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What’s Up for August 2017

The total solar eclipse on August 21 will trace a narrow path across the nation, although most of the U.S. will see a partial eclipse. Here’s what to do before, during and after the eclipse, plus how you can become a citizen scientist helping us with eclipse observations.

Not everyone can travel to the path of totality, so here are some things you can do whether you see totality or a partial eclipse. 

Collecting Citizen Science

Want to be a citizen scientist? 

Before the eclipse, make and pack your very own eclipse toolkit, containing a notebook, pen, a clock, a stopwatch, the front page of a newspaper, a thermometer, and a stick with a piece of crepe paper tied to it. Don’t forget your assistant, who will help conduct science observations. 

Practice using a citizen scientist phone app, like our GLOBE app to study clouds, air and surface temperatures and other observations. Go to the location where you plan to observe the eclipse and check for any obstructions. You may want to focus on only one activity as the eclipse will last less than 3 minutes … or just really experience the eclipse. 

Cell phones don’t take eclipse video! And plan to have your safe eclipse-viewing glasses within reach for before and after totality. Just before totality, if you have a good view of the horizon, look west to see the approaching shadow. After totality, look east low on the horizon for the departing shadow.

During totality, look for stars. You should be able to see the star Regulus in the solar corona or the stars of Orion.

During totality, we may see moving bands of shadows, like on the bottom of a swimming pool.

How dark does it get at totality? Look at the newspaper you brought with you. What is the smallest print you can read?

How much does the temperature drop? Does the wind stop or change direction?

Use your hands, a sheet of paper with a hole in it, a kitchen colander or any other object with one or more holes to use as a pinhole projector. You’ll be able to see the crescent shape of the sun projected through the holes.

Find out more about the eclipse, including eclipse safety, at https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov

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Consort Arete, The Last Queen of Valla

Born the eldest daughter of King Galenos and Queen Mira, Arete was a woman of exceptional spiritual power, having been granted the blessings of the Father Dragon Anankos at the mere age of ten. She assumed the throne after her father and continued her family’s legacy of leading the prosperous but hidden kingdom of Valla. She was known for developing new healing techniques alongside her sister Eirene, and also for her gift of song, a talent she shared with her husband Hesiod, the royal bard and composer. 

Her reign came to a tragic end when her husband answered the Father Dragon’s plea to have a glimpse of his kingdom beyond his chamber from which he kept himself sane. The total destruction the dragon wrought upon Valla was irreparable, leaving his children dead in a disaster not seen since the end of the Calamity of Mist and Foam. In grief over his mistake but weakened by his atrophied body, Anankos sought shelter in Hesiod’s corpse and fled to the surface to find a way to revive his people, leaving behind the few survivors.

Despite having lost her people and husband to an unstable god as well as bearing a child, Arete made the decision to help relieve Anankos of his suffering, and searched for him in the west lands, while her sister Eirene looked to the east. After gaining the favor of Marquis Barnaby of Lovell to find a position in the royal court, Arete made bold advances towards King Garon as an indispensable strategist with knowledge of the ancient arts of the water maidens.

In private however, she made her true intentions known, a revelation that King Garon did not take lightly after much proof. However, the king could not reveal such information to his closest allies, for as of late, the court has been suffering the ire of Lady Theresa. The two struck a deal. While she provided him her services as a water maiden, he would provide her resources to find the missing god masquerading as her husband. To set her above most dissenters, most particularly Lady Theresa, he made her consort, named Arete’s newborn child his own, and assigned Lady Gabrielle as her guard. While they only married out of necessity, King Garon came to enjoy her company, since she cared little about maintaining presence in castle affairs but was a good friend.

Now under the king’s protection and her daughter’s safety assured, Arete continued her search for Anankos, and thus uncovered a plot most foul in the court that played in coordination to her husband’s disappearance. And now, it seemed to her that King Garon was slowly succumbing to the influence of Anankos’ madness. Before she could act, her knowledge of the secret dealings within the court became known and she was dealt with.

