look what she grew up into


I was a tomboy running around in the garden. I used to play on a local cricket team. I grew up with all boy cousins, for the most part, and my brother. My mother was in the kind of late-sixties, early-seventies origins of female emancipation. And she was very much like, “You’re not going to be defined by how you look. It’s going to be about who you are and what you do.”

Noodle from Gorillaz.

I’m pretty stoked for the new Gorillaz album that’s coming next year.
I excited for the new music, new videos, and just seeing what the band’s been up to.
I’m also glad that in the new art that’s been released the characters seem to be in a better place than they were in Phase 3.
Noodle especially looks a lot happier than before.


Laurel Lance + protecting other women.
↳ “She’s a good person in spite of everything that she grew up with. And, the last time that I checked, protecting good people? That’s what we do.”

Dating George Weasley Would Include...
  • always trying to surprise you (scare you) when you don’t expect it, all just to say hi or something
  • while he’s always super confident and stupid with Fred, before actually asking you out he’d be ever so slightly more awkward around you
  • Like he’d still be stupid don’t get me wrong, but he’d be more careful what to say
  • admiring you from afar before he grew the balls to actually talk to you
  • Fred fucking notices
  • Ginny being your biggest shippers
  • he’d try to play it cool that he’s dating you but is actually super giddy about it
  • “I told her to wear that shirt today how good does she look”
  • “Did I tell you this thing about Y/N…”
  • “Y/n got a 90% on her Transfig exam can you believe it”
  • “I don’t even talk about her that much shut up”
  • stealing each other’s food
  • like even if you were in other houses
  • you’d make up such elaborate and insane strategies to steal like a single potato wedge
  • him trying to make you laugh 24/7
  • him helping you with homework
  • because he’s secretly so smart but keeps it under wraps
  • “George when did you even get smart”
  • excuse me
  • not gross PDA but the occasional hand holding
  • him telling Fred how much he likes you
  • “omg Fred she looked at me did you see that”
  • “god her hair looks pretty, like it always does but it needs saying”
  • *ears prick up* “that was so Y/n’s laugh I know her laugh and that was it”
  • “ah, Fred, she looked at me again”
  • “Fred I think she might have a crush on me”
  • “George you’re DATING
  • saying comments for the soul purpose to get you to blush
  • o v e r   p r o t e c t i v e
  • “George did you do the potions homework?”
  • “What potions— FUCK”
  • natural lounging position: his arm around you lazily
  • Fred would 100% say things about you to get him jealous
  • like Fred would say something like “Looking good Y/n” with a wink
  • George would just go quiet and have the iconic Weasley response of annoyance: red ears
  • having to reassure him that you’re only his
  • of course he believes you because he loves you
  • this was super long I apologise if you made it this far I congratulate you

Request: Could you make a ’_____ with George Weasley would include’ post because I’ve seen a bunch with Fred but I can’t find any with George. Thanks a million!!

I HAVE WANTED TO DO ONE OF THESE FOR AGES! Also turns out I read it wrong so I did the standard ‘Dating whoever would include’ sorry! I never had any inspiration to do one of these but here was my loooong attempt

OKay guys I just like. Hyperventilated for like 5 minutes hahahahaha SO.

I saw this post about Tyler Seguin during the 2010 draft and noticed he came from the Plymouth Whalers. Which I dunno I didn’t know because I never looked it up.

So I grew up in Plymouth. My sister’s girlfriend went to high school in nearby Ann Arbor and said she knew some Whalers that went to her high school at the time. I was going to ask my sister if idk her gf had any memory of names or anything and then I was like. You know what. He and I would have been in the same graduating class….I went to Plymouth High School…. I might as well check something.

So I pulled out my big fucking 2009 yearbook because he started playing with the Whalers in 2008? so I figured 2009 was a safe bet?  and I looked in the index to find nothing.

And I sort of lost hope.
and then I pulled out my 2010 yearbook. just in case. just to check. 

And this is what I find:

So I freak out and turn to the page of course.

And lo and behold. (and Idk if this crosses any lines Idk what protocol is regarding yearbook photos and respecting the privacy of NHL players but uh.)

There he is.

So yeah. I apparently graduated high school with Tyler Seguin.
Now I’m like…wracking my memory trying to remember if he was in any of my classes but like even if he was I would have totally disregarded him because at the time I was an artsy gothic theater kid and turned up my nose at “jocks” and “preps” aka anyone who didn’t wear tripp pants (jk but idk I was an ass and there were way too many Tylers to keep track of anyway) and haha jokes on me now I guess.

