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Summary: Y/N sees their best friends from high school and Tyler gets a little jealous.

Word Count: 1000

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x Reader

“Y/N, guess who’s here?”

I looked up from my phone and was shocked to see my best friends from high school standing in the door way. I hadn’t kept in touch with them as much as I wanted to so we hadn’t seen each other since our senior year, and now that they were here I couldn’t keep in my excitement. 

“Oh my god! Ian, Brandon! What’s up guys?”

“Your friend, Bella, here found us on Facebook I guess and invited us over.”

I got up from my seat on the couch and gave them both a huge hug. We sat back down on the couch and they told me about how Brandon had gotten engaged to Kiana Walker, A.K.A the girl he had a major crush on since freshman year. We talked for almost a half an hour until the door rang. Bella walked out of the kitchen and opened the door, allowing Tyler to walk in.

“Hey Tyler!” He smiled at me but it fell when he saw the two guys sitting next to me.

“Who’s this?”

“Oh, these are my friends from high school, Brandon and Ian.”

“Mhm.” Much to my surprise, he dropped the grocery bag he was holding and walked over to me, pressing his lips to mine. He held my head still with one hand but pushed me back into the couch, using the other hand to hold himself up. I raised an eyebrow but kissed him back. He pulled back for a second only to press his face into my neck. I giggled as his stubble tickled my skin but when I saw the weird looks I was getting from the others, I pushed him back lightly. He didn’t move at first and pressed a kiss to my ear.

“If they touch you I’ll kill them.” With that he stood up, grabbed the grocery bag, and walked into the kitchen.

It took a while for what happened to process but when it did a wide grin enveloped my face. I slowly stood up and Bella stared at me oddly from the kitchen doorway.

“What was that about?”

“He was jealous.” It was said in somewhat disbelief. Tyler always showed affection, even if we were just watching TV alone, he’d always wrap his arm around me and whisper cute, little things into my ear. Like when we watched The Notebook, he told me that he would build me something way better than just a house, like a castle. That’s when I’d smirk and tell him to shut up and watch the movie, to which he’d just laugh into the crook of my neck. Whenever we went out for coffee he would tell the barista to make a heart with the steamed milk and he would act like he didn’t, and it was just fate telling us that we were a perfect couple. When I come home from a long day at work I’d go into the bathroom to find a bubble bath made and tons of candles lit all over the room while Tyler laid on the bed with nothing but a bath towel and a shit-eating grin on his face.  

Even so, he never got jealous. He made it a point that everyone knew that he wasn’t the jealous type. So now that I’ve caught him being exactly what he’s tried so hard to prove he’s not, I’m a little excited. Ian looked back and forth from me to the kitchen.

“So I take it that’s your boyfriend?”

But I was already making my way into the kitchen where Tyler was angrily shoving pepperonis onto the pizza that Bella was previously working on. I tried to force down the smile that wanted to appear as I wrapped my arms around his torso and pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades. He tensed up at first but quickly relaxed and leaned into my embrace.

“Those poor pepperonis didn’t do anything to you, you should go easy on them. You sometimes forget your ability to intimidate with a simple look.”

“How do I know those pepperonis aren’t planning on doing something to me?” I almost snorted at the fact that we were using pepperonis to symbolize this situation. Despite the somewhat seriousness of it, I couldn’t help but snicker.

“Well one of those pepperonis is engaged and the other one is gayer than my uncle Frank.” I ran my hands up his sides so that I could cup my hands on his shoulders. “And this pepperoni is taken, so there’s no need to be jealous.”

He suddenly flipped us so that he was pinning me against the counter. His face was hard and his jaw was clenched, which made it incredibly hard to resist the urge to run my finger along his jawline.

“I wasn’t jealous.”

“Mhm. Sure you weren’t, babe. Don’t worry, I was kind of cute.”

He bent down and wrapped his arms around my waist, easily lifting me up and setting me on the counter, making sure to move the pizza first. A small squeak of surprise left my lips but I was cut off by Tyler once again pressing his lips to my own, this time more forcefully. His hands reached up the cup the back of my head and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands tangled through my hair and a small groan escaped my lips when he tugged at the hairs at the nape of my neck.

“Um, guys? Please tell me you’re not making out on top of that pizza that I slaved over.” We pulled apart and I felt the blood rush to my cheeks but Tyler only grunted and lifted me up. He put a hand on the back of my thigh to keep me up and began to walk up the stairs. I sent an embarrassed look to Bella but she was too busy silently laughing to acknowledge my distress, bent over with her hands holding her stomach.


So there has been a problem that has been happening the past few days, with linking other people games to sites to earn money (something similar to that). But now this is happening to me, with two sites.  

I was looking up stuff (like my game on google), but I found this. I was going to pass it off, as I was just some Facebook page showing my game but until I saw the links. I check the links out, but what I found out got me pretty angry and made me a little used to help someone earn money. 

The sites that were link were sites people can earn money for by every person that views the site. I was shock this actually happen to me, I thought this was something that mostly happens to huge important people. But to someone who just starting to make games. Just wow, really.

 It’s funny because the site on the right says “earn money the smart way.” Yeah by using other peoples work to befit yourself. 

