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TFA Thoughts

Since I just saw the film again:

  1. I’m more open to Rey/Finn. Last time I was so overwhelmed by what I’d heard about Stormpilot that anything else was pushed aside, but I can see it now. I think it could easily stay platonic too, but there’s definitely a workable something there. They’d be cute either way. Tbh this just means I ship Jedistormpilot (is that the ship name? I just call them the Damerons) even more.
  2. I want Rey to be a Skywalker so bad. I don’t care that it’s ‘cliche’ or whatever, it just works. Star Wars is about the Skywalkers, it’s about this family, and having Rey come in, as the third generation, and finally get it right would be so gratifying. Like, there are so many parallels between her and Luke (and Anakin, since he and Luke were paralleled as well) that having her not be his kid would be…well, that twist would have to be the main focus of a plotline because it’s so expected, and honestly I think they’d be better served putting that time into the already awesome potential they have keeping her a Skywalker. Why make it more complex when it works already?
  3. Finn is Force Sensitive and I will fight you. Nothing more to add, just wanted to make that clear.
  4. It was interesting being able to reexamine Kylo Ren. My memory of him has been colored by the way we talk about him online, and even my original interpretation was influenced by what I’d already heard, so I tried to pay attention to what the film itself told me. As things progress it gets easier to see how, for lack of a better word, torn Kylo Ren is. He’s not a through and through villain. He knows that what he’s doing is wrong by his family’s standards. He’s a real person, aware of morality and the feeling of the Light. And that honestly makes him worse than your stereotypical stoic evildoer (like Snoak), because he keeps going. He has the chance to change his ways, he is confronted with so many situations where he could show remorse, and he never does. He may angst about the possibility of feeling remorse, but his goal, what he strives for, is to become solely Dark. Kylo Ren is a wonderfully three dimensional character who is still undeniably a bad guy, which actually leads me to my next point…
  5. Reylo. Oh man. This fucking ship guys. This ship is bad news. I hadn’t even known it was a thing the first time I saw the film, so all my impressions since have been based on vague memory and other people’s comments. Now that I’ve seen their interactions with full knowledge of its existence (and, since I recently went into the tag on an exploratory mission, knowledge of why people ship it) I can say I’m honestly even more anti. The thing is, I can see where people are coming from, but only if the shipper is, like, 14 and raised on crappy romance novels. There is nothing from Rey’s side. She is scared of him. He kidnaps her, invades her mind, kills someone she admired, and almost kills her first real friend.
Let it Go

A/N: Sooo, I found this in my drafts and i honestly don’t even remember writing this LOL So i really don’t know what to expect, i just skimmed through this and it looks meh, sooooooo since i feel bad for not update one of my other fics today, you guys can enjoy this! :)

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warning: a little smut??? swearing

Word Count: 1800

September 30th 2005

“So what did John say?”

“He’s got a hunt or two to finish up, so to just finish up this one and give him a call” Dean turned his head, his eyes meeting yours directly with an evil smirk on his face “So that means we can have a little fun in the back seat if baby”

You lifted your hands to cover your now crimson red cheeks “Dean!” You giggled out

He wiggled his eyebrows at you “Come on baby, i know you want some of this”

You gave him a little push in the shoulder, being gentle due to the fact he was driving, even if it was down a back road “I always want some of that Dean”

He made a quick turn to the right into the trees, turning off baby, his pupils now fully dialated “Is that so?”

You bit your lip, trying to look as innocent as possible knowing that was always your best game play, nodding your head diverting your eyes to his bulge growing in his pants. He let out a deep groan before picking grabbing your legs and flipping you so you were laying on your back in the front of baby, he grabbed your legs wrapping them around his waist, hovering over top of you, an inch away from your face, his eyes roaming your face, before leaning down giving you a soft gentle kiss he pulled away leaning towards your ear lowly whispering “I want you….so bad” that was all he had to say to get you going, you ripped off his shirt running your hands down his chest stopping right before his pant line, biting your lip again slowly rubbing the bulge on the outside of his pants, earning another moan from him, his lips instantly connected to yours, his hands roaming your entire body, breaking apart for a split second just to remove your shirt and bra, after that his lips were back on yours.

Shortly after you unbuckled his belt, he kicked his pants of the best he could in the small space you were in, his fingers were tugging at the belt holes in your jeans, taking your hand off of his cheek you undid your jean button, as his right hand left your breast to pull your pants down, at the same time as your panties. He wasted no time with using his fingers inserting them in and out of you making you moan in pleasure, he leaned down whispering “God baby, you’re so wet” Making you moan even more, he took his fingers out and started rubbing circles on your clit.

“d-dean” You stuttered out

“Yeah baby?” Smirking down at you knowing what he was doing to you, but every time you guys ended up here, which was a lot might i add, he only wanted to hear those three words.

“I want you, god Dean, p-please”

“Anything for you princess”

And with that his underwear was off and he was in your faster than you could blink, his thrust started slow and rough, then started to pick up in pace and get gentle, you leaving long scratches on his back, and him hand prints on your waist from gripping you too hard, like always.

“Dean..” You moaned out


You bit your lip nodding at the man above you.

“Y/n” He moaned out “Now” and with that you both let go at the same time, he went limp on you, both of you covered in sweat, baby’s windows foggy, you giggled, Dean pushed himself up giving you a gentle peck on the forehead, than nose, both cheeks, before looking deep in your eyes, kissing you lips softly pulling away “I love you y/n”

“I love you Dean”

And that, that was the last time he ever said ‘I love you’ That was the last good moment you guys had together before everything went spiraling out of control.

