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Reader x Stiles Stilinski


Imagine: being in love with Stiles for ages but he never notices, until one day, after a run away from a party, he tells you how he feels about you and things get heated.

Warnings: SMUTTY (oh yeah) SIN, oral sex (female receiving), dirty talk, swearing and sex. Little bits of fluff.

Word Count: 3336

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Outlining a Novel

Anonymous asked: How do I outline?!? It’s driving me nuts!

You’re making me laugh! Oh, don’t we all want to know? The truth: there is no right or wrong way to outline.

Every outline I’ve ever made has looked different from the previous. Stories take on different shapes, require different kinds of outlines, and different levels of detailed planning. Part of it will mean knowing yourself as a writer and your process. I journal as I write. I note what my process is and take time to reflect on that. It’s helped me get better at writing and churning out more stories. For me, if I’m working on a long-term project, I cannot get bored. Boredom is deadly.

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The New Recruit

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warning: drinking, mentions of sex

You were gorgeous. Stunningly so and everyone knew. Everyone took note. The media covered it, strangers commented it to you daily and every one of the Avengers knew it. It was after the Accords, things were rough and you had begun rising to fame as a model. Your name could be heard, floating through the air like a whisper. Someone who seemed to grow famous overnight. And it seemed everyone adored you. Yet, there was an air of mystery to you that no one could quite decipher. If only they knew. They knew the secrets that kept you up late into the night. The secrets that were locked far below the surface, you were determined to keep them there. Yet, you knew it was a false hope. With superheroes everywhere, with the Accords hanging over everyone’s heads, you knew it was only a matter of time before they found out. Before your powers were discovered. So the day an agent showed up at your house, you couldn’t say you weren’t shocked. You figured they were there, informing you that you had to sign the Accords. Though, to your total surprise, they were there to recruit you. With the Avengers still just getting back together, they were fragile. And they had a critical mission that needed someone like you to help with. Someone no one expected that could get the information they needed.

You had been more than willing to help and as you arrived at the party that you had to go undercover at, you were even more striking. An elegant, fitted red dress and hair curled in waves that flowed down your back. Eyes focused on you, some watching your every movement while others merely glanced. But there wasn’t a person who didn’t look at you. And across the room, you met eyes with a striking blue pair. Long hair yet it didn’t look wild, no it was perfectly styled and done in a low bun. Scruff just beginning and the suit he wore hugged him perfectly and you could see the muscles that lay just beneath the surface of his shit. Blue tie accenting his eyes and you were taken back. He was gorgeous and you wanted to know every part of him.

That’s when you remembered where you were and what you were there for. You looked away, making your way to the bar, you ordered a martini before glancing around the room. You could feel the striking blue eyes, watching you carefully. Avoiding them, you tried to find the best way to the study that lay just beyond the doors in the back of the room. The file you were after lay in there and the flash drive in your handbag was cleared and ready to transfer the data over. You needed a distraction and as your eyes met back with the blue ones, the idea came to you.

Walking over, you smiled dashingly. “You know, it’s rude to stare.”

The man before you paused before chuckling. “Sorry, just… you’re stunning and I couldn’t help myself.”

“Well, if you’re going to stare, the least you can do is tell me your name.”

“James Barnes. But you doll can call me Bucky.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Bucky. I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N. Gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl. What brings you to a party like this?”

“Boredom. Hoping to find something to do.” Leaning up, evening on heels you were shorter than him, and whispering low in his ear, you murmured, “Or someone.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow, smirking at you. Walking away, you headed toward the back. Without glancing back, you knew he was following after you. And slipping into the study, you made your way to the computer. Bucky shut the door behind him and before he could do anything, you raised a hand to stop him.

“Watch the door for me, will you darling?”

“Wait, what?” He asked, giving you an incredulous look.

“Sorry, not here for a fuck. I needed an excuse.” You turned on the computer. Frowning at the password, you began typing in the various passwords you were given. When you finally got in, you plugged in the flash drive. Transferring everything you needed too, you shut it off and threw the flash drive back in your bag.

“Oh… oh. You’re the girl we recruited aren’t you?”

“That’s me solider. Sorry, maybe next time.” You let your hand drag across this chest lightly as you passed. A smirk on your delicate lips as you left the party with a successful mission.

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Can you do super mom fluff please? I low ur writing! 💗❤️💗

You asked for some super mom and I’m just, I don’t even know what this is about! My brain just farted and all of these words appeared… Sorry for any grammar mistakes! Thank you for your request!

“Oh My God; are these your photos?” You quickly pull out the album you had briefly flipped through out of boredom and turned to look at Clark who is cleaning the corner you were supposed to clean but simply opted to sit at the side instead. “Clark, love, look.”

Clark stopped vacuuming and turned to look at you. His eyes immediately landed on the album in your hand and a smile formed on his face. “I didn’t realise I put the album up in here – your baby photos should be in the album too.”

Your jaw dropped slightly. “What do you mean my baby photos? When did you – did you get it from my aunt? She made me wear the silliest costumes ever, I still shudder whenever I think about everything I went through as a baby with her.” You laugh at the memories: your aunt was a fashion designer and since you live with her, she had always made you her guinea pig. You still remember the countless of costumes she made you wear – even the ones with the most ridiculous frills and laces, you wore them too when you were young.

Clark chuckled, shaking his head at your antics. “You looked extremely cute – if you can fawn over my photos, why can’t I share the same sentiments?” He asked cheekily and you rolled your eyes.

“I think I want to show this to Jon.” You tell Clark who nodded his head. “Our boy has been quiet for the past hour – that’s definitely not a good sign.” Jon is such a loud, happy kid that the house is rarely ever quiet like this and it somewhat worries you that he has yet to call out for his Dad and his Ma.

“Be careful,” Clark abandoned the cleaning tools and helped you maneuver around the stacks of boxes and old furniture. “I’ll finish packing these as soon as I can and will join you shortly.” Clark tells you and you nodded your head, holding the album close to you. Clark grins at you and placed a kiss on your temple. “See you later.”

You gave him a flying kiss, laughing at his expression briefly before climbing down the stairs. Knowing Clark, he will most likely be finished quite some time later. He was always thorough whenever he was cleaning and you definitely did not want to disturb him.

Walking down the hallway, you stopped momentarily in front of Jon’s room, peeking inside and frowning when you did not see your son. The state of his room is clean too which probably means he had yet to come in his room at all today. Closing the door to his room, you decided to go downstairs, perhaps he would be in the kitchen.

True to your words when you arrived in the kitchen, Jon is busy doing something. You raised one of your eyebrows as you watched your son decorating some dessert – it looked like a few cupcakes from where you were standing – diligently. His expression – full of concentration – is almost too adorable for you to disturb but now you were curious as to what he was doing.


He all but nearly drops the piping bag and lets out a small yelp, causing Krypto to bark at your voice too. Krypto jumped to his feet but relaxed when he spied you, getting comfortable once again.

“Ma! You scared me!” Jon whined and you chuckled before walking towards him. Jon looked at his masterpiece and grinned widely when you approached him. “Look, I made some cupcakes for Dad and you!”

You leaned over to press a kiss on his cheek and Jon giggled. “Do you think Dad will be done anytime soon?” He asks you and you shake your head. “Aw, I really wanted to eat this with him.” You can see the small pout on your son’s face and you smile instead.

“We can let it sit here for a bit – meanwhile, I have something I want to show you.” You tell your son and Jon immediately scooted over, carefully placing the cupcakes a little bit further down the counter. You placed the album you had found in front of him.

Jon looked at the album before pulling it closer towards him. He began flipping through the album, stopping at several photos he found of his Dad and you that he found extremely funny like, “Ma, why are you wearing a bird’s nest on your head – wow, that’s Krypto when he was younger! – oh, look that’s Dad when he was younger!”

