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I Got You On My Mind [Part 6]

Jungkook Soulmate AU (Angst)

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Summary: After regaining some of your memories, you and Jungkook finally face the truth.

Word count: 1.9k words

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When Jieun came home, she found you sitting on the floor. Your eyes were red, but your tears had dried long ago. Jieun regarded your blank expression with concern, immediately dropping to the ground to check on you.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Jieun asked frantically, looking at your body for injuries. “Did you hurt your leg again? Why are you crying?”

You sighed and closed your eyes, feeling more tired than upset. Jieun’s flittering hands stilled, as if she sensed that something was off.


“I remember now, Jieun,” you said. “I remember what happen that night, and what happened after. I know that you and Jungkook were a thing, and that he rejected me right away.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” Jieun whispered, her own eyes watering. “I didn’t want to upset you or confuse you. It hurt you so much the first time, I didn’t want to see you go through it again.”

“I just don’t understand,” you replied, your voice strained with frustration. “Did you like him? Do you still like him? Is that why you tried to hide your relationship with him from me?”

“What? No! No, of course not,” Jieun exclaimed, her eyes widening with surprise. “I mean, I did have a bit of a crush on him, but our relationship was just physical. It ended as soon as you two figured out that you’re…you know, soulmates.”

“But I’m still confused,” you said, trying to hold off another wave of tears. “Jungkook said he wanted nothing to do me. But now he’s so sweet. He’s like two different people, and I don’t know which one is the real him.”

“Just talk to him,” Jieun smiled, rubbing your back gently. “He’s not as bad as you remember. I’m sure the person Jungkook is with you now is the person he wishes he was when you first met.”

“Still, why was he so cruel in the beginning?” you asked helplessly. “I don’t know if I can forgive that.”

“Only Jungkook can answer that,” Jieun replied softly. “Promise me you’ll talk to him, okay?”

You nodded, realizing that Jieun knew much more than she let on. She helped you to your feet and led you back to the couch. You decided you wouldn’t press her for more information, because in the end, you would need to talk to Jungkook eventually.

Even though you had decided to talk to Jungkook, you hadn’t been able to muster enough courage to confront him. He had no idea that you had regained your memories, so he was contacting you like usual. But when you picked up your phone to reply, the events of your first encounter flashed before your eyes. Every time that happened, you put your phone down and tried to ignore your heavy heart.

So, to put it simply, you had been ignoring Jungkook for the past week.

You had several unread messages in your inbox from Jungkook. Surely Jungkook was so popular, he wasn’t used to be ignored. The texts started coming less frequently, and you wondered if they would eventually stop all together. You figured–albeit guiltily–that if Jungkook really wanted company, he could find another girl.

One Thursday afternoon, you were reading through some notes sent to you by a classmate when you heard Jungkook’s thoughts whispering in the back of your head. You jumped, growing unaccustomed to your soulmate’s presence after such a long period of silence.

“Why isn’t she talking to me?” Jungkook thought, and although it was quiet in your mind, you could hear the worry in your voice. Your heart panged, and you felt bad for assuming the worst of Jungkook. Clearly, he was still thinking of you. “Did I do something wrong again?”


No, not again. The first mistake was hurtful enough. But of course, Jungkook had no idea that you remembered what he had done. You wanted to scream at him–make him hurt as much as he had hurt you. But you also just wanted to see him again, because you had grown to love the caring side of Jungkook that he had shown you.

“Maybe her condition got worse,” came Jungkook’s next thought, which sounded even more alarmed than the last. “I should stop by. Yeah–I’ll go after class.”

You jumped to your feet, wavering as you tried to catch your balance. Reaching out for your crutches, you hobbled out of your room and into the living room, where Jieun was playing guitar.

“Jieun!” you screeched, making her jump.

“Oh my god!” Jieun squealed, placing a hand over her heart dramatically. “Why are you screaming at me?”

“Jungkook’s coming here after his class is over,” you hurried to explain, your words overlapping in your haste. Still, Jieun understood what you were trying to say.

“Oh, so do you need me to leave?” Jieun asked, setting aside her guitar. “I can disappear for an hour or two.”

“No, no! Definitely do not leave,” you squeaked desperately. “I’m not ready to see him! I need you to cover for me. Tell him that I’m not home and that I forgot my phone here.”

“What? Y/N, are you avoiding him?” Jieun demanded, her face growing dark. “You promised me that you would talk to him! Ignoring your problems won’t make them go away.”

“I know, I know!” you replied. “And I will talk to him, but I’m just not ready yet. I need time to process everything so that I can face him properly. I don’t want to get upset and ruin things forever.”

Jieun’s face softened at your obvious fear, and she sighed. “I understand why you’re scared, but you should trust Jungkook a little bit too,” she argued. “He’s shown you that he’s a good guy, right? I get why you’re so hesitant, believe me. But I’m also seeing this from Jungkook’s perspective, too.”

“You’re my friend, be on my side!” you whined. Jieun rolled her eyes at you.

“Okay, don’t do that. I’m doing what’s best for you,” Jieun said. “Even though you don’t want to talk to him now, in the long run, you’ll be thanking me for making you two work out your problems.”

“I’ll thank you even more if you cover for me this one time,” you said, on the borderline of begging. “I swear I’ll talk to him after, Jieun! I just need a little more time. I’m really not ready to see Jungkook.”

“Fine,” Jieun sighed, falling back onto the couch in frustration. “I’ll cover for you this one time. You can go hide in your room or whatever.”

“Thank you so much, Jieun!” you cried. “I love you so much! You’re the best.”

“I know,” Jieun laughed. “And I’m assuming you ignored all of Jungkook’s attempts to contact you up until now?”

You looked away guiltily.

When Jungkook knocked on the door, you were hiding in your room. Your bedroom door was left slightly ajar, so if you peeked through, you could see the foyer. Jieun approached it, glaring at you as she did. You sent her a thankful smile.

Jieun opened the door, but you couldn’t see Jungkook.

“Oh, Jieun,” Jungkook said. You missed the sound of his sweet voice–you could admit that. “Is Y/N around? I haven’t heard from her since I saw her last week.”

“No, she’s not around,” Jieun replied easily. “Y/N had to spend the week with her grandparents, because they got really worried when they heard about the accident. And she was dumb enough to leave her phone at home.”

“Oh,” Jungkook said, sounding surprised. It sounded like a valid excuse, and you were a little shocked that Jieun was so good at lying. “I’m surprised she didn’t tell me earlier.”

“It’s because she didn’t know that she would be leaving until her grandparents showed up,” Jieun answered. She continued a bit sheepishly, “Actually, I was supposed to tell you that she would be out of town. I guess I forgot.”

“Yeah, guess you did,” Jungkook replied dryly. Jieun just shrugged and sent him a carefree smile. “When will she be back?”

“Sometime next week,” Jieun said. You gulped, realizing that she was giving you a deadline.

“Alright,” Jungkook said slowly. He sounded like he was getting ready to leave. “Thanks, I guess.”

Jieun began to close the door slowly. You exhaled in relief, feeling your body deflate. I can’t believe that worked, you thought. Jieun should have been an actress.

“What the fuck?” Jungkook’s voice suddenly thundered. Jieun jumped, backing away from the door. Jungkook burst through the foyer. “Why are you lying to me?”

“W-what are you talking about?” Jieun stammered.

“Y/N, where are you?” Jungkook called out, ignoring Jieun completely. “I know you’re here. I can hear you thinking right now.”

Oh shit.

“Yeah, oh shit is right,” Jungkook snorted. He scanned the apartment, finally settling on your bedroom door. He saw your face peeking through, and he smiled slightly and began to approach you.

Accepting your fate, you pulled yourself to your feet and opened the door, clutching the doorframe for support.

“Why are you avoiding me?” Jungkook asked once he stood in front of you, the hurt clear in his downtrodden expression. “Did I do something to upset you?”

“Yeah, you did,” you replied tiredly.

“What was it?” Jungkook questioned, confused. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, if I did. I thought you had a good time with me last week.”

“I did,” you smiled. “You’ve been really great since the hospital. You helped me a lot, and you’re fun to be around.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Jungkook asked, cocking his head adorably in confusion.

“It’s what happened before then,” you said simply.

Jungkook paled, his mouth opening slightly. His eyes lowered, and you could see his jaw clenching. He stood there quietly for a few moments, but eventually, he tentatively lifted his gaze to meet yours.

“You remember everything,” Jungkook said quietly. It wasn’t a question. He was biting his lip nervously, and you wondered why he was the nervous one when it was you who had been deceived all along.

“Not everything, but I remember enough,” you responded. You broke your eye contact with Jungkook, feeling overwhelmed. “I don’t understand you at all, Jungkook. Why are being so nice now?”

“It’s…it’s a really long story,” Jungkook sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “I can’t justify what I did, but if it means anything to you, I regret everything that happened that night. I didn’t mean a word I said.”

“Then why did you say what you did?”

“Like I said, it’s a long story,” Jungkook replied. “I can explain it to you if you’re willing to listen. I’ll tell you everything, I promise. And if you don’t want to see me after this, I won’t bother you ever again.”

“How do I know that what you’re saying is the truth?” you asked, looking at Jungkook for any signs of deceit.

“You’ll just have to trust me.”

You almost laughed–how could you trust him so easily again? But you remembered the boy who  had slept by your bedside in the hospital, and the boy who acted like you were the most interesting thing in the world. The boy who had promised to sing to you.

“Fine, I’ll listen,” you breathed.

