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this is it. this is officially the most, niche, self indulgent thing i’ve ever drawn. a lazy town old hollywood au. for literally no reason. at all.

sportacus does romance and cowboy pictures

robbie was a big silent film star and he resented having to learn english when talkies were introduced

i used a picture of conrad veidt for inspiration for robbie because he was cool and i love him, and i used michael redgrave for sportacus because they look really similar


These are pictures of Chalo running a race against himself, and I have good news: he’s winning.

In Chains Darling

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me @ all the people saying that pic doesn’t look anything like gabriel anyway

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Ladies and gentlemen, on this glorious day two great forces of arda have collided.

ems-uitwaaien and myself have been working back and forth on this collaboration for a little while now and here’s the final result at last ! Please welcome Sauron and Finrod and their famous sing-off, tumblr exclusivity just for you all.

Bonus ! Here’s a little process of the update we sent each other back and forth along the way.

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I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT MUMBLE Of course mumbles in there too. Gravity in Everything I like to think is right before Grace is Wasted. That's all I got so far on my multi-author timeline




ML: Rage,Unleash, Animal

 So on Twitter there is an account that hosts an activity every Saturday. They will give out a topic, and artists get 60 mins to draw their stuff and post them.

 I participate them quite often and this time’s topic was “Animal”.
Everyone drew something super fluffy but look what I have created..

I think the song influenced me quite a lot. XD
But I would like to thank @jblackcz for introducing me this song!
*whisper* all their songs are good

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I already know EXACTLY which part and how I want it to look when I draw this jfc what have you done? ?? You've created monsters of ALL of your artist followers honestly? ??

Have I? Lol ??

I’m so excited!!!!!! Ahhh I can’t wait to see omg I’m smiling so much!! ^^


slippy gives me feelings. adam beach was so excited to be part of the film and i just wanted more scenes w/ him. also his smiles and hairstyles and general cheerfulness in interviews are 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽


I am soooo sorry. It’s cute but- but-but-but waaaaa it’s sooo sadddddd. Oh god I can’t believe I made this I think my heart -… oh god I keep looking at the bottom picture and something dies inside me. WHAT HAVE I CREATED.

I make faces while I draw. You can only imagine my face for the 10 minutes that I was drawing the last picture… It hurts so much now.

Once Bitten, Twice Bonded

I got an idea for a thing because of @darkisangell and I had to write it. This comes around a month after her piece Dance With The Devil, which is quite a good read, highly recommend, as well as another by the name of Trivial Business, which would come after this.

Enjoy this little batch of havoc!

Marco awoke with a start, his body tingling and burning all over. His room was dark, the scant moonlight casting heavy shadows.and went to his chest, breath heavy as he tried to identify the source of the pain.

Tom he realized as it registered the burn was from the bond. Fumbling for the small compact on his nightstand, he sat up as he flipped open the mirror.

“Call Tom.” he spoke, voice clear if not a bit shrill.  The screen began to pulse as it tried to connect to Tom’s mirror.


“Mirror, call Tom.” he repeated when the connection finally dropped, beginning to panic a bit.

This time, after a few minutes, the call went through to reveal a very disheveled Tom.

“What the hell do you want, Diaz?” the demon hissed, pink hair in a fluffy, messy halo around his head, almost completely hiding his horns.

“I…you’re not dying?” Marco asked, confused, hand still pressed to his chest at the center of the dull ache.

“Obviously not.” he replied dryly. “So why did you see fit to wake me up?”

“I don’t know, it feels like something is wrong from the bond.” Marco said.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with me apart from being woken up by an obnoxious human.” Tom droned, rubbing at his eyes to further smear the eyeliner the demon didn’t bother to wash off.

“So then why does my chest hurt? It’s not like I was standing under than light with anyone else!” Marco snapped.

Tom regarded him with a strange look at his remark. “You’d already been dancing with Star for a minute before I…cut in, right?” he asked between gritted teeth, instantly hating where his train of thought was going.

“Yeah, what about it?”

Tom pinched the bridge of his nose. “What horrendously painful irony-Marco, you might have gotten caught in the light with her, even for a split second. Why don’t you go check on her.”

With that, Tom cut the call, leaving Marco staring at his own reflection.

“I’m bonded with Star too?” he murmured as he slid out of bed. “I didn’t even know that was possible.”

He padded quietly down the hallway in his mercifully dry socks, softly tapping on the Mewni girl’s door. When he received no reply, Marco pushed the door open and stepped into the room.

It was just as dark as his had been, but even more difficult to navigate as Star’s room was far less organized than his. He stepped carefully around the objects on the floor, giving the odd figure kicking under the rug a wide berth.

