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Herc's Four Sets of Corsets and More

Prompt: requested by @foxqmulder

Pairing: Starts out Hercules Mulligan X Reader, develops into Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader

TW: PG swearing, klutziness, insecurities, fluff??? Second hand embarrassment??? Cute fluff???

A/N: Sorry this one took a bit longer than usual! I’m sorry! I had work! I hope this is to your satisfaction! I tried my best! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for all of the love and support! I love y'all! Also, if you have anything you’d like me to trigger, please let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work!

Word Count: 5094

Prompt: “That’s awesome! Could I request a poly!Hamilsqaud where the reader is a brit and is new to New York and meets Herc in his shop maybe? and he asks her out and he really likes her so he takes her to meet the guys and tells her abt the relationship and she’s obvs cool with it and some fluff at the end. Thank you so much !! Sorry if this doesn’t make sense!!”

You weren’t sure how you’d ended up in the small shop on the corner of downtown, but there you were. It was a rustic, Victorian looking shop, and it just sort of called to you. You’d always been into that kind of stuff, the flowy tops and elegant skirts. 

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The mystery of Elrond and Elros’ “captivity”. I put that in quotes only because I think it became less stringent in term as the years passed by. And this has absolutely nothing to do with Elwing, so no one needs to get their hackles up. Heck, it’s not even really about Maedhros and Maglor.

But I just love the depth of the mystery of the twins’ time with them. I’ve seen the raging debates, the calmer discussions and metas. It’s all very interesting and I can’t count the number of various fics I’ve read (or art I love) revolving around that time. I was reading another post a little bit ago (yes, containing the good/bad parent Elwing good/bad parents Maedhros&Maglor talk) and it just hit me how I really don’t care what the answer is. Not that I haven’t developed my own theories or hcs and stuff, but just that I’m okay with Tolkien never telling us.

Am I making any sense? I may be alone here, but I really love the gigantic question mark hanging over that section in the lore, that time in the Elves’ recorded history for what it suggests about their society. 

Because this was all written by their loremasters, and those scholars not supplying an answer implies that all those Elves are wondering just like we are. Having the same debates and discussions just like we do, spilling theories and opinions based on hearsay or conjecture. There are hints and small details they may glean, logical speculations to the most outrageous and they’re never truly able to arrive at an answer. Elrond and Elros are the only two who know, and then only Elrond after Elros dies. Even long after into the Third Age people still look at Elrond and wonder.

I have no doubt Elrond maybe told those he was really close to what it was like growing up with the Feanorians. Who knows? Perhaps he wrote it down somewhere himself. But it’s such a “dark” mystery among Elven history and I love that it is. They were wondering about it when the twins were taken, wondering when they were returned, and were still wondering as the centuries went by as to just what in Arda happened during those years. And no definitive answers.

Every time I read a meta on my dash about their time living with Maedhros&Maglor, every discussion or debate, even the ones where there’s way too much hate being spewed (srsly, calm down, people), I LOVE it, even the ones I disagree with, purely because it gets me wondering “who” is saying it. Who is having those “arguments” that I’m reading on my dash by you guys? Who wrote that meta or suggested that headcanon? Was it Gil-galad or Cirdan? A Sinda who had to go through both kinslayings? Or a Sinda from Ossiriand who had nothing to do with anyone? A Noldo who served under Fingon and maybe saw Maedhros and Maglor from afar several times? Or a Noldo who saw the Feanorians appear with their army? And Elf who saw Maedhros give up the crown and then later cut someone down?

By the time Elrond and Elros were taken, opinions had to be rampant about the Feanorians, dozens and dozens all based on different reasons, experiences and hearsay. Each meta, hc and discussion gets me wondering which Elves are doing that talking and why. It’s like each one of those posts gives an unnamed Elf a history of some sort, whether they hated the Feanorians 100%, hated the Feanorians but still respected them, supported them or understood them, pitied them or were loyal to them. And then why. Why was said Elf loyal to them? Or why did he hate them? Pity them? What happened or what did he hear for said Elf to form such a particular opinion?

That’s why I love that Tolkien left Elrond&Elros’ time with the Feanorians such a mystery beyond the barest suggestions. Those Elves must have been reacting to it the same way we are, Sindar and Noldor, probably a lot of Men and Dwarves too. And unless Elrond makes it public, no one will ever know.