That was how Clark found the two of you an hour later. He had finally finished cleaning the attic and packed away all of the boxes. The smile on his face grew when he saw how happy the two of you were; Jon happily chatting your ears away with all the things he had done and you looking at your son like he is the sun in your life.

Clark quietly crept up behind you and wrapped his arms around Jon and yourself; you would have gotten surprised if this wasn’t such a Clark thing to do. Your husband just loved to hug you or Jon from behind and you have grown so used to it.

“How are my favourite people feeling?” Clark asked and pressed his lips to the top of your head. You smiled at him and Clark just couldn’t resist himself from giving you a kiss on the lips. Jon pretended to gag but giggled when Clark pulled away from you to give him a kiss on the head.

“Contented, now that you are finally here.” You tell him and Clark grinned.

“Dad, I made you these! We have been waiting for you.” Jon pushed the tray filled with cupcakes toward Clark. “I’m super hungry now, come on~”

Clark chuckled before nodding his head. “Alright, alright.” Clark gave you one last kiss before moving to sit across the two of you. “Thank you, Jon.”

Shadow decides to go see a therapist. It’s not really what he expected.


‘You mentioned on the phone that you spoke to God. How about we start there?’ Dr Lecter asked, his face a professional mask but his eyes betrayed a certain boredom.  

Shadow had never thought of himself as dim, but then again he had been oblivious to so much his whole life. Leprechauns. Zombies. Gods. So it might have been his new found alertness that made him look twice and he couldn’t help feel as if something about Dr Lecter was strange. But maybe a strange psychiatrist was exactly what he needed. 

'Not God. Gods. Plural.’

What do the gods tell you?’

'What do the… You think I’m having some sort of psychosis. That I’m hearing voices that tell me to do weird shit like… like murder the sinners or something.’

Shadow took a calming breath. This was exactly what he had feared. How could a normal person ever understand what he had experienced?

'Do they?’

'I’m not hearing voices. The gods are real, they look just like real people. They… they have lives.’

'What makes them gods, then?’

That made Shadow hesitate. He knew the answer, but how was he supposed to explain? In the end he decided to just go for it, he was there because he couldn’t make sense of everything on his own after all.

'They are born out of people’s belief. And our faith gives them strength.’

Dr Lecter smiled but it was still empty of concern. Maybe it was a gesture of goodwill, of I’m taking you serious. For Shadow it was just a reminder of Wednesday and his games. But surely this psychiatrist wasn’t like that. It was just bad history making him distrustful.

'Wouldn’t that give us the more powerful role? Tell me, Mr Moon, do you feel as if you have power over these gods?’

Shadow snorted. 

'Me, power? I’m a freaking bystander while they’re…’

There was silence for a moment while Dr Lecter waited patiently for Shadow to finish his sentence. 

'You have to understand. The gods are at war and they dragged me into it and… I’m afraid it’s going to be bloody.’

Nothing betrayed Dr Lecter’s thoughts except a small twitch of his eyebrows but Shadow knew, without a doubt, that these words had caught his interest. What Shadow didn’t know was if that was such a good thing after all.


Goodbye (Joker x Reader)

This is my first oneshot (that I’m posting) so please take it easy on me! I did my best and feel free to send me requests!! I’m dying to get this blog up and running so please help a girl out and like/reblog maybe? I dunno! Let me know what you think guys thank you so much! 


“How can you live with yourself? How can you sleep at night knowing that you took everything from me. You took my heart, my soul, my life. Was this all a joke to you?” Tears streamed down your cheeks as you stared at the cold, expressionless face of the man you loved. Sure, you knew going into this that it was going to be difficult, he was the Joker for Christs sake! The Clown Prince of Crime, the King of Gotham City, the man who stole your heart. He was a bad man, one of the worst, that was for sure but he had always loved you and cared for you, or so you thought.

“I don’t know what you want me to say Y/N,” he said in a deep monotone voice. His icy blue stare pierced right through you. The eyes that once gave you so much kindness were now breaking you down.

“I’m leaving J. I’m going somewhere where you won’t be able to find me. I’m not your pet anymore. I’m going to live a life for myself. I’m going to get a nice job, and house, a man that actually loves me and cares for me. I’m going to be happy J. I’m leaving so that I can be happy. I’m leaving and even though you might not care, I do. I sacrificed everything for you and now it’s time to do something for me. No it’s time to stop loving you and to start loving myself. Bye J.” The tears were pouring and the hiccups were coming but you had to say it. You had to get that off your chest. “You’ve controlled me for too long. It’s my time now. It’s my time to be happy.”

“You won’t do that Y/N. You’re not going to leave, you’re not going anywhere,” he said calmly. “You couldn’t survive on your own Y/N. You need me.” He wouldn’t look at you, sitting at his desk in his office, rummaging through paperwork, anything but look at you. This all started when you walked in on him and some trampy blonde dancer from his club. His moans mixed with her screams of pleasure, that was the moment that ruined your life.

“That’s where you’re wrong J. See you’re wrong because before you, I had a normal life. I had a normal boyfriend who loved me, I had a normal apartment where I had all my normal things, I had a normal job where I made a normal amount of money. I was normal J. I miss normal…” Your voice dragged off as you felt the tears stop. You were just tired now. Tired of arguing, tired of begging, tired of loving. “Just tell me why. What did I do? Why wasn’t I good enough?” The trembling in your voice gave away how truly upset you were.

He looked at you with boredom in his eyes, clearly unaffected by your pleas for answers. “You were fine.” His brief, abrupt answer surprised you as you were simply expecting one of his fury filled gazes. “Are you done here Y/N? I have work to do and you’re being unreasonable. Go back to bed.” You gave him one last look before turning around and leaving the office. You beelined for the bedroom, throwing all your belongings into a bag and heading towards the front door.

“Goodbye J…” Your voice was soft and quiet and exhausted. Exhausted from this life of constant mayhem and chaos. You maybe one day wanted to start a family and this was no way to do it. This was dangerous and you couldn’t stay. Your family had a nice beach house down south, you could go down there until you found a job and finally got back on your feet. Stepping out of the house you took a deep breath. Revelled in the fact that you were a free woman, ready to live the life she always wanted. The walk to the bus stop was refreshing, calming, and extremely relaxing. You were worn out by all the emotions flying through you and couldn’t wait to get to the station.

This big coach bus pulled up in front of you. Ticket in hand, grin on your face you were excited to start this new chapter.

“Y/N what are you doing.” His voice sent chills down your spine, calm and furious. You didn’t even need to turn around and look at him to tell that his expression was filled with pure and utter rage, fists clenched, mouth in a tight line, shoulders rising and falling with each heavy breath.

“I told you I’m leaving J. This is me leaving. This is me doing everything I told you I was gonna do while you weren’t listening to me. I’m leaving far away from you and I’m not coming back.” You didn’t have it in you to turn around, to look into those eyes again. You couldn’t.

“Don’t you dare take one more step Y/N. Don’t you fucking dare. You think you can just leave me Y/N? You are so dumb to think you can just walk away.” You took one big breath and stepped on to the bus, turning away from this life forever. You could hear his angry yelling through the windows of the bus. You leaned your head against the cool glass window as the bus finally started to push forward, officially on your way way to starting a fresh new life.

“Goodbye J.”

Part 2 here!