Still though like….
Man. What a trip.

Lmfao i feel like a damn idiot XD


She found him, curled up on his bed and under his covers, she could hear the faint sounds of sniffles erupting from his chest. The blankets quaked as he sobbed softly. 

“Sodapop, baby.” His mother whispered softly, her heart grew heavy with sorrow as she sat beside him. “Who hurt you?” 

“N- no one…” The sound of his voice was muffled by his pillow. 

“Honey, I can’t fix this if you don’t tell me what happened. I want to help you, I really do. Come out and show me your beautiful face.” 

“Mum…” He choked, pulling himself up so he could look at her. “I tried so hard, I really did. I tried so hard and I failed, why am I a failure? Why can’t I be like Darry or- or Ponyboy? Why can’t I be like-” 

“Hey now, none of that.” She wrapped her arms around his body and she held him in her arms like she used to when he was just a tiny, little boy that was crying over a scraped knee. “What on Earth is this about?” 

“I got an F” His tears were spilling from his eyes as he shook in Mr’s Curtis’ arms. 

“Sweet heart, is this all over an F? It’s just an F baby, you’ve never been this worked up over one before.”

“You don’t understand.” He placed his head against her chest, her soft heartbeat soothed him like a lullaby. “You don’t understand… I tried this time. I really tried to get an A.”

“Oh darling.” She sighed, her fingers glided through his perfectly greased hair. “I know how upset you are-” 

“I’m dumb, I’m so damn stupid.” 

“Hey. Don’t you dare call yourself those names, do you understand me, you’re not dumb, you’re not stupid, you’re my special little guy, you’re-” 

“I’m nothing like Darry or Ponyboy” He cut her off. “They’re smart, Ponyboy is only 12 and he know’s how to write essays and thesis’, Darry know’s advanced Calculus and he’s going to an Ivy League school, and I’m never going to amount to them, I’m going to be a lazy bum.” 

“Don’t you ever compare yourself to Darry or Ponyboy, you hear? They’re book smart, I know that. But books aren’t everything, I’m glad that they’re able to grasp school, and I’m proud of them both. But I’m proud of you too.” 

“Why would you be proud of me, I’m an idi-” 

“Sodapop Patrick Curtis.” Mrs Curtis wasn’t having his self deprecating attitude any longer, she turned him over on his stomach and she swatted his bottom with as much force as the tiny woman could muster. 

“Ow! You hit me!” He accused, his eyes were wide and clouded with hurt. 

“I merely swatted you, you keep going and you’ll getting a spanking. I don’t care if you’re 15. You’re still my baby.” She wrapped him up in her arms once more. “I am proud of you, every day and I will never stop.” 

“How could you be proud of me?” He asked softly. “I don’t understand.” 

“You mightn’t be book smart, Soda, but you’re definitely not dumb. Books don’t get you everywhere. This world needs more people like you. You’re so creative, you’re the only kid I know who makes blue mash potatoes. You’re so kind, in a world like this one, it’s not something you see every day. You have a heart bigger than this state. You’re the glue that holds this family together, and one day, you’ll find something you’re great at, and you’ll make a career out of that. An F doesn’t make you a failure. I just want you to keep being the boy I love, the boy that I am proud to call my son. I want you to stop seeing yourself as a failure and see yourself through my eyes and your dad’s eyes. We love you. Nothing will ever change that.” 

“I love you mum.” Sodapop said softly, his eyes brimming with tears as he wrapped his arms around her. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

“Oh honey, I ain’t ‘dyin for at least another 60 years, you’re stuck with me.” 

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I love your fem jian yi and zhan please draw more

lol look at what i ended up doing the whole day 

-jian yi grew her hair out super long ever since zhan xixi said she liked it
-is rlly fkn gorgeous, the master of makeup (but xixi refuses any makeovers)
-she wears short skirts, zhan wears tee shirts, shes cheer captain and xixi’s on the track field, dreaming about the day when she wakes up and finds that what she’s looking for has been here the whole time-!  

