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Yuri on Ice Barcelona Tour. Part 2

Hi there! I have some more photos to show you ;D!

First of all, let’s return to the Catedral. Do you remember the choir singing? At first I thought: “That’s weird, I don’t recall any choir with white coats and santa hats or deer antlers… Usually they are more elegant…” I discarded this ‘cause I thought it was an artistic license to make THE MOMENT more romantic… But you know what? These people don’t do anything without a reason! Yesterday I was strolling around looking for an Starbucks to lay my butt and work in my laptop with a coffee (and a cake) and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

YEAH! It’s them! It turns out they’re Medicine students from my old college! It was wild luck for me to be there to find them singing. This is the GPF weekend so, Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei where just here a year ago attending the Barcelona GPF. You can see in the photo that they are not in the same place as in the anime, they are a few meters to the right of the Catedral. There is a lot of people in the plaza in front of the Catedral because there is a special Christmas Market called Fira de Santa Llúcia (in the photo I was standing with my back to the market).

See? I love how they captured the lights and respected the name of the market. It is something very traditional and it is done weeks before Christmas in every town of Catalonia. There you can buy decorations, Christmas’ trees, and the cherished Caga Tió and Caganer ( Christmas pooping log and the Pooping guy, roughly translated, we catalans love poop… don’t ask, but we find it funny :P ).

Yeah, full of Tiós, those logs with faces and hats (barretina in fact, typical catalan, the real one has the strip black and not white as in the anime, I think the thought they were wearing santa’s hats). When you are a kid one day (first days of December) the Tió appears magically at your home. You have to feed him (he will eat whatever you offer him when you are not looking) and the day before Christmas (or the actual day, it depends on the family) you and the other family kids have to sing and beat him with a stick so he poops you presents… Said out loud it sounds ridiculous, but, I SWEAR that as a kid it feels magical XD.

Yeah I love it too Yuuri! <3

And the last for this post! This street it’s called El Portal de l’Àngel, and connects the Catedral with Plaza Catalunya (the central square of Barcelona). You can see the Christmas lights are slightly different, and that’s because they try to change it every few years so it is not always the same. I actually like more the ones from last year :P.

For my wife and me, and many fans from Barcelona, it was new and nice to see our OTP walking the same streets we use to walk and enjoy the Christmas feeling as we do!

More to come in a Part 3 and maybe with some additions in the meantime! :P 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 // School has been so crazy since I’ve started three and a half weeks ago! Going through a major identity crisis and completely rethinking my major. I just found myself sitting in class and realizing it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life anymore, so I withdrew from a class, and it’s totally okay because I feel so much better about it! Look out for more notes and homework posts coming soon! 🌹💘☕️

listen, 2016 may have been an astronomically shitty year for a number of reasons but it was honestly one of the best years of my life in terms of personal growth and self discovery. i worked at a production company in los angeles and lived there for four months, i set a career path for myself which made me excited to graduate college, i co-founded a fraternity chapter at my school with some friends, i produced a senior thesis film that’s set to premiere in april, i was handpicked by my professors to receive a scholarship, and above all else i spent 14 hours straight in disneyland with my brother. not to be sappy and annoying but i’m proud of myself and the things i accomplished this year and i’m looking forward to what 2017 has in store

Fic Rec for Washette Sinners

So in the last 24 hours at least half a dozen sinners asked me for Washette fic recs. Here you go. Join me in my trash nest.

Keep in mind that most of these are nsfw, unless I say it’s not !

First of all, @sin-goes-here is writing a College Washette AU called Here comes the General that can be found on their blog while they are awaiting for an Ao3 invite. IT IS BRILLIANT.

Practical Tactical Brilliance - rillrill

Probably one of my faves. Also features A.Ham. It’s part of the “Revolutionary Whore” series - that I REALLY recommend to you even though it’s focused on A.Ham and GWash for the most part. It’s really well written. I really look forward to each update.

