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*rubs eyes* can you write analogical fluff

**Of course! I had to sneak awa and hide in the bathroom to write this, don’t tell anyone 😉**

Anxiety stared at he chalkboard in front of him, reading over the words for the fifteen trillionth time.

“I think this should be enough…. But-” He erased a line and grabbed the white chalk, rewriting what had once been there neater and cleaner.

“Alright, now I should find-”

“Ann?” He jumped at the sound of his Lovers voice, and scrambled to shove the chalkboard into the other room when hr heard the front door close.

“Logan, you’re home early!”

“Yes, well when my boss found out it was our five year anniversary he gave me the day off,” He poked his head through the doorway and grinned at Ann, “So, I decided to surprise you!”

He frowned when he took in the state of Anxiety, “What have you been doing all day?”

Anxiety looked down at his clothes and he couldn’t help but chuckle at his appearance.

He had thrown his clothes on half-hazardly this morning, meaning he was wearing a pair of sweat pants, and his shirt was inside out. He was covered with chalk dust, and he could only imagine how much chalk was in his hair.

Logic walks forward and pet Anxiety’s insane hair from his eyes.

“Is this chalk dust?” Logan ruffled Anxiety’s hair, making him smile, “we don’t have chalk.”

“Well,” Ann dragged out the word, and went to the hall, pulling the large chalkboard he had bought, into the room.

Logics eyes widened as he took in the long, complex math problem.

“What is this?” His eyes were already roaming the long complicated problem.

“Battle of the wits,” Anxiety hugged him from behind, kissing him directly under his ear, “Let’s see if you can figure it out.”

Three hours.

It took Logic three hours to solve the problem, and it brought Anxiety unbridled joy.

This was why Anxiety was the math major, and Logic was the English.

In three hours, Anxiety had gotten cleaned up, made dinner, and had two glasses of wine, as well as offering one to Logic.

Ann, was smirking, Logic was close to solving the true message behind the proble-

“I got it!”

He turned to Ann proudly, and Anxiety stood and kissed him softly.

“What does it say?” He whispered, hugging Lo from behind.

“It says,” Anxiety slipped away from his boyfriend, “ ‘Logic, will you marry-” He cut off, and Anxiety heard the audible gasp escaping his lips.

Logic turned slowly, seeing Anxiety kneeling on the floor with a sapphire case in hand, the lid popped up to reveal a silver band inlaid with navy diamonds.


Logic was on his knees in the next second, holding Anxiety close and kissing him firmly on his lips.

“Yes,” he whispered before kissing him over and over again, “Yes, yes- oh my- Ann.”

Anxiety slipped the ring onto his Fiancé’s finger, and kissed the band.

“Happy Anniversary.”

Eyeshadow Part 3

A/N: Part 1, Part 2, read on ao3

Here’s part three because everyone needs three chapters in 24 hours. There’s more angst here >:)

There will be another part after this I promise.

Roman had accused him of hating the others. How could he ever hate them? He loved Roman. Not that he would ever say anything. Not that Roman would ever feel the same. Why would he. Roman was a literal prince and he was just Anxiety. Just the monster that kept Thomas up at night, bothering him with ideas of things in closets and under the bed when he was the real monster. All he ever did was ruin everyone’s day.

Stupid foolish Roman. Of course Anxiety would get confused. Nobody had ever shown him even the slightest amount of care. A random gift out on nowhere? Of course he didn’t believe it. He himself had even joked about ‘slaying the monster.’ The monster being Anxiety of course. How had he never thought about how that might feel from Anxiety’s point of view.

The moment Roman got inside his room he shut the door and flopped into his bed, flying back through every memory where he had cast Anxiety aside and claimed all the glory for himself. How could he have done that? What sort of prince was he, to hurt those he claimed to defend?

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December birthday (part two)

Originally posted by imsteelgirl

“How long are you giving me the silent treatment for then?” Harry sighed mid-story. When I had woken up on the sofa (with a pain in my neck and cold toes from being too tall for the seat), I could hear Harry rattling around in the kitchen as he hummed along to the song playing on the radio.

After finding the energy to lift my head from the cushion, I shuffled in to get a glass of water and some paracetamol and ignored his ‘good morning’ greeting, deciding instead to sit myself down at the table and busy myself with replying to Poppy’s messages.