Baby time - Dash Wilder

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Summary: Labor and delivery with Dash Wilder

“I want this baby out, now.” I was miserable. Dash and I just got back from my forty week appointment. I was overdue by a few days and I felt like this baby was never going to come out. 
Dash grabbed my hand. He rubbed his thumb across across my hand. “The baby’s taking his or her time. He or she will come when ready.” Dash told me. I sighed. “Well, I’m ready.” I replied. 
“The doctor said if the baby doesn’t come by Wednesday, which is in three days, she will induce you. The pregnancy is almost over.” Dash tried to brighten things up a little. I shrugged. “We’ll see.” 

That night, I was getting ready for bed but first  I was packing my hospital bag just in case something were to happen soon. Dash came into the bedroom, fresh out of the shower. 
“Is that the hospital bag?” He asked, laying on the bed. I nodded. “Look how tiny this is.” I held up a grey onesie that was for either gender as we didn’t know what we were having. Dash smiled. “Yeah, our baby is going to be wearing that very soon.” He said. I grinned, just thinking about that. 

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Pietro x Reader
Warning: smut ahead!
A/N: This is the first Pietro fic I’ve managed to finish. I hope it’s good!Pietro annoys the reader with his incessant snide remarks causing her to lash out. He makes it up to her in more ways than one ;)

