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where previously it may have been a little difficult for me to reconcile different readings of the freelancers, and i hated the lack of names, now i think that shit is beautiful. because david fletcher (as written by @littlefists) is not the same as david gallagher (@hakanakiki). and mallory church (@anneapocalypse) is not valerie (@texelations), or *******, and that’s awesome. 

having that distinction between the different paths we’re all taking to get to the same place promotes less nitpicking, and more enjoying the view. ❤

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I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to make a request and I also don't know if you even take requests, but I'm doing this anyway. I really really love your jikook writing, no matter what it is, and I was wondering if you could write something for the maknae line with jimin being the submissive one if you know what I mean, or jikook?? Whichever floats your boat. Please and thank you. ^^

fansigns are jimin’s least favorite events. as the famous singing duo VKook’s manager, he’s obligated to coordinate these events but he still hates them. 

“thanks baby~” he hears Taehyung coo at a fan crouching in front of him and he scrunches his face up. 

“disgusting,” he mutters to himself. “stupid, greasy, man-child.” 

“jiminnie, baby, open up for us hmm?” taehyung slides a hand down jimin’s stomach, eyes glinting wickedly. jimin shudders at the sensation, heat pooling in his abdomen. 

jimin shakes his head, gritting his teeth. 

“jungkookie!” he hears another scandalous gasp. he glances over to see jungkook grinning up at a fan who’s covering her mouth with her hands, face flushed. “you’re so perverted! don’t do that to noona’s heart!” 

“ah, but noona’s too cute not to tease~” 

disgusting. he hates both of them. gross. 

stop that!” jimin slaps away the hands trying to grope at his butt. “pervert!” 

“ah hyung is too cute, i can’t help it!” jungkook grins, pushing into jimin’s space until jimin’s trapped between him and the wall. 

oh yes, jimin hates fansigns. 

“no reason for you to be jealous,” he mutters to himself. “it’s only right that they be nice to their fans. you’d chew them out if they were mean.”

just…did they have to be so goddamn flirty?

of course they do, jimin reasons again. that’s what draws in the fans. both of them can act cute but what really gets the fans screaming is when taehyung licks his lips or when jungkook delivers a slick body roll. 

sighing, he pushes his clipboard at another staff member. “need some air. cover me for a bit?” she nods and waves him off and jimin steps outside the venue, sitting down and leaning against the wall. 

“don’t be dumb, park jimin,” he tells himself. “no need to get jealous over every little thing.” or so he tells himself. unfortunately, jimin’s always been an insecure person. he leans his head back, closing his eyes. 

“where’d jiminnie go?” taehyung asks jungkook. jungkook doesn’t even answer him, eyes already searching the venue. taehyung almost laughs. they’re both so whipped and needy for their tiny boyfriend slash manager. 

“taehyungie-oppa! look here!” taehyung flashes them a short smile but then he’s looking around again, searching for a head of orange hair. 

when he doesn’t find him, taehyung lifts the mic to his mouth. “sorry! we’re gonna hold a short intermission, kay? don’t want you to get tired of us too soon!” 

“never~” they chorus and taehyung grins, a tad guiltily because really, they’re not allowed to call an intermission whenever they want but jimin isn’t here to help them with their bad life choices so really, they’re justified in going to look for him. jungkook’s already out of his seat, looking for a staff noona to ask after jimin. 

“she said he’s outside in the back,” jungkook tells him when he comes back and they both head out to the back. they open the door cautiously, wondering if there might be fangirls who didn’t get in to the fansign waiting in the back. there aren’t any. instead, there’s a familiar head of orange hair, eyes closed, looking ethereal in the afternoon sun. 

taehyung crouches down in front of the figure. 

“there you are.” jimin’s eyes fly open, eyes widening when he sees taehyung. 

“taehyung!” taehyung grins at him, tongue between his teeth. 

“we were wondering where you’d gone,” jungkook says from where he’s leaning against the wall. he crouches down next to jimin as well. “we missed you.” he presses a short, chaste kiss to jimin’s lips. 

“i was only out for a few minutes,” jimin mumbles, staring at the ground. his pink cheeks are so cute, taehyung thinks. jimin glances up at them, eyes large and forlorn. “you really missed me?”

taehyung blinks, wondering where this is coming from, but then remembers that jimin is usually always moody during fansigns. “of course we did! we always miss you when you’re not in our arms.”

jimin flushes harder. “…ah…” he looks down at his lap, tiny fingers fidgeting. “is…the fansign over?”