A Zootopia fanfic I wrote today :)

“Lizzie! Lizzieee!” The sound of Eliza’s older sister yelling echoed from down the hall. Eliza ignored her, annoyed to be called by her kit name. Lizzie was a name for babies and Eliza was eight now. Far too old to be called a baby name. She continued playing with her dolls who, at the moment, were having a very important tea party. Light thudding footsteps grew louder until they stopped at the doorway to the bedroom. The room, usually loud and full of Eliza’s siblings, had twelve kit-sized beds and was deserted except for her and her sister. Eliza looked up at Emma who was rudely interrupting her alone time. It wasn’t everyday that all of her siblings would be out of the way for such a long period of time and Eliza wanted to savor every moment of having the beautiful dolls all to herself. She wished she had hidden the dolls so that Emma wouldn’t make her share, but it was too late now.

“What is it, Em?” Eliza groaned dramatically.

Emma hopped in place, her ears standing straight up as she spoke. “Everyone’s looking for you. Aunt Judy is here!” Eliza stared blankly. They had hundreds of aunts and uncles and she didn’t understand why everyone was downstairs just to see one Bunny.

“So?” She shrugged and continued filling the teacups with imaginary tea.

“The one who got married to a Fox!” Emma’s eyes were wide with excitement and she smiled as if what she said held the magic words to make Eliza race downstairs.

Eliza sighed. “So?” She didn’t care if Bunny Claus himself were downstairs. She wouldn’t give up this isolation for anything.

“Well don’t you wanna see their little kits? One of them has really cool eyes! It’s like purple but it has green in the middle and-”

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Movie Night | Wooseok

Group: Pentagon
Member: Wooseok
Summary: Movie night with Wooseok
Drabble game: #107 “You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr.pepper, and a movie. You in?” #104 “…or we can chill in our underwear.” #84 “come on baby, up to bed.”
A/N:best request I love this.

You leaned over your couch reading the guide out of complete boredom. After you begged your boyfriend Wooseok to come over he sadly declined and said he had some dance practice to do.

You flipped through the channels not really caring about what was on. You secretly missed Wooseok. Having such limited contact with him was taking a toll on you.

A knock on the door made you jump up. You looked at the door in a confused manner no one planned to visit you.

Getting up you picked through the eye hole to see your boyfriend face he was doing a small peace sign. “It’s me baby” he grinned, laughing at his chessy words.

You quickly unlocked the door to reveal your tall rapper boyfriend. He was holding a bag full of items. “You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr.pepper, and a movie. You in? ” he asked.

You smiled jumping into your boyfriends arms loving the feeling of his bear hugs. “Wooseok you’re a dork” you grinned pulling him into your house.

A feeling of upmost love could be felt for your loving boyfriend.

You pulled him on the couch “Wooseok you’re not at practice why” you asked him. He smiled setting the food down “well I begged Hoetak to let me out early and he agreed after I reviewed the dance like 20 times” he grinned.

“I’m so happy I was bored to death” you said “now what movie do you have” you asked him looking at the bag. “Train to busan we weren’t able to see it because of I training so let’s watch it” he said getting up putting the dvd on the side of your tv.

“…or we can chill in our underwear” you said raising a eyebrow. Wooseok ears turned red “did you read my mind” he said. You nodded “we should keep our clothing on so I can focus on the movie and not your body ” Wooseok said grinning looking at your body eagerly.

Wooseok prepared the popcorn took out cups for the drinks and you guys sat down ready to watch the movie.

You laid your head on Wooseok shoulder while to watched the zombie movie. He held you st the scary parts and you both stayed quiet in tense moments.It was a heart filled movie about a father and daughter. 

Tears were coming out both of you guys when you watched the end part. You were tried and nodding off during the credits “that was sad” you said yawning and cuddling into your boyfriend. A sudden feeling of tiredness filled you.

Wooseok smiled at you he had a tried look on his face as well “come in baby, up to bed” he said pulling you up. You nodded following him up to your bed.

“Wooseok you can stay the night” you said cuddling into your bed. “Should I” he asked running his fingers through your hair.

“Yes baby you should so I can cuddle you” you yawned closing your eyes feeling Wooseok large body dip into bed with you.

“I’m bored...”

A Niall Horan One Shot

As you swiped the final touch of mascara on your now flawless lashes, you heard your phone vibrate three times against the cold stone of your bathroom countertop. Thinking it was probably just one of the girls wondering where you were and why you weren’t at the pub already, you picked it up to answer. Your lips puckered, moving seamlessly into a quirk at the side of your face. It was Niall. You rolled your eyes as you read the first text.

“I’m bored”

Of course, he’s bored. The kid has done nothing but travel the world for months at a time for years. You knew the moment he told you about this break that he’d be bored out of his mind within a week. The fact that he’d already hit up some of the corniest sporting events had told you you were right. Seriously, what’s next, world chess championships? Scripps national spelling bee?

You kept reading and it only made you giggle with each new text.

“What are you doin? Something fun?”

“Can I come?”

Since Niall had been your friend for a while, you’d tried bringing him out with you plenty of times. It always ended in some sort of disaster. He must be really out of his mind with boredom  if he was ready to brave those treacherous waters.

“Niall, have you forgotten the last time you came out with me and the girls? I honestly thought Cassie was going to maul you every time you looked her way. So no. I am not doing that again.”

You hit send before continuing to get ready, but he was too fast for you and your phone sounds off before you can even set it down.

“Come over here then”

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The Yellow Beetle » Rafinha Alcântara

Upon arriving in the newly paved driveway of my home, I noticed a very unfamiliar car parked in our driveway.

As I entered the two story house, it was eerily quiet. Living in a very loud (and Brazilian) home, this was way off the usual norm “Rafa!” I called out.

“In here, amor.” Rafinha replied, his voice sounding as if it was coming from the den.

Quickly making my way towards our carpeted living room, I saw a very relaxed Rafinha sprawled out on the couch. “Who’s car is that out front?” I questioned as I sat on the opposite couch.

“Meet Fredrico, babe.” He laughed as he flipped through the channels until he finally landed on the family favorite. BeIN Deportes.

Sending him a questioning look, I wondered why in the hell would he name a car Fredrico. “Well, not trying to sound misinformed, but why do we have Fredrico?” I asked as I began taking off the Nike’s that adorn my worn out feet.

“Long story short, we lost a bet.” Rafa laughed.

“We?” I laughed looking at him confused.

“Yes, we because we’re a whole so if I lose, you lose as well.” He explained.

“Oh shut the hell up.” I snickered. “Where’s Valentina?”

“She’s in the dining room giving me the silent treatment.” Rafa answered before turning the flatscreen off due to his sudden boredom from watching Juventus versus Empoli.

“What did my husband do now to my princess?” I questioned allowing for an exaggerated groan to escape my lips.

“No, no. It wasn’t me today, she was being very picky when I made her a grilled cheese sandwich.” He explained, shaking his head vigorously. “Follow, follow.” Rafa said as he waved for me to follow him into the next room over.

There sitting at the rectangular dinner table was none other than Valentina Alcântara herself. And in front of her was an untouched, smelly, grilled cheese sandwich.

“She’s sat like that all day and she won’t even touch her food.” Rafinha whispered.

“What’s wrong, mami?” I questioned as I leveled down to her height.

“Look what papa made me.” She scoffed as she passed her plate of grilled cheese.

“Why did you not cut the crust off?” I exclaimed as I noticed the still very intact pieces of crust on the sides of the sandwich.

“It’s not that big of a deal.” He laughed. “She likes pizza crust, what’s the difference?”

“I’m offended,” I said shocked. “There is a huge difference between pizza and bread crust, Rafa, and I’d think you’d know that.”

“Please explain?” Rafa chuckled, taking a seat across from Valentina only to stare at her intently.

“Care to explain, Vala?” I smirked turning to her.

“Thank you mama,” she smiled. “Pizza crust tastes good, bread crust doesn’t. Case closed.”

Staring at his daughter blankly, Rafa didn’t know how to respond. “Wow, very descriptive, Valentina.” Rafa sniggered as he processed his daughters explanation.