“’m not giving you the silent treatment.” I eyed him. “I just have nothing to say to you.”

“Love,” He sighed, setting down the dishcloth he had in his hand and moving to pull out the chair opposite me on the table. “How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?”

“You don’t.”

“You know I didn’t do it purpose, I have your present wrapped up n’ everything.” He continued. “jus’ got the dates mixed up.”

“I don’t want any presents, Harry.” I snapped, finally looking up at him. “All I wanted was to have you for one day. You couldn’t even fit me into your busy schedule for one day.”

“Hey, c’mon now, it’s not like that!” He protested gently, brows furrowing at the thought.

“Yes it is! That’s exactly how it is!” My voice had raised now out of frustration but I couldn’t hold it back any longer. “This isn’t just about my birthday, you haven’t been with me for weeks now.” I shook my head and looked down at my fingers as a means of distraction. “There’s always something more important- whether it’s a meal out or a quiet night in and now even my birthday, I just don’t feel like I-“ I took a deep, shuddering breath as I found a way to word my next sentence.

“Like you what?”

“I don’t feel like I mean as much to you as you do to me.” His face fell when I said it and it broke my heart to see him look so sad, but it was the truth. “And that’s ok, I can’t force you to- just don’t keep leading me on.”

With that said, I quickly stood up from the table, placed my glass in the sink and made my way upstairs for a shower. Harry didn’t move or make an attempt to respond to me- which I was glad for, because I wasn’t sure I had much more to say to him.

Once I was showered and dressed, I grabbed my coat and keys and made my way downstairs. The radio was no longer on and Harry wasn’t humming to himself as he normally would but I knew he was still here because I could hear the light clatter of the cutlery against his plate as he ate silently and alone.

It broke my heart to think that he may have set out a plate for me, hoping I’d come join him and it took eveything in me to not peek round and check; because I knew that if I discovered he had, I would have forgotten that I was left on my own yesterday and would have dropped everything to be with him. So, instead, I slipped on my shoes and left the house without another word.


After the events of the past 48 hours, I found it strange that all I wanted was to have a day on my own; and in between getting a few groceries, walking round Hyde park and sitting alone in a small coffee shop, I had time to think about everything over the past few months.

There was that feeling of guilt floating around inside me, for being so harsh and unforgiving with Harry but it wasn’t him forgetting my birthday that made me so upset- it was the fact that he spent so little time with me recently that I felt like nothing more than a burden when we did have any time together and him forgetting when my birthday was after years of making it so special, made me wonder if he even cared anymore.

From: Harry 14:20pm

Hope you’re enjoying your day wherever you are but I have something planned for you if you can come home this evening? If you don’t want to I understand but Iet me know xx


From: Harry 14:21pm

I love you xx

To: Harry 14:34

 I’ll be home around six.



True to my word, I arrived home at six o’clock and was met with a darkened house- the only sign that Harry was home was the dim light I could see through the living room window which was most likely a candle.

As I stepped through the door and set my keys in the dish on the shelf, I found what looked like a homemade cinema ticket- with Harry’s messy handwriting scrawled across it.



For the first time since yesterday morning, I felt a smile tug at my lips. Without having to look, I felt his presence in front of me and I kept my gaze on the homemade ticket as I spoke.

“What’s all this?” I gave him a tiny smile as I looked up to see him look as nervous as I had ever seen him before.

“November 18th.” He cleared his throat and I looked at him with a confused expression. “The night we were supposed to go to the cinema together and I cancelled because I was stupid enough to think that a drink with my mates was more important.”

“Harry, that was no big deal.” I laughed softly. “I’m not gona hold a grudge with you because I didn’t get to see a movie.”

“No.” He shook his head, silencing me. “’s not the point, I shouldn’t have let you down.”


“Alright, so will you come to the ‘cinema’ with me or not?” He tried his best to sound confident as he changed the subject but I could see in his eyes that he was nervous.

“Is there popcorn?”


“Well then I guess I might go.” I smiled.

“Before popcorn, we have chinese for that lazy night in we missed on 30th October.” He began, clapping his hands together as he led his way into the living room- where I found a mountain of blankets, chinese food on the coffee table, the movie title playing on the tv and a bowl of popcorn sitting next to the remote.