“no,” jungkook says. “taehyung-hyung called an intermission because we were wondering where you were.”

jimin wrinkles his nose. “damn.” taehyung feels the same. all he wants to do is drag jimin back to their van and into their dorm so he can kiss and cuddle jimin for hours. maybe do naughty stuff. jimin’s lips are full and pouty. taehyung can just imagine them wrapped around his co – yeah. definitely naughty stuff first and then cuddles. “you should probably head back in. the fans are going to get restless without you there.”

taehyung whines, falling forward and burying his nose in jimin’s neck. the skin is so soft. taehyung wants to suck marks into it. “dun wanna!” 

without looking, he can see jungkook and jimin roll their eyes at each other over him. they always do. 

“go in,” jimin says. “let’s just get this done and over with.” he pats at taehyung’s back. “and then we can head home.”

“and do naughty stuff?” 

jimin smacks him lightly, face red. 

“i want to do very bad things to you, jiminnie,” taehyung says honestly. “very bad things.” 

“get inside,” jimin huffs, face red, but he doesn’t say no and taehyung stands up giddily. 

“you’re not coming in with us?” jungkook asks and jimin looks away. 

“not just yet. you go first.” taehyung pouts. he doesn’t want to go in without jimin. he’ll miss him more if he can’t see him. but there’s nothing he can do about it so he heads back in with jungkook. 

jungkook’s tired of smiling and talking. he likes his fans, sure, but only in concept. prolonged exposure makes him long for jimin and soft pretty giggles and eye smiles. 

a flash of orange catches his eye and his lips lift in a smile when he sees it’s jimin, grabbing his clipboard back with a small smile from the staff noona. 

(later, pics are going to come out of ‘jungkookie-oppa’s lovey dovey smile’ and jungkook will scowl and taehyung will laugh because that smile has nothing to do with fans and everything to do with their adorable manager. )

jungkook’s mouth  moves to autopilot as he keeps his eyes fixed on jimin while simultaneously trying to hold a conversation with a fan. jimin’s moving around, talking for a few minutes each to various staff members before he’s suddenly stopped by a man in a suit.

jungkook frowns and the girl in front of him ducks guiltily. “sorry! was that too personal a question?”


“ah…i…what’s your favorite color?”

“oh…no…i just wasn’t paying attention. it’s –” jimin’s laughing at whatever the man’s saying. jungkook feels something irrationally angry inside him. it suddenly occurs to him that he hasn’t answered her. “ – orange.”

“i thought you would say red or black,” she says. “i don’t see you wear orange much.”

“yeah…i guess…today i’m just feeling orange.” honestly, just get a move on. she’s distracting him. what had the man said that had gotten jimin laughing? jimin had been moody most of the day but he usually was during fansigns and he and taehyung could never snap him out of it.

jimin’s eyes are crinkled as he smiles, sweater sleeves falling over his hand as he covers his mouth with his hand. he’s adorable. jungkook wants to cuddle him, maybe rip the sweater off so he can see the rest of jimin’s soft skin.


jungkook jolts. “oh sorry. it’s uh…been a long day.”

after she passes, jungkook purposely knocks taehyung’s water bottle onto the ground. “oops.”

taehyung bends down to pick it up and jungkook bends down as well so they’re both hidden by the table. “who is that with jimin?”

taehyung blinks and raises his head slightly. his brows furrow when he sees. “dunno. why is jimin laughing?”


they both sit back up. any more time and it would look suspicious.

over the sound of fans screaming, he can faintly make out the sound of jimin’s bubbly, bright laughter.

((”how did you break your autograph pen?”

“i guess i…held it too hard.”))

in the van back to the dorm, jimin is once again sandwiched between taehyung and jungkook like usual. it’s surrounded by his two boyfriends that jimin always feels safest and most loved.

“so who was that?”

jimin blinks. “who was who?”

“the guy you were talking to.”

jimin wrinkles his nose. “i talked to a lot of people today, jungkookie. you’ll have to be more specific.” jungkook frowns, jaw visibly tense, and jimin blinks, reaching up and touching jungkook’s cheek carefully. “is something wrong?”

jungkook ignores the question but doesn’t bat jimin’s hand away. “who was that guy that made you laugh?”

jimin hopes jungkook can see how confused his expression is because he has no idea what jungkook’s talking about.

“the guy in the suit, jimin.”

“oh! the…sponsor?”


“mm,” jimin says. “the guy in the suit? he said he wanted to sign a contract with us – you, i guess, for an advertising campaign.”

