look what it does to my waist

Maria/Natasha, Where did it go?

for @probablyunnecessary

21.  Where did it go?

“Where did it go?” Natasha asked, sitting up in bed. “I just had it, I swear.”  

“Very funny…” Maria deadpanned.  “You act like you lost your phone, I start helping you look, my hand ends up in an awkward place…’not-sleep’ ensues…”  

“No, for real, I lost it!”

Maria turned reaching over around Natasha’s waist.  “Are you sitting on it?”  

“Why don’t you check?” Natasha smirked and Maria swatted her hip.  

“I knew that’s what you were up to.”  

“But you still fell for it, so what does that say about you?”  

And it is somewhat unbelievable
that wrap your arms around my waist
or rest your chin on my shoulder
when you’re standing behind me,
that you interlock our fingers
and whisper into my ear,
without having an idea
of what it does to me.
And it is nearly impossible
to not feel guilty
when you’re looking for physical comfort
as a friend
while I am seeking for the same
as a lover.
—  // falling for a friend

This is what the foundation layer of my Zelda dress looks like. I researched the structure of couture gowns during my planning stages of this costume, but this is my first time actually making something like this.

This is a boned corselet, which is designed to shape and support the exterior layers of the dress. Unlike the similarly-named corset, a corselet does NOT cinch the waist or shape the body. It provides structure to the dress, not the body.

Mine is made from power net with flat-felled seams, spring steel boning, and built-in bra cups. It’s attached along the neckline except in the very back, where is has a separate zipper. It eliminates the need for a separate bra, so I don’t have to worry about bra straps shifting around and showing.

I also wanted to add that I don’t have any special knowledge or training that enabled me to do this – everything I know about this I learned from Google. If you’re interested in sewing but you find these terms and concepts going over your head, just Google them. Read blog posts and articles and anything else, and try to apply that learning to the things you want to make. You might be surprised how much you can teach yourself.

Dean’s baby sister.

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Pairing : Winchesters x Sister!reader
Word count : 979
Author : Mel
Request : Anonymous- I don’t know if this is a funny idea but I feel like a body swap fic is always good?

Body swap curses. Man did you hate body swap curses. Especially when you woke up in a room that wasn’t yours. “Shit..” You mumbled. “Why am I in Dean’s room?” You looked around. “Dean!?” You started to sit up, but your head was pounding. “What the hell.” Swinging your legs out of bed, everything felt wrong. Looking down, you were in just black boxer briefs. You slowly pulled out the waist band and looked in. “No..” Getting up, you looked in the mirror. “Aw crap.”

Waking up, Dean groaned, and stretched. He opened his eyes and winced. “Why does it look like a fucking my little pony exploded in here…”  He ground the sleep out of his eyes and looked around. Bright colors, fluffy pillows, pictures, but also guns and knives?

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Kitten. (MGG)

Warnings: 0

Your pov:

      “Good morning kitten.” I heard from my handsome boyfriend next to me in bed. I rolled around to see his finely structures face. I smiled at him wrapping my arms around his neck. He laughed a bit and kissed my shoulder. “What are you doing kitten?” he asked in his beautiful raspy morning voice. “I’m killing you, what does it look like?” I told him sarcastically. His hands ran down to my waist lightly squeezing my sides as I started to laugh. “No!!! Don’t baby please.” I said through laughs as he started to tickle me. “Matt stop no!” I said through my laughs again trying to push him off of me. “Never!” He said smiling down at me. He pinned my hands above my with one of his hands and and kissed my lips. His other hand roamed down to my hip gripping it hard so that there would be a bruise on it later that day. I smiled through the kiss as he pulled away. “Want breakfast babe?” He asked me I nodded my head and kissed his lips shortly again. He let me off the bed as I tried to find something to cover my bare body. Remembering the night before, hot pink blushes reached up my cheeks as I bent down to pick up my shirt off the floor. I felt a warm presents behind me as I slipped the shirt over my head. “Aren’t you going to wear my shirt kitten?” he asked with a pout and wrapping his hands around my waist. “Sorry, did you want me to?” I asked looking over my shoulder to see his head laying a top my shoulder. “Yes I did, you look cute in them babe.” he said as he kissed my lips. I felt his hands go to the hem of my shirt as he pulled away from the kiss and brought it over my head. He picked up his shirt and put it on me giving me a child like grin. “There you go kitten.” He said taking my hand in his pulling me out of our room. “What do you want for breakfast?” I asked him as we entered the kitchen sitting down at the breakfast bar. “Um, can we have chocolate chip pancakes? I’m hungry as hell.” I laughed and shook my head. “Its all that energy you burned last night.” I said slightly winking at him. I stood up starting to pull out the things I needed as he came up behind me. “Can I help?” he asked grabbing the bowl out of my hands. “Sure babe.” I grinned letting him get the pancake mix and chocolate chips. “Yum.” he said as he poured almost all of the bag of chocolate chips in the mix. “Matthew! That’s too much!” He pouted and slumped his shoulders, “Sorry kitten, I just wanted a lot.” He said moving away from the mix. “Its okay, I’ll just mix this up and add more mix yeah?” I asked him as he still pouted. His eyes lit up and nodded, “We could have a lot of pancakes!” I shook my head and laughed in amusement. “You’re such a child.” I said to him, he stopped laughing and came up behind me so I could feel his breath on my neck. His hands landed on my hips pulling me into him. He moved my hair from my neck sweeping it to the other side. His lips kissed up to my ear “That’s not what you said last night.” he said laughing a bit taping my ass. “You’re such a tease.” I said rolling my eyes. He smiled “These are almost ready Matt, will you get plates, forks, and glasses?” I asked “Of course.” he told me going to the cabinets up high. He got the water in the cups and set the plates beside me, I placed some pancakes on both of our plates and poured syrup over them. I placed them on the table and turned back to Matthew. “Come on silly it’s done.” I said tugging on his hand. He nodded and sat down. Before I could sit down he pulled me onto his lap. “I want you to sit on me.” He told me taking a bite of his food. “Okay babe?” I thought it was odd because he was never this touchy. “Is everything okay?” I asked him and took a bite of my food. “Yeah? why wouldn’t it be?” he asked with a raised brow. “You just aren’t this touchy usually. What’s wrong?” “Everything is okay babe.” he told me in a stern voice. “Okay, you know you can tell me anything right?” he nodded his head and sighed. “You’re going to mess up the surprise baby.” he told me softly as he rubbed my thigh. “What surprise?” I asked, as soon as I asked the door bell rang. He pushed me off slightly and ran to the door. ‘Who could that be?’ I asked myself as I hid behind Matthew. He turned back around with a smallish box and smiled widely. “Open it.” He said excitedly “Is this the surprise?” I asked him laughing. He nodded his head rapidly. I slowly opened the box to see a little kitten laying down. “Look Y/N! Its a kitten for my kitten!” 