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Ok…this took to long. I kind of lost inspiration for this series, but it’s back now! You can expect more regular updates. The story’s drawing to a close…so what do think is going to happen? Also heads up: no posts tomorrow night. We’re going to prom!!! Thanks for reading guys! Ya girl’s gonna get turnt!

College au sentence starters

“I found your jeans in my dorm again?”

“I think this is it,my cause of death is going to be finals…”

“What are you majoring in?”

“Listen,I just got back from my four months of finding myself and have no idea what’s going on.”

“I could just take a year off… And then another and another…”

“Do you have change for the vending machine?”

“Jokes on you,I was going to ask you the same thing.”

“Who even makes flash cards? What do they even do?”

“Hahaha,looks like I’m not eating tonight… Just spent what little money I had on notebooks.”

“Dude,it’s a frat party. Who doesn’t go to frat parties?”

“People who need to study tend not to party.”

“I found a kid sleeping under a table in the library.”

“Guess who fell asleep on the kitchen counter again.”

“So…you’re my room mate?”

“It looks like you packed your whole house…”

“I bet your parents go through some really intense empty nest syndrome,huh?”

“Dude,I don’t even know what I’m studying for anymore.”

“Who fucking moved my textbooks!”

“I saw someone watching hardcore porn during psychology today…”

“Listen,I wasn’t even awake in class,I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“One more year and I’m done.”

“When you said you had notes I thought you meant what was taught today…. Not a very descriptive critic of the professor’s eyebrows.”

All Pokémon in our Biomes Posts

When I was a kid, I loved pretending my friends and I were Pokémon trainers. We would battle each other, catch wild Pokémon, we would even bring our injured Pokémon back to the Pokémon center (the swingset). One thing that always intrigued me, was where you could find different species of Pokémon. My friends and I always knew that to find ground Pokémon, you would look by the sandbox, and to find grass Pokémon you’d go into the bush. 

Over time, my love for Pokémon or the outdoors hasn’t changed. Now, I’m in college, studying environmental technology and biology, and of course, still playing Pokémon. 

Because my knowledge of biology and ecology has bloomed, I have recently decided to write some posts hypothesizing where different species of Pokémon could be found in our world if they were actually real.

I choose a specific biome, which is a type of environment that shares similar characteristics across the world (deserts, tropical rainforests, etc) then try to estimate what Pokémon could potentially be found in that biome.

I only choose a few Pokémon for each post, but I always try my best to explain my theories as to why that Pokémon would be found in that specific biome. I use the Pokémon’s morphology, abilities, typing, biology, Pokédex entries, and what the Pokémon is designed after from the real world to support my theories.

Below you can find links to all of the Pokémon in our Biomes posts I have written so far:

Of course, these are only the ones I have written so far. There are dozens of biomes, and hundreds of Pokémon species. I will not cover all of the species, but there will be more posts to come as I am constantly writing and thinking of new ideas.

I hope these posts entertain you as Pokémon has always entertained me. Obviously any comments, recommendations, opinions and suggestions are always encouraged, but please remember to credit these posts if you reuse them.



Gold Digger?

Summary: Tony is in love. The team is weary. You are… a gold digger?

Warnings: Angst, and Fluff

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

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Tony Stark was head over heels in love. He was so beyond in love with you, in his eyes you were perfect. You were the first woman that Tony saw after Pepper walked out on him. At first, the team was happy for Tony, you seemed to accept the fact that he was Iron Man and at times he would have to leave you for the job. But, within a matter of days, Tony came into the common room announcing to the rest of the team that he was in love with you and that he has already asked for you to move to the tower. The team was too dumbfounded to respond, and the next day they saw Tony carrying your stuff to his room. That’s when the team started to feel weary of you. Natasha was the first to voice her concerns, you seemed too perfect to her, and after running a thorough background check on you, she told the team that you were nothing more than a gold digger.

Captain was shocked at this conclusion and tried to reason with Natasha but once she laid out the proof it was convincing. You were a college dropout, who had been working at a small coffee shop on the outskirts of town getting harassed by loan collectors. You only had about a thousand dollars in your bank account before Tony and you had gotten together. After you moved in, your bank statement and living style completely changed. There was a steady income of 1000 dollars coming into your account every week, and the loans had been paid off as well. Though Bucky and Steve argued that you could have gotten a new job or something to explain the sudden rise of wealth, Nat pointed out that of the weeks you had been staying with them, you had only gone out for dates with Tony, or grocery shopping. On top of this, every time he would go off on missions Tony would come back with some sort of gift for you, it started off cheap and cheesy, but lately, they all noticed that Tony’s presents for you were getting more and more expensive. The avengers knew that the money he was spending on you wasn’t that much considering Tony was a multi-billionaire but it was the blind trust and love he had for you that concerned them. They never saw the two of you doing anything together, you would occasionally go on dates with him and you two shared a room. However, most of the time he was at the tower Tony was usually working in his lab, and you never came around to visit him or get him out of there.

They all tried in their own way to get Tony to realize that you weren’t in love with him, rather you were in love with the money and gifts he gave you, but nothing worked, he was too deep under your spell.

One morning Tony was preparing breakfast for himself, while the rest of the avengers were scattered throughout the kitchen. They had all just returned from a week-long mission in India shutting down a terrorist cell. “Tony,” you called out to him catching the attention of the rest of the team as well.

“Hello gorgeous,” he said, moving to place a kiss on your cheek. You hesitantly allowed him to kiss you, Tony’s love and your contradicting reaction flared the avengers hatred for you.

“Baby I saw this on the bedside, what is it?” you asked holding up an exquisite box.

“Oh, here,” he replied opening the box. Inside was a pair of bangles bejeweled with emeralds and rubies. “These bangles were last worn by the princess Mastani, they were a present from her husband Peshwa Bajirao. Their love story is one that is infamous in India, I saw them thought of you.”

Tony was expecting you to be ecstatic like you were for all the other presents he had got you. However, for the past few weeks, he noticed that you were becoming less and less excited at the presents he got you. Thinking it was because they weren’t special or expensive enough, he tried to up his game getting you presents, each one more expensive than the one before it. “Can you get them exchanged?” you asked. Disappointed as he was that you didn’t like what he got you, he just wanted you to love him back so with a sigh he chirpily responds, “Sure Pumpkin what can I get you?”

But before you could respond Natasha made a noise which was somewhere between a groan and a scream. Bruce looked like was trying hard not to turn into the Hulk, and the rest of the team looked at you with disgust. “That is enough,” she growled at you.

“Stand down Romanoff,” Tony joked, shielding you from everyone’s sight but Nat wouldn’t have any of it.

“Why are you so blind Tony? She is nothing but a gold digger, can’t you see that? She’s been using you to pay off debts, and fill her bank account! Don’t you dare argue back, I ran a background check on her, Tony. She’s a college dropout who was getting harassed by debt collectors. She only had a thousand dollars in her account and worked a small coffee shop. Then you come along, suddenly her bank account gets a thousand dollars every week, and her loans are paid off. She doesn’t work at that coffee shop anymore, frankly, she does nothing but still on her ass all day. Do you two even talk? Tony, she only comes out when you take her out on fancy dates. She can’t love you, Tony, she’s incapable of caring for you! Kick her out!” Nat screamed.

“THAT’S ENOUGH NATASHA!” Tony screamed, a staring contest ensued between Tony and her.

“You paid off my loans?” you asked quietly. Your voice was broken and for the first time since the screaming session started everyone’s eyes turned to you. You were in tears, hugging yourself to keep the shaking to a minimum.

Tony thought about lying, but once he saw your broken form sighed, shoulders slumping as he said, “Yes.”

“DAMMIT TONY!! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU I DON’T NEED YOUR MONEY!!!” you screamed, frustrated turning away from him.

“I’m sorry baby I just wanted to help you out. You’re doing so well with your writing and making money from that. I wanted you to just be focused on getting better at that rather than worrying about paying off your debts,” Tony stated, moving towards you to try and calm you down.

You moved away from him, still angry, “Do you hear what your friends think of me, Tony? They think that I’m a gold digger. Tony this is why I said I didn’t want your money, this is why I refused to go out with you for months. Oh and by the way, what I want in exchange of these bangles is JUST TWO DAMN HOURS OF YOUR TIME! You buy all these expensive gifts for me, and go on for hours telling anything and everything that will listen that you love me but you don’t have time to just be with me! You’re always in that lab of yours, for weeks I just let you be there thinking you need your time, and that you would come around soon enough. But no, you stay there, coming to bed way after I’ve fallen asleep, getting up before I wake up. I LOVE YOU TONY! NOT THE PRESENTS YOU GET ME AND THE MONEY YOU COULD GIVE ME! I LOVE YOU, AND NO PRESENT, NO MATTER HOW PRICELESS WILL EVER EQUVILATE TO GETTING TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU!” You stormed away, tears flowing down your cheeks leaving a bunch of avengers heavily confused.

Realizing her mistake, Natasha speaks up, “I’m sorry Tony.”

A sarcastic laugh escaped his mouth, “I’m not the one you should say that to.”

“We were just worried that she was using you for money. You can’t blame us for thinking like that Tony, she moved in a week after you announced you were dating her,” Steve tried to reason.

“So, what you ran a background check on her? Why couldn’t you just trust my decision?” Looking around at the sorry faces of the team he sighed. “I’ve known her since I was a kid. We kinda drifted apart as I went off to college. I found her working at the coffee shop by chance. When we were teens, I had a huge crush on her but couldn’t really tell her, because she was the only true friend I had, and I didn’t want to lose that. She looked so miserable working at the shop, and when we got talking she told me that her family died leading her to drop out of college, not having anyone to help her. She wanted to be a writer, when we were kids that’s all the girl could do. She used to write constantly, so I got her introduced to a publisher who fell in love with her work. She’s been working on different projects, that’s where the 1000 dollars per week comes from. It took me months to convince her to go out with me, we’ve both been in love with the other since we were 15, and I didn’t want to lose any more time. That’s why she moved in so quickly. I should have explained all this to you guys before,” Tony explained.

