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“You know the Countess was only keeping you around because I asked her, to right, Squirt?” Cooper asks, voice hard and cold. 

Blaine gives a shrug, head shaking. “Whatever. It’s not like you’d off your own flesh and blood, bro.”

“Do you really fucking think I give a shit after that stunt you pulled? You could’ve exposed all of us to the rest of the world, you understand that, right?”

“Because you going out and getting high off junkies in Shitter’s Alley is so much better? Safer? You know cops go there, right? And that you’re probably wanted for fucking murder by now?”

“You are a fucking bitch, you know that right?” Cooper growls.  

Blaine, unbothered, gives a shrug of his shoulders, popping a cracker in his mouth. “Told ya you wouldn’t kill me, big brother.”