your brother  probably knowing too well that he would endanger the small and fragile bond you had build up to him.

The door shut again leaving you with him standing on the hallway while his men went back to their work.
“Big day?”, you asked knowing too good that big days usually were only good days for him. 
“Isn’t everyday a big day with me?“, Negan asked chuckling while biting his lip as you raised your eyebrows.
“Well that sounded like an especially big day,…what are you planning?”, you asked knowing that when he was hedging that way, you could expect something you probably didn’t like as the real answer.
“Why ruin the damn surprise, Sweetheart?”, Negan asked grinning while you scoffed slightly.
“'Cause I don’t know if I’m that much into your surprises, Negan”, you responded sternly while crossing your arms.
“You better are ‘cause surprises are something I’m pretty good at”, he said smirking wolfish, alluding something that just made you roll your eyes. 
“Anyways”, you said before you continued. “I just hope that it’s not including you killing or punishing one of my people again”, you said with a serious undertone.
“Sweetheart, when my damn suspicion is wrong and they’re up to nothing but damn good and don’t fuck this up again, then nobody’s getting hurt and everything is peacy. Just like the agreement says. I’m a man of my fucking word as you know”, he said still grinning but more serious while you nodded slowly, still with your arms crossed.
You just nodded still looking serious at him before you began to walk back to the bedroom.

It was already late as you got yourself ready for the night and finally walked over to the bed, Negan already laying under the sheets while he watched you walking over to your side and slipping under the blanket before you laid back into the pillows.
“So the same procedure as almost every fucking day?”, he asked chuckling while he looked over to you.
“Huh?”, you muttered before you looked irritated over to him.
“You close your pretty eyes on your side, far far away from me just ‘cause you rather get a fucking nightmare than overcome your stubbornness and come over to me even though you fucking know they fuck off then”, he said chuckling while you scoffed shaking your head slightly.
“You think I don’t know you good enough now, after the assload of time I spend with you, that it’s just your stubborn head right now that’s holding you back?”, asked Negan chuckling while you huffed because you knew that he was right.
If you really didn’t want something, you wouldn’t do it and you were sure that he absolutely knew that and this time it was just your mind preventing you. 
You looked at him before you saw his smirk slowly vanishing from his face and he swallowed slightly before raising his voice.
”Jokes aside just that you know, I’m not into seeing you flinch and whimper.
Can’t fucking stand it to be honest. Now I don’t know what shit you’re seeing there but it seems like some fucking hard crap to me. So do whatever you want, come over or stay there, but you don’t have to deal with that shit alone”, he said in serious tone.
You looked at him, seeing in the way he looked at you that he meant it.
For some moments you struggled with yourself before you made your decision on what felt right in this moment even if it probably was nothing but wrong in the eyes of everyone else you loved.
Slowly you moved towards him and soon you felt how he laid his arms around you and pulled you closer.
You felt his body close to yours, his arms wrapped tightly around you while you felt his warmth creating another one in your body, his warm breath on your skin creating goosebumps and your body relaxing slowly while you couldnt deny that it felt good.
And while you slowly dozed off into a sleep without any nightmares, you just hoped deeply that all what would happen tomorrow, wouldn’t turn out for badly for your friends, that nobody would get hurt and that the bond to Negan that slowly but surely grew stronger wouldn’t be endangered by himself.

part 15 - the season finale

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The Escape Part 1 X Daryl Dixon X Reader

A starter story for one I think I’m going to make quite long. First imagine in a long ass time. Not been in a good place so I apologies if it isn’t up to usual standards.


Your body slammed onto the cold hard floor as you were thrown back into your cell. One of the prisoners had escaped and everyone was running riot. The large metal door slammed shut muffling the voices coming from outside. You heard footsteps running up and down the corridor. After a few minutes the noises stopped.

You realised after a short amount of time that you hadn’t heard the lock click on the door and they hadn’t started the awful torture music. You stood slowly and pressed your ear against the door. There was no noise, surely they couldn’t have forgotten to lock you in. They couldn’t be that dumb could they?

You placed your hand on the metal handle and pulled it down slowly and quietly. You could feel your body shaking, you weren’t sure if you were scared or excited. You pushed on the door and it opened making a loud creaking sound. You stopped dead to hear if anyone was coming. If you were found there’s no doubt you’ll be beaten and starved for a long time. You couldn’t hear anything.

You started to run down the corridor as quietly as you could. Usually there was people everywhere but for some reason there was no one. There was a room where they sit and play cards but it was empty. ‘Where the fuck it everyone’ you thought to yourself.

You got to a closed door. You placed your ear to it to hear if there was anyone there. You opened it slowly and saw some clothes. This had to be your lucky day. You looked through a box of clothes till you found your own jeans and a pair of boots your size. They must have thrown your clothes in here when they made you strip and wear that filthy disgusting jumper.

You pulled your jeans on, found out a baggy vest and pulled on the boots. It was so good to be in clothes that weren’t filthy. They weren’t perfect but you were happy. You sat down in a chair for a second and looked to your left. There was an open jar of peanut butter on the table with a spoon in it. You frowned but snatched it up anyway. It was so delicious. You had been trying to eat bread with dog food scraped off it for so long, you forgot how nice real food is. After wolfing down the peanut butter you stood up and walked to the door. You pressed your ear against it again to see if anyone was out there but still nothing.

You stepped out and walked ahead to find a away out. After walking down some corridors you saw a room with the door open. Hopefully there would be a window you could look out of. As you got to the door there was still no people around but your heart stopped.

In the most beautiful room you had ever seen since the world went to shit. There was a dark wooden table with two sofas on opposite sides facing each other. Propped up against the table was Lucille. Seeing her made pictures flash in your head. Pictures of blood, screams and horror. When Negan bashed in the skulls of all your friends and family. He left you to be his wife, which you obviously refused. You tried to shake the images out your head and without thinking you picked it up. You swung it round once. “Cant believe he would leave this but this is mine now” You said to yourself.

You placed the bat over your shoulder and smiled to yourself. You crept out looking around to check but still nothing.

You didn’t understand why not one single person was around. It started to feel creepy. You made your way around cold empty corridors until you finally reached a door to outside. You looked through the window and saw some bikes and a gate. Still no people. You walked out side and took a deep breath in. You never thought you would enjoy the feeling of sun on your skin and a breeze in your hair without being dragged around by that asshole Dwight.

“Ermm excuse me miss? What are you doing?” a man’s voice from behind you made you jump.