You had been an avenger for almost a year now, you were proud when Tony presented you with the uniform that you would wear during missions and were grateful to be apart of such an amazing team of people; well, at least most of them were amazing. You had a problem with speedy. He was always so cocky & rude. Everyone else ignored him but sometimes you swore he was getting on your last nerve on purpose. He’d make comments when you messed up during training, or point out trivial things like a zit or your hair being messy. He really had your patience wearing thin these days. Everyone else laughed his bullshit off but you just couldn’t, a pretty face couldn’t escape your wrath, even if he did have that smile & those eyes.
“Are you going to hit a target at all today (y/n)? Or are you on the side of the enemy?” Pietro spouted as he ran through the training course, taking out robots left & right as he went.
“Shut up Pietro!” You growled as you fought off one of the robots, using your powers you electrocuted it causing it to short circuit and explode.
“Cut it out Pietro, we’re taking this course seriously!” Cap reprimanded. You grabbed one of the pieces and threw it in Pietro’s direction.
“Missed me!” He chuckled.
You tried to stay focused, going after your next target when you were pushed to the ground, the silver blue blur that ran passed you indicated that it was Pietro’s doing.
“You didn’t see that coming!” He said with a snarky smirk. You were on the ground boiling with rage when you decided enough was enough.
“THAT IS IT! Pietro you are such a fucking ass hole! No one gives a shit about your stupid catchphrase or showing off! You ruin every training session with your bullshit and I’m sick of it!” You stormed out, wiping an angry tear from your cheek, leaving cap and Pietro standing in awe. You were walking down the hall when you ran into Tony.
“Having a rough day?” He asked as he caught you, eyes misting & jaw clenched.
“I’m gonna kill him, punch him right in that stupid smirk of his!” You scoffed, brushing past Tony you went to the elevator. Tony continued to the training room you had just left, Pietro and Steve still trying to wrap their heads around what just transpired.
“What the hell just happened in here?” Tony asked, his voice tinged with shock and concern.
“I may have took it a little too far with my jokes…” Pietro looked down at his feet, ashamed.
“A little? You knocked her to the ground!” Steve exclaimed, lowering his head to his hand.
“You better apologize sonic, I’ve never seen (y/n) that upset before.” Tony said. Pietro dashed out of the room, desperate to find you. He didn’t know his teasing got to you in that way and he felt like an idiot. He zoomed to your door and knocked frantically.
“Who is it?!” You hissed, still clearly pissed off.
“It’s me…I’ve come to apologize.” Pietro’s voice was small and muffled.
“Leave me alone!” You called. He kept knocking incessantly, making you more annoyed. You finally flung the door open.
“I don’t need your apology!” You shouted. He snaked his way past you and appeared in your room.
“I feel terrible, I didn’t know my teasing affected you like this.” He ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes were sad, mouth turned down in an uncharacteristic frown.
“Well it does. I feel like you pick on me the most for no reason, I don’t get it. What did I do to you?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest.
“Nothing! Let me make it up to you, I promise not to do or say anything mean to you ever again,” he took a few steps closer to you and grabbed your hand.
“As long as you promise to forgive me.” He concluded as he brought your hand to his lips, gently pressing a kiss upon it. His eyes were sweet and sincere, Your mind was boggled. You thought you had him figured out, that there was nothing beyond the cocky facade.
“Ok…you better mean it.” You said firmly, you couldn’t let him know he’d penetrated your anger.
For the rest of the week Pietro was nice to you, like sickeningly nice. He grabbed you water after training, asked you how you were doing in the morning & complimented you during training sessions. You appreciated it, but you didn’t get why he had to be so extreme with his actions. First he was always rude & teasing, now he was drowning you in niceties. You were beginning to think that speedy had gone coo coo.
“Hey, I recorded that movie you wanted to watch the other night when you said you had to go to bed early…would you like to watch it tonight?” He asked you as you sat in the kitchen eating your lunch. You were surprised he’d remembered something like that. You thought it was kinda (dare you say) sweet.
“Sure Pietro, I appreciate it.” You smiled.
“Great, I will make sure to kick everyone out of the living room by 8:00.” He chuckled.
You spent the next few hours going over combat moves with Natasha. Between high kicks and blocks you decided to get her opinion on the situation.
“So you know how I bit speedy’s head off on Monday right?” You said as you dodged a punch, ducking out of the way.
“Yeah, I heard you verbally castrated him.” Nat smiled as if to say ‘that’s my girl.’
“Well now he’s being really nice, like grossly nice. He recorded a movie I wanted to watch after I mentioned I couldn’t stay up for it & he wants to watch it tonight. Something’s weird right?” You question as Natasha goes to kick your legs out from under you, causing you to jump.
“Maybe he likes you?” She mused.
'Noooooo ’ you thought as you continued dodging and ducking Natasha’s blows, 'he’s gotta just feel bad for getting under my skin.’
“But then why was he such a jerk before??” You said, Natasha caught you off guard, you hadn’t ducked in enough time and caught a roundhouse kick to the shoulder knocking you down.
“Maybe he was afraid to show it before.” She helped you back up.
You finished sparring and headed up to your room. You showered & changed, paying close attention to what pajamas you chose. For some reason you were aiming to impress the silver haired boy. He was making his way to your good side with all the niceness, that was for sure. You chose a hoody and shorts, trying not to look too overdone. You let your hair tumble down in your natural waves.
You were putting on lotion when there was a knock on the door.
“Ready for the movie?” Pietro asked as he presented you with a huge bowl of popcorn. He was wearing basketball shorts and a tank top, showing off his arms, the sculpted muscles didn’t go unnoticed as you swept your eyes across him.