- he tian’s obv a black beauty 
- goth chick meets punk rock chick 
- he tian likes her piercings and asks if she can pierce her ;) 
- mo threatens to choke her with her own choker 
- ‘ooh kinky’ 

Ages I thought everyone was/coded as when I first watched Voltron

Shiro: 25 (Dude just emanated team dad vibes, have you seen his arms though like damn I’m pretty sure he could punch through titanium)

Allura: 23 (She looks and acts exactly 23 to me, not 22, not 24 23, I don’t know why she just does)

Coran: 38 (I’m too nice to give him 40, plus he’s still a spry old man for his age)

Pidge: 12 (I don’t know why Pidge just look 12, plus they were small and angry and I’ve been around enough kids to know that someone that small and angry must be at least 13 and below)

Keith: 17 (Boy just emanates the right amount of angst and rebellion to be 17)

Hunk: 16-17 (He seemed like one of those kids that grew up looking bigger/older than what he was supposed to yet still had a babyface so everyone was pretty much confused on his age, you know like me)

Lance: 16-17 (Precious baby boy who acts so full of himself and so confident, I wish he felt that way about himself truly my beautiful boy)

Paulina actually used to be a nice person in middle school. She went through an awkward growth phase during that time but grew out of it before high school. She was (happily) surprised at all of the attention she received and started to act like how she thought popular girls should act. Sometimes she slips up on the act or sees the same potential in others to outgrow their awkwardness, so she acts extra harsh towards that person if she thinks they see beyond her act.

That’s why she’s obsessed with her looks and status - she knew what life was without it. It’s also why she’s so negative towards Sam - Sam’s pretty but refused to compromise herself and Paulina envies that.

I’m interested to know what Roxy would have thought of Rose had she been able to grow up with her- as it was, Roxy longed for her company and inexorably idolized her, but actually knowing someone who’s cool is different from just reading about them.

In a scenario where Rose was able to raise her, what would she think? My instinct is mostly that Roxy openly loves her mom a lot still, and looks up to her, but with a healthy dose of rolling her eyes sometimes at Rose’s dramatics, or pretending she’s uncool in certain situations. 

Roxy in canon really hoped it was true that Rose was a practitioner of some dark magyks and had a lot of money that didn’t rightfully belong to her, but maybe if they grew up together, some of this would make her uneasy, and she’d urge Rose to stop. 

I have little doubt that alpha Rose would behave the same way when entering the sburb session as her beta counterpart- she’d blow through the game, wreaking havoc while trying to protect her daughter. Roxy just shrugs like, “well that’s my mom, you know?” and thinks it’s half cool and half infuriating.

If it does, lucky me. She’s [McBride] awesome. She’s my favorite actress on the show. I mean, I like them all, but I’ve gotten to work a lot with her and know her vibe. If it happens, it happens. I want it to be awkward when it happens. I want it to be really awkward. I want her to make the first move. […] I don’t think he’s figured out women. What does a relationship look like and how does that work? He never really grew up with a woman in the house, so it’s sort of like foreign creatures to him. […] Maybe he got together with a couple of locals at one point or something. But I don’t think he was ever in any sort of serious relationship. So if it happens, great. If it doesn’t, great. I like the fact that we’re two damaged people and we sort of gravitate to each other. I like that. If it happens, right on.

Norman Reedus, Entertainment Weekly [online] (06/Mar/2013)

We asked the man who plays Daryl, Norman Reedus, if romance could be blooming in the couple’s future.

Memories of Us - Chapter 1

A/N: Back at it again with a new series! I had this idea a while back, but never wrote it until now. I hope you’ll enjoy it! Let me know what you think. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warning(s): Fight, Death, Blood and Angst
Word Count: 1,856
Summary: Soldier Reader looks exactly like Linda, a woman Bucky used to love. Little by little, she uncovers his past with Linda and what had happened between them through her visions. As she does, her feelings for Bucky grew as well. But, one question remains: if Bucky returns her feelings, will it be for Reader or for Linda? 

★ ★ ★

“We need back-up immediately! Three soldiers down, I re—” I cover my head as a small explosion goes off several feet away from me. The debris rain down on us, as another one goes off soon. I scream into the radio again.

“I repeat! Three soldiers down! We are outnumbered. Enemies have—” A bullet pierces into my shoulder. The pain from the shot sent alarms blaring in my brain. I scream out as the blood gush out of from the wound. I press onto in, dropping my radio on the ground. I push myself down deeper into the wall.

This will be the end of us.

“Y/N!” Mike calls out to me as he presses onto the wound. He peeks up. A bullet bounces off his helmet before he dives back down behind the crumbling wall.