“but he made you laugh.”

“hm? oh…maybe? i don’t quite remember…oh yeah, i think he said i looked too young and cute to be a manager already or something like that.”

“we compliment you all the time!” taehyung pouts.

“it wasn’t really a compliment he was just joking!” jimin blinks. “are you guys jealous or something?”


jimin’s eyes widen, heat crawling up his cheeks. “what could you possibly be jealous of? he was a sponsor! he’s like middle aged and just a company spokesperson! you guys are – “ he gestures at the both of them. “ – you!”

“he made you laugh. we can never make you laugh on fansign days.”

“ah…that…um…” jimin looks down at his lap. his short, stubby fingers pull at each other. he wishes the conversation could just end now but even with his head bowed he can feel the weight of jungkook and taehyung’s eyes. “it’s because…you guys…um…”

“what? what do we do?”

“…you...flirt with the fans…”

“huh? what was that?”

“you flirt with the fans! and i get jealous, okay? that’s why i hate fansigns.”

there’s a pause and jimin buries his head between his knees, already embarrassed.

“aww jiminnie!”

jimin grunts as he manhandled onto a lap. he immediately buries his face in the nearest neck so he doesn’t have to see. it smells like jungkook. he can feel lips pressing into his neck and lips pressing into his hair. 

“you know that almost all of those lines are scripted, right?”

“yeah, jungkook couldn’t flirt with girls to save himself.” there’s a pause that jimin thinks is jungkook glaring at taehyung but he doesn’t deny it. 

“there’s nothing you have to be jealous of,” jungkook murmurs into jimin’s hair. “nothing at all.” 

urasaka hijikata impression

So, before this, urata and sakata were talking about how they kept joking around while playing a game together with hijikata’s “tsukkomi” and just pretty much yelling “WHY DID YOU DIE??” all the time in his voice to each other while they were playing w. And then sakata kept doing it and urata mentioned how he kind of sounds like him:

(Basically a recording of sakata overly-exaggerating hijikata’s voice/trying hard to imitate him and urata laughing non-stop the entire time)

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Begin Again - Chapter 7

Justin’s POV:

I sat in a booth at Hooters waiting for Ryan to show up. Again, I am so glad he agreed to meet me for lunch.

I just had to know if I’m a father.

I couldn’t get any sleep last night thinking about this.

I played with the straw of my drink, when the waitress brought some hot wings.

“Here ya go handsome.” The blonde flirted. I looked up at her and smiled trying to keep my eyes away from her breast.

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“Anytime babe.” She smirked sending me a flirting wink before walking off.

I took one of the hot wings immediately moaning to how good they were.

“Hey now, don’t eat ‘em all.” Ryan joked sliding into the seat across from me.

“Sorry they’re just so good.” I laughed. “Anyways the waitress just brought them, this is my first one.”

“Still—don’t eat them all.”

“Okay, okay.” I laughed putting my hands up in surrender.

Ryan and I talked for a while before our waitress came back taking our orders.

“So what was so important that you had to talk to me about?” Ryan asked taking a sip from his drink.

“It’s about Selena.” I began.

“What about Selena?” Ryan asked raising a brow.

“Well not really her—alone, more like her and Kaylie both.” I said.

“Ok?” Ryan said—more like questioned.

“Did you know Selena had a daughter all this time?” I asked.

Ryan thought about it for a second but nodded his head.

“And you didn’t tell me?” I asked.

“You never asked.” He chuckled.

“Well yeah—but I asked you to tell me how she was every time she and Demi talked.”

“And I told you she was fine, which she was.” Ryan pointed out taking another hot wing.

He did have a point.

“Do you know who the child’s father is?” I asked.

Ryan thought even longer this time before sighing and then nodding his head. “Yeah I do.” He sighed.

“Who is it?” I edged on.

“Justin it’s really not—“He began but I cut him off.

“Is it me?” I asked and that surprised Ryan.

His eyes went wide and he literally stared at me for a while.

Ryan was about to speak up when our waitress brought us our food.

“Here ya go boys. Enjoy.” She winked.

Selena’s POV:

“I want chicken fingers and fries!” Kaylie smiled to the waiter who was taking our order.

“Make those four orders of chicken fingers and fries.” I smiled. I went ahead and ordered for Gracie and Jazzy already knowing what they wanted, and I decided—hey why not so I ordered the same thing for myself.

My dad ordered a BLT and fries, and both Pattie and my mom just ordered regular burgers with fries.