You turned quickly to see a man looking at you confused. Your grip on the bat tightened. “Where is everyone?” You asked him, trying to avoid his question.

“Did you not hear? A prisoner has escaped. Everyone’s looking for him.” His eyebrows furrowed a little as he finished “Hey aren’t you that pretty priso—“ before he could finish you slammed the bat into his head as hard as you could. You kind of felt bad but then you remembered he was a saviour. His body slumped to the floor and you hit him a couple more times just to make sure.

“I’m sorry.” Your voice shook, you hadn’t killed anyone in a long long time. I felt awful but also slightly freeing to do it again.

You could hear voices coming from around the corner. You ran to the fence which was padlocked. You threw the bat over the top and climbed up, jumping over onto the floor. Your legs gave in on impact and you fell. You quickly jumped up and ran for the trees ahead of you.

You ran for a good 5 minutes. You hadn’t heard any voices follow you at all so you stopped. You looked up between the trees where the sun shone through, warming your dirty pale cheeks up. A huge smile spread across your face. You were free, finally free. You had no idea how long you had been locked up but you were now free. A warm feeling of happiness filled your whole body. A feeling you never thought you would have ever again. You took a deep breath in filling your lugs with fresh air.

A moaning noise interrupted you. You looked to your right to see a walker shuffling it’s way towards you. The smile didn’t leave your face as you walked to it. You may have even skipped a little. You swung the bat around and took it clean out in one swoop. It was quite a nifty little walker killer.

You started to walk forward. You had no idea where you were going but you knew you would never look back.

A week had past now. You had found a cute little hut that had a few cans of food but supplies were low. You had also built up your strength so you should be strong enough to last quite a few days out there. You found an old shoulder bag which belonged to the poor dead family you had to kill in one of the bedrooms. You even found an old leather jacket which used to be one of your favourite things to wear. It was time to move on. Maybe find some more supplies, maybe even some people. You filled your bag with as much things as you could, picked up Trevor (your newly named bat) and left.

It was a nice day. The sun shone brightly and there was a nice cool breeze. “Ahhh what a beautiful day for an apocalypse” You sighed to yourself. You weren’t in anyway clean but you needed something rotten if you wanted to keep walkers away.

After a few minutes of walking you saw a couple of walkers ahead. Nothing difficult and you needed some limbs. You walked up to them and took them down as easy and stomping on a flower. You put your hands on your hips assessing the situation. You weren’t sure how to get the limbs off without making a complete mess. You also didn’t know how you would attach them to yourself.

You decided to just hit one at the elbows and pull the lower arms off. The stench was overpowering. You couldn’t help but heave a few times. You took the laces from the walkers boots and tied them around the wrists, hanging the harms around your neck. The smell really was horrific. Hopefully it would work.

You had walked for days now. Your right knee was all fucked up from you falling over. It was at the point now where you couldn’t put any weight on your leg. You were using the bat as a stick to walk with. The arms had severed served you well though. The sun had basically cooked them. Even though you had gotten used to the smell you knew you smelt awful.

You had made it to an area with some broken down cars and some old buildings. A loud bang made you jump and without thinking you put pressure on your leg. The pain shot through your body and you fell to the ground. “Son of a bitch!” you shouted as your body collided with the hard concrete.

“We got a dead one over here!” you heard a man’s voice near you.

“No. Don’t waste ammo. I’ll get it” another voice said.

A man walked over to you lying on the floor. He raised a wooden stick above his head “I ain’t dead!” You shouted.

The man jumped a little “What? You’re alive? Why are you carrying dead arms?”

“Damn straight I’m alive! The smell keeps walkers away” to say you hadn’t seen people in such a long time you were in no mood to be beaten to death. You took the arms from around your neck and threw them to the side.

“Morgan step back!” another voice shouted.

The man turned to the other men he was with “Why?”

“That bat she’s holding. It belongs to Negan. She’s one of them”

You pulled your self up to a sitting position “I stole this from him when I escaped.” You saw 5 men looking at you. Morgan, 2 men with guns pointed at your head, a rough looking man with a crossbow and one man with grey dreadlocks.

The man with dreadlocks stepped forward “And we are supposed to just believe you?”
You shrugged “Honestly if I was a saviour would I look this shit? And smell this bad?” the man with the crossbow smirked.

The man looked you up and down. “We’ll keep her in the cage next to Shiva. Weather she’s one of them or not they will be looking for her. Get up”

You frowned at how rude he was “If I could stand do you really think I would be sitting on the floor?” All your sarcastic comments seemed to make the archer smile.

Morgan walked closer to you and held out his hand. He pulled you up and gave you his arm to hold on to. The archer came to the other side of you.

“King Ezekiel. I think you should take the bat, just in case she tries to use you.” One of his men said.

He simply nodded to him. You pulled you bat away from him “This is my walking stick. And king? Really? The whole world’s gone to shit so instead of removing your head out your ass you call yourself a king?”

“People need someone to look up to. Also I don’t need to explain myself to a rude little girl with an attitude problem.” He turned his back to you like a stroppy child and walked ahead.

“Mardy prick. Just cause I’m right” You said quietly.

You heard the archer laugh under his breath “Damn right” he said so only you could hear him.

They walked you to a place filled with people. They were walking around, working, talking, having a good time. It was like they had no idea how the world really was. “What the fuck is this place?”

“Its called the kingdom”

You laughed “Of course it fucking is.” People were looking you up and down like you were a piece of shit. You forgot how that felt. Before the apocalypse people would judge you for your tattoos and your appearance but you never though in a world like this people would still judge you. “What? Want a picture bitch?” You shouted at a woman you was pointing her nose at you.

You were taken to a room. In the middle were 3 cages all joined together. One larger one then two smaller ones. In the larger one there was a tiger pacing up and down. You stopped in your tracks. “A tiger?” You shook your head.

“Yeah I know” Morgan said.

“Nope! I ain’t staying with that! It’s a fucking tiger!” you tried to pull back put you stepped on your bad leg nearly making you fall again.

Morgan sighed “Look I’m sorry. I believe you aren’t one of them but if he says you stay here, you have to stay here. You need to rest and heal anyway.”

“Son of a bitch” You sighed. They opened the cage gate and placed you down on the ground. You moved to the furthest corner as far away from the tiger as possible. Morgan left but the archer stayed for a minute.

“Don’t I know you?” his voice was quiet but gruff.