Her body was found in the catacombs of Windmire soon after, her murderers unknown. Her few friends were devastated by the loss, while the rest of the court thought good riddance. In a moment of clarity and grief, King Garon realized Arete’s only daughter Azura was not safe behind his castle walls as they had thought and made plans to send her to the east lands immediately, where he heard his dear friend mention a sister living there. But the crawling influence of Anankos came and squashed the last of his humanity and finally made him a shell of his former self.

Kinda wish we knew more about Arete’s canonical role in the game, but I guess I have to try to make up for it…

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((https://space-orc-oddities.tumblr.com/post/162917902758/one-poor-ship-has-four-humans-each-from-different and also as a southerner, I knowhow fustrated dealing with other southerners can be))

Humans willnever cease to confuse  Jolion’ian. They have millions of cultures on their planet, and sometimes the same areas, humans call them countries, can have many varied cultures in it. And sometimes…. certain cultures really didnt get a long with eachother at all. And even though America was pretty big and was probably filled with different cultures. The ship got four humans from America. Daisy-May, John, Butch, and Sophie.

Daisy-May and John never did get a long and no one could just figure out why. They were always starting arguments over how to say certain things and Sophie and Butch usually stayed out of it. They had their own arguments to sometimes though. However, their arguments paledin comparison to how bad Daisy-Mayand John’s arugments were.

Speaking of their arguments, they were having one now. Jolion’ian walked over to Sophie and Butch.”Why are John and Daisy-May always fighting? Arent you guys all from the same country?”

“Well,” Butch started to explain.”Daisy-May is from Florida and John is from North Dakota. Daisy’s a southerner, and John’s a northerner. Sometimes they dont always get along. Most of the time they dont.”

“But why?”

Sophie sighed a bit.”Its just a thing that happens. Opposites usually dont get along, hell, me and Butch sometimes dont get along either. Its just that John and Daisy are a lot more vocal and short fused.”

Jolion’ian was even more confused than before.”Is…. it a culture thing? Do the North and South cultures not get along?”

Both Sophie and Butch looked at eachother before nodding. “Yes, thats exactly it! Sometimes the West and East cultures dont get along either but… me and Butch arent as extreme as Daisy and John.”

“Oh? I have more que-” Jolion’ian was interrupted as the argument between Daisy-May and John escalated to a fight.

“Oh, uh, we’ll talk later.” Butch promptly said and then both himand Sophie ran over to Daisy-May and John to break the fight up.

Jolion’ian just stood there dumfoundedfor a bit and then walked away.”Humans are way to complicated to deal with…”

                                           Here Comes The Sun
       (Inspired by “To The Virgins to make much of time”, By Robert Herrick)

                           The morning sun rose to greet the new day
                            As amber light pierced all the clouds away  
                            Birds singing tweets that sound so sweet
                       “Good morning my friend”, when ere they meet

                               The sun rises higher warming the air
                                  Butterflies dance, flutter with flair
                             Bee’s buzzing off to gather more honey
                           While the world is now lit, warm and sunny

                         Fragrance of jasmine, blends with the breeze
                             Dandy lion puffs, converse with the trees
                                  A spell is cast all over the land
                                  That only nature understands

                           Look to the south, north east and west
                             In a field of poppies, sunshine  rests
                              Gather thee rosebuds, while ye may
                                Fingertip beauty for your display

                                    Today a new song begins
                      Till the sun goes to sleep, and this day is at end


The glorious lamp of heaven the sun,  The higher he’s a-getting The sooner his race be run, And nearer to he’s setting” -Robert Herrick-

Also props to Andrew Buchan for his portrayal of Mark. In that church scene it really looked like the only two options left for him were to kill Joe Miller or kill himself - he played him so broken, and so full of rage, it was almost primal. Also I really liked the contrast between how Mark and Beth responded to their suffering. Beth chose to find meaning in it, and help others; she found the light, but Mark is hung up on anger and revenge. He’s trapped in the dark and it’s consuming him. This theme of light v. dark and the rising sun also finds expression in how the church scene was composed. The camera framed Mark and Paul against the west window, away from the chancel and east window. The congregation faces east, towards God in heaven and the rising sun when they worship, but all we saw of the church was the west window and some of the south entrance - towards darkness and the setting sun. It would’ve been so easy to turn the camera around and get that gorgeous view of the light in the east window, but no, we’re forced to look west, into the dark and away from God.