The team looked around at the each other, they all felt guilty for judging you instead of finding out more information. Tony made his way to his and your room, knowing that he gave you enough time to cool down. Upon entering, he saw your curled-up figure on the bed facing away from him, his heart wrenched within its cavity to know that, although unintentionally, he hurt you. He climbed in underneath the covers and pulled you close to his chest, hiding his face on the crook of your neck and inhaling your scent. “I’m sorry I yelled babe,” you quietly said as you moved to face him. Tony looked at you as if he was seeing you for the first time.

“I am so lucky to have you, you know that? I’m the one who should be sorry. I should have spent more time with you, please don’t leave me,” Tony desperately clung on to you.

“Tony Stark, I’ve put up with you since I was 5. It’s safe to assume that I will never leave you,” you laugh and pull him into a kiss.

“I love you(Y/N/N). So much. Now, how about we cook something together, and then have a horror movie marathon,” Tony exclaimed pulling you off the bed with him.

As you entered the kitchen you noticed the team huddled together. “Not coming up with a way to throw me out of the Tower I hope,” you sass. They immediately stood up straight, all with the same guilt-ridden expression about them.  

“Hey (Y/N/N), we’re really sorry. It was wrong of us to spy on you in the first place, but it was even more wrong of us to judge you based on the little information we had on you,” Steve started.

“I apologize too, (Y/N/N). I called you things and I regret it,” Natasha said not even able to look at you.

“Forgive us,” Bucky added.

“Guys, it’s okay. All you knew about me was my bank statement that seemed to drastically change as soon as I started to date your friend. You were just looking out for him. I understand, if I was in your shoes I probably would have done the same thing,” you reassured. At your statement, they all let out a breath of relief making you giggle.

“She’s great isn’t she?” Tony bragged as he wrapped his arms around your waist hugging you from the back.

“Yeah, she is. Don’t screw this up Stark,” Sam said.

“Don’t plan on it, Birdman,” Tony responded picking you up and bringing you the bedroom, earning a squeal from you. “Screw cooking together, let’s just stay in bed.” Which is what you guys ended up doing, Tony showed you how much you meant to him, in several different ways. You were sure that you wouldn’t be able to walk for the next few days, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

All Fic Tag: @sierra-jk

Her shoelaces were tucked into her sneakers, they weren’t tied, they weren’t knotted, they were tucked in, securely pushed inside of Betty’s white cheerleading sneakers.

Something was very wrong with Betty Cooper and Jughead had the shoelaces to prove it.

That was Betty’s thing, her one and only tell, when something was wrong she opted out of tying her shoes, choosing instead to securely tuck them inside the front, she had been doing this for as long as Jughead could remember and he had caught it when they were six years old, after a particularly brutal fight with her mother.
He could remember that day pretty vividly

Six year old Betty Cooper came flying into home room, her eyes frantic as she let out a heavy sigh before dropping into the seat beside Jughead, her long blonde pigtails touching the top of her desk. The ever observant, dark haired boy glanced down at her tiny pink sneakers, surprised to see her shoelaces tucked inside.

“Bets.. I think you tied your shoes inside out.” He said, a concerned eyebrow raised.

With red rimmed eyes the beautiful blonde princess turned to him, a sad smile on her lips

“They’re just shoelaces juggie”

That was the start and finish of the conversation, by the end of the period she was bouncing through the halls beside Archie and Jughead, only a ghost of sadness still on her eyes.
But it didn’t stop there, it stayed like that for years, Jughead knew every single time Betty was having a particularly bad day, all he had to do was look down.

So that brought him back to today, Betty was bouncing her knee under the booth at Pops, her fingers anxiously tapping on her notebook, he could tell her mind was somewhere else but it was only confirmed when he bent under the table to retrieve a stray pen.

“You okay?” He said softly, his eyes searching hers.

Betty looked up surprised
“Yeah of course, why wouldn’t I be?” She pasted on the phoniest smile Jughead had ever seen and after raising an accusing brow, Betty deflated slightly.

“I’m just having a bad day is all, a lot on my mind.” She said it quietly, always afraid to put it in the air, afraid people would hear, that they would judge her for not being happy.

“Penny for your thoughts” the aspiring author, shut his laptop and slid his fries towards her. Betty smiled weakly, declining his offer before taking a deep breath and pausing a few seconds, debating whether or not to speak.

“I’ll never be good enough will I?” She said finally, her eyes glancing out the window.

“What?” Jughead asked, his eyes widening, he had heard her loud and clear but there was no way it could be true, that she could ever think…

“I’m just no good. I’m not good enough for my parents, they have Polly and with her going off to college, it seems like I can’t do anything right, I’ll never be as good as her. And even though I’m happy Archie found Veronica, it still stings.. he looked right at me that night of the dance and told me he could never feel the same way.. he could never love me.even Kevin’s dropped me for Veronica. When is it my turn to be loved? Why can’t someone want me?” Her eyes were filled with tears when she finally glanced up, misty green meeting stormy blue.

Now was his chance, he could tell her everything he had always wanted to say. Tell her he loved her, that she was everything to him, she was more than enough. He could take her in his arms right there in that tiny booth and kiss her until every insecurity disappeared. But he didn’t, he simply dropped his sweaty palms to his knees and stuttered

“Betty.. I..”

Suddenly Betty’s phone was ringing, it was Veronica, they had a late night cheerleading practice. Betty grabbed her books and stood from the booth

“Geez, I’m so sorry for unloading all of that onto you, I’m just being dramatic.. you know me” She rolled her eyes, tear tracks still on her cheeks “I’ll see you tommorow?” She asked, standing outside the booth, just as she went to walk away Jughead grabbed her arm.


She turned towards him, something different in her eyes as she looked up at him with flushed pink cheeks.

“I… you’re shoelaces are tied wrong” he finished lamely, mentally punching himself in the face.

Betty smiled sadly just like she had all those years ago, before turning away from him with a shaky voice

“They’re just shoelaces juggie.”

And then she was gone, leaving nothing but the idiotic boy behind her, kicking himself as he dropped his head to the metal booth in the center of the diner. He was gonna make this this right, he was gonna show her that she was loved more than she could even imagine.

That was his original plan as he stood outside Riverdale high two hours later, his hands stuffed into his pockets as he took in the cool night air, he felt his heart quicken when Betty walked out the front doors, Veronica’s arm slung around her. The raven haired heiress glanced in Jughead direction before whispering something in Betty’s war to make her blush as she headed the other way.

Betty smiled as she made her way towards Jughead
“Here to walk me home? Or are you just nervous because of my little breakdown in the diner earlier? I promise Juggie, I’m perfectly capable of getting home on my own.” She laughed.

Jughead gripped her hand, taking them both by surprise, spurred on by the feeling of her hand in his he felt his confidence peak slightly.

“I know you’re capable, but isn’t this what people like us, who have been through what we have.. do?” He trailed off, catching her eyes as she looked up.

“What?” Betty asked, throughly confused.

Turning his body to hers, Jughead grabbed both of her hands in his

“We’ve both been hurt by people we love, we’ve both been left standing alone and watching as they walk away. I know first hand how it feels to feel unlovable but… Betty you’re not. You could never be unlovable.” He said softly.

“What are you saying Jughead?” Betty’s eyes held hope and a lightness he hadn’t seen from her in ages along with something else

Taking her cheek in his palm, Jughead smiled shyly

“I love you Betty Cooper” he whispered, choking on her name.

He watched nervously as her expression shifted from hopeful to absolute joy.

“Jughead jones, I love you”

They both seemed to move together like a magnet, his lips drawing into hers as he drank her up like she was the last drop of water on earth, her fingers stroking his jaw as his traced her neck.

Maybe they had lost something the day the people they loved walked away, but standing in each other’s embrace on a barren sidewalk, Betty’s shoelaces tucked into her sneakers and jugheads beanie, snug on his head they couldn’t help but think, maybe love was worth the wait.

I Hate You {Part Three}

Originally posted by thiamraeken

Theo x Reader

Part One   Part Two

Avoiding Theo was impossible, despite your best efforts he seemed to be everywhere, either that or you noticed him more because you were avoiding him. It was early in the morning when you found yourself waiting in a stupidly long line for coffee with Theo in front of you.

He’d noticed you and stiffened, refusing to turn and look at you or even acknowledge you until he went to order his drink, he gave the barista a sleepy smile and she comped his drink which caused him to turn and look at you in utter confusion.

“Here you go.” She hummed her huge smile falling from her face when he thanked her and grabbed the paper cup, smudging her number from it as he sipped, slowly shuffling in the direction of class.

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Hey guys it’s been a bit!
I thought I would let you all know that Gwen and I have interviews! Mine is on the 31st and it’s a group interview so I’m nervous. But here is the problem, I don’t have anything to wear to the interview. All of my nice clothing got sent back to my ex because well it was hers. So now I need to figure out an outfit!!! We also don’t really have the gas to get there so I am worried.

As for school, my high school transcripts made it over but my college didn’t. I found out they put a hold on the account for $415. I have to pay that off for my transcripts to be sent to CSU. So we really need help.

As for an apartment, if I get this job we meet the income requirements for an appartment!! We are super excited, and we still need $1,400 to get the apartment.