What’s my Name, What’s my Station - @asphodel-grimoire

How could I not include this one. Asphodelgrimoire is my washette dumpster roomie. GWash meets Laf, Laf gets hurt at Brandywine, then George is WHIPPED I tell you he has it so bad and I cry. Also features the line “it gives me great comfort, knowing that you are safe”, which is the line I would use to symbolize my love for Washette.

Breaker of Chains - iniquiticity

Pretty sfw. One of my first washette fics. War is hard and taking its toll on Washington’s morale. But Lafayette is there to ground him. He is taking care of him. He is worshipping him. It’s all very appeasing.

How the Parties Get to Yes - glassbones (WIP)

Washette CEO AU. Laf is coming back to the US, and is going to meet GWash for the first time in a long ass time. He still loves him. The pining is delightful.

A Moment Alone in the Shade - perfectlyqueer

This one is sfw. And so cute. Lafayette is napping after battle. Washington joins. My heart melts.

The French Mistake - la-fay-ette (vocalhedgehogs)

I guess you guys know that post? It’s based on it. Alex tells Washington that kissing someone on the lips is a customary French greeting. (It’s not).

Under the Arches of Moonlight and Sky - thebureauisclosed (insibbegerest)

This is sfw. Two lonely souls comfort each other at night. Really cute.

The Weather Outside - MULLIGANFUCKER666 (dylanbruced) (WIP)

I LOVE THIS ONE. Modern AU. Lafayette and GWash have a pretty big age gap and Washington won’t act on his feelings because of it, but oh boy does he want to act on them. It hasn’t been updated for a month but I am not losing hope.

These are my favorites. There are some more out there. Happy sinning!

Sweet Child O’ Mine

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester

Word Count: 981

Warnings: Angst

Song: Sweet Child O’ Mine - Guns N’ Roses

Notes: This crappy imagine was written for @latinenglishfandomblog​‘s 15 songs challenge. I’m sorry this took so long, I’m in the middle of moving and… yeah. I hope you like it! (Main blog, @ivebeenwinchesterd​)

GIF mine!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey look what I found!” Sam said walking into the bunker library with a small box in hand. Dean looked up from his laptop and raised an eyebrow. “What is that?” He asked.

Keep reading

So today on “how embarrassing can my life get? ” During class my college’s biggest dudebro borrowed my phone to finish his homework, and when he opened safari this is what he found.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I'm working for an hourly wage, I went to high school, but I didn't do great, Still I gotta make more cash, more education is what I'm looking at. When I get a degree I will make a bigger salary. So now I've got to see which college is right for me. I went on the internet and found Education con-nec-tion. I took a some free tests to find out my direction. I'm taking my classes online getin my degree at my own time. Education con-nection. Matched me with the right college for free! Get connected for free (free!) with education con-nec-tion. Get connected for free (free!) with education con-nec-tion.

February 9th,2017

This picture is from my first night of copy editing for my student newspaper this semester. It’s amazing to know that I’ve found the one career I’m passionate about, to know what sort of direction I want to go.

I spent the first year of college fighting for myself to figure out what I want and almost fell apart.

Now look at me, I’m happy as hell and it can only go up from here ☺️


September 4, 2016 ♡

First week of Uni was here and it was exactly what I expected! i hope I can adjust rapidly to all these changes. 
This is the monthly look at my studies + I added some times when I watch my dramas (uncontrollably fond, cinderella & the four knights; I’m also watching Fantastic, and Angry Mom, which are not pictured above). And of course, I used this lovely monthly printable by @boligraff, which I fell in love with as soon as I found. I hope back to classes has been good for all of you, stay motivated!

My friend printed me out a black and white picture of Yandere-Chan, Osana and Midori for me at college today because I was bored. After I finished colouring it in, I asked my friends who know nothing about Anime, not speaking Yandere Simulator if they could guess who the “evil” one was. Two of my friends said Osana because she looked mad, (girl on the left). My other friend said the girl in the middle (he’s right, she’s Yandere-chan). He said her because Yandere-chan looks too innocent.
I actually found this really interesting because it shows how different people judge things and what they pinpoint. My two friends focused on Osana’s obvious appearance/mood while my guy friend thought that Osana was too obvious to be “evil” because of the appearance/mood. I don’t know, I just really like how people think. 😂

Dear Class of 2016...

