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Chamber of Secrets - Part 24

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I mean, about fucking time Bree.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I know you probably won't answer this, but I was just wondering how you make your gameplay so fun and entertaining, I feel like whenever I play I find all I do it maintain my sims needs and can never actually do anything fun. I guess I'm asking for some tips on how to make your gameplay more fun and progressive

hi I hope you’re still around bc this has been sitting in my inbox for a while but I’ll prove you wrong and answer this heheh

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I swear! 99.99999% this must be Jongdae ㅋㅋㅋ 

Naver Flea Market Post:

I am looking to buy a Yogurt Ahjumma outfit!

I am going to wear it during Halloween so I urgently need it within this week 

I’m thinking the price should be around $50. It must also come with a hat and if there’s a bag too, that would be great

Open to negotiating a different price than what I’ve quoted!

It would be good if the transaction place is around Gangnam Subway or NonHyun Subway but it’s open for negotiation

Please give me a call~~

  • The post was deleted after fans found it. apparently the ID belongs to a girl. but some fans are speculating it could have been an EXO co-di. hahaha
  • Also, the English translation doesn’t do the Korean version justice. it sounds a lot cuter and chen-like!

Warning: This is all 

SPECULATION but my spidey senses are a tingling~~^^)

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Hello! I'm new to actually practising witchy stuff, I've observed others doing so for a while and I was hoping you could give me some advice for starting out: what are some good basic starter kit things for a young witch to have in their cabinet? herbs and paraphernalia and the like... I'm sorry if this is a silly question!

It isn’t silly - it’s actually one of the first questions I asked too, way back when. 

The answer depends on your specific path. Some witchcraft practices require or suggest particular items for rituals and the like. Mine requires nothing off hand. I highly recommend reading this post right here: What does does a beginner need? in addition to the following information. Some of it is rehashed below but the link is more in-depth. 

I would probably say that the easiest and most useful thing to get in some method of record keeping. This can be your book of shadows/book of secret/grimoire/spell book/whatever. It’s useful to not only write down the spells you want to keep but also can be used to keep notations on how the spells worked and what changes might want to be made. That’s incredibly useful for new witches, in my opinion. Book of Shadows vs Grimoire and On Grimoires.

As to what to keep around…  a better question is what do you use the most? Why should you really sink $10+ dollars in getting an herb if you never use it in spells? Buy as you need them.

As for ritual items… some people like using wands. I don’t but some people use them quite a bit. You can read about them here: Wands, Rods, and Staffs and Wand making. Similarly, some people really like using ritual knives for spiritual or physical cutting of items or flesh. I have a few ritual knives but I rarely use them in my practice. If you’re into blood magic, look into a diabetes blood sugar tester - it’s a safer, cleaner way of shedding blood.

Candles and incense are often the first thing beginners buy. If you want to use them, go for it but it’s not entirely necessary unless you’re setting up an altar that needs it, work with fire, or plan on doing candle magic (and much of candle magic nowadays doesn’t actually need candles if you properly look at the spell). This link has alternatives to candles: Candles and Incense

As for herbs - use what you have on hand at first. Your kitchen likely has a lot of herbs or spices that can be used right now. When you start thinking about a doing a spell, pick up the ingredients for them and keep them in tightly sealed dark glass jars if possible. For example, I keep pounds of mugwort, honey, and powdered cinnamon around because I use these ingredients all the time. However, I don’t keep white sage around because I prefer using clary sage and white sage is on United Plant Savers ‘to-watch’ risk list. On occasion I’ll get it if a spell requires it and I don’t want to swap it out but that’s pretty rare. What spells are you going to use the most? I do a lot of money and luck spells which means I use a lot of mints, clover, and cinquefoil. Check to see what spells you’re going to do and what they require. What are the MUST HAVE Herbs for Witches, In the end, I recommend checking your cupboard first.

As for the miscellaneous items for altars and the like - I recommend building it organically. For example, I found a nice large mortar and pestle at Ikea for less than $25 a year or so back. If you’re always on the look out for things to use in your practice you also begin to see things in terms of how an item can be used in witchcraft. The best places to score good stuff for cheap is used goods stores, flea markets, garage, yard, or estate sales, and like places. Etsy’s great for online stuff.

Hope that helps you out and let me know if you have any other questions!

Zig and Zag

Kurt surprises them both by wanting a baby first. He’s not above hinting or scheming to get Blaine on board. PG-13. On AO3 here

Kurt surprises them both by wanting a baby first. It starts with nudges and hints. It’s Kurt cooing at babies in the park and making Blaine look so often that Blaine turns it into a game to see if he can spot the baby before Kurt does.  Kurt wants Blaine to look at cute baby clothes. He wants to design cute baby clothes. He wants Blaine to talk to him about the cute baby to put in the clothes. It’s cute and baffling.

It turns into outright pleading and flattery.

It’s the post-coital babbling of, “You’re going to be such a hot dad,” while Kurt presses kisses to every inch of skin he can reach. Blaine’s first thought is to wonder what’s wrong with him now, unguarded and open to Kurt’s scrutiny, that makes Kurt think about what he’ll be like when he’s so much older. His fingers fly to his own face. Kurt laughs and kisses there too.

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