“I know right?” Valentina laughed.

“I’ll make you a sandwich, the right way.” I added, turning to entering the kitchen only to stop in my tracks. “About that car, Rafa, you better handle it before I do.”


“Mrs. Alcântara, Ms. Rivera wants to see you in her office.” An intern, Marisol, spoke as she entered my office.

“I’ll be right in.” I dismissed before quickly leaving my office only to make my way towards the famously acclaimed “hell” office.

Walking down the long spiral of stairs, I was curious as to why my supervisor wanted to see me. Just as I entered her spacious and uncanny room, I was greeted almost simultaneously. “Y/N! Just the person I wanted to see.” Ms. Rivera smiled.

“Oh, I hope for good things?” I laughed nervously. The last thing I wanted to do was lose my job.

“No Hun, we just got a call from the International Catalan Primary School, they say Valentina is not cooperating until she speaks to you.” Ms. Rivera explained. “She’s on the phone right now.”

Thinking of the worst, I quickly took the phone from her grasp only to hear the sobs from my eight year old. “Mamas, is everything okay?” I questioned.

“Today is the worst day ever.” Valentina cried.

“What happened, Vala?” I asked wanting to get to the bottom of the situation as quickly as possible.

“Daddy!” She exclaimed. “He’s been doing everything wrong!”

“Like what?” I enquired.

“First he didn’t make it to my ballet recital last week. Then he didn’t remember to cut the crust off my sandwich yesterday and just today, he dropped me off in an ugly, beat down, yellow, car.” Valentina explained.

“Aw, baby.” I cooed. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right there and you can explain everything to me.”

After a few ‘I love you’s’ were exchanged, I looked up to catch Ms. Rivera smirking at me. “What?” I laughed.

“You didn’t think I’d let you out of work that easily, now did you.” Crap. I hadn’t thought of work before making my promise to Valentina.

“I was hoping you would.” I smiled, switching from foot-to-foot nervously.

“I’m just playing, go get your daughter, Alcântara.” She laughed. “Don’t expect this everyday, now.”

“I won’t!” I called out before thanking her as I left the now appropriately acclaimed “merciful” room.


As I dialed Rafa’s number numerous times, all of my trials went unanswered and went straight to voice mail. Even texts lingered on the ‘delivered’ option, which irked me to no end.

“I swear, your papa is in thin waters.” I laughed, glancing at Vala as she ate her chicken nuggets and fries. 

I had the rest of the day off and I planned on spending it with my daughter and just as little time scolding my husband. I’d got used to his excuses varying from being tired to too busy when he was caught up at practice. These excuses were specific, valid and always legit, but as the time ticked it began bugging me to no end. 

My daughter had just been in tears explaining my husbands childish actions and now I was left sweeping the mess only to hide it under the-almost-filled rug.

And I would do so no longer. This was now Rafa’s mess to fix and repair. 

“Linda!” I heard the familiar voice of my Rafa sing-song at the front door. 

“Bite me!” I mocked in the same sing-song tone he had just done. 

“What’s wrong?” He laughed as he placed his gym bag by the entrance of the dining room. 

“Why were you not answering your phone?” I questioned, allowing for my voice to raise a bit. “You know it’s my pet peeve.” 

“Sorry, amor, but I was at practice.” Rafinha explained. 

“You always are.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” He questioned. “Vala, can you please go upstairs real quick, por favor.”   

And just as told, Valentina took the stairs one by one and we only started the conversation back up again at the sound of her door closing. “Ask me why I had to pick up Vala.” 

“Why did you have to pick up Valentina?”p>

“I’ll tell you why; because your an idiot.” I exclaimed, poking my fingers at Rafinha’s chest. 

“How is it my fault? Maybe I’m missing something but I was hard at practice,” Rafa inquired stating his obvious whereabouts. 

“You better take a seat for this one because I’m about to talk your ears off.” I said pointing towards the dining room chairs. 

Just then, I watched as Rafa walked off only to return with two glasses and a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino a friend of mine sent from Italy as a house-warming gift. As he popped the cork of the wine, I began my long awaited spiel. Hint the sarcasm. “I was working in my office when the new intern called me up to Ms. Rivera’s room.” I began, taking a sip from the sour Tuscan wine. “Long story short, Valentina was in the chancellors office because she wasn’t cooperating with the teachers.” 

“Why not?” Rafinha questioned, beginning to draw unknown shapes onto the back of my hand. 

“Because somebody dropped her off in the car I told him not to.” I yelled, throwing all kinds of glares in Rafa’s direction. “I was four, five seconds away from going over to Ciutat Joan Gamper and beating your ugly ass.” 

“And this all happened because of me?” Rafinha questioned in shock. 

“And she said some other stuff,” I added lowly hoping he wouldn’t hear me. 

“Like what?” He questioned eagerly. 

“You’re not gonna like it…” I admitted. 

With a slight whine in his voice, Rafinha looked towards me only to plead with those big ol’ brown eyes of his. “Just tell me.” 

“Remember the ballet recital she swore she didn’t care about you not making?” I asked hoping he would remember the week he left for international duty. 

“How could I not?” He scoffed. Rafinha was really disappointed in himself for not making his daughters first recital. 

“Well turns out she cares, a lot.” 

“I know where this is going.” Rafinha groaned uneasily. “She said some stuff about me not being there?” 

“Basically.” I agreed.

“Valentina!” Rafa called out in hopes of calling Vala back down. 

“Yes papa?” She squealed from the top of the stairs. 

“Come down here, princessa, por favor.” He yelled back, hoping she’d agree and come down the staircase. 

Just as Valentina entered the room, a huge grin spread across Rafinha’s face. “We need to talk.” Rafinha smiled, pointing at her usual seat across from him. 

“Remember everything you told me today, mami?” I spoke, breaking the incredibly tense, incredibly awkward tension in the room. 

“Yup.” She smiled, remembering the eventful day she’d just faced. 

“Well, mama told papi.” I added, looking at Rafa as he sat awkwardly in his seat. 

Staring at me intently, I quickly understood the silent message. It was my time to leave the room and grant Rafa privacy to talk with his daughter. Standing up quickly, I left the dining room, only to crouch at the door to eavesdrop in on their conversation. 

“Okay, Vala you know I love you and that I don’t do things that aren’t always smart.” Rafinha started, I could already a hear the tenseness in his voice. “And I’m really sorry, osito.“ 

“It’s okay papa.” Valentina laughed, probably waving off the subject. 

“And that’s the thing, it’s not okay. I should be here. I should’ve made that recital, I shouldn’t have dropped you off in that car and I definitely need to start spending time with you more often.” Rafa admitted. 

“We could start now?” Vala suggested. 

“We could. I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” He added. “You can come out now, Y/N.” Rafa laughed making my presence known. Waling into the room caught red handed, I began to play off the incident. “I think we should give you a dose of your own medicine.” I smirked all for embarrassing my husband.

“Si!” Valentina agreed.

“What do you mean?” He questioned confused on what the disciplinary actions would be.

Smirking whilst rubbing my hands together mischievously, I began explaining what his punishment would be. “I’ll drive you to training with that same car.”

Siting straighter in her chair, Valentina glanced at me before continuing. “For a week!” Vala added.

“Thats a little extreme, no?” Rafa questioned, shaking his head vigorously.

Turning around swiftly, I began to exit the room only to be halted by Rafa’s voice. 

“Fine! Fine!” 

“Deal,” I laughed shaking his hand in a truce. 

Standing from her daddy’s lap, Vala sheepishly waved goodbye to us just as she left the room. “Goodnight mama, goodnight papi.”

“Goodnight, mamas.” I called out just as she left the room.

‘Well, today was dramatic.” Rafa laughed.

“You know you’re sleeping on the couch, right?”