Two days ago was my alma mater, Mount Holyoke College’s Class of 2016 graduation. Which means, it’s been just about a year since my graduation. I can’t help but look at where I am now and think about how, never in a million years would I have guessed that this is where I would find myself a year from graduation.

My after college plan had always been to move to NYC, get an apartment with my college best friend/sister and live happily ever after chasing my dreams. One month post graduation, I found myself without a job after what had already been several interviews with dream companies- my goals were so close that I could taste them, yet so unattainably far at the same time. Of course I wasn’t at peace with that, but I wasn’t yet devastated, I knew it could take a while to find employment and I’d given myself three months anyway, so 2 more to go. It wasn’t until 6-7 months after graduation, prospect of moving back home to Ghana looming, that I started to feel like an absolute failure. It took its toll mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

I had done everything in my power, had several more interviews at the dreamiest of companies yet I found myself, still unemployed, staying in the suburbs of Jersey, waking up to deer peering through my bedroom window on a daily basis. At the same time, it was myself and my God. I spent so much time in prayer, seeking answers to some of the most difficult questions I’ve ever had to ask. Seeking guidance, seeking a sign, something, anything. And I felt mostly unanswered until, in hindsight, i received the only answer God was willing to give me at the time- just trust. Difficult, to say the least.
I remember at one of my lowest points, lying in bed and crying, praying to God to assure me that by moving to Ghana, which didn’t have a booming industry and attractive job prospects for the field I wanted to be in, I wasn’t throwing away my goals and aspirations. I wiped my tears, rolled over and attempted to sleep in the middle of the day. My vibrating phone wouldn’t allow me to doze off so I finally addressed it. One of my best friend’s who was in Lagos at the time, was calling me desperately to let me know that she had met an amazing, accomplished woman who she thought would be a good contact to have. Her words were “You’re not picking up, I’m just going to go ahead and do this!” The rest was history.

Fast forward the next couple of months, which weren’t without several hard hitting trials which I won’t talk about, here I am. Living in and loving Lagos, Nigeria. My father’s home. Remembering a word that was spoken to me at one of my lowest points. “When God wants to bless you, He doesn’t consider your location. You will thrive regardless of your circumstance.” Now I am naturally a very stubborn person, very difficult to convince, mostly untrusting. So although I had heard the word, I hadn’t accepted it in my heart.

It wasn’t until now, looking back that I realize the biggest lesson I’ve learnt since graduation, is that it is ok not knowing what the next step is, it’s ok not knowing how it’s going to end, just know that it is going to end well, according to His promises for us. Sometimes, you just need to follow Jesus blindly, allow Him to guide you, be patient and be trusting, so that when you come through to the other side you can confidently say, but for God. I wouldn’t be here today.

My advice to the Class of 2016 would be that there are some of you who are going to have it all together right out of college, and some of you that aren’t. Some of you are going to wait for a couple of months to get a job, but for some of you, it’s going to take several. Some of you may know exactly what you want while some of you might still be lost about where you want to be or what you want to do. Either way, it’s all part of a perfect plan. Trust in the uniqueness of your individual journeys. Take comfort in your trials, that they have very specific roles in forming and directing the journey of your lives. Rejoice in your successes. Trust God and immerse yourselves in every experience you encounter, making sure to take what you need to learn from them for your personal growth, and leave everything else behind. Don’t be consumed by your “failures”. It’s only the beginning.

Rekia x MHC ‘15 holla.


Hello everyone! I am entering day 3 of the hatch!
There wasn’t much to report on Ace. It was a rather slow day so I only got a photo of her going to school her funny stat is at 126. I wonder what she’ll be when she evolves (I’m not looking at a growth chart btw). But today I just played games with her and hung out with my friend @dragonkitty9.