“Harry, this is really thoughtful.” My heart was melting at how much effort he had put it- it wasn’t what I expected to get off him at all.

“And,” He called from the kitchen. “Prosecco for that night of Joanne and Dean’s wedding, when I left you in the room alone with the bottle of prosecco we were supposed to share.”

“You didn’t have to do this, I wasn’t bitter aboout those things, H.” I said and I genuinely meant it from the bottom of my heart.

“I know you weren’t, but you had every right to be.” He sounded nothing less than  disappointed in himself. “I know I’ve been a pretty shit boyfriend the past while-”

“You haven’t, it was just-“

“I have.” He shook his head. “I have been. I’ve been putting everyone else before you and you’ve never once complained. I know you must think you don’t mean much to me but you’re so wrong- you’re everything to me and I’m so lucky to have you.”

“Ok, now you’re sounding cheesy.” I laughed.

“I know, I know.” He chuckled with me. “But basically I just wanted to say sorry for everything and, starting tonight, I’ll make it up to you if you’ll forgive me.”

I pretended to think for a few seconds but couldn’t take the look of anxiousness in his eyes any longer.

“Of course I will you cheeseball.”

Apartment AUs to consider
  • The pet bird that you have overlooking your balcony shit talks me whenever I go out on my own balcony.
  • Please do something about your cat it keeps breaking into my apartment via the windows and I don’t know how. Plus it knows how to open fridges.
  • Look I know that life is difficult and we all have ways to cope but do you really have to do so with loud Dupstep music  at 3 in the morning? (Bonus points if the dubstep listener is the cute/tiny one)
  • Every time you cook you set off the smoke alarm so you know what I’m just going to teach you how to cook.
  • I found you passed out in front of my door so I just dragged you into my home and put you on the couch please don’t scream.
  • I don’t know if you know this but I can hear you singing anime theme songs in the shower every morning and I like almost all the shows you watch.
  • Wow my pet snake looks so cute this morning and I’d be even happier if I actually had a pet snake.
  • My apartment key apparently also works on your apartment door? (Also I accidentally let your cat out.)
  • We both have 3DSs’s and Street pass each other every day and have conversation using the personal message feature (and sometimes we play games together)
  • You sleepwalk a lot and sometimes you knock on my door so I have to lead you back to your apartment.
  • You took the last of my favorite snack from the vending machine next to our apartment. Battle me in Pokemon for it?
  • Someone keeps printing out cute cat pictures/messages on my wireless printer and I’m determined to find out whom.

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Hey hey hey!! Could I get KuroKen with Kuro helping Kenma through a panic attack or a depressive episode??

Unknown Number

Kenma could feel himself shaking long before he managed to find an empty stall. But the real panic only started to set in in full force as he slumped against the wall, sliding into a sitting position and wrapping his arms around his knees– shuddering, shallow breaths and the blurred lines of the stall door, the wall, the toilet next to him, the crush of anxiety on his chest forcing the air out of his lungs, disconnecting him from his surroundings. It seemed as though he was looking at everything through the wrong end of a smudged telescope, but even more sickening was the cold familiarity of the feeling.

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Wildthing pt 3 (Fenrin/Astrys fic)

Welcome to the third and final (and smutty) installment of my Fenrin/Astrys fic Wildthing! Part 1 is HERE! Part 2 is HERE! This ties into my Elorcan fic “It’d Been Three Weeks” and with my Manorian fic “The Beloved One” - but this should all make sense even if you haven’t read those!

[Wildthing Part 3]

The next day, Fenrys found himself volunteering to help nail down the supply house windows on the edge of town. Lorcan and Dorian were on the far side of one of the buildings. He took the opportunity to find an excuse to help Elide.

As soon as he handed her a nail, she stopped and looked at him.

“What do you want, Fenrys?” she said.

“Why do you assume I want something?” She cocked her head and eyed him. “Fine,” he said. “I need help. Advice.”

“Advice?” she said. He rolled his eyes.

“About women.” Elide threw her head back and laughed. And laughed and laughed. Fenrys worked a muscle in his jaw.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped. “It’s just–could you say that one more time. I’m not sure I heard you.”