We were all out to lunch at a new diner that had just been built a little under a month ago. And it was pretty nice actually. I gave off that 70’s vibe feel which was cool.

“Can I have a milkshake mommy?” Kaylie asked looking up from her coloring.

“After you eat your food.” I smiled and she nodded her head and went back to coloring.

“So Selena, are you happy to be back in Florida?” Pattie asked smiling.

“Yeah it feels good to be home.” I smiled over to her.

We decided on sitting in a big round booth so there would be room for everyone. My dad sat on the left end, with my mom beside him, then I sat next to her and Kaylie sat in between Gracie and me, which leaves Pattie on the right end with Jazzy next to her.

“So I heard Kaylie had a play date with Justin?” Pattie chuckled.

“Yeah, and she had fun.” I smiled looking over to Kaylie.

“Yeah. Justin sucks at Mario-kart though.” Kaylie chuckled.

“No he doesn’t. He always beats us and rubs it in our faces.” Jazzy spoke up.

“Well he didn’t beat Kaylie.” I said.

“I beat him at his own game and won ice cream.” Kaylie exclaimed. “But he claims I cheated so I have to have a rematch with him tomorrow.” Kaylie said rolling her eyes and everyone chuckled.

“No way how did you beat him?” Gracie asked.

Kaylie just shrugged her shoulders. “I let him win the first rounds, and he let me win one, but I learned the way he plays and I beat him and won ice cream.”

“You’re gonna have to teach us how to win.” Jazzy said causing everyone at the table to chuckle.

The waiter brought us our food and we wasted no time digging in—well I didn’t anyways. I was hungry.

I got an incoming call and I reached in my pocket taking out my phone seeing it was Mason calling and I smiled.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Selena.” Mason said.

“Hey Mason.” I smiled through the phone.

“Mace?” Kaylie asked excitedly.

“Hold on Mason, someone wants to say hi.” I chuckled and handed the phone to an eager Kaylie.

“HI MACE!” Kaylie smiled through the phone. “I’m good……I miss you too!…..When are you coming to visit?…Oh ok…I’ll tell her….I love you too Mace bye!” And with that Kaylie hung up.

“Mace said he’ll call you later because he had to go back to work. But he misses us and loves us and is trying to come visit soon.” Kaylie said handing me back my phone. I smiled and nodded my head.

“See Kaylie, I told you Mason wouldn’t forget about you.” I said grabbing her cheeks giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“I know, I just miss him.” Kaylie sighed before she began eating again.


“I want my milkshake now!” Kaylie said after she finished her food. She does have an appetite like me.

“Wow Selena, she’s just like you.” Pattie laughed.

“What kind of milkshake do you want?” I asked Kaylie.

“Chocolate!” She said throwing her arms in the air.

My dad ordered the girls and I chocolate milkshakes, the adults not wanting any.

Well I am an adult—but lets face it—I still act like I’m 17.

It didn’t even take ten minutes before our milkshakes were brought to us.

“Mhm, this is so good.” I smiled sipping my milkshake the best I could—being careful not to get a brain freeze.

I felt my phone vibrate indicating I had a text message. I opened the message and I gulped and I felt my nerves tense up. My parents and Pattie were having a conversation amongst themselves, Jazzy and Gracie were in their own little conversation and Kaylie was too busy coloring to notice either.

From: Justin

We need to talk about Kaylie. Asap.

I think I just died.


I was literally pacing around my room right now.

At 11:32 at night.


It’s been nine hours since I got that text from Justin, and guess what—I haven’t replied to him. Like what am I suppose to reply to him?

I’m a train wreck right now.

“Selena, mom said stop pacing, you’re causing a draft.” Gracie chuckled.

“Oh ha-ha.” I laughed sarcastically.

“Seriously Selly, what is the matter with you?” Gracie asked walking into my room making herself comfortable on my bed.

“Nothing—nothing.” I said and looked at Gracie but she gave me that ‘not buying it face’ causing me to sigh. “Fine, it’s about this text I got from Justin.” I said handing her my phone showing her the text.

“Ok?” Gracie said confused. “He just wants to talk to you about Kaylie.”

“Yeah, what if he found out he’s the father Grace! No, no, no see this is why I should have kept my butt in New York and—“

“Selena, breathe and listen to yourself.” Gracie said. “He sent you a simple text. Maybe he just wants to talk about the re-match him and Kaylie are gonna have tomorrow.” She said simply.

I nodded my head taking deep breaths. “Yeah you’re probably right.” I said.