Being Shownu’s girlfriend means
  • him pretending like he’s got everything under control thinking like “yeah i can totally put my arm around your waist without losing it”
  • but then he does it and you look over and smile and he starts blushing hard
  • watching him practice a dance and he’s super focused to the point where you think he’s forgotten that you’re there
  • but then he stops and looks over at you and asks you what you thought
  • super shy about kissing you at first because he doesn’t wanna push you but also he r e a l l y wants to kiss you
  • so you make the first move and he can’t stop smiling and he can’t really look you in the eye because oh my god
  • but then eventually he’s comfortable enough where you could be walking past the couch on your way to the bathroom and he’ll pull you down so you fall into his lap and he can kiss you properly
  • him giving you little presents all the time but he won’t ever give them to you in person
  • instead he’ll hide them in places he knows you’ll find them like on your car, by your front door, on his bed when you come over
  • because he writes super cheesy notes with them and honestly he’s a little embarrassed
  • but not enough to stop
  • him being all coy like he isn’t hella fine and trying not to undress in front of you because he doesn’t want you to think he’s being too forward
  • but then one day you burn your finger on the stovetop or something and so you scream really loud
  • and he runs in
  • mid change
  • shirtless
  • and he’s like “what’s wrong???? what happened????” 
  • and you’re like “i–the finger–burn–yes”
  • always wants to do new things with you, he doesn’t just wanna chill all the time because he wants to make sure that you don’t think that he doesn’t take your relationship seriously


“Norman, put me down!” You laughed as he lifted you off the sofa and started towards the bedroom.

“What? I can’t have some fun with my wife?” You blushed, still getting used to the idea that you were married.

“Not when your son is in the next room.” He stopped and looked down at you.

“Oh yeah. Oops.” He grinned and put you down, walking back to the kitchen.

“Hey, Norman?” He hummed. “I need to ask you something.” He turned around and put his hands on your waist.

“No, we can’t do it now.” You raised your eyebrows and shook your head. “Sorry, what is it?”

“Do you think Mingus likes me?” Norman frowned.

“Course he does. It’s just gonna take some time to get used to you. You’re pretty amazing, after all.” He winked. You shoved him and went to the sofa.

“Come sit with me.” He sighed as he sat down and switched the TV on. You snuggled into his side and he wrapped his arms tightly around you.


*a few days later*

“No! You’re so good at this.” You sat playing video games with Mingus while Norman was at an interview.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be better than me in no time.” He smiled.

“I have to be, gotta beat dad.” You nodded and looked up when you heard the door open.

“Gotta beat dad at what?” Norman hung his coat up and came and sat in between you both. You looked at Mingus and he smiled.

“This game. Lets play, I’m gonna kick your ass.” Norman took the controller from you. Before he started playing, he leaned over to you.

“Told you he liked you.” You kissed his cheek before sitting back and watching them almost jump out of their seats trying to win.

Boyfriend Series S.Coups/Seungcheol

What better way to kick of a blog than a boyfriend series? Here’s our beloved leader S.coups

- That pouty and whiny boyfriend that always wants your attention.

- For absolutely no reason other to have you look at him.

- “Jagiyaaaaaa”



- Personal space does not exist.

- Not even in public.

- He’ll always have an arm slinged around your waist or resting on your thigh.

- He’s super greasy all the time too, constantly says stupid things just to see your reaction.

-”You know who’s really cute?”

- “Who, Seungcheol?”

- “Me!”

-”No, no, no! I’m kidding, it’s you! Really!”


- *after picking you up* “Look, I S.Couped you in my arms”

- Is super respectful towards you though, and if you ever asked him to tone it down he would without question.

- Essentially worships the ground you walk on.

- You being comfortable is his number one priority

- Because you’re his number one.

- If you were ever upset he would stop everything and focus solely on you until you feel better.

- He would do everything in his power to make you smile again.

- If it was a problem that he couldn’t fix he would feel awful about it and really beat himself up over not protecting you.

- But would make up for it by sticking by your side and being a shoulder to cry on.

- Tries to be lowkey when he’s checking up on you, but you always notice and tease him for how sweet he is to worry about you.

- Asks everyday if you ate or slept well.

- Wouldn’t be one to show off preforming in front of you unless you asked him to.

- Which would actually make him somewhat shy/bashful.

- But he would do it anyways because he can’t say no to you.

- Sexually, very dominant.

- Likes a lot of build up and teasing before actually getting to the act of sex.

- But could be vanilla depending on the situation.

- Doesn’t really get jealous often.

- Unless another guy touches you in a way that only he should.

- That’s a big no no in his eyes.

- This is when his leader personality would come out.

- he would come up to you and the other person and keep you by his side while introducing himself, making it clear that he’s your boyfriend.

- Wouldn’t be rude but would act in such a way that it would make the person super uncomfortable and leave.

- Because he keeps a level head.

- If you asked his he was jealous he would become a little flustered but would nod his head, not wanting to admit it aloud.

- Is essentially an incredibly sweet boyfriend who values you above anything else.


Please not that I do not know this person directly and that this is solely an opinion.