He would not. So he said, “Yes, it’s hilarious. Almost as hilarious as you blacking out the first time Lori went down on you.”

That got her attention. He smirked. She hated when he brought that up, and when he used the pet name she reserved for Lorcan when they were in bed together.

“Fainted,” she spat. “I fainted.”

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Uhm I saw you were taking requests and wanted to see how the mfw guys would react to figuring out the mc is pregnant when she's too embarrassed to tell them

Alrighty here we go!

You crouch in front of the toilet, feeling your morning sickness come up your throat. No matter what way you looked at it, the truth was that you were pregnant.
And you weren’t looking forward to letting Ren find out.
Unfortunately for you, he’d find out sooner than you’d like.
As you throw up some more, you hear the front door open to your apartment, and freeze when you hear your husbands voice.
“Hey Y/N, I forgot my gratin…” Rens voice faltered when he heard you throw up again. He ran to the bathroom, and found you slumped against the toilet.
“You’re supposed to be at the lab.” You mumble, clutching at your stomach.
“Are you okay? Should I call a doctor? I’ll get you to the hospital…” Rens frantic worries got to your head, so you interrupted him.
“I’m not sick…” you sighed, staring at the floor while the blood rushes to your cheeks.
“But you were throwing up just now…” Ren trailed off worriedly. He noticed your hands resting on the small bump on your stomach. Carefully, he places his hands over your stomach too.
“Y/N, are you… pregnant?” Rens asked. You nodded your head.
“I didn’t know how to tell you, or how you would react, or…” you frowned, flushing a deep red. Ren laughed and held you tightly.
“I couldn’t be more happier, silly.” Ren whispered into your ear, keeping one hand on your stomach.

“What do you mean, you want to go out for sushi again?” Yamato asks you with a frown.
“I just want some, okay?” You say, wondering if there was a better way to hide your cravings.
“Sheesh, what crawled up your butt?” Yamato grumbles quietly, but nevertheless grabs his coat and your hand. “Besides, you’ve never liked sushi this much before.”
“My likes can change.” You inform Yamato as you walk down the street together to the nearby sushi restaurant.
“We’ve had sushi everyday for two weeks!” Yamato protests. This is why you have hesitated to tell him about your pregnancy. What if he had a short outburst? If he left you? The thought alone was enough to keep you quiet.
“It’s healthy for you.” You say.
“I offer to cook my wife a homemade dinner, but she drags me out to a sushi place. You’re one of a kind, Pouty.” Yamato says, shaking his head.
The two of you get to the restaurant together, him holding the door open for you despite you annoying him. The gesture sends your heart a flutter, but the kick in your stomach reminds you to stand your ground and keep your silence.
As the two of you sit down at your regular table, a waitress comes up and hands you each a menu.
“Back again so soon?” The waitress asks.
“My wife loves this place.” Yamato says, as if he can’t figure out why.
“Isn’t it obvious? She’s glowing!” The waitress exclaims, beaming at you and Yamato. “You must be so happy together!”
“What does that mean?” Yamato asks you. “Is that some silly girl code I don’t know about?”
“Your husband’s quite the joker.” The waitress asks. You watch in horror as the waitress says her next words, “As if her husband wouldn’t know she’s pregnant!”
Yamato stares at you in shock as the waitress leaves you. Finally he says, “Guess that explains your cravings for sushi, huh.”
“Go on, yell at me.” You say, feeling embarrassed that he found out this way.
“Yell at you? Sheesh Pouty, do you need me to spell it out for you?” Yamato says, a rough grin on his face. He takes your hands in his. “We’re gonna be a family, and it’ll be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Well, second to best.” Yamato says. You frown.
“And what would be the first?” You demand. He rolls his eyes.
“Isn’t it obvious? The first would be meeting you.” Yamato blushes.