You looked up at him through the bars “You look familiar too” You brushed your hair back out your face to try and get a better look.

All of a sudden he smiled “I didn’t recognise you without those nasty clothes on and Dwight dragging your ass around.”

Your face dropped “Holy shit! You were a prisoner too! You’re the one that escaped which caused them to accidentally leave my door unlocked and I escaped. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. It’s Daryl by the way”


He nodded to you then walked out.

You rolled your empty bag up and took your jacket off. You put your head on your bag and put the jacket over you like a blanket.

After about 5 minutes you heard the door behind you. You sat up to see Daryl stood there with some stuff in his hands. He opened the cage door and walked to wards you. He placed a bowl of water down and a rag. He pulled out a bottle of water from under his arm and passed it to you.

“Thank you” You gulped half the water down.

He sat down in front of you and dipped the rag in the bowl. He leaned towards you and started to wipe some of the dirt off your face. You winced slightly when he brushed over a cut one of the saviours had given you. “I’m sorry” he whispered.

You looked up into his eyes and smiled “Its ok”

He continued to wipe the dirt from your face. When he had done he looked back and smiled a little. “That’s better. I’m gona convince Ezekiel to let you had a shower. You’ll feel better”

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

He looked down at his hands “I know exactly how you feel.”

You placed your dirty hands on his “Well thank you. For everything” he nodded at you “Gotta ask one more thing…”

He looked up into your eyes for you continue. “I’m gona need you to hold onto my leg because my knee needs to be put back.”

He frowned at you “You sure?”

You grabbed hold of your jacket and put the sleeve in your mouth. “What you doing?”

You spat the sleeve out “I’m putting my knee back in place in a cage next to a sleeping tiger. I do not want to piss it off”

He laughed at you “Fair enough. You sure you know what you’re doing?”

“Yeah had to do it before. Family didn’t really have any money and you know how expensive it used to be to go to the hospital.”

“That I do”

You put the sleeve back in your mouth and pulled the knife out of the strap on your ankle and held it backwards. You pointed below your knee and above your knee for Daryl to hold. He squeezed it tight. You brought the handle end out and then slammed it hard against the side of your knee. It partially clicked back you wanted to scream but waking a sleeping tiger was not something you wanted to do. You spat the sleeve out and breathed heavily. “Now for the worst part. I need you to help me bend my knee.”

He nodded at you. You took a deep breath in “Right, 1… 2…3.” You both pulled your knee up harshly and it made the loudest cracking sound you’ve ever heard. You bit into your lip drawing blood slightly. A whimper left your closed mouth.

He let go of your leg and wiped away the stream of tears falling down your face. He looked up directly into your eyes and then slowly wiped the blood of your lip. The feeling of his rough finger sent a shiver down your whole body.

He coughed and leaned back looking down at the floor. “I’m sorry. When was the last time you ate?”

You tried to shake away your flustered cheeks “I had a cabin a few days back. Some nasty old tins kept me alive. But I did find a odd jar of peanut butter just on the side when I escaped my cell. Strange huh, no food but that”

A smirk appeared on his face “That was mine”

Your face dropped “I’m sorry what?”

“I left that there when I escaped”

“So we shared a spoon? I think that’s the closest I’ve been to a man since this all happened.” You joked pushing his arm playfully.

He shook his head “You need sleep. Get some rest. When you’re awake I’ll find you some food and something to sleep on. I ain’t gona see you get treated like a dog.”

“You really are my Knight in shining armour” You gave him a cheesy grin.

Under the Desk

olicity || ao3 || explicit || smut || 1128 || more fics

summary: it’s time for a lunch break, but Felicity’s got her sights set on something other than food. 

a/n: because i am an utterly terrible human being // i was going to do in a restaurant, but…. this felt more fun 

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Felicity feigned innocence.

Oliver watched her slide onto the floor and in between his legs. “That doesn’t look like nothing.”

“Oh shush,” she batted at his knee gently.

It wasn’t like he was complaining, but he wasn’t expecting this when Felicity told him she was coming by for lunch.

“You don’t have any meetings for the next hour, soooo,” she dragged her hands up his legs and squeezed his thighs.

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Preference #16 - Happy Valentine’s Day

A/N: It’s already the 14th where I am! Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! Whether or not you have a special someone to celebrate it with, I love all of you so much. Thank you for giving me the motivation to do what I love. I hope you’ll enjoy this :)

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Lipstick Stains On Your Heart

(my first shallura fic~ i feel like i probably flubbed some stuff here, but i really wanted to post something so pls bear with me. i’m also fairly bad at titles soooo sorry for that too.)


In another life, Shiro thinks, this would be a quiet Sunday morning. The window would be open, the sky would be clear and blue, and Allura would be settled at her vanity across the room, doing what she is now.

But he lives in the reality he does, which means he’s inside of a castle that’s also a space ship, he’s one of the leaders of the universe’s greatest hope, and he’s inside the bedroom of the princess of a lost planet.

Still, the moment is terribly domestic. 

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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Pairing: Jonathan x Reader (If you squint real hard)

Warnings: Demagorgon, Weapon use, So many interruptions ;-; (and as usual) mediocre writing.

Words: 1,325

A/n: This is just a random reader-insert of what would happen if they were in it too. Like going along with Jonny Boi and Nan Wheels, chasing and being chased by the demagorgon.

Summary: You end up at Jon’s house with Steve at the wrong time and trouble comes-a-knocking’.

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anonymous asked:

Fic request: Sangwoo finds out what exactly Bums uncle did to him and want to get vengence for Bum. He waits till after he comforts Bum and when hes asleep he goes to pay Bum uncle a visit

I hope you enjoy this! 

(cw brief homophobic language)


“Hey! Wake up!”  Sangwoo’s voice echoed through the basement.

The man bound before him groaned and blinked open his eyes.  He was an ugly man; balding, with unkempt facial hair and a beer belly.  He looked like he hadn’t washed in days and, when Sangwoo drew closer, he could smell the musky scent of stale cigarette smoke clinging to his clothes.

“Where am I?  What the fuck happened?”

Sangwoo squatted in front of the man.  His odor repulsed him, but he didn’t want Bum’s uncle to miss a single word he had to say.

“I hit you with a bat.” Sangwoo explained, “And soon, I’m going to slit your throat and watch you bleed out.  But first, I think we should take a little look in the mirror.”

He rose again and dragged over the free-standing, full-length mirror he moved down here for just this purpose.  He positioned it directly in front of the man.