“Yeah, thanks for the popcorn, it was very thoughtful of you.” You smiled, tucking your hair behind your ear. The two of you walked to the living room, stealing glances at one another the entire way down the hall. You sat on the couch, Pietro handing you the popcorn before dimming the lights. He sat next to you and started up the movie.
“Do you mind if I stretch out?” You asked as you leaned against him, putting your feet up on the couch, he pulled you closer, placing his arm around you.
“No problem.” He smiled. You watched the film contently for a few moments, feeling the rise and fall of Pietro’s breath beneath you. Suddenly he took a deep breath in.
“You smell really nice.” He complimented.
“Thanks, Nat got me this shower set for my birthday, it’s pretty awesome.” You chuckled lightly. Something was happening inside you, you couldn’t quite describe it. Part of you felt elated to be lounging next to Pietro, it was as if you should always be in his arms. But another part of you was still a little confused about his intentions, you still didn’t know what his endgame was. You couldn’t be bothered with worry at the moment though, you were too comfortable. Slowly you started to drift off, half asleep you felt something graze your forehead, like a kiss.
“Did you just?” Your eyes fluttered open, looking up at Pietro who was intensely staring at the screen.
“What?” He asked.
“Nothing, I coulda swore you just kissed me.” You cocked your eyebrow up at him.
“Would it have been so bad if I did?” He asked cryptically.
“Maybe not..” You let a small smile creep onto your face. Then, in an unprecedented move Pietro kissed you right on the mouth. His lips were soft & sweet. It was over in a moment, but it was enough to jolt your heartbeat into a quick pitter patter. You sat up & turned to face him, kissing him again. This time you took your time, pressing your lips to his, gently sucking on his bottom lip. You pulled away, grazing your teeth over his bottom lip, you giggled as your eyes met. Pietro went to say something but you couldn’t resist the urge to kiss him once more, you moved to straddle his lap, placing your hands up around his face you kissed him more deeply, slipping your tongue into his mouth, intoxicated by his very essence. You kissed a trail from his mouth to his neck, sucking on the crook of his neck before brushing up to his ear, you whispered
“I kind of like you.” You kept kissing him softly from his neck to his chest meeting his gaze once again.
“That’s good considering I like you a lot.” He pushed his lips to yours, the kissing becoming more lusty now as his hands trailed up your hoody. He took it off, tossing it over his shoulder. In an instant you were laying with your back on the couch, breath hitching as Pietro was on top of you sucking and nipping at your chest. Your right hand entangled in his blonde locks as the left gripped at his shoulder & his mouth crashed against yours again. Your hips bucked up against him.
“Pietro..” You moaned.
“Some one *moan* could walk in *gasp*at any *kiss* moment…” You labored through the sentence as the pleasure intensified.
“Should we stop?” He asked, suddenly halting his advances.
“That’s not what I meant..” You whined, catching your breath. He scooped you up & jetted off to his room. In a flash you were laying on his bed in the same positions as before, you sat up, pulling his tank top off as you kissed up from his abs to his chest. He pushes you back, hands rushing down your sides as he pulls your shorts off. He kisses your stomach and thighs as he massages your core through your panties.
“Please Pietro,” you moan out, staring down at him, your mouth all pouty and begging.
“What was that?” He smirks as his fingertips graze the top of your panties, hot breath brushing over the sensitive skin as he ever so slowly pulled them down.
“Please keep going…” You whine as he kisses right above the bundle of nerves. Soon he is lovingly kissing and sucking at your core, a finger inside rubbing at your gspot.
Your moaning gets louder, more animalistic at the intensity of his tongue work, your hand flies to his head, grasping at his hair you tug at the blonde mop. When he decides his mouth has done enough he picks his head up, smirking up at you he pulls you by your hips so that you’re once again at eye level. Your mouths like magnets pull you into kiss again. You’re pulling at his shorts, fighting to expose his hardness. Becoming frustrated, you twist so that you are on top. Pushing him down onto the bed you pull his shorts and boxers off. You stroke him and tease him, hovering above his erection before finally, slowly taking him in, inch by inch.
“Vy tak krepko printsessa.” He groans as you roll your hips. He pulls you to his chest, you try to maintain your balance as he holds you firmly in his arms, pounding into you at the perfect angle.
“Oh god, Pietro,” you moan, he catches your mouth in a kiss. Your legs turning to jelly, start to give causing you to whine out at the loss. Quickly Pietro changes positions, stopping briefly to shower you with kisses. He kisses a trail up your leg before pushing inside once again, the new angle causing you to squeal out in pleasure.
“like that?” He smirks, still holding your leg in the air, he increases his speed driving you over the edge.
“Mhmm, don’t stop.” You breathe. You writhe against him, losing your senses, pulling him closer. You dig your nails into his back as you finally come undone, waves of pleasure rippling through you.
“Vy tak krasivo, kogda ty konchish’.” He groans. Soon his thrusts become sloppy as he bursts inside of you. His chest heaves and he collapses to your side. You roll over and meet his gaze. He pushes your hair back and kisses you sweetly.
“Will you be mine printsessa?” He asks, voice thick with the accent of his mother tongue.
“I don’t know…” You respond.
“Why not?” He asks.
“Why pick on me for a whole year then flip the script?” You wonder aloud.
“Because I am stupid,” he begins, you nod at his response, he rolls his eyes.
“You were too strong and beautiful, I didn’t know how else to get your attention. I knew I had to do something when you went off on me like that, nothing sexier than a woman with uh, how do you say? Spunk.” His explanation was priceless.
“Then I suppose I can forgive your stupidity and be your printsessa.” You kiss once more before settling into Pietro’s arms and drifting off to sleep.

