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Heyo, I dunno if this has been asked before or if you're not up to answering stuff like this (sorry!) but, ahh... Do you have any advice for drawing cheeks?? I'm really bad at it and for some reason they just never look right when I draw them. Thanks in advance if you can answer! :D (also huge sketch dumps instead of medium ones are definitely good ;3)

I haven’t talked about cheeks before, that’s a good question! Cheeks gave me trouble for a long time too. Here’s what I’ve learned about them:

I hope that’s helpful; thanks for asking, greysdawn! 

(EDIT: sorry, the order got mixed up :P )

Happy Pride!

This year, I’ve learned a lot about what compulsory heterosexuality really looks like. I’ve seen friends and family become more attentive, encouraging, and interactive with me when I tried to date a man one more time after feeling as though I’d never achieve any “happily ever after” if it wasn’t with a partner of opposite sex. I’ve learned that even when you know who you are, social pressure can do a hell of a job to convince you that you’re not what you think or that you’d be better off being different. 

It took me twenty-four years to tell anyone that I was gay. And the three years since have been tumultuous. I’ve doubted myself so many times I couldn’t count or remember all of them. I’ve come face to face with reminders of what the closet is and how homophobia reinforces that closet, even in people we hold most dear. I’ve been reminded why the family I’m choosing is the best family I could ever know, the ones who have sat through nights of seemingly endless toil as countless questions of self-doubt roll in like the tides, “Am I a woman? Can I call myself a lesbian? What if I’m pansexual? What’s wrong with me? Don’t I ever get to be happy? Why do they only come around when I’m acting straight? I think I might be on the ace spectrum?” 

And they showed me time after time what it means to be an ally. Why we call these spaces a community, a family. 

You want to know what the beautiful thing is about this family? We build movements with love. Love is our weapon, and it makes us the best family in the world. We encourage, we uplift, we accept, we communicate, we listen… we never give up on each other. Sure, we have our problems and our dysfunctions like any family. We have our disagreements. But at the end of the day, we stick together. If someone comes for one of us, we all fight back as one voice and one force. 

It’s been the privilege of my life to find my own place and my own voice in this family. The past year has seen evolving knowledge and understanding of what it means to be LGBTQ+ and how we engage that on a daily basis and occupy our spaces as a united front in a climate of expanding tensions. I am honored to know, love, befriend, and live life with some of the most brave and beautiful people in the world. They are my friends, they are my family, they are my peers– my brothers and sisters and the beat of my heart, and I will spend the rest of my life fighting for our every right to exist and breathe free air away from fear and discrimination.

This year’s Pride will be one of many experiences. We will celebrate what we have earned through ages of struggle, we will celebrate how we love and live, we will make memories and friendships and maybe even forge lasting love. We will remember those we have lost in this struggle– to disease, to bigotry, to ignorance, to violence. We will stand -as we always do- under the rainbow banner that whispers the promises of those who have blazed the trail before us and taught us how to be brave, these whispers that echo back through years: You are welcome here. Here, you are safe. In this place, you are loved. With us, you are free to breathe and just be. 

So! With that said, I would officially like to welcome everyone and wish you the happiest and most love-filled Pride Month!

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Med School and Studying

If you want to become a doctor, you should get used to the idea that you’ll spend a great deal of your time studying. Through the course of our degree we will be asked to learn, understand and commit to memory an enormous amount of material and when, finally, we become doctors, studying doesn’t stop. The medical sciences evolve by the second. Everyday life changing discoveries are made and we need to keep up with that in order to provide our patients the best resources we can find. So, even though it might not be one of the most pleasant things to do, it is something very necessary on our way to become good physicians. Since many of you have been asking for tips on how I study, here are a few tips that worked for me:

1 - Cornell Notes taking system - this is the note taking method I found most helpful to take notes in class and at home when I’m studying. It keeps things organized, it’s quite easy to use and, when revising, it’s quite simple to understand.

2 - One Page Notes - this is a tip given by Doctor Andrea Tooley on her YouTube channel, which I truly recommend checking out. Basically, the point is trying to condense one class, chapter, etc. in one page. Of course sometimes it’s a lot of material but trying to do that, even if it exceeds one page, makes us focus on the essential. 

3 - Not too much stuff at once - when studying, I don’t like to have too many things open at once. I like to keep it simple, just some slides, maybe a book and my notes. It’s not helpful to study by two books, three reviews and notes. It’s a lot of stuff and it gets harder to concentrate. What I do is to choose the materials I find most helpful and take my notes based on that. If then, if I find that another book that has some helpful information, I read it after and then I add those notes.

4 - Not let work pile up - Simple to understand, HARD to do. 

5 - Ask older students - when you don’t know how to study for some particular subject, just ask someone who already done it.