Finally reaching her huge bed, he nudge the canopy aside to see the girl wrapped in a small ball, the sheets and blankets a messy nest around her. Her face was scrunched up in a grimace, and the usual pink hearts on her cheeks were now tiny skulls.

The burn in his chest flared sharply as she twitched and pulled her body tighter.

“Star?” whispered Marco, reaching out and placing a hand on her shoulder. “Star, wake up!”

“St-stop, I don’t wanna go!” she mumbled, involuntarily jerking away from his hand.

“Star, it’s just me, Marco! Wake up!” he shook her harder.

This time, her eyes popped open with a startled look and she scrambled away from Marco. “Who’s there?” she squinted in the dark. “Marco? What are you doing in my room in the middle of the night?”

“Uh, I think you were having a bad dream?” he said, not really answering her question.

“Oh. Yeah, Mom was dragging me to St. Olga’s.” the girl shuddered.

“Again?” the Mexican boy asked.

“Yeah. Tends to happen whenever I start screwing up. She threatens on a regular basis to ship me off if I keep breaking stuff in this dimension.” Star shrugged.

She seemed fine now, and Marco noticed his chest no longer hurt. Tom’s words echoed in his head.

“Uh, Star? Just out of curiosity, do you know if one person can bond to two people from the Blood Moon?” he asked.

She gave him a curious look. “That’s a really random question. I don’t know, you’d be better off asking Tom. You know, you two are gonna have to get over this aversion to one another sooner or later.”

Marco have a semi forced laugh. “Yeah, don’t bet much on that right now.”

Star rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say.” she drawled. “Anyways, why ask about the bond?”

“Oh, um no reason.” he said quickly, hoping the painfully oblivious girl wouldn’t notice. “Just something I wondered.”

“Oh.” she shrugged and didn’t ask anymore, much to Marco’s relief. “Like I said, you should probably ask Tom, if you two can have a conversation without trying to kill each other.”

“Yeah, I’ll get on that. Well, goodnight, Star. Or good morning.” he amended, glancing at the clock.

“Night, Marco.”


“What do you mean you don’t know?” Marco asked, exasperated.

“I mean, I don’t know, Diaz.” Tom replied venom dripping from his tone. “It’s not like it’s even happened before where more than one person got caught in the light. I’m just saying it could be a possibility.”

“Well, isn’t there anything to explain how the Blood Moon works?” he pressed.

“Probably.” Tom replied, looking bored.

Marco glared at the demon. “Well could you look. I’d love to know if my soul is bonded with both by best friend and one of my enemies.”

“Oh, I’m an enemy now?” Tom mocked with a sneer.

“You’ve always been one! Can you please look and see if there’s something that explains this?!” Marco nearly shouted.

Tom had a distinct lack of giving a shit that grated on Marco’s nerves. “Not my soul, not my problem.”

Marco groaned in frustration, flopping back onto his bed as anxiety gnawed at his insides.

“Hey, Skull Boy, cool it.” Tom griped and Marco glanced back at the mirror. Tom was scowling, a hand on his own chest, rubbing at it with annoyance. “I can feel your stress, stop it.”

Marco raised an eyebrow. “Sorry. I get to be stressed, because it is my soul. You could help this by finding out about the Blood Moon.”

Tom glared at the boy, but didn’t say anything. He stood and vanished from sight.

The demon prince returned a few minutes later, a thick book in his hands that looked older than Marco’s grandfather. Tom flipped through the book for another few minutes, eyes scanning over the Latin.

“Alright, it says here that the Blood Moon bonds anyone who is caught in the light, but it’s a weaker bond if they’re not actually meant to be together. It doesn’t specifically say anything about one person bonding to multiple people, but it doesn’t say it can’t happen, either.” he finally said, closing the book with a low bang. “My best guess is that you did get bonded to Star too, but it’s a weak bond. What that means is you’ve basically got an inner radar for her now, like a sixth sense for her emotions, or if she’s in danger. It’s just a watered down version of our bond.”

Marco took a moment to let the information sink in. “Define watered down.”

Tom gave him an irritated scoff. “What did I just say? You’ll be able to sense her stronger emotions and sense if she’s hurt or in danger. I believe that’s the extent of it.” Marco could see his teeth grinding together as he mumbled to himself. “I really cannot believe that, not only am I now soul bound to the kid that cut off my hand, but I also find out he’s bonded to the love of my life as well. Just fucking great.”

“That’s it?” Marco asked, not acknowledging Tom’s mini-rant.

“I’m not repeating myself a third time.” Tom said flatly. “Are we done here?”

“Yeah, I guess we are. End call.” Tom’s image disappeared and Marco set the mirror back onto his table.

So, apparently his soul was not only bound to a demon prince of hell that hated his guts, but also to the Mewni princess that resided a short walk away. Just fantastic.

“What the hell even is my life?”