You slip on the baggiest shirt you own. To be honest, it isn’t even yours. You wear a burrowed sweatshirt from Saeki. But it’s enough to hide the small bump forming on your stomach.
“Honey, I’m home!” Saeki yells in the front doorway. You walk up to him.
“Hey.” You smile at him. He frowns at your clothes.
“Normally, you wearing my clothes would be sexy, but this old sweater…?” Saeki smirks, pulling you close. You smack his shoulder.
“You’re hilarious Takamasa.” You say dryly.
He starts to take off his coat, and he drapes it over your shoulders. “If you’re cold Honey, I could warm you right up…” Saeki whispers in your ear, causing you to roll your eyes. You shrug off his coat.
“I’m not cold.” You say, and the two of you curl up on the couch together.
“Lately you’ve been wearing lots of baggy clothes.” Saeki notes, causing your heart to race. “You should take them off. All off.”
“What, you pregnant or something?” He teases you, but you feel yourself going red. You bite your lip as realization dawns on his face. “Wait, Honey…?”
You don’t respond. Instead, you hide your blushing face in Saekis shoulder. He pulls you closer to him, and whispers, “ Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
“It’s embarrassing.” You mumble into his shoulder.
Hugging you tightly, he says, “No, Y/N. This is amazing.”

Takao came home to find you in a wreck. Tissue boxes were strewn across the floor, and chairs had been flipped.
“Y/N?” Takao calls out timidly. You sit in front of the television, watching The Fault In Our Stars.
“I don’t want to live anymore!” You wail at the television, feeling your hormones go all over the place. Takao sits beside you carefully.
“It’s just a movie…” Takao smiles, trying to comfort you. Unfortunately for him, that was the wrong answer.
“Just a movie? Just a movie?!” You holler at him. “You don’t understand! They were soulmates!” And with that, you begin to cry again, wishing you could just stop. Damn hormones.
“Come on, I’ll make you a smoothie!” Takao says, looking startled by your outburst. You glare at him.
“I don’t want a smoothie! That’ll just make me look even fatter!” You snap at him.
“You’re not fat.” Takao says firmly. But the damage is done. “Wait, fatter? As in… pregnant?”
Crap. You never planned on telling him. At least, not when you were crying over a movie.
Not knowing what to do, you burst into tears again. “My stomach is blowing up, and it’s all your fault!”
“Hey, hey Y/N. It’s alright. You’re alright.” Then you see his ecstatic grin. “We’re gonna be a family.”

“Mom, I’m so scared. And embarrassed. I don’t know what to do.” You tell your mother. She has surprised you by showing up to dinner at Yuta’s home. Immediately, you tell her about how your pregnant, and your hesitations to tell Yuta.
“Don’t you love him?” Your mom asks you.
“Of course I do.” You say.
“Then it’ll all work out. Trust me.” Your mother tries her best to reassure you.
Unluckily for the two of you, neither of you realized that Yuta had been standing silently behind the closed door, while you were in the bedroom with your mom. He quietly sneaks away, planning a surprise for you.
Soon, the three of you sit down to dinner, cooked by you and your mom.
Yuta smiles at your mom. “It’s so nice to see you again.”
“The pleasure is mine. You have such a lovely home here with Y/N.” Your mother replies. Yuta nods, looking serious.
“I like it too. Very roomy. I was thinking of getting a dog.” Yuta says casually, sneaking a glance at you.
“You can’t get a dog.” You instantly say, thinking of the baby growing inside you.
“Maybe a few fish then.” Yuta says. You squint at him, unable to read his thoughts.
“I don’t think we can own a pet right now.” You protest.
“I think it’s the perfect time. In fact, I was thinking of taking you to the pet store. We could pick one out together!” Yuta grins childishly. “Come on, Y/N!” He gestures for me and my mother to follow, and we reluctantly follow after him.
As we drive in the car, we stop in a park.
“Yuta, what are we doing here?” You ask your husband.
“I had to get you out of the house. And the park has nice lighting.” Yuta smiles, handing your mother a camera. “Would you take a photo of us?”
Your mother takes the camera, looking confused. You glance at Yuta. “Perfect lighting for what?”
“Our first family photo!” Yuta beams, placing his hands on your stomach. “No matter who comes into our life, were always gonna come out together. And I can’t wait to start a family with you.”

