look upto them

It’s always fascinated me how much certain Brown folks in positions of Power or Influence try so hard to assimilate or integrate with White Supremacist Power Structures. Every single time you come across a Brown Person in America who has made it to some notable level where millions of people can look upto them. You’ll inevitably come across some form of fuckery. I mean with the exception of Hari Kondabolu it’s hard to find relatable Brown role models. I’m not saying everybody is like this but be honest, generally speaking? They have some Americanized version of their name, with a white spouse and barely showing any solidarity with their Brown brethren outside the realm of jokes at their expense. 


Time to fucking rant

On the pictures above you see the reason 5sos gets hate from other bandoms. Because of these dumb fans. I’m sure there might be more tweets like this around but I came across these two today.
Now I’m gonna list down some shit 
1. The bands mentioned above are fucking legendary bands I knew since I was 10 and not just the ones above but there’s a lot of others in that category (I could list them down but then it would be long like really really long and the reason for this ranting will be irrelevant.)
2. It’s really unacceptable comparing 5sos to these bands cuz 5sos even looks upto them.
3. It’s stupid to compare 5sos with these bands cuz 5sos just started, yes they achieved a lot in less time and I’m proud of them, I love them as much as I love other bands. Bands in general (who I like) means a lot to me.
4. There music isnt the same, even if its same it shouldn’t be compared too and say shit like those in the tweets
5. These two people probably never heard any of those bands and they possibly like 5sos cuz 1D (I’m saying this cuz sadly I knew one of them and she is a massive 1D fan)
6.  THESE ARE THE REASONS OTHER BANDOMS HATES 5SOS, it doesn’t matter if they don’t like them, but these kind of reasons are exactly the reasons why fob or mcr or even atl fans hates 5sos even if the band members hangs out or doesn’t shit or joker around and stuff

I’m really hoping these tweets are joking really. I’ll probably get attacked for this and get unfollowed and stuff but I needed to rant cuz i hope 5sos and other bandoms would agree with this, I love 5sos, they play a big part in my life, so does the other bands. I may run a 5sos blog but my blog has other bands too, trust me I listen to a lot more bands than I blog about and if I try to blog about every single one of them its gonna take forever.

But yeah that’s about it.