A lot of people found my game from these links(about 76 people with both sites added), it’s pretty scary since the person who is doing this is making money off of every person who go on the link. 

Please don’t link my work to sites that you can earn money from, I will not except this behavior. I’m just a bit worry for others that are starting, this would drive a person just to stop making games.

So please don’t make this community about making money off of others. Please remember that we are making these games from our own time for everyone. All of us Devs have lives a normal life just like you, and we’re take free time out of our lives to making something for you guys. Please don’t take advantage of the other Devs or even me. This one thing is making me a little worry on my next project or future works I’m going to work on. I hope this project get’s solve very soon.

 If anyone see’s any links that are not directly to my Itch.io page and are trying to earn money like the once I listed, please tell me immediately!! 

Also please tell the other game dev if you see anything suspicious with their games!! Likes this!!

Thank you for reading this!! 

Also I do know the person who is doing this, so please don’t harass and/or send anon hates. Please message me privately if you see anything.  Thank you again for reading.

Samwell, Massachusetts is a Weird College Town, there’s no denying that. So of course, there’s a Facebook group called “MAN!!! LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN A SAMWELL MASSACHUSETTS ALLEY!!!!!” where half the posts don’t even take place in alleyways, but whatever.

You have to get permission from a John Johnson to join the group and for some it takes days to weeks to get verified, some more seconds. But afterwards, you get all Keep Samwell Weird content you desire.

Posts include, but are not limited to:

The current state of the Samwell Wishing Bench. Though Samwell University’s motto is “Drink deeply form knowledge’s well” and the mascot is literally a well, it was determined sometime long, long ago that the only wells in Samwell, MA are to be on the University campus and in front of city hall. That’s it. In the late 90s, when the murder occurred at the Murder Stop & Shop, the bus that stopped right across the street from it…just stopped showing up there. However, there was still a bus stop bench that has since been converted into the Samwell Wishing Bench, because we can’t have Wells. It is covered in streamers and has a solar panel attached to it. Please sit down and make a wish!

A tree growing out of a chimney. It may just be positioned right behind the chimney, but for all intents and purposes, the building has sprouted one pine tree. Everyone is proud.

Many delivery doors from Downtown Samwell.

The photo was taken at night, a faded yellow porch light lights the back, as does a neon purple glow. A small chalkboard sign sits in the middle of a sidewalk, propped on an easel. FREE HOTDOGS (on the patio). That last part is squeezed into a corner of the board. There are no hot dogs visible in the photo.

Julio, bartender extoridnaire at Tankard’s (“The Tank” to college students), setting up a chair outside The Tank getting a haircut. Nice!

Flowers! Many flowers!

Many baby animals and concerned commenters. What is to happen to these baby moles and possums? There was once a petting zoo held at the park gazebo! Many baby animals.

A single puzzle piece on the ground.

Posted from outside one of the local pizza places, there’s an incredibly zoomed in photo: there’s a life-sized mannequin of Abe Lincoln in the car next to them. Abe is strapped in. Safety first!

And of course, walls tagged with “Dick-a-saurus”. Apparently, this is Dick-a-saurus #4.

It’s a good time! Come request an invite!

Many of the posts are courtesy of a B. S. Knight.


in light of recent selfies, and the fact that 99% of the time my facebook profile pic is a cosplay picture and most of my highschool buds who havent seen me in years probably have no idea what I look like any more, I went through my facebook and found a few years worth of profile pictures

I finally understand why the whole family thinks im weird

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hey!! can i ask when u found out u were trans? bc im 15 now and i have No Fucking Clue what i am,,,

One of my friends shared this video on Facebook and idk it sparked something in me to finally chop off my hair. So I got it all chopped and then someone told me I looked like a boy I thought of it as the best compliment I’d ever gotten. I looked in a mirror and thought “what a handsome boy” and then kind of had to backtrack like “…wait what?” I stayed up all night that night Realizing Things (also cause it was the same night as the election so I was watching results) and I just remembered a bunch of instant of saying things about wanting to be a boy or actively trying to be more male-passing. It’s been a long 3-4 months and I’m still figuring a lot of things out (Is Will the right name for me? Is this a temporary feeling or have I really always felt this way? Where do I go from here?) but it’s definitely something that has shown me that is okay to have no fucking clue what you are. The important thing is that whatever you are makes you feel happy and good. 

Does anyone have resources for sport dog car setup ideas? e.g., forum discussion links, Facebook groups, etc.?

I’m interested in looking at different vehicle, crate, harness, and arrangement choices, but the groups I found on Facebook don’t seem to be very active, and the other discussions I can find online aren’t very informative, either. 

Alternatively, I’d be interested in seeing YOUR car setup. What’s your setup look like? Why did you go the route you did? I’m especially interested in you’re playing the Jenga puzzle which is having several dogs to haul. 

Conversation with an intelligent woman

I found this one facebook, and through I would share it because it sheds some light on the mindset of a woman interested in  a female led relationship.