If you can help us out we really need it! Our paypal is littletransgirl18@gmail.com!

Important Life Update...

Hey guys, I just want start off by saying I’m so sorry I’ve been absent for the past couple months. I love you guys dearly and as Tumblr is my happy place where I can express myself and forget about all the shitty things in the world, I thought it was only fair that I share with you what’s been going on.
Since the the last couple weeks in my senior year of high school I have been getting very badly sick, from bronchitis 4 months in a row to constant, severe chest infections and pneumonia. I’m now just finished my sophomore year of college and this last semester I have been in and out of the hospital nonstop and getting worse. The most frustrating thing is all of the the doctors kept saying they could find nothing wrong with me and that it was “probably just a virus.” These past couple months when i was getting worse I was told by many doctors it was “all in my head,” simply because I was profiled as a drug and attention seeker due to my age demographic.
After weeks of painfulI and repetitive testing, I finally found out over the last couple months that I have a very rare form of cancer called, “glioblastoma grade 4.” This is apparently a fast growing cancer in the brain that had been making me become sicker and sicker as time went on. During these past couple months that I’ve been absent, it spread to my spinal cord, and finally to my lungs. As of right now, the prognosis doesn’t look that good, but I’m done putting life on hold because of cancer. I WILL graduate from college and study what I love, and I WILL continue blog and be back on Tumblr full time. I think of you guys as my family and nothing makes me happier than interacting with you guys and blogging about our favorite things ❤️❤️❤️
I’m so sorry for the long message, but I needed to share it with you all. Tumblr and you guys are my happy place where cancer doesn’t exist and I can just be myself and enjoy the things I love with you guys, for the time that I have left. I absolutely adore Marvel and Star Wars with all of my heart, and they’ve been my own saving grace through all of this. They’ve taught me that no matter how bad things get, or how weak you may feel, to never give up without a fight. As of right now, I’m not sure I’ll still be here when The Last Jedi comes out, let alone Avengers Infinity War, and It would mean the absolute world to me if you guys could signal boost this for me. To have a message from one of my heroes would indescribable. I’ve come to terms with things and I like to look at it as I AM dying, it’s just at a faster rate than most people. At the end of the day, I love you guys soooooo much and I’m not going to let this disease stop me from living the rest of my Star Wars fandom-obsessed life lol. As my hero, Carrie Fisher, once said, “Stay afraid, but do it anyway.”

17,again - Chapter 01.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, drama, fluff.

Word count: 7k

Summary: Your relationship of ten years seems to be stuck as your CEO boyfriend works non-stop and doesn´t pay much attention to you or your hints about marriage. Desperate to awaken the spark of love again you beg the universe for a change that will make him fall for you for the second time in his life. And the universe listens.

Author´s note: This is inspired by the Chinese version of the movie “17 again”. Although this story is going to be quite different I recommend not watching the film if you don´t want to spoil yourself anything that could happen in this fic.

PROLOGUE: https://bts-writing-minsuga.tumblr.com/post/158614466764/17again-prologue

It was not the sun rays tickling your face that woke you up but the crazy dream you had just had as images of it were still going through your head. Basically, you were living with this man that didn´t pay attention to you and had stopped pursuing your career as an artist to make it possible. The idea itself was the most nonsensical and absurd thing you had ever heard. Not even for a million dollars would you do that.

A hairy warm thing touched your arm and your eyes shot open while your body stumbled almost falling off the bed in an attempt to cover yourself up with the blankets. The repeatedly movement of your mouth opening and closing couldn´t compare to the shock you were feeling as the man you had dreamt of was now lying next to you, breathing and everything. He was completely oblivious to your presence and lost in a deep sleep, so your first reaction was to carefully examine his features. From his brown locks resting on his forehead to his parted lips you couldn´t recall who he was. Extending a hand to push the hairy thing, which happened to be his leg that was tangled with your limbs, you cautiously placed it back where it belonged and looked around. Maybe you had gone to a party and brought him home to sleep together. That theory would´ve been valid if not for the fact that as you exited the bedroom and wandered around the living room you came to the realization that it wasn´t your place that you had woken up in. There were no sketchbooks on the floor, no walls full of your paintings, no canvases and no huge poster of Nick Carter. A shiver went down your spine as you were only wearing some black lingerie that deferred a lot from your usual panties with the days of the week stamped on them, which only confused you even more.

“Okay. So I´ve probably slept with him or something. I should search for my stuff and go. Do I have college today?”

Muttering to yourself you carefully started looking through the house and gave up after a while as your clothes where nowhere to be found and decided to wait until he woke up. It had only been ten minutes when your stomach started growling. What a great moment to be hungry. You considered the situation and decided to just attend your needs.

“I might as well grab some food if I´m stuck here”

Luckily for you there was a cookie jar placed on the kitchen island and you didn´t hesitate to open it.  Your mouth was watering and as your lips were almost touching the first one someone grabbed your forearm and you threw the cookie at whoever it was by natural reflex.

“For God´s sake what are you doing?”

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Rainy Nights Jerome Valeska x Reader 1/3

Summary; You get off work late after a bad day and rain pours down and you have to walk home. You get caught up with trouble in and alley and a friendly stranger saves the day. He invites you to his home to stay for the night. It’s cold and you’re scared, so you accept. But he’s less of a stranger than you think…

Warnings: stalker!jerome, violence, language, guns, fingering and penetration.

Originally posted by miravnda

Rain. You can barely see through the rain as it pours upon Gotham. It’s almost summer and the poor weather still won’t leave Gotham alone. You heave a sigh, the days been bad enough already. You shiver and try to wrap your coat around you tighter as you rush down the half-full streets. Everyone was trying to get away from the rain.

Bad. This whole day itself had been a shitshow. Your boss was being rude the whole day and making your job hell. Your boyfriend broke up with you over text and you ended up crying through your lunch break. Plus your landlord was on your back about rent. You barely escaped her this morning. You ponder how you’ll escape her to get to your apartment when your thoughts are interrupted.

Pull. A rough hand tugs at your shoulder and slams you into the brick wall to your right. You hit your head and feel blood trickle. “I want everything you’ve got!” A man with a gruff voice demands lowly. He then presses a gun to your abdomen and you feel panic rise in your cheeks and make your hands tremble. “I-I — no I-” He hits you in the side of the cheek and it busts your lip as well as causing a cut in your cheek. He presses the gun harder into your ribs so much you’re sure it’ll bruise. He looks down at your purse and you attempt to push him out of the way by knocking him with your knee. You fault and he grabs your leg then lets you fall. He’s gonna shoot you and take you’re cash. He lifts the gun then-

Stranger. A tall stranger hits him in the back of the head. The robber falls to the ground and groans until the stranger steps on his chest and grabs the gun. Then, stranger shoots him in the head. Your eyes widen and you try to scooch away. But he looks to you and fear paralyzes you.

Gaze. The stranger looks to you with concern across his face. You’re dizzy. You probably have a concussion and you feel an ache in your cheek and lip. Still sitting on the cold concrete you try to get up and your knees fail you. “Sorry if that scared you, it’s just he would’ve fought me to the death if I hadn’t shot him. It’s a lose lose situation, y'know?” He says and he makes a good point, so you trust him.

Home. “Come home with me, you don’t seem like you can even walk right now and you’re freezing.” He suggests cautiously as he can, he could easily seem like some sort of criminal. Your scared and cold, so you accept. “Thank you” you say quietly and he looks spiteful down at the robber as he goes to help you up. He offers to carry you but you don’t accept. You may be weak right now but you weren’t that in need and you don’t trust him that much, yet.

Warm. His apartment was warm and simple. The walls were brick and it seemed so cozy. Everything about him was gentle, the murder thing scared you but you felt a little hypnotized by him. You couldn’t stop thinking about the little information you know and you yearned to know more. If only you knew his true intentions. He led you to a couch and sat you down. “I’ll be right back” he said. You take your coat off and shiver. Your cuts ache. You only want to sleep and forget this whole night.

Blood. He comes back with a towel and a few bandaids. He sets the towel on your head and you begin to dry your hair as he cleans the cut on your cheek. You decide to let it air dry and set the towel in your lap. Your eyes move to the stranger. His eyes are brown, a bit bright if you will. His hair is red and a single strand peeks out that makes him classically handsome.

Stay. “You can stay here for the night. I can get you a change of clothes and I can sleep on the couch.” He offered kindly and you look up. You give a small smile. “Yes. Thank you so much for saving me then letting me here.” He just gave a small smile then began to clean the cut on your lip.

Jerome. “My names Jerome, Jerome Valeska.” He said as he put a bandaid on your cheek. “I’m _____ ______.” You replied. Now you knew his name. But you had other questions. “What do you do?” He chuckles at your hinted nervousness and replies “I used to work for a circus but I ran away, i’m in … college, now.” You found it strange he paused but brushed it off. The your mind wandered to him in a circus. What did he do? Was he a performer? Or a sort of clean up crew? At the same point of feeling unsettled you have a deep trust in this stranger. You can’t discern why but you already trust him. You don’t need to know anything more.

Bathroom. He gives you a large t shirt and some boxers. You close the bathroom door and peel off your soaked clothing. You are about to open the door when you notice something strange. A magazine rack and a photo reaching out of a gardening magazine. You don’t want to snoop to be polite but something so familiar makes you grab the photo. It’s you. A photo from just a few weeks ago of you and your friends on your birthday night. You were all smiling in a group and your boyfriend is holding you in his arms. You broke a heel and he offered to carry you. A small tear slips your eye.