6 - Airplane Mode - when I want to focus on something, and I need to be on the PC, I put it on air plane mode. Blind yourself to distractions. 

7 - Water or Tea - have a bottle of water on the desk. It keeps you hydrated and when you’re frustrated, just have a sip of water or tea instead of going online. Hydrates and calms you down. Just don’t go on drinking liters and liters of water please…..

8 - One thing at the time - when you’re studying one subject, focus on that subject. Don’t be thinking about the other ten thing you need to do. You need to be doing that, so focus on that. Be efficient, learn to prioritize.

9 - Plan it OUT - I’m a fan of the bullet journal principal. A plane white notebook and my to do lists, exams, etc. It’s important to have a good outlook on what you have to do. I just don’t waste too much time on aesthetics. (Still looks cool though xD)

10 - Get cosy - make studying a cosy moment. It helps :D 

Good luck with everything people!! We can all do this!!! Every great doctor started out as we did: Dreamers and Hard Workers, who wanted to help making this world a better place. Now go study ;) 

Always be Here

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Charachters: Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 1,200

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, ABUSE - if you are at all uncomfortable with this then I highly suggest you do not read.

Request: an imagine with jughead comforting a reader with nightmares pls <3<3

A/N: Here you go sweet anon! I hope you enjoy ;-*


Your past was rough. But everyone knew that. Your dad beat your mother and sometimes you until the age of 9 when a neighbor filed a police report after hearing the terrible sounds one night. Your father was currently in jail serving a life sentence and your mom had packed all of your things and moved you both back to her hometown of Riverdale. 

You kept to yourself mostly, until a raven haired boy by the name of Jughead Jones approached you. He had been intrigued with you the moment his eyes landed on you, he noticed all of your behaviors but never pried, trying to make sure you were never uncomfortable.  

Eventually, your past made its way past your lips a couple years after meeting him and all he could do was hug you as you told him detail after detail accompanied with a load of tears. But he never minded, in his eyes you were strong and beautiful and he could never see you otherwise. After that, you both were closer than ever, and you were always there for each other, especially when a good rant just need to leave your systems. 

Your mother on the other hand never really did recover. She was always in and out of rehab every few months, claiming she was going through yet another problem. Because of this, she was never really there to parent you, you practically raised yourself. Without Jughead you would’ve truly been alone.
Your past plagued you with nightmares. Your mom’s screams for help, your father yelling at her to shut up. And then he would come after you. Night after night the torment continued and each morning you would lock it all away and wait until the next one that evening.

You never let anyone now about the nightmares. They were your own little secret. Jughead had his suspicions when he would continuously see the bags under your eyes, but said nothing.

Now it was another normal Friday night. You and Jughead were both at your house finishing homework so that you wouldn’t be stressed about it the rest of the weekend. He usually would accompany you on Friday nights so that you wouldn’t be lonely. (Your mom had checked herself into another rehab because of ‘attempted drug use”, but you knew it was just another excuse.)  

On that night, you had ordered takeout from Pop’s as you both worked on homework for Algebra 2. After you had finished an hour later, you realized just how late it was. “I can’t believe it’s already 10:00.” Jughead quickly looked at the clock to confirm your statement. “Wow.” He commented. 

“You turned to him with a look of worry. “Jug, I don’t want you walking home this late, especially with Jason’s death. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if you-.” He quickly cut you off. “Nothing’s going to happen to me, don’t worry. I’ll sleep on the couch here or something.” He assured you. You nodded and went to grab him a few blankets and a pillow so that he wouldn’t be too uncomfortable. He thanked you and then went to situate them in a way that would suit his tall figure.

“I’m go gonna go to bed then, Goodnight, I’ll see you in the morning Jug.” You said as you kissed him on the cheek and then headed off to your room. You brushed your teeth and washed your face quickly before changing into some pj’s and climbing into bed. You sighed softly knowing what was to come when you closed your eyes but persuaded yourself to do so anyway. A few minutes later, you were asleep.

“You lying slut!” your father roared as your mother flinched in her seat. “You know you aren’t supposed to talk to other men! What the hell were you thinking!?” Your mother looked at him confused. “I was talking to my cousin. I haven’t seen him in 5 ye-.” She was interrupted with a loud slap. She gripped her cheek as hot tears ran down her face.

“Don’t talk back to me! You should know not to by now.” He took another swig of what seemed to be his fifth beer. “I don’t fucking care if he was your cousin, you’re mine.” He took another drink. “You and little y/n over there.” He turned to you as you tried to avoid his stare. “Look at me when I’m speaking to you.” He growled as you quickly looked up at him. “I-I’m sorry daddy.” He grinned, “That’s better. “Now,” he walked over to your small trembling frame and came to stop with his arms crossed.