Google translate English to Russian:
*Vy tak krepko printsessa= you’re so tight princess
*Vy tak krasivo, kogda ty konchish’= you’re so pretty when you cum

The Bodyguard - Part 4

Luke Hemmings

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Luke’s POV

“You’re making this my best ever Christmas.”

The words rang in my ears all day, ensuring that I had the brightest and biggest smile as the rest of my family arrived. It was such a big thing that we ended up with around 20 people gathered at the table, all wanting to know who she was.

Y/N herself beamed at them when I introduced her as my best friend, looking beautiful as she had gotten dressed after I gave her my present. Not that she didn’t look beautiful before, but the ripped skinny jeans and my jumper scene looked almost too good on her.

Christmas day was over in a flash, Boxing Day also. We spent that one with my family and all the boy’s and their families. It was basically a second Christmas, except we’d swapped out our blood for what I called our ‘real family’. They got her gifts as well, and we were all sure we had her down to a pin.

Such merriment couldn’t last with our families as we finally left a week before we were set to be on tour. My mom hugged her even tighter than me, probably whispering thanks in her ear for all she does. The plane ride to America wasn’t much different from the way there. She slept with her head in my lap as I stroked her hair, smiling down and almost moaning myself when she hummed in appreciation.

And then there was cold.

Almost snow, but mostly a little drizzle and a lot of frozen water on the ground.

We still had a week of chill, but we wanted to have a head start on our jet lag so most of the nights, we found ourselves wandering through the sharp air, trying to stay awake.

Tonight was no different.

“You’re on the job.” I heard her say as she rolled her eyes at the three other bodyguards. I started to walk to her from where we were lazily wandering in front as she had stopped.

“We’re hungry. We haven’t eaten for ages.” Nate shrugged at her as she mimicked his shrug.

“Me neither, but I can’t take all four of them, even if it is for five minutes. It’s against our job policy.” The three had already started to walk away, Oliver turning to shout back

“Two minutes, nothings gonna happen. Calm your ass.” She groaned in frustration as I finally reached her.

“Everything ok?” I smiled as I wearily eyed the three figures sloping away. She nodded, grinning back.

“Let’s just go. Those assholes will catch up.” She took my hand, swinging it as we tried to keep out balance on the slippy surface.

“Hey, kitten!” I heard Michael call, rolling my eyes as I watched him take a sharp left to follow it. The boys accompanied him as Y/N started to speed up to make sure she could see them. We slipped inside the small backstreet, watching the boys ahead with amusement as we went to pet it too, until a voice called from behind us.

“Well, what do we have here?” We turned in surprise, watching as four guys stepping into the only exit, grinning through their balaclavas. My stomach went tight as the other boys fell silent.

“Where are your bodyguards, little ones? We aren’t sure why but we recognise you just enough to realise that you got some pretty payments in there. Don’t worry though. We wont treat you any different, this is just a normal mugging.” I heard Y/N gulp a little as they gestured to our pockets, stepping forward calmly as I yelped at her, trying to pull her back, closer to me like she somehow might be safe there. She went far enough forward to make sure that we were all behind her as I hopelessly made grabby hands at the air.

“A pretty payment they earned. They won’t be giving you anything tonight.” One of them stepped towards her as she stood stock still determinedly.

“And a pretty face. Looks like tonight is really our lucky night boys.” Calum clasped a hand over my mouth as I went to shout at him, knowing it would only make the situation worse. Ashton had a hand on my wrist and Mikey was frozen guiltily.

His hand rose up slowly, trailing down the side of her face as she glared at him.

“So what are you, little thing. A band friend? A girlfriend?” He played with a strand of her hair as she spat out.

“No. A body guard, actually.” She grabbed his wrist, twisting it harshly as he screamed in pain, dropping to the floor as she kneed him in the face before the other guys could even move. It all went in slow motion from there.

I broke free of the boys, rushing forward to use one of the blocks that she taught me in Australia, and flooring a guy as I kicked him. She had the other, flipping him quickly as she punched him hard in the ribs, a sickening crack ringing through the alley.

I made sure the guy I had was unconscious until I realised that she had gone quiet. The fourth guy was still standing alone whereas the first guy had her in a swift headlock, blood flowing freely from his nose. The fourth guy laughed a little.

“You would have thought that he was the leader, right? That me, though. And the thing is, that really was a good effort sweet cheeks. But I don’t like it when people injure my men, I don’t like it one bit. Remember how much easier it would have been to just hand over their wallets?” She gasped as the bloody hand of the first guy punched her in the chest, blood dribbling down her cheek where someone had caught her. My heart dropped at the sight of the thing that the leader guy was playing with this whole time. The blade glinted, reflecting off the distant street lights as he headed towards her.