Forget. This memory is so sad you almost forget where it came from. But before you can even fully realize, a voice interrupts. “So I guess you want answers.” You look to Jerome with scared eyes and you almost run. But it’s a narrow path to take and you’re gonna get out, one way or another. You nod.

Stalker. “I’ve been watching you for a year now. We met once at a carnival and you were my first kiss.” You’re just so confused. But pieces starting fitting together and he started seeming more familiar. He didn’t seem dangerous, only slightly obsessive, but not completely insane. So you fake being fine. This way you can get out. “Why?” You ask quietly, trying not to offend him. “You were the first and only woman to ever be kind to me. You got me and all my jokes. And as I watched you, I fell more and more in love.”

Scared. He told you he was sorry. You waited silent for a few minutes as he stared at you, in an almost doting way. He doesn’t seem very sorry, but you felt something strange comfort you. You want to trust Jerome. He didn’t really mean anything he did, right? A reluctant “It’s okay.” Escapes your lips quietly, almost inaudible and at these words he leans forward and kisses your cheek with one hand holding your other cheek and the other hand on your waist. The gesture gives you butterflies in your stomach in the worst way. You felt wrong for it but there was something endearing about this. His lips lingering a little longer and he pulled back.

Hungry. “You should eat.” You nod. He takes you by the hand and leads you to the kitchen. You sit in a stool as he prepares something to eat. As you process everything you remember him mentioning following you. “Jerome?” You call out as he sets bowls down. He hums in response. “D-do you follow me a lot?” He stops for a moment and turns his head. “A few times a month.” He lied, easily. You believed, barely. But you wanted to trust him. He sits down and fills your bowls with spaghetti.

Escape. “I’ll be right back.” You watch him go to the bathroom and you stand you quickly. Ignoring your attire you tiptoe to the front door. You fiddle with the locks and suddenly you feel the fresh air at your face. Freedom is right in front of you. Hope courses through you. Rain is still pouring and a moment before you can be free and hand grabs your shoulder and slams the door in front of you.

Pain. He turns you around and you’re against the door now with a fearful look. His eyes are darker now and his breathing a bit ragged. “Where do you think you’re going, doll?” You try to turn your face away but he uses his free hand to grab your chin. He looks you in the eyes with an intensity you weren’t familiar with. He was different, now. Possessive. “I-”

Bed. He grabs you by your forearm and makes you sit on the bed. He leaves the room and doesn’t bother telling you where he’s going or telling you not to go. He comes back with a glass of water. He squats in front of you and holds the glass in front of you. “Drink.” You look to the glass then him. You take the drink and he says “Good girl” as you bring it to your lips. It tasted just like water, but you know better. He sets the glass on the nightstand and goes to his dresser. He begins talking off his clothes and soon he’s in just in boxers. You realize your hair is still wet and shiver bit. You bring your knees up and wrap your arms around your legs. He turns around and looks to you.

Touch. He slips into bed and has you slip under the covers too. You turn from him and feel tears well in your eyes. He pulls you closer by your waist and puts his head in the crook of your neck. He notices your tears. You try to pull away but he pulls you back, quickly and says. “Turn around” He attempts to say it gently but a force lies behind his words. You do as he says and a few tears slip from your eyes. He wipes them from your eyes and begins kissing down your jaw. He uses his arms to hold you in place by the small of your back and your waist. His hand on your lower back traces upward and tugs at your shirt.

Give in. You struggle now and shake your head. You push him away by his chest and he grabs your wrists. There’s a certain force in his grip that matches the lust and adoration in his eyes. You can’t deny he makes you feel good but you won’t allow yourself to show him. He takes his sweet time kissing his way to your neck and he caresses your cheek then brings his mouth up to yours. He captures your lips in a kiss and you can’t hold back a small moan. He smirks and his free hand moves south to the boxers he let you borrow. Your hand reaches his fore arm that’s at your undergarments and you look to his eyes wary. He hushs you and continues.

Gentle. He’s so gentle. Until he’s not. He pulls the boxers off you slowly and you let him. Your hands grip his shoulders. You didn’t expect it but he stopped and you opened your eyes. He reaches in for a kiss from you and you don’t notice his hand edging toward your heat. It’s feels so wonderful. He’s so soft with you. Your ex-boyfriend was quick and selfish. He didn’t bother with your pleasure, only his own. Jerome slips his tongue into your mouth and suddenly puts a finger in your heat pumping roughly. You gasp and he adds another digit. “Make some noise for me, doll.” He murmurs against your lips. You don’t bother holding back pleasureful sighs and moans, anymore. His movements get rougher and a whimper escapes your mouth. He kisses you, again with more passion as you get closer to your climax. Suddenly he pulls his fingers from you and his mouth. You shudder in his absence.

Closer. He removes his boxers and hovers over you. He begins biting at your neck and groans when whimpers you make get louder. “Jerome, please…” You plead. “Hmm?” He chuckles and teases the skin on your collarbone with kisses. “Couldn’t hear you.” You turn away to escape but he grips your waist and neck with the other hand. You’re on your stomach now and you whine under him. “Please…no.” He laughs quietly and whispers in your ear. “Babydoll, you want me, I know you feel it.” You shake your head and he turns you over and straddles your waist. “If you don’t…” He positions his tip at your heat and says “then why are you so wet for me.” And thrusts into you roughly.

Tease. He doesn’t tease you anymore. He doesn’t hold back. He rolls his hips against you, thrusting roughly and you moan loudly. “Jerome” you breathe and hold onto his neck. He kisses you harshly and speeds his pace feeling close to his climax. His hand reaches into your shirt and he massages your breast. He suddenly stops and you whimper. “Jerome.” He loved hearing you call his name. You try to get friction and move your hips but he stops you and holds your hips completely still.

Belong. “Jerome-” “Who do you belong to?” He questions and you feel your neediness grow. But now your anger has to. “No one, asshole!” You yell and push at him. You almost make it off the bed but he grabs your waist tightly and pushes you down. You squirm and try to fight. You attempt to turn your head but once again his hand stops you and holds your jaw there. “Who?” Be demands louder and you give in with spite. You hated yourself for this. “You.” You breathe and he thrusts into you roughly once again and uses more force this time. You grip tightly onto his arm and shoulder as he pumps in and out of you, harshly. You let out moans and whimpers. He came inside of you after a few minutes and groans at your tightness. “Come on, babydoll. Let go for me” He praised and your body responds. You cum around him.

Sweet. He slipped out of you and laid beside you. Rain patters on the windows. His arms encircled your waist and you gave a small shiver at his touch as he begins to play with your still damp hair. The gesture is almost sweet. The moon gives a little light to the bedroom and a question fills your mind. “Jerome?” “Yes.” “Will I ever get to go home?” “You are home, baby girl.”

One Time..., LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin is an upbeat theater camp counselor. You are anything but.

Words: 1,350

Author’s Note: I love anything to do with a young Lin, so this fic was basically a #dream. (One time, at theater camp…) In researching this I found out Lin and Bradley Whitford (Josh from West Wing) went to the same college. Wesleyan is breeding my favorite people, apparently. Technically not Sunday for me yet but everyone else is posting so let me jump on this train.

Warnings: Nah.

Askbox | Masterlist | HamWriters write-a-thon | My fics from this week!

“Y/N, look at my mask!” Ashley, an eight year old first year camper, skipped up to you to show off her sloppy painting job, beaming with pride.

“Wow! Interesting color choices!” You smiled back, which was enough praise for her to return to her seat.

“What, not a fan of Commedia dell’arte?” A fellow counselor questioned, sliding up next to you after finishing his rounds around the room. You’d never caught his name before then, but your mind labeled him Mr. Sunshine.

Simply because it seemed the Sun shined out of his ass.

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Anyone struggling with clogged pores, black heads and acne stop what you’re doing right now and listen to me. Since I started college my skin has been consistently bad for three years. After doing some research I’ve cut out all chemicals and only use products like jojoba oil to moisturize, African black soap to cleanse etc. well two weeks ago my mom gave me a bottle of lavender essential oil so I googled it and found results that give lavender oil credit for clearing skin. It’s true. I’ve been using it every day twice a day with a carrier oil (jojoba or coconut) and my skin has never looked this good in years. Just three drops of lavender and the same with the carrier oil and you’re set. I also like to put it on my neck because lavender has calming properties. It’s very strong smelling and overpowering at first but you will get used to it.


“Ever since I rejected you as a roommate, you have been following me around like a lost puppy, Richards. Now you’re flat-out asking to look at my work.” 

“[…] I thought: what a gift that we’ve found each other in this environment. Genuinely, I was looking to H E L P you.” “You are looking to sabotage and M O C K me. And you don’t even have the character to admit it.”

Bolder Part 2

A/N: So I decided to just post this anyway. I hope you guys like it. Once again if you don’t like this series you don’t have to read it .Its an entirely self-indulgent fic. I have no idea when the next part will be out. message me and send me asks.

Title: Bolder Part 2

Rating: teen

Pairings: Father!Burr x Daughter!reader, Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Warnings: neglect (maybe), self doubt

Word Count: 2402

Editors : @hercreationgalaxy  @emocomrade-jpeg

Part 1

Age 16

“Do you want to come over for dinner?” Phillip asked hesitantly. I looked at him curiously. “I mean my family can be a little crazy sometimes. We just haven’t done much outside of school together. Not to mention, my family is complaining about never meeting any of my friends.” He elaborated while looking at the ground nervously and talking with his hands.

“Anything. We haven’t done anything after school Pip.” I corrected him with a quirky smirk.

