look what i bought today!

ice cream date


Look what I did today hehehehe 😃 I also bought 3 other color changing nail polishes. Dm, kik dammitannie or email ddammitannie@gmail.com to purchase pics, videos, customs, worn items and Skype.

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This one is for @eridaniepsilon who calls the Upsilon a waffle iron! Hope you’ll like it :)

Look what I bought today! Originally I wasn’t going to buy her (I was only going to buy a small fluffy Eevee plush) but then I saw her and the store people were like someone bought Donald so now no one wants her and I was like D:

I don’t know why anyone would buy Donald without Daisy but I knew I had to save her.

In other news, the store people tried to tell me that it’s a ‘classic’ Daisy and I was like ‘haha no it’s actually from the newest Mickey Mouse Shorts’

‘oh? but we’ve had her for a long time now!’

‘oh that would be because the Shorts premiered…in 2013….’

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