“Why are you doing this?  What’s the point?  Who are you?”  There was fear in his voice, but he still didn’t seem to grasp the situation.

Sangwoo would make him understand.  

“I’m a friend of your nephew.  A close friend.  You remember your nephew, right, Yoon Bum?  Well, he’s told me everything - all the disgusting things you’ve done to him, all the things you’ve made him do.  It makes sense that you’d be such an ugly person on the outside too - I’m sure such repugnant desires affect appearances.”

“You don’t know anything about me!  And if you’re so close with my nephew, you must be a fucking homo too!  When I get out of here, you’ll never see the light of day again, asshole!”

Sangwoo frowned.  He was getting too loud.  He’d left Bum asleep upstairs and didn’t want him waking up until this was over.  Confessing what he’d suffered at the hands of this man had worn him out; he’d wailed and cried, but Sangwoo had drawn the story out of him nonetheless.

When it was over, he’d held Bum for a while and waited for him to fall asleep.  As soon as his hiccuping sobs had subsided and his breathing had evened out, Sangwoo had left the house to extract vengeance for his hostage-turned-lover.

Somehow, as he had listened to Bum’s story, the two things became inexplicably linked in his mind; that Bum would never truly be his until he could eradicate all trace of this man from the face of the earth.

It was time.

“Sorry to cut this short, but I’ve grown tired of looking at you.  You disgust me, so I’d rather not prolong this.”

Sangwoo retrieved his blade and made his approach.  Now, finally, the imminent end of his life cut through his arrogance; Bum’s uncle kicked at him, twisted in his bonds, trying to get away.

“Help, someone, please!  I’m sorry!  Bum!  BUM!”

When it was over, Sangwoo returned upstairs and went immediately to the bathroom.  The hot water steamed up the room, obscuring his own reflection in the mirror over the sink.  But he knew what he looked like, covered in the blood of that repulsive man.  He had to get it off.

Once freshly showered, he felt ready to see Bum.  He was still lying curled up in bed, but he opened his eyes when Sangwoo entered the room.

“Sangwoo?” He asked sleepily, “I woke up.  I thought I heard a noise.”

“Just me.” Sangwoo assured him, getting under the blankets, “Just wanted a shower before sleeping.  Are you feeling better?”

Bum looked away, but entwined their fingers together.  “Yeah,” He murmured, “Better now.”

Ready for Seconds...

The Request:  negan sexually punishing his girl at dinner in secret in front of their friends as trying to play it cool under the table

Summary: Pretty much what the person requested. It’s an AU – pre apocalypse story where Negan and his girl have a dinner party with two of their friends.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Jessica (OC), Matthew (OC)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Swearing, smut, heavy touching

Notes: I’m still working on the other requests, just have been busy. Sorry guys! 

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10135811

Tags: @jasoncrouse, @ronweaselz, @hiddlesdowneyjr, @ali-pennell, @melodicdolls, @namelesslosers, @deepsouth, @shanaatjelove11, @warriorqueen1991, @caitydestroys, @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy​, @jaylaelizabethw, @deepsouth​ *I tagged those I usually do for The Mistress, if you only wanted to be tagged on The Mistress, please let me know*

Originally posted by rikkisixx

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Author: PyromanicSchizophrenic

Summary: Your boyfriend has an Easter surprise for you. The catch? You have to find it yourself.

Warnings: Well, it’s Jacksepticeye, so language. Also, not proofread, and I have no idea why I chose this particular gif (except for how cute Jack is here)

Originally posted by optimalotter

“(Y/n), wake up!”

You groan tiredly, rolling over and burying your face in the pillow. You don’t know how the hell your boyfriend is possibly so awake at this hour (whatever this hour is), but you do know that you are absolutely not awake with him.

“(Y/n)!” he tries again. “Come on, if I’m awake right now you can be too.” You don’t bother pointing out that his Irish accent gets thicker and more stereotypical when he’s tired, and that he sounds like he does when he’s recording a St Patrick’s day video which means he’s exhausted.

“Sean, go the fuck to sleep,” you say grouchily, lifting your head just enough for the words to not get muffled by the pillow. 

“SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!” he shouts, making you jump and fall out of the bed. “Oh, good! You’re up!”

“Sean McLoughlin, if you value your life at all, you will—“ You don’t get the chance to finish your threat before he’s pulling you up, grinning that bright smile that always makes it impossible for you to stay mad at him. “Never mind,” you sigh. “‘M still tired though.”

“But it’s Easter!” Sean exclaims happily.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake. Is that what this is about?” You glance at the clock. It’s actually about half noon, but given Sean’s sleep schedule (and the one you now hold so that you and him are actually awake at the same time), that’s basically seven in the morning.

Sean gasps dramatically. “(Y/n)!” He sounds as if you’ve personally offended him. “This is an important Christian holiday! You can’t fuckin’ swear!”

You stare at him blankly. You know that he knows what he did, and you know he did it thinking it was funny. You’re not laughing. You aren’t.

“Oh come on, that was funny,” he says after a moment.

“You’re lucky you’re pretty, Jack-a-boy,” you say instead, patting him on the shoulder.

He bats his eyelashes at you. “Am I the prettiest?” he asks you, looking for all the world like a male beauty pageant wannabe.

“No,” you say bluntly, giggling at the dramatic way his face falls.

He perks back up quickly, though, and he grabs your hand and drags you out into the living room.

“Sean, please tell me you didn’t hide a bunch of Easter eggs around the apartment that you’re going to make me look for,” you say (demand) when he finally stops, throwing an arm around your shoulders.

“‘Course not,” he says flippantly, making you question the truth of the statement. “I’ve got too much editin’ to do to watch you look for eggs for two hours.” He’s right, and you do know that. You’re still wary, though.

“So what did you do?” you ask him suspiciously. “And don’t just say ‘nothing,’ you Irish bastard, I know you well enough to know that you did not wake me up at half noon solely because today is Easter with no plans for anything else.”

“I didn’t hide a bunch of Easter eggs,” Sean repeats, which not only doesn’t answer your question but also makes you think that he hid something else.


He just smiles innocently at you.

Sean,” you try again.

“Well, whatever it is I hid, it’s not findin’ itself,” he points out. “Would you be more willin’ to participate if I told you in my Papyrus voice?”

“No thank you,” you say after a moment. “Will you at least tell me what it is I’m looking for?”

