look what i bought today! :d


Aaaayyy, look what I got today! My first Robbie MacNiven novel, bought in person from Barnes and Nobles, and currently being read at a nearby Japanese restaurant ;D

Huzzah! This is the first pic I’ve had of it in the wild! Hope you enjoy! ~ Robbie

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HELP! I just bought my first digital art tablet today and I'm lost! There are so many programmes for photoshop alone, I don't know what to do! Please help!

i’d say go for photoshop CS5+!

that’s what i use! and have used for forever. i haven’t looked into a ton of alternatives as to not bog my computer down with experiments. i know there’re quite a few artists who follow me who have some alternatives (i’m somewhat medicated rn so my brain is really scraping to think of some i apologize) so if you know some good starter programs, feel free to share!

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I thought, “Oh God, what’s wrong with your skin!?”, but then I realised there was a layer of plastic covering it.

it’s weird, right!? i haven’t gotten a tattoo in like, over a year, and this shop offered a really fast way that heals tattoos and i thought they were lying??? like i didn’t believe them at all???? and i referred to it as black magic

what you see is a saniderm tattoo bandage! so far it’s great but it is making my skin break out quite a bit. i’ll show another pic once everything is all healed up!

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Omg, I love Nightwing!! I was so excited when I saw your drawing :D Does Matt want to get a Nightwing role? That would be awesome :p

thanks!! a bunch of my friends just pointed out that he would KICK ASS in that role. while he is a great doctor priest on GH, dude is a pure, ripped hug monster that i’d love to see in a role like that ;u;

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I love the hair from #MattForNightWing! Look at the form! And the color! And the shade! It looks awesome! HOW did you do the little blue uhhh stripes..? :D

thanks so much!! i actually drew them in on one side in their own layer, duplicated that layer and then mirrored it. i combined all of the line layers and then made little minor tweaks to either side to make it a little less precise 

Haha’ I was feeling good about my look today (maybe bc I bought a new par of boots… lol). So I decided to draw it ;3 lol

I don’t think you guys can read what it’s on my tshirt but it’s written “don’t take candies from strangers”. lol

ALSO thank you all for the 300+ followers!! =‘D Haha’ now I oficially have more followers than my main blog xD

Playing with your daughter (BTS)

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Namjoon: -he woke her up in the morning so they could play on the game station you in the living room. It wasn’t played often because Y/D/N knew it was something only her and dad played when then there was free time. So the days off he’d wake her up with a bright smile- “Rise and shine Y/D/N. Appa’s got a day planned of junk food and Playstation. So come on and get up!”

Jin: -they played with lots of makeup, he bought her a whole set of it because what really could a 4 year old do other than make a huge mess with it. So he let her do his makeup and he’d do her’s. It was a cute little thing they did on his day off- “you look so pretty babygirl, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with mine today”

Suga: -he’d watch her play basically, her little body would move as fast as it could to get to one side of the room to the other. Until she feel and kinda sat there with a blank look and he’d wait for the tears. But she’d just stand up and repeat the process- “how are you so impervious to everything Y/D/N I’m jealous”

J-Hope: -they ended up playing around in your closet, Y/D/N and him decided to have a fashion show with your clothing. He’d sit on the bed the two of you shared as she stayed in the closet to change into something of your’s. He loved it and he’d always let out a little giggle from the bagginess of the clothing on her body- “looking good Y/D/N, you look just like your mother”

Jimin: -he wasn’t one to play but she always made it impossible to say no. Everything cute you could think of she’d pull on him to get him to play because she knew just how he worked- “please Y/D/N stop with the faces alright. We’ll play if you stop”

V: -he loved when your daughter wanted to play it would usually be football(soccer), throw a baseball, or play tag but today he was asked to play princesses with her. It was one of the most girliest things she’s ever asked him to play, so it was a shock for him- “really? Since when did you like princesses? But I mean sure we can baby anything you like”

Jungkook: -you couldn’t play much with an infant so Jungkook took up reading to her instead. Y/D/N would watch him as he read to her, some little storybook that lined the shelf of the bookcase beside her crib. By the time he finished the story she would be asleep and he put the book away and look into her crib.- “good night princess, appa loves you lots”

oh oh oh you know what made me smile today!!!!! I was sorting out racks of clothes and it was around the time school finished and I’d been at work for like 6hrs+ aka ready to die and these two teenagers came in and the boy was like “omg look at this highlight I just bought” and he was so excited and it warmed my heart when the girl was like complimenting him on it and he was just so excited and happy, it made me smile aND then he was giving her fashion advice like “oh yeah that’d look really nice with some denim jeans” and I was like I love this kid and idk it just made me so happy he was being himself and not afraid to be interested in topics society deems “female” orientated. It’s also kinda the first time I’ve heard a guy be into makeup, like when I was at school girls even got picked on for talking about makeup, so it’s fucking amazing this generation is so open and breaking stereotypes 

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what'd you do today?? :)

ahh i had such a good day, i went to augusta with my mom and we looked at flowers for like an hour, and i bought myself roses and a some succulents, then we went to a craft store and i bought stuff to start scrapbooking!!  

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And the good news is...? Come on, don't leave us hanging! ☺️

Anonymous said: I love good news… what is it?

Haha you guys are so sweet! ❤ I’d done a follow-up post but looks like it didn’t go through…ANYWAYS the good news is….