“Any news about school? How are your grades? He opened another beer as he waited for you to answer. ‘Well, we had a spelling test but I…” you trailed off knowing you’d be in trouble. “But what?” He snarled. “I-I-I didn’t d-do so well.” You finished quietly as you looked down. Your father was enraged.

You felt a burning pain on your cheek and shrieked in response. “Why the fuck are we putting you in a damn school if you never learn anything you fucking idiot!!?” he shouted as another strike came down. All you could do was scream when-

You were shaken awake as blue worried eyes peered down at you. His rustled black hair fell in his face as he called your name trying to get a response.
“Y/n?” you sat up breathing hard as you gripped the sheets, trying to gain some control over your movements. Stray tears fell down your face as Jughead pulled you into his body trying his best to calm you down. “Shh y/n… It’s ok… I’m here…” You only heard small bits of what he was saying as you tried to calm down.

“Hey, can you hear me? Good. Now listen to my voice. I want you to breathe in and out with me, understood?” you nodded as you listened to his soothing voice and inhaled. “Good job, you’re doing so good, I’m here y/n, I’m here.” You continued to deep breathe and eventually the tears stopped. But Jughead continued to hold you, slightly rocking you back and forth.

“How long?” he finally asked after a moment of silence. “How long what?” “How long have you been having nightmares?” he clarified. You finally detached yourself from him and immediately regretted it when his comforting arms disappeared. “Since I moved here.” You replied quietly.

“What” you cowered and bowed your head immediately muttering a sorry. “No.” he lifted your head up with his pointer finger. “Don’t you ever be sorry. I’m just upset that you never told me about this within the longevity of our friendship.” He looked into your deep e/c eyes and sighed. 

“Were they about your dad?” you nodded slowly. He silently cursed to under his breath. “Y/n, I can’t pretend I know what you’re going through because I don’t. But I will ALWAYS be here for you, ok? Always. Even if its 2 am and you’ve woken up with another nightmare call me, and I will come for you. I promise.” Your lip trembled as he pulled you into another embrace. “I’ll always be here…”

Mona is working against AD

Obviously at first thought, Mona looks guilty af, but think about it, she could also be working for the girls against ad. Copy of the game board? To learn more about AD and the game board. Why’d she have the shovels? To keep it FROM the police so the girls don’t go down. Why’d she have all those pictures? Possibly to eliminate suspects and also keep tabs on what people are doing. Idk this could be wishful thinking because I super don’t want Mona to be evil and love her so much, but I honestly don’t think she’s AD at all. Maybe a helper… but not AD (hoping at least)

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I'm a huge fan of your work!! Especially your lineart /your inking in general :D If it's no trouble for you to answer, what artists do you look up to? Who inspires you, and who do study from (artist wise) ?

Hello! I’m really glad you like my works, thank you!
My biggest inspiration are probably old czech illustrators and animators. (I guess I kinda answered this question here though how could I forget to mention Josef Lada!) And I think I really learned most from Jiří Trnka’s works, he uses lots of different styles and techniques. Here are some of his works which I love the most - 

this is one of illustrations from Ancient Bohemian Legends (all the illustrations there are the best)

and these are from A Midsummer night’s dream (visual for the animated film)

Hope I answered your question, take care!

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Hey can please request the strip poker one with Bellamy and Clarke? Love your writing by the way!

Thanks nonny!  Hope you felt like some s1 UST.

“Bellamy, we need to talk about the patrols,” Clarke said as she ducked into his tent. 

Bellamy was sitting cross legged on his pile of furs, playing solitaire.  “What’s wrong with the patrols?” he asked without looking up.

 Clarke tipped her head to the side.  “Where’d you get those?”

 “Confiscated it,” he said and moved one chain of cards to a new spot.  Clarke clucked her tongue and he sighed.  “Some of the kids were playing cards instead of doing guard duty, okay?  I’ll give it back when they’ve learned their lesson about paying attention.”

 Clarke sat down heavily across from him.  “We have to pare back the patrols,” she said, and finally his head snapped up.

 “Absolutely not.”


 “Those patrols are the only thing keeping us alive,” he growled, and Clarke bit back an irritated noise.

 “And we’ll starve to death this winter if we don’t send out more hunters.”

 Bellamy met her gaze evenly.  A muscle in his jaw fluttered and Clarke pressed her lips into a thin line.  “Play you for it,” he said.

 Clarke rolled her eyes.  “This is a matter of life and death,” she pointed out.

 “Isn’t everything down here?” he asked and her lips twitched into a smile against her better judgement.

 “What’s the game?” she asked and shrugged out of her jacket.

