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Selamat Hari Raya!

//by the time this goes up i’m in Indonesia so I hope my future self is having fun

Anyways, everyone in this picture is making Ketupat. Ketupat is a woven palm leaf pouch with rice inside. Funfact my mom taught me how to make a sword out of palm leaves so that’s fun.

Also usually Ketupat (the rice inside we don’t eat the palm leaf thank gosh) is usually eaten with rendang, opor (ayam), sayur labu ect. 

[also the countries in this post will be named from left to right in the tags]

                                           Here Comes The Sun
       (Inspired by “To The Virgins to make much of time”, By Robert Herrick)

                           The morning sun rose to greet the new day
                            As amber light pierced all the clouds away  
                            Birds singing tweets that sound so sweet
                       “Good morning my friend”, when ere they meet

                               The sun rises higher warming the air
                                  Butterflies dance, flutter with flair
                             Bee’s buzzing off to gather more honey
                           While the world is now lit, warm and sunny

                         Fragrance of jasmine, blends with the breeze
                             Dandy lion puffs, converse with the trees
                                  A spell is cast all over the land
                                  That only nature understands

                           Look to the south, north east and west
                             In a field of poppies, sunshine  rests
                              Gather thee rosebuds, while ye may
                                Fingertip beauty for your display

                                    Today a new song begins
                      Till the sun goes to sleep, and this day is at end


The glorious lamp of heaven the sun,  The higher he’s a-getting The sooner his race be run, And nearer to he’s setting” -Robert Herrick-

Culture Shock: The Mythical Resurgence of Japanese Games

Looking back to why the West proclaims a comeback for the East
by Samuel Wiener - June 15, 2017

I propose we call 2017 “The Year All (Dev) Hell Broke Loose.” Since early December 2016, we’ve seen The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XV, Gravity Rush 2, Resident Evil 7, Persona 5, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, NieR: Automata, Nioh, and several others I’m likely forgetting have released within weeks of each other. Later in the year, we’ll be seeing ARMS, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic Forces, and The Evil Within 2.

It’s a beautiful explosion of titles, but also the result of numerous delays. Resident Evil 7 is the only game in that list that came out on it’s originally planned date; everything else just happened to come out the oven at the same time. Many people believe that there’s a “resurgence” of Japanese games, that “Japan is back,” but why are we using coincidences and timing to support this?

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Also props to Andrew Buchan for his portrayal of Mark. In that church scene it really looked like the only two options left for him were to kill Joe Miller or kill himself - he played him so broken, and so full of rage, it was almost primal. Also I really liked the contrast between how Mark and Beth responded to their suffering. Beth chose to find meaning in it, and help others; she found the light, but Mark is hung up on anger and revenge. He’s trapped in the dark and it’s consuming him. This theme of light v. dark and the rising sun also finds expression in how the church scene was composed. The camera framed Mark and Paul against the west window, away from the chancel and east window. The congregation faces east, towards God in heaven and the rising sun when they worship, but all we saw of the church was the west window and some of the south entrance - towards darkness and the setting sun. It would’ve been so easy to turn the camera around and get that gorgeous view of the light in the east window, but no, we’re forced to look west, into the dark and away from God.

Fic: Bleeding Love (Legends of Tomorrow; Rip/Sara)

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow

Rating: PG

Pairing: Rip Hunter/Sara Lance (Time Canary)

Summary: Or five times Sara gets hurt and Rip fusses and freaks the hell out, and the one time Sara returns the favour …

Author’s Note: So this is the result of all those excellent time canary gif sets (especially the one of Rip being repeatedly punched) and the wonderful discussion that goes on in the tags and also @teruel-a-witch, and just the time canary fandom in general. You’re all awesome. Hope you like this :-)

Can also be read here on AO3

] I [

It starts with a papercut.

(Although, in all honesty, when asked about it later, he’ll say it started with a finger squeezing around a trigger, painting the ice crimson.)

She’s leafing through the stack of papers Nate had earlier dumped on the office desk, when her finger slices across a surprisingly sharp edge. The hiss of pain is instant.

“Damn it,” she mutters, lifting her finger on instinct to her mouth, and sucking on the tiny, inconvenient wound.


The concern is palpable. She can hear it in his voice, can feel it in the air around her, feel it in the sudden burn of his eyes trained on her back.