“Thought you were protecting them, I get it. Hero complex and all, but the thing is, that he just injured one of my men too.” He pointed the knife at me as my breathing got heavier and heavier. “So what a shame that this really didn’t turn out in your favour.” He switched directions, heading towards me with a devilish smile, my eyes flicking back to her where she frantically struggled. Her foot stamped down, causing the guy to bring his head forward. She swiftly threw hers back, catching him in surprise and causing him to drop his arms as she elbowed him in the throat.

My eyes went back to the guy who was fast approaching as I was almost sick. He knew what he was doing.

Her hand went to his shoulder as he laughed, turning and holding her there as he drove the knife into her stomach.

As strangled sob left my lips, the boys screaming her name as they ran forward. But I was faster.

I punched him hard, twisting his arm as I threw him away from her.

She just stood there, looking down at it as blood began to seep. Her eyes were wide circles as I dashed to catch her when her knees buckled.

“Ouch.” She muttered as tears filled my eyes, panting slightly as I panicked. She reached down for the handle, pulling it out with a gasp as I bit my lip hard.

“Luke put pressure on it.” She murmured into me as the boys surrounding her, tears streaming down their faces too. Calum and Michael went for the bodyguards and to call the police, after realising the muggers had left swiftly as we all rushed to her. I pressed my hand to her stomach, the warm wet substance covering me immediately. She screwed her eyes shut in pain.

“Harder.” I took my hand off, choking out.

“I can’t, Y/N I cant do this.”

“Ashton, then.” Ashton’s head shot up at his mention, moving closer on his knees as he took a deep breath, pressing hard on her stomach, making her moan loudly.

“Yep. That’s the one.” Tears were in her eyes, a few running down her face as I cradled her head, my own dripping onto her.

“Hey, Lu.” She cooed as her hand weakly grabbed mine. I clutched it tight. “You did really good back there. You used the stuff I taught you.” I gave her a wobbly smile as she turned her lips too, giving me a fragile grin. Her eyes were slowly blinking as she started to shut them.

“Hey, no. Y/N look at me. Don’t close your eyes.” I managed to gasp out through held breaths. “Don’t die, please? Hear that? That’s sirens. They’re coming to you. They’re coming to save you because at the moment, I can’t and it’s scaring me a lot.” She opened them again as she hazily looked at the sky, all colour draining out of her skin.

“Don’t be scared. You should never be scared when you’re with me. It’s all gonna be ok.” She stuttered out as her eyes closed again, this time a breath escaping her dry lips.

There was only silence and my screams.

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I wish you would write a fanfic where Bond gatecrashes Q's family meal. Things get awkward very quickly :D

(( I really like the idea of Q’s parents being snooty and “old-money” people. ))

Q never really enjoyed having his family over, but once in a blue moon, his parents would insist on having him host a sorry excuse for a dinner party. His parents were stuffy and never approved of his career in “digital security”. Q was sure their attitude would change if they knew he was actually a part of the top-secret Double-Oh Project with MI6, but M would have his balls for a decoration around a rearview mirror before allowing that information to spread. With a sigh, Q finished cleaning up a majority of his flat, locked the cats away in the bedroom with all they would need to survive a for a few hours, and heavily sat down on the sofa. He checked his watch, seeing he had a few minutes left before his snooty parents and elder sister came over, Q headed back into the kitchen to make some tea.

“I really don’t understand why you insist on living in this toy bin of a flat, Geoff,” his sister, Lydia, said as she turned her nose up at a missed cat hair on the arm of the sofa. “Surely we can move him somewhere, mummy.”

Q’s mother had a similar expression on her face when she spoke, “You need only ask Geoffrey. It isn’t charity.”

Q rolled his eyes, “I’m quite alright on my own, mother. Besides, this flat is quiet and close to the office.”

“Such a waste of education,” his father sighed. “All those private schools and yet you waste your time on silly computers.”

Feeling that that was enough, Q rose to his feet and gestured to his small dinning room table, “How about you sit at the table, father. You can continue to criticize my career choices over the roast.”

“Hopefully your cooking will be free of fur,” Lydia teased, although the joke was certainly not appreciated as Q went into the kitchen and brought out the food. “At least it smells good.”

“Don’t underestimate my cooking, Lydia. Not everyone needs to hire a chef to feed them.”