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the guy who’s cost me the most trouble this week…..rafinha!!! hahaha

the-slave-of-boredom  asked:

Hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) //diz izz spideronthewindow have I ever messages you from my main blog? why cant tumblr let me send asks from my side blog why//

2. Truth is: “god what a nerd!!!!! same” 
3. How old do you look: idk but i suspect as old as eldritch being
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes
5. Have you ever made me mad: before i learned to love your crack fic i was devastated finding out it was a crack fic
6. Best feature: facial expressions in your arts
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: lmao 
8. You’re my: “we don’t talk a lot but we sure love to talk shit when we do” mutual
9. Name in my phone: “spirit detective guy”
10. Should you post this too? YA

My Little Friend - Harley Quinn Imagine

Requested by anonymous: Imagine where Harley realizes that shes falling in love with the reader and that results in her leaving the joker.

Pairing: Harley x Reader with elements of Harley x Joker

“It’s fine, go with him.” Y/N shrugged, turning away from me. I looked between her and my Puddin’ not sure why this was so hard a decision. “Y/N…” “I said it was fine Harley.” She snapped. “Let’s go my dear.” The joker called and for a second I felt my heart stop. I nodded as he lead me out, taking a second to look back as she disappeared into the darkness. Back to base we went. It was home. Our home…or more like our hideout.

Walking into his office one evening, It hadn’t been long since I’d been broken out which meant we needed to keep a low profile, but I was bored. A bright smile spread across my lips as I eyed the man before “Hey Puddin.” I called with little response. I skipped over to him, my arms wrapping around his broad shoulders. “I’m bored, how about we go have a little fun eh?” I whispered, squeezing him gently. “Not now.” “Please?” I whined, pouting over his shoulder. “I said not now Harley!” He shouted and I backed off. “Fine.” I sighed. “Y/N would play with me.” I dragged myself away, my first thought being why she popped into my head but I shrugged it off. I feel a strong hand on my shoulder and so I turning to him. “Changed you mind about revving me up, Mistah J?” “Who is this….Y/N?” He asked as he pulled me closer, his hand grazing my cheek. I placed my hand over his. “S-she is just…” I trailed off, getting lost in his blue eyes. “Just?” He asked, his hand now placed under my chin. He squeezed gently, pulling my face closer. “Just a friend.” He threw me back slightly, a laugh slipping through his red lips. “Just a friend eh? Just a friend. She’s just a friend. Why don’t you go play with your little friend then?” He turned away, going back to the desk. I opened my mouth to say something when he shot towards me, a file flying off the desk. I backed up a little. “Harley. My dear. You’re free to leave.” He stressed with a grin. He walked towards me and I continued to back away until I hit the wall of his office. He pressed up against me and again I felt sorta weak at his touch. He pressed his lips to mine and I reached up to pull him close, one of my hands ruffling his green hair. As if on cue I felt the somersaults in my stomach. This man had a power over me, like a drug I craved more and as he pulled away. I pulled my tongue between my teeth in a smirk. “I could never leave you Puddin’” “I know that my queen. Now off you go.” He stated plainly, shooing me away. “But-” “Harley.” He shouted, looking at me sharply. I dropped my head and strutted out of the room. I just wanted to have some fun, a little adventure. I walked along the halls, dragging my hands against the wall as a I walked. A sense of boredom quickly overcoming me. I thought back to earlier and my brief moment of doubt as I watched a girl who I had spent months with walk away from me. I felt that same thing when Mistah J didn’t wanna play. Y/N no matter what made time for me. We were cell mates, it wasn’t like we had much else to do. I wondered if she was okay. We’d broken her out but she went off on her own. Saying nothing good could come from being with the Joker. That he was a “bad influences” but aren’t we all? We were locked up for Godness sake. Not like we’re saints, normal isn’t meant for us. We’re the bad guys, the stuff of nightmares. For the first half of our acquaintanceship she literally referred to me as the Joker’s girlfriend. As I got to the entrance of the hideout I stopped my skipping. Rain fell heavily and out I walked. I just stood there, as the cold water slipped down my body. “Harley, the boss is calling ya.” The voice broke me from my thoughts. “He just told me to leave.” The man shrugged and s I skipped back inside. Heading back to his office, he waited tapping his foot. “Come to daddy.” He called out and if by magic all thoughts of Y/N vanished. I strutted over, leaving a trail of water in my wake as I took my place on his lap. “Whatcha need Puddin?” “You’re wet.” He stated, this being the first time he looked up since I entered the room. A soft giggle made it’s way into the air. “I have a question for you and it’s about your….little friend.” The sudden interest in Y/N was surprising. Didn’t know it was possible for him the be jealous. I kissed his cheek gently. “I love ya sugar, she was just a cellmate.” Was it a lie? Maybe. “My little doll.” He held my face, patting my cheek gently. “Do tell me more.” The joker held my gaze. “Just my cell mate, kept me sane while I was locked up in the nut house.” I giggled, thinking about her once again. Why was she on my mind so much? “I thought you weren’t comin’ for me so I had to make a friend eventually Puddin’. “You doubted me. Oh my little gem, tut tut tut.” He shook his head, his silver teeth now on show. “She was special, I liked her.” “But..do you miss her?” The green haired man asked, tilting his head. A smile hit my lips at his question now having an excuse to think about her. I nodded. “Maybe we should go get her then?” “No!” I answered sharply. It was just, I knew Y/N well enough to know she hated the Joker. And thats ignoring the fact she told me a million times. She hated that I was with the Joker mainly. Always dropped hints that I should leave him. I would be better off with someone else and no matter what I said she argued. At first I just rolled my eyes, ignoring her as I did tricks on the sheets that dangled above. However one day, after telling me I deserved better, she kissed me. My mind instantly went to my Puddin’ but that thought vanished quick as can be as I got in to it. The guards stopped us, a few catcalled. I physically attempted to shake the thoughts away. I liked, no I loved the joker right? I shifted, getting off his lap. “Why? Why wouldn’t you want to go collect this friend of yours?” “I-” “Wait!” He interrupted. “I don’t care, we’re getting her.” It was in that moment I felt sick. He wanted to go after Y/N and I couldn’t stand the thought. I knew she wouldn’t go with him and if she didn’t, he’d take her by force, after all he’s the King and he always gets what he wants. “No!” I yelled again, backing away. “Leave her alone.” A maniacal laugh left his lips. “Ah Harley, my precious little angel. Seems you’re quite the smitten kitten.” I thought on his words. He was right. One thing I knew was that I liked Y/N, more than I wanted to believe. “I guess so.” I commented. “I don’t want you to go get her.” Standing up, he walked over to me. His arms snaking around my waist, I felt a dull arousal but instead of focusing on him this time my mind drifted to her. “Whys that? Don’t you want her to join the fun? We’ll have a ball together.” I placed my palms against his chest pushing. “I wanna have fun. With her. Just her.” Again he laughed an amused smirk crossing his face. “Then go. No ones stopping you. I know you’ll be back. You can’t resist me. You live for me Quinn.” I turned and walked away, knowing if I stayed much longer he could be right.  Now I was free. Now I knew what I wanted. It was Y/N. So off I went into the night in search.