“We need to get the hell out of here!” Another soldier, Jeremy, yells. He is shooting at the terrorists through the small hole on the wall. The three wounded soldiers lay limp against us. Conscious but unable to move at all. Blood and dust fill up the air as we hear the gun shots approaching.

“There is no ‘out of here’! We’re in the building and they have surrounded it! We’re trapped!” Mike yells out as he grabs a powder to pour over the bullet wound on my shoulder. I yelp out in pain before grabbing onto my rifle.

I move my attention the other door that we have barricaded with broken stone wall pieces. The terrorists are trying to come through there as well. But, we have secured it enough to hold them off for a little while longer.

“We have to fight through no matter what. We can find another way!” I say while quickly looking to the side of the wall to shoot at the terrorist. I manage to shoot two before retreating back behind the wall.

“Y/N! Any grenade??” Mike yells out over the top of the wall before ducking back down. I quickly reach for the only one left on my belt. He takes the key off before tossing it over the wall. The blast was enough to rock the wall protecting us. I can feel the weight of the wall slowly increasing as it loses its integrity.

I hear a scream followed by a thump next to me. Time suddenly slows down. Mike’s body is shivering and blood was coming out from his mouth.  

“MIKE!!” I yell while throwing myself towards him.

Mike clutches on the side of his neck. Blood spurting out of the wound. I rip a piece of my uniform to stop the bleeding. His eyes arewatering as the blood in his mouth slowly suffocates him. I feel tears escaping my eyes.

“You’ll be fine, Mike! You will be fine!!” I yell over the firing guns. I look around to find any escape route, but the only way down is to jump down from the window. I press the cloth on the wound, but there was too much blood.

“E…Emily… S…Simon…” He gurgles out with the blood in his mouth. I feel tears streaming down my face, watching Mike’s eyes pleading me for help. I watch the fear in his eyes as his hands clutch onto mine desperately. Blood was everywhere around us.

“You’ll see them again, Mike! You will!” I yell while pressing the cloth into the bullet wound to stuff it. I need to stop the bleeding no matter what. There is still a chance to save him.

“K…Keep them safe for me, Y/N.” Mike says with the blood in his mouth. I shake my head while looking at him. His eyes seemingly to be accepting his fate.

“No! You will survive this! You will!” I scream at him when his eyes are starting to flutter. I can’t let him die! I can’t lose him!

“We’re done for, Y/N! I’m out of ammo.” Jeremy says while tossing the empty magazine to the side. He fishes through the other soldier’s uniform to find if they, by a chance of miracle, might have extra bullets left.

“Please, don’t let anyone harm them…” Mike’s voice grows weaker. I cry out but my voice was stuck in my throat.

Another bullet shoots right into my abdomen. I yell and fall backwards to clutch onto it. My hands momentarily letting go of Mike. I feel the blood soaking through my uniform as I miserably try to stop the bleeding. I push against the wall, listening to the bullets attempting to penetrate through the wall. I watch as Mike’s eyes stare into mine with his hand out reaching to me.

I look up and hear the sound of rocks crumbling on the other side. The terrorists had gone through it. The bloody hands stop moving and Mike’s body grows limp. My whole world stop and I can feel everything around me collapse.

This is it. This is the end for us. I close my eyes as Jeremy lay helplessly against the wall. The other soldiers are also slowly starting to lose it. We are done for. No bullets, no grenades, nothing.

There’s no way we’d survive out of here. I have to accept this. Our fate. Our deaths. This is the last thing that my team and I would do to protect the country we love. The bullets never stopped firing at us.

At this point, we’re just for the very bullets to distinguish the light within us.

Out of nowhere, we hear a loud crashing noise followed by the powering up of a machine. Blasts after blasts rocks the crumbling building from the other side of the wall. I open my eyes to look up at Jeremy. He’s wearing a surprised expression.

“It’s IronMan and Captain America!” He yells while looking at me.

I look over the wall to see them for myself. Sure enough, there they were, saving us from death’s trap. When I turn to look over to the other side, the terrorist had found our hiding place. I let out a gasp and grab onto Jeremy’s uniform. Our blood runs cold as we see the terrorists pointing their rifles at us. I close my eyes to wait for the bullets to end us.

Instead, we hear yells followed by another explosion.

When I open my eyes, there was another man standing in front of us. He had a metal arm and is fighting off the terrorists effortlessly.

