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This little girl was getting ignored by her mum.

So I was on the train and this little girl (about 5years old) was sitting across from me, her mother had her headphones in and was ignoring the little girl.
The girl was rambling about random things and started playing i spy with no one.
She then said “I spy with my little eye something that’s green” and I pointed at my shirt that was green.
She smiled and said “I spy something that’s white” and I pointed to my white shoes, she then said the colour red and at first I couldn’t find anything red so I pulled out a red school book from my bag.
This continued for a few turns and then she said brown, I looked around me and in my bag but couldn’t find anything, the girl still expecting me to find something brown started looking around too when the man two rows down pulled out a brown phone case and pointed to it.
The young girl then said blue and another lady pointed to her bracelet, we all silently continued playing until the whole train carriage was playing along, the whole time her mother didn’t even realise.


“My name is Hercule Poirot and I am probably the greatest detective in the world.” - Agatha Christie, The Mystery of the Blue Train

  • Found in the skin details
  • Thumbnails for each nose
  • For all ages and genders
  • Includes 8 different nosemasks
  • 6 are styled from the TS3 blueberry pie and polyster bride noses
  • 2 are completely new
  • Some of these nosemasks look better on different nose preset. Particularly the last two nosemasks. Those look better on noses like on the top row.
  • & no they aren’t duplicates in the preview, blueberry pie has a darker shade for darker skintones
  • Layer these on alpha skins and suddenly…maxis match! haha such magic.. 
  • More nosemask sets coming soon <3

Download Nosemasks

Credit: Lilith and Mouseyblue for their TS2 skins which the Polyester Bride and Blueberry Pie were based on.

bye-onara  asked:

i want to cosplay a female team skull grunt from pokemon sun/moon, what would you recommend for a wig? preferably arda but i'm not picky :) thank you! <3

Hello there!

Might as well answer two Team Skull questions in a row. :]

It looks like color is where you are going to get a little tripped up with Arda’s wig selection. I would recommend Magenta as the color, but not many wigs come in that shade.

If you were to go with Magenta, I’d recommend the Inigo. You’ll have to do a bit of styling on it so that it has the face-framing layers and the flips at the end. I’d recommend cutting in layers. The Jaguar might also be an option if you trim up the long front bits a little, but is a bit too layered in the back.

If you didn’t mind dyeing a wig (I’d start with a pink and dye it darker from there), the Viven might work if you wanted a more traditional style, and the Jareth might work if you wanted a more wild/punky style.

If you didn’t mind another wig company, the Helios in Raspberry Pink from Epic Cosplay would be a really good option, and would require the least amount of cutting of any of these options. This is the wig that I would personally go with.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff 

what about Mike and El are in the same first grade class and El opens her desk every morning to see a flower inside and looks around to see if anyone’s looking and for a spilt second her eyes lock onto Mike Wheeler’s two rows ahead before he looks away with his cheeks pink. The next morning Mike plants the flower in El’s desk as usual before going to his own desk, smiling widely as he opens it to see two flowers inside as El walks through the door. The two lock eyes again before shyly looking away.

anonymous asked:

My name is Tux, used to be an outside cat until older brother got ran over now I live inside and whine when mama decides that her homan family is more important than I am which is most obviously wrong, but she calls me Goober because sometimes I'm not the brightest kitten, (ex. THE FIRE WAS SO SHINY I MUST GET BETWEEN TWO ROWS OF IT, OHHHHHH LOOK A TRACTORS COMING MUST GET IN WAY etc.) I'm vv clumsy, and vvv cuddly and I love sleeping on mama's head at night!! Must love mama


1. not meaning to hurt anyone doesn’t mean someone isn’t being hurtful, specifically transmisogynist in this case. ESPECIALLY since the sketch had an lgbt theme, she absolutely should have been more conscious of that and tbh i really have a hard time believing it was done out of pure ignorance. if shes apologized in the way you’re saying she has it honestly just sounds like she was trying to save her own ass. i realize it was 10 years ago but it was really, really horrible and it does continue to do active harm to trans women today. it’s not like she slipped up in some minor way and has since apologized and actively proven herself to be better.

2. i looked up the interview and she said the two sentences right in a row in a way that clearly implied that her being “100% lez” was linked to her never having seen a penis? and tbh my main issue with it isnt even that it promotes gold star rhetoric (which is def bad) but that its real transmisogynist

3. i also saw ppl saying she’s done more recent snl sketches mocking trans woman sex workers but couldnt find much info on that so if anyone else knows more about that feel free to jump in

im mostly echoing what ive seen women who are directly harmed by this stuff saying but im always (possibly unreasonably) nervous about stepping out of line since im cafab so if anyone thinks wht im saying is inappropriate u can lmk and anons on and everything

EDIT: ive also been informed that shes not actually apologetic about the character and says its one of her favorite sketches so

McGonagall knows. She knows that James really doesn’t care about Transfiguration. And yet here he is asking for a pass to the Restricted Section to do some reading about Conjuring spells, which usually aren’t studied until N.E.W.T. level. She gives him the note, and with a smile tells him to look on shelf thirteen of row thirty two.

James has no interest in conjuring spells, but when he reaches the restricted section, he walks by shelf thirteen anyway. In the center of the shelf sits a thick volume: The Complete Guide to Becoming an Anmigus.

the good are never easy, the easy never good
and loving never happens like you think it really should
deception and perfection are wonderful traits
one will breed love; the other hate

post-game: camilla denounces her status and runs off with charlotte to raise 12 children and be the most badass manhating lesbian mercenary milf moms you’ve ever seen

i couldn’t resist bastardizing the most realistic outfits fates had to offer sorry