Sean’s grin changes from innocent to a cat that got into the cream. He’s actually going to make you look for anything out of place. This is going to be a long Easter.

“Aw, come on, you love me,” he says, seeing the murder in your eyes.

“You are really testing the limits of the truth of that statement,” you inform him, getting to work looking for whatever the hell it is that he hid. “It is in this room, at the very least, right?”

“It’s not in the bedroom,” he allows, sitting down on the couch. “Other than that, every room in the apartment’s fair game.”

“Even the bathroom?” you ask, arching a brow.

“Alright, not there either.”

The bright side, you think as you check the bookcases, is that the apartment is smaller than any of the houses you grew up in (your family moved around a lot), so there aren’t that many hiding places. The downsides, of course, are that a) you have no fucking clue what the fuck you’re looking for, and b) Sean is much more creative when it comes to hiding places than your parents ever were. Also, when you’re hiding something for a (y/age)-year-old to find, you can get a lot more complicated than when you’re hiding something for a three-year-old.

“Alright, you little shit,” you say after a minute. “I’m looking in the fridge.” Sean likes hiding things in the fridge, for some fucking reason. Last week he hid your shoes in the fridge (he hid the shoes because he didn’t want to leave the apartment; you are genuinely unsure why he thought the fridge was the best place).

When you open the fridge, though, right there in a place of honor, is a note: I’m not THAT predictable haha

“I’ve got too much editin’,” you repeat mockingly, over exaggerating Sean’s accent. “I can’t watch you look fer somethin’ fer two hours.” You shut the fridge, pause, then open it again, take the note and a can of cola, then close the fridge. You crumple the note into a ball and lob it at your boyfriend’s head, nailing him right in his green hair.

“I see you got my note,” he says, turning around and grinning at you again. He’s having far too much fun with this.

Your cola’s going to turn into a beer before the end of this.

“Alright, just so I’m clear, I’m looking for something Easter-themed that is not in the bedroom or the bathroom and that’s all you’re telling me?”

“Two things,” Sean corrects. “One of ‘em’s easy, though. Wide open, can’t miss it.”

“Is anything painted to look like Sam?”

Sean’s eyes go wide. “That would have been awesome!” You’re tempted to take that as a no, but knowing him he could just be throwing you off. “But no, nothing is painted to look like Sam.”

You narrow your eyes suspiciously, but you do know that Sean wouldn’t lie to you, even about something as dumb as this. “Okay,” you say finally. “I’m going to check the office.” He stands up to follow you, and you can’t tell if that means you’re on the right track or absolutely wrong.

You open the door to the office and stop. “Sean, please tell me I’m not actually seeing that.” Sitting on the computer chair is a giant chocolate rabbit—and by ‘giant,’ the box boasts three pounds of solid chocolate. You can’t eat that much chocolate , and you are very adamant against letting Sean have any of it. He may not be as crazy in real life as he is in his videos, but more in the sense that it’s not a constant thing. If you think giving Jacksepticeye three pounds of chocolate is a bad idea, then giving Sean McLoughlin three pounds of chocolate isn’t exactly better.

“His eyes are blue like mine,” is all your boyfriend has to say in his defense.

“Sean, I’ve had normal sized chocolate bunnies with blue eyes like yours,” you argue. “That is not a valid reason for a three pound rabbit, what the fuck?”

“It’s all they had left,” he explains. “And he looked so lonely sittin’ on the shelf by himself.”

“It’s a candy rabbit, it doesn’t have feelings!”

“His name is Gerald, and he’s very offended at your attitude.”

Great, now you can’t even eat the damn thing.

You roll your eyes, but decide to just let your boyfriend befriend a three pound chocolate bunny called Gerald. As long as he isn’t eating it, he’s not harming anyone.

(Although if he eats it and then films a Happy Wheels episode for the duration of the sugar high nobody gets hurt at any point and his subs are happy.)

“Is that all that’s in here?” you ask, instead of seriously questioning why the rabbit’s called Gerald of all things.

He doesn’t answer, just shrugs, and yeah. Yeah, you’re gonna kill him before this is over.

You start looking over every inch of the office, careful not to bother any of the gifts on his shelf. You know how much they mean to him, and also that he wouldn’t hide anything anywhere where you’d need to disturb them. You also check around his recording set-up, but considerable less thoroughly. You’re a disaster around anything that has wires, and you don’t want to take down his entire career because of your clumsiness.

“Why are you like this?” you ask him as you go back out into the living room.

“Because I love you,” he answers, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your temple. “Come on, you’ve got to find it before I start recordin’.”

“I’ll find it faster if you tell me where it is,” you goad, leaning back into him.

“But where’s the fun in that?” he counters, letting go of you and sitting back down on the couch. You scowl, but start searching the apartment top to bottom anyway. His excitement’s contagious, as much as you wish it wasn’t. At any rate, your curiosity’s through the roof; Sean can be easily excited, but not so far as to be this excited about you searching the apartment for something on Easter morning (afternoon).

“You know, when I agreed to go out with you,” you start conversationally, checking the coat closet that neither of you use for much of anything, “I did not expect to be Easter hunts.”

“Exactly,” Sean says proudly. “Dating me is an adventure. You never know what to expect.”

“Also my sleep schedule gets fucked,” you add. “Like, /seriously/ fucked.”

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!”

You resist the urge to roll your eyes. It’s not a problem most of the time, but whenever you go home, not going to bed until seven am can definitely be a problem.

“You’re really enjoying watching me look for whatever the fuck it is you hid, aren’t you?”

He just grins again.

Almost an hour later, you finally—finally—find the fucking thing. It’s a plastic Easter egg, and it’s in the cabinet under the sink, perched precariously on the pipes. It’s (favorite color), and when you pick it up you can hear something rattling inside.

“I found your stupid fucking egg,” you call, walking back into the living room.

You try to pop the egg open, but it’s got scotch tape wrapped around it, keeping it shut. “Good God, you like to complicate things, don’t you?”

You start picking at the tape; there’s more of it than you’d noticed at first.

“Sean, I swear to God,” you mumble, finally getting enough of the tape that you can just unwrap the whole thing.

Your breath catches in your throat when the egg finally opens, and you see a ring settled into the bottom of one of the halves. “Sean, is this…”

You glance up at him to find him kneeling in front of you, not looking excited or mischievous anymore. Now he looks nervous, and hopeful.

