look we made a star wars reference


Heyyo! Remember when I said I was starting commissions? WELL GUESS WHAT FOOLS, ITS HAPPENING!!!!!

I’m not the best at writing, so I’m typing the rules and stuff down here!

1. I do need at least some kind of reference on what the character looks like. Pictures are obviously the best, but if you want your oc drawn and you don’t have anything else made yet, we can see if there is anything I can do :)

2. I don’t really think I want to draw anything too nsfw. I’l draw nudity, but that’s about as far as I’ll go. No explicit sex, gore, or fetishes. You can like that, but ya can’t make me draw it.

3. I am willing to draw pets and extra characters, but since that’s such a wide topic, we should discuss prices on that depending on the image. The most I’d charge is double if the second character or pet was just as important and detailed as the character.

4. Backgrounds are free and I’ll send you one with and one without a background! They just have to be simple.

5. If you want a commission, message me! You can dm me on here or email me at trentonenix@gmail.com! I’ll respond as soon as I can! :)