 Bellamy scooped the cards into his hands and started to shuffle.  “Poker?”

 “What are the stakes?”

 He looked around his tent critically, stalling, and shrugged.  “I got nothing, princess,” he said, slightly abashed.

 “You’ve got what you’re wearing,” she said.  “Strip poker.  First one naked loses.”

 Bellamy’s eyes grew comically wide.  “You’re kidding.”

 “I’m not,” she said, drumming her fingers on her thigh impatiently.  “It’s a solution, so unless you have any better ideas, let’s get on with it.”  She felt a little awkward thanks to his reaction— she’d seen his rotating roster of companions and had assumed he wouldn’t bat an eyelash.  But he was acting rather scandalized and Clarke was never quite sure how to react when she’d crossed a line.  So she pretended like she was bored and that seemed to do the trick.

 “Miller!” Bellamy yelled and Miller poked his head in.  “Nobody comes in unless it’s an emergency,” Bellamy ordered.  Miller grinned knowingly and Clarke kept her chin up.  It’d probably go through the camp like wildfire but she’d deal with that later.  Besides, she couldn’t chicken out now.

 Miller left and Bellamy cast her a searching look.  “You sure?”

 Clarke squared her shoulders.  “I’m in.  You?”

 “I’m in,” he said.  He started picking at the laces of his shoes and she raised her eyebrows in question. “You took your jacket off,” he said with a crooked smile.  “Fair’s fair.”

Clarke bit her lip to keep from smiling back and started to deal.  Bellamy lost the first hand and peeled off his socks, and then on the second hand Clarke laid her cards down with a smirk and off came his shirt.

Concentrating got harder after that.  She kept flicking her eyes up, taking in the breadth of his shoulders in the firelight.  She’d seen him shirtless around camp before but this felt different, more charged.  Bellamy caught her looking but he didn’t say anything, just discarded part of his hand and drew two more cards.

 Clarke wasn’t sure if she was relieved or annoyed when she lost that hand.  She pulled her shirt off without a second thought and felt his gaze on her skin.  It wasn’t an unwelcome feeling and she found herself wishing he would say something to break the tension that was ratcheting ever higher.  But he just waited for her to deal the next hand.

 Her nerves were getting to her.  She lost again, and stood to peel off her leggings.  Bellamy’s eyes dwelt on her legs and he swallowed thickly.  She sat down, one leg tucked in and the other stretched out towards him. Bellamy’s hand came to rest on her ankle.

 She looked up and he licked his lips.  His fingers curled around the bone, delicate and gentle.  “Clarke,” he breathed, so quietly she wondered if she imagined it.  His hand was warm and steady and sent sparks spiraling up her calf.

 “I know you said it only in an emergency but I think we’ve got one out here,” Miller called, and the moment broke.  

 They both scrambled up and started searching for their clothes.  “On my way,” Bellamy yelled back and stuffed his feet back into his shoes.  He charged out of the tent without a second look, leaving her alone with her pounding heart.

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Have anymore yoga headcanons for Black Hat ? 'Cuase I feel he'd o er hear these moms talk about their hyperactive teenagers and be like ' Bro you too ? This girl be cray cray' Hence Black Hat learning what ADHD is and how to handle dementia better.


  • Just a disclaimer: I don’t really know that much about ADHD, so i’m just (going with what some of the websites i’m looking at have told me, sorry if any of this is inaccurate!! I’ll do my best;; )
  • Black Hat walks in one morning, sets down his mat and starts stretching out a little getting ready before instruction begins.
  • (let’s see how many generic white suburban mom names i can come up with)
  • Karen sits down next to him. “morning Mr. Trueba” “I told you, just Esteban is fine.”
  • (Flug was the nerd who came up with BH’s fake identity kudos if you get the reference)
  • “Hey Chloe!” “Hey Karen, hey Esteban!” “….Hi.” Black Hat has very reluctantly been inducted into the Circle of Moms. More and more of them show up; they all chat amongst themselves while stretching. BH keeps to himself mostly but nods along with what they say. everyone thinks he’s just shy
  • in reality he’s taking careful mental notes on the conversation. To improve his human disguise, ofc. thats TOTALLY the reason why he “politely” asks Samantha to tell him how she makes her workout smoothie. He doesn’t care about human food recipes what no shut up–
  • “Oh! And Alex is finally following the house rules we set up.” “Really? That’s fantastic Mary!” Black Hat perks up. This sounds interesting
  • “I wish I could make Owen listen to me like that. He’s always so hyperactive, I can’t ever get him to stay still.” “Have you tried more positivity, Rachel? Like, instead of saying what not to do, you say what he did that you liked?” “Actually, no. You really think that will work, Wendy?”
  • “Excuse me” Black Hat fucking interrupts. “you mean your kids are also over-energetic nightmares?” “Esteban, you have kids???” “…..Sure.”
  • he basically starts listing off Dementia’s characteristics and all the moms start sagely nodding. one of them tells him that she could have ADD or ADHD and he goes “There’s a fucking NAME??”
  • “Have you taken her to see a doctor?” “uh. i know a doctor.”
  • “And she’s always running around like that?” “Yeah. I was thinking of getting a leash, do people make those?” “UM. NO.”
  • black hat ends up taking notes on what they’re saying and bringing them back to flug, who spends the better part of an hour explaining that no, he’s not that kind of doctor–
  • BH ends up getting a lot of tips on how to treat Dementia and its like a switch flips. She suddenly seems to listen more, its a goddamn miracle. (Oh the magic of not yelling angrily to get what you want)
  • He gives quiet, short warnings instead of loud angry threats, and they’re even more effective! And still mildly horrifying!
  • Flug is amazed when he sees BH give Dementia short, clear instructions, asks her to repeat them back, and that she actually goes out and does whatever it is, with only minimal property damage! so proud

