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Izzy and Alec are the best we’ve got.

i realise that this being the last season, julie might wanna conclude lose storylines and shit like that but

instead of taking the focus from sana for other story arcs, maybe either add a few episodes to the season so we can still feel like we connect with sana and get to know her like we got to know the previous mains

(or make the episodes a 15 minutes longer so there’s still time to focus on sana)

or move the other story arcs to the extra medias and let the actual clips be about sana


#god fucking dammit those two are so fucking perfect together #honestly #annalise pushes everyone out of her life because she’s bad and she’s toxic and she does nothing but bring misery into people’s lives but she’s not #a bad person - or at least she doesnt want to be - so she does her best to save her people but ultimately she thinks that people are better #off without her #so she pushes and she hurts and she lashes out until there is no one else around her (both because she wants the best for them and the best is anything but her #and also because if she makes them leave now they cant choose to do so later when she’s attached and hopeful) #but Eve always comes back dont matter what annalise throws at her she always comes back #and annalise cant quite manage to be as hard or closed off as she is with the others #cant quite manage not to smile not to have fun not to be vulnerable #not to be /truthful/ #annalise fucking keating master of lies and manipulation the woman who does nothing without a motive #has never tried to lie or manipulate eve #she doesnt tell her everything of course but she’s more honest and open than she is with any other person in this show and i just want them #to run off and be happy together

auguste was problematic 2k17

i’ve been seeing a lot of talk about how laurent wasn’t really a reliable narrator about auguste and his faults so i made this post about things that were wrong with auguste

  • had an irrational dislike of the word ‘pelvis’
  • his favourite food was strawberries but he became allergic as a teenager….. didn’t stop him from eating strawberries
    • ‘auguste, please don’t’ ‘the world can’t take this away from me’ *shoves a strawberry into his mouth* ‘that is so good…. please take me to the physician’
  • made muscles at himself in the mirror…. vere’s saviour everybody
  • so?? comfortable??? with his sexuality??? it got ridiculous
    • this is more for modern!auguste but please consider the following: laurent is reserved and damen is confident with himself but he’s also private about his sex life. and then there’s auguste. who is just so casually open about e v e r y t h i n g 
    • ‘damen, i hear you’re bisexual’ ‘yes’ ‘wow that’s great. i’m straight but let me tell you about the times i experimented with men -’
    • ‘hey laurent i need to use your phone’ ‘okay - wait no! don’t look at that!’ ‘why?’ ‘it’s my…. bank information. i’m doing online banking.’ ‘your boyfriend is sexting you, isn’t he? laurent that’s nothing to be ashamed of. i have been in countless relationships where we found pleasure in-’ ‘stOP’
  • his hair got frizzy when it was humid
  • could not sing at all
    • also couldn’t play an instrument
    • my guy had no musical talent whatsoever
  • flirted with EVERYBODY
  • sent his girlfriends love letters and would sit there for HOURS trying to get them right. he kept a thesaurus in his chambers. each one had at least three drafts…. he wrote really cheesey poetry…. what a loser
  • pretended to take notes during political meetings when he was actually doodling
  • his best friend was his baby brother
    • who am i kidding that’s adorable
    • fuck i don’t even know him but i miss him

feel free to add your own Auguste Flaws

  • Reporter: So Mr. Nikiforov, have you been doing a lot of training during the off season?
  • Victor, in a poorly tied bathrobe with sex hair, covered in love bites and exuding small pink hearts: What? Oh yeah, training. Lots of that. Day and night. Training.
  • Reporter: ...right, so, what sort of programs can we expect to see from you in the next season?
  • Victor, staring dazedly at his engagement ring: Did I tell you I'm getting married?
  • Reporter: Yes, you remind us every time we interview you. Do you have anything else to say about your future?
  • Victor: I look forward to being a trophy husband.
  • Reporter: I mean your return to competitive skating.
  • Victor: Oh yeah. That's a thing. Say, where do you think would be more romantic for a honeymoon, Hawaii or the French riviera?