Catching a glance, I shifted on the metal bonnet. She strutted out a club, took me a while to track her down. That girl was amazing at laying low. “Hey Puddin, miss me?” I called out, waving slightly as she looked towards me. A frown forming on her face. “Harley?” She replied making her way over to me. “The one and only.” I slipped off the car, instantly running over and wrapping my arms tightly around her. Her arms slipped around me too, giving me a gentle squeeze. It was genuine affection like she wanted to hold me forever. “You on a job or?” “Actually I’m here for you. Y/N pulled out of the hug. Pushing a stand of hair out of her face. “Me? What does that dick want with me?” My gaze dropped. I was still confused as to why he let me go so easily. Was it because he was convinced I’d go running back to him? “Nothing. I…left him.” “Y-you what?” Her Y/E/C eyes widened. “I left him.” “Seriously? I’m so proud of you sugar.” “One more thing.” I started pulling her close once more. “I think I like you.” She laughed and for once the sound of laughter didn’t chill me to the bone, not even in a good way. I wrapped my arms around her neck pulling our lips together. Her lips were so soft. “Harley.” Y/N mumbled after I’d backed away. There was a smile on her lips. “I think I like you too.”

5SOS Preferences-How He Comforts You

ASHTON- You came home from school feeling like crap. You had tons and tons of work to do in all the subjects you hated, and today was just really horrible. You sat down and did your work, even though you were sure you failed everything you’d done. You always failed everything. You always felt like a failure. Oh no, your depression kicked in. You took your meds and called your boyfriend, Ashton. “(Y/N)?” Ashton answered. “Ash? I….I-” you cut yourself off with uncontrollable sobs. “(Y/N)? Baby, you okay? Are you crying?” he asked. “Yeah Ash, I just…I can’t-I just can’t even like…” more sobs. “Are you having a depressive fit? Are you okay? Baby, (Y/N), what’s wrong?” “Can I come over?” you asked. “Yeah, come on over.” You drove to Ashton’s house right away and he opened the door before you had the chance to knock. He pulled you into a hug and asked you what was wrong. You sat on his couch and told him. “I have an idea. I’ll help you relax.” He pulled you off the sofa and down the hall to the bathroom. He ran a hot bath and asked if you wanted to climb in with him. You did. And it made you feel 10x better. 

LUKE- You were having an insecure day. You woke up feeling really bad about yourself. When you went to the bathroom after waking up, you saw yourself in the mirror; sweatpants, a tank top, and a messy bun. Your sweatpants were a couple of years old, and were a little small. Your tanktop was old, too, but not that old…you questioned why your belly poked out so much. You looked into your own eyes and roamed your face in the looking-glass. It looked pudgy. Your neck seemed shorter, your arms looked bigger. Not to mention your clunky glasses that made you look like a huge nerd. Not the cute kind, either. You sat down on the lid of the toilet seat and buried your face in your hands. You let out a small sob and sniffled. “Babe, you okay?” Luke asked, walking around the door frame. When he was you crying, he asked, “(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” “Luke,” you managed, “Why do you even love me? I’m so fat and ugly!” You cried even harder as you choked out the words. “No, no!” he walked over to you and bent down. He removed your hands from your face. “(Y/N), look at me.” You looked him in the eyes. “You are beautiful. No matter what. With or without makeup. Glasses or no glasses. Curled hair or messy bun. You don’t have to be done up to be beautiful. You’re always beautiful. And you’re not fat. Don’t ever EVER say that again. You’re not fat. And so what if you were? Your size doesn’t make you pretty or ugly. You do. I love you for you, okay?” You nodded, and you felt a little better. “Would you like to get in the shower with me?” he asked quietly. “Sure." 

MICHAEL- You were seriously bored. It made you kind of finicky and aggravated. You cleaned around the house and went on Tumblr and tried to read, but nothing seemed to cure your boredom. Aside from that, your boyfriend Mikey didn’t want to do anything today. He was too glued to his Playstationto even look at you. You decided maybe baking would cure your boredom and get his attention, so you started making cookies. Yeah, STARTED. The whole thing went wrong. It was a disaster. You walked away for a couple of minutes to answer your phone and talk to your mum. Soon, you heard the ever-silent Mikey say something. "What’s that smell?” You knew what it was as soon as he said it. You hung up on your mum and ran over to the kitchen. “Goddammit!” you exclaimed, whisking the smoky air away after pulling the burnt lumps of cookie out of the oven. Mikey just laughed. “You certainly have my attention now, babe.” You made a frustrated groan. “C'mere baby,” he said, tapping his knee. You sat on his lap and he closed his arms around you. He handed you an Playstation remote and you played his game together. He laughed at your inexperience and you laughed at how seriously he took the game. It was definitely NOT boring. 

CALUM- You didn’t deal with hate well. Even after being Calum’s girlfriend for four months, you just couldn’t deal with so many people telling you that you were fat and ugly and that you didn’t deserve Calum. They didn’t even know you, so why did they hate you? You scrolled through your Twitter. You checked your ask box on Tumblr (which you thought of disabling), and you checked your Instagram. Tears streamed down your face. They called you everything there was to call you, and even stupid things like lazy and boring. But you couldn’t help but agree with them. I mean, you were just sitting in your bed in jean-shorts and a tank top scrolling through social media. Who could find that exciting?! Calum walked in the room with a candy bar, beginning to ask if he could eat yours, but then seeing you crying. He sat next to you on the edge of the bed and peered over your shoulder. After reading what was on your phone screen, he was filled with anger. “How could people say things like that?” he said suddenly. He took your phone from your hands and placed it on the nightstand. “C'mere baby.” He scooped you up in his arms and held you tight. “You’re perfect to me.” He kissed your forehead, and you were thankful you had Calum.

Just Friends

Sooo I wanted to make a multi-part imagine thing…not gonna be super long but..idk tell me if I should continue or nahhh!

“Hey, y/n we’re picking up food are you coming or what?” Jack J asked standing by the hotel room’s door with Jack G. I batted my eyelashes in a dramatic manner and smiled sweetly;

“Would you just bring me back a turkey sandwich with lettuce and peppers? Pleaaaaase I really have to finish this presentation for my business class.” I was sitting comfortably in one of the chairs of the room my laptop in my lap opened up to my current project due in a few days. Jack rolled his eyes annoyed groaning as he stomped out the door over dramatically-

“Uuuugh God y/n, you make our lives so hard!”

This made me giggle a bit and bite my lip as I tried to focus on the work in front of me. Soon I heard the door open and close causing me to jump and look up slightly from my laptop. Sammy had entered  the room. I didn’t look up but I could feel his smirk from nearly a mile away-which obviously caused me to blush as I attempted to focus on the laptop screen.

“Hey, what are you doing?” He asked before falling back onto one of the beds casually.

“Homework.” I sighed with boredom as I continued to type. I was taken aback when the keyboard slipped away from my hands. “Hey!”

“Lighten up, y/n! We’re supposed to have fun this weekend not do homework and sulk. Let’s do something.” He suggested holding my laptop where I couldn't reach it. He was at least a foot taller than me. I refused to listen though; this presentation was really important and I wanted to get it done as soon as possible. My response was to pathetically and hopelessly jump for my computer.

“Sam! Sam! Samuel Wilkinson give it back!” I whined pouting as I persisted through my failures of trying to fight for my laptop back. He laughed at my struggles. I jumped and jumped but he wasn't phased in the least until I leaped up on the bed and managed to jump on his back reaching for it.

“Whoa! Hey!” He laughed moving my laptop lower out of my reach once more. I growled in frustration at his actions and decided to simply lightly choke him until he was forced to fall backwards onto the bed-on top of me.

“Oww! Get off me you fatass!” I complained in annoyance as he crushed me. He laughed and refused to get up making himself comfortable on me.

“I think my ass is quite nice.” He situated himself once more rendering my lungs weak.

“SAM!” I yelled coughing managing to push him off me and next to me. “You’re lucky I went easy on you.” I shrugged gaining my breath back. He laughed again at this and took me by surprise pinning my wrists to my sides hovering over me grinning.