Everyone began to dig in as Q went to sit down, but then there was a harsh knock at the door that made everyone jump. Q excused himself, cursing under his breath at whatever the hell it was making this even more terrible, and answered the door. Opening it just a crack, Q fought to surpress a groan at the strong smell of bourbon.

“Bond, what the bloody hell are you doing here?” Q hissed, trying to block the door from view of the dining room. “You need to go home.”

“Just get back from Tunisia and this is the greeting I get? Tsk tsk, Q. Where are your manners?”

“Yes, welcome back,” Q rolled his eyes. “Now go home. You can’t come in.”

“Why not? I thought you would be just dying to see me after so long.” Bond leaned down and placed a cheek at Q’s jaw, making a flush of pink spread across his pale cheeks and a shiver down his spine.

“James, my parents are over and they can’t see you. Especially not like this.”

Bond smirked, “What’s not to like? My charm? My dashing good looks that won even the likes of you over?”

Q went to speak, but his father called out in interruption, “Geoffrey, what is that ruckus over there?”

Silently, Q pleaded for James to leave, but Bond took the chance to open the door further and stick his head in. “Beg your pardon. Didn’t realize there was a party going on. Bond. James Bond. I can definitely see where Geoffrey got his good looks from.”

“James, can I talk to you privately for a moment?”

“And keep from your guests? Not a chance,” Bond kissed Q’s cheek and the flush grew to a deep crimson of embarrassment.

“Oh, not another one,” Q’s father groaned and the entire room shifted. “I think it’s time to go.”

“I’m sorry?” Bond’s tone was instantly harsh, his tipsy state only adding more fuel.

“I had hoped Geoffrey would have come to his senses after what happened with the last fairy he’d been with.”

“Dad -” Geoffrey protested, but was cut off again by Bond.

“Fairy? Is that what you think of your son? Look here, sir, your son could bring this whole bloody country to it’s knees if he wanted to with the brain he’s got and now I see why he never talks about you people. Damn old-money bastards think they run the world.”

“James, please. It’s fine. Just drop it.” Q pleaded, just wanting this nightmare to be over.

“No, darling, it isn’t.”

“Dad, just go. James, go…go brush your teeth or something…”

“No,” Bond growled, but relented as Q elbowed him harshly in the ribs. “But I’m not bloody finished here.”

Without a word, Q’s parents left the moment Bond was down the hallway. However, Lydia hung back. “Ignore them,” she smiled. “Besides, this one is certainly handsome.”

Q groaned.

“Coffee on Friday?”

“Same as always, Lydia.”

Lydia made it to the doorway, “I want all the details, little brother. And I do mean all.”

Q practically called the door in her face as she winked at him. He then stormed down the hallway to deal with Bond.

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Writing promt: Write about your OTP, one gets a tumblr and the other has to deal with the other joking about memes all week

I twisted this a little bit, but here you go. I hope enjoy this! I sure had fun writing it XD. So now I present to you Maka and her huge art geek of a partner mixed with awkward teenage hormones (not NSFW).

Hint: ya know how Maka’s soul is orange and Soul’s is blue….?

You’re My Muse

“Soul,” Maka deadpanned, fidgeting in her stiff canvas dress, “this is ridiculous.”

“Is not,” Soul argued back. He lowered the camera from his face. “Can you move your hands a little lower?”

Maka huffed, but complied. “This doesn’t even make any sense.”

“It does, trust me.” Soul brought the camera back up to his eyes and turned it in several test angles, humming in concentration. “Stick out your right foot.”

Maka bit her lip, trying to move her foot without losing her balance and spilling the eight mini cups filled with paint she had balanced in her hands.

She wasn’t a damn juggler.

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How the hell did you manage to become the sinful mother of practically a whole fandom?

it all started with a single picture…

((for those of you who dont know, this is from one of @caprette ‘s comics.)) 

ANYWAYS… i had never seen an episode of ladybug IN MY LIFE, tho I had seen pictures floating around (i thought chat noir was a girl for like a solid month lol). And one day this goddamn thing pops up on my dash and i just LOST IT. I literally had no idea what was going on but this panel murdered me. So i took a screenshot, saved it to my computer so i could look at it again, and about 2 weeks later i finally buckled down and watched the goddamn show.

then things just kinnda….went downhill fast from there lol I kinnda have a cult now??? (#CapIsToBlame)