“You are safe now! We have come to help!” Captain America says as he shields the rain of bullets away. IronMan and the other fighter finishes off the rest of the terrorists. When the bullet and screams stops, all that’s left is the collapsing building.

“Let’s get you out of here!” Captain says as he helps me up. Dust and rocks raining down on us. I can see the walls struggling to keep itself up.  

“No! These soldiers need medical attention immediately! Help them first!” I insist as I sit myself back down.

My senses had come back. Hope for another day to live returns within me. My teammates are of priority right now. Jeremy picks up one of our comrades while Captain nods understandingly.

“FRIDAY, building integrity?” IronMan says behind his mask.

I move over so the Captain can help the other two soldiers first. The blood was completely soaking their uniforms. It’s a miracle they are surviving, but if they don’t get treated soon, their lives too would crumble like the building.

“Cap, we have 80 seconds before this whole building collapses.” IronMan says looking at the structure. The dusts were raining on us little by little. The walls practically shaking harder by the second. I weakly crawl over to Mike to close his eyelids.

“The window. We’ll get out there!” Captain says while looking down with two men on his shoulders.

“We can’t jump down that high, Captain!” Jeremy protests while holding onto the injured soldier. I clutch my abdomen when another wave of sharp pain surges around my body.

“No need to. Natasha, bring the chopper over.” IronMan says. Not too long after, the chopper flies over to the side towards the window. But the chopper’s arrival has caused for the building to rattle even more. Debris falling off from the ceiling with dusts becoming like thick fogs around us.

Gunshots from below ricochet against the chopper as it approaches closer. There are still terrorists down there, I almost forgot. My breathing turns more rugged when the pain from both bullet wounds are too great. I can actually feel the lead between my flesh and muscles.

“Out, now! Bucky you get the other two!” Captain says as he jumps out from the window into the chopper.

“Come, Y/N! I will not leave without you.” I look up at Jeremy before over at Mike’s body. I nod at him as he waits for me to get up.

“No time! Go first!” IronMan orders Jeremy.

He hesitates but ends up jumping into the chopper with the soldier on his back after IronMan pushed him towards the window. I stand up, but my body was too weak from the blood loss. How am I going to carry Mike like this?

Out of nowhere, someone sweeps me off my feet and dashes right through the window. IronMan emerges out of the collapsing building while holding Mike in his arms. When the man sets me down, I clutch onto my abdomen in pain. He pressed right into my wound when he pulled me out of there.

I watch the building crumble down into the ground as the chopper flies away. I hear screams coming from underneath. The building must’ve collapsed on the rest of the terrorists. One more second there, then we’d all be dead. Maybe not Captain, IronMan or the other fighter. But us. The normal soldiers.

Dust and blood are covering all of us. I cough out the dust from my lungs while holding onto my wound. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t speak. I still can’t believe we lived through that. At least… the four of us…

I glance over at IronMan as he sets Mike down on the chopper. I wanted to crawl over to him. I wanted to wake him up again. He can’t die on me. He can’t. He shouldn’t. But I can’t move. I was in so much pain. I was losing my consciousness.

“Let me see your wounds.” The man says. I watch his dusty hair covers his face a little as he rips my uniform off where my wounds are. I rest my head against the seat as my visions fade away.

“Steve, I need some of those powder. She’s got another wound on her torso!” The man’s voice calls out.

A pang of familiarity. My eyes flew open as I watch the man in front of me press his hands into my shoulder and torso. When his blue eyes meet mine, I see a flash of images running through my mind. Even he stopped and stare at me too.

“Linda?” He calls out to me.

But before I could process anything, I blacked out. 

★ ★ ★

☀  Next Chapter >>

A/N: All right. I hope you enjoyed that! Let me know what you think. I may not post up chapters as often as I used to, but they are there. No worries. Assignments and classes are delaying my writing sessions, so please bear with me. 

For those who are waiting for Our True Love 2, it is also in the process of planning. After this series, I’ll most likely post it. Thank you for understanding. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Much love. <3 

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  • Me: im fine
  • What i really mean: look at how far vriksa has come she has actually grown a lot as a character shes a super detailed example of coming to terms with identity and being a strong leader granted she did fucked up stuff she grew and became who we see today, a gay,

idk why but the idea of fred and alice being friends cracks me up. And it’s not going to happen for so many reasons but when she comes to the drive-in and says “sorry to interrupt your ADULtERy FRED” i felt it u know. I felt the “we grew up together and i support u but i am going to call u out on your bullshit u know that.”

