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Samwell (OMGCP Drabble)

For prompt #24 from @checkplease100: Samwell.

Jack/Tater friendship.

They’re quiet, pulling away in the jam-laden van. Then Tater says, “You, Zimmboni, are lucky man. Have had good life.”

Jack blinks. “Um…”

“Not whole life, maybe,” Tater interrupts. He waves at the campus. “But you are here four years. Make friends, play hockey. Meet B,” he adds, tossing a wink in Jack’s direction.

“This is a pretty great place,” Jack concedes.

“I never have chance for this. But we visit again, da?”

Jack had once considered Samwell a consolation prize, a stepping stone. It’s been so much more. Yeah, he’s lucky.

“Of course,” he says. “Whenever you want.”