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Probable contemporary manuscript of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII. Unfortunately, I cannot find any other detail on it besides that it’s housed at the British Library Illuminated Manuscripts Collection.

I love how they’re side-eyeing each other and look like they’re about to fight to the death for the throne.

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I don't know if you're still taking these requests for the face meme thing, and if not that's totally fine, BUT Todoroki in C2 maybe? >:3c

Why of course m’dear 😘

Wonder wot got him looking like that.

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Part of this art prompt - feel free to keep sending prompts my way ;3

one time i made the mistake of telling another human that i have a tumblr blog - for reference this was about ~3 years ago - after that they revealed that they also have a blog and preceded to ask me questions like “how many followers do you have?” at the time i think i had like ~500 (a number which i was very proud of and thought was cool) and i told them so which received a response of “oh, i have like 20,000″ & im just like ok, cool!! thats a lot of people!! then they asked me “whats the most notes youve ever gotten on a post?” i responded “i got 150k+ on one stupid mistake post” and they just kind of laughed and went “wow, ive gotten over 300k on several”  

that interaction was always funny to me because this person had this sense of superiority because they’ve gotten a bunch of  notes  on tumblr dot com. like i get it man, notes give u validity but in the real world they dont really mean anything for the most part. like you arent really making money. you are just ~running~ a blog and reblogging rando shit so ? ? like im just here goofing around with my pals, chill the fuck down and have some fun bud. this isnt a business.


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@daintyunicorn Yeah unfortunately. My coworkers and some of my family think I’m a lesbian because I have a faux hawk. I get judged a lot for it, but I try not to let it bother me. I like my short hair.

I just went to my best friend’s baby shower last Saturday and her family was asking me a lot of questions and it was hilarious. They’re very religious and I think I made them uncomfortable.

They mentioned my hair, and then asked me if I have a “partner” and if I had met my special “someone”. When I told them I’m single they said I’ll eventually meet “the one”. They made a special effort not to specify “boyfriend” or “husband” etc, and they kept looking at me like I was an animal at the zoo.

I wasn’t offended, I just thought it was funny.

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I don't know if you're still interested in the Teenage Mecha Ninja Turtles short (but if you aren't, feel free to ignore this message), but I noticed that the children are also named after more contemporary artists that relate to their heritage. Frida = Frida Kahlo, Basque = Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kusama = Yayoi Kusama, Jackson = Jackson Pollock. As an art major who barely passed art history, I got all giddy for recognizing the names! Thought this might be fun to share!

holy shit the artist symbolism goes deeper

i’m kicking myself, that’s so great??? like i didn’t even know that stuff (art history was never my strong point, i was more the sort to do whatever the fuck i wanted in class and BS my way through everything else because **~art is interpretive~**), but i’m so pumped that it’s a thing!!

i’m so happy the creators of that short put so much thought into their work- the continuation of the artist names thing is really quite sweet, and shows how much they loved the story idea, (i love it even more now omg) not to mention that it states the races of each kid, which makes me even happier as a fan-writer. so much possibility, now that i’ve got canon info.

so yeah much thanks to you anon, i can work with so much more depth now that i’ve got this info. plus add jokes about fate since all the kids have artist names despite not being related (that we yet know)