His Choice To Make

My third and last story from my attempt tonight to catch up on all my @olicityhiatusficathon prompts from @thebookjumper. This story is for “Gravity” and “Choose.” I hope you enjoy! 

His Choice To Make

Oliver kept switching from looking to the east and west side of the rooftop while he stood in the middle, his grappling hook arrow nocked. 

One one side of the roof, Prometheus held Felicity perilously close to the edge. On the other, Talia al Ghul held Thea in the same position. 

“Choose, Oliver. Choose and prove yourself the killer I know you to be. You choose Felicity and your sister dies. Choose Thea and your Felicity dies. It will be your fault.” 

Felicity’s heart melted when she saw the panicked look in Oliver’s eyes. Why did these stupid villains keep putting him in this position. She remembered that Slade had wanted him to choose. Between his mother and Thea. Between her and Laurel. It was too much. 

She didn’t want him to have to lose his sister again. “It’s okay, Oliver. You can let me go.” 

She took a step closer to the edge. Prometheus chuckled, but he did tighten his grip on her arm. “Oh no, Ms. Smoak. You don’t get to make the choice for him.” 

Oliver gave her a grim smile. 

“It’s true, I was a lone killer on a mission when I killed your father, Adrian,” The Green Arrow said, aiming for the building behind Felicity. “But there is one thing that’s different now.” 

Chase held Felicity over the edge. She forced herself to control her breathing, praying that Oliver would be faster than gravity. 

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” Chase sneered at the Green Arrow. 

“Now I have friends,” Oliver said. 

Prometheus pushed Felicity over the side before she even had a chance to realize it was happening. She heard Thea’s scream as well, followed by the sound of two arrows being shot. 

Felicity’s stomach lurched as she fell closer and closer to the ground, and she close her eyes to wait for the impact. It never happened because Oliver swung to her and grabbed her just in time. When she was lowered to the ground, she saw Thea and Roy running around the building. 

“Roy! You’re here too!” She hugged the other archer. 

“Yeah, I heard that Oliver could use some help.” 

Felicity looked down at his and Thea’s hands intertwined and quirked an eyebrow. Roy blushed. 

“Okay and maybe I missed Thea too.” 

“What about Prometheus? And Talia? Are just going to let them get away?” Thea asked, mirroring Roy’s blush and wanting to change the subject. 

“The rest of the team is on them, and if we can’t catch them tonight, we will keep trying. But for now, let’s get you both back to the bunker where it’s safe.” 

Thea and Roy turned and walked in that direction at Oliver’s words, but he held Felicity’s arm to keep her back. 

“Felicity, are we going to talk what you were thinking of doing up there?”

Felicity sighed. “I didn’t want you to have to choose again. They always try to make you choose. I wanted to remove myself from the equation.” 

Oliver cupped both her cheeks in his hands. Felicity wanted to close her eyes at the sensation of his touch -it had been so long - but she forced them to stay open and meet the intensity of his gaze. 

“I’ve told you once before and I will tell you again - he had you and he was going to hurt you - there was no choice to make.” 

“But Thea…”

“Thea was handled. I need you to always trust that we, you or I, will find a way to save you. I want you to promise that you will never give up.” 

Felicity slowly nodded. She had given him similar speeches in the past. He didn’t let go of her face, but leaned forward so that their foreheads where touching. 

“I know we aren’t together right now, but I won’t…I mean can’t…live in a world without you in it,” Oliver whispered. 

She nodded again, and he stepped back. They both knew that conversations about their relationship would need to happen soon, but for now, they both returned to the safety of the bunker, hand in hand.