Present Day

You’ve been sitting in your truck now for about 15 minutes debating whether or not to you were going in the dinner a few feet ahead of you.

You never were a coward or lacked confidence, but when it came to this certain time anxiety was running all the way through your veins. Not just the diner was a few feet infront of you m, but so was Dean, a man you haven’t seen in about 10 years. You mind was racing at your last time seeing him, you loved him, you still did love him it might of been 10 years but he was your first love, your first everything.

“Ow!” You mumbled when you chewed your nail shorter than you intended to, you sighed hitting your wheel a few times grumbling “Come on y/n this isn’t you” You checked your hair and makeup in the rearview mirror, stepping out of your truck slamming the door shut, mumbling curse words under your breath, you would have gone to a different diner but this was the only one for miles, and it just so happened to be the one that the demons you were hunting were meeting at.

You opened the front door the diner and the bell above rung signaling that they had another customer. The waitress was cleaning the front counter but still looked up from counter to give you a big smile greeting you with a southern accent.

Maneuvering around a few tables, you picked the booth the furtherest away from Dean, ordering a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a vanilla milkshake. You could see the demon’s conversing directly in the center of the room, you couldn’t make out what they were saying, but you could feel them grower suspicious so you looked away diverting your attention to the waitress you could see bringing your food this way, you smiled at her while she was placing it down “Thank you” Pausing to look over at her name tag “Sara, thank you Sara” She gave you a small smile “You’re welcome” before turning away.

15 minutes into your time at the diner and not much has changed, you were about half way through your burger, all your fries gone and have drank about quarter of your milkshake, your eyes glancing between both Dean and the demons every now and then.

God he hasn’t changed that much, he still had those ever so kissable lips, his hairstyle hasn’t changed and that made you giggle, his still had those crinkles by his eyes when he smiled, he still did those pouty lips when he was angry, and lastly he still did love his pie. He has aged quite a bit which is bound to happen, it has been ten years. He no longer had the twinkle in his eyes you loved, there was more wrinkles on his face than you last remembered, he looked tired and worn out but this job did this to anyone who has been in it as long as the both of you, most hunters never make it this long and you were honestly surprised you were still here let alone Dean. You heard the stories, the rumours about the Winchesters over the years, you still kept tabs on him every once in awhile, even though you knew he didn’t do the same.

The only time you stopped keeping tabs on him is when you went to purgatory or when you were in hell for 80 years, or well 8 months our time and let me tell you, was that the longest you went. Both him and his younger brother names were mentioned down in hell every now and then which was nothing new, those two were famous and well known.

You were brought back to reality when there was a loud crash and all the glassware on everyone’s table broke into a million pieces, you quickly reached for your gun shoved in the band at the back of your jeans and bringing it around to the right side of you where no one would see it, you scooched closer to the inside of the booth keeping your head down staying out of it until it was absolutely necessary for you to jump in. Not long after the demons kill everyone in sight one by one, except the Winchesters.

It seems like Dean and his younger brother had sorta the same idea, except they jumped straight to the action, both of them with their guns pointed straight at the demons who were circling the table they were once sat at in the middle, eyes black and snickering “I thought you guys knew by now, those things don’t work on us” Laughing the two of them on the outside flicked the hands motioning towards the back wall that was filled with picture frames of Elvis Presley which smashed to pieces after both brother were thrown at the wall “Fucking idiots” you mumbled, sighing decided now was probably a good time considering the other two hunters were now just as useless as the broken picture frames on the wall.

“No, but these will” You lifted up your gun letting three shots out, nailing each demon in the upper shoulder, watching them fall to the ground screaming in pain as Dean and Sam dropped to the floor, dusting themselves off.

“Thanks” Sam spoke giving you a smile, which you returned with a nod.

You could feel Dean’s eyes roaming your body all over, his eyes never leaving you.

“Would you like to do the honours?” You questioned them, but mostly directing it towards Sam.

He gave you smile and started to read out your typical exorcism, while he was doing that, you went back over to your table to pick up the other half of your burger, eating it while Sam finished up. Once he did he made his way towards you.

“So, I’m Sam and this is Dean” He spoke for the both of them, you nodded about to open your mouth to speak when Dean took the words right out of your mouth.

“Y/n…” Dean breathed out

Sam’s eyes looked between both Dean and you, lifting his finger to point between you both, “Uh you two know each other?” He questioned

“We did” You spoke up, pausing for a brief moment before continuing “I gotta get going, other things to hunt, people to save, it was nice meeting you Sam, Dean” You gave him a small smile and Dean a slight nod before heading out of the diner, once again leaving the only man you ever loved behind.

I bet Felix has several expensive suits, slightly different styles, and few accessories to match each. Because what better reason to spend ridiculous amounts of money then on something that’s going to impress clients and make him look stunning.

I bet Locus has an expensive suit too. I bet he has one. That was 10 grand. And the only reason he has it is because Felix takes him to his tailor to have the suit made. Just the right sort of suit that says professional, but deadly killer. Cause after all, they need to look their best at client meetings. Well, and maybe because Felix thinks Locus looks incredible in a 10 thousand dollar, three piece suit. And maybe after they get back from picking it up Felix asks Locus to put in on so that he can take it off him again, very, very slowly.  

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drabble request: Peeta going grocery shopping with the toast babies and they keep asking for everything and he can't bring himself to say no to them and the total of all the things together is astoundingly high

Okay, I basically only did “Peeta going grocery shopping with his kids.” Sorry, my mind went other places! But here you go. 

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