“I love you, (y/n),” he says. “You’re funny, and beautiful, and the kindest soul I’ve ever met. We work so well together, both together here and when we’re apart. I’m happiest when I’m with you, no relationship I’ve ever been in has ever made me this happy before. You’re my best friend and I love you. I want to hold onto this forever. (Y/n), will you marry me?”

You try to blink back the tears that have been gathering since you got the plastic egg open, nodding and choking out a “Yes, Sean, God yes.”

He stands up and takes the ring, slipping it onto your finger as you kiss him, soft and sweet and happy.

“Happy Easter, Sean,” you whisper.

“Happy Easter, (y/n).”

Little Dancer (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can i request a Damian imagine where you announce you engagement, & you used to be a dancer at Jokers club (his fav dancer/Dami doesn’t know) but ran away once things got to deadly, so joker comes and kidnaps you but Damian saves you?
Summary: years after leaving the life of being Jokers dancer behind, it comes back to haunt you. 
Word count:  860
Warning(s): none

You had left that life long behind, being Jokers lil dancer was behind you and you didn’t want anything to do with it anymore. You were just about in the best years of your life, everything was going well.

You had met Damian a short time after running away from the Jokers grasp, and here you were, a few years later engaged to the man of your dreams. You had just made the public announcement about your recent engagement, and you were on top of the world.

But the thing about being high is the fact that you have to fall at some point. You never told Damian about that part of your past. When you found out that he was Robin, you really wanted to, but in the fear of being hated you refrained yourself from doing so.  

You had just come out of a bar, you had been out drinking with friends. The cold air a harsh contrast to you hot skin, being mildly intoxicated, it felt great. You were walking home alone, even though Damian, being the loving boyfriend he is, offered to come get you multiple times. You didn’t see the point in dragging him out because your place was only a 20 minute walk away, perfect time to process all the alcohol you had consumed.

About five minutes in you noticed that there was someone following you, they weren’t being subtle about it. As you started to walk faster so did they, you were cursing yourself for not taking up on Damian’s offer. You were walking by a dark alley, before you could completely walk by you heard an obnoxious female voice, “Oh look what the cat dragged out of the tree, Puddin,” She smiled, before a loud echo of her wooden bat hitting the side of your head sounded through the dim street. 

You awoke with a ringing in your ears and a headache worse then anything you had prior experienced. Your hands were handcuffed around a pole. Looking around you recognized this as Jokers old club, the same one you used to work at, the same one that soon closed after you left because of…..let’s just say legal issues. 

What the hell,” You mumble, leaning your head against the cold metal of the pole. A loud laughter echoes, causing you to perk up and look around the room once more. In the far corner of the room there is a faint light with what you presume to be Jokers big frame casting a shadow on the floor. “Ohh kitten, did you really think you’ll ever get away?” He purrs, coming to you and crouching down. When you refuse to say anything, he lifts you up by your shoulders, your frame tiny next to his intimidatingly tall and wide one. 

Harley joins him, standing next to him but just far enough, that with her bat drawn she could smash your skull in when you say something unpreferable, or don’t respond at all. “Did my Little Dancer think she could run away and hook up with a Wayne,” He chuckles, You raise your head just enough to look at him, sending a wad of spit into his face. 

As Harley gets ready to take a swing at you, a loud familiar voice pierces through the place, “Don’t you dare touch her!” who you thought to be Damian yells, swinging in with Batman. The bottom of his feet make hard contact with Quinns back, sending her falling forward rendering her unconscious, the bat falling down on the concrete floor and rolling away slightly.

Joker loudly laughs, dropping you back to the ground, not touching you like ordered, before attempting to escape. Damian runs to you, breaking the handcuffs while Batman goes after the Joker. “I’m so sorry, I never meant for this to happen,” You tell him in a daze. “What did he mean by ‘His little dancer’?” He questions, not paying any mind to your apologies. “I used to Dance in this very club, about seven months before I met you,” I attempt to explain. “Why did you quit?” He asks while cuffing Harley so the police could get her later. 

Your eyes went wide and filled with tears, a soft sob escaping. “He started killing people every night, made me watch. Crime was never my thing, I didn’t wish to be a part of it. But no one ever leaves the services of Joker alive, usually.” I tell him, his face in thought.

Why didn’t you tell me?” He asks, a hint of sadness in his voice. “I was afraid.” 

“Of What?”

“Of you hating me, not wanting to be with me anymore. I felt like if I don’t talk about it, it’ll go away.” 

“I could have protected you.” He says, picking you up bridal style, taking you to the batmobile. 

I know that now,” I sigh sadly.

I don’t hate you, but I will protect you better now, Beloved, I don’t want him to ever catch you again.” He promises, making your heart flutter with warmth. The comfort of knowing that someone is looking out for you feels like home, doesn’t it. 

Carl exhales slow, smoke rising sluggishly from his painted red lips; lipstick smeared not only on his face, but his partner’s as well. Fresh hickies cover barely week old ones, scattered over his neck and the expanse of his pronounced collarbones. A few peek from the inner part of his thighs, along with patches of reddened skin akin to rug burn. His mascara is running and his hair is wild, but in a state of post-orgasm bliss, he doesn’t even care what he looks like.

He flicks the cigarette, filter stained with lipstick, over the ashtray on the bedside table before passing it to Negan. The man takes it, shifting so he’s a bit more comfortable; wincing when his back scrapes against the sheets. That earns a smug chuckle and smirk from Carl, who buries his head into Negan’s chest and sighs as Negan takes a drag.

“You really know how to treat a lady,” Carl jokes, dramatically batting his eyelashes up at Negan. He laughs, still breathless.

“Course I fucking do, baby. Only the best for my girl,” He jokes, too, flashing a wolfish grin in return, meeting Carl halfway for a lazy, drawn out kiss.

Believe It Or Not. Part 1.

A Stiles Stilinski Imagine!

Summary: the story of stiles and y/n. This is going to be a multi part imagine, and each part will follow the story line for each episode! I will update each part as soon as possible. So stay tuned(:

The first day of school was tomorrow, of course I wasn’t particularly excited. Except for one reason maybe, cheerleading try outs. Tomorrow is the first day of my sophomore year, and you’re not allowed to try out to be a cheerleader for the Beacon Hills lacrosse team as a freshman.

I remember going to all of my twin brother’s, Scott, lacrosse games last year. I would watch the cheerleaders and they always looked like they were having a lot of fun and to be honest, I just wanted one of the uniforms. I never had to worry about missing Scott play while watching them, he sucked so he was always sitting on the bench with Stiles. Yet, my mom Melissa dragged me along every time anyway no matter how much I protested.