i didnt know if i should write anything about fidget spinners or not so im just gonna leave it there haha

🌊✨ Some weekend magic and some weekend lessons I learned ~ 5 things to quit doing right now:
1. Trying to please everyone
2. Fearing change
3. Living in the past
4. Putting yourself down
5. Overthinking
I stumbled across this message and it really resonated with me as something I struggle with a lot, and I thought I’d share it with you💛
No matter what we do, how generous and loving we are, what we look like, what we achieve, we will never be able to please everyone. But what others think says nothing about us.
This week I’m focusing on being unapologetically ME, practicing self love by taking better care of myself and letting go of some of my fears. Embracing every moment and embracing change. Change is scary, but from change grow an infinite number of new opportunities and possibilities🌻
Do you have any intentions for this week?💫

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What kind of dogs would the boys be if they were puppers? I sort of miss having a pet to play with.

Shuu: Shiba Inu - “hey look, water to save my friend from the fire”

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Reiji: Doberman Pinscher - very curious to learn everything

Originally posted by jaalalee

Laito: Corgi - Ready to pet

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Kanato: Pomeranian - And his own plushie (that’s why Teddy hates chicks (?))

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Ayato: German Shepherd - Hiding from mommy

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Subaru: Labrador retriever - Doesn’t really mind cats, but shy

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Ruki: Siberian Husky - why do I think he’d be a quite clumsy puppy

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Kou: Papillon - Not used to kids as usual

Originally posted by brienneoftarth

Yuuma: St Bernard - Wait until he grows up…

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Azusa: Borzoi - well, still hurting himself as usual…

Originally posted by starswift-borzoi

Carla: American Eskimo - as soon as he sees an intruder…

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Shin: Dachschund - Still wants to take long baths

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Kino: Border Collie - a very lively and mischievous puppy

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I kinda had to marathon literally all of your speedpaints in order to do this, so I wanted you to know just how much I’ve been learning about art thanks to you, and I wouldn’t have gotten this good without your influence. I sincerely hope for your feedback and truly appreciate what you’ve been doing for me and probably many others as well.

WalkingMelonsAAA: oh man thank you so much for letting me know and sharing this!!! I think it’s really cool that you’re studying my speedpaints and processes in order to help yourself learn! I want my videos to be helpful as much as they are entertaining. This piece looks great! I love your form most of all! you really understand the structure and 3D form of your dragon characters! :D Which is huge! :D So great job!!! :D you’re definitely on a great and the right track and you’re gonna go far if you keep on going like the way you are!!! :D 

My Children Spending the Night Together

I’m sorry, it’s been such a long time since I posted anything ;w;
I’ve been doing commissions and being lazy.

I’m still learning proportions and foreshortening :’D

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I've been wondering how Hori is able to do makeup and hair for the girls...where'd he learn all of that from?

You’ve seen how hardcore he is when it comes to his beloved drama club. Of course he’d make himself learn how to style everyone, including girls \o/ what kind of president would he be otherwise!?

srsly though look at this dedication

this panel of Kashima happily looking at herself in the mirror while Hori blow-dries her wig gets me every time :’DD

Justin’s First Love ll 13 Reasons Why Imagine

Summary: Justin Foley falls for a girl he just met.

Warning: Profanity

Request: nope, but do y’all want a part 2?