I nodded my head and finally replied that I would. I laughed as he smiled before, quite literally, skipped off to class. I shut my locker and lugged my book bag back over my shoulder. Phillip was probably my best friend. I rarely talked to people besides my teachers and professors. I also didn’t get out often because I was constantly working or going to after school clubs. I sighed and rolled my eyes as I sat in class thinking about all the work I had to do.

I quickly sent a text to Theo letting her know that I wouldn’t be at home for dinner. I knew it didn’t matter. I was normally the only one home for dinner. Mom and Dad were at work while Theo went out with friends. I liked it. That meant I could do homework and studying at the table.

I’m a sophomore and Phillips a junior  but, that didn’t stop us from meeting the first day of debate club. Things got out of hand during an altercation, he is his father’s son after all. Once I had saved his hide from the Senior that he had a disagreement with, things just clicked. He stuck to me like glue–for some reason.

I walked along side Phillip towards his house. Our hands brushed and my face went red. We didn’t talk. Phillip knew I wasn’t used to talking so he would fill it with his stories and adventures or let the comfortable silence hang between us. He lived out on a piece of farmland with fields surrounding three sides of the house.  Phillip had said it was because his dad wanted his family to have some peace and quiet away from the big city. As we stopped in front of the house everything about it seemed picture perfect. It was warm and the garden was beautiful with a multitude of colored flowers poking out of the flower beds. Everything was perfectly trimmed and stone path led up to the wrap around porch where there were wooden chairs and tables set out. It felt homely, unlike my own house. The door opened as soon as Phillip and I started up the path. A gorgeous woman stepped out with flowing brown hair. She wore a blue sun dress and was beaming at us.

“Hi darling. How was school?” She asked while walking down the step to stand in front of Phillip. He quickly leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“It was fine.” He replied sheepishly. He quickly spun around to look at me with a beaming smile. “Y/n this is my Ma, Eliza Hamilton. Ma, this is Y/N,” He said with a beaming smile. She looked over and grinned at me. I smiled back meekly not wanting to make a bad impression. I really didn’t talk a lot. Especially not to any family.

“Hi Mrs. Hamilton, it’s nice to meet you.” I said holding out my hand. She immediately grabbed it and pulled me into a hug.

“It’s nice to meet you too dear.” She said as she squeezed me. I had frozen. I  slowly brought my hand up to rest my hand on her back and collect myself. Phillip started bouncing on the balls of his feet with his hands in his pockets. Eventually Mrs. Hamilton pulled back and quirked her eyebrow. “Why don’t you go work with Phillip on homework? I will call you when it is time for dinner.”

Phillip looked grateful as he once again grabbed my hand and began dragging me up the stairs and into the house. It was just as perfect as the outside. It had pretty blue and red oriental rugs and extremely plush leather couches sat in front of a large TV in the living room. He set down his back pack and let out a breath, running his hands through his hair. He spun around on his heel to face me again.

“Sorry I know we can be a little much. I won’t lie. It will get a little worse at dinner. They will ask a lot of questions. I understand is you want to leave …” He said in monotone with a shrug of his shoulders. I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“No, are you kidding? It’s ok Phillip. I just wasn’t expecting it at first that’s all. Nobody in my family acts like that. We aren’t as close as you and your family seem to be.” I replied, trying my best to sound comforting. We sat down and relaxed into the couch as I began pulling out my workbooks.

“Yeah you have mentioned that. That’s part of the reason I was worried. When my mom hugged you, you looked ready to bolt. Is that really not normal? Do they hug Theo? Oh wait sorry. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” He rambled quickly. I laughed.

“It’s fine. Nobody is really ever home. That and nobody in my family is really physically affectionate.”

“Oh, that really sucks. I can’t imagine why they ignore you. Although, you do tend to ignore people in favor of work. I guess I know where you get it from.”

“I am sorry what? I didn’t hear you,” I laughed as I felt him chuckle next to me. “Besides, I don’t think they mean to ignore me. I think they just find other things a little more important.”

“Well,” Phillip huffed next to me before just slinking back into the comfort of the couch. I looked over and cocked my head to the side to give him a questioning look. He looked at me for a minute before smile. Then he suddenly brightened up. “Can you help me with my government homework? I would ask my dad but he will start to grumble about foreign policy and federal government rights. That and sometimes I think you know more than him. Don’t tell him I said that.”

“I guarantee I don’t know more than your father considering he is the treasury secretary  but I will help you. I am almost finished with my paper on the federal budget anyway.”

“There was a paper on the federal budget due!?” Phillip shrieked while jumping to his feet.

“Calm down. I was talking about a college course I am taking.” I said trying to hold back my laughter. “Did you know you sound like a girl when you scream?” I began laughing hysterically. Phillip turned red but burst out laughing

“Sorry not everyone can be as ridiculously smart as you.” He replied while sitting down after our laughing fit. “Now here is the worksheet.” Jestering at the paper on the table. “Your task is to figure out what the hell we were even talking about because I wasn’t paying attention.” I chuckled again before picking up the paper.

“Alright children, it’s time for dinner. Your father just got home Phillip,” Mrs. Hamilton came into the room practically singing. I smiled and gingerly closed my laptop. I went to grab my reference book on legislation before a hand beat me. I looked up to find a man with shoulder length hair and bags around his eyes staring at my book. I knew for a fact that it was Mr. Hamilton based on my father’s pictures.

“This is one of the best legislative reference books out there. What use would a high school student have for a book like this?” he asked looking from the book to me. Phillip quickly cut in and took the book from his father, handing it back to me.

“She actually is taking a few college political courses right now. This is Y/N,” Phillip stated. He fidgeted looking between his father and I. I stood up and put a smile on face.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Hamilton uhh, sir.” I stated while holding out my hand. He looked at me slightly confused but shook my waiting hand anyway.

“Likewise,” Mr. Hamilton said before looking over at Phillip. “Didn’t you say your friend Y/N was a sophomore? She wouldn’t be able to take college courses till next year.”

“Actually I take the courses through a different online institute. I also found out last week that the school is allowing me to skip my junior year and graduate next year as part of Phillip’s senior class.” I said. As I spoke his eyes widened and his smile grew.

“WHAT?!?” Phillip exclaimed next to me. “You didn’t tell me that. This is so exciting. You are going to be able to have classes with me and meet all my friends and graduate with me and and and …”

“Well now that you have broken my son, why don’t we go sit down for dinner?” He said. He was smiling and motioned for me to walk with him.

Once we sat down at the table all Phillip’s siblings looked at me. Mrs. Hamilton laughed as Mr. Hamilton recounted what I had told him and how Phillip had reacted to the news. The room was warmly lit with a large wooden table and plush chairs. One window faced out over their front lawn. They finished setting the table with food and it began to get passed around. I sat with Phillip in the two chairs on the right, closest to his parents.

“Children, say hello to our guest ,phillip’s friend, Y/N,” Mrs. Hamilton said. I heard a shout of several hellos from across the table and I smiled sheepishly. I wasn’t used to being seen.

“It’s nice to meet you all.” I replied. Phillip grabbed my hand and squeezed it under the table. I looked over at him and he was smiling nervously again. I gave him a squeeze back before he let go. Mr. Hamilton started talking about his day and the kids started getting in conversations of their own. I slowly took small amounts of food from each plate that was passed to me. I felt comfortable, just not comfortable enough to talk.

“Seriously Eliza, Burr is going to be the death of me. He has no regard for anyone’s opinion. He just believes everything should be done as neutrally as possible. He doesn’t even tell me why he doesn’t like my plans.” Mr. Hamilton huffed besides me. I felt Phillip tense next me while I held in my laughter, a hand quickly flew to my mouth as I suppressed myself. Mr. Hamilton turned to me and smiled. “I am afraid I haven’t caught your full name?”

“ Y/N Y/M/N Burr, sir.” I replied hesitantly. He dropped his fork on the plate in shock before quickly switching to confusion.

“I was under the impression Burr only had one daughter.”

“Not surprising, my father doesn’t talk about me often. Theo is the one he invites to his business events anyway.” I said, keeping a straight face. I am not gonna lie, that one hurt. I knew he didn’t talk to me and payed more attention to Theo but I assumed he at least included me as his child. Mr. Hamilton sat there shocked for a minute before Mrs. Hamilton intervened with raised eyebrows and quirked lips.

“So I heard you are skipping a grade. Didn’t you already skip your freshman year?” she asked.

“Yes, I have been taking quite a few college courses as well.” I said quietly. I wasn’t used to being asked questions. I gently flushed under their gazes.

“Phillip said your head of the debate club. Is there anything else you do outside of school?” She pressed. Mr. Hamilton leaned in.

“Ummmmm I uhhhh …” I stuttered with the onslaught of questions. No one was ever intrigued with me. Phillip rested his hand on my shoulder and I quickly found my voice again. “I am head of the school’s newspaper, I participate in cross country, the student ambassador program, science fair committee, and junior ROTC.” Mr. Hamilton sat there looking at me for a minute.

“Isn’t your sister a cheerleader?” He asked. I inwardly groaned but kept my neutral expression. Theo is such a likeable person, why would he not want to talk about her? I nodded my head yes and went to pick up my fork. “Then why the hell would he talk about her and not you?” Phillip and his mother began laughing. My eyes snapped up to meet his. He smiled widely with crinkles in the corners of his eyes. “You seem to be extremely focused and intelligent Y/N. I am a bit confused as to why I haven’t heard about you before.” I became confused as well. I wasn’t that impressive.

“It’s not really a big deal,” They all gave me weird and shocked looks. I quickly looked down at my plate. “I just mean, I could be doing more and doing it better too.” I glanced back up at them to find they were all sharing a look.