What does it mean to beautiful

Do I need silky hair with no kinks?
What about having Whiter brighter skin with no drop of melanin ink?
How can being beautiful with God’s glory?
What about getting a tiny waist and a big fat booty
Fitted clothing, filled eyebrows and looking on “fleek”
Snap a pic put it Instagram
Waiting for bae to like it so Id know if he wants me
What does it mean to beautiful?
Someone tell me please?
Do I need approval from men of our society?
Telling me I’m beautiful
Lying to me
Get me into bed
Then he wakes up the next day
Forgetting what he said
How he loves me for what’s on the inside
Baby I need you to be my wifey now
I leave crying thinking what have I done
I’m a daughter of a king
And I thought he’d be my one.
My prince that I would tell me I’m beautiful everyday
Go home thinking that I am not
I think I done have it made
But then I heard a voice saying “I am beautiful, I love you.”
I heard it three times that day when I was feeling blue
When to church and I heard it again
Told my pastor what has been happening
With me and my whole life
He said God has been speaking to you
Trying to get thru to you
So I prayed that night and closed my eyes
I Started to cry
Started to speak in a language I never heard of
It was strange
Then I saw a bright light in my room
I froze
I cried then I smiled
Then I see a hand and it left
The room went back to normal lighting
I heard a voice telling me I’m God’s beautiful daughter
After that day, life was different for me
I stopped getting men’s approval
5 years later I meet my husband
Now I know the meaning of being beautiful.
I am not of this world. This world isn’t about social media or looking good or getting approval of others, or even satisfying your flesh. It’s about loving and worshipping The Lord, loving him and using our gifts.

I am beautiful because I am God’s child
I have his living glory inside of me
And I’m blessed.
I’m beautiful

Christmas Party

 Based on this selfie 


TW: *Smut* 

AN: You can thank this asshole for this smut.

“A Hawaiian themed Christmas party? Who would come up with such a thing” I said giggling. 

“PJ invited me and Phil tonight I even got the shirt to go with it” He said pulling out from the shopping bag, a navy blue Hawaiian shirt. He took off his usual black shirt and put on the Santa one. 

“Its hideous” I said laughing. 

“I dont know I think I kinda nailed it” He said and looked at me biting his lip.

My face suddenly turned bright red. God that smirk of his could make me melt just at the thought. And this asshole knows this.

“What wrong love your blushing” He said in a cocky voice.

I walked closer to him bringing my lips to his ear and whispered, “You know what that smirk does to me”

“Oh really” He said and slowly wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer. “You know I have still a couple of hours before I leave”

He brought his lips to my mine and his hands to my ass. His trailed his kisses up to my neck causing a little moan to leave.

“Be patient love” He said and bit my earlobe making me shutter.

He pulled my shirt over my head and pushed me to the bed. He got in between my legs and pulled my pants along with panties off and threw them in the floor.

I giggled. “What is it?” He said.

“Nothing just I really love you” I said giggling again.

He brought his lips to mine once again and whispered “I love you too princess”

Then pulled my bra off and kissed my from my neck to the inside of my thighs causing me to moan once more.

“Your turn babe.”I said leaning up and pulling off that shirt.

“Thank god that ugly thing is off” I said staring at his magnificent chest. 

“Awe come on its not that ugly. I mean look where its gotten us now” He said with a wink and I blushed.

He undid his belt and threw his pants along with underwear across the room in a pile we have created. He ran his hands up and down my thighs causing me to lean my head back. His kissed my thighs again with tiny butterfly kisses.

“Dan stop teasing please” I said. He brought his mouth to my core causing me to take a sharp breath. His tongue slipping inside me while I moan his name.

“Fuck Dan” I screamed feeling like I was close.

He saw this and got up reaching for a condom in the night stand. He ripped the foil and slid one over his throbbing cock.

Without warning he slid into me causing me to scream. His lips on mine fighting against my tongue which of course I lost. He reached over and held the headboard and pounded into me harder. I wrapped my legs around his waist causing him to go deeper. I moaned and cursed with every thrust.

“Dan im” I couldnt even finish and let go onto him.  He bit his lip again and pulled me where I was onto of him.

He grabbed my hips and helped me move myself on his hard length. I moved up and down and buried my head into his neck and moaned against his ear. I could hear a tiny whine escape his mouth and then he climaxed. 

I pulled off him and laid down beside him. He threw the condom in the trash and pulled me close to him.

“All over that stupid Christmas shirt with Santa rowing a fucking boat” I said and we both started to laugh.

I hate writing endings. Also IM BACK!

So I saw this gif on @parkjiaria‘s post here (which is adorable btw) and I wanted to point out something I noticed ^.^

I want to speculate about Jimin’s smile. I, as a short person (of 5 feet), do something similar to Jimin, where I always want to put my arm around someone’s shoulders instead of their waist. I literally do this to a) make them shrink or b) make myself look taller. 

What I find so cute is that Jimin does this to Kookie all. the. time. 90% of the time his arm is around Kookie’s shoulders, not his waist. I think to look taller or so Kookie doesn’t look as tall. 

In the gif above Kookie automatically puts his arm around Jimin’s shoulders, because that’s probably what he does to most everyone else, being as tall as he is. But then he changes. He pulls back, pushes under Jimin’s arm, crouches down a bit so Jimin can put his arm around his shoulders, and lifts him up. (cue me squealing) He’s basically giving in to Jimin’s thing about wanting to appear taller and is going along with it now. It’s a thing that they do. How. Fucking. Adorable. 

That’s why Jimin is smiling. Because he’s literally being lifted in the air (I’m not sure I can’t see his feet) and because Kookie is complying. I can’t. Okay. Goodbye. 

Jikook is love. Jikook is life.