You know what I want to see in season 2? 

Yuri and Mila becoming best friends. 

Just picture it: 

  • Mila giving Yuri flirting/dating tips when it comes to Viktor, since she practically grew up with him, she probably knows what will make Viktor weak to his knees, and makes Yuri say all these ridiculous things to Viktor that absolutely embarass him, but they always work.
  • Mila helping Yuri choose outfits for his dates with Viktor, when he wants to look a little extra nice for him, and then Mila decides that Yuri’s closet is too dull and goes shopping with him. 
  • Yuri helping Mila with her ridiculous crush on Sara, and lets her complain about Mickey and how he always shows up just when she’s about to make a move on Sara.
  • Mila teaching Yuri how to say certain words and phrases in Russian to surprise Viktor. Such as “darling”, “sweetheart, “I love you”, and most importantly: “please do the dishes”. 
  • Mila and Yuri watching sappy romcoms together, and then compare the love interests with Viktor and Sara. 
  • Mila helping Yuri master his “mature Eros”, because let’s face it; Yuri’s Eros will not be “innocent” anymore after he moves in with Viktor ;) 
  • Georgi eventually also joins in with their friendship and they help setting him up with dates. 

i. she grew up at the local witchcraft shop.
everyday after school she would return to that dim house
with shelves full of old books hiding powerful spells
herbs and crystals hanging all around the walls
her aunts mixing elixirs someone has ordered

ii. people never understood them.
don’t pay attention, ignore the looks and whispers
is what her mom used to say
she wouldn’t
if she knew what powers are hidden inside her little girl

iii. death’s been always part of her life.
whispering to her
guiding her and teaching her to understand
the dead ones don’t necessarily stay on the other side
not under her touch

iv. her 18th birthday was yesterday.
now she walks the streets of your city
when the night is at its darkest
the black dogs howl
never leaving her side

v. she works for her family business.
visiting cemeteries
digging up the bodies buried 10 feet under the ground
lighting the sparks inside their rotting hearts
so her clients can take care of the unfinished business they have with the dead

- the girl who played with necromancy // s.h

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I'm sorry but how is Elain "the gentle heart" dead inside???

So I have plans to do a post on what I (and a few others) are calling Dark!Elain. The dead inside comment comes from her making small talk look easy. Because if you’ve ever made small talk it’s anything but easy. And it requires a certain amount of “fake” and bland interest. Small talk is just awful. Lol. But a lot of it has to do with how she grew up and how she acts and the role she played in their house. And then some of it is informed from Lucien. We know mates are equals in some ways and Lucien is pretty dead inside. And I think if we consider Elain’s behavior and what she said about the queens and all the stuff about her gardening and stuff… I think it’s fair to posit that she isn’t happiness and sunshine. She’s a mediator. She’s always in the middle (she’s literally the middle child) keeping the peace. I did a post on the “Protect This House” scene where I talked a bit about Elain and her positioning and job within the family. It’s hard to explain. I know other people have posted about it. I’m not the only one who thinks she’s not as okay as she lets on. But you know how Lucien (at least in ACOTAR) is sassy and great? But then we find out he’s kind of a wasteland inside and his sass is a cover and he’s barely keeping his head above water??? It’s like that. I’ll try to get my post on it up before the book comes out. No promises.

Girl is born into this world as a beating heart, palms open wide as if God has just been reborn.
Boy is born into this world as a slimy thing, crying hard with the sound of life bouncing off the hospital walls.

Girl gets picked on by the boy of her dreams, or that’s what they tell her. You will marry him one day. Girl is moving too fast on the roller coaster tracks to even think about the blood that leaks out of her knees.
Boy learns it’s okay to pick on unsuspecting girls. He’s too young to know what crushes feel like especially when he’s being adored by everyone around him. Take your pick, and every little girl in his class plays the part of chocolates from a Valentine’s Day box.

Girl gets dropped off at her first middle school dance. Her girlfriends wait in the bathroom for her because outside is a wild jungle. Filled with the boys who grew up thinking that, damn look at her boobs now, she really grew up, is a mating call. Girls that don’t yet realize they have a lion’s mouth, made for ripping the flesh of zebras.
Boy sneaks in with a flask filled with his dad’s liquor cabinet. His friends nudge him and say, which girl in here are you gonna get drunk and make fuck you. Boy takes his pick because he was the king of the playground. He will not take no far an answer no matter how hard you use it.