Note: This isn’t my first imagine, I have written a lot of things on Wattpad and had some writings of my own in general that I thought were pretty sucky, but anyway, nice to meet you I’m Nikki! You will learn more about me throughout this aging of the tumblr: nikkimagines. English is a language I am fluent in but every person has some mistakes so excuse them and please leave a response of the imagine if it offended you in any way or if you loved/hated it! (ahh i promise i’m not this formal just wanted to be cool XD)


Mrs Walters - made-up math teacher(i made it lol)

Y/n - Your first name

L/n - Your last name

S/c - skin color

E/c - eye color

H/c - hair color

Justin Foley, a 17-year-old jock at Liberty High School, was known for being a basketball player, and a one-fuck kind of guy. No one would imagine him ever have a true crush or just falling in love in general, it just wasn’t his thing. That wasn’t for long until he met Y/n L/n. Any person would think Justin was crazy for liking her, he likes popular, hot, don’t-give-fucks kind of girls. Y/n, was the complete opposite, she was an introvert, shy, smart, but she was athletic—that wasn’t what dragged Justin in, it was her looks, she looked goddamn gorgeous in every single way. Justin didn’t meet her until her second day, and she was already acing her classes. It all started out something like this…

“Justin, I don’t think you are getting any better in Algebra. I have given you all my best tutors! What else can I do to help you Justin?” Mrs. Walters asked as she gave Justin his test grade, it was a D, again. He hated disappointing his math teacher, especially since it was his favorite teacher in the first place.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Walters, but I don’t think they are explaining it the way I learn. They [tutors] make it more—how do you say it, er complicated?” Mrs. Walters chuckled.

“I don’t think they can confuse you more than me, these are your peers!” Mrs. Walters pointed out.

Justin sighed, knowing what she said was true. He grimaced looking at the first page of the test, covered in red marks and x’s counting them wrong. “Maybe it’s not the right tutor.” He murmured just loud enough that she picked up his words.

“Maybe so,” She whispered back. “What if Y/n tutors you? She needs some friends and you need higher grades.” He turned to look at the girl who was twirling her pencil and looked frustrated at her paper.

As he turned back around he spoke, “Are you sure that girl knows anything about math? I mean, she just got here.”

“I don’t think you know much about Ms. L/n. She got an A+ on that quiz I just handed you.” She smiled at the girl, taking a quick glance at her and looking back at him.

Justin’s mouth gaped open. “She took the test yesterday?”

“She thought she was capable, I told her it was a hard test but she took it anyway.” Mrs. Walter explained. “So, what do you say? Could you try her as a tutor?”

Justin took another glance at the girl, she caught his eyes and looked away. Justin has a light blush brushed onto his cheeks and looked back at Mrs Walters.

“I guess I’ll try her out.”

“Thank you Justin! I’ll tell her right now.” He smiled as Mrs. Walters walked away from him to tell Y/n the ‘great news’. He looked backed at his test and frowned, he still didn’t understand what x and y meant and don’t even get him started about the scatter plots. He always wondered how math would help him in life—it just never made sense to him the purpose, I mean science helped the world, English class helped them tell the world what science did, he just didn’t understand how math could ever help him in this world of technology. He was lost in his thoughts until Y/n tapped his shoulder, he turned around to see a girl with s/c and the most gorgeous set of e/c eyes he has ever seen in his entire life. He didn’t hear any of the words she had said because of him staring, she then caught on and stopped talking and looked down.

“So, Mrs. Walter said a guy named Justin needed some help with math, could you tell me where he sits, sorry again to bother you.” She spoke quietly but it was amazing how her voice was so relaxing.

“Oh, that’s me.” She gave him a light laugh and smiled.

“Sorry, I’m new and I don’t know any one’s names.” Justin smiled, then got up and lead her to the library. He first grabbed his stuff and waited for her to grab her things outside Mrs. Walters class door. As they headed to the library he tried to make small talk—keyword: tried. She just didn’t seem to like socializing of any sort.

They took a table not far from the entrance door in the library and it was near tons of books—not that anyone actually reads them. “Okay, so what do you need help on?” She took the test gently from his hands and looked at it wide-eyed. “Oh um, looks like we’re gonna be here for awhile, aren’t we?” He nodded and chuckled, and he then raised a question about the first problem.

“I don’t get how to get a solution for two equations? How is that possible?” She nodded, seeming to understand where he came from.

“So, there are 3 methods to solve these types of equations and another one that I found out myself, but okay, so there’s Elimination, Substitution, and Graphing it. I personally dislike graphing it because that’s too much work.” She kept talking about how to solve them but Justin couldn’t help to get lost at her appearance. She had gorgeous e/c eyes that glistened from the light coming from the window near them. She also has beautiful h/c hair that looked amazing in that messy bun, she looked so—astonishing. ‘No,’ Justin told himself, ‘I’m a jock, I don’t fall in love.’

“So Justin can you try out whichever seemed easy to you?” Y/n asked him.

“Sorry, I kind of got bored.” Justin lied.