“I’m sure you did.” He reassured condescendingly. We both took a moment to catch our breath but couldn’t help but stare at each other-our eyes didn’t break until I realized how close he was and how much closer he was getting. His lips were pushing themselves onto mine now-and I didn’t realize it but I was kissing him back. I liked it-the way his lips felt on mine…but something was wrong. I just didn’t like Sam-at least not in that way. Sure what girl didn’t find him attractive-but…he just-we just….it felt like a lot would go wrong if we did end up dating or something. He broke his lips a part from mine…

“Sammy….I just…” I started unsure of what to say as he let go of my wrists. I felt myself blush as he stared at me stumbling through my words. I cleared my throat and began again. “You know we shouldn’t, right? I mean…we’re….you’re like almost three years older than me you know that right?” I managed to look him in the eyes once more after taking a deep breath. “Wouldn’t this ruin our friendship?”

He smiled a bit and helped me sit up wrapping his arm around my shoulders as we sat on the bed. “No. I know your age, y/n. I know we’re just friends. But no, I do not think this could ruin our friendship.” He shook his head at me and I gave him a confused expression. “As long as we stay friends. I mean that kiss was pretty great and there’s no denying that right?” He argued looking down at me as I averted my eyes to the floor. I wasn’t so sure what he was getting at. “So maybe we just keep this….” He began to lay several kisses up my neck taking me by surprise. “A secret?” He whispered into my ear. I swallowed quietly and turned my head to look up at him again.

“And we’ll just be friends?” I verified. His smile grew to a grin and he nodded;

“Of course.” He leaned down to kiss me once more and I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him towards me.

“We have food!” I heard Jack announce as the door to the room opened and closed. We broke the kiss and I took Sam by surprise shoving him off me onto the ground. Both Jacks gave odd looks walking in on Sammy laying on the ground.

“Why are you on the floor?” Jack J asked setting the food bags down on the desk. I shot Sam a look and he gave me a pleading one clearly not knowing what to say.  

Abandoned Part6 (Matthew Espinosa)

      previous part

After my whole episode in History I decided to go sit with Mrs. Taylor until last period ended that way I could avoid any comments from Chelsea. She was surprisingly very understanding on why I did it. She wasn’t mad at me. Which was a plus. The final bell rung and I knew I had to go and find Matt before going back to Mr. Andersons room. “Bye Mrs. Taylor thanks again.” I said before walking out. I walked down the halls and eventually found Matt by his locker. “Oh hey loser.” He said once I got up to him. “Ha ha ha very funny.” I said annoyance still in my voice. “Something wrong? You sound annoyed.” He said. “Really I didn’t notice.” I said sarcastically to him. He just looked at me questioningly. “I can’t tutor you today.” I said. “Wait what why?” He asked concerned and upset. “Mr. Anderson gave me detention.” I sighed and rolled my eyes at my own words. “What did you do this time?” He asked me. I looked at him and bit down on the inside of my cheek. “I got mad, got up and left in the middle of his class.” I said. “I can’t blame you for that. Mr. Anderson sucks and I’d probably do that too.” He laughed. I smiled and looked down at my feet. I wanted to be with Matt not in detention. This sucks. “Well hey you only have detention for an hour, why not come to my house after.” Matt said gaining my attention. I thought about it for a second and nodded. “Sure, we can do that.” I said. He took my hand and wrote down what looked like his address in pen. “Here’s my address, just text me when you get out of hell with Mr. Anderson.” He said and winked at me. I nodded and laughed to myself before walking away.

Once I got into the classroom Mr. Anderson stood up and glared at me. “Sit.” He said. “That is what I’m doing isn’t it.” I said sarcastically walking over to my seat. “You need to lighten up on this attitude of yours young lady. This is the seventh time that I’ve had to discipline you for your actions in class.” He said standing in front of me. “That’s cool you can count.” I laughed. “Lexi. This isn’t something to be joking about. If you get into trouble once more I will have to call in your parents and have a conference with them.” He said. “Ya good luck with that. But if you see them can you tell them they kind of left their daughter behind that’d be great.” I said. Obviously he wasn’t smart enough to catch on to what my comment seeming he just ignored it. “Don’t tempt me Lexi. This is your last warning. I suggest you start acting more mature and grow up and take responsibility.” He said. I glared up at him and watched as he walked across the room. He really scared me. Haha not. Just the total opposite. He has nothing on me. He can’t do anything to help me change. Ohh my parents, I’m so scared. Sorry Mr. Anderson they’re not around for you to talk about me to. No conferences with them for the rest of my time left in this school.

After an hour of total boredom I was finally let out of there. I quickly walked out of the school and went straight to my car. I unlocked the door and climbed into the drivers seat. I looked at my hand and saw Matt’s address. I knew exactly where it was. Before I started my car I decided to call Matt. The phone rang numerous times but before it could go to voicemail he picked up. “Hey you made it out alive.” He said. I laughed and started my car. “Ya just barely.” I said. “So what did he do?” He asked. “He just yelled at me and stuff. Nothing new.” I laughed. “I swear you are the best girl in the world if you stand up to him like that all the time.” He laughed making me do the same. “Ya well that’s what happens when people get on my nerves which seemed to happen very easily today.” I said. “Well looks like you need to tell me about your day then, but that can wait until you get here. So hurry.” He said. “I will I will just calm down. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” I said before hanging up. I drove as quickly as I could to Matt’s house as I was very eager to finally get there and just let all school stress leave my mind. After what felt like a very long ride I pulled on to Matt’s road and drove slowly looking for the right house. I looked to my left and there it was. His house looked amazing. It wasn’t small but yet it wasn’t one of those huge mansions. It was big. Just gonna say that. I pulled into the driveway and parked right behind his car before grabbing my school bag and climbing out. I locked it and walked across the rest of the driveway and up the four granite steps and onto the porch.

I took in a deep breath and rang the doorbell. It took a minute until he came down and opened it. “Hey this is such an unexpected visit.” He said making me laugh. He moved out of the way and let me in. I nodded and walked into the super nice, perfectly decorated house he called home. This was nothing I was used to. “You’re  house looks amazing.” I said looking all around. “Thanks. My mom likes to keep it neat and clean.” He laughed and walked up beside me. “Oh Matt who was at the- door.” Someone said. Both me and Matt turned around and I saw a lady standing in the doorway. “Oh ya mom I forgot to tell you Lexi was coming over. Lexi this is my mom, mom this is Lexi.” Matt said. “Well it’s really nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.” She said shaking my hand. I looked up to Matt and smirked at him. “Because you’re my tutor duh.” He said catching my smirk. “Sure Espinosa.” I laughed. “Come on let’s go upstairs.” He laughed. “It was nice to meet you Lexi.” His mom said. “It was nice to meet you too Mrs. Espinosa.” I said and gave her a nice smile. Must be nice to have such a nice house and such a nice family. I would love to live the life Matt lives. But to me… all this is just a fairytale. My life is in hell where I have nothing and no one.