“Are you fucking insane?” Negan’s voice was louder than normal and you understand him.
You were on tour with Negan, Dwight and two other Saviors. They discussed about something and you found an abandoned house, but instead of telling them, you went alone. The house was full of walkers and you were almost bitten. They saved you and you never saw Negan so angry. He didn’t talk on the way home and you know that a quiet Negan is more dangerous than a screaming Negan.
“I didn’t think. Sorry.” You say quietly and he sighs.
“You are my favorite, you know that, right?” You look at him in disbelief.
You are his favorite?
What does he mean?
“My favorite wife. You are a damn good fighter and you aren’t annoying like the others.” He smiles at you before he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses you.

the mrs. and mrs. smith au
  • root and shaw meet on overlapping missions
  • they’re on a plane. two people end up dead
  • air marshals are trying to figure out what the fuck happened and they’re looking for folks without solid alibis
  • shaw’s being interrogated and root’s nearby, also alone
  • they’ve never met but hey, girls gotta stick together
  • especially with an ass like that
  • root’s thirsty as hell
  • shaw does most of the fast talking and root corroborates her–their–story
  • “it’s me and my girlfriend’s first flight, im not even sure what happened, some guy started waving a gun around–”
  • root’s losing it internally ‘oh my god she’s so tiny and strong and hot and her ARM is on my WAIST oh god oh god oh my god’
  • “isn’t that right, /honey/?”
  • root has no idea what’s going on but she’s rolling with it
  • “it was so scary, marshal. why would anyone do such a thing?”
  • the marshal’s studying them skeptically. “you’re flying together?”
  • “separate bookings–you know how tricky those last-minute travel plans can be” shaw smiles disarmingly
  • “she’s meeting my parents” root offers with an excited smile
  • (she doesn’t have parents)
  • (they’ve been dead for 15 years)
  • (it happens)
  • the marshal moves on and they find themselves sitting beside each other in the holding area of the airport terminal waiting for the feds to get through inspecting the plane
  • they won’t find anything
  • “nice job back there” root says
  • “not too bad yourself, /honey/“
  • root smirks. “i had you pegged for more of a ‘darling’ or ‘sweetie’”
  • “try neither”
  • “we could figure it out over coffee if you want”
  • shaw raises an eyebrow. this woman is forward. “you dont even know my name”
  • “touché. you can call me sam. and you are…?”
  • “sameen. and you’re buying”
  • they end up banging in shaw’s hotel room like two hours later
  • fast forward a couple years and they’re married, both knowing that they’re both assassins
  • BUT
  • they’re at the top of their fields. top secret. code names “root” and “indigo five alpha” respectively
  • no one’s ever seen their faces
  • they bitch about each other at home all the time unknowingly
  • “some asshole totally came outta nowhere and stole my kill today”
  • “i’m sorry, sweetie. want to tell me about it?”
  • “you know i cant, sam. it’s classified”
  • root kisses her temple. “im sure you’ll find them one day, sameen”
  • “damn right. and i’ll punch em right in their stupid face”
  • one night they’re eating dinner together
  • root’s talking about redoing the kitchen so she can keep more knives in the stash hidden behind the oven
  • she isnt thinking about it, mentions how she lost her best knife today in the field. she lodged it in someone’s thigh and they got away but didnt even have the decency to return the knife
  • unbelievable
  • shaw traces the bandage around her own leg under the table
  • probably a coincidence
  • the next day they go into work and both have new assignments
  •  john calls shaw over. “we’ve got a priority one here. it’s this so-called ‘root’, reward is 4 million. you up for it?”
  • “hell yeah. sam wants to remodel the kitchen anyway. plus that asshole totally stuck me yesterday.”
  • meanwhile
  • “hey sam, we’ve got a new one. wanna take out indigo five alpha?”
  • “oooo, i love a challenge. i’ve been itching to sink my teeth into her for /years/”
  • “her?”
  • “call it a woman’s intuition. no man could have an ass that nice”
  • root gets to the site hours ahead of time. some spot in the middle of the desert the target’s supposed to pass through
  • she has her plans and her computer and her sniper rifle, she’s hiding behind a big ol’ rock formation
  • shaw’s directed to the same site, shows up with her dunebuggy and rocket launcher
  • starts stretching a little before it’s time for murder
  • root’s almost positive she recognizes that ass
  • and when shaw stretches and her shirt rides up a little, root /definitely/ recognizes that burn from last night’s kinky sex
  • root calls her girl up
  • “hey sweetie, you busy?”
  • “a little. cut the verbal foreplay, babe, why are you calling? im in the middle of a job”
  • “that’s so funny, so am i. although i don’t know how i feel about being called a /job/, i thought we had a little more fun than that. and as much as i love your ass, i’d rather it be in my bed than my scope”
  • shaw spins around, catches her waving from behind the rocks
  • “…..you’re root?”
  • “indigo five alpha, imagine that. i say we make quite the power couple”
  • "you couldn’t come up with a better name than root?”
  • “youre one to talk, honey”
  • “i didn’t pick the name, /root/”
  • “is this a conversation we could have over dinner instead of across a desert wasteland? this scenery is killing the mood”
  • root makes brisket (shaw’s favorite)
  • they split a bottle of wine
  • trade stories of their proudest kills
  • just a real nice n cozy girls’ night in
  • there’s a lot of “wait that was you???” with a thousand heart eyes
  • they’re both so turned on
  • so in love
  • cue destroying the house via sex scene
  • and then their companies send in the death squad
  • shaw is still tied to the bed when they bust down the door
  • “i’ll be right back, sameen.”
  • “you’re gonna cut me down, right?”
  • “shhh. five minutes, sweetie. dont move a muscle.”
  • root bounds off to the slaughter
  • “sam. sam? ROOT”
  • cue sounds of muffled gun fire
  • then silence
  • root comes back to the bedroom. she’s got a cut on her cheek
  • shaw pouts. she hates finding marks on root that she didnt leave there herself
  • plus root didnt even let her murder anyone
  • rude
  • “im sure there are more on the way, sameen. you just look so good right here, i’d hate to displace you” 
  • sure enough, more goons show up
  • the groves-shaws’ equivalent of pillowtalk is killing dudes while being angry about the bounties placed on each others’ heads
  • “only 4 million? ridiculous. you’re worth at least 10, and that’s on a bad day”
  • “you say the sweetest things, sameen”
  • root confesses “i’ve read your file, y’know. i’d be lying if i said i didn’t kind of have a thing for indigo five alpha”
  • “what, you were gonna cheat on me?“
  •  “of course not, but a girl’s entitled to her fantasies. this is /much/ better”
  • the entire time shaw is still tied to the headboard. root’s shooting people as they come in
  • “i swear, shaw, the standards get lower and lower every year”
  • shaw’s shooting one-handed, despite being tied up
  • root’s VERY into it
  • “we should do this more often. i think it strengthens our marriage”
  • “it’s cheaper than that cruise you wanted us to go on”
  • “oh, like we cant afford it, shaw”
  • “this is more fun”
  • root devours shaw with her eyes. “can’t argue with that”
  • shaw smirks. strains against the rope so her muscles flex. root swoons
  • “c'mon, root. untie me so we can do a sweep and move this somewhere a little more private”
  • root moves towards the door, glances over her shoulder. “you coming, sweetie?”
  • shaw rolls her eyes. breaks the headboard, shakes herself free of the ropes. “i fucking better be”
Kastle Prompt Fill: Frank helping to protect Karen when Fisk figures out she killed Wesley

Here you go, Anon! I hope you like it!

