look what a beautiful couple


This is my first try at writing fanfiction and comment and feedback is much appreciated!! I want to make this a short story so look out for the other parts

I was walking down the aisle to my seat and praying I wasn’t sitting next to anyone sloppy. Every time I went on a plane, just my luck to find someone who either fell asleep on my shoulder or fell asleep on my shoulder and drooled. There was literally nothing worse.

I arrived at my seat and was astounded. She was beautiful. She was ravishing.  

I sat down and glanced at her sketchbook in which she was gracefully flicking her pencil across the page. She was drawing the night sky and what looked to be a couple dancing under the stars. It was beautiful. The moon illuminated the female’s features and her pointed ears where strikingly eerie.

She looked up at me and smiled.  Perfect. This was perfect.

“Stunning” and she looked up at me confused “Your drawing.” I quipped. Giving her the compliment she deserved. “Thank you” she shyly said. “I’m always worried about doing peoples bodies. They’re just so hard”

This was going to be a good flight. Not only was I excited for my brothers wedding; I was excited to spend time with this girl who looked ethereal. “I’m Rhys.” I said holding out my hand with my signature smirk plastered on my face. She turned to me looked at my hand and took it in hers; it was smudged with black charcoal, which I assumed was from her smudging her art.  “Feyre” she replied. Fay-ruh. Hmm. Interesting name.  As she let go of my hand she put her sketchbook back in her bag and gripped the hand rests turning her knuckles white.  

“I hate take off, I can survive landings and I love planes but take off is just so… unsettling” she said as her face paled.

“Really, I love the takeoff. The feeling of just like leaping into the air and souring amongst the stars. I love that feeling.” I said back.  She smiled and fuck, did it destroy me.  

This was going to be a sweet plane ride.

I was reading one of my favorite books as I felt Feyre’s head slump against my shoulder. I turned to her and she looked peaceful in her sleep. The worry from earlier disappearing making her look delicate and refined. I did not mind this at all. Right now I’d possibly let Feyre do anything to me.

As we landed I felt Feyre’s head stir. I watched as she opened her eyes and jolted back. She turned to me and she looked so startled. She was adorable. Her cheeks flushed a sexy shade of red and she gasped out the words “I’m so sorry. I have never done that before and I hate it when people do that to me so I am so sorry.” She honestly looked so shocked but I just smirked at her and said, “I hope you were dreaming about me when you drooled.” She blushed an impossible shade darker and apologized once more. “It’s ok Feyre darling, you can lie on me anytime,” I said with a smile on my face. This was really one of the best plane rides I had ever had.

I got up out of my seat and got my small suitcase out. I quickly glanced out the window. Hawaii. Where my brother had decided to have his wedding. Cassian loved the beach. The glistening cool water always calmed him down no matter the situation. I looked back down at Feyre and she was packing her pencils back in her purse as I asked Feyre “Which bag is yours?” She turned her head to me and replied, “The black one, with the paint on it.” Of course, it was that one. I got it down for her and she thanked me again. Some part of me was saying get her number. Find out where she is staying. Ask her to the wedding. But whether it was my own stupidity or nerves, I didn’t.

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It’s like a staring contest between them two, except they aren’t playing to win or lose, they do this to express their emotions, to say the unspoken words.
And the first two gifs…they’re killing me! The little smirk on Cas’ face, when he asked Dean what was he dreaming about. It’s like he knew exactly what his dream was about, maybe even “helped” him to dream that and in that dream was something that made Dean nervous, maybe a bit turned on too(just because he’s checking Cas out…again) and Cas feel like he just won a fight- proud with his job. It’s at least interesting, not even mentioning the looks between these two. It’s like they’re reading each other’s souls, no words need to be said, because they exactly know what the other is thinking. That’s a relationship I want to experience. Understanding each other without words. 

LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY LOOK TOGETHER! This is what a true love couple looks like. They’re so natural that it’s apparent they’re endgame. They’ve been canon since the moment they met. They’re already so in love with one another. There’s no one else; never will be. True love is timeless.