Girl is hand raised high in class. Going up to the blackboard to solve a math problem she had been working on for weeks now. Trying to impress the boy with the golden hair. What comes next is laughter and red stains on her new jeans. She cries in the bathroom trying to clean herself up and gets confused when relatives she’s never even met says, You’re a lady now. She gets pushed into womanhood. No warning. Whiplash settles in.
Boy leers at girls down the hallway. Bitch, slut, dyke. Categories that history has made up before his mouth even touched on the topic. You’re supposed to get turned on by the short skirts and the new breasts. You’re not supposed to take no for an answer. In the locker room, the new kid stares a bit too long. He was told that being gay was the worst thing he could be. The words echo in his mind, teach him a lesson.

Woman is a shrinking body. But I thought you loved my hamburgers. Lying has become commonplace now. All the best magazines say so. Yes, I already ate today. Yes, I like that. Yes, I want you. She gets sent home from school the next day because she passed out in class. For a moment, she thought she saw God reclaiming her body. She hated it.
Boy is Man now. Men do not cry. Crying is for pussies, which you should be getting anyway. Are you getting any? Tell me you’re not gay. Man curls up in his bed like a stray cat. Turns back into boy for the night. He’ll wake up tomorrow and watch football with his dad before school.

Woman wears a sexy red thing on the weekend. Men grip her legs with their eyes as she sinks down deeper into herself with every step. She almost wishes they would grab her so she would have a reason to cry. She gets sent home from school again when she shows her shoulders. She learns that no part of her is safe. She learns that her body is meant to be burned down unless it is being used. Woman cannot escape the wrath of Men.
Man sees his friends devour every girl they cross paths with. Remember the language, bitch, slut, dyke. Remember to use your eyes as they do. Don’t look at the boy you gave a black eye in middle school because he’s holding hands with someone else. Don’t stare too long, don’t let them know. If they get suspicious, show them the magazines you keep under your bed. You stole them from your dad, but they’ll never know.

—  Man sees girl as savior. Girl doesn’t see herself as God // allison

Dean looked up at the waitress, assessing her. She was pretty. And then there was a certain vibe about her that said “back off” which gave a little flavor. He chose to ignore what that might have said about him.

“Mandy,” Dean said, turning on the charm. “That short for Amanda?”

The waitress didn’t even look up as she let a condescending “duh,” slip from her mouth.

Dean shrugged it off as he closed his menu. Can’t win them all. The hustle of the diner grew louder in the background as there were a few more less-than-cordial exchanges while Mandy took the other orders.

Finally, her eyes landed on Cas. Dean smirked. It’s not like the angel would eat the food anyway.

But suddenly, Mandy was looking right into Cas’s eyes, and, for the first time since she came to their table, she didn’t look pissed off that she was having to work. In fact, she looked intrigued. No, not intrigued. Interested?

Dean shifted in his seat.

“And how ‘bout you, handsome?” she asked.

Interested. Definitely interested. Dean swallowed, fighting off the strange sensation growing in his chest that was making it hard to breathe. He moved again.

I’m moving too much, he thought, am I moving too much? Suddenly, he was so unnaturally still that he swore someone was going to call him out for his over-correction.

He leaned forward in his chair. “Oh dude, she is into you,” he said. He heard a murmur of agreement to his left. There, he thought, Problem Solved.

“Dean,” came Mary’s voice from across the table.

“No, we’ve been looking for teachable moments,” Dean interrupted as he forced a small laugh “this…” He played it off lightly, throwing a wink an a click of his tongue towards Cas’s straight expression.

With the buzz of Mary’s phone, the conversation took a detour.

Dean should have felt relieved. He should have let it go. Instead, he found himself sneaking another peek back at the waitress as his hands grew clammy.  

“Nobody cares,” he interrupted Sam with a growl. “Cas, here’s the thing you need to know about waitresses, okay? They get hit on all day long, so you gotta bring your A-game, but, upside” Dean added another click of the tongue for good measure, “they always smell like food.”

Wally was nodding next to him in agreement, echoing “they always smell like food.”

Vaguely he heard Sam start to protest in the background. Dean joined in the discussion, words starting to blend together as they all began to argue.

Suddenly, Mary was slamming her palm on the table, bringing their focus back to her. Right. Back to business.

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