“I was wondering Y/N. Could you help me with an argument I am trying to make with this case I have been given? It has more to do with supreme court cases. I haven’t read to extensively on them but I guarantee you would know more about them.” Mr. Hamilton asked.

“Uhh-ummm … I could try my best, sir.” You respond quietly.

That started a slightly happier chapter of my life. I would spend half my time around the Hamilton house. Phillip would come over to my house on the nights after debate club so we could trash talk other people. When it was time for my senior year to start I felt like I had a proper family. Mr. Hamilton would talk to me and debate with me over politics. Mrs. Hamilton would suggest literature to me. Phillip’s siblings would ask for help with their homework. I stopped eating dinner alone and went to the Hamilton’s instead. They had practically insisted when they found out my family was never around.

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Unintentional Chapter Nine: No Strings

Chapter Summary: You head over to Jared’s place after Misha leaves you a crying mess on your floor. You open up about your past and make an important phone call.

A/N: PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS FOR THIS CHAPTER!!!!!!! And PLEASE feel free to message me if you have any concerns or just need to talk, this chapter does get a little dark for a bit.

Pairing(s): ????

Warnings: DISCUSSION OF RAPE. It is not described in great detail, Y/N talks about it as part of her past. Discussion of addiction, lots of tequila, implied smut.

Word Count: 2.4k


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You tried to keep yourself from hyperventilating but there was no stopping it as you sat there. Tears streaming down your face as you sobbed, the realization hitting you and making it even worse. You ignored the beep of the microwave, signaling that the popcorn was done. You tried to work yourself towards numbness, but you couldn’t. You fucked up, and now you were alone.


By the time you’d stopped crying, the blood on your face was completely dried and it was almost nine o’clock. The only thing that you knew was that you did not want to be alone anymore. You were nauseous from how upset you’d been and had you not been too scared to wake up alone, you would’ve passed out.

You finally cleaned up and changed before doing the only thing you could think of to do; you headed to the liquor store for a bottle of tequila and made your way over to Jared’s apartment. You knocked on his door nervously. You’d been here plenty of times before, so you weren’t nervous about that. You were nervous because you didn’t want to have to explain all that had just happened, and you knew that you’d probably have to.

You took a deep breath as he opened the door.

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college boy shawn {blurb}


He wasn’t like all the others. I didn’t know him very well but from what I’d seen this whole semester I could tell he didn’t party, get drunk every weekend, and hook up with every girl that would give him a chance. Although he looked like the type to partake in those activities, he wasn’t. He was taking school seriously, trying to graduate. Most days, I found him in the library. This is where I spent a majority of my days as well.

Every afternoon I would walk into the library quietly, trying not to disrupt anyone. He was always sitting at the same table with the same laptop and the same three books open. On this particular afternoon, my usual seat was taken. Not wanting to sit next to some stranger I’d never even seen before, I went over and sat next to the boy. I don’t know his name even though I see him almost every day.

“Hi, my name is Y/N. My usual seat is taken so is it okay if I sit beside you?” I asked. He looked up at me, bringing himself out of his state of concentration.

“Oh, yeah that’s fine. Let me move my stuff. My name is Shawn.” He said. He stuck out his hand for me to shake and I did, then moved his books to one side of the table, making room for me to study as well. We sat in silence for at least an hour, both engulfed in our homework that seemed to never end.

Sitting so much closer to him than before, I noticed his beautiful features. He was dorky, but definitely attractive. He had wavy dark brown hair and light skin. His eyes were a caramel color and were framed with long eyelashes that fluttered delicately. His lips were plump and, from what I could tell, he had a nice smile. When he became frustrated with his work, his brows would furrow together.

“Sorry to bother you, but I have this really important test tomorrow in chemistry so could you maybe quiz me over it?” Shawn asked.

“Sure!” I said. He handed me the sheet which he had been studying for a while. “What’s the chemical formula for acetate?”

“C2H3O2?” He said, unsure of his answer. I nodded my head and continued quizzing him. I was almost intimidated by how smart he was. He didn’t miss a question and I wondered if he actually needed to be quizzed or not. The studying turned into talking and we soon forgot we were in a library. We both laughed whenever someone glared at us for talking too loudly.

It became dark outside so I figured it was time to go back to my dorm. I stood up and said my goodbyes to Shawn.

“Wait, it’s getting pretty late. Let me walk you to your dorm. Just to be safe.” He said, his cheeks blotchy with red patches. I agreed and we walked together to my dorm, still carrying on our conversation. We were outside my dorm building after fifteen minutes of walking.

“I guess I’ll see you in the library tomorrow?” He asked.

“You know it.” I spoke. Unexpectedly, Shawn hugged me. Not a full-on embrace, but an awkward side hug. I smiled at the sweet gesture as I made my way to my room.

(dis)enchanting (chapter 1)

fandom: girl meets world 
ship: riley x lucas 
word count: 2,941
summary: in which lucas friar is invisible and spills all his secrets to an online anonymous best friend, jexica. and riley matthews is the most popular girl in school who feels most comfortable talking to an online cowboy. one night, the homecoming masquerade dance is about to change everything .// or the rucas cinderella story au that no one asked for.
notes: so….i’m starting a multi chaptered fic….let’s see how this goes. i’ve had this idea for a while, so here it is. please enjoy and let me know what you think!!! 

read on ao3 


“Lucas! Lucas! Were you listening to a word I was saying?” Isadora Smackle’s voice is loud and disruptive and it effectively snaps Lucas from his daze, and he focuses his attention back on his best friend, who’s staring at him with a cocked eyebrow and an annoyed look on her face. He grins sheepishly, knowing that he’d been caught.

“No, sorry, Smackle. You were talking about your chemistry class though, right?” Lucas takes a sip of his water, desperately trying to keep his eyes on his friend, and now the brunette girl three tables down from them. He watches Smackle roll her eyes, seemingly knowing exactly where Lucas’ attention was, but she didn’t comment.

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Not So Bad // Kim Taehyung


the prompts: you could do a taehyung fluffy/comedy scenario, please? i was thinking something like he goes to the hospital dressed like a clown and the girl get afraid of him and he’ll try to show her that clowns aren’t that bad (the girl will be older sister of one of the patients)

words: 1288

category: fluff

author note: this is a really unique and cute request but clowns are still highkey scary. I made a few small changes I hope you don’t mind; also for the sake of the story your little sister’s name is Tina bc it’s a cute name okay?

- destinee

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Moonlight Reign Ch.3

A/N: Heeeere it is at long last. I got AP exams and tests to take so it looks like it’ll be a solid month before I update anything again, gotta get my college stuff in order bleh, but I’d love it if y’all asked me questions and what not!

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Word Count: 2.4k

Chapter Summary: Yoongi gets answers, and it becomes time for you to say goodbye to someone

Warnings: Bones breaking, blood, violence, mention of panic attacks

You were silent the entire way home. Your brain was flushed with confusion, uncertainty, and a self-scolding voice that kicked in when you found yourself in situations like this.

“…Hoseok, he’s the guy who knocked you out,” Jin was explaining the people in the gang you had been roped into, “He’s a nice guy, really, he just is… protective,” You rolled your eyes, “Yoongi is the same way, he just really cares about this empire we got going,” Jin spoke and you noted the stark difference between Yoongi and the kingpins you were raised by, “I’m Jin, more of a corporate guy, but I can certainly throw down,” You broke a smile at his demeanor, and he noted that from the rearview mirror as he drove, Jungkook in the driver’s seat, “That about does it, I figured you should know, since you’re our nurse now.”

A nurse.

The playful nature in the car was wiped away at the reminder of all the events that went down today.

You were a fucking nurse now.

You were a fucking nurse again.


“And that’s how you do stitches, cool huh?” Your father spoke as he stitched up your leg, “It’s also a lesson on why you shouldn’t accept the challenges the underlings give you,” He grumbled, “It’s hard when the doctor is hurt.”

You giggled a bit, a 25-year-old underling bet a ten-year-old couldn’t land one slash in a knife fight, and you won with a total of 14 slashes to his one. Your father preferred you to nurse more than fight, but he was not one to completely stop you, “But I won,” You whined.

He sighed, “And just because I win chess, doesn’t mean I like giving up my queen.”

You nodded, “Why isn’t there a princess in chess?” You asked, constantly curious.

“Because the king would die before he would sacrifice her,” His lips twitched upward for a moment as he stood, “I’ll see you for dinner.”


“Y/n?” Jungkook flinched back as you were startled back into your shitty reality.


“We’re here, so did you need me to walk you-”

“What are you planning to do with Byungjoo?” You asked and Jin sighed, laying his forehead on the steering wheel.

“We can’t tell-”

“Are you going to kill him?” You choked out of your throat that seemed to be trying to let out a sob.

You were overwhelmed, to say the least. Your uncle sold you out, and now you’re in with a gang that is seeking the first man who broke your heart, your father, and you curse yourself for not wanting either shitty men to die. You wanted to cry. Crying used to make you feel so much better, but you never cried in front of people, so you were struggling to keep dry eyes.

Jungkook sighed, “Worse.”

You nodded, understanding that meant endless torture until he was begging to die. You clenched your fist as you recalled your own meeting with “worse”, “Jungkook, I need you to walk me to my place,” You whispered.

He huffed in response, “Why do I-”

“I am going to faint or go into a full-fledged panic attack, and I’d like to do that in the privacy of my home-”

You were cut off by Jungkook ripping you from your seat to the double doors of the complex.