She turns on the spot ready to wave it away, but finds Rip already edging around the centre table, abandoning his perusal of their most recent mission specs and standing less than a foot away. It’s not his closeness that bemuses her, but the expression on his face.

“I’m fine,” she’s quick to reassure, waving her finger around, “Just a stupid papercut.”

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Top: the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, West Virginia.  It was longtime home of Jamboree USA, the Saturday night live country music show broadcast on WWVA 1170 AM from 1926 until 1977.  The program was the second-longest running radio show in the United States, after WSM’s Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Jamboree USA annually drew hundreds of thousands of music fans to Wheeling, where both local and nationally known acts would perform.  The powerful 50,000 watt WWVA signal carried well into the Northeast and Midwest. 

Bottom: looking east across the Ohio River toward Wheeling, West Virginia.  At the left is the landmark Wheeling Suspension Bridge. which dates to the mid-nineteenth century; on the right is the rear of the Capitol Music Hall, which faces 10th Street, Wheeling.

Top photo from the Flickr account of “Thomas”, taken September 14, 2013.  Bottom photo from the Flickr page of Cynthia Wenslow, taken August 13, 2011.


Here are my looks for part 10 of my RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 “Simalong” with the gorgeous Ms. Catherine Wheel.

For this week’s challenge, Catherine had to make over the handsome and burly Kai Kahue. After learning more about Kai’s heritage, Catherine put together an “East meets West” theme for their looks. Catherine and her daughter - Faith Wheel - look simply stunning in these exquisite blue gowns.


On the Garwood Trail in Saguaro National Park (Black & White) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
Here I used a warm paper toner while converting to black & white in Silver Efex Pro 2.


What is Retrograde?

Retrograde literally means “to go backwards”. In astronomy this refers to the optical illusion created when Earth reaches certain points in its orbit, making it appear as though other planets are moving backwards. Planetary motion as observed from the Earth tends to go from East to West across the sky, but due to orbital patterns, occasionally it will look like the planets are moving West to East. This is the same illusion you experience when you speed past a more slowly moving car.

What does it mean in astrology?

In astrology it is believed that the powers of each planet are either reversed or enhanced while in retrograde. In almost all cases, these energies are also more internalized and lead to greater personal change. Regardless of the effects, retrograde cycling can cause a great deal of turmoil in most people’s lives. (Even the seemingly positive experiences seen in Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde can have negative consequences on a person’s interpersonal relationships as close friends and family members find difficulty adjusting to growth and as people quit their jobs as they seek self-actualization.)

All retrograde cycles must be taken slowly and with much thought. Consider these times for learning and growth. Meditate on your past actions, your future goals, and reflect on the person you are compared to the person you want to be. Retrograde cycles are always great times to let go of your grudges and do some spiritual house keeping. Each cycle will teach you something: Whether it’s patience to get you through Mercury or self-control to get your through Uranus, you’ll find there is always some virtue to practice and new ways to connect to the world around you.

Looking for LGBTQIA+ people (esp women/enbies) across Asia for article on Taiwan’s same-sex marriage law!

I’m working on an article for @autostraddle (that’s starting to become a behemoth of a research project) about pan-Asian responses to Taiwan’s recent ruling legalising same-sex marriage. I’m primarily interested in whether Taiwan’s law will make a difference to the ways LGBTQIA+ people are treated in their country and/or the kind of rights they receive, as well as the idea common in some countries of “LGBTQIA+ is a Western thing, not an Asian thing”.

I am prioritizing people from or in Asia, including diasporas within Asia, though I’m not going to outright turn down people from non-Asian diaspora especially for countries where it’s hard to find anyone local. Because it’s for Autostraddle (an LGBTQIA+ women’s web magazine) I’m also prioritizing women and non-binary people, but again I’m not necessarily going to turn down responses from men.

Anonymity/pseudonyms available upon request.


  • Afghanistan
  • Bahrain
  • Bhutan
  • Brunei
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Laos
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Palestine
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Tajikistan
  • Timor-Leste (East Timor)
  • Turkmenistan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Uzbekistan
  • Yemen

I’d also like to hear from activists or organisations working across multiple Asian countries/regions: South Asia, South-East Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, West Asia, other subdivisions, or all of Asia. This can include community orgs, arts festivals, pride parades, media, whoever really

I’ve already gotten a ton of responses from Indonesia and Malaysia so don’t worry too much if you’re from there, but do pass it along!

If you can help, please email me[at]creatrixtiara[dot]com

Thank you!