“Okay, then maybe I’ll just show you how to do all the methods and then you can choose whatever you think is the easiest.” Y/n explained.

“Cool, can we do the first problem?” Justin moved over for her to sit next to him, honestly, he didn’t think he would actually listen she was just too gorgeous. She sat down next to him with a pencil and started doing the math, her handwriting was neat and really pretty just like her. Y/n kept focusing on the work and didn’t even realize Justin was staring at her the whole time, she expected a jock like him to just get bored and not listen to a nerd like her. Justin tried to focus but his mind kept going elsewhere, daydreaming about how it would be if Y/n and him were to date, first kiss at a park, first date at Crestmont, first ‘I love you’ while cuddling, and damn he didn’t think he would fall this hard for a girl he just met.

“Hopefully this will help you with the homework.” She said as she ended the lecture and explanation.

“Yeah hopefully,” Justin was gonna speak if she didn’t leave so fast.

“Hey Alex! Can I eat with you to today at lunch again?” Alex turned around and signaled with his hand to get Y/n over. “Hey sorry the bell rang so I’ll see you soon if needed okay?” She smiled and waved goodbye. He waved back and smiled too, maybe he’d purposely fail his exams to just talk to her, maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t, but he knew one thing, he wants to talk to this fucking girl again.

dating yoon jisung and park woojin

yoon jisung: 

  • you already know he’s a meme
  • he knows exactly how and when to make you laugh
  • probably sends you old memes he finds funny, like the ones with the big text in white with the black outline
  • you’d probably criticize his memes
  • “,,,,hey i’m old i don’t know all this internet stuff”
  • also imitates you for fun sometimes and it can get annoying but it’s okay because you love him
  • he’s so random with it like you two would be cuddling on the couch and he’d just out of the blue
  • “you know the other day my trainer was making me learn this dance combo and i swear i looked like a chicken doing the hands”
  • continues to imitate himself
  • but all the memeing aside 
  • he’s also really surprisingly deep into the relationship
  • it’s nice that he’s not afraid to be emotional and genuine and he’s the same around you
  • because he’s so sensitive he’s always in tune with how you’re feeling
  • “just tell me what’s going on, don’t lie to me and say it’s nothing”
  • and although he tries to hide some struggles from you not to worry you he ends up always telling you everything (after you find out of course)
  • just very honest and open it’s nice
  • he’s soooooooooooo clingy and loves skinship
  • “jagiyaaaaaaaaaa” “honeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy” all day every day don’t expect it to stop
  • will aegyo you to death don’t try and avoid it
  • clings on to you
  • if necessary will let you drag him to wherever you’re going as long as he’s still touching you in some way
  • sometimes the excessive sweetness is for memes but like it’s cute so you play along
  • wow just realized the amount of times i have said “memes” in this headcanon
  • oh well it’s for jisung how can you not
  • would definitely adopt a million animals (only if you were willing to)
  • always wants to take you out on fun dates (arcades, fairs, bowling, etc etc) and will probably whine when neither of you have the time
  • but tbh,,,,,,,, he’d be kinda frugal like he would beg to split the check from time to time
  • doesn’t mean he doesn’t get you gifts, he just really likes free stuff
  • “jisung this teddy bear has the logo of some sort of medical company on it”
  • “hey they were giving them out for free and it’s still cute”
  • fights would be super rare and only if something was super serious
  • and at the point where the two of you are yelling you’re both also crying so like,,,,, what’s the point
  • they end really quickly you two will probably hug it out then talk it out
  • jisung’s a huge fan of talking it out

park woojin:

  • if he’s not already completely comfortable around you before you guys date he would be kinda shy
  • if he’s uncomfortable at first he would try so so so hard to be the model gentleman but ur just like
  • “,,,,,, woojin i got into the car you can close the door now”
  • a cute lil blush on his face that makes it all okay
  • it’d probably take some gentle nudging from you to get him to open up more
  • on the first date looking down and constantly licking his lips
  • nonstop blushing
  • honestly though i think woojin opens up to people from sharing experiences, so as you spend more time with him he will slowly become the lil silly woojin we know and love
  • once the shy phase is out of the way whew you better prepare for the skinship
  • honey this boy is bouta cuddle you to death and you can’t do a n y t h i n g about it
  • just accept that he really likes keeping you in bed and giving back hugs even while you’re doing important things
  • he’s going to be like a puppy that follows you around it’s cute
  • but ofc he’s also that good balance of having his own social life and knowing when you two don’t need to be together
  • let’s be honest though at this point he’s introduced you to all the bnm boys and his friends back in busan and you’re part of each other’s social life
  • mutters “why are you so pretty/cute” all the time under his breath
  • on random nights probably stays awake with some trivial question
  • at 3 am: “y/n do you think fish exist on other planets”
  • “woojin you have practice tomorrow go to sleep”
  • will pick you up, throw u over his shoulder, then go on his merry way
  • or he’ll just pick you up and flip you like a fuckin
  • i don’t even know anymore have you all watched episode 10 because then you know what i’m talking about
  • “woojin please don’t pick-”
  • grabs you from behind “i want food we’re going to the kitchen” keeps walking while you’re just propped up on his shoulder like a flour sack
  • jam sessions all over the place
  • microphone hairbrush, hair whipping, loudspeakers and all
  • for dates he likes really chill ones
  • would occasionally go on busier/wilder dates farther from home but like
  • on a daily basis the most “interesting” it gets is like,,, together in the dance studio or something
  • but it’s okay stay-home/domestic dates are always cute and relaxed there’s never pressure
  • veeerryyyy good listener, he processes everything you’re telling him but sometimes doesn’t know what to say in return
  • he’s not the best with words when it comes to serious or emotional conversations 
  • sometimes that gets you frustrated but it does take a bit to get used to
  • not the most emotionally sensitive (won’t really be able to feel your emotions) but always always always wants you to tell him what’s up
  • “hey, just tell me what’s going on, even if i can’t do much to help it’s better than just letting everything build up”
  • may seem mellow but oh god don’t let him get mad nope nope nope
  • not afraid to ignore you and probably too stubborn to give in
  • but eventually he does because he loves u and it would take a couple days for things to get to normal but that’s because things are getting worked out and compromises are being made
Panel Transcript: Went/Dom.

Superheroes Con III
Transcribed, to the best of my ability, from my audio recording.

Please do not repost this. I know I don’t own the Q&A, but I spent a few hours of my life transcribing audio. I wanted to share! Please link to my post as the source if you’re going to quote it. (Edited to sound less impolite because that’s not the tone I intended.)

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I never understood words, and maybe that has to do with the fact that I can barely read without them getting out of order, sometimes everything looks like alphabet soup. Instead, I turned to colors and learned to mix tears with paint just to see what color they’d create. One day I cut my wrists open to see if watercolor really did flow through these veins, but all I got were pills. I was simply tired of everyone telling me I had it wrong, when you learn to paint with every tone you realize that grey is just another color, because sometimes you can drink yellow paint and never reach happiness just ask Van Gogh. So if my crayon box only consisted of blue I wouldn’t mind, it’s a reminder of you. So I’ll just continue to paint these thoughts into my art like flowers pressed into books, and tucked away until it’s shipped to you with a tag reading
—  open me.
“Man, I used to be such a good student, what happened?”-masterpost

Hullo, and welcome!

I have wandered the earth…

…found the secret elixir that makes a once-good student good again…

..tested it for one semester…

…refined it…

…and am now here to present it to you!

This’ll be a long one. See, I think many of us don’t (yet) need help with beautiful fonts, the perfect writing tools, or organizational details. Many of us aren’t anywhere near the level of worrying about these things. 
Many of us have knots in their brains that prevent them from just studying in general. I hope to open some of the big knots, so that you can finally make use of the wealth of studyblrs about specific techniques and approaches out there and can have fun studying again :)

This’ll be a five-part series.
In every post I’ll focus on one particular question/problem and I’ll answer it with an analogy and a solution.
Maybe not all of them will work for you.
Hell, maybe none of them will.
I just know that they worked wonders for me and I suspect they’ll work for other “natural learners”, as well. I’d love to hear your feedback on this, though, so I’ll open my ask box while this series is on-going!

Knot 1: I’m not going in the right direction and/or I’m not going fast enough! (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a direction

Solution: Slow down to speed up

Knot 2: Why is it so hard to start studying all of a sudden? Pt. 1 (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a weapon

Solution: Tolerate to conquer yourself

Knot 3:  There are so many things I want to do, I don’t want to sacrifice my whole life just for this one thing and to-do lists and fixed routines scare me! (ready to be clicked)

Analogy: Student as a friend

Solution: Yearn for friendship - not worship, not debasement

Knot 4: Why is it so hard to start studying all of a sudden? Pt. 2, a.k.a. What’s the deal with procrastination?

Analogy: Student as a seperate being

Solution: Layer yourself to merge yourself

Knot 5: Everything I do seems so pointless!

Analogy: Student as part of the whole world

Solution: Engage to empower

So, what you need is to 

S (low down)

T (olerate)

Y (earn for friendship)

L (ayer yourself)

E (ngage)

…to study in style :D 

(….eyyyy? :D This worked out so much more perfectly than I expected!)

So, look forward to seeing at least one of these a week!
I hope you’re all great and I wish you a wonderful new year :)