I can’t believe a ten year old is telling me to calm down and making sense right now.

“Should I text him back? It’s almost midnight—he’ll probably know I was avoiding him.” I said worrying again.

“Selly stop worrying. Just text him back ok and see what he says, ok?” Gracie said and I nodded my head.

Sometimes I wonder how she is the younger sister.

“Hey, what are you doing up late anyway?” I asked. “Everyone else is asleep—apart from me.” I chuckled.

“Well I couldn’t sleep because it feels weird not having Jazzy over. Ever since summer started we’ve been together 24/7.” Grace chuckled and I chuckled along with her.

“You two are seriously joined at the hip.” I laughed. “So are you excited for your birthday coming up in four days?”

“Yeah.” Gracie said excitedly.

“So what do you want?” I asked.

“I really don’t know.” She chuckled.

“So I can get you a peacock and you’ll be fine?” I chuckled.

“Oh gosh no, Selly you know I hate those things. Especially their feathers.” Gracie said whispering the last part.

I chuckled. “Okay, okay. I’ll surprise you.” I smiled. “Now go to bed, its getting late.” I said shooing her out of my room.

“Selly, it’s summer break.”

“Still, you’re only ten; you’re not ready for the all-nighters.” I chuckled.

Gracie stuck her tongue out at me before she walked out my room and to hers.

I took my phone off from its charger opening up my text messages.

Here goes nothing I said nervously.

Justin’s POV:

From: Selena

Sure x what do you need to talk about??

I sighed reading the text message from Selena. Now she decided to text me back when I’m trying to sleep. Sasha was sleep next to me, so I grabbed my phone quietly and walked down the stairs hitting the ‘call’ button to Selena.

“Hello?” I heard her voice say.

“Hey Sel.” I said.

“Hey Jay. So what—um—did you need to talk about dealing with Kaylie?” She said stuttering.

“It’s not my place to say anything. You need to talk to Selena yourself about it.” Ryan’s voice echoed through my head.

“Yeah about Kaylie—she’s still coming over tomorrow right?”

I can’t believe I choked. But asking Selena if Kaylie is mine is more of a face to face conversation. Not over the phone conversation.

“Of course. She’s excited too.” Selena chuckled.

That laugh can brighten up anyone’s day.

“Justin are—are you sure that’s all you wanted to ask?” Selena asked carefully.

“Yeah. Well for now anyway.” I said. “Sel you should get some sleep it’s getting late. We’ll talk more tomorrow.” I added. “Goodnight.” I said.

It took everything in me not to say “I love you”.

“Goodnight Jay.” Selena said before she hung up.

I hung up my end and set my phone down on the kitchen counter running my hand through my hair.

What the hell is wrong with me?

First I say I miss her lips, and now I wanna say I love her?

Because it’s true.

“Justin are you okay?” A voice said startling me.

I snapped my head up seeing it was only Sasha.

“Huh—yeah I’m okay.” I smiled.

I’m no where near okay. I’m a fucking mess. I miss my ex-girlfriend, who I might also be the father of her child.

“Oh—okay. Well come back to bed. I miss you next to me.” Sasha smiled.

“I’ll be up in a sec.” I said.

She nodded her head and walked back up stairs.

I think I’m going insane.


Hey cuties! So I’ve decided that I’m gonna post only on Monday’s and Thursday’s. It’s for the best. It’ll give me time to write out more chapters and not be so stressed out about everything x

And no, Linds will not change my mind (:

Awww, Justin still loves Selena ^.^ 

Do you guys think Justin will find out? And what do you think his reaction will be?

Love you guys and thank you again for reading and liking my story! It means a lot xoxo

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i would really like umm. IDEK. lydia and stiles being bros, with a background of stiles and derek sort of dancing around each other

Not precisely what you asked for, but shhhhhhhh. The Wrong Luggage AU nobody asked for.

Stiles manages to get off the plane relatively quickly and thus he’s one of the first at passport control, getting through with minimal fumbling around in his pockets; he then almost sobs with relief when his suitcase is one of the first circulating around the luggage carousel. He hauls it up, dumping his messenger bag atop it as he pulls up the handle, beginning to trundle through the winding corridors to the arrivals lounge, switching his phone on.

  He smiles when the first thing that flashes up is a text from Scott in all caps, welcoming him home, and then one from Lydia saying she’s waiting. With renewed vigour, he strides for the exit and then he’s home free. He spots Lydia amidst the crowd and it’s all he can do to not just abandon his luggage and sink into the hug she wraps him in.

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