Now, Xames on the other hand had a very eventful day! He went to tamatown for the first time and played with a party popper with lovelitchi! He evolved into a Mametchi as I parked my car at my college. And then he found a spaceship with some stranded humans, repaired it, and had a small trip around Tama planet!

But that’s all for now! See you tomorrow!

anonymous asked:

hey loo. how's school going? just curious, but as an english major, what has been your favorite course that you've taken so far?

School is okay! I think I’ve finally found a balance with coursework, job, and social life (only took me 3 years lol). I’m looking to study abroad next year in London so that’s exciting! (If any of you know about/have advice about studying abroad and any info on King’s College, hmu).

As for classes, I have taken so many wonderful ones. My creative writing courses are always a fun and interesting challenge, and last semester I took a modern poetry class that was just mmMMM. This semester I’m really excited for this class I’m taking called “Gender, Memory, and History” which basically discusses the relationship between those three things in literature and it’s with one of my favorite professors so I’m psyched. I’m also taking a Victorian novel class that focuses on the psychology of the times (especially involving the women of the period) and that’s turning out to be super interesting as well!

anonymous asked:

Fren, please do not stop using gifs for your answers!!! They always make me smile! Do not listen to what that anon said... Everybody uses gifs without the proper references, this is not college; APA style is not obligatory, and honestly I have never seen you claim them as your own.

Oh, friend thank you for sending me this… But I don’t know. It doesn’t look fair to use gifs other people made. Although I never claimed them as my gifs… I don’t know. I literally don’t know if I stop or not. I used to put them in my answer to make you guys smile and happy?! But now I found out it doesn’t made everyone happy?! So I don’t know.

anonymous asked:

What is your ethnic background? Are you Irish? Is that why you wanted to go to college in Ireland? You look a little French to me, do you have any French in you?

I’m Irish, German and Scottish. No French in me as far as I know. And the reason I wanted to go to Ireland didn’t really have anything to do with my heritage. I just really loved the country when I visited on a school trip a few years ago, and when I found out college tuition was cheaper than in America, I thought why not? And so far it’s been a wonderful experience.

  • Interviewer: Iggy can you give us a freestyle?
  • Iggy: yeah
  • Iggy:
  • Iggy: aight you ready for this?
  • Iggy: I'm working for an hourly wage
  • I went to high school, didn't do great
  • Still I gotta make more cash
  • More education is what I'm looking at
  • When I get a degree I will make a bigger salary
  • So now I've got to see which college is right for me
  • I went on the internet and found Education Connection
  • I took some free tests to find out my direction
  • I'm taking my classes online
  • Gettin' my degree on my own time
  • Education Connection matched me with the right college for free

I’m working for an hourly wage
I went to high school, didn’t do great
still I gotta make more cash
more education is what I’m looking at
when I get a degree
I will make a bigger salary
so now I’ve got to see
which college is right for me
I went on the Internet
and found Education
I took some free tests
to find out my direction
I’m taking my classes online
getting my degree on my own time
Education Connection matched me
with the right college for free
Get connected for free (free)
with Education Connection
Get connected for free (free)
with Education Connection

I read an article titled “50 reasons to not have children” and the reasons were bullshit, as someone who doesn’t want children, I found them insulting, however the comments made me sick to my stomach.

The men were commenting things like “women without children are selfish and bad”, “what’s the point of being a woman if you don’t have children”, “our ancestors had children and that’s why we’re here” (pal, looking at you, I bet your ancestors regret their decision) and other demeaning ones about how women without children are pointless. And I can’t help but wish men were the pregnant ones. Then we’d see how many of them were still desperate to make kids.

I hate that I feel this way, but sometimes it hurts. This is the way everyone will think of me for the rest of my life. A big part of me doesn’t give a shit, because I put my happiness first and having no children is what makes me happy, but a smaller part of me wonders why is this so frowned upon. Why is my decision everyone’s business?

Hope I’ll make some friends with the same opinions and won’t feel like the odd one out anymore.