She opens her apartment door, and he’s there, waiting, in the center of the room. Probably so she’ll recognize him, and not scream. Which she does. And he’s on her in an instant, a hand over her mouth, and another on her waist, pulling her into the room. He kicks the door shut behind them. He releases her as soon as it’s closed, looking ready to speak. She doesn’t give him the chance.

“Frank?! What the fuck are you doing in my apartment?”

“Easy,” he says, softly, so softly, utterly unfazed.

“No,” she snaps, “I told you we were done. You made me stand by while you killed—you could have brought him to justice—”

He scoffs, almost snarls.

“So he could rule from a jail cell? Huh?”

Karen throws her hands up.

“Never mind,” she says, “I’m not having this conversation. Now get out.”

“I can’t. Not unless you’re coming with. You ever heard of some crony of that shitstain Fisk by the name of Wesley?”

Karen chokes. The tirade she’d been preparing freezes in her throat. Of course she knows Wesley. She’d shot him six times. She still sees his glazed eyes in her dreams.

“What do you know about that?” she whispers. Frank shrugs. Looks askance the way he does, with a little jerk of his chin.

“I know word is that you killed the sonofabitch, and Fisk wants your head on a platter. You need to come with me, it’s not safe here.”

Karen can barely hear him. She shakes her head again. And again.

“You aren’t going to ask if I did it?”

“Would it matter if you did? Come on, we need to go.”

But Karen has fallen back, onto her bed. The covers feel foreign under her hands, as if they were made of something unreal, hazy. As if she were unreal. As if reality were nothing bust mist that she’s trapped, floating through in directionless circles. It’s never going away, is it?

“Go where?” she hears herself asking. Frank sighs, desperate to get her somewhere else.

“Your devil friend has connections with the cops. You march in there? They’ll laugh at you. He does, and they’ll be all over you. Protective custody. I’m taking you to him.”

Karen snaps her head up.

“You can’t,” she says. “He’s—under the mask—”

“Your lawyer boyfriend. I know.”

“Not anymore,” she mutters. Frank’s eyes narrow.

“You let go,” he says. There’s no judgement in the statement, though it cuts straight through Karen all the same.

“That’s none of your damn business,” she snaps. “The point is, I can’t go to him. Matt’s apartment is one of the first places they,” whoever ‘they’ are, at this point, “will look for me.”

Frank grunts.

“Well,” he says, “then I guess you’re coming with me.”

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You get jumped

Dallas Winston
“Buck could you be a dear and get dally for me” you smiled weakly at him, humour shining through the bravado but pain radiating from your eyes.
“Sure thing just hang tight”
Your hands clung to the door as your legs weakened, the blood on your thigh weaving designs on your skin.
“Fuck doll” Dally grunted, wrapping an arm around your waist as he hauled you inside, his jaw tightening with anger.
You hazily felt guilty as he lowered you onto the bed, the covers were a nice hot pink and blood was awful hard to get out.
“What happened?” He called from the bathroom, rummaging through a make-shift first aid kit.
“I rolled off a cliff- what does it look like dal?” He rolled his eyes.
The bed dipped with his weight, the scissors in his hands making their way towards your shorts.
“You think I work 10 hours a day for you to cut up my clothes?” You snapped, pushing the scissors further from your favourite pair of shorts.
“Glory doll whaddya want me to do?” He sighed, leaving the scissors down.
“Do what you do best, pull ‘em off” you ordered, grimacing at the idea of the denim on your cut.
It hurt as bad as your brain had imagined, enough for you to grab a hold of his forearm.
Your thigh was still singing as he pulled your shirt over your head.
“You hurt bad?” He asked, a rage clouding his eyes.
“My legs says yes but my pride says no.”
The amusement washed over his head as his whiskey washed into your wound, emitting a low groan from you.
His kiss sweetened the burning, your mind unable to concentrate on anything else but his lips.
“Ima find whoever did this to you” he snarled, his eyes yielding a treacherous stubbornness.

Sodapop Curtis:
It was same jacket johnnycake was wearing in the same field but the irony was lost on Soda as he picked it up, fresh blood staining the leather.
“Steve!” He screamed, running to you.
You lay face down in the grass, your blood making mighty work of the greenery. Your hair was matted and stuck to the back of your neck, he didn’t even know if you were breathing.
He rolled you over as gently as he could, his arms serving as a makeshift shield, his chest as a bed.
“S-soda?” Your voice broke halfway through, Sobs accompanied his reply, as you shook like a leaf in his arms.
“Yeah darlin’ it’s me, I’m here, you’re safe now” he soothed, pushing some hair out of your face as he evaluated the extent of your injuries. Swollen eye, bruises, cuts, scratches and that was only the surface.
“Glory” Steve mumbled, bending down to Soda as he bit his his lip.
Soda moved one of his arms under your knees and hustled to a stand.
“You’re gonna be fine honey” he cajoled, his eyes darkening as he looked at Steve. Revenge was written on both of their lips in an unspoken agreement.

Fury Road

One shot
Summary- You’re quite sure you had everything under control, until the Calvary showed up.
Warnings: mentions of attempted rape-like happenings, fingering

Clint, squatted against the wall of the heicarrier, exchanging glances with Natasha.
“So what are we searching for besides the obvious? I mean, why this base? We’ve been here twice already, why does Fury keep sending us out here?”