“Y/N! It’s garbage day!” Kuni yells out, but he is met with silence.
Shaking his head, he goes into the bathroom and empties out the trash bin.
As he’s doing so, a small hard thing falls to the floor. As he prepared to throw it into the trash, he stops when he realizes what it is.
A pregnancy test. A positive pregnancy test.
“Kuni?” You yell from the bedroom, just waking up from a nap. The baby has been tiring you out lately.
“I’ll be out in a second!” Kuni yells back, and you hear the front door shut. You had nearly forgotten it was garbage day.
You blush at your forgetfulness. If you couldn’t even remember to be a good wife and help with chores, how could you ever be a good mother? It was embarrassing to tell Kuni that you’re pregnant. You would never be a good mother.
You lay in bed, rubbing your stomach waiting for Kuni to come back. Finally, he opens the bedroom door and falls into bed with you.
Pulling you close, he says to you, “A little birdie told me you’re pregnant.” Kuni says, holding you tightly. You feel your face burn.
“What a nosy bird.” You mumble.
“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Kuni asks, sounding a little hurt.
“Because I’ll never make a good mother.” You sigh sadly. “Lately I’ve been so forgetful of everything.”
“That’s it?” Kuni asks, sounding surprised.
“Go ahead, laugh at me.” You sigh.
“You’re so silly, you know that?” Kuni laughs, kissing the top of your head. “You’ll be the best mother. And you won’t be alone. I’ll be there for you every step of the way, because I love you.”


I am sorry that Kuni’s sucked, I had no idea what to put for him 😂


Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: super flirty reader who embarasses Reid, until one day he flirts back and shocks/flusters the reader

Words: 841

A/N: I usually write in the 2nd person for reader fics, but I thought I would try 1st person this time. Can’t decide which I like best yet. Thanks to the anon who sent this request! Enjoy!

I look up from my work to the sound of Morgan greeting Spencer as he walks into the bullpen. Once I see him, I know why Morgan is making such a fuss: Spencer had gotten a new, rather flattering haircut.

Jumping up, I run over to touch his shorter strands as Spencer sits down at his desk.

“Wow, this is a great look on you Spence! Derek may have to come up with a new nickname for you. I don’t think Pretty Boy quite covers it anymore!” As I stand behind him, continuing to run my fingers through his hair, his face flushes crimson. I can’t help but flirt with him; that adorable blush is worth it every time. He tries to hide his face by reaching into his bag to retrieve case files, but I know him all too well.

“Aw, Spencer, don’t be embarrassed. You look amazing. Honestly, we’re going to have to find you a lady soon to give myself a reason to keep my hands off you!” I wink at him on my way back to my desk. He really does make it too easy to get him flustered, and I love it.

“Good morning Spencer!” I cheerfully call as he walks in the door a few days later. I meet him at his desk, planting myself on top of it, sitting criss-cross right in front of what I knew was his stack of work for the day. “So, I was scrolling through the internet last night and I found something I think you’ll appreciate.  Are you ready for this?”

He looks up at me and nods, gracing me with one of those grins that shows all his teeth and never fails to brighten the room.

I adjust myself so that I’m leaning towards him, ready to deliver my line and say, “If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.” I wink to finish my pick up line and sit back to watch his reaction. I start to smile at my success as his grin turns into laughter, coupled with a just hint of that blush I so loved to elicit from him.

“That’s a good line. Not quite what you need to get me to really blush, though. I know that’s your usual goal.” He smiles at the look of determination on my face. It seems that he’s suggesting a challenge, and I never was one to back down from a challenge.

“Alright, here’s another one.” I get closer to his face, uncrossing my legs and letting them hang over the desk, shins brushing his thighs, hoping the proximity will help me in my quest to leave him speechless. “If I was an enzyme, I’d be helicase so I could unzip your genes.”

Immediately his face flushes, and he looks down, unsure what to do with his arms now that my legs are touching the places on which he usually wipes his hands at times like this.

“Ah, come on, Spence. I thought you were trying to give me a challenge! It’s too easy!” I laugh, hopping off his desk and moving toward my own. Little did I know, I would soon be getting a taste of my own medicine.

The next morning, I walk into work, surprised to see that Spencer is already at his desk. I walk straight to the coffee pot after dropping my bag at my desk, desperately in need of caffeine. As I start to pour, I feel someone come up behind me putting their hands on my shoulders. Startled, I set down the coffee pot, turning slightly to the left to see Spencer as he leans in to softly speak in my ear.

