look what i've made xD


 7 DEADLY SINS & 7 HOLY VIRTUES || Addie Sherwood

- P R I D E -

Addie takes great pride in her intelligence and her work ethic and where it has gotten her. Almost a little too much.

- C H A S T I T Y -

We all know that sweet little Addie is trying to throw off the goody-two shoes label and convince everyone that she’s really a bad girl. But deep down she’s as pure as fresh snow, not that that’s a bad thing. Especially in this cut throat world.

I’m feelin a bit fab today, so why not make a mistake and let people see my face for one? Or most of it anyway. I guess I’ve got a motif of keeping my eyes covered. I’ll roll with it.

So uh yeah! Here’s my ugly mug if anyone was wondering.