“Sounds to me like he’s looking for something in particular…”
Steve muttered over his shoulder,

“ Something?! There’s NOTHING HERE! NADA! ZIP!” Barton was becoming agitated, passing Tony. “He’s waisting valuable time- mine.”

“Well maybe his hunch was right this time, I’m registering thirty heat signals.”
Everyone turned from Clint to Tony and back to Clint.

“Oh fine. Fine! My lips are sealed!” Clint readied his bow while the jet descended into the tree line.

Steve nodded toward Maria, who took control of the jet from Tony. Tony made his way to Steves side, downloading furys file he had given them. Steve walked the length of the jet, stopping briefly before opening the back hatch.

“Alright team, on my mark.”


You’re unclear how long you had been missing from SHIELD, maybe a week or two. There were no clocks or windows in the small steel walls surrounding you. Dried blood, sweat and tears adhered to your face in long dusty streaks down to your chin. Clad only in your torn athletic shorts and dirtied bra, you sat exausted upon the aged wooden stool.

“Sweetheart, cry yell even scream as much as you want, no one is coming for you.” the man you unfortunately had the pleasure of meeting was a soldier named Rumlow, who often stayed with you day after day.

One time you managed to pull a fast one on him, resulting in a broken arm. You however, weren’t so lucky. Broken arm or not he was still able to hold you down, rip your clothes in attempt to rape you until another stopped him. Your payment instead was a black eye, busted lip and a few broken ribs.
Since then, you had reeled in your sarcasm when it came to him.

The man’s eyes stared longingly over your physique, making his way to you. He guzzled a few drinks from the bottle in his hand, now his shadow engulfed your own as he spit the bitter alcohol onto your raw shackled wrists.

“Shh now, can’t go getting an infection now, can we?” He blew the hair from your eyes, caressing your check with the back of his bruised and swollen knuckles. “Just give us what we need and we can end all of this. ”

“I…I can’t. You rasped, your tounge darted out to wet your cracked and peeling lips.

"And why can’t you? No ones hear around to stop you- it’s just us.” Rumlow spoke, a smirk attempting to spread over his lips.

“I. I. Can’t because..” You coughed, Rumlow neared your face, trying to hear your weak words.
“..because im so tired.. From fucking your mother.” You smiled when he seized your face firmly, tears spilled down your face, your breath sped up at the point of his grip was crushed your jaw.

“You bitch! I thought we were making headway!” Rumlow inspected you licking his lips, biting abit on his lower on. Unexpectedly you felt his hand dive into your shorts, your body became rigged, feeling one of his dirty digits upon your entrance.

“Ah. I see now. Is that how I shut you up? What, you a virgin? Daddy never let you get your feet wet In the deep end of the pool?” He dipped a finger inside your sex, you were unable to quiet the gasp that came out of you.

“Oh, not a virgin I see!"Rumlow sank into you now, leaning heavily on his knees and his cock grazed your thigh,

"Please. Please stop.” You gasped, fighting a losing battle with your body, you felt your wetness begin to soak your underwear.

“So Agent, this is how you get off? If so we could have a lot of fun you and I.” He withdrew his fingers, licking your coated wetness from them with a satisfied smack.

You turned away from him, trying to bring your legs as close together as possible and swallow down the vomit easing its way up your throat.

He stood up, rubbing his slicked fingers against your lips.
“Oh yes, we will definitely have to come back to this, in the meatime we have buisness to discuss,” he reached a hand into his pants adjusting his manhood, resuming his original stance. “Pleasure, will have to wait. Now, tell me princess- what do you pick today? The easy way..”
Rumlow, lifted the flat silver gleaming laptop under his arm.
“or the hard way?” He swallowed, pulling out five throwing knives from his belt.


“Well, this is actually a walk in the park like literally, there are no guards on any floors except the one we need to get to.” Tony stayed by Steves side, making their way cautiously to your floor.

“So how exactly is this a ‘walk in the park’?” Sam spoke through their ear pieces.

“This gives me time to just, ya know, take a gander at the file that Fury didn’t show us.”

Steve paused his stride turning around to face Tony.
“STARK! Didn’t we talk about no hacking into computers while working?!” Steve gripped his shield.

“Oh pull that flagpole out your ass, Cap! Unlike the rest of you, I’d like to know what I’m up against.. Speaking of which, does anyone know what project double zero is?” Tony walked until he got to the staircase.

“A project? You all think it’s a person, like Barnes?” Natasha whispered, lingering back, sticking to the shadows.

“Nah- probably more computer files and shit. ” Sam kept a watchful eye on the surrounding brush outside the abandoned warehouse.

“You think? it’s awfully heavily guarded.
Maybe the frozen head of Steve Jobs?” Tony breathed, opening a door to the staircase for the next floor. “What! You never know..”

Steve smirked rolling his eyes,
“Well whatever it is, we can’t keep our guests waiting. Stark- after you.”

“Oh contraire, age before beauty-”


“Begging doesn’t suit you, Agent, don’t get me wrong I throughly enjoy it-”


“Please what-”

“Please sir can I have another!” You cackled, Brock nodded and you were hit with a high voltage of electricity. Your teeth ached from gnashing together.

The guard shocking you, leaned toward you, his warm breath spread over your face.
“Listen to me you little shit, you are the only person who would be trusted with all files and codes-”

“Codes. The codes… Change everyday. Never the same. Always changing. ” you spoke clearly in a daze.

“Ok. And? What about the files? Come on!”

Your shook your head, trying to focus on your surroundings.
“The. Files..”

“Yes the files Y/n! Where are there?”
The guard looked at you wide eyed, hanging on your every word.

“They are with… Your momma-”
The guard slapped you across the face, you head spun with a pop. Blood crept at the corner of your mouth.

Your head bobbed as you heard a faint voice,“ turn up the voltage-” followed by gunshots.

“What the hell?!” Rumlow glanced toward the room exit in confusing manner.
“Stay in this room, guard her at all costs, she must not leave the room!” Rumlow firmly spoke, taking his last glance at you, exiting the room.