*drum roll*


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Some belated katsudon birthday boy headcanons: 

  • Viktor is horrible at remembering things. It’s his tragic flaw, his downfall, the plight of his existence. Ever since he and Yuuri got together, Yuuri has found himself constantly reminding his boyfriend where he left his keys, yes we have dinner reservations tonight, please call your mom today she is waiting to hear from you. Honestly, Yuuri wonders how Viktor survived before him. 
  • So Viktor is forgetful, but this year is the first time he will be celebrating Yuuri’s birthday with him, so he is DETERMINED not to forget. He will remember. Yuuri deserves to have an amazing birthday and he will not forget to give him one. 
  • He puts reminders on his phone, on his laptop, on his tablet. He writes it on sticky notes and sticks them all over his room. He knows how he is and he is not going to forget his boyfriend’s birthday. 
  • So Viktor plans it all out. Gets them reservations at a restaurant he knows Yuuri loves, buys them tickets to a show Yuuri has been dying to see for ages, wakes up early and cooks Yuuri an elaborate breakfast to serve to him in bed. 
  • He sets the tray of literally every breakfast food Yuuri loves on the nightstand, and wakes up up by posing dramatically on the bedspread next to Yuuri in lacy lingerie he bought especially for this occasion, and poking him awake.
  • Yuuri blinks his eyes open to Viktor’s grinning face and his boyfriend shouting “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DO YOU LIKE YOUR PRESENT?” *gestures to his lingerie clad body and winks*
  • Yuuri stammers out a thank you and his cheeks start to flush because his boyfriend is in his bed wearing lingerie like rip in pieces Yuuri. But then he frowns in confusion because:
  • “Thank you, Viktor… but what day is it today?”
  • “November 28th! Your birthday! I didn’t forget! :D” 
  • “…”
  • Viktor’s face falls in an instant. Yuuri looks happy, yes, but he didn’t miss that one moment where Yuuri bites his bottom lip. “What is wrong Yuuri, you don’t like it?”
  • “No, no of course I like it!” Yuuri says quickly, scooting over and throwing an arm around Viktor’s neck, smiling softly. “Thank you, Viktor.” 
  • He kisses Viktor, who is more than happy to participate, but as soon as Yuuri pulls away he asks “why did you make that face then? What’s wrong?”
  • Yuuri sighs. He’d find out anyways, eventually, so he guesses there’s no point in pretending. 
  • “Viktor… my birthday is November 29th.”
  • Viktor: *freezes*
  • Viktor: “…”
  • So Viktor proceeds to wail and apologize profusely because “I MESSED UP YUURI I’M SORRY DARLING” 
  • Yuuri assures him that it’s okay, kisses him and tells him that he doesn’t mind… because it means that they can spend the whole day together just the two of them, and they can do family stuff tomorrow. It’s like a pre-birthday birthday! A boyfriend birthday!
  • Anyways, Yuuri manages to convince Viktor it’s a good thing, that he doesn’t mind that he got the dates mixed up, and they can celebrate a day early. What matters is that he gets to spend it with Viktor. 
  • Then, finally, he indulges on Viktor in his lacy lingerie and all the food Viktor cooked. 
  • It becomes a yearly thing. Viktor plans two birthday celebrations for him–the pre-birthday birthday and the birthday on the 29th that he plans with Yuuri’s mother.

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me: *gets home after shopping*

Mom: can you believe it!!! one of the pumpkins I bought is rotting already!!

me: D: what!! oh nooo…

Mom: yes!! and it was the big one too!!! *shakes her head* so I don’t know if you and Ava still wanted to–

me: *rummaging through my shopping bags, pulls out a pumpkin I impulse bought today*

Mom: *immediately stops talking* OH LOOK AT THIS. YOU’VE ALREADY–YOU AND YOUR GOURDS *leaves*

Requested: You and Harry have a daughter and you pay more attention to her and harry is jealous

A/N: This one isn’t the best because I totally forgot about it so I kinda rushed it.

“Mommy!” Y/D/N yells. I pick her up as she reaches for me. “Do you want to take a bath?” I smile at her as we head upstairs. “Y/N? What are you doing?” Harry asks as he spots me going upstairs. “I’m going to give Y/D/N a bath. Why?” “Oh, well I was just going to do it. But go ahead.” Harry says while walking away. I put Y/D/N in the bathtub as I give her one of her toys that I bought for her. “Do you want to go play today?” I smile at her as she giggles. I wrap her up in a towel as I lay her down in her crib. I look in the drawers for the outfit I had bought for her not so long ago. I smile as I put the lady bug shirt on her along with the puffy skirt. I grab the red bow and put it in her hair and smile picking her up. “Bye Harry!” I yell before I walk out the door. “Wait! Where are you going?” “Oh I was taking Y/D/N to the park. She really likes this baby slide they just put out there. It’s so cute when she goes down it” I smile as I adjust her outfit. “Why didn’t you invite me to come?” “I thought you had work?” “Well I do.. But before you go can we talk about something?” “Yeah of course, is everything alright?” “No, not really” he sighs and I sit down with Y/D/N in my lap. “I just feel like you are spending a lot of time with her, and I don’t really see her that often anymore. I mean you buy new clothes for her all the time, take her out to the park, well basically do all these things and I just wish I could have some time with her.” he says fiddling with his fingers. “Harry of course! I didn’t mean to be hogging her or anything! I didn’t know you felt that way, I just thought you were always busy so that’s why you never were taking her.” I say giving him Y/D/N. “Thanks, I really appreciate it.” he smiles and I laugh. “Why are you laughing?” “Because, she is your daughter too. She’s not just mine. You can take her anytime you want. You act like you need my permission.” “It’s not that, it just seems like she’s more attached to you.” “Hey don’t worry about it, I’ll make sure she gets more alone time with daddy” I smile as I give him a kiss.