I was practicing one of the cheer routines in my room to make sure I was more than ready for try outs tomorrow when I heard a loud banging noise that sounded like it came from outside my house. I walk down the hall to my brother’s room and stood in the doorway as he looked out the window.

“Did you hear that?” I asked him.

“Yeah stay here,” he said as he grabbed his baseball bat, “I’ll go see what it is.”

“Scott I really don’t think the bat is necessary. It’s probably just the wind.” I laughed.

He just looked me in the eye and sighed, “what so I can’t be cautious?”

I moved aside so he could leave his room and watched as he jogged down the stairs. I mentioned we were twins, not identical though. We actually look nothing alike. You could say he got more of the Delgato side of the family and I got more McCall.

I started walking back to my room when I heard what sounded like two pairs of voices screaming and I ran to the edge of the stairs.

“Scott, you okay?” I yelled to him worriedly.

“Everything’s fine it’s just Stiles.”

I laughed when I heard the name, of course that dork of a kid wouldn’t knock on the door like a normal human. Stiles and Scott. Two names that just went together, they had always been best friends. That being said, I had known stiles my whole life too since he practically lived at my house. We were friends too, I mean not close or anything but definitely cared about each other because we had one person in common, Scott.

He’s the dumbest smart person I’ve ever met. I think he’s adorable though. So yes, I have a little crush you could say, on my brother’s best friend. Although it’s always just remained a crush considering how many times I hear the name, “Lydia Martin” leave his mouth. I’ll never understand his obsession though, she’s honestly such a bitch and she has a boyfriend, Jackson, anyway. And he’s just an ass.a hot ass, but still an ass.

Stiles will never stop liking Lydia, and maybe it’s better that way. Nothing could ever really happen between us considering I’m Scott’s sister, and the fact that he doesn’t like me anyway.

I watched from my window as they moved further away from my house, Stiles frantically moving his arms while explaining something my brother.
So I went to bed, I needed a good nights rest if I wanted to be on the squad.

My alarm went off very Loudly on the little table I had next to my bed. On any usual day, I’d hit snooze about seven times. But today I hopped right out of bed and got dressed. I wore my favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans, high top white converse, and a light purple lose three-quarter length shirt. I straightened my hair and pulled one piece from each side back and pinned it. Then I headed downstairs where my mom was making eggs.

“Someone’s ready for their first day.” She smiled at me and set a plate down on the table for me to sit.

“I really want to make the team mom.”

“Me too.” Scott yawned as he walked down the stairs taking his seat next to me.
“Well, first line anyway.”

I smirked at how tired he was, I heard him finally come home from being with stiles at like 2 in the morning.

“Why so tired, Scotty?” I asked innocently.

To which he just rolled his eyes and nudged me. We finished our breakfast with mom, as we talked lightly about the day ahead of us. Scott and I started walking to the car and just for fun I kicked him in the back of the knee cap and he fell into the wall on his left side. I laughed until I saw he was holding his side.

“Hey are you okay?” I asked walking closer to him.

“Yeah im good, im good,” he answered rather quickly and then continued, “just sore.”

“Sore from what? You haven’t had one practice yet.”

“Just don’t worry about it y/n.”

He turned his back and stepped in the drivers side of the car, slightly hurt I decided to drop it and get in the passenger side.
The car ride to school was rather quiet other than the songs playing on the radio. Once we parked he ran off to go meet stiles. And they started walking towards the school.

I reached in the back of the car to get my bag only for Jackson to pull up and park right next to us.
He got out, looked at me, and then laughed.

“Nice ride, McCall. Brother still have false hope of making first line?”

I was having none of this today.

“Nice hair, Whittemore. How many bottles of hair gel did that take?”

His smile fell and he just walked away. Pleased with myself, I gained the smile he lost and went to go meet my brother and Stiles. As I approached scott had just dropped his shirt back to down to his side, I was super confused.

“I knew you guys were gay for each other but no PDA in public please.” I snapped.

“Wow, you’re hilarious. How do you do it?” Stiles asked me, dripping with sarcasm. I just winked back at him. And they continued their conversation with me there.

“All right, well, if you don’t believe me about the wolf, then you’re definitely not gonna believe me when I tell you I found to body.” Scott said.

Body? Wolf? What?

Stiles mouth gaped open, “you- are you kidding me?” He hit Scott.

“No, man, I wish. Im gonna have nightmares for a month.”

“Oh god, that is freakin’ awesome. I mean, this is seriously gonna be the best thing that’s happened to this town since- since the birth of Lydia Martin. Hey, Lydia- you look- like you’re gonna ignore me.”

I watched the bitch red-head completely pass by possibly one of the nicest people in the world, God I hated her so much.

“It’s true love Stilinski.” I joked.

“Yeah whatever.” He winked back at me.

The bell rang, so I started to walk towards the front doors of the school. “Alright guys, see you later.” I offered as I turned my back to them and started walking. Little did I know Stiles was watching me walk away, but Scott knew.
- - -
“Stiles, if you’re going to check out my sister, please make sure im not here.” Scott joked walking next to his best friend.

Stiles looked at him in confusion.

“Y/n? No- I wasn’t- no.”

Scott just laughed and shook his head, Stiles may be the smart on in this friendship, but scott isn’t dumb.
- - -
I sat in front of stiles, and next to scott in our class as the teacher mumbled on about the body or something, I don’t know exactly I wasn’t listening.

I bit the bottom of my pen as I pretended to read the syllabus in front of me. But then I noticed Scott acting off. He was looking all around then he made eye contact with me. I questioned ‘what the hell’ the best I could with my facial expression but he just looked at my with same confused stare and looked down to his desk, I stayed focused on him worried.

After a few seconds he shifted his gaze to the door of the classroom and just kept staring at it. I glanced back at stiles and he just shrugged and returned to his syllabus. Within the next ten seconds, a crazy pretty girl with brunette hair walked through the door.

“Class, this is our new student, Allison Argent. Please do your best to make her feel welcome.”

She smiled shyly as she walked to the only empty seat, behind scott. He turned around and her eyes met his, all he did was hand her a pen. To which she said thanks.