The guard, neared you, grabbing onto your body, trying to sit you up.
“Why don’t I just put a bullet in you now huh? Put you out of the misery you’ve caused yourself?” He freed his gun from his holster, it shook against your forehead. You began laughing. Laughing? How the hell had you ended up here, like this?

He inched closer to your face, you were weak, hoping for the sweet release of death and this motherfucker had cold feet and could not pull the trigger without giving you a monologue.

You swallowed spotting a familiar gleam of red and gold from the viewing window on the door.
“Dad.. The calv-”

“What bitch?” The guard asked, sliding his single finger over the cold metal of the trigger.

“About… Time."you hacked, spit and blood mix onto the side of you, strings like drool, hung from your bruised mouth.

"I’ve been watching you for weeks, watching you resist under Rumlow, but now witnessing you cackle like you’re some drugged up whore junky, I’m thinking to myself- why should I let-”

You flinched as blood sprayed over your face and arms, the guards body fell to the side, twitching.

“Hiya toots, looks like you needed some rescuing,” Stark spoke, being pushed aside by Rogers.

“Geez Cap. Anxious much."Tony sighed, keeping an eye out for him.

"I’m not here to hurt you,” Steve spoke closing in on you.
Your vision became hazy as Steve broke your shackles, you tried to keep your composure, Steve lifted you from your confines carrying you to the door.

Uh Rogers,-“

"What stark we have to keep moving and find project 00.”

Well this is were the map points to. There are no computers just..“
Tony eyes you, gently brushed your hair from the side of your neck revealing a double zero tattooed on the back of your head, just below the hairline.
"Looks like we’ve found it- well, her.”


Steve came and sat beside you, bringing a blanket over your shoulders.

“Oh god. I’m surprised he sent you all after me. Well if I think about it no, not really.” You took another long gulp of water from the plastic bottle in your hands.

“What do mean?” Steve drank in your features. You had cleaned up your face abit, your wide eyes, down to your pink lips. Natasha had helped pull up your hair and Bruce tended to your wounds.

“Seeing something you like Captain?” Clint spoke walking by, keeping his eyes locked on Rogers.

“Ok so who do you mean, 'he’?”
Steve looked intently at you, you couldn’t blow your cover.
“Oh. Uh yeah. Director Fury. I’ve got some information that’s crucial to… Some things that SHIELD has.. And stuff. Yeah.” You looked away from Steve, you never paid attention to how attractive he is without the helmet. In fact you had never officially met them before.

“I’m sorry did she say, 'and stuff’?”
Clint asked, looking to Tony.

He looked out the glass of the quinjet, “Romanoff, I feel there’s an echo-”

“Just let her be, Lord knows how long she’s been held, the things they’ve done, only natural she doesn’t make sense.” Bruce stood facing the others, defending you. “Get her back to base and we’ll sift through the damage there. ”


You awoke inside a room, hooked up to the drone of machines.

“Hey. Take it easy, I’m Steve. Steve Rogers.” He offered his hand, you carefully took it wincing
At the sudden movement.
“I’m.. Lana."you spoke, mentally kicking yourself for picking such a name, you had always told your self if you would have to have a fake name it would be something cool and edgy-

"Well, Lana, do you gotta last name?”
Steve asked, playing with the edge of your sheet. You looked and felt much healthier now, you turned seeing the feeding tubes.
“Oh uh- how long have I been here?” You struggled to sit up, Steve stood, leaning over to help you.
You moved slightly away, the close contact, the cologne, it was too much. You closed your eyes seeing Rumlows face appear, his hands grabbing desperately at your exposed flesh.

“Please. No. I’m. I’ve got it.” Your eyes opened feeling them tear up, “I’m sorry. You don’t deserve this. I.-”

Your room door opened, your eyes slowly inched up the stranger entering.

“Rogers, Visiting hours are over.” Fury spoke, keeping the bouquets of flowers behind his back.

You listened to the exchange between the two men.

“Fury. I could say the same for you.” Steve stood, looking back towards you then to him. He took a few steps toward Fury, “So Nick, when did the director of SHIELD start making hospital visits?”

“Ha. I’d like to have a moment with the Agent, at this time.”

“No answer. Right.” Steve past Fury. “I’ll visit tomorrow, ok? Let me know if you need anything.”
You nodded, as the door shut.

“Dad.” You breathed as tears stung your eyes. Nick made his way over to you, embracing you tightly, you tears rolled down his jacket.

“Calm down baby girl. Daddy’s gotcha”
You could no longer restrain your sobs, your hold on him tightened. He shushed you, glancing over toward the room window.

“I’ve looked for weeks, those ass wipes always had you moved the moment they smelled a rat.” He pulled away taking Steves seat. You sat, staring at the flowers your father had bought you.
“Do they know?”

Fury turned fully now out the two way glass, sure that Steve was on the other side watching them interact.
“Hell no. That would only complicate things, besides I’m pretty sure Rogers is smitten by you.”

You bit your cheek, rolling your eyes.
“You’re hilarious.”

“Hilarious my ass, the boys been here everyday this week. I was hoping to avoid him at all costs.”
Fury cleared his throat, annoyed
by the silence. He knew your mind would travel to that deep dark place-


You jumped hearing Furys voice, he stood, eyeing you.
“Sir. Yes sir. "A shaky breath left you,

"Tell me about what you found.”


“So Rogers, taken a liking
To our mystery lady?” Tony spoke breaking Steves concentration. He took a seat beside Steve outside your room. Eventhough he could see you and Fury speaking, Steve couldn’t make out the dialogue.

“He’s been in there along time Tony. What’s so important it can’t wait till she’s back on her feet?”

Tony smirked, shaking his head, “Dodging questions are we? Meaning you…DO like her…I knew it! well, I wasn’t planning to rain on this litter parade but…” he pulled a file from his jacket, handing it to Steve.

“Tony not now, I’m drained.” Steve waved the offered file away, resuming his stance in front of the glass.

“Oh trust me this is worth the sleep deprivation.”

Steve rolled is eyes letting out an exasperating sigh, he opened the file reading to himself.
“Well…I’ll be damned..”

“Cap! Language!”