Conversation with an intelligent woman:

“In a brief conversation, a man asks a woman:
- What kind of man you seek?
She remained silent a moment, looked into his eyes and she said:
- You want to know really?
He Answered:
Then she began to say:
- As woman I’m in the position of asking the man what I can not do for me. So far,I pay my bills, I take care of the house, I’m going to the supermarket, I’m shopping and I’m doing all these things without the help of a man …
I ask myself now: What can you bring to my life?
The man left on…. Surely he was thinking about the money….
Knowing what he thinks, she said:
- I do not mean money. I need more. I need a man to fight for perfection in all aspects of life…
He folded his arms, sat on the couch and asked her to explain it in more detail.
She said:
- I’m Looking for someone to fight for mental perfection, because I need someone to converse and to stimulate me intellectually…
I do not need someone mentally simple…
I need someone sensitive enough to understand what I’m going through as a woman, but strong enough to encourage me and not let me fall.
I’m looking for someone who I respect as I can to be "obedient”.
So I can not be with someone who can not solve their own problems.
I’m looking for a man who can help himself ,in this way we can help each other.
I’m looking for a man to understand that sex has an important role for a couple but that does not determine the happiness of the couple…
And a real woman will never accept a great man beside her just for one hour! For the simple reason that the day has 24 hours!
When she finished,she looked at him and she saw him very confused and wondering.
He said:
- Well,you ask a lot…
She replied:
- Well,I know for sure that…

Life is like a painting. If something bad happens, it’s like the corner of the painting. The corner of the painting doesn’t look that good. But once you see the bigger picture, you start to realize that there’s more to life than just the corner you’re looking.
—  e.e.

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so me and some old friends decided to meet. I was really excited cause haven't seen them in a while! I got there a bit late and I found them ALL OF THEM just looking at "hot" boys on Facebook. And I was like "GAAAAAH WHY THIS?????" I mean we were there to talk and have fun not look at some random boys. And sometimes they would ask me "Oooh what do you think about this guy here? He's SO handsome aahh!!" It was really REALLY boring for me .-.


I can seriously understand this, and I’ve been there before. I didn’t know that some people were supposedly un/attractive until I was 14- I couldn’t even tell the difference! It’s a very alloromantic thing so you’re gonna deal with this lots through your life sorry, we can’t change them any more than they can change us.

Keep soldiering on through this “hot guy” Facebook situation, or you could explain that you want to talk to them and not look at these guys. I’m sure your friends will understand.

Good luck and have a good day,


Feel free to add more information :)

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I'd seen some of your posts fly by on the internet before, and I'm glad I finally found your blog. I'm not an American, and where I'm from veterans aren't really looked after in both a social and (from what I've gathered) economical sense, but I really wanted to thank you for your service. Hugs from the Netherlands.

Thank you.  I have a facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/JustWarThings/) and a twitter (https://twitter.com/justwarthings) as well, but this is mostly where I post things.

Imagine of the Marauders had Facebook
  • Sirius: Did you see my new profile picture? I look amazing.
  • James: Guys, I'm about to die!
  • Remus: Oh Merlin Prongs, what did you do?
  • James: Nothing. Lily blocked me!
  • Remus: Prongs, I'm sure you'll live
  • James: Moony, you don't get it! I have no chance now!
  • Remus: You'll be fine, I found this fan page about werewolves...
  • Sirius: Okay, so about my profile picture...
  • James: Padfoot! I'm dying here!
  • Sirius: *excitedly* Yeah, so am I! I has 54 likes already!

Sentence starters from things my friends & I have said on Skype

“Why is there a disembodied knight?”
“And then I found this horror.”
“Okay, yeah, I’m gonna start making that meme ASAP.”
“Wait, what’s going on your meme?”
“Help! I can’t stop looking at his lips!”
“You can PM me your agony.”
“I’m too tired to decipher this alien language.”
“To be honest, I wanna give up personhood and become a full time abstract concept.”
“Time to give up emotions and become robots.”
“…But robots that can eat so we can have waffles.”
“This is a question I don’t want answered.”
“It’s like those FaceBook posts: ‘Like this for this dying child who probably doesn’t even know this post exists.’”
“How the fuck can I focus when his beautiful lips are right there?”
“Also, that wasn’t a dream.”
“What the fuck is my problem?”
“Don’t make smileys at me.”
“Tired is just a normal feeling for me at this point.”
“I burned myself with the steamer.”
“Because I need you to join me in this hell.”
“I only really have a problem with it if there’s actual genitals being shown.”
“I did not want to see a dude’s butt.”
“I think people are dying.”
“Or making questionable decisions.”
“Yeah, put that bloody weapon in your coat pocket.”
“But I can’t purr like a cat.”
“Can you believe I just sat there for like 30 seconds trying to figure out how a human throat can making a purring noise?”
“We’re making a meme.”
“Enjoy Hell.”

Dude I ugh…. I found this on Facebook, credits to the editor and credits to Chino because she did the art but… Holy shizzz!

México situation

So I was searching Mexico’s tag, and found nothing about the riots and destruction that’s going on in the city due to “fuel price” so please, if you want to see what’s going on welcome to the adventure, I’ll try to post as much as I can with Facebook links to videos, not even my Facebook so no autopromotion, just Look