That a boy Scotty, I thought. Can’t be on first line without a girl by your side.
- - -
I walked past the new girl standing by her locker, poor Allison was being bombarded by Queen Martin already. Scott and Stiles were diagonal from the two girls and I approached them as they were talking to this other girl, I walked up right as she was saying-

“Can someone tell me how new girl is here all of five minutes, n’s she’s already hanging out with Lydia’s clique?”

To which Stiles answered, “Because she’s hot. Beautiful people herd together.”

I scoffed.

“Always wondered how you’re not apart of her clique, y/n.”

Stiles commented, then looked shocked that what he said actually came out of his mouth. Did he just call me beautiful in some backwards way? I didn’t say anything, I figured I would just let it drop.

(Scott heard it though, and he smiled between his sister and his oblivious best friend.)

Scott was staring very intently over towards Allison.

“Scott, at least blink to look like less of a creep.” I hit his shoulder. But he just smiled at me and didn’t say anything.

- - -
Lacrosse and cheerleading try outs were at the same time. They got one half of the field and we got the other. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I sat on the bleachers because we still had 15 minutes until we started our tryouts and lacrosse was getting ready to start. I sat at the very top, I watched as Allison and Lydia made their way up to the empty space next to me considering it was the only space there was. Allison sat next to me, not super close, there was still a little space between us.

She smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Hi I’m Allison, we have that class together right?” She reached her hand out toward me, and I took it.

“Yep, nice to meet you too I’m y/n. Welcome to beacon hills. Nothing exciting ever happens in this town.”

We both laughed, “so you’re going out for cheerleading?”
She asked. Catching on that I was wearing one of the uniforms.

Which apparently seemed to grab Lydia’s attention because she leaned behind Allison and looked at me, and before I could answer-

“You. Are going out for cheerleading?” She questioned, brows raised.

I smiled sweetly at her, “as a matter of fact I am! Thanks for the support Lydia it means a lot, truly.”

Allison slightly laughed and then smiled at me, “it was nice meeting you, y/n.”

I just nodded in response and turned my attention back towards the field as the boys began tryouts. Until I heard allison ask Lydia a question.

“Who is that?” She pointed at Scott!

“Him? Im not sure who he is, why?” Lydia answered.

“He’s in my english class.”

I leaned over towards Allison, “that’s Scott McCall. He’s amazing, you’d really like him.”

She looked at me and continued, “how do you know him?”

I smirked and looked her in the eye, “he’s my brother.”

I stood up to go to my tryouts, “wish me luck” I whispered at the girls as I walked down the steps of the bleachers.
- - -
I walked in my house with the biggest smile I think I’ve ever had on my face. I entered my home with my backpack in one hand, and new & ironed cheerleading uniform in the other. I set my stuff down in my room quickly before heading to Scott’s room to see how the rest of his tryouts went.

I walked in to see my mom waiting by his bathroom door.

“Hey mom.” I greeted.

She smiled, “so how’d it go?”

“I made it!” I giggled as I went to hug her.

“Sweetie that’s amazing! My little cheerleader. Oh, and Scott made first line!” She informed me as she pulled away.

“Really?” I said excited for my brother, and that’s when he walked out wearing nothin but a towel.

“Mom! Y/n!”

Momma didn’t waste any time, “is this a party or a date?” She asked.

“Maybe both.” He answered with a small smile.

I crossed my arms, “and what’s her name?”


“ALLISON THE NEW GIRL? SCOTT WAY TO GO!” I lightly punched his chest.

“I talked to her at tryouts, she seems super nice.” I added.

I left his room because the convo between him and mom got kinda, weird. As I walked towards my room my phone vibrated in my back pocket, it was stiles.

I answered.

“Yo y/n are you going to that party tonight?”

“Hmm, go to a party with a ton of people I don’t talk to? Orr stay home and walk around the house in my new cheerleading uniform? I choose number two.”

“Oh congrats, I knew you’d make it!” He said very sweetly, thank god this WASNT a real conversation because I was hardcore blushing.
“But no, please go with me and Help me keep an eye on scott?”

“Keep an eye on scott why-”

“Awesome y/n thanks! Get dressed and I’ll be there in ten.”

He hung up and I rolled my eyes, I didn’t need to change from what I was already wearing but I re-brushed my hair and applied more mascara.

I heard the screech of the jeep in front of my house signaling that Stiles was here. I walked out and hopped in the passenger side and quickly got my seatbelt on not realizing he was staring at me until I looked up.

“What?” I demanded.

“Nothing, sorry. You just look pretty, that’s all.” He scrambled nervously for the words.

“Thanks.” I blushed and then he started driving. He had complimented me many times like that before, and it always makes my heart flutter. But I can never let myself get too happy. Because even if he calls me pretty, he calls Lydia beautiful.

We arrived at the party and he came around and opened my side of the jeep for me.

I laughed, “what a gentlemen.”

We walked into the party and saw scott dancing with Allison. Hell yeah I was so proud of him for landing a girl.

“I hope something good comes out of them.” I whispered to Stiles looking at them.

“I just hope he doesn’t rip her to shreds.”

I looked at him, “what?”

“Nothing!” He said quickly and loudly causing some people to look, “I’ll go get us drinks.”

I stood exactly where he left me glancing around at all the people here. I really did need to get out more, I barley know any of their names. I shook my head and looked to find scott and allison again. Instead I found Allison by herself and Scott rushing to leave the party. As Allison followed, Stiles came back and I pointed out to him what was going on.

“I hope my brothers not screwing this up by being a dick.”

“I don’t think it’s his fault,” stiles said so quiet I barely heard it, “here hold these.” He handed me the drinks and left me again.

He never came back, I ended up having to walk home from the party. Was I pissed? You betcha.
- - -
I didn’t talk to scott that morning, nor Stiles when I saw him.

He quickly realized I was ignoring him and ran down the hall until he caught my arm.

“Hey, y/n are you okay?”

I didn’t look at him, “yeah, think im catching a cold though. That’s what happens when you walk miles to your own house after your friend leaves you.” I snapped.

“Jesus y/n im so sorry. I had something really really important to take care of.”

I scoffed at his lack of detail, “so am I going to get an actual explanation?” I smiled to lighten the mood, I wasn’t going to stay mad.

“Just trust me when I say it’ll never happen again?”

I laughed at how adorable he was when he’s sorry.

“Just this once, Stilinski.”

We both walked outside to see that Scott had just made up with Allison too.

“Alight I gotta go, Scott and I have practice.” He said to me.

And before I could even say- “okay, see ya.”
He was already walking away.

So I watched him walk until I couldn’t see him anymore.