“I did some research of my own last night,” he says, sending shivers down my spine at the feeling of his breath on my neck. “You know, sometimes, I like to go outside at night and look the stars.” He moves to my other ear before continuing, “But tonight, I’d like to study your heavenly body instead.”

I freeze in shock, feeling my face flush and the tips of my ears burn. Spencer Reid, the very person I cause to blush on an almost daily basis has turned the tables and left ME speechless. Spencer walks away as the rest of the team arrives, leaving me standing there, still clutching my mug in one hand and the coffee pot in the other.

“Um, Y/N?” I jump at Morgan’s voice, pulling me back to reality. “Are you actually getting coffee, or did you fall asleep standing up?” He laughs and takes the pot from me, filling my mug the rest of the way before getting his own out of the cabinet. “I better make another pot if you’re going to be this zoned out today.”

Still unable to speak, I give Morgan a small smile and turn to head back to my desk, noticing Spencer chatting normally with JJ and Garcia. Our eyes lock as I pass by and he winks at me, mouthing one word: “payback.”

The Riley Diaries Pt5

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: I am actually really happy with this part! And with the header I made for the story. The pig mud run idea came from Austin & Ally, I don’t know if it’s even relevant, I just went with it .. it is probably not accurate,so if any of you is from Texas, I am sorry- I am not trying to take away from your traditions or something like that :) Anyway,I really hope you like this.
Enjoy xo

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15 Part16 Part17 Part18 Part19


“We are leaving, honey. Call anytime if there’s something wrong, okay?”

My mother placed a kiss on my head and put her hands on my shoulders waiting for an answer.

“Yes, mom. I know how to take care of myself and you will be gone for one night, it’s not like the end of the world.”

It kind of was for me, because ever since that party, I am afraid to be alone at night. But I kept that to myself and now I will have to figure out a way to get through today.

“Okay, we are only a 3 hour drive away, so for anything.” My father mimicked a phone call and I laughed a little.

“Just go already, I am a big girl.”

I hugged them both tightly and let go with a smile. I could tell they were nervous to leave me alone but now we live closer to my grandparents and we haven’t seen them in what feels like ages. And it’s the weekend so we could finally go visit. But I lied about having a cheer practice and said I had to stay. I love my family a lot, but they can be suffocating at times and I needed some me time. My parents got out of the door and when I heard the engine starting, I sighed. Maybe I should go for a run, that way it will be sort of a practice and my words wouldn’t be a complete lie. After putting on my sports bra and running shorts, a knock on the door stopped me from entering the kitchen for my water bottle. I shook my head laughing and went to the door to answer it.

“The excuse that you forgot your daughter does not work if the daughter actually decided to stay on her own.” I said as I was opening the door and to my surprise, I found a familiar blonde boy standing on my front porch rocking back and forth casually.

“Hi,” he flashed that perfect smile of his, “I am sorry if it’s early.”

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I Can’t Find My Cat

Request: Prompt number 2 with Peter Parker CA:CW? Thank youuuuu! 😘

Prompt: “I know it’s 3 in the morning, but I can’t find my cat”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Author’s note: y/c/n means your cat’s name

Peter was woken up by a light tapping on his window.

“Peter, open up. I need your help.” Peter jumped out of bed when he heard how worried you sounded. He rushed to the window and opened it up.

“Y/n, what are you doing here?” 

You climbed in and began to pace around Peter’s small room and said, “I know it’s 3 in the morning, but I can’t find my cat. Can you help me?”

“That’s what you risked waking up Aunt May for? She’d kill you if she found out you climbed up 6 stories to find me, and then she’d kill me for letting you.” This caused you to stop pacing around the tiny room and you looked Peter in the eyes.

You crossed your arms across your chest and said, “Are you going to help me or not?”

“Of course I will, just let me get changed and then we can leave” , Peter sighed and added, “through the front door.” You smiled and sat down on his bed and waited for him to get his clothes on.  When he was done the two of you headed out.

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Neighbourhood Watch: An Olicity Fanfic

Based off my post wondering if there’s a group that gathers to watch Oliver as he goes for his morning runs.

(Because I would be first in line)

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Enjoy :) and let me know what you think.

Maria Reynolds found herself looking up at the clock on the stove periodically, as she tried to focus on making the ham and cheese sandwich for her daughter’s lunch.

6:56 AM

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