Family Time - Neymar

“Ney! What the hell is Luca wearing?” I looked down at our son laying in his crib. He was wearing a mix of clashing colours and from just a glance, it was obvious that Neymar had dressed him.

“What? I think it looks cool!” He shouted from the other room. I just shook my head and picked Luca up from his crib to bring him to his changing table.

“Don’t listen to daddy, he doesn’t know what style is. He’s been listening to uncle Dani too much.” I said to my son as I changed him into a better outfit. He only cooed in response, though I didn’t know what answer I was expecting from a baby.

“I heard that!” Neymar protested as he entered the nursery. “But he does look better when you dress him.” He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and kissed my cheek. I finished re-dressing Luca and handed him off to Neymar.

“Are you ready to spend the day with mommy and daddy?” He said to Luca, kissing him lightly on the nose. This was the first time we were properly taking him out since he was born. We figured we’d need to take him out sooner or later. I followed Neymar downstairs and gathered my stuff as I watched him place Luca in the stroller.

“Don’t you look cute.” I smiled down at Luca and stroked his hand lightly. He looked up at me like he was confused as to where he was going.

“Thanks, I know.” Neymar said with a smirk and I just rolled my eyes in response. “You ready to go?” He asked and I nodded.

We had decided to take Luca with us for a walk in the nearby park. The season was over which meant Neymar got time off from training, and it was a good opportunity to spend time together, just the three of us.

I let Neymar take our son out of the stroller when we arrived at the park and helped him wrap Luca in a blanket. We approached a bench near the pond and I plopped down on the seat. Ever since having the baby I always got tired a lot more easily. The doctor said it was normal and something that came with childbirth. Neymar always joked that it was just me getting old and I would roll my eyes before punching him in the arm.

“Do you see those duckies? They go quack quack.” I heard Neymar explaining to Luca. As usual, our son’s response was just a tired yawn.

“Seems he’s not impressed either.” I said and he fake pouted.

“He’s impressed, he just doesn’t show it.” Neymar continued to point out different things around the park from the trees to the clouds. I had to admit, it was pretty cute.

“And over there, do you see those kids playing with the ball? You can be like them when you get older. And if you like it, you can become a footballer like me. Though you’d have to play for Barça or Santos. Fine, another club would be okay too. As long as it isn’t Madrid.” This time Luca cooed in response and this seemed to be enough to satisfy Neymar.

Luca’s nap time was approaching so we placed him back in the stroller and made our way home. “That went pretty smoothly.” I said as I opened the front door. I was expecting something to go horribly wrong, but instead it was a pretty calm day.

“It did.” Right at the moment, Luca decided to burst out crying. By now, his cries didn’t even phase us anymore and we just looked at each other and laughed.

“It’s probably his diaper. Here, I got it.” Neymar said as he reached down into the stroller and picked up the baby.

“Are you sure? I ca-” I was cut off with Neymar kissing my cheek lightly and walking past me to go upstairs. I immediately threw myself onto the couch and let out a tired sigh. I never knew how exhausting having a baby would be, but of course it was worth it.

I laid on the couch for a while listening to Luca’s cries. After several minutes, I finally heard his cries quiet down. I decided to go check up on the two of them and quietly walked upstairs to the nursery.

I peered through the doorway to see Neymar with Luca in his arms, humming something which I soon recognized to be the Barça anthem. When Luca stopped squirming and he seemed to be asleep, Neymar placed him down in his crib and dimmed the lights in the room.

“You’re so good with him.” I said to him as he closed the door to the nursery. Neymar pulled me into a hug and I rested my forehead on his chest.

“You’re good with him too. I’d like to think that we’re pretty good parents.” He laughed quietly.

“So how long do you think we have before he wakes up?” Neymar raised his eyebrow at my question.

“An hour, maybe two. What do you have in mind?” I glanced up at my boyfriend with a smirk.

“I was thinking you could join me in the bedroom and we could…take a nap. I’m so exhausted.” Neymar groaned but I could tell he was still amused.

“You’re an idiot, you know that right?”

“Yeah but I’m your idiot.“

After taking a rather safe picture at DallasCon with Jared, I wanted something a little different with him at HoustonCon. And I figured since he’s a born and raised Texas boy, and I’m a born and raised Texas girl, that he really knows how to two-step.
So, when the time for my photo-op came, I walked right up to him and after saying hello I looked at him and asked with a dumb shy smile, “Would you two-step with me?”
He smiled so big you guys, and was like “Oh hell yeah!” He literally grabbed- no yanked me by my waist so that I was 100% pressed against him, y'know, like you would two-step normally (he literally leads so well, gosh what I’d give to dance a Johnny Cash song with him gosh gosh gosh) and after Chris snapped the picture he looked at me and smiled while telling me “Thank you so much (while doing the adorable blowing kisses thing he does where he uses both hands), I’m really so happy you asked for that, I love it!” And as I walked away all I could say was “You’re literally the best!”

Like most of these "body positive" fat people models aren't helping me

Like yeah you have a small waist and bigger body but you don’t have double chins or fat arms. Your lips eyes and nose are perfectly proportioned to your heart shaped face. You’re the fat that society is accepting. You’re the ones that are okay to be. what you aren’t, is a true representation of the majority of the fat public. My eyes and nose and mouth are not suited to being on a fat round face like I have. My stomach does not go in at my waist it actually does the opposite. I don’t look amazing in a tight dress with a perfect hourglass figure. All these posts with a cowardly anon saying “fat people aren’t pretty” or “fat people can’t wear crop tops” and then the bloggers rebuttal of pictures of themselves proving the anon wrong but like. You’re still totally within the norm?? Like you don’t have fat faces. You are dressed to the 9s and have amazing clothes that flatter your curves.

Like, shit. U never see people like me in those posts. And if you do, it sure as hell doesn’t get 100,000 notes.

Now I’m not blaming those beautiful fat people. Of course I’m not. Im just saying it’s so much easier to be accepted CAUSE YOU HAVE AN ACCEPTABLE FAT PERSON BODY.

I want to see more of people that society is “uncomfortable” with. Because that’s what we need. More representation of fat people that don’t STILL fit beauty standards!!!