Jungkook was well trained in your attacks since he was basically your only friend. Now he understood why certain things made you tick or freak out. Jungkook now understands why you were hyperventilating once upon seeing a man that looked like your uncle in a coffee shop, why you weren’t scared of gangs, because you had faced the scariest ones of that time, “Okay, breathe, 1, 2, 3, 4,” He whispered in your ear.

By now, he knew the general routine. He caught you if you passed out, set out water for you, put an ice pack on your forehead, and practice breathing with you until you told him to leave so you could cry with a sense of dignity. However, he didn’t know if he could help like that anymore if he’s part of the reason you’re in the state.


“Alright, Byungjoo, let’s get straight to it,” Yoongi paced in front of the man tied to the metal chair, plastic surrounding him in the room that made Byungjoo sweat, “Where is your beloved brother?” Yoongi inquired.

“He’ll kill me,” He whispered, defeated and Yoongi grabbed Byungjoo’s left ring finger, breaking it as he screeched.

Yoongi chuckled, “Not if I have you,” He spoke accurately, “You see, let me tell you a story, hm? Maybe that’ll wiggle an answer out of you,” He mused, “My parents were big technology buffs, did a lot of shady jobs, but for a big payout, you may know them, the Mins?” Byungjoo shuddered and began sobbing, as Yoongi snapped each finger on his right hand, “I was twelve when two men came into my house, and shot them, right in the head, sending a little girl with green hair to fetch me, she wore a face mask, but her eyes were so sympathetic, like she knew the situation well, and upon seeing a boy much older than her sobbing and trembling with fear, she took down her mask and mouthed the word, ‘run’ and I did, I ran and ran until I gathered up the resources to burn you to the ground,” Yoongi knelt down to eye level with Byungyeol, breaking another finger, “But you technically did that all on your own,” Yoongi chuckled as he looked at the broken man, “What a sad sight, wasted brawn and no brains, that’s what made it so easy to show the world what you and your slightly smarter brother have done.” With that, Yoongi snapped the remaining fingers like twigs.

“He’s…he's…” Byungjoo was coughing up blood after Yoongi struck his stomach, urging him to speak, “He’s at…”


“You can leave now,” You blanched, watching the news as the noticeably worried reporter offered more questions as to what exactly Bangtan will do tomorrow, and you wished to know the answers as well, “No? Not leaving?” No reply, “Then can I talk to Byungjoo before you kill him?”

You knew Byungjoo was weak, and you knew he gave up your father’s location before Bangtan so much as made him bleed, so he had little time to live, and despite a mutual distaste for each other, it was customary to bid him goodbye, as family.

Jungkook shuffled from behind the couch you sat on, “I never said we would-”

“Please,” You cut him off, looking into his eyes, playing into whatever care he had for you, and it was working, “I won’t try to kill him, I promise.”

“Fuck, y/n, you’re really putting me in a tight spot,” He cursed and tears welled in your eyes.

“Look at me, Jungkook,” You pleaded, and he saw a girl with tear stained cheeks and nothing but pain all over, “You put me here, now please, let me see my uncle one last time.”

“I can’t-”

“Call Yoongi,” Jin’s voice rang out from the door, “He’ll allow it.”

“Y/n, you just had an episode, shouldn’t you rest?” Jungkook seemed genuinely worried, but you shook your head, “Not until I talk to him.”

“I’ll call Yoongi, okay?” You nodded, “Just go and rest for a bit at least, you need to slow down,” Jungkook negotiated and you relented, going to your room to lay down.


“What?” Yoongi’s deep voice greeted as Jungkook gulped at his angry tone

“Y-Y/n, she wants to talk to her uncle before we…are done with him,” Jungkook sighed.

“Why did you tell-”

“She’s a mafia baby, not an idiot, come on,” Yoongi sighed this time, “She was freaking out earlier, and then suddenly she was begging to talk to him.”

“She’s just trying to cope it seems,” Yoongi observed, “Bring her over, I’m sure he’d be delighted to see her with all the nonsense he’s been babbling,” Yoongi looked over his shoulder to see a crying grown man hunched over.

“She did this… it’s her fault…”

“Yeah, he may snap before I can kill him myself, he seems to have never been tortured before,” Yoongi mused, “But I got what I wanted so tick tock goes the clock, I’d head here quickly, I already sent Namjoon and some guys to fetch tomorrow’s main event,” He looked at the clock, “Once I get Byungyeol, I have no reason to keep Byungjoo.”

“Hey, Min Yoongi!” Yoongi hung up as Jungkook cursed, “Y/n, let’s hurry, now,” He called out as you scrambled to get ready to leave.

You situated yourself in the car as you reviewed today’s events to steady your mind, “Min Yoongi, that’s his full name, right?” You asked and Jungkook almost swung his head on the dashboard.

“Way to go, Kook,” Jin chuckled, “Just tell her all our secrets.”

“He’s a world-known CEO screw you,” Jungkook seethed, “Besides she’s one of us now.”

Jin simply shrugged as you shuddered.

“Min,” You racked your brain through each Min you killed, or helped kill, searching for why it is you haven’t been dealt the same treatment, why you were given a job and not a death sentence, “How unbelievably common.”

“You okay?” Jin inquired upon hearing your mumbles.

You nodded, not bothering to keep track of where you were going, because you knew this would be the first of many times you would be encased in your new main headquarters, “Did I kill his family?” Jin shifted ever so slightly, “Nevermind, you can’t answer that.”

The building that the car halted in front of was grand, looking like another company building, and in a literal sense, it was. Decked with minimal windows and a white exterior, the interior was fairly refined and modern. Too remote to stumble across, but even with, no would expect so much blood has been shed in the establishment that the walls could bleed red and no one would be surprised.

At the entrance you could see little worker bees rushing, just like a corporate office, except they were decked in various types of garb, holding various illegal substance and firearms. They stuck out like a sore thumb, but that was because no one would ever bear the pain of noticing them, even then the land was under their corporation, making the establishment legal, unlike its inner workings.

You caught the eyes of several busy bees, most likely wondering if that was the new addition they heard about, “Doesn’t look like much,” You heard a few people mumble.

“Jimin has such a big mouth,” Jin cursed.

“Yes, I do,” Jimin concurred, walking towards you, “But when we have a legend as our pretty nurse, I can’t help it,” Jimin was like a siren, beautiful, tempting, and dangerous, and he was giving you eyes that looked like a cage, “Hello, sweetpea,” He may as well have been a wolf licking his lips at the sight of a red hood, “Follow me.”

“You go with Jimin, Jungkook and I have to do some work,” Jin patted your shoulder, and you concluded Jin was trust itself.

“Don’t be creepy,” Jungkook scowled at Jimin as he walked behind Jin.

“How is he doing?” You asked as Jimin led you to the soundproof basement.

“I thought you wanted him dead.”

“He deserves nothing less than a painful death,” You clarified, “But family is family, and believe it or not, my family had some certain customs, one of which is that we always say goodbye.”

“Why is that?”

“I wasn’t picked up until I was able to walk,” You stated, since when your infamous father took in an infant, it spread like wildfire, engulfing your existence into just a mafia baby,”I was raised to only help when they figure out how to do it themselves, but if one of us never figure out how to live correctly, we have to help them say goodbye,” You explained as Jimin tried to register the philosophy, “Shit ones or not, family is family, it’s the closest bond I’ve known.”

The basement was basically a prison with interrogation rooms that doubled as torture rooms. However, the color scheme was white, like a mental institution. How cryptically perfect.

Jimin led you down the never ending hallway, and opened a door to reveal a spectator area from a one-way mirror and in front of the mirror was Byungjoo, beaten, broken, and humiliated for the first time in his life. Yoongi was standing, watching him, “He’s really lost it,” He mused, “He’s gonna be dead when Namjoon gets here or when he does something I don’t like, whichever comes first.”

“You found my father?” Yoongi took note of your mixed feelings and simply nodded.

Yoongi went to open the door to your uncle, “Be careful, he has no binding on him anymore, and I told him why he’s here,” He warned and found himself amused by your quirked eyebrow as your question died in your throat when he opened the door and closed it behind you.

Yoongi watched through the window as you stood in front of your uncle, “Byungjoo,” Your voice was firm, “I’ve come to say goodbye,” Your voice shook as you watched your broken uncle and cursed yourself for feeling bad. Sure, you were ready to kill him, but your weakness was your empathy and he was utterly pitiful now.

“I’m gonna die?” He asked, throat dry. His pure confusion was almost heartbreaking.

You swallowed, nodding, “They found father, we’re done, Byungjoo, for real this time.”

“You did this,” His voice was hoarse.


“YOU LET HIM LIVE!” Byungjoo was now the one to dive at you, hand encasing around your neck as you hit the mirror glass hard with the back of your head, alarming Yoongi and Jimin who were encased within their mindless chatter.

Byungjoo showed no signs of letting up as he squeezed your neck with a vengeance, “NOT ONLY DID YOU SHOW YOUR FACE YOU LET HIM GO!”

Yoongi gripped the gun in his hand, which Jimin took notice of, “Wait, I thought you weren’t going to kill him until he met with Byungyeol,” Jimin reminded Yoongi.

The leader stared at the scene before him, his blood unintentionally boiling, “Well, he’s doing something I don’t quite like.”

Your vision was becoming spotty as Yoongi and Jimin came running in, and you now knew why Yoongi was letting you live; you did the same for him, “By-Byunjoo-” You tried to reason with him before taking force, when he only squeezed harder, you kneed him in the stomach as Yoongi saw the chance to pull the husky man off of you. However, Byungjoo kept his grip, slamming your head into the ground you had slipped down to repeatedly, making the last thing you saw before you passed out was Byungjoo being shot in the head, the blood spraying onto your face.