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Preference #42: Sharing Time

Jack: ‘Come on, mate, you have to tell us!’ 'No! She’d kill me if I did! She’s right in there!’ 'Oh, she’s in the kitchen, and the other girls are chatting away in there, she can’t hear you. Go on! Tell us a little about Y/N!’ 'Yeah!’ 'Yeah!’ 'Oh, I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear all the horny details! That’d be boring conversation!’ The boys chided him playfully, Will and Ben shoving him at the sides while Jacob continuously tapped his knee with a pencil. They asked about his sex life with you, and Jack normally didn’t kiss and tell, but you did things too good to resist. 'Is she kinky?’ 'Is she shy?’ 'Does she like it from the back or front?’ 'Guys! I’m not telling you all that! It’s private!’ 'For once, I’m actually NOT the boring twin,’ Finn teased from his seat on the armchair. Fortunately for you, through all the girl-talk in the kitchen, you heard his reply in between. 'Alright, alright, one question. I’ll answer one question,’ You saw him through the little window between the living room and kitchen, blushing in his foolish grin. They all jumped at him with questions, but Finn simply said: 'I think there’s one thing we all want to know…What are her tits like?’ The boys all agreed with the question, and Jack turned red, hiding his face in a pillow. Finn gave a smug smirk and waited. 'Are they as big as they look or is that a padded bra she wears?’ He asked. 'No, no…they’re…they’re pretty nice.’ 'Just nice? Not amazing or fantastic?’ Finn mocked a yawn. He locked eyes with you and winked. Ugh, the little bugger! He’s only doing it because you’re listening. 'No, they’re gorgeous. I mean, they sort of fit in my hands a bit, but they’re big and soft and…you know…’ 'And? Eh? Don’t leave us hanging!’ Ben prodded his side. 'And I like them.’ 'I think it’s a little bit more than just like when you stare down my top all the time,’ You commented as you set down a fresh bowl of crisps for them. Their jeering fell silent once they saw you; Jack sunk back into the couch as if they were one. You sauntered back into the kitchen where you and the girls began bursting into laughter.

Finn: 'So, where you two going?’ You heard Jack ask his brother in the hallway. All your luggage was packed, but you were making a few last minute preparations and checks before you left for the airport. 'Rome. She’s been begging me to take her since we went, so now that I got some time off, I’m going.’ 'You do realize that you’ve always had time off?’ 'No, I’ve had our channel and the new office and other stuff going on that I couldn’t leave home. Now I can.’ 'Is this one of those 'we’re-actually-going-to-see-stuff-when-we-get-there’ trips or the 'let’s-go-to-a-foreign-country-and-have-loads-of-sex-all-day-long’ kind of trips? Are you actually leaving the room at any point? Emmy will see the pictures and I’d prefer they were of an innocent nature.’ Finn laughed, 'Yes, because you’re so concerned about our little sister’s virgin eyes, right?’ 'I am.’ 'If you must know, we ARE actually doing things when we get there. I planned a whole weekend for just the two of us…one of those days being a sex-driven rampage throughout our hotel room.’ 'I…I don’t need to know-’ ’-We can start on the bed, then move to the floor, then get on a table, then a chair, then against the windows! Fuck, I’ll screw her on the balcony if she let me.’ Your jaw dropped but you also laughed. You saw Jack’s reaction from the doorway, putting hands over his ears and quickly humming 'Mary had a Little Lamb’. Finn followed him up the stairs, detailing more sexual escapades in store for you before Jack shut the door. He came back down them please as ever. 'Nothing makes him run off like putting dirty images of me naked in his head.’ 'Why would he picture you?!’ 'Because in order to picture you, he has to picture me.’ You blushed as he pecked your cheek, let him take your hand as he announced your departure to the rest of the house. 'Would you let me screw you on a balcony?’ He asked hours later on the plane. 'Depends.’ 'On?’ 'What position? Like over the railing? Against the railing? On a table on the balcony? On the balcony floor? Like, what’s the plan there, Finn?’ 'Probably against it or like at the table and just be super discrete the whole time…wait, hold on, you didn’t say 'no’…’ 'Eh, I guess I didn’t. How about that?’

Dan: 'Okay Dan, you ready?’ 'Yes.’ 'Truth or Dare.’ 'Oh gosh…Um…I think I’m gonna go with truth on this one.’ 'Alright…’ You watched Louise pull a paper from the 'truth hat’, and succumb to laughter. 'What? What is it?“ Dan asked nervously. Louise said, 'Tell us about your first time.’ 'Like…Like first time with sex?’ 'Uh huh’. 'Oh my…Um, I…’ He exchanged a glance with you before answering, 'Embarrassingly enough, it was with my girlfriend, Y/N.’ 'Awww! How sweet!’ 'Yeah, uh, we had been dating for a bit before. She said she didn’t want to immediately jump into sex and I didn’t either, so we like didn’t talk about sex much for I’d say….the first six months of our relationship. Like, I wanted her to feel comfortable with me. I didn’t want to like rip off my clothes and be like 'lay with me, fair maiden!’, you know!’ 'Just come dressed as Prince Charming and just-’ She made a ripping motion on her chest, ’-Strip if off.’ 'Yes, I didn’t want to frighten her away with my hideous physique. But then one night, we had gone to this friend’s house for a party and when I dropped her off she invited me in for a bit. We started kissing quite, um, heavily,’ You saw the blush rising in his cheeks, which Louise pointed out. 'And…um, yeah we got down to it. At first I thought like, 'omg, this is it. I’m gonna shag her. What do I do?’, but then everything sort of fell into place. I didn’t feel dirty or completely ashamed of myself afterwards, which I hear is a good thing-’ ’-very good thing. Not to be ashamed. How was he?’ She asked you quickly.Dan instantly laughed into a pillow, looking up at you for an answer. 'Come here, get over here,’ She called you over to the sofa, where you sat beside her to get into the shot, 'If you guys don’t know, this is Dan’s girlfriend, Y/N. You can check her out a quick moment on (your youtube channel) and subscribe,’ 'Appreciate it lots,’ 'Now, Y/N?’ 'Yes, Louise?’ 'I have a question all the Dangirls and I want to know…’ 'Oh god! Why?!’ Dan chuckled into the pillow, though you ignored him. You were blushing enough as it was, 'On a scale of 1 to 10, how was he?’ '11…Definitely an 11.’ 'Woah!’ You winked at him, laughing at his sheepish face.

Phil: You loved coming home with Phil. You loved his parent’s house, him showing all the places he hung out at, meeting his old school friends and generally seeing a different side of Phil. You loved his old bedroom, hearing about his old obsessions and how weird of a child he’d been. His parents were lovely people, and Alan couldn’t be more welcoming when he visited. You spent Christmas Eve helping him mother around the house, setting up for the party while the men were occasionally called in for heavy lifting. His mother taught you all the old dishes Phil loved (you asked, since you wanted to make them for him one day). It made you feel so old-fashioned, but you liked it. Phil did too. 'Hey, Y/N looks great,’ You heard Alan say from outside. He and Phil were making snowmen out of pure boredom, but there weren’t too far for you not to hear them. 'Yeah, she does. I’m surprised she even likes me. She’s too pretty for me.’ 'I second that,’ 'Shut up.’ You laughed watching Phil throw a bit of snow at his brother. You heard a bit of silence, before Alan spoke up again: 'So…What’s she like?’ 'What do you mean 'what’s she like’? You’ve met her.’ 'No, not like that you doofus. I mean…in the bedroom…What’s she like?’ You saw Phil become more concentrated on making the snowman’s head, before Alan began nudging him. 'Come on, Phil.’ 'I’m not going to talk about her like that. She’s a lady, and I respect her.’ 'Don’t be boring, mate. Does she wear sexy underwear? Does she like it rough or are you gentle with her? Come on, don’t hold out.’ 'Alan, I’m not telling you that. It’s private.’ 'What’s her favorite position? She looks like the cowgirl riding type to me.’ 'Alan…’ 'Or maybe missionary. I don’t know. I see her as a traditional position kind of lover. I mean, I could be wrong. Am I wrong?’ 'Well…She does like being on top.’ Alan chuckled, 'Really?’ 'Yeah, she’s amazing too. She like does all these little hip movements, and I just like…I never know what to do except just like, enjoy her.’ 'I’d enjoy her too if it were me.’ 'Oh my God, shut it!’ Phil laughed. You saw his red cheeks, and the embarrassment in them as he threw more snow at Alan. The two then began a miniature snowball fight ended by their mother calling them in for dinner. You couldn’t help yourself. You retired early to bed, going into Phil’s old bedroom and texting him from upstairs: 'When I do those little hip movements…you can just watch ;)’