look what dvd came in the post


Mine’s here too!!! 



Images of the Free! Iwatobi x Samezuka Event DVD have surfaced, and IT’S SO ADORABLE. I find it especially hilarious how in the first picture, Sousuke, Nitori, and Momo are in the back and holding the star-shaped fanlight things because during the Style 5 concert, Sousuke, Nitori, and Momo’s seiyuu had to watch on the side and would run up to cheer “Rin” every time he came close to them LOL.

Also, the other photos with the boys in their AU costumes were part of the “fashion contest” during the event. The Iwatobi side donned a kind of Napoleon-esque mariner outfit while Samezuka were post-apocalyptic animal-themed outfits… You can read up on what happened